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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheats and Tips

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Plenty of cheats including how to unlocking Darth Maul and Indiana Jones and getting infinite money. We've also got Mos Eisley Cantina codes.

More Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheats and Tips

We have 49 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : Nintendo DS : PlayStation 3 : PC

You can also ask your question on our Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Questions & Answers page.

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Score Codes

Enter the codes below to get the indicated score points for free:
Score x2 - HBF899
Score x4 - DQY857
Score x6 - NMP499
Score x8 - XXY99G
Score x10 - VXZ123


X 10 VXZ123
X8 xxy996
X6 nmp499
X4 DQY857
X2 hbf899

Unlock Indiana Jones

This hidden character is unlocked by going to the 'Bonus Room' at the Cantina in Mos Eisley and watching the 'Lego Indiana Jones' trailer. When you have viewed the trailer you can then buy him at the shop for $50,000.


Unlock Admiral Ackbar:
Enter the code ACK646
Unlock Battle Droid Commander:
Enter the code KPF958
Unlock Boba Fett (Boy):
Enter the code GGF539
Unlock Boss Nass:
Enter the code HHY697
Unlock Captain Tarpals:
Enter the code QRN714
Unlock Count Dooku:
Enter the code DDD748
Unlock Darth Maul:
Enter the code EUK421
Unlock Disguise:
Enter the code BRJ437
Unlock Droid Tri-Fighter:
Enter the code AAB123
Unlock Ewok:
Enter the code EWK785
Unlock General Grievous:
Enter the code PMN576
Unlock Greedo:
Enter the code ZZR636
Unlock Imperial Guard:
Enter the code GUA850
Unlock Imperi..

Lots of studs

Step 1. Enter these codes HBF899
Step 2. Go to level 1 (the phantom menace,negotiations)
Step the level about 5 times(if you do not want to lose money use this code)(HS9K44)
Final step. ENJOY

Black+Orange R2-D2

EVILR2 is the code.
When you die it will kind of freak you out.

Lego City

This features can be unlocked by collecting 10 Gold Bricks throughout the game.

Invincible cheat

You need 2 players to do can do it in a player has to fall a off the other has to go to another room. But time it right. Then the person died will be invincible (unless you fall off again).I am not happen. Have fun cheating. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

New town glitch: drive boat on land.

Note: in order for this to work, your going to need two people.
While in New town, get the white van into the water and push the boat in the water too. Once you do this, have one person drive the van into a corner of the dock(make sure they stay in the van when they get it there). Now have one person drive the boat into the van. If one person is in the van and the other is in the boat, the boat will fly over the van. While the boat is in the air, you need to fly it onto the land, and then you should be able to drive the boat on the land.


Unlock Slave 1:
Complete ALL 36 Minikits Collection missions to unlock Boba Fetts spacecraft in ALL vehicle-based missions.
Unlock Naboo Starfighter:
Complete the 'Anakin's Flight' mission to unlock the Naboo Starfighter in ALL vehicle-based missions.
Unlock Anakin's Flight Mission:
Collect 30 Gold Bricks that are hidden throughout the game.
Unlock Ghost Characters:
Complete Story mode to unlock the Ghost characters for purchase. Ghosts characters are invincible and are ignored by enemies except when in vehicles.
Unlock Bounty Hunter Mission Room:
Buy ALL 'Bounty Hunters' or 'Bomb Throwers' in the shop. Jabba the Hutt's Bounty Hunter Mission room outside of the cantina will now be..

Anakin's Flight

Collect 30 Gold Bricks throughout the game to unlock the Anakin's Flight mission. If you complete this hidden mission you will get the Naboo Starfighter as a prize to use elsewhere in the game.

Make alien fly.

this glitch takes two people to work. When you go to Discovery on Kamino, there will be a room you can go in. When you make the dance floor light up and play music you need Darth Vader and any other character. When you go into the room with the dance floor, you will see two aliens when you light up the dance floor, use Darth Vader to choke one of the aliens and have the other person exit the room. When you come back into the room the alien will be flying in the air and will still be choking, but won't die unless you completely kill him.

Unlock Bounty Hunter Missions Room

When you have beaten ALL the Story levels go to the Cantana bar and buy ALL the Bounty Hunter characters in the shop. Jabba the Hutt's Bounty Hunter Mission room which is outside of the Cantina bar will now be unlocked.

Stud Fountain

When you have collected ALL 160 Gold Bricks in the game you can build a 'Stud Fountain' outside of Mos Eisely Cantina. This will give you an infinite supply of studs.

Unlimited studs

You need character studs for this in epp 1 level 1 come out of the room. Then turn right and find a room with some pks in it get all the obvious studs then destroy the pks. About500 studs come out for each one and each time you destroy one another comes to take it's place

100,000 studs quick!

To get 100,000 studs quick,all you need to do is get 61 gold bricks!. After that,every gold brick that you get,you get 100,000 studs!

R2-Q5 Cheat

The cheat I used to unlock R2-Q5 is:


Millions and billionz of money!!!

First enter Score x2 - HBF899
Score x4 - DQY857
Score x6 - NMP499
Score x8 - XXY99G
Score x10 - VXZ123 in the enter codes menu at the bar
Then enter HS9K44V for invincibily so you wont loose no studs (money)
Then go to episode 1 chapter 6 DARTH MAUL.
1. Defeat him when you first start level (have this level on freeplay because your going to have to need a person with a blaster and make sure you have all the cheat codes turned on but you have to go to extras on the pause menu and turn on all the score #X so you get WAY more money)
2. Go into that room with all the platforms (the first room with the platforms not the one near the end of the level)and follow him untill you see the grapple hook circle, change to a character with a rifle (gun) and grapp..


HUT845 Imperial Shuttle
PMN576 General Grevious
KLJ897 Jango Fett
DDD748 Count Dooku
584HJF Zam Wesell
EUK421 Darth Maul


Go to level 1 in revenge of the sith and enter the code(enter the code at the bar)int729. When you start the level shoot as many guns on the republic crusiers. Trust me I did it and I got over 100,000 dolars!

Darth Maul

To un lock darth maul enter the code EUK421

Flying blue shutter alien

On episode 2 chapter 2 (discovery of kamino). After the game starts go throught the levl like normal, once you get to jango fetts cell go to the door closest by. Become R2-D2 and open the door. once inside light up the dance floor. Then you need to become count duko shock one alien while player 2 runs out the door. Make sure your still shcoking the alien when player 2 leaves. Now go inside and the alien will be flying there shuttering blue and black. Hope you enjoy it =)(=

flying rebel

You need 2 plaers to do this glitch to make a rebel fly you need to go to secret plans go through the level untill you see a crane thing you need to be count duku, darth vadder or darth sideous
so go across the bridge and force the rebel have plaer 2 get in the crane and pick you up while you are forceing and the rebel should be flying and then jump and he will fly up in the air,

Infinite Money

On episode one chapter 2 (Discovery on Kamino) once the game starts keep following the guy after you fix the light until you meet Jango, follow Jango until he runs outside and starts to set bombs on the ground. Then fly across with r2 and open the door. He then will start a machine which makes robots appear that shoot lasers at you. To make this work correctly you will need perfect deflect bolts red brick (episode 2 chapter 4: this is located under the metal thing that has to be destroyed with a thermal detonator, once destroyed a built-it will appear. Build the thing and the block will appear, this is easiest done before you rescue Padme in free play because you do not have to worry about many enemies. This is where you find perfect deflect.) And you will also need stud magnet (episode ..

Go on flying house on new town/new city

On new tow or city you notice theres a house that go up in the air when you go next to it. To go on it is simple. All you will need to do is when the house gose up wait for it to come back down. Then when it's down, hop on it with a dondon (that one grey animal) and you sould go up with it. It may take practice because you might have troble staying on.and theres a cetain spot on the roof you defentley stay on.

Krijg 3840 score

Type dit alemaal
Score x2 - HBF899
Score x4 - DQY857
Score x6 - NMP499
Score x8 - XXY99G
Score x10 - VXZ123

Over 200,000 Studs

First go to episode 4 chapter 3 then make sure you have a bounty hunter a jedi a droid and a sith. Then when you get in the level go as slow as possible through the level and go all over and break any thing that can be broken. And when you get to the part with the big green animals go to the theter and use r2d2 to get in first use your bounty hunter to break all the seat with your thermal detinators. Then use the force on the little silver things on the screen then destroy the screen and you get tons of coins and a minikit. Then make your way through the rest of the level.
P.S.(look for double score zone)
I end up with about 280,000 from that level alone

How to unlock all the characters at one Time!!!!

1.go to the cheats menu, type in these codes HBF899, DQY857,
NMP499,XXY99G, VXZ123,okay,
2.Now go to extras (in the pause menu) and activate x2,x4,x6,x8,x10.
3.Go to negotations (free play ),If your asking why:well it's because you can go certain areas that story mode can't.
4.go to the bar and buy all the characters.
P.S get ALL of the studs you can ( and you can play two levels for more studs!)

How to get a lot of freaking studs!

Alright, now you will need the multipliers to do this very quick. Since some of you don't know the codes, I will put the codes down. After you out in the codes, goth the extras menu on the pause menu and enable all of them. This will get you the multiplier x3840.
X2 - HBF899
X4 - DQY857
X6 - NMP499
X8 - XXX99G
X10 - VXZ123
When you enabled all of them, go to Episode 1(Phantom Menace). Then go to Mos Espa Pod Race. If you do Story, you will probably get somewhere around 200,000,000 studs. If you do challenge, you will get around more than double the amount you will get in Story.
Like this if this helped c;

unlock indiana jones

go to cantina go to room on right go to booth on right hint first one when you watch it he will be able to buy for 50,000 coins

How to Drive a boat on Land in new town

Have Player 1 drive the four wheeler into the lake in new town, and sit. Launch the orange boat, and get into it. Make sure that player 1 is in the four wheeler, next to the edge with the launch. Drive the boat towards the edge, and over the four wheeler, and the boat will go onto the land, and it will still drive. :-)

Easy 100,000 studs

Go to Episode III-Section 1 (Battle Over Corruscaut[sp?). I personally thing you get more if you do it in freeplay plus you can use your own ship!
By the way::: The most I've got at one time is 135,XXX

easy studs

After getting the character studs extra and the invincibility extra (optional) go to episode III and go to chapter "defense of kashyyyk," then go to the beach and keep killing the storm troopers.

Get x2 score multiplier for more money. I currently have over 7,000,000 studs.

Episode 4 Chapter 6: laser barrier/minikit

To defeat laser barrier & obtain minikit:
Use tie fighter
Go away from laser barrier, staying to the right
Youll find a tie fight door
Open the door and switch to the snow speeder
Use Z to grab a 'rolling bomb'
Take it to the laser barrier
Drag it into the barrels on both sides of the laser barrier
May take more than one trip.
Let me know if you have further questions....

Destroying Shiny Objects

With the 'Exploding Blaster Bolts' extra turned on, you can destroy shiny objects that were only supposed to be destroyed by bounty hunters. This will not work if you hit the object itself, otherwise it will just harmlessly bounce off, not exploding. You need to hit a wall or terrain of some type that is very close to the shiny object. The explosion from the blaster bolt will destroy the shiny object. This will also work in story mode.


Before you wind up buying all the charachters for this game make sure to check for cheats on this website. I wasted a lot of time trying to collect them all. Not to mention that it is much easier to find the minikits when you have these people, Bounty Hunter, Jedi, Shooter, Stormtrooper, Siths do better than jedis and have there powers too, and you need a andriod and a driod like r2-d2, also a high jumper and I think that is it.

Completing "world Lego"

I have two young boys who really like blowing things up and stuff(and who could blame them?). They get into Lego world (or level) and destroy everything, giving them lots of "money" but they can never figure out how to complete it. I am guessing it has to do with the heli-pad to the right of one of the buildings, but the levers won't stay down (green)...anyone help?? You will make their day if you can....

go through ground

Must have bounty hunter rockets to work this.
With boba/jango fett fly(double tap A) and land as soon as you land shoot a rocket to go into ground a little bit. this is a teporary change an you will come back out of ground when you finish fireing rocket.You will go in to the ground to your characters waist.(approximately)

Stud collection

Went to extras in the choice section and put the Score x 10 on-then put the x8 on atthe same time,gave us the ability to score x80 studs-then added x6 on,gave us the addition of x480 studs. In one level we were able to amass 21 million studs,especially when going through the double score areas.
THANKS for all the help in the game-your clues and answers got us to the finish. Superb!!! Gram-e & the g-kids

400000 studs

Buy X2, X4, X6, X8 and X10 then go to ep 1 ch 1 and do it over a
Nd over about 27 times the you will have all of the studs thst you can get on the game.(:

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