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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Boss FAQ

by shnickshnick

            |             _______   _______    ______ |
            |  |         |         |          |      ||
            |  |         |         |          |      ||
            |  |         |         |          |      ||
            |  |         |         |          |      ||
            |  |         |         |          |      || 
            |  |         |_______  |          |      ||
            |  |         |         |  _____   |      ||
            |  |         |         |       |  |      ||
            |  |         |         |       |  |      ||
            |  |         |         |       |  |      ||
            |  |         |         |       |  |      ||
            |  |_______  |_______  |_______|  |______||
            |                                         |
            |                                         |
            |                                         |
            |                                         |

  _____________   _____________                          ________
 |                      |                /\             |        |
 |                      |               /  \            |        |
 |                      |              /    \           |        |
 |                      |             /______\          |________|
 |                      |            /        \         |\
 |_____________         |           /          \        | \
               |        |          /            \       |  \
               |        |         /              \      |   \
               |        |        /                \     |    \
               |        |       /                  \    |     \
               |        |      /                    \   |      \
  _____________|        |     /                      \  |       \

                                          _____    _________
       \                  /     /\       |     |  |
        \                /     /  \      |_____|  |
         \      /\      /     /____\     |\       |________       
          \    /  \    /     /      \    | \               |
           \  /    \  /     /        \   |  \              |
            \/      \/     /          \  |   \     ________|
                   _______             _____
                      |     |    |    |
                      |     |____|    |_____
                      |     |    |    |       
                      |     |    |    |_____
         _____   ____            ___         ___  _____   ___
        |       |    |  |\  /|  |   | |     |       |    |
        |       |    |  | \/ |  |___| |     |___    |    |___
        |       |    |  |    |  |     |     |       |    |
        |_____  |____|  |    |  |     |___  |___    |    |___

                 _____              ___
                |           /\     |         /\
                |_____     /__\    | __     /__\ 
                      |   /    \   |   |   /    \
                 _____|  /      \  |___|  /      \


     1. Intro

     2. Version history    

     3. Bosses (story)

     4. Bosses (free play)
     5. Boss info

     6. Outro
     7. FAQ

     8. Credits


Welcome to the boss guide of "Lego Star wars: the complete
saga for the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and DS. Note this guide is
for the Wii version of the game. After you read this guide,
feel free to ask me a question when the guide gets posted.
I'll read anything I recieve. So now, let's travel back a
long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away.....

         Version history

Version 1.01, Date 9/6/08: The guide starts.

Version 1.02, Date 9/12/08: Episode one bosses in 
story are done.

Version 1.03, Date 9/15/08: Episode two and three
bosses are done.

Version 1.04, Date 9/17/08: All boss guides are
done for story mode and free play.

Version 1.05, Date 9/17/08: The guide is done,
I will update it if needed.

Version 1.06, Date 9/22/08: Fixed some errors, along
with spelling and grammar mistakes.

Version 1.07, Date 9/27/08: Fixed more errors, along
with grammar and formatting mistakes.

Version 1.08, Date 9/29/08: Erased most of the unecesserary
whitespace that's not needed.

Version 1.09, Date 9/30/08: Deleted chapters that don't belong

         Bosses (story)

     Some SPOILERS should be expected.

                       Characters used: Obi-wan

Darth Maul isn't too hard to murder. In fact, you
don't need much info to know how to kill him. To
kill him, just deflect all the shots the droids fire
at you (don't try to deflect them at Maul cause it
won't work). When all the droids are dead, Maul will
use the force to launch a barrel at you, force push
it back at him to damage him. Maul only has 3 hearts,
so murder 8 more droids, and force push 2 more barrels
at Maul and you win.

                       Characters used: Obi-wan

Okay, now you're fighting Maul again in the same level,
exept you fight him head on, and he has more hearts.
Just let him combo you (avoid it), then attack. Only
attack once if you're trying to get True jedi, or you
may get killed. After 3 or 4 hits he'll retreat to a platform.
Then you have three options

              1. Use the force to lower the platform.
              2. Force push a falling object at him.

              3. Some how get onto the platform and
hit him.

Any way will make Maul come down, but he goes to another
platform. Just keep making him come down from the platforms
and eventually he'll stay down. Then just keep beating the
crap out of him like you did before (Let him combo you, then
strike). Then you should kill him eventually.

                                Ship used: Anakin's speeder

This fight can be tough if you don't know what you're doing.
Plus this is the only boss which you fight in a ship. The 
speeder is fast and tricky, and has around 10 hearts. Slow
down any time you see the ship, then FIRE! But then speed
up to avoid getting hit. Only shoot multiple times if the
ship dosen't fire often. Just keep doing that until you win,
the strategy of the boss dosen't change.

                        Character used: Obi-wan

Jango is easy at first, just beat the crap out of him until
he starts to fly. Now Boba is firing the ship's guns, and you
can't deflect them to good. Deflect some of Jango's shots to 
damage him then run away before Boba nails you with the ship's
guns. Just run to the other side of the arena where Boba isn't
shooting, then deflect some more of Jango's shots, then run
to the other side when Boba's shots get nearby. When he has
four hearts left, he starts throwing bombs which you need to
use the force on before Boba's shots even reach you. After a while,
when Jango has only one heart left, he'll land and run around.
Try to catch him and smack him one more time and you win, but
he's not dead, not even his son. Note you can also stop Boba from
shooting if you activate a switch from R4, to make it easy.

                        Characters used: Mace

                                   note: R2 is useless

This fight is the same as last time, but with some diffrences.
First of all, he starts out flying, and you can do one of two

                1. Play as a jedi and deflect his shots, this
can be hard to do since plenty of enemies are around and they
may strike the enemy instead of deflect Jango's shots.

                2. Play as Padme and shoot him to death until
he stops flying. But she may shoot an enemy instead.

After he loses half his health, he comes down. If you're playing
as Padme, switch to a jedi and beat him to death. Same like the 
last fight, exept enemies are around and he dosen't attempt to
run away. This time he dies, and you win. 

                         Characters used: Obi-wan

Dooku is a bit tough for some players. His attacks are unpredictable,
but the good news is he falls over any time you hit him. So just
keep smacking him until he jumps away. Now he'll launch derbris at
you (similar to how Darth maul did). Just launch them back at him
until he decides to fight like an man again. Then switch to Yoda and
pound him to death while on occasion run (or in this case limp) away
from him to avoid damage. Then eventually he'll leap away and do a
lightning attack on you. Switch characters (for instance, if you're
Yoda, switch to Obi-wan) then smack him. Then he pushes you back and
does the same thing. Keep repeating the process until he leaps at you.
Then switch to Yoda and keep smacking him until you win.

                         Characters used: Obi-wan

                                     note: R2 is useless

Dooku is the same as last time, but he has 6 hearts this time. He
starts choking the character you're playing as, switch characters
and smack him until he retreats upstairs. Kill the droids that are
helping him then smack Dooku some more. Then he'll lightning attack
your character. Switch characters then smack him. Then just keep
smacking him until another sith lord is D-E-A-D, DEAD.

                            Characters used: Obi-wan
                                             Commander Cody 

I love the music to this fight. This fight is really tough, cause
Grievous blocks very often. Don't use Commander Cody cause Grievous
will block all the shots. Keep jump attacking him until he retreats.
Then switch to Commander Cody and shoot two bombs near him. Then attack
him until he retreats again, then jump up to a platform near him (force
a platform for Obi-wan, grapple for Commander Cody). Then force a plat-
form then jump on it as Commander Cody, then shoot a bomb near Grievous.
Then jump back to the arena and beat more crap out of the friggin' cyborg
until he retreats again. Follow the path you took before, exept go farther,
then shoot a bomb once Grievous is in sight. Then return to the arena
after he goes there then finish him.

                          Character used: Obi-wan/Anakin

The boss you're facing isn't too hard, but you have to kill him before
the whole arena collapses. Both of you have 10 hearts, and if you die,
you have to restart the battle. Avoid attacking on the ground cause it
will most likely get blocked. Just jump attack like hell and soon you'll
win. Note you can swicth characters during the fight so if your character
is low on health switch to the boss, I discovered this when I played this
level. I was Anakin and Obi-wan was kicking his butt so I tried to switch
and it worked. It dosen't matter who you play as cause the ending has only
a short scene added if you play as Anakin so just play as whoever you want.

                         Characters used: Luke

                                  note: C and R2 are useless

The only thing that makes this guy a boss is because he has health.
He has only four hearts, but has plenty of helpers due to being unable
to fight back. When his health appears, switch to Luke or Han (pick your
favorite) and shoot him as much as you can. Then kill his buddies until
he gets sad and calls more to keep him company. Then shoot him some more
until you kill him. If you're a sharp shooter, you should get him in three
tries or less. Note you don't have to kill him. In fact, the level dosen't
end when you kill him, you have to kill his buddies to win.

                          Characters used: Luke

                                      note: R2 is useless

Vader will be tough, so expect some hand cutting (next level at least).
Jump attack him (only ground attack if you're playing as Yoda) two
times and he'll teleport up a cliff. Jump on the block near the cliff
and have Luke and Yoda use the force on each other's block to get
to Vader. Then attack (Jump if Luke, Ground if Yoda) Vader two more
times to send him to another cliff. Go down and use the force to
make stairs out of nearby blocks. Then go up and attack Vader two 
more times to send him back to the ground. Then jump down and finish
the job.

                          Characters used: Luke

You're going to be fighting Vader in this annoying fight. Smack him
two times like last time, then he'll jump on a vent in the arena, if
you approach him, he'll jump to another one, and there's no way to stop
him, so you're stuck. I'm kidding, switch to R2 (for once you use R2)
and activate a switch in the corner. It'll make steam rise and Vader 
will fight you again. Then smack him two times, he retreats, R2 activates
the switch, you smack him, and so on. Sorry about the joke earlier.

                          Characters used: Luke 

This fight is more annoying than the last one. Smack Vader two times
then he retreats. Switch to R2 and activate a switch to make him come
down. Then fight Vader and an army of Storm troppers he called. Hit
Vader two more times and he retreats. Build an elevator lever and R2
will go onto it. Push the lever around until R2 is up and he'll activate
the switch on his own. Then repeat the pattern avoiding getting murdered
by the Storm troppers and you'll be done.

                          Characters used: Luke

This time Vader has four hearts. Play as R2 and fly to the platform
where Vader is. Activate two switches to kill the Storm troppers 
to make Vader come. Smack him two times and he'll retreat. Then just
do what you did before and you're done. How simple is that?

                          Character used: Luke

                            note: For once, R2 is useless

Now fight Vader and keep following him when he retreats. Now when
you're near the area that's near the area of my favorite Star
wars moment, Jump attack and melee attack like hell while you beat
the crap out of Luke's own dad! when you're there, kill Vader and
enjoy the "I am your father" and "NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO" moments.

                        Characters used: Leia

For some reason, Boba is easier than his dad. He has only four
hearts, but flies the whole fight. Play as Leia or Lando and shoot
him while avoiding his shots. After he has one heart left, he starts
to run. Shoot him if you want, but he gets away. Too short of a fight?

                    Characters used: Luke

The monster has three hearts that are tough to get rid of. Play as
R2 and activate a switch in the north-east corner. That will have a
guard come down and serve as the monsters lunch. Then it will go to
the north-west corner to devour it. Then hit a bomb nearby as a
human (Chewbacca to) and it will take damage in the expolsion. Then do the
same thing, exept use C-3PO to activate a switch in the south-west
corner and hit a bomb in the south-east corner once the monster
is there. Then pick any corner where a guard will come then have two
characters flick two switches in the northern area once the monster
is there and it will get flattened by the gate, and you win.

                        Characters used: Luke

Has four hearts like last time, but has guards helping him. Kill
the guards then just slash or shoot at Boba while avoiding his
shots. Then when you kill him, you have to see what happens to
the damn bounty hunter. It's hilarius, you have to see it.

                        Characters used: Luke
                                         Darth vader

That's plenty of hearts to get rid of. This boss is the toughest
yet. He has the attack strategies of Count Dooku, Anakin, and even
Darth Vader. Well, get rid of two hearts, then he starts the ligh-
tning move Count Dooku did. Switch characters and slash him, this
time you do damage when you slash during the lightning move. Then
switch characters then slash again to make him run away. Then kill
the really tough to kill Imperial guards. When I say they're tough,
I mean they're tough, they have tough combos and take five hits to
kill. I suggest using the force on them as Darth vader. When you
do kill them, switch to Vader if you haven't then use the force on
a fan near the platform where the emperor jumped away. Then have 
both characters use the force to build a fan that will get you up
the platform. Then go to the platform where the emperor is. He'll
electricute the floor with barely any blocks to move on. Don't jump
above it, you'll still get the shock, literally. Just wait for some
electricity to clear then run on the uneffected blocks. When you
do get to him, keep whacking him until he jumps and does the ligh-
tning attack. Then switch characters and strike. Do the same thing
again until he runs off leaving you with two Imperial guards. Kill them
then fight the emperor a bit on the other side of the arena. After
three or four hits he'll jump up and both characters have to use their 
side of the force to raise an elevator up to him. Take note he'll
switch platforms any time you hit him. So keep beating the crap out
of him then he'll jump down. Hit him till he has one heart left 
from you hitting him while he was doing a lightning attack. Murder
the Imperial guards then strike the emperor one more time to kill the
final boss in the game, and the toughest.

       Bosses (free play)
You should pretty much know how to get rid of each boss, in
this section I'm just telling what you should avoid doing
while facing them in free play. If I say same then it's the
same as the fight in story mode but with diffrent characters.


Avoid using some gunners, but have fun playing as Darth maul
facing Darth Maul if you want.


      Same as Darth maul 1.




       Use a gunner, it'll be easier. At least till the bomb




     Use a gunner to Attack Dooku during the lightning attack.


     Same as above.


     There's a glitch when it comes to hitting bombs. If you 
use a certain character to get to Grievous, it'll explode even if you
don't touch it. Weird, huh?


     Don't ever, EVER, use a gunner. The boss will block it 
everytime. Plus, anyone can be a boss here.




     Only use a gunner if you're daring enough.


     Same as above.


     Same as above.


     Same as above


     Same as above.

     BOBA FETT 1

     Think of him as Boba fett 2.



     BOBA FETT 2



     Think of him as other Sith lords, but with
more hearts.

       Boss info

The boss info. SPOILERS should be expected.

Darth maul

Episode appearences: I

Weapon: Double-red lightsaber

Description: A sith lord without emotions exept hatred. He dosen't talk
much but is a really dangerous sith lord.

Zam wessel

Episode appearences: II

Weapon: Gun

Description: A bounty hunter who tried to kill Padme. Don't know much.

Jango fett

Episode appearences: II

Weapons: Two guns

Description: A dangerous bounty hunter who's a cold-blooded killer. 
He hopes his son Boba will be as bad as he is.

Count dooku

Episode appearences: II, III

Weapon: Red lightsaber

Description: A former jedi who recently fell to the dark side. He was
the apperentice of Yoda and now a powerful sith lord. 

General Grievous

Episode appearences: III

Weapons: Two blue and green lightsabers from jedi he murdered

Description: A jedi killer who is really dangerous. He also has
a nasty cough.

Imperial spy

Episode appearences: IV

Weapon: none

Description: Well, it's a spy for the sith.

Darth vader

Episode appearences: III, IV, V, VI

Weapon: Red lightsaber

Description: The dad of Luke and Leia, and is a ruthless sith lord. 
He does hope his kids will join the sith.

Boba fett

Episode appearences: II, V, VI

Weapon: Big gun

Description: A bounty hunter who's the son of Jango. He will avenge
his dad's death by killing all jedi and rebels.


Episode appearences: VI

Weapon: none

Description: A monster Jabba the hutt has.

The emperor

Episode appearences: I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Weapon: Red lightsaber

Description: The ruler of the sith. He will stop at nothing
to defeat the rebels and the jedi. Then conquer the galaxy


Well, there's the guide, and it took me less than a
month. Still feel free to comment or ask me a question
and I'll put questions in this guide. Well, enjoy the
ending of "Lego star wars: the complete saga"!


E-mail me at [email protected], and I'll read

Also the only sites who can view this guide are:

If I see this guide anywhere else I will take note
of it.

The users of the sites above can also ask questions
and e-mail them to me.


Q: Is it really true you can face anyone in
level 6 of episode 3 in free play?

A: Yes, I know it's weird.

Q: How do I save my game to avoid starting over?

A: Sadly, the only way you can save is to complete a
level. Some think you can save in the cantina, but you
just can't. For instance, if you first played the game,
you need to complete level 1 of episode 1. Then either
go back to the cantina, or go to the next level. Then
the death star from "Return of the jedi" should appear,
that means the game is saving, then problem solved. If
you still can't save, check your wii system memory to
see if there's plenty of blocks open.


  Me- I wrote the guide

  My dad- for getting me the game

  Lucasarts- for making the game

  Nintendo- for making the wii and ds

  Sony- for making the PS3

  Microsoft- for making the Xbox 360

  Several other FAQ writers- for helping me get info on "Star wars"

  You- for reading the guide