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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats for you to check out including unlocking ghost characters, infinite money and unlocking movie clips. We'll also tell you how to make the characters fight in the cantina.

More Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 41 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 3 : Wii : PC

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At the 'Main' menu enter these codes to get the indicated result. If you enter the codes correctly you will hear a confirmation sound.

Get 1,000,000 Studs:

Press Start, Right, Up, L, Down, Select, L, R.

Get 3,000,000 Studs:

Press Start, Start, Down, Down, Left, Left, Up, Up, Select.

Unlock Bonus Touch Game 1:

Press Up, Up, Down, L, L, R, R.

Enable Debug & Debug Multiplayer Menus:

Press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, R, L, Start, Select.

Cyclone Attack

I figured out how to perform a really cool secret attack I don't know if it's an actual attack or something I made up without knowing. You have to spin around with the control pad and press "Y" rapidly. This should turn out in spinning attack that is cool and powerful. Please rate this!

Unlock Ghost Characters

When you have completed the game the ghost versions of Yoda, Anakin, and Ben Kenobi will become available.

Unlock Gold Bricks

When you get the following scores on the indicated mini-game you will unlock a Gold Brick.

Unlock Activation Mini-Game Gold Brick:

Get a score of 10,000 points.

Unlock Grievous Mini-Game Gold Brick:

Get a score of 20,000 points.

Unlock Pod Race Pit Stop Mini-Game Gold Brick:

Get a score of 40,000 points.

Unlock Lightsaber Deflection Mini-Game Gold Brick:

Get a score of 40,000 points or complete the mini-game.

Unlock Movie Clips

When ALL the extras have been unlocked the 'Movie Clips' option will become available for selection.

Get 3'000'000 studs

Go to the main menu and enter


Infinite Jumps

If you select Jar-Jar Binks you can perform infinite jumps be doing the following steps in order:

1. Double jump

2. Fire blaster in midair

3. Press jump key

4. Fire blaster in midair

5. Repeat steps 2-3

Infinite Money

A new cheat by Darx Star. This while take a while to be able to execute but with it you will make lots of studs.

Materials: 1. Millions Of Studs

2. The Red Power Brick From Level 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25.

3. A Bounty Hunter (Optional But Recommended)


1. Buy the highest Score Times Extra that you can afford and have unlocked.

2. Make sure Invincibility is off.

3. Make sure you have at least Ten Studs.

4. Turn on the Score Times Extra.


5. Press A twice rapidly to throw a Thermal Detonater and set it off.

6. If you die continue to Step Seven. If not repeat from Step Two.

7. When you respawn pick up the Studs you dropped. This turns cash into more cash.

Flying while walking

Be Boba Fett or Jango Fett and die while flying and when you respawn your jetpack will be running until you jump


Debug Menu

At main menu push Up, Left, Down, Right(3), R, L, Start, Select.

Droid Cheats Volume 1

Welcome to the first volume of droid cheats! We have a special cheat today

INVISIBILITY!!!!!! Yes you can have an invisible character!


1. Go to the second episode.

2. Play Droid Factory in Story Mode.

3. In the second last room or so switch to C3PO.

4. Switch to your other party member.

5. If you are R2D2 switch to Anakin Skywalker or Padme.

6. Kill C3PO.

7. C3PO respawns but is invisible.

8. Switch to C3PO.

9. You now control an invisible C3PO.

10. Enjoy!

The Cheat That Is Not A Cheat

IG-8 can open R2D2, C3PO, and Bounty Hunter activation panels.

Darth Maul Glitch Run Part 1

First, will somebody please put a glitch run (like a speed run but doing all glitches instead of doing it in minimum time) of the level with these glitches on Youtube? Okay the glitches.

Part 1: Darth Maul Miniboss:

No Droid Killing

This cheat is basically found by abusing the fact that thermal detonaters bounce. My brother found it but he froze the game so watch out.

1. Start in Free Play.

2. Select your Bounty Hunter.

3. Throw a Thermal Detonater at the gap.

4. It bounces onto the other side. Quickly press A.

5. Time this to kill Maul and the droids easily.

The Barell That Stands Still

This cheat warps the camera. Oh and you need a Bounty Hunter to do it. This place is basically Bounty Hunter Glitch ..


This is how to curse your friends.

step 1:Be for you wireless play the com be a character that has no way of attacking and you be a jedi.

step 2:Be host than kill your friend and take their studs!

Happy cursing :D!

Force Freeze

Force Freeze is a secret force move that may be a glitch.

Characters: Use Count Dooku or Darth Maul.

Procedure: Use the force on a character in the Mos Eisly Cantina. Before they die stop using the force. They hang in Mid-Air forever until you turn away, die, kill them with your Light Sabre, or kill them with the force.

Walk And Block

A funny cheat.


1. Find a room in the Cantina with a Jedi and Blaster.

2. Attack the Jedi.

3. Hide behind the Blaster guy so the Jedi hits him.

4. Die. No really. Die without killing the Blaster character.

5. If you killed the blaster repeat steps 2-4 without killing them.

6. Watch the randomness!

Enjoy cheating!

Destroying AT-ATs quickly

Two ways of destroying AT-ATs on Hoth

1.infinite torpedoes and shoot them when the the little red box appears around they're feet and they go BOOM!

2.Without torpedeos wait until red box appears around they're feet and hit B using your stilus wrap the cord around the legs until I falls over then go past it hit the A button and shoot it rear and it goes BOOM!

ACTUAL CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enter the following codes at the main menu. (Where you select New Game, Load Game, etc.)

Start, Start, Down, Down, Left, Left, Up,Up, Select 3.000.000 Extra Studs

Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, R, L, Start, Select Enable Debug & Debug Multiplayer Menus

Up, Up, Down, L, L, R, R Unlock Bonus Touch Game 1

You'll hear a sound confirming that the code has been entered properly

Infinite Flight Sound

To do the Infinite Flight Sound glitch, you must first have the power brick Self-Destruct. Become either R2 droid and press and hold B. Next, before you stop flying, press Y. You will pop and the flame will stay there for half a second and when you reappear, you won't be flying but the sound will still be going off, and the next time you do fly, there will be no flame. You can also do this with Jango Fett and Boba Fett, just throw a mine and fly over it. Make sure you are in the air when the mine blows up and the flame will be there for half a second. When you reappear as them, you will still have a flame going under your jetpack. For the droids, if you are in a level, you will still have a flame coming from their feet. The sound will go off when you go into another room, you toggle or w..

Unlock Mini-Kit Bonuses

When you collect the 10 hidden mini-kit parts in the following levels the corresponding ship will become available for viewing. The ship can be seen in the room marked with the Mini-kit icon. When you have collected ALL 300 mini-kit parts a bonus mini-kit of the Rebel Blockade Runner is unlocked.

Episode 1

Level 1: Republic Cruiser

Level 2: Naboo Royal Starship

Level 3: Sebulba's Podracer

Level 4: Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Level 5: Sith Infitrator

ALL Episode 1 mini-kits: Gungan Bongo

Episode 2

Level 1: Jedi Starfighter

Level 2: Droideka

Level 3: Republic Attack Gunship

Level 4: AT-TE Walker

Level 5: Geonosian Solar Sai..

Make Characters Fight In Cantina

Blaster Vs. Blaster: Attack the Blaster character, then hide behind the other one. If the other one is shot they will fight.

Blaster Vs. Jedi: Attack the blaster character. Hide behind the Jedi and it will be shot. They will fight.

Jedi Vs. Jedi: I tried this but it didn't work. It may not work.

Infinite high flying

You must be Jango or Boba.(Jango makes it easier.) Fly in place with your jetpack. Then, quickly press the A button while flying to do another jump and hold the A button to activate your jetpack to stop you from falling. Repeat multiple times to reach high places.

Ok it's me again get this you probly been wonder..

Ok it's me again get this you probly been wondering how to have both of you're custom characters. Problem solved.Smile get this you go in to a levvel select you're first character ( make sure the blue tube has the other one or you're screwd)(by that I mean it wont work) any way beat that level go up to the tube and make sure that you're custom character is the guy who follows you and press X. Then he will fall you will think oh no hes dead I did too I thought I had done somthing realy stupid any way he will came back just like when you die and this works even with inincibility on (buy it in extras) and then you will have both custom characters.


When doing the force press A to do the force, instead of sliding your thumb down the screen,it's much more easier.


To freeze people with the force, first, get either count dooku or darth maul and use the force on someone, and let the force button go, they will stay in the air!

Black blinking characters

1. be a lightsaber character.

2. press x.

3. then press x agaain.

4.pull out your lightsaber. and your partner will blink!


Lightsaber noise

If you have a guy with a lightsaber(you should, you start out with two Jedi)pull out his lightsaber. Press A and quickly press any direction on the +Control Pad and you will still here the Lightsaber go away, but it will still be out.

Sorry realy sorry

Ok you guys both of you're people don't have to be a jedi I wasnt doing it right all you have to do is jump at the tube from an angle. Like right in front of that chair stool thing that are on either side jump at an angle (the one on the right side is the one that works.)that all. Sorry.


Hi this cheat is how to gethadless characters

Alll you have to do is when you are,, well you know in the cantina you be ajedi and kill another character(works best non-jedis) and you know when they die they are in bricks you quickly press x at them and then they should be headless

Happy gaming


Flying Jango JarJar or Boba

Ok first you need jango boba or jar jar (jango is easiest I used him) ok first you need to jump then hover now shoot while holding jump down then press the button to jump quickly you shoul go up in the air and be higher for jar jar you need to do it faster but still same principle boba is hardest so I wouldnt suggest him but watever works for u

How to get all the free play and story mode jedi mode complete!

When you get all the red bricks buy the 8x stud doubler and when you start a level turn that extra on and then while you play collect blue studs and you are gurranteed to complete the jedi adventure stud meter.

Get a drodikas shield down quickly

Stand next to it and do b,b,thenin mid air press a

Get a lot of money

First buy score+2. Then buy the rest in inclining order. Turn them all on simotaneously.if you get like 10 studs,youll get true Jedi!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so this isent a cheat too help you get by or ..

Ok so this isent a cheat too help you get by or anything (sorry bout that I know it's infurriating)however it's mildly funny. Ok stand by that tank you're little custom character is in and press that button that lets you control andother person or join you're party. So any way get this after you press the X button you will turn into the guy in the tank now you will probly (forgot how to spell it ,i know I stupid)fall through the floor but I got out once any way you can controll that guy even if you have him out already. Cool right!

Ok bad news about that cheat wit the custom char..

Ok bad news about that cheat wit the custom characters. Well it's not bad news but you see both characters have to be jedi. So just change you're character get that other guy out of the tube thing and go. Plus you can change him back once uv done it and it will still work. So if you tried and it didnt work try this.

Walk in Tables

In the cantina/main area, go to one of the rooms where you walk to the right. Go straight down and there is a table. Go to the edge of the table at the bootom of the screen. Here is how it looks:

C= character




Then, destroy the chair while walking left/down. Sometimes you will end up standing inside the table!

Enjoy this pointless glitch!

Red person

All you have to do is hurt your partner once and right when you do it press x. You will be red for 1 or 2


Have fun. Majorgamer

Cheats That Aren't Cheats 1

People submit non cheats so I'll submit some techniques which aren't cheats but you may not know.

1. Bounty Blast/Suicide

As a Bounty Hunter you can press A to throw a thermal detonator and wait for it to explode. Most know this. BUT, by pressing A again you can detonate it whenever you want. You can use this method to kill yourself.

2. Easy Boss 6

Wait for the platform to sink them jump.

3. Hidden Fruit Pickup

In Discovery On Kamino there is a friut pickup in the room where you deflect Jango Fett's guns. To get it get as close to the camera as you can and as far left as you can. Then attack.

More pointless and useless cheats later!

Enjoy NOT-cheating!

Power brick 21

The power brick in hoth battle is at the end of the level in the last section. You need the extra:infinite torpedos because you can't get any torpedos on this level to get it. It is in a big red box type thing and you shoot a torpedo into it. And there you go youve got one more power brick!


Yoda Fast walking

This lets Yoda walk using his cane but at the same speed a with his lightsaber. It's actually pointless, but still cool.

First, you have to be controlling Yoda. Press A to make sure his lightsaber is away. Then, press the arrow to walk at the same time as you press Y. Hold the arrow, and he will glide along the ground until you have him do something else or if he stops walking.

Just kinda fun.

Jabba's Palace Cheats

Be a Bounty Hunter in Story Mode after freeing Han Solo.

Step One: In the room where you free Han Solo, put on a Bounty Hunter Disguise as Luke.

Step Two: Use Luke to free Han Solo.

The cutscene will play, but after it you will be Luke and still be a Bounty Hunter

Grapple Area As Luke

Step One: On the Sailbarge, when you need to activate switches to pull out platforms, build the grapple platform.

Step Two: As Luke, jump to where the block was.

Step Three: You can now jump to the grapple area!

Enjoy Cheating!

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