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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheats and Tips

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We've got cheats that include how to get infinite money, Mos Eisley cantina codes and how to unlock Indiana Jones as a playable character.

More Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheats and Tips

We have 17 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS : PlayStation 3 : Wii : PC

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Power Brick Codes

Enter the following codes at the 'Codes' menu located at the bar in the cantina in Mos Eisley to enable the corresponding effect.
Inifinite Torpedos:
Enter the code NUJ866
Enter the code HS9K44
Minikit Detector:
Enter the code FBM152
Power Brick Detector:
Enter the code FBM834
Score x10:
Enter the code VXZ123
Score x2:
Enter the code HBF899
Score x4:
Enter the code DQY857
Score x6:
Enter the code NMP499
Score x8:
Enter the code XXY99G
Stud Magnet:
Enter the code VXZ193

Mos Eisley Cantina Codes

When you enter these codes at the 'Codes' menu at the bar in the cantina in Mos Eisley the following effects become enabled in the game.
Unlock Admiral Ackbar:
Enter the code ACK646
Unlock Battle Droid Commander:
Enter the code KPF958

Unlock Boba Fett (Boy):
Enter the code GGF539
Unlock Boss Nass:
Enter the code HHY697
Unlock Captain Tarpals:
Enter the code QRN714

Unlock Count Dooku:
Enter the code DDD748
Unlock Darth Maul:
Enter the code EUK421
Unlock Disguise:
Enter the code BRJ437
Unlock Droid Tri-Fighter:
Enter the code AAB123

Unlock Ewok:
Enter the code EWK785
Unlock General Grievous:

Unlock Indiana Jones

If you want to unlock this professor of archaeology and adventurer go through the 'Bonus' doorway in the Cantina at Mos Eisley and then through the a door which is marked 'Trailers'. Watch the trailer for 'Lego Indiana Jones' and you'll then be able to buy him for $50,000 at the shop.

Jedi Bowling Coins

Collect the blue glasses that are on the floor in the Cantina in Mos Eisley and stack them together. When you do this a bowling ball will appear which you can 'Force' throw into them to get coins.

Unlimited Money Glitch

To do this sneaky glitch build two control panels at the begining of Chapter IV, Episode 1. When you have built the control panels go to the left of the room and keep pulling the level and you'll be able to collect as many coins as you want.


younlock Anakin's Flight Mission:
Collect 30 Gold Bricks that are hidden throughout the game.
younlock Naboo Starfighter:
Complete the 'Anakin's Flight' mission to unlock the Naboo Starfighter in ALL vehicle-based missions.
younlock Slave 1:
Complete ALL 36 Minikits Collection missions to unlock Boba Fetts spacecraft in ALL vehicle-based missions.
younlock Ghost Characters:
Complete Story mode to unlock the Ghost characters for purchase. Ghosts characters are invincible and are ignored by enemies except when in vehicles.
younlock Bounty Hunter Mission Room:
Buy ALL 'Bounty Hunters' or 'Bomb Throwers' in the shop. Jabba the Hutt's Bounty Hunter Mission room outside of the cantina w..

Easy Studs

In Chapter I of Episode III use a Clone Arc fighter and shoot everything to get at least 100,000 studs each time the level is completed.

Infinite Money

On episode one chapter 2 (Discovery on Kamino) once the game starts keep following the guy after you fix the light until you meet Jango, follow Jango until he runs outside and starts to set bombs on the ground. Then fly across with r2 and open the door. He then will start a machine which makes robots appear that shoot lasers at you. To make this work correctly you will need perfect deflect bolts red brick (episode 2 chapter 4: this is located under the metal thing that has to be destroyed with a thermal detonator, once destroyed a built-it will appear. Build the thing and the block will appear, this is easiest done before you rescue Padme in free play because you do not have to worry about many enemies. This is where you find perfect deflect.) And you will also need stud magnet (episode ..

Lotsa money

To get loads of money all you've gotta do is get the character studs red brick,then go onto episode 1 chapter 1(The Phantom Menace[Negotiations])and after you blow open the door go into the door to your right and the little PK droids will be walking about,just kill them and they keep on coming so you can get loads of studs.TTFN Smile

Indiana jones

It isn't really a cheat but for the people who want indiana jones as a playing character you go into the question mark were you get extra things like lego world and look to the right and you'll see a film door and it has intro and indiana jones trailers then watch it and go back to the store and he'll be by the ghosts and enjoy whiping it with him he costs 50.000

Multiple x

If you get 2 multiplyers (this cheat will work with more then 2) then activate them both you get the effects of both like if you activate 10 (example) and then 2 you get 20

Easy money

Get the x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 and put all of theme on and you should have x3840 then go earn money (does not work in lego city)

Ghost car

This cheat as far as I know only works for ps3 ok this is to become invincible using any character actually two players outside there are two little gray squares on the ground destroy them using the light saber the find one of the cars outside of the cantina drive it and park it with the back facing the gray square wich is now a vent and have the other player get in the parked car and you get on the vent so it is blowing you up once on the vent press the button to switch characters then have the other player jump out of the car then your character is now the car and you are invincible

Character Codes

Alternate R2D2--------------------------------------------------EVILR2

Boss Nass-------------------------------------------------------HHY697

Captain Tarpals-------------------------------------------------QRN714


Droid Tri-Fighter-----------------------------------------------AAB123

Force Grapple---------------------------------------------------CLZ738


Imperial Shuttle------------------------------------------------HUT845

General Grevious------------------------------------------------PMN576


I love this game it's funny and challaging anyway tipz
Buy a sith lego player quickly as you can buy one and then you can go around most levels unlocking secret places and you will earn big points thanks fr reading


When you are on the target (the target that makes the gun people swing to the next one)with a jedi or sith press B and it will make you do the same thing the gun people do.(except they just don't use the chain they jump.)

how to get x3840 studs

Buy x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 and it multiplies so you get x3840

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