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Left 4 Dead Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Left 4 Dead

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A large collection of cheats for you to check out including death, luggage, elevator and Train Yard glitches. We'll also tell you how to get plenty of ammo and how to increase bullet power.

More Left 4 Dead Cheats and Tips

We have 66 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Left 4 Dead please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

You can also ask your question on our Left 4 Dead Questions & Answers page.

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Defeating Tanks

An easy way to defeat tanks is to throw a Molotov cocktail or a gas tank and shoot it with the assault rifle. When the Tank is on fire shoot it again to kill it.

Unlock Rocket Launcher

When you complete the game on any difficulty setting the Rocket Launcher will become available and appear at the beginning and middle of every level.

Defeating Witches

An easy way to kill a Witch faster is to throw a Molotov cocktail at her and when she is on fire shoot her with an automatic shotgun.

Open Door after Completing Level

Keep tapping X when closing the door at the end of the level where the safe room is located. When the door closes it will open and the level will be completed. The door will be closed the next day.

Machine Gun Glitch

You can stand back a few feet from a machine gun and begin hitting it. Then when you jump on top of it, it throws you forward. The more you hit it the farther you fly. WARNING: May throw you straight into the air killing you

Faster Melee Attacks

To double your melee speed rapidly tap 'Melee' and 'Weapon Switch' alternately.

power bullet

Press and hold LT, yy RT then rellase LT one shot kill

Skip the Lift

In the 'No Mercy' level at the part where get to the lift and it calls a horde go all the way to the left of the lift instead and there will be a garage door a different size. If you keep hitting it it will eventually break leading you into the next area allowing you to skip the lift.
Watch the video

New Mini-gun glitch

In order to do this glitch do any chapter that has a mini-gun,get on top of the mini-gun,but you must be where the mini-gun's handles are (what I trying to say is get on top of the gun where you can just look down and press X to use the gun),once you are set,look down,jump,hold A and X button in mid-air,move the turret in the brief second you get,and you will be launched in the air.It will take a couple of times before you get it right (also a couple of high flying deaths).Also I must warn you,where you get launched is always random,but it will always throw you in the area where you want to be,just not exactly where you want to got.


Okay, what I am about to tell you is restricted (not really), but not a lot of people should find out about it! Do you guys ever get tired of waiting to spawn as an infection? I know you do, but I know a way where you don't have to wait! Okay, all you have to do is tap RT rapidly and I mean very fast right after you die and you will almost automatically re-spawn!
Note: If you mess up the first time you try this then you can't do it again in the same game, you can still do it, just not in the same game, so don't mess up the first time!

Jessus room and plane

Note these are good for acheivments untochables what are you trying to prove nothing special and others.
In the No Mercy campaing start of by getting a movtov and make your way to the roof the first building to the right of you is were you go.Go up the ladder wait for a horde throw the movtov were below were the ladder is and go straight and jump onto the ledge and make little steps till you cna see the door they should knock it down.You can go inside and go behind the line and nothin should be able to find you. For the jessus plane you go to the dead air finiale melee the turret about 20 times and it should launch you on top of the plane.
Note smokers may be able to get you while on top of the plane.

Warehouse cheat (Survival mode)

This cheat is for the Warehouse level in survival mode.To do this start the game and get the hunting rifle,you'll need this to take out smokers.Now there's shelf where you can climb on top on,Its to your left if your face toward the door,but it's the short shelf next on the left next to the vent.Climb on top of it and go to the back corner of the shelf and crouch,if you do it correctly you will be inside the shelf and all the zombies will ignore you except the smokers.If you have a friend have him/her start it and have him/her crouch in the same spot where you are and wait as long as you want.

glitch in numbers

if you have the left for dead game of the year addition with the extra map and survival thing this is for you.get a friend and go to the offline waiting room where you start off near the car. Run up to the fence and run against is the are about 3-5 invisable ladders. Climb up them with a partner. Now 2 computers,and 2 players should be on the top of the fence. Have one person walk along the top of the fence and the other pauses the game and click 'TAKE A BREAK' and eventuley your character will jump to the other side of the fence click RT to controll your character,and have the other player do this, there is a bunch of rooms in this lighthouse there is weapons on a portch outside with molitoves and pipe bombs and a bunch of health packs,pills and other stuff you find in campain mode. But..

No Mercy Survival glitch (generator room)

When you spawn,everyone will pick up a pipe bomb and a M16.Walk up stairs and stand on top of the generator on the right then throw a pipe bomb to the right corner and try to make it land on top of the garbage can.When you get to see the garbage can shoot it down with the super shot/power shot glitch (hold LT,y,y,hold RT and release LT) and hope it lands on the ground now just start pushing the garbage can into the room with the hole in it.Make someone sit in the left corner and push the garbage can right in front of that person (vertically) have someone empty their clip down to 14 just by randomly shooting and have them charge up their super shot/power shot and aim it at the garbage can.Now it can only be you and one person in that room or it wont work,have those people just look the ot..


Okay, once again this is not a cheat, but here is another useful way to win as an infection in the NO MERCY level. In the second chapter of NO MERCY you can make it almost impossible for the survivors to get into the safe-room. What you have to do is go all the way to the safe room (as a Hunter) then you should see a piano next to the safe-room. Your goal is to get the piano next to the safe-room so that it will take the survivors longer to get into the safe-room, so that all you infections can have more time to kill the survivors. Have fun!
Note: Do not, I repeat do not hit the piano from the front or else it will tip! Also the survivors can still get into the safe-room, but it will take them a lot longer to do, so.

Train yard glitch (survival mode)

You need a few friends,some shotguns,and molotovs.Once you spawn have one friend stand on top of a train carrier/cart across from the house you spawned then have two people stand on top of the train carrier/cart with the chair and gas containers.You will start the the crescendo event.Pull the yellow lever and run in front of the run away train car. Once the train car is less then half way through to hitting the other train car jump in between along with your friends,two of you will get stuck in between the train cars and now you will be stuck there as long as you want and if you want to stop either kill each other or have one person die (unconfirmed) and you will be pushed out of the train and then just let yourself get killed.

Easy Zombie Genocidist on No Mercy

On the finale, grab a gun and get to the rooftop but DO NOT jump off. When someone calls for help, run back to the safe room, no zombies will come until everyone boards the helicopter, and when I did this, no tanks broke down the door. Get an Auto-Shotgun and one shot will kill a lot of zombies.

Luggage glitch!!!

In the Dead Air Finale all the way in the back is a pile of luggage.Get to the top and the horde can't get you.It isn't much of a glitch because everything else can get you.

fan to the safe house

In the start of the No Mercy campaign get a Sub-machine gun, health pak, walk backwards till at the edge, walk to the other edge, then run off the first edge toward the alley, aim at the fans and if you stick the landing, heal yourself and jump to the ground. The safe house is on the other end of the street. TADAHA

Freezer door

Okay some of you might know this but in some levels like death toll theres doors that look like freezer doors go in close the door and nothing can get in you can shoot out and the tank can't get in either but if you stand too close to the door the tank can punch you and if you leave the tank be he gets caught in the door and dies
So try to find it and I hope it works for u

instant kill glitch

When your on campaign in the apartment and when you go into the bathroom you get a bomb that flashs,when you throw it every zombie and special infected dies.

Alive or Dead?

After you kill a teamate or they die from something else and you get over there body look at their eyes they still blinkand look at you or strait ahead

A lot of ammo.

Ok when your on top of the apartments get the pump shotgun or the mini machine gun and a health pack.Next jump off the building it will kill you.When your back on top the apartments your gun should have more ammo than it did before.Keep doing this and you will be preppared for anything.
P.s.The guns will get stronger and the zombies will get a little stronger too.

More Ammo

On the first campaign when your on top of the apartments get a gun and a health pack then jump on the ledge and then jump off and kill yourself when you come back you will have more bullets.
P.S. When you do this the guns will get stronger and the zombies will get a little bit stronger.
P.S.S Keep doing this until you have like 999 bullets oh and it can pass 999 it will look like your low on ammo but you are not you will have a lot to use.
P.S.S.S ENJOY!!!!!


At the last cutseen at the end of the game when the zombies try to climb up the tank thingy you get in the tank races off and the zombies are climbing in mid air

what the makers left behind

In the second to last level on the NO MERCY campain the creators of the game left something secret left behind. First kill all the zombies in the hall(not needed) and head to the room across the hall from the safe house and the room should be lit with lights kil the zombies in there(not needed but kill them so they arn't anoying) and look at the x rays it's the symbol of left for dead the 4 fingers with the thumb riped/eaten off and what do you know that x ray is to the left of that x ray of the 4 fingers and I'm not intirely sure but the x rays of the head and neck to the right of the hand x ray looks as if it is of a infected person not completly turned into a zombie and thats how that hospital was over run by zombies but a cool left behind thing no see

MINIGUN GLITCH TERMANATEDSorry you guys but if y..

Sorry you guys but if you've got xbox live and have updated left 4 dead you may have noticed that the minigun glitch no longer works and the bin that you were able to push over the sewage hole in SEWERS on NO MERCY will no longer move either.
If you don't have xbox live then the glitches should still work
Ps: Wii nut: my name is CONA NO1 not CANO. OK

perfect plan

On rooftop fanale where you are on the top of the hospital there is a good way I found to live threw the hordes. First off put a fuel can next to the pipes to the right of the turret and another near the top of the ladder to the left, and if any propane tanks are avalible go up the ladder behind the turret and place 1 in the far corner to the left as if you were facing the turret while standing on the airvent infront of the ladder. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A ASSUALT RIFLE. Close all doors to the building you are ontop of where the radio is,have full amo and hope you have 2 pistles. Call the people and have the helicopter come for you. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE HIGHEST POINT OF THE BUILDING WHERE THE VENT ISBEHIND THE TURRET OR THIS PLAN IS USLESS. They come for you(zombies) kill them all (try t..

glitch inhance

Yes CANO I have inhanced your turret glitch hit the turret less to get less launch distance simple right no alerting the herd whats better then that.....launching yourself on rooftop fanale hit the turret 10-18 times to launch to the building infront of the turret and 40-50 to launch off the building. If you didnt really alert the zombies when you go to launch off the map/building you can ether hit a zombie and cumit suicide,hit a zombie and launch it off the edge or just plan ol kill youself without hiting anything iv don't it all with the glitch it's fun and cool
From wii nut=]+CANO

another plan succes

In the campain dead air when you have to move the van to get to the next area there is a easy way to live and take little damage . As soon as you activate the van run to the suitcase lift thingy to the left of the escalaters you go down(they are stoped)all the zombies behind you jump over you and all the zombies go runing at you in a line or run tords your team mates easy way to get the protection actionment (if you havent gottin it alredy) hope I saved you a life or two
Wii nut =]

the easyest way to beat the hardest level of play

The easytest way is to keep your light of at all times (but not the dark)and to be as steathy as you can as in ducking and use the pistol if few enemys and try to get head shots as much as you can and don't go all rambo all by your self and try to stick together if you go to far you will most likely to be killed by a hunter or smoker and some times a tank hopefuly this help a little

man vs. tank easy achevment

First kill all three partners.then kill all zombies when your nere the forist then change the difficult if it's on expert,hard,or normal change it on easy

Scenes that you can skip

No mercy-On the rooftop in the beggnning go backwards jump up on the ledge look donw and you should see a vent jump down onto the vent.
On the third level of no mercy were you go out the door and into the little restraunt place go out that door head straight and when you see the first truck head down the little path to the left of the first truck and look the way closest to the wall and you should see a big metal door meele it for about a minute and it should break so you just skipped the whole gas station part
The jessus room the finale when you get outside of the place get down onto the helipad and jump onto the roof that is closse to the little stairway on the helipad climb the ladder and jump on the edge facing the right and jump on that ledge make little steps..

Having a hard time beating (DEAD AIR) Finale

Hey it's Vypr here and Im here for a glitch that can save your life on DeadAir's finale.First you'll need at least 2 players.Then 2 people to start whacking the turret for about 10 seconds.Get the 2nd person to move away while you get on top the turret.Slowly inch forward then jump.If you did it right you should land atop the escape vehicle.I hope you did it correctly. Smile P.s CHEEEEEZY TACOS!!!

Fly Forest,Fly!

Go to the death toll campain and select level 3 and find the news truck by the machine gun and hit the gun about 11 times.this is tricky so be carful.if you are playing by yourself keep going or wait for your teamates.they teleport to you.don't hit the gun to much or else it will kill you.

MINIGUN CATAPULTThis Is so totally awsome. You n..

This Is so totally awsome. You need to go to the DEATH TOLL campain variant and then go to the level THE TOWN. Work your way through the level untill you reach the creshendo point with the minigun. To activate the catapult you must hit it multiple times with your gun (LT) Do this for about 30 seconds and then jump on top of it and it will send you flying other the creshendo point and into the zombie spawning area. Once you land you will need to be revived . (BUMMER) But it is still wicked .
If you don't believe me watch the video on you tube by wbokunik and then you'll believe me
Have Fun, CONA NO1

Easy way to get Brain Salad achievement

When You are in the safe room wait for the music that signals to you that the horde is coming and then close the door. The horde will try to break in but can't so they keep standing there. Take out your hunting rifle, shotgun, Assault Rifle, or Auto Shotgun and stand their blowing there heads off! Have fun killing zombies.

Corners are your friends!

When your running aroung shooting whats in your path, if you find a corner, run to it and face outwards. This way you know that none are going to pop up behind you. This also enables you to get a good veiw of where the horde are and what direction they're coming from.

Cr0wnd Achievement

Theres a simple way to do this. Get an auto-shotgun (it will only work with this) and creep up behind The Witch and wait for her to start to scream. When she stands up, aim at the bottom of her hairline just above the neck and..... Bam! You have your achievment.

Man Vs Tank Achievement

Ok this is for offline play. First, make sure you are in a open area and you know that theres a Tank coming. Secondly, make sure you have a moltov. Thirdly, just before you fight him, change the diffilculty to expert, kill the bots on your team, then change back to easy. As The Tank first runs towards you, throw the moltov to ignite him and run like hell. The moltov can do amazing damage to a Tank over time, so keep him on fire for around 30 seconds and you will find he will die after just a few shots.

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