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Left 4 Dead



by DomZ Ninja

          Winner of the GameFAQs FAQ of the Month for November 2008

                               ,'        `.
                              /    ,---.   \
  __     ____   ____   ______/    /    |   _|__      ____     ___     ____
 |  |   |    | |    | |      |   /     |  |    `.   |    |   /   \   |    `.
 |  |   |   _| |   _| |_    _|  /      |  |  |\  \  |   _|  /  _  \  |  |\  \
 |  |   |  |_  |  |_   ,|  |   /   /|  |  |  | |  | |  |_  |  | |  | |  | |  |
 |  |   |    | |    | | |  |  /   | |  |  |  | |  | |    | |  |_|  | |  | |  |
 |  |   |   _| |   _| | |  | /     \|   \ |  | |  | |   _| |       | |  | |  |
 |  |_  |  |_  |  |  /  |  ||            ||  | |  | |  |_  |   _   | |  | |  |
 |    | |    | |  |  |  |  | `--._      / |  |/  /  |    | |  | |  | |  |/  /
 |____| |____| |__|  '. |__|      `.   |  |____,'   |____| |__| |__| |____,' 
                       \           |   |    |
                        `.          `--'   /
                          \       __     ,'
                           \     /  `---'


                                 LEFT 4 DEAD

                      Copyright (c)2008-2009 DomZ Ninja


 Author: DomZ Ninja
 E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
 Updated: 02/23/09
 Version: 1.3

 NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!

Needless to say, it is pretty hard to write an accurate guide for a game that
constantly changes every time you play it. If you have any strategies or
corrections for any of the levels (particularly the four finales) or some tips
for the new Tips & Tricks section, feel free to send 'em in! Just email me at
the address above. I'll make sure to add them into the FAQ immediately as well
as give you credit.

Just a small tidbit: I didn't think I'd have to mention this, but please use
proper grammar and spelling when trying to send in submissions. I do not want
your strategies typed out in AIM speak or any other wacky jargon. I am not
going to feature a strategy in my guide if it goes something like "well wat u
gotta do iz kill all da infected and hide in da corner" blah blah, I think
(well, hope) you get my point. Thank you.


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

See that series of numbers to the right of each section? If you want to find 
a specific section in the FAQ, press CTRL + F to open a search box. Type in 
the series of numbers for the desired section that you're trying to find and 
press Enter. Whabam! The search function will take you there in an instant.

1] - Version History.................................. [0100]
2] - Controls......................................... [0200]
3] - Walkthrough...................................... [0300]
       3.1] No Mercy.................................. [0310]
             3.11] The Apartments..................... [0311]
             3.12] The Subway......................... [0312]
             3.13] The Sewers......................... [0313]
             3.14] The Hospital....................... [0314]
             3.15] Rooftop Finale..................... [0315]
       3.2] Death Toll................................ [0320]
             3.21] The Turnpike....................... [0321]
             3.22] The Drains......................... [0322]
             3.23] The Church......................... [0323]
             3.24] The Town........................... [0324]
             3.25] Boathouse Finale................... [0325]
       3.3] Dead Air.................................. [0330]
             3.31] The Greenhouse..................... [0331]
             3.32] The Crane.......................... [0332]
             3.33] The Construction Site.............. [0333]
             3.34] The Terminal....................... [0334]
             3.35] Runway Finale...................... [0335]
       3.4] Blood Harvest............................. [0340]
             3.41] The Woods.......................... [0341]
             3.42] The Tunnel......................... [0342]
             3.43] The Bridge......................... [0343]
             3.44] The Train Station.................. [0344]
             3.45] Farmhouse Finale................... [0345]
4] - Tips & Tricks.................................... [0400]
5] - Enemies.......................................... [0500]
6] - Weapons.......................................... [0600]
7] - Achievements..................................... [0700]
8] - Thanks/Credits................................... [0800]


 1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]

FAQ/Walkthrough #35

 Version 1.0 (11/24/08) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.

 Version 1.1 (11/30/08) - Minor corrections and a few added user strategies.

 Version 1.2 (12/08/08) - Added ASCII maps of the four finale levels.

 Version 1.3 (01/27/09) - Decided to add in a Tips & Tricks section. Help
                          contribute to this fledgling section by e-mailing
                          me any nifty (yet useful) tips!


 2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]


|  D-Pad                      |  Access Inventory                            |
|  Left Analog Stick          |  Move                                        |
|  Right Analog Stick         |  Aim                                         |
|  Start                      |  Open Menu                                   |
|  Back                       |  Open Status Screen                          |
|  X Button                   |  Use                                         |
|  Y Button                   |  Select Weapon                               |
|  A Button                   |  Jump                                        |
|  B Button                   |  Reload                                      |
|  Right Trigger              |  Fire Gun                                    |
|  Left Trigger               |  Melee Attack                                |
|  Right Bumper               |  180-Degree Spin                             |
|  Left Bumper                |  Crouch                                      |


|  D-Pad                      |  N/A                                         |
|  Left Analog Stick          |  Move                                        |
|  Right Analog Stick         |  Aim                                         |
|  Start                      |  Open Menu                                   |
|  Back                       |  Open Status Screen                          |
|  X Button                   |  Move to Survivor Position (Ghost Mode)      |
|  Y Button                   |  N/A                                         |
|  A Button                   |  Jump                                        |
|  B Button                   |  N/A                                         |
|  Right Trigger              |  Primary Attack                              |
|  Left Trigger               |  Secondary Attack                            |
|  Right Bumper               |  180-Degree Spin                             |
|  Left Bumper                |  Crouch                                      |


 3] WALKTHROUGH                                                         [0300]

 NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the Normal difficulty.

This legend will help decipher the maps found in the walkthrough.

 A - Ammo
 W - Weapons
 F - First-Aid Kits or First-Aid Station
 R - Radio

 3.1] NO MERCY                                                          [0310]

             [ "Curing the infection... one bullet at a time." ]

 3.11] THE APARTMENTS                                                   [0311]

As you start the first level (keep in mind that it does not matter what 
character you choose to play as... it's all personal preference) on the roof 
of an apartment building, you are situated in front of a table filled with
some goods.

Use X to pick up a first-aid kit and one of two guns: an SMG or a shotgun. 
It's up to you which one you choose; if you feel confident shooting the 
Infected up close, then go with the shotgun. If you want to play it safe and 
pick off enemies from afar, stick with the SMG.

[ Tip: AI Director ]
The AI Director is a great feature in Left 4 Dead. Basically, there is no set
location for weapons, items, and even enemies; it varies for each and every
playthrough. While this is great for gamers, this implementation doesn't make
my job as a FAQer any easier. Basically, there is no way to point out where
to find weapons or items since it varies for everyone.

[ Tip: Gnarly Shortcut ]
Want to skip a nice portion of this level? Well you easily can. Instead of
travelling through the monster-infested apartment, you can jump right off the
roof without harm... you'll just need some handy footwork.

From your starting point, pick up the goods off of the table and turn around.
Jump onto the side of the roof and look down to see two AC units attached to
the side of the building below (across the alley). Aim your jump so you land
on them. Once there, drop down into the alley and let your friends do the
dirty work inside.

Remember that you can only hold one first-aid kit at a time. Since they are 
very rare, be very stingy with the one you've got. If you are playing with 
bots, let your allies heal you with theirs if you get hurt badly. About your 
weapons, also keep in mind that your pistols are weak, but have unlimited 
ammo. You may want to conserve your ammo by using your pistols at times.

When you are ready to make a move, open the door next to the table and descend 
the stairs. Watch out for any Infected lurking in the stairwell. Remember that 
these fiends aren't the slow-lumbering zombies seen in old horror flicks. If 
anyone has seen the 28 Days Later series, they'll know what is in store: 
incredibly quick, and surprisingly keen monsters that can overwhelm you in 
seconds if not careful.

[ Tip: Alternate Path ]
There is an alternate path leading into the apartment. You can destroy one of
the two skylights on the roof and drop down into the master bedroom below.
You'll usually find a few Infected in the room, so whether or not you want to
drop in on them is totally up to you.

As you enter the kitchen, dispatch of any Infected and keep your eyes peeled 
for any Special Infected, such as Hunters, Smokers, and Boomers. If you hear a 
dramatic change in the music, that may symbolize the arrival of the Horde. 
They like to burst through the wall in the room past the kitchen.

[ Tip: Strategy by James W. ]
"Firstly, as you know, closing doors behind you as you progress through levels 
is imperative. Additionally, if you can wedge yourself in a closet or tight 
space with a door during a crescendo event you'll likely take less damage. 
Couple this with melee and co-op for maximum success."

Pass by the stairs leading to the second floor and check the nearby rooms; 
they may hold pain pills or weapons such as molotov cocktails or pipe bombs. 
Once ready, head down to the second floor.

Proceed down the hall and check the adjacent rooms for any items or weapons. 
Usually a prompt will appear on the screen pointing you to the direction of 
any goodies. If nothing appears, the room is empty. As you approach a hole in 
the wall, jump through to reach another hole; this one is in the floor.

[ Tip: Holes ]
Holes usually symbolize an entrance to a lower level, but remember that once
you fall down, there is no getting back up. The same applies for the hole to
the first floor of the apartment. Stay on the edge of the hole and look down
to find any Infected. After picking them off (jump across the hole to get
another vantage point), drop down.

Once on the first floor, continue through the side rooms as you wipe out any 
Infected. The Horde will most likely appear down here sooner or later, 
breaking down a wall leading to the exit. You can either take the long way, or 
go through the broken wall and to the left.

Ah, we're outside! Unfortunately, it isn't much more pleasant in this stormy 
weather. There are still plenty of zombie butt to kick.

[ Tip: Smokers ]
Keep an eye out not only for common Infected, but Smokers as well. They love
to scale the roofs of buildings and attack from way above. Hunters can also
climb on walls like Spider-Man. You really have to watch out for Special
Infected outside since there are many more places for them to attack than in
the cramped halls of the apartment.

As you reach a small square area filled with some broken down vehicles, keep 
an eye out for goods; there is a second pistol waiting for you somewhere in 
the level. Check the storage room to the left to see if anything (or anyone) 
is waiting inside.

Using an explosive weapon such as a pipe bomb or a molotov cocktail in the 
alley is a great move, since you'll be able to hit everyone confined in such a 
narrow area. Follow the alley until you spill out into the main street. Clear 
out any Infected wandering around in front of you, then hug the right wall to 
find an open door.

Enter the building and explore inside. There is a first-aid station in the 
first room on the left, where you can find either pain pills or a first-aid 
pack. Also check the other rooms for weapons or Infected. 

There are two ways you can go from the streets. Of course, you can follow the 
street to your main destination, which seems like the obvious choice. If you 
want to branch off a little bit, head towards the eighteen-wheeler parked next 
to the metal fence.

Sneak between the truck and the fence to find a warehouse. Go inside; there 
are usually pain pills or hand-tossed weapons on top of some Infected. Going 
through the warehouse will eventually take you to the opposite side of the 
street. The choice is yours. I mean, it's not really that long of a path and 
you can easily take both. Small level. =/

There is a red car in front of the subway entrance that still have an active 
alarm system. As one of the survivors points out, don't set it off. If anyone 
touches or shoots it (even an Infected), the alarm will go off and attract the 
Horde. If you're playing smart, avoid it like the plague. If you are like me 
and want to have some fun, sound the alarm and deal with oncoming rush.

The safe house is right down the subway stairs. The path leading to it is 
usually safe, so you should have no trouble getting there. In fact, I like to 
sound the car alarm and get the Horde after me, then bolt down into the safe 
room. Once everyone is inside the safe house, close the door to end the level. 

 3.12] THE SUBWAY                                                       [0312]

Safe houses are filled with ammo, weapons, and other useful items. Stock up on 
ammo and items and switch out your main weapon if desired. Look through the 
door leading to the subway and pick off any nearby Infected through the hole.

Open the door up and shoot any Infected here and the floor below. Make sure 
not to fall down the hole. Like the hole in the apartments, try to pick off 
any visible Infected before actually dropping down and sealing your chances of 
returning shut. Waste as much ammo as you want, because you can always walk 
back into the safe house and grab more ammo.

Fall down into the hole and clear anyone else out of the area. A Smoker will 
most likely make his appearance above you, so listen for his trademark snarls 
and keep an eye on the scaffolding above. 

Enter the small corridor to the right of the stairs, where items are usually 
found. You can also drop down into an air duct, for whatever reason. You can 
use it for protection or to simply hide yourself from the Horde if they happen 
to appear.

Either go down the stairs or through the air duct to reach the Holly Street 
station. Take down the Infected here (there's usually a nice amount) and 
scrounge the area; items are sometimes held in the small booths on either side 
of the room.

[ Tip: Tables ]
There is a table here that will occasionally hold an ammo stash or upgraded
weapons. This is another situation where the AI Director will get the best of
you, so the table may be empty and the weapons somewhere else.

Once you are ready, go up one of the two escalators on the far side of the 
station and into the tunnel. Either go through the busted train or around it 
to move through the tunnel.

There are usually plenty of Infected here plus a Boomer or other Special 
Infected. Keep your distance and even hide in the train so that the Infected 
are reduced to forming a single-file line to reach you: just have someone get 
your back. Continue forward to reach another table. Again, there may or may 
not be weapons or ammo here. 

[ Tip: Alternate Path ]
To the right of the table is a caved-in stairwell. Approach it to find a neat
tunnel behind it. This tunnel provides as a (useless) alternate route and
doesn't cut much time out if you take this path. Plus, you may miss the table
entirely and possibly missing out on upgraded weapons or ammo. On the other
side, the tunnel provides a relatively safe way to move through the area.

At the fork, take a right and through the train cars. Defeat the Infected in 
here and through the other side. Again, there is a table that may hold weapons 
or ammo. The area on the right is, for the most part, empty (save for some 
Infected and the occasional pipe bomb/molotov cocktail).

At some point in this level, you will find a Tank (out of the countless times 
I have played this level, the Tank has appeared in all but two, so I suppose 
he doesn't ALWAYS show up). He will appear following a short rumbling noise 
and some intense earth shaking. I found that the Tank appears here the most 
often, but he has appeared in the earlier parts of the tunnel and even back in 
the Holly Street station.

The Tank is basically The Incredible Hulk on steroids. Yeah, he's that big. He 
has is surprisingly fast for his size and can knock you down with one arm. The 
Tank can also hurl large pieces of rubble at you, which will most likely kill 
you in one hit. Tanks tend to home in on one person. If you are lucky enough 
to not be that person, either hide like a pansy or attack with your most 
powerful weapon. Pipe bombs and molotov cocktails should be ruled out due to 
the Tank's constant movement.

[ Tip: Rescuing Survivors ]
Have you ever noticed the sheer amount of empty and seemingly useless side
rooms in this game? I thought they were totally useless at first, but I soon
corrected myself. If any of your teammates are killed in action, they will be
"resurrected" as an entirely different survivor and will be locked in one of
those random side rooms.

When this happens, track the survivor down and free them and add them to your
group. Oddly enough, this entirely new person looks identical to the survivor
that was killed in battle. Hmm.

Ascend the stairs and into another darkened area. Avoid the support beams and 
take out the Infected that lean on the walls and sit on the floor. Also, the 
last table is in this room, so this is the last possible point where the ammo 
or upgraded weapons may be.

At this point (if not earlier), you may hear the faint noise of a girl crying, 
followed by one of your teammates telling you to turn off your flashlight (Up 
on the D-Pad by the way). The crying indicates that a Witch is nearby, and you 
do NOT want to mess with her. If you see a Witch sobbing somewhere, totally 
ignore her or else you will die a gruesome death. Don't even bat an eyelash in 
her direction.

[ Tip: Strategy by Carl C. ]
"A point blank shotgun blast to the head of a witch will take it out in one 
hit regardless of difficulty.  Best bet is to walk up to her from behind which 
isn't too hard so long as you hold down the walk button, if there's infected 
nearby then use a pipebomb to lure them away.  When you hit her backside 
she'll look over her shoulder rise and take a swipe at you.  This takes about 
a second to do, during which time you have a chance to squeeze off a shot or 

If you are using a combat shottie and you miss that shot, start backpedalling 
and frantically firing shots at her general face region, she should drop 
before you empty your clip and without scoring a hit on you.  If you research 
the subject on youtube you will find a few howto videos on the subject of 
getting the CR0WND achievement in this fashion."

Head up the stairs towards the generator room. This is your last stand, so 
your goal is to simply survive this room. There are plenty of molotov 
cocktails at the front of the room, so grab any if you're out of hand-tossed 
weapons. There is also a minigun stationed to the right, which could come in 
handy. Behind the gun is another first-aid station containing health.

You have to flip the switch on the opposite side of the room to open the 
floodgates... both referring to the door and the oncoming rush of Infected 
that make their way to your position.

The minigun seems like the clear choice, but Infected will crawl out from the 
hole behind the gun and attack you from behind. Just keep moving and use your 
upgraded weapon (anything but the hunting rifle) to keep the enemies away from 
you. There are also two red gas canisters on either side of the opening door, 
which can be shot at to produce a wave of fire. You can pick up and throw 
these canisters, giving you some form of strategy when combating your foes.

The Horde may or may not show up (someone's bound to get coated in Boomer vile 
in a hectic place like this). Remember to use your first-aid kit or pain pills 
any time the coast is clear and hey, one of your teammates may heal you up if 
you're lucky too.

[ Tip: Strategy by Dybo ]
"There is an easy way to avoid a crescendo event in the generator room.  
First, clear the room of all infected.  Stock up on molotovs and pills from 
the tables and the minigun room.  Then, go up to the power box that you 
activate to open the steel shutter (and summon the horde).  Start smacking 
away.  I haven't done an actual count, but I'd guess 50 or so smacks should do.

Jump onto the power box (there's another box to the left that you have to jump 
on first).  You will go flying into the air.  If you hit the box enough, 
you'll make it to the ledge.  Be careful, though:  if you hit the box too 
much, you'll get launched into the ceiling, resulting in instant death."

[ Tip: Strategy by Carl C. ]
"Instead of dropping the gasoline outside of the windows in the minigun room, 
drop a single tank down the hole in the floor.  Hit the door, get someone on 
the minigun and then pop the tank of gas.  When the fire fizzles out follow up 
with another tank of gas or a molly.

Unlike the other strategy this allows for using that minigun so you can wrack 
up some credit for red mist.  It also allows you to block up an entire avenue 
of attack with less fire.  However the the infected have a more diffuse front 
to attack from but with a full team firing out of both windows and manning the 
minigun it should be easy.
Alternatively if your team is trying for speed and you have two gas tanks to 
play with, drop a tank of gas to the left and right of the door a distance 
enough out that shooting them won't touch the area immediately in front of the 
door.  Pop the door shoot the gas.

If you are good at placing it you can get a triangle of safe ground 
immediately in front of the door.  Everyone puts their back to the door as it 
rises and fires away at any incoming infected, paying special attention to 
special infected (don't want to get tongue dragged through the fire do we?)

As soon as the door is up high enough to crawl under it, slip through and haul 
ass for the ammo and gun room up above tossing a pipebomb if the infected 
manage to close into melee range before you reach it. Now slam the doors shut 
and pop off any infected that try to claw their way through."

[ Tip: Strategy by Adam B. ]
"In the generator room, a good strategy is to get everyon into the room the 
minigun is protecting, and to place the gasoline cans outside the windows. 
When the horde comes, shoot the cans and it will make a wall they can't get 
through. When the fire goes out use your molotovs. That way you only have to 
watch the hole in the floor."

Once the coast is clear, run up the stairs. Smokers and Hunters may emerge 
from the windows, so keep your ears open and your eyes peeled. The dark 
passage across from the stairs may hold some nice weapons or items. When you 
finally kill every damn one of them, enter the safe house to find ammo and 
another stash of upgraded weapons; if you wanna switch your weapon out, now is 
the time. The level doesn't end here like the demo did, so you must continue 
your quest.

Exit the safe house and down the hall. The side rooms may or may not contain 
goodies, so it's up to you to check them. If you have a hunting rifle, you can 
use it to snipe many Infected from the windows of the rooms. Either way, 
continue down the hall and down the stairs, eventually exiting the building.

There are plenty of Special Infected here. Like in the last level, Hunters and 
Smokers will be on the rooftops and scaling the sides of buildings. Continue 
down the street, killing Infected as you go.

There aren't many places to explore here aside from an alley that leads into a 
warehouse. This warehouse will take you into a small building and eventually 
leads to the opposite side of the street. It's a lot better fighting Infected 
in here than out in the open.

Just past a semi-truck is a red car that has an active alarm. Watch out for 
the alarm unless you want the Horde on your tail. I highly advise you to 
prevent the alarm from going off at all costs. There is almost always a Witch 
nearby, and accidentally startling her is the last thing you want to do.

Make your way into the pawn shop; the neon signs easily give its location
away. Quickly speed inside and cram yourself into the safe house to complete 
the level.

 3.13] THE SEWERS                                                       [0313]

Pack your stuff at the safe house and head on out. The area in front of you is 
a big square, so go either left or right. If you choose to go left, stray from 
the building and instead move around in a circle to make sure you've 
eliminated all threats. There is also a garage in the northeast corner that 
may hold some upgraded weapons or ammo.

Enter the building once the search is complete. You'll soon realize you're in 
a fast food joint. Mmmm. Go around the counter and shoot any Infected you come 
across. You may want to check behind the registers or in the bathroom for pain 
pills or hand-tossed weapons.

Once ready, empty out into the street and use the overturned cars as cover 
when fighting the Infected. Check the garage on the right for enemies and 

[ Tip: Exploring a Bit ]
It's pretty important to check your surroundings and do a little exploring
when in large areas (like the area that you're in right now). Look to the
right of the gas station to spot a few wooden cylinder... things that you can
jump on. Continue up onto a blue dumpster and through the window of the
building. You will usually find pipe bombs, molotov cocktails, and pain pills
inside. The rewards for wandering off...

If you want to witness an unnecessarily large explosion, you can destroy the 
gas station. If you want to cover up your secret knack for pyro, you can use a 
reasonable excuse, like "I did that to take down a few Infected". Back up and 
shoot the gas pumps to send the whole station crumbling to the ground.

[ Tip: Strategy by Dybo ]
"Firstly, I've got to say you've done a great job on your guide.  I have one 
hint for the No Mercy Sewers section:
Instead of activating the lift and summoning the Horde, it is possible to
break down one of the doors into the warehouse.  Beyond the lift and under the
roof is what seems to be a loading dock for trucks.  If you follow the loading
dock all the way back towards the fast food joint, there is a metal shutter in
front of you.  By smacking it, the Survivors can break it down.

All four survivors can destroy it before a Horde would show up for sitting
around for too long.  Just keep smacking.  Here's a brief diagram.  The door
to destroy is marked in X's:

   |            X                                                      |
   |            X_______________________________________               |
   |             |            |   S   |                              L |
   |_____________|            |   E   |                              I |
                              |   M   |                              F |
                              |   I   |                              T |

Hope that helps!"

Approach the lift to the left of the gas station (or what used to be the gas 
station) and press X to activate it. While you slowly ride the lift, you'll 
have to fend off the Horde that are stumbling down from the adjacent roof. 
Staying on the lift after it has stopped isn't such a great idea, so step off 
onto the roof and continue the fight there.

Your destination is the warehouse opposite the lift, so run across the roof 
and step onto the piping in front of the warehouse window. Break it and jump 
through. This also acts as another ledge to target Horde, but the Horde will 
rush in from behind you through a hole in the floor.

Once the Horde has been tamed, drop through the hole in the warehouse. Open 
the first-aid station on the wall for some pain pills or a first-aid kit, then
make your way down the hallway.

There are plenty of side rooms here that usually hold loads of items and 
weapons. The rooms on the right also allow you to look down on the storage 
room below. Throw a pipe bomb down one of the aisles to wipe out the Infected; 
there are most likely plenty more pipe bombs to get in here. After checking 
all the rooms, go down the stairs near the start of the hall to reach the 
storage room. 

Take down any stragglers inside and look around. I tended to find a Tank 
and/or the Horde down here just as I stepped foot in the room, so take it with 
a grain of salt if you will. Proceed to the far end of the room and exit. Take 
a right and follow the stairwell down into a room filled with large white 

There are two manholes in which Infected will crawl out from. If the Horde 
shows up, have two guard one hole and two guard the other. Drop down either 
manhole to enter the sewers.

[ Tip: The Sewers ]
The sewer is basically a giant labyrinth: not only are there many paths and
dead ends, there are small ducts that will lead you in and around the area. I
suggest following the main pathways to ensure where the heck you're going. The
passages aren't all that bad, though.

Keep in mind that small weapons may be lying inside the narrow tunnels as
well. Using these passages is a great way to get around enemies and quickly
flee from the Horde. Beware though, the Horde (even Boomers) can access these
tunnels as well.

The midpoint of the sewers is another supply room filled with something: might 
be some ammo, or it could be a measly pack of pain pills. Go through the duct 
on the side of the room and follow the main shaft to reach a ladder; one of 
your teammates will most likely point it out to you. If there are any enemies 
around, just quickly get your behind up that ladder.

You will surprisingly end up right next to the hospital. Clear out any 
Infected lurking around the parking lot and check the trucks and ambulances 
for weapons or first-aid kits. Run inside the hospital lobby and get inside 
the safe house to complete the level.

 3.14] THE HOSPITAL                                                     [0314]

Like always, stock up in the safe house before moving out. Step into the hall 
and take care of any Infected. To the left is an eventual dead end, so start 
to the right. At the end of the hall is the stairwell; if you want to search 
for items, then take the first right.

Once on the second floor, enter the cafeteria. Nine times out of ten, a Smoker 
is chillin' up on the ledge above the doorway. I'm just sayin'. The cafeteria 
is so big that you're bound to find some more Special Infected. Check the 
bathrooms for more Infected and weapons/items. Head up the stairs to the upper 
portion and proceed across the ledge.

The stairwell is to your right, but there are extra rooms beyond. It's up to 
you if you're desperate for equipment and such. There are plenty of rooms on 
the third floor to hide in or find stuff, but your main destination is the 
Nurse Station. Head there as the Horde most likely shows up (they always seem 
to appear when you're in large areas).

From the Nurse Station, read the ceiling signs and make your way to the 
elevator. Along the way, plug some Infected as you trudge down the hall. The 
hall is plenty big and there are loads of rooms. Make sure you have a pipe 
bomb or molotov cocktail as you reach the elevator.

Pick up some ammo in front of the elevator, then activate it. The Horde will 
rush in, but you shouldn't have much of a problem guarding a narrow hallway, 
right? Think again. Both walls on your sides will break down and Infected will 
charge in. Take one side and run through, taking them down. I found it easiest 
running in circles through the newly-made pathways.

[ Tip: Stay Together ]
It's always important to stay grouped, especially when fighting against the
Horde in a situation like this. If you manage to stray away from the group
and get incapacitated by an enemy, your friends will have a tough time coming
to your aid if they are dealing with countless Infected as well.

[ Tip: Strategy by Carl C. ]
"Follow the hallway straight ahead from the elevator and you will find a room 
with only one entrence.  It may not be a closet, but it isn't closed up versus 
gameplay.  You can hit the elevator and run for that room.

Hold off the infected until the elevator shows and then make a sprint for it 
but be careful especially in versus, you don't want a straggler to be dragged 
off by tall, dark and smokey."

[ Tip: Strategy by James W. ]
"Firstly, as you know, closing doors behind you as you progress through levels 
is imperative. Additionally, if you can wedge yourself in a closet or tight 
space with a door during a crescendo event you'll likely take less damage. 
Couple this with melee and co-op for maximum success. Let me explain with an 

During No Mercy, there's a crescendo event which requires you to call an 
elevator. I've found great success in a closet to the right of the elevator, 
in that room that looks under construction (you can see the dry wall). 

In co-op, get a buddy in there and kneeling when the elevator is summoned. 
Rush back there, kneel beside him and close the door.  Wait for the infected 
to start breaking through, then blast away.

When the door is completely destroyed, OR if you get vomited on by a Boomer, 
use the shove-n-shoot strategy: one of you spam the  L-trigger to melee them 
back, while the other blasts them. Simple as that! I rarely take much (if any) 
damage this way.  If  its just you and another human, don't hesitate to let 
your computer allies perish. They'll take several down for you first, and 
you'll always be able to revive them in a closet soon after.

This strategy is very effective throughout the whole game, but I find it most 
useful on crescendo events and even finales."

Enter the elevator once it opens and hit the button to activate it. The 
elevator ride is a safe one, so reload, heal, and try to relax. Once the door 
opens, step outside. Well we appear to be on an unfinished floor, so at least 
it's a nice change of scenery.

[ Tip: Strategy by Dybo ]
"On the unfinished floor after the elevator ride, you'll find several bars 
with wood beams across them.  Breaking the wood allows you to walk through the 
bars (they'll drop open a little to siginify this).  Not really useful, but it 
can give you an alternate route around a witch or tank."

Break open the vents to the right or left of the elevator for a nice hiding 
place. Ya know, if the Horde shows up or something *wink wink* Aanyways, 
explore the area; usually nothing special is here. Follow the perimeter of the 
floor to make your way through. It's kinda confusing since most of the area is 
caged in.

There is a sign on one of the support beams symbolizing a safe house nearby. 
You can find red gas cans and propane tanks all over the place, so definitely 
use them to wipe out large bands of Infected. The intended path is pretty easy 
to see because your friends tend to go the right way, but there are plenty of 
other tiny nooks and corners to get lost in.

The safe house isn't that far away, but there are also plenty of obstacles
that tend to get in your way. I've had a Tank show up here, and he can be a
real pain. If you spot a red gas can, use it on him. All I can really say is
survive and get the heck to the safe house.

 3.15] ROOFTOP FINALE                                                   [0315]

This level is a bit different than your regular "kill Infected and get to a 
safe place" level, so you will start off with upgraded weapons, first-aid 
kits, and hand-tossed weapons.

Once you have regrouped, exit and start up the spiral staircase. Check each 
and every room upstairs for Infected; make sure all enemies are killed here. 
If you wish, throw a pipe bomb in the middle of the hall to take care of most 
without any hassle. 

Three scenarios usually happen up here. Either you get attacked by the Horde, 
a Tank, or a Witch. I suggest clearing out this hallway and the shaft at the 
end of the hall. Before you climb up to the roof, return to the safe house and 
stock up on the necessities.

Return to the shaft and break open the vent if it hasn't been already. Climb 
up the ladders and onto the roof.

    - Rooftop Finale -     ___________________________
                         ,'          |       ___     |`.
                       ,'            |      |   |    |  `.
                     ,'              |      |   |_   |    |
     _______________|                |      |     |  |    |___________
    |    |                           |      |_____|  |           |    |
    |____|                           |               |           |____|
   /     ____________________________|__             |                |
  |     |     ___            |          |            |_____________    \
  |     |   ,'   |Helipad    |__________|        __________________|_   |
  |     | ,'     |/                             |    R  A     |      |  |
  |     | |      |____________                 /|__          F|      |  |
  |     | |      |______________         Minigun   |         W|      |  |
  |     | |______|    |    |    |                  |__________|______|  |
  |     |             |____|____|                   _______________|    |
   \     \___________      |_|__|     ___________  |                   /
    |    |           |                _____|_    | |                  |
    |____|           |____________   |     __|   | |              ____|
    |    |   Start   |            |  |    |  |   | |             |    |
    |____|___________|            |  |____|  |___| |      _______|____|
                      `.          |                |    ,'
                        `.        |________________|  ,'

Here's where the level truly begins. Look around the roof from your position
and take out any Infected you lay your eyes on. Do not worry about conserving
ammo, there is an ammo cache up here.

Clear out the entire rooftop, exploring the area and locating the areas where 
weapons and items are located (hand-tossed weapons, gas cans, etc.). After, 
head to the source of the annoying guy on the radio and answer his call. 
Inside the building is an ammo cache, weapons, and first-aid kits. Take 
everything you need until the radio responds.

[ Tip: "Finale" Levels ]
Remember those lame times in each level where you had to fend off the Horde
while your path opens up, whether it be an elevator opening or a bridge
lowering? Well, that's the basis of this entire level. You have to survive up
here on the hospital rooftop while an insane amount of Infected storm the
area. I'm talking multiple tanks, countless Special Infected, and more common
Infected than you can shake a stick at.

Before initiating a distress call, explore your surroundings. Get a feel for
the entire rooftop, in and out, because you'll be here for a while. There's a
minigun stationed on top of the building and the pipes and vents allow you to
reach some buildings from above. If you are playing with friends, actually
concoct a strategy before diving in headfirst. Thorough planning can draw the
line between life and a gruesome death. 

As soon as you respond to the radio a second time, the Infected will make 
their presence known. Quickly rush up to the roof and man the minigun (your 
friends should follow you if they're computers). Try to keep the Horde below 
at bay while your teammates shoot the ones that climb up the side of the 
building. If things get too hairy, abandon the gun and help out.

There are usually small periods of time where activity stops; kinda like the 
eye of a hurricane. Take this time to heal, regroup, reload, stock up on more 
ammo, find more hand-tossed weapons, and take your position. 

It's important to stay together, because you cannot afford to have anyone 
killed. If someone is being attacked by a Special Infected or incapacitated, 
abandon everything that you are doing and go to their aid. I found it easiest 
to stay on top of the radio building. Even the part above the minigun is best. 
I'm sure most of you watched Star Wars: Episode III. The high ground rocks 
everybody's socks!

For me, that strategy worked out the best. You're at the highest point on the 
rooftop, so there are no worries there. Right below was the minigun and the 
molotov cocktails/pipe bombs were on the building to the right; a simple trip 
across the metal piping and we're good to go.

Again, just keep cool and play it smart. After a three or four "waves" of 
enemies (which usually consists of two groups of the three main Special 
Infected, a buttload of common Infected, usually topped off with a Tank), the 
helicopter will show up.

Despite initial thought, this is where things are the worst. Make sure 
everybody is healed up, because this is the time where the Infected tend to 
divide and conquer. Even more Infected show up than the normal waves, and it's 
very easy to get totally overwhelmed.

Do not move from your position even when one of the survivors notes that the 
helicopter is here. Don't wait for it to "be here", only make a dash for it 
when you see it flying next to the helicopter pad. While it seems like now 
would be the proper time to make a mad dash, do not do that. 

Instead of dropping everything and make a beeline, slowly advance towards the 
helicopter while shooting anything that follows you. A Tank more than likely 
will show up as soon as your help appears. You can outrun a Tank, so it's up 
to you. If you're on your last legs, it may be better to opt out of combat. 
Use a pipe bomb to distract the Horde, THEN bolt towards the helicopter.

Jump onto the helicopter to end the level and the campaign. Out of the four 
finales, I actually think this one is the toughest. Not sure if the layout is 
too small, too cramped, or what. I just had a rough time with this level, even 
on Normal. The first time took me about five or six tries.

[ Tip: Strategy by Dybo ]
"Two ways to beat this finale very easily.

Firstly, hide in the saferoom.  Really.  Okay, it's not THAT simple.  Everyone 
has to get onto the roof BUT NOT JUMP DOWN.  There's no way back up.  Instead, 
send one unlucky person down to summon the rescue.  If everyone is on the 
roof, the rescue will come.  If someone is still in the elevator shaft, the 
guy on the other side of the radio will tell you to gather everyone first.

Anyways, once the rescue is summoned, make your way back to the safe room.  
Watch out for Special Infected!  There are always at least two, if not all 
three waiting at the bottom of the shaft.  Get to the saferoom, close the 
door, and have someone crouch in front of it.

That last bit is super important.  When the tank comes, he'll try to smash 
through the door, and he'll make it in, unless someone's crouching in front 
(this actually works with most all of the saferooms, the only exceptions being 
the ones with a long clear stretch in front of them).

Anyways, wait in the saferoom until someone yells "Chopper's here!"  Wait for 
one last tank, then head up.  You'll have to fight a tank somewhere along the 
way (they keep spawning...actually, if you want the man vs tank achievement, 
just stay in the saferoom until three tanks go for everybody!).  
You'll probobly lose a second person, but sacrifices must be made.
Secondly, hide in a certain small room.  All throughout the finale are small 
rooms.  However, there is one special one.  Looking towards the landing pad 
from the minigun, there is a taller building to your left.  On the left side, 
there are two rooms down below, and a metal staircase.  At the top of the 
stairs is a metal door that cannot be opened.  Or can it?!?  Actually, it can 
be, but it takes a lot of finess, or a lot of patience.

The simple (and long)  way to open the door is to smack it to bits, but this 
can take several minutes, even with all four survivors working at it.  The 
fancy way of opening it is luring an Infected up the stairs, and standing on 
the ledge above the door.  The Infected will claw at the door, breaking it 
down in about 30 seconds.

Anyways, once the door is open, get everyone inside, along the back wall.  
Have someone summon the rescue, and get back to the room.  Then wait.& nbsp; 
You'll hear the music and sound effects of a horde, but it won't appear.

When the tank spawns, he'll either despawn from being too far away, or will 
end up in the room under you (i.e. when the tank spawns, just wait.  If the 
music keeps going after about a minute, shoot through the floor to kill him).

The only thing to do is keep moving.  Jump, crouch/stand, look around, it 
doesn't matter.  But if you stand around for too long, you'll go Idle, and the 
AI will take over, royally screwing you over.  Once the rescue comes, head 
down the stairs, around the building, up the ramp and into the chopper, 
killing infected along the way.  Simple, and relatively painless."

[ Tip: Strategy by Drake L. ]
"(Note, this strategy is only for campaign and will not work as good on
Versus). First things first, stock up on ammo and health packs, then look
around and find two of the gas canisters (they'll either be in the radio room
or on the roof of the building across the pipe to the right when you go up the

Set one of them at the bottom of the ramp and set the other in the middle. Now
head to the radio and signal the helicopter. Next, run up the stairs and go up
the ladder to the roof, forward and to the left of the corner of the roof you
will see a pole sticking out. Go to it and slowly walk off the left edge and
land on top of the electrical box.

Now on single player your team will usually stay near the minigun, ignore
them, if they die they die. With friends have everyone go on the box. Now here
comes the fun part, the horde can not detect you, yep zombies will complety
ignore you. The only guys you have to worry about are the elite zombies, so
keep a look out below behind and on the roof for them.

When you hear the Tank just calm down and relax, so long as he didn't spawn to
the right of you he will completly ignore you and dissapear (but if he does
happen to see you simply dispatch of him and get back on the box).

Now simply repeat till the second Tank is gone and the heli arrives. When you
see it just pass you, jump onto the roof and run for the helipad. When you go
up the ramp turn around and shoot both of the gas canisters and throw a pipe
bomb to distract the infected. Now quickly get on the helicopter and you're
home free, congratulations! This strategy works perfectly on Expert."

[ Tip: Strategy by Darren C. ]
"In all levels but Dead Air - there are "pillboxes" that you can hide in. The
pillbox is the little one door room/closet, that significantly raises your
survival chances as it funnels the enemy one at a time and is totally secure
from all other 3 sides you are not facing. Coupled this with another friend
playing, you are unstoppable if one of you crouch at the base of the door
while your friend stands and shoots over you. With two assault rifles the
excessive horde rush at the end of the 3 levels are a piece of cake.

I've completed all the campaigns numerous times now and have found this 
strategy to be simple & extremely effective.

I've always let the other A.I controlled characters do their own thing,
typically they just sit outside in the middle near your pillbox.

I've always thought the minigun was basically a waste of time and never used
it once to finish the 3 campaigns.

In No Mercy, the "pillbox" is the closet door directly right of the ammo pile.
This is also handy as between lulls, you can easily collect ammo & set up
again in the closet. Once the heli arrives you just make a bee-line directly
straight to the heli."

[ Tip: Strategy by Matt S. ]
"After you get to the roof, stock up on ammo, health, mollies, etc. Then, hit
the radio. After this, head up to the roof of the building you're in (the one
with the minigun on top) and continue heading up on the roof of that.

Now, at the back, if you stand on the edge of the roof, you'll notice a very
small ledge you're able to get to... it just might take a few tries. So jump
on down there, and have your teamies do the same. once everyone is there,
crouch down, and you'll be safe from everything except special infected. Just
make sure to have a couple people on the look-out for them.

As for the tank, when he comes, he'll stay down at the very bottom of the
building, as he cannot climb up. So you have a few options... you can A)Shoot
the crap out of him (I got my Man vs Tank Achievement this way...just have one
person unload on him with the auto-shotty, while the others keep an eye out
for smokers/boomers/hunters) or B)you can always take a propane tank or 2 with
you, and place them at the bottom of the building, that way... when the tank
comes, pop off the propane, and he'll be hurting.

Just stay up there until someone finishes off the 2nd tank, and the chopper
will arrive. I'd also recommend keeping a pipe bomb or 2 for your escape. When
you hear the chopper has arrived, jump down, toss a pipe bomb away from you,
and, in the infamous words of Arnold, 'GET TO ZEE CHOPPA!!!!!!'"

[ Tip: Strategy by James W. ]
"Firstly, as you know, closing doors behind you as you progress through levels 
is imperative. Additionally, if you can wedge yourself in a closet or tight 
space with a door during a crescendo event you'll likely take less damage. 
Couple this with melee and co-op for maximum success."

Try this same strategy on the roof while awaiting the helicopter. Get in the 
stairwell in the room with the minigun. If you have four people, split up into 
two groups, just inside each door on top and bottom.

Between waves you can duck out and grab more ammo.  It's exceedingly difficult 
for the infected to make it into you. Tanks can get in there, but you'll be 
able to avoid them outside without much hassle."

[ Tip: Strategy by Frank S. ]
"I have an alt-strategy for No Mercy's finale.
You can easily defeat the Hordes by taking refuge in these 2 buildings to the 
left of the minigun building. They are small and have only one entrance. Grab 
health packs, molotovs/ pipe bombs, and a nice auto shotgun or M16 and pick 
one of the 2 rooms. Call for back-up and prepare for the horde. People in the 
front should crouch down and beat zombies back and shoot as the people in the 
back shot over their heads.
Once the scary music starts, leave the room, a Tank should be on his way to 
ruin your fun. Molotov and shotgun him. After he's dead-er, grab some ammo and 
make your way back to your room again. Once your chopper's there, distract the 
horde with a pipe bomb and make your way for the chopper...
There, easy survival..."

[ Tip: Strategy by TheOneTrueZen ]
"This can be used for infected,or to help survivors...Um...Survive. I've only
had it done once to me in single player,and in many versus games. See, on the
rooftop finale, directly across from the fire escape on No Mercy, a Smoker
will wait on the corner. When a player comes out, he will usually grab them
and drag them off the roof, resulting in an instant kill.

Warn players to watch for this, it is very deadly. On the other hand,it is a
great tactic for playing as infected. And,a method for the tank. Have 2
shotgunners, at lest one molotov (not necessary), and two SMGers/Assault
Riflers. Shotgunners crouch down in front, assault rifles stand in back, and
everyone let loose at the first sight of the Tank. Usually takes it down in
five to six seconds, with miniscule to no casulaties."

[ Tip: Strategy by Paul W. ]
"I have an excellent strategy to defeat the no mercy finale with taking little 
to no actual damage!!! First you wanna make sure you heal up and have full 
ammo, and make sure that atleast one person has a pipebomb. As soon as you 
radio in for help, immediately run out of that room and get all the way 
underneath the metal ramp that leads up to the helipad (you'll have to crouch 
to reach the back).

Once are here, all of the horde will funnel through the only entrance to you, 
and even if members of the horde are above you or just on the other side of 
the piping, they can't hit you. You must keep an eye out for smokers though. 
Once the tank arives, have everyone focus their fire on it to take it down 
quickly, as if you don't, he'll dominate your party. Then repeat for the 
second wave. 

Once you have defeated the second tank, someone will say that the helicopter 
is here. As soon as you hear that, run up to the helipad. Take your pipe bomb 
and throw it back down the ramp, this should keep the horde off of your back 
until the helicopter door opens. As soon as they do open, leap in to safety.

Just watch out for hunters and smokers, whoever makes it in the helicopter 
first turn around and cover the other survivors while they jump in. And there 
you have it, easy peasy lemon squeezy."

 3.2] DEATH TOLL                                                        [0320]

         [ "Hell came to Earth. These four are gonna send it back." ]

 3.21] THE TURNPIKE                                                     [0321]

The level starts you off at the epicenter of a large traffic collision. 
Luckily, there is ammo, first-aid kits, and weapons in the trunk of a car. 
Stock up and head down the highway. The Infected on the road are easy to spot, 
but some tend to wander in the woods on either side of the highway; scan the 
wooded area in order to avoid getting surprised.

The bridge up ahead is down, so you'll have to find an alternative way to get 
across. Head down the slope on either side of the road, keeping an eye out for 
any enemies. To the right and left are dead ends, so go straight ahead to the 
other side of the ravine (you'll probably fight the Horde here, so you may 
want to hurry outta here). There are two ladders leading up to the top, so 
climb one of them to get to the other side.

From here, navigate past the parked cars and enter the tunnel. Follow the 
tunnel until you spot an opening on the left. Go inside to find a fuel can. 
There is also a propane tank in an alcove opposite the opening. Use these to 
fight the Infected in the tunnel (there are usually nice amounts of 'em here).

There are a few groups of Special Infected lurking in the tunnel. Search in 
the small rooms and alcoves on the side of the tunnel to find valuable tools, 
such as fuel cans. Smokers tend to lie in the gaping hole in the ceiling, so 
scan the opening for any puffs of green smoke.

Once at the end of the tunnel, proceed through the door to the left. Follow 
the passage as it winds around and around. When you reach two doors, take the 
one directly in front of you to enter a side room (holding a propane tank). 
Grab it and use it in the next room, which tends to hold quite a few Infected.

There is a table filled with ammo on the lower section of this room. This 
large area tends to hold a lot of supplies as well: molotov cocktails, pipe 
bombs, pain pills, and fuel cans/propane tanks. Use all of the tools here in 
case the Hode decides to drop in.

Once ready to leave, head towards the opposite side of the room and exit into 
the wilderness. The forest here is another big open area filled with plenty of 
Infected. Luckily, there is a safe house just around the corner.

Walk through the opening in the fence and towards the building on the side. 
There isn't much point to explore the upper floor of the building unless 
you're desperate for supplies (in which it isn't definite that there are any 
up there), so enter the safe house.

 3.22] THE DRAINS                                                       [0322]

The table in front of you contains all the necessities. Head up the stairs and 
towards the exit of the safe house. Like always, bait the Infected on the 
other side by quickly opening and closing the door, then shooting them from 
the safety of the safe house.

Once the room is cleared out, exit the safe house and trudge through the nasty 
sewer water. The two drain pipes take you to the same place, so it doesn't 
particularly matter which one you go through. If it really matters to you, the 
central pipe takes you to the lower level of the shaft whereas the pipe on the 
right takes you to the top floor.

Once you make it to the shaft, head to the bottom floor to find an ammo cache 
and upgraded weapons. Seems pretty fitting that these are here, considering 
the Horde shows up moments later. Take an upgraded weapon, refill on ammo, and 
rip the Horde apart as they pour in from opposite sides of the shaft.

Move through the sewage and into a pipe leading into the floodgate room. I 
found myself encountering either a Witch or Tank in here, so see what happens. 
Your main goal is to lower a flootgate, which creates a bridge leading to the 
other side of the room. Climb up the ladder to access the controls. By now I'm 
sure you know that the Horde will show up, so prepare yourself.

There is a green table across from the controls that may hold ammo or weapons. 
I always manage to find two pipe bombs here, which virtually wipes out the 
entire Horde before they have a chance to reach me.

Once the bridge is formed, run across and open the door on the other side.
You'll find another green table and a first-aid station. Leave, go up the
stairs and into the drain pipe. Take either option at the fork, as they both
take you to the same room; a small square room riddled with thick support

You're bound to find a Tank or a Witch in here if you didn't in the floodgate 
room, so keep that in mind. Try to quickly climb up the ladder on the right 
side of the room if it's the former. Also note that there's another green 
table that may contain goods in the back of the room.

After climbing up the ladder, you will be in a small warehouse. The three main 
Special Infected are usually crammed in this room (the Smoker is on the upper 
level), so try not to get covered in Boomer bile. If the Horde shows up, cover 
all exits to try and eliminate them before they even enter the warehouse. Exit 
the warehouse via the door and climb out the window to exit the building.

[ Tip: Gnarly Shortcut ]
It makes sense to bypass the entire warehouse, since there is no need to fight 
Infected if you don't have to. We'll skip the entire room, hassle free.

While in the room with the support beams (where you most likely fought a 
Tank), ignore the ladder and go through the opening into the second half of 
the room. It's hard not to notice the giant hole in the ceiling; you can 
actually climb up the overturned stairs on the side of the hole. Ascend the 
stairs to reach the top of the hole, which is conveniently the room just past 
the warehouse. Now you can exit the windows and end up outside.

We're almost at the safe house! Round the corner and search the ground for any 
Infected. Check the doorway to the immediate left for hiding spots or weapons. 
Pipe bombs usually line the desk and you may find something useful in the 
bathrooms. Enter the building past the two cars. There's no need to descend 
the stairs considering the safe room is the caboose in front of you.

 3.23] THE CHURCH                                                       [0323]

From the safe house, exit into the train yard. The train cars provide some 
good cover for the Infected, so you'll need to search the side of every one to 
find all of them. Alternatively, chuck a pipe bomb to wipe most of them out. 
In the center of the train yard is a large tower. Climb up the spiraling 
staircase to reach the top, which almost always contains upgraded weapons.

To the right of the tower is a small building that may also hold weapons or 
items. Proceed to the far end of the train yard to reach the loading platform. 
Before climbing onto the walkway, check the building for anything of use: fuel 
cans or propane tanks are usually held here.

After, climb up onto the walkway and check the rooms to the left. There's a 
table in the far left room that may hold upgraded weapons/ammo. If the Horde 
shows up on the loading platform, check the rooms for propane tanks or fuel 
cans. Place them on the loading platform or the train on the far end, then 
light 'em to create a nice wall of fire. Watch out for Smokers on the roof.

Walk onto the train and drop down on the other side of the fence. Like in The 
Turnpike, watch for Infected hiding in the wooded areas as you travel down the 
road. Also keep an eye out for Smokers and Hunters; they always hide in the 
trees in an attempt to ambush a poor soul.

Don't worry if a Tank shows up on the road: this is one of the few situations 
where you have plenty of room in order to flee from the Tank. Simply put in 
reverse as you attack him and you shouldn't bump into anything. Pass the
flaming church bus and check the shed for supplies (a first-aid station). It's
not uncommon for one to get ambushed just after passing the bus. 

Continue down the road until your path is blocked by an overturned truck. 
You'll have to continue your journey through the one-story house on the right. 
Needless to say, you will have to fight your way through the house. Infected 
(and Smokers) will be positioned on the ridge to the right of the house. They 
usually drop down to surprise you while the latter spies on you from above.

Witches are usually stationed in or around the house. I often find her hiding 
in the shed, so keep that in mind. There's also a table in the shed which may 
contain ammo or other stuff. There's always ammo around here, whether it's in 
the shed or inside the house.

Enter the house and check the rooms to find tools to help aid you against the 
Horde. Fuel cans tend to be in the supply closet in the kitchen and you may 
find other weapons or items in the bedrooms. 

After fighting through the home, take the back exit. Continue down the strret 
towards an ambulance, which usually contains pain pills, a first-aid kit, 
and/or an oxygen tank. Since the road to Riverside is again cut off, we will 
have to take an alternate route through the *gulp*... cemetery...

The Infected stand next to the tombstones and will only move if they spot you, 
so they can be a bit hard to see. The small shack at the cemetery entrance is 
filled with fuel cans and molotov cocktails, so use them to clear out the 
Infected in the cemetery. When you approach the church, check the side room 
for some ammo and upgraded weapons.

The punk-ass inside the safe house won't let you inside. Stock up and prepare 
for the worst, then ask him to let you inside. He refuses and sounds the 
church bells, attracting far too many Infected for anyone's liking. The 
Infected come from virtually all angles, hopping over walls and hurdling 
fences at an astounding rate.

Prepare by taking one of the fuel cans near the sandbags out front and 
lighting it near the cemetery. Try to stay inside the chapel, since it's the 
largest area and gives you access to nearly every entry point. The Infected 
will more than likely tear down the wall in the ammo room, giving them another 
entryway, so refrain from hiding out in that room.

[ Tip: Strategy by Dybo ]
"At the end of the level, there's a very easy way to defend against the Horde.
Go outside, and head around the church (or, bust through the window, giving
yourself a way back to the saferoom).  You'll find a dead end by a window
(bust it open, it's easier than running around the church).  Get all of the
survivors back in that corner, talk to the door, and run back.

The Horde will come mostly from in front, though a few will try to jump on top 
of you (just have one person smack upwards to prevent any Infected getting a 
foothold).  Tada.  Easy as pie.  Now just run back to the safehouse and kill 
the special infected who's coming out of the door.  0.o  Guess he didn't have 
to worry about US..."

Once the Horde is no more, refuel and you'll soon notice that the door to the 
safe house is wide open. Dash inside before any Special Infected storm the 
church. Um, just where the heck did the guy inside go?

 3.24] THE TOWN                                                         [0324]

Climb the ladder and collect anything here you need, then leave. Drop down 
from the church roof into the courtyard. You may have to fight a Tank here, so 
keep that in the back of your mind. Move through the hole in the brick wall 
and kill any Infected nearby. To the right is the blockade, so go to the left 
instead. The back of the truck that's embedded in the wall is open, which 
usually contains a fuel can or propane tank inside.

Two buses have blocked off the street, so head into the parking lot of the 
Quik Buy. You can either hop over the sandbags to get on the other side of the 
street or go inside the convenience store. I'll go with the second option, 
since you can find a nice ammo cache inside.

Check the second room on the right for ammo and a weapon on the ground. The 
warehouse across from the Quik Buy is usually empty as well as the unnamed 
convenience store across the street, but it doesn't hurt to look.

Follow the street towards the homes and you'll come across even more Infected. 
Your next destination is the parking lot of the local florist; if you want, 
you can run back to the Quik Buy to refill on ammo.

The florist is on the left, so naturally, enter the buildings in the middle 
and on the right. You'll often find pipe bombs in one of the two, which as you 
know are great for dealing with the Horde.

Afterwards, enter the florist. It's a small shop, but it may hold some goods. 
Exit into the parking lot, where more Infected lie. Some like to wait out on 
the hotel ledge to the right. As always, explore the random buildings for 
weapons or items before moving out onto the street.

Enter the next parking lot on the right. Eliminate the baddies before entering 
the building on the far side. Collect the ammo just after entering, then exit. 
Note the sign on the side of the white van; good news. Jump onto the van, then 
up to the ledge and continue.

Clear out the office, then approach the windows. Take your sweet time sniping 
any and every Infected on the street below. Once you're ready to move on, drop 
onto the awning and see if you can find any more Infected to kill. It's best 
to take down as many as you can before dropping down to ground level.

Descend to the street and take down any survivors. Proceed to the far end to 
find a minigun and a forklift. You must activate the forklift to make a ramp. 
Well, now we know what the minigun is for.

If you're like me and always manage to find a Witch here, have no fear! If you 
are lucky and she is planted in front of the minigun, just gun her down (one 
shot is enough to kill her). If she is somewhere else... then you aren't as 
lucky. You're probably going to have to kill her if she isn't in a concealed 
area because you might accidentally spook her when fighting against the Horde 
that shows up.

Lower the forklift and get on the minigun. As the forklift crashes down onto a 
car, the alarm is set off. The Horde will drop down from the ledge beyond the 
forklift, so you should have no trouble taking down most of them with your 
minigun. Just watch out for Smokers and Hunters that appear from behind and 
take out your teammates.

[ Tip: Strategy by Zigg ]
"When you are moving through town, and you come to the horde event where you
lower the fork lift, it is possible to bypass this event completely, similar
to the tip above in No Mercy where you are able to smash down the warehouse
door in the Sewers level.

When you come to the point that you are ready to lower the forklift, and
therefore alerting the horde, DON'T!  Instead, go over to the minigun that is
in the street and begin to melee it.  I know it sounds strange, but when you
melee the minigun enough, you kind of charge it up into a catapult.  Don't
believe me?  Try it for yourself.

After you have hit the mini gun enough times, run from behind it and jump on
it.  If you have charged it enough ( you will know if you have) and you hit it
right, you will be catapulted over top of the barrier and land on the other
side, thereby completely avoiding the horde and able to continue trying to
survive. Great tactic for expert.

If you do it single player, eventually your bots will teleport beside you, so
no worries about leaving them behind."

Go up the ramp and onto the ledge, just to make sure everything is dead. There 
will probably be another group of Infected that decided to stay put, so stay 
on the awning and snipe them all. Fall down and search the building across 
from you for stuff. Head around the bus and make your way into the alley.

There's a possibility of a Tank attack in the alley, which can be very 
dangerous. As soon as you heard the rumbling, spill out into the main street. 
Attack the Tank as he tries to follow you and put it in reverse, even going 
back to the minigun if necessary.

Return to the alley if needed and follow it to the left. Hm, we have to 
somehow get around the fence in front of us. The staircase to the left will 
bring you to the upper portion of the alley. The steps leading down lead you 
to a big storage room, which may or may not contain valuables.

Go up the stairs to the second floor building and break out the windows. Jump 
onto the roof and use the wooden planks to cross onto the adjacent building. A 
Smoker likes to hide in this building, so either confront him or attack from 
the other building.

Jump through the window here and cross onto the next roof. Follow it as it 
winds around the fence, then fall down. The safe house is just down the alley, 
so get your butt inside before anything else tries to attack you!

 3.25] BOATHOUSE FINALE                                                 [0325]

Stock up and exit into the garage. Open the door to reach the street. This 
giant place will probably be filled with Infected, so if you need to return to 
the safe house for ammo, that's perfectly understandable. Go inside the house 
with the flaming oil drum nearby to find even more ammo!

Hold out here for a lil' bit as you kill any Infected in the backyard. If the 
Horde shows up, stay in the house and cover the entrances. Exit into the woods 
and keep your eyes peeled for Hunters and Smokers that love to hide in the 
concealed wooded areas. Also check the shack for any items.

Once you are ready to move on, continue to Riverside Park. Follow the dirt 
trail as it eventually takes you to a roofed-in area with several picnic 
benches. Just past this area is the boathouse, and to the left is a cabin in 
the middle of the woods.

                                     - Boathouse Finale -
                 |         |                              _______
                 |         |                             |       |
                 |         |                             |       |
                 |       __|                             |       |
                 |______|__|                             |_______|

                              |____  ____   | |
                              |-|       R|  | |          __,-------._
                              |-|       A|- | |      _,-'            `.
                              |-|       W|- | |_,---'            Rock  `-.
     __,-----.____            |         F|- | |                           `._
 _,-'         |  |`----.____,-|          |  | |                               
              |  |            |             | |       River                 
           ___|  |___         |____  ____|__| |                               
          |   Dock   |        |_______________|                               
The cabin is kinda hidden away from the rest of the map, but inside is ammo, 
first-aid kits, pain pills, molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs. While it's not 
a good idea to stay stationed out here when the Horde shows up, you may want 
to take a trip there or two to stock up on valuables.

Enter the boathouse and explore inside. This building also contains ammo, 
upgraded weapons, and first-aid kits. Answer the radio to let them know you're 
here. Like in the previous campaign, make sure to explore the area and know 
your surroundings before you summon a rescue. You want to plan everything out 
perfectly for when the Infected barge in.

Once you are ready, summon for help. Grab a fuel can (they're usually on the 
balcony on the top floor and throw it on the doorstep of the boathouse. As 
soon as you see the first Infected, torch it. Stay on the minigun and shoot 
the Horde down as they swarm down from the forest.

You'll be fine on the minigun for the first minute, but numbers will increase 
substantially and you'll have to ditch it to help your teammates. The Infected 
will not only climb up the side of the walls, but enter the house and burst 
onto the balcony from the windows. Not only that, but the wooden railings can 
be destroyed, giving the Infected more places to climb up.

After playing this level several times, it seems that the weapons and items 
were in the same relative spots every time. On the top floor of the boathouse, 
there were pipe bombs lying on top of a crate. There were also pipe bombs and 
molotov cocktails on the back end of the balcony. There were more molotov 
cocktails on the first floor porch.

I seemed to have a much easier time in this level than the Rooftop Finale. I 
found myself either staying on the top floor balcony (on the awning next to 
the minigun) or on the front porch of the boathouse. The front porch seemed to 
be the best choice because the ammo, first-aid kits, and hand-tossed weapons 
were only a short reach away.

It's best to always have a hand-tossed weapon and an assault rifle with you at 
all times. If your partners are getting surrounded by Infected, toss a pipe 
bomb in a distant place to lower the body count. If a Tank shows up, quickly 
run through the house and onto the back porch to grab a molotov cocktail 

Speaking of Tanks, they are much easier to deal with than the Rooftop Finale. 
You have much, MUCH more room here than on a roof of some building, so you 
should have no trouble dealing with them (I usually only fought two). 

Also listen for the Smokers and Hunters that like to keep to themselves. It is 
very important to stay together and very important to help each other out if 
attacked by a Special Infected. This finale mission also gives you very brief 
intervals to regroup and heal, so no one should be left behind.

After several minutes, the boat will show up on the nearby dock. The dock is 
to the right of the boathouse (facing the boathouse) and is only a few steps 
away. As soon as you hear the boat, grab either a fuel can or molotov cocktail 
and run to the dock. Once on the dock, use either item to ignite the dock, 
preventing most enemies from reaching you.

[ Tip: Strategy by Deathbring666er ]
"DomZ Ninja I was reading your walkthrough on and I have a 
strategy for Death Toll Finale that is flawless for any difficulty including 
Expert. You might know it from playing with different people online, but when 
you get to the Boathouse get all of your supplies (have everyone grab a pipe 
bomb) and go out the back of the Boathouse and to your right should be the 

In front of you should be the city in the distance and to your left should be 
some rocks, well go left till you see a medium sized rock out in the middle of 
the sea that you can jump on (it may take you a couple tries to get on) but if 
you get on it after you call for rescue almost all of the zombies will 
completely ignore you and die but there may be a few that come to you but they 
can't reach you.

Also watch out for Smokers cause they can still get you like on the Dead Air 
Finale glitch, but the Tanks will completely ignore you and die. This will 
only work if the ONLY THINGS YOU SHOOT are the zombies that are coming to the 
rock and the Smokers that are trying to pull you or your teammates off.

Once the second Tank dies and you see the boat start to turn to go towards the 
dock, have one person throw their pipe bomb and then everyone run to the docks 
and once one pipe bomb goes off throw another. I have gotten the Untouchables 
achievement on Expert by doing this so I guarantee this strategy works."

Note to readers: I have marked the rock on the map of the Boathouse Finale.

[ Tip: Strategy by Carl C. ]
"Get out on that dock where the ship comes in on.  Now the infected only have 
one avenue of attack.  Some infected will try to run in from along the water, 
but they will have to crawl up the side of the pier and they are easy targets 
when doing so, especially to a hunting rifle.

Make sure you have plenty of ammo and be ready to dash to the house for a 
refuel.  You can buy yourself some time on a refuel run by tossing your 
pipebomb.  The plus side of holding out here is you are in perfect position to 
hop on the boat.  On the minus side, you are totally open to smokers."

[ Tip: Strategy by Darren C. ]
"In all levels but Dead Air - there are "pillboxes" that you can hide in. The
pillbox is the little one door room/closet, that significantly raises your
survival chances as it funnels the enemy one at a time and is totally secure
from all other 3 sides you are not facing. Coupled this with another friend
playing, you are unstoppable if one of you crouch at the base of the door
while your friend stands and shoots over you. With two assault rifles the
excessive horde rush at the end of the 3 levels are a piece of cake.

I've completed all the campaigns numerous times now and have found this 
strategy to be simple & extremely effective.

I've always let the other A.I controlled characters do their own thing,
typically they just sit outside in the middle near your pillbox.

I've always thought the minigun was basically a waste of time and never used
it once to finish the 3 campaigns.

In Death Toll - there are two "pillboxes" - the two closets on the ground
floor of the boat house before the back door - this can be brilliant if you
have one friend in one pillbox/closet, and you in the opposite one, you can
both cover each other, and/or one can cover the front door and one the back.
Also, again, you are right next to the ammo pile and the back door for that
quick getaway to the boat for rescue."

 3.3] DEAD AIR                                                          [0330]

              [ "Their flight just got delayed. Permanently." ]

 3.31] THE GREENHOUSE                                                   [0331]

Heh, looks like the airport is still somewhat in tact. Grab the stuff to go 
and climb up on the dirt mount to the left. Toss a molotov cocktail or two 
down on the greenhouse below to take care of the Infected. Grab another one 
back at the bench and climb down the stairs to the room. Go through the 
greenhouse until you end up on the roof.

This roof connect with one of an adjacent building via a wooden plank. The 
Horde will try and rush onto your roof from the other one, either by jumping 
across or using the plank. Make sure not to fall off the roof when fending off 

Cross over to the second building once the fuss has died down. Drop into the 
open apartment window to the left and check the rooms for pain pills or 
weapons. You're bound to find a Hunter or Boomer in the apartment. After 
searching through the home, jump onto the gray rooftop. Kill any enemies here 
and then climb up the ladder onto another roof.

Man, this level really should have been called "The Rooftops". Walk to the 
opposite end of the roof and drop down to a small ledge. From here, enter the 
next apartment building. Hey, maybe it should have been called "The Apartme-- 
oh wait. Nevermind.

Since the Horde likes to show up in this apartment, hide in one of the 
bathrooms. Or you can refrain from being a coward and kill them all. I prefer 
the former. This apartment usually contains a second pistol, whether it be in 
the living room or the kitchen below.

From the kitchen, look out the window. The parked big rig makes for a nice 
platform, so leap onto it. Scan the street below: the red car has an active 
alarm. Do not touch it by any means, and try to prevent enemies from touching 
it simply by staying the heck away from that dang car.

Check the building next to the parked big rig for some stuff; there may be
something useful inside. Next, proceed into the Harbor View Hotel. The safe
room is right in front of you, so... have some fun and shoot the red car to
set off the alarm, then close the door just before the Infected rush in. :)

Dang, what a short level.

 3.32] THE CRANE                                                        [0332]

From the kitchen safe house, go to the left to reach a fence and a large dirt 
mound. Kill any Infected here and also the ones on the other side of the 
fence. Climb up the pile of dirt, then leap over the fence.

The yellow ladder on the left seems out of reach, but you can use the 
cardboard boxes as step stools to reach it. Climb up to the ladder, then 
ascend it to the staircase on the side of the apartment building. Keep going 
until a blockade seals off the stairs. Luckily, we can jump into a nearby 
hotel window and continue from there.

The identical hotels may hold a second pistol or other weapons, so check each 
of them as you move down the hallway. Once at the end, take the stairs on the 
right up to the second floor. The room on the left is generally empty and the 
room straight ahead is where you'll want to go.

It's not uncommon to encounter a Tank near here. He tends to stay on the roof 
outside but may make his way into the cramped hotel room. If one appears here, 
quickly exit onto the roof to obtain some more fighting room. Or you can be a 
pansy and hide in the bedroom of the hotel.

Jump onto the roof and destroy any Infected crawling around. You will have to 
operate the nearby crane to create a path. Once you start the controls, the 
Horde will arrive in a quick fashion. Use the two fuel cans on the crate next 
to the crane to make shields. The Horde come from inside the hotel and on the 
rooftops, so position both fuel cans in the appropriate areas.

[ Tip: Strategy by Dybo ]
"There are two glitches that make this level very short.

First, it is possible to skip the crane.  Over by the box with the gas cans, 
you'll see an A/C cooling tower (it's impossible to miss).  Jump onto that, 
then jump onto the fence.  Follow the fence around to the gap in the buildings 
(the jump across the two fences is the only hard part).

On the wall of the building, you'll see a gray power box.  Get a running jump 
onto that box, then jump (carefully!) onto the pipes next to it, then jump 
onto the roof.  It will take a couple of trys to master  (it's possible to 
jump straight onto the building, but that is much more difficult).

The second glitch comes right after the first.  Once you're across, you can 
look over the far edge and see where you have to go.  There is a way to get 
down, bypassing the rest of the level.  There's a large tree right next to the 
building.  Jump down onto it (aim for the trunk, no t he branches).  Then jump 
to the ground.  Run to the safehouse.  Congrats, you just skipped nearly half 
the level."

[ Tip: Strategy by Adam B. ]
"In the Dead Air campaign on the Crane level, a good idea for the crane is to 
put one gasoline tank right against the fences and shoot them when the hord 
climbs over. To avoid getting burned, just have everyone crowd into the crane 
with the two people in front crouching. Unless you get caught by a smoker and 
your allies are jerks, you should come out of this one with no damage 

Sometimes the AI Director likes to place a Witch right in front of your path. 
More specifically, you may find one huddled on the rooftop where you're 
heading. She may be so close to the crane arm that you won't be able to get 
past without startling her. In this case, it may be best to kill her.

[ Tip: Helping your Teammates Up ]
Face the fact; the AI for the remaining survivors aren't the brightest in the 
world. They tend to have large difficulty performing the most basic of tasks, 
such as crossing a wooden beam from one roof to another. If one slips, they 
will need help getting up. If this happens, you're more than likely the one 
that'll have to rescue them due to the fact that your partners may easily fall 
while trying to help the unlucky person out.

Cross the rooftops until you reach an office building. Go through either 
window and continue to the main office, which is straight ahead if you follow 
the hall. Pass by the front desk and into the main office. There are usually 
molotov cocktails on the dresser to the right and you may find upgraded 
weapons or ammo on the desk.

Head across the wooden planks placed outside the window to the next office 
building. Open the first-aid station here for some healing items and check the 
steel racks of the room for ammo caches. As you move down the staircase, watch 
out for Boomers or Hunters that may be going the other way.

I tend to find both a Tank and a Witch on the third floor of the office. This 
can be an annoyance since there isn't much space here between the cubicles. 
You may have to take the fight back up the stairwell if you do find a Tank on 
this floor.

The cubicles also provide decent cover for the Infected, so you'll have to 
peek in each one to clear the floor out. Like always, explore the rooms before 
heading towards the green exit sign. Continue to the second floor, which is 
more or less identical to the previous floor. 

Like the third floor, sneak through the cubicles and rooms before making your 
way to the opposite end. The first floor is your final stop before exiting 
outside, so check the rooms here and kill any Infected hiding in the side 
rooms. Exit the building through the front door onto the street. If you did 
not fight a Tank earlier in this office building, there's a high chance that 
it will happen out here.

[ Tip: Alternate Path ]
Instead of heading out the front door, you can follow the green exit sign into 
a stairwell. This leads out to the alley, which wraps around the back of the 
office and eventually spills out into the street. I can't really see any 
reason one would want to take this path (since it's longer than just exiting 
out the front), but I suppose there's a chance of fighting less Infected here.

The street is inhabited with a fair amount of Infected (the Horde tends to 
show up here sooner or later to make matters worse). Again, watch out for that 
dang red car with the alarm, which is to the left of the office building you 
came out of.

Watch out for Smokers on the other side of the fence and the other Special 
Infected; they always seem to be in the least imaginable spot. If you want to 
ignore all enemies and risk things, you can hurry into the Self Storage 
building: there is a safe house in the back of the building. 

 3.33] THE CONSTRUCTION SITE                                            [0333]

There's no need to climb up the ladder to the top of the safe house, so leave 
and head to the left. The alley is shaped like a square and the exit is to 
your left, so there's really no need to go the long way. Continue to the 
construction site. The construction site is very large, and there are plenty 
of places to fight against the eventual wave of Horde or a possible Tank 

Climbing up the ladder or the other random rubble will bring you to the large 
central tower. You can usually find a few pipe bombs or molotov cocktails up 
here. Walk across the wooden beam into the unfinished building, which contains 
a few fuel cans.

Your goal is to destroy a barricade in the far corner of the construction 
site. Once it's destroyed, the Horde will arrive. The barricade can be seen 
from the top of the unfinished building, so head up there and get a good eye 
on the barricade. Shoot the fuel cans at the base to destroy it.

As the Horde rushes in, use the fuel cans by dropping them to the ground and 
shooting them to coat the ground in fire. The building gives you a bird's eye 
view on many sides of the construction site, which proves to be very useful 
when the Infected show up. The main problem about this standoff are Smokers. 
They tend to appear from below and pull you off of the high ground.

[ Tip: Strategy by re4addict ]
"How to get past the barrier in the construction site in Dead Air without 
alerting the Horde.
This is very tricky at first, but after a good dozen tries, you might get it. 
There is a very small set of stairs directly in front of the barrier and those 
gas cans. Accompanying these stairs is a railing.

Jump on this railing and turn to face the barrier. On the brick wall to your 
right, there is some sort of electrician's access box. It's about as tall as 
your character is, and extends from about the end of the railing almost all 
the way over the the barricade. It just out from the wall a few inches, if you 
still haven't seen it.

Make a running leap from the railing (run almost to the beginning of the 
downwards slope and jump from there.) onto this box. Then run to the end of 
the box and leap from it to the barricade. With either luck or timing earned 
from retrying many, many times, you will end up on TOP of the barricade and 
that leaves you able to simply hop down to the other side. Needless to say, 
this is a lifesaver on Expert.

A word of caution though: Obviously, your computer-controlled teammates will 
be unable to do this. You're going to either have to kill them and save them 
later, ditch them and leave them to die eventually at the hands of a Hunter or 
Smoker, or  take the hard way out and blow the gas cans.

Also, the last player to jump over is COMPLETELY at the mercy of any Hunter or 
Smoker that manages to nab him or her, the reason for this being that, once 
over, you cannot get back on top quickly enough to save them unless they save 
themselves before getting pounced or snagged. Unless of course, you're 
equipped with a hunting rifle, in which case you can simply fire through the 

Be warned that the construction site is prime territory for Smokers. If you 
wait too long, one WILL show up."

[ Tip: Strategy by Deathbring666er ]
"Once you get to the Construction Site of the Dead Air level there is a way to 
skip the barricade. Once you exit the safe house make your way to the 
barricade. When you get to the barricade, look behind you and there should be 
2 dumpsters to your left up a little bit and a roll up garage door to your 
right and electrical boxes to your immediate right.

Well get on the white railing that is right by the dumpsters and try to run 
and jump on to the electrical boxes that are to the left. It takes numerous 
times to get it, but what you  do is stand on the rail but move a little to 
the left enough where it could make a difference but not allowing you to fall 
and then try to jump on the boxes.

Once you get on the boxes run and jump on the last electrical box toward the 
barricade and you will jump across the whole barricade therefore skipping the 
horde and saving you health. This really is only recommended for Expert but 
you can use it on any other difficulties if you want."

Once everything has calmed down, head through the opening and refuel at the 
ammo cache in the corner of the alley. Also check the open door on the right 
for some weapons or items. As you exit out onto the street, look around for 
any Infected and shoot 'em down. Watch for Hunters that lurk in the dark 
corners and Smokers that attack from above.

Enter the electrical station across the street. Ignore all the warning signs 
since you won't get shocked if you touch any of the pistons or various 
machinery. Maneuver through the area and walk down the ailes, looking around 
for Infected, such as a Hunter or Smoker that hides behind these cylindrical 

The storage room on the right side of the electrical station (as soon as you 
enter) tends to hold a few weapons or pain pills. Stay on the right side of 
the station as it opens up to the right; the opposite end is sealed in and 
holds nothing of importance. Once the area opens up to the right, enter the 
room inside.

Pass by the forklift and white tanks as you enter the next room. Check the 
first-aid station for any kits and continue through the building. Follow the 
doorway into the lit room; look behind you in the bathrooms for any goodies.

Use the hole in the wall as an exit out into the terminal, where you may 
encounter a Tank. If you haven't encountered one in the entrance of the 
station, you might find one here. The tight corners of the building makes it a 
perfect place for an ambush.

The terminal is very large, making it a great home for an Infected army. The 
Horde may show up once or twice, or a Witch may be around here; anything's 
possible in this game. The terrain is very rocky and sometimes it can be a bit 
difficult to maneuver with all the rubble and various objects lying around.

It's also difficult to find hand-tossed weapons or pain pills in the terminal 
since there are no rooms to enter; they may just be lying on the ground or on 
top of a crate. Look for the blue outlines.

Smokers are particularly annoying here, since they always appear on the flat 
white roof of the terminal. When you hear their raspy voice, immediately look 
up before you get snagged. Hunters can also use their tiny frame to hide 
behind downed suitcases and rocks. Boomers... eh, they're pretty easy to spot.

That dang red car is parked right in front of the parking garage. It's the 
only car in sight, so avoid it like the plague and enter the garage.

Circle around the parking garage to reach the ramp leading to the second 
floor. Pass by the ramp and you may find some valuables at the dead end. If 
not, continue to the next floor. This floor is the same as the previous floor: 
various cars lying in unorthadox positions, Infected lurking in the dark parts 
of the garage, and possible pipe bombs and molotov cocktails lying about.

In a stroke of bad luck, I was attacked by the Horde and a Tank on this floor 
simultaneously. While this probably won't happen to you, keep in mind that one 
of the two is bound to appear on the second floor of the parking garage. The 
Tank can knock the cars around with ease, so pray that one doesn't whack you 
in the head.

Go up the steps and run across the walkway. The safe house is just on the 
other end of the bridge, so take out any last Infected (or Special Infected) 
on the bridge and hurry into the safe house. Phew!

 3.34] THE TERMINAL                                                     [0334]

Leave the safe house and look at the bottom of the terminal. If there's a nice 
size group of Infected and you happen to have a pipe bomb on you, let it rip. 
Otherwise, snipe them from the glass railing. If you hear the familiar tune 
symbolizing the arrival of the Horde, head to the right side of the balcony. 
Shut the double doors and shoot a hole in one of them. The Horde will run from 
the bottom of the terminal all the way to the other side of the door, so pick 
them off through the hole and laugh at their inability to open a door.

Once the coast is clear, open the door and walk across the line of corpses. 
Check the big board rooms and other areas for pipe bombs or pain pills, 
eventually following the corridor to the other side of the terminal.

Pray that the possibility of a Witch being down here is low, because you're 
gonna have to kill her if so. Then again, it seems that the game tends to give 
you either Witches or Tanks at certain points of the game. If there's no Witch 
in the terminal, you might have your hands full with a Tank instead. I still 
don't know how the whole AI Director thing works out.

After heading down the nearby escalator, take out any stragglers and head 
towards the van. After starting this bad boy up, the Horde will crash down 
into the terminal. You shouldn't have much trouble here since you can cover 
pretty much all angles of attack. Use a molotov cocktail or one of the fuel 
cans upstairs to seal off the escalators, then pick off the Infected that fall 
down from the balcony.

The van conveniently crashed through the steel grating on the far side of the 
terminal, so head through. You may find some ammo on the ground near the check-
in area. Since all other areas are sealed off, the only other option is to 
crawl through the luggage conveyor belt.

Frankly, the baggage luggage belt can get a little confusing. Unless you need 
to search areas for weapons or pain pills, stay on the black and blue conveyor 
belts. Following the conveyor belt will lead you to a door into the main 
lobby. Use any hand-tossed weapons to help kill the many Infected here.

Search the lobby for a large Atlas statue; you will find hand-tossed weapons, 
upgraded weapons, and ammo on its base. Before proceeding up the stairs on the 
far side of the lobby, take some time to look through the restaurant or the 
Duty Free store.

Go up the escalator next to the store and look outside to see what a mess the 
runway is. Continue along the gates, where you may find a Witch or a Tank (I 
tend to find the former). As always, refrain from disturbing her unless she 
happens to be placed right in the middle of a spot you need to cross or reach. 
Also search the various coffee shops, bars, and other stands on the left side 
for valuables.

Gate B2, which happens to be a safe house, is just past the random unnamed 
shop. There is no need to enter the smoking area or continue down the path 
since the safe house is in your sight. Plus, we wouldn't want the Horde to 
show up here, now would we?

 3.35] RUNWAY FINALE                                                    [0335]

     - Runway Finale -              _,-----._             ,' /
                                  .'         `._,--.____,'  /
                              _,-'              \    `.'   /`-._
                           ,-'                  /`-.       `-._ `.
                        ,-'                 C-130  /   ,'`-._  `-.'|
                    _,-'                 _,-._    /  ,'      `-._  /.
             ___,--'            /`-.   ,'     `-./_,'           /,'  `.
          ,-'                  /   /   './`-.    \ A W                 \
        ,'                     `-./     / / /  ,-'  F/`.                |
       /                                `._/._/     /  /                |
      |                 /`-. |`--.                R/  /                  \
      |/                \   \|   |          ,|  \  `./                   /
      /  /       _,-.    `._/|   |________,' | Minigun  ,'.              \
     /  /     ,-'   |        |   |      _____ \         `. `.             |
    /  /      `._,--'   ,'/\ |   |________    /           `. `.           |
   /  /    /`.         / / / |   |        `. |              `.'`.        /
  /`./    /  |    _,-'/ / /  |   |          `|                `.'        `.
 /  /     \_,'   `.__/ / /`. |   |                                         `.
  \                                                |     |
 Start                                             |_____|

We're up to another finale already! Stock up on the goods, then head out onto 
the runway. The runway is a very wide open area, much bigger than the previous 
two finales, so you may have to cover a bit more ground to ensure that all 
Infected have been eliminated. As you drop down to the runway, you'll see an 
explosive scene of an airplane crashing right in front of you. 

Scale the broken airplane pieces and rubble as you try and take down all 
Infected. Approach the center of the runway, where you will find a large 
crater and a fuel tanker truck. Use the radio found on the corpse in front of 
the tanker truck to respond to the distress call.

Search the runway and make a plan of attack before the Horde shows up. There 
is a minigun right next to the tanker truck, as well as several crates filled 
with ammo, first-aid kits, and hand-tossed weapons. You should also be able to 
find a few propane tanks and fuel cans clumped nearby.

You can go with either an assault rifle or an auto shotgun in this situation. 
There is no "high ground", so you'll probably be standing next to the tanker 
truck the majority of the time. Since Infected will be getting in your face 
non-stop, the shotgun isn't such a terrible idea. Try to even out the weapon 
distribution among your team.

Turn on the fuel pump, which pumps gas into the nearby cargo plane. Man the 
minigun and wait for the Horde assault. Most of the Infected will come in 
front and fall down into the crater, where you can subsequently pick them off 
with your gun. Others will come from the side and back of the tanker truck. If 
your teammates fail to protect you, abandon the gun and help them out.

I found a rather easy way of taking out a Tank here. Aside from using the 
minigun or fuel cans to set the mother on fire, head past the minigun and 
towards the crashed airplane on the left of the minigun (your back against the 
tanker truck). Nearby is a staircase leading up to one of the gates.

From here, you can egg on the Tank while he tries to climb up the narrow 
staircase. Once he reaches the top of the stairs and onto the gate, drop down 
the side of the gate to land at the base of the stairs. Just kinda run in 
circles while shooting him and you should go relatively unscathed.

This finale mission is a bit shorter than the other two, which is definitely
understandable considering the rather lame layout of the level. You shouldn't 
run out of hand-tossed weapons because it isn't that difficult to hold the 
Infected off. Like always, there are small gaps when the common Infected stop. 
When this happens, look out for the Special Infected, especially Smokers. I 
think we've already deduced that they are by far the most annoying Infected.

When the pilot informs you that the fueling stage is complete, don't bolt to 
the plane just yet. Still hold off the Infected and wait a few moments until 
the ramp is lowered. Once it has, fend off the Infected with a pipe bomb or 
molotov cocktail and check that all of your teammates are by your side. Once 
they are, make your way into the cargo plane to finish the mission.

[ Tip: Strategy by Chris T. ]
"I was reading the Dead Air finale guide and have found a glitch that will
almost ensure survival.  It works best in 3-4 person co-op (do not attempt in
Arm two of your teamates with Assault rifles, one with Hunting rifle, and the
unlucky one with an Auto-shotty.  Move along normally to the fuel-truck,
killing as many zombies as you can see.  Answer the radio but do not activate
the pump.  Make sure EVERYONE has full ammo.

Here's where it gets tricky.  Start meleeing the mini-gun.  After you hit it
maybe 10 or so times, jump on top of it.  You should be launched horizontally
north towards the C-130.  The more you hit it, the farther you will be
launched.  Test it every 10 hits.  After a while, you will be launched
vertically.  With this, it is possible to get on top of the port wing of the
plane!  Now no (almost) infected can touch you! Don't melee the mini-gun too
much, or you will be launched so high you will die.

Have the two AR teamates and the Hunting teamate get on top while the unlucky 
shotty guy stays behind.  There are two ways to try this: One, have the shotty 
guy activated the pump and hide in the corner below the starboard wing of the 
plane and have all the other teamates guard him, or activate the pump and have
him try and lauch himself up.

One up, have fun. Be EXTREMELY careful of smokers, as they can still attack 
you.  No other infected peeps can harm you now.  Hunters may be able to 
attack, but this is yet to be proven.  Blast away all zombies and try and 
molotov the Tank.  When the fuel pumping is done, toss a pipe bomb away from 
the plane and get aboard.  Easy as that."

[ Tip: Strategy by Chris Y. ]
"I was looking through your guide tonight and I have actually found a nice and 
easy way to beat the Dead Air Finale. I have played this scenario many times 
and I found a strategy that is so simple and easy, that no one in my party 
online took any serious damage on the Expert difficulty.

Once you clear out the Infected that are lingering about, there is a small 
double door closet room to the north of the fuel tanker with the call-in 
radio. We set three people in this small room (Keep in mind that I was playing 
online with some of my friends) and set fuel containers and propane tanks out 
front while one person called the radio and switched the fuel pump on. This 
person then made a mad dash and made it back to the double door closet before 
any Infected even came.

We kept two people armed with the Assault Rifles for the far away Infected and 
two people with Auto Shotties for any Infected that came close. When the 
Infected were far away, the Shotgun people used double pistols to assist the 
Assault Rifle people while the Infected were farther away. Once the first wave 
is complete, the Pilot will say something about "Being halfway there". Once 
this occurs the Tank is on its way as many people know. As soon as the Pilot 
begins to say this, have everyone rush back for ammo.

Soon you will hear the Tank music begin to play. Once this happens, quickly 
locate the Tank and get on the opposite side of the rescue plane. This will 
cause the Tank to glitch in a way. The Tank will wander back and forth on the 
opposite side of the plane as if it can't make up its mind, and won't come to 
the other side of the plane where you are. Once this occurs, have everyone 
kneel down and start blasting at the Tank's knees and it will soon die.

As soon as the Tank is down, replenish ammo and make back to the double door 
closet as quickly as possible and repeat the previous steps of wiping out the 
infected and the second Tank. Once the second Tank is downed, stay near the 
loading bay of the rescue plane and keep blasting any Infected that come your 
way and you should be able to make with out without a scratch! 

And by the way, it's easier for the two shotgun people to get in front and 
kneel down while the assault stand up behind them. And once in the closet keep 
the people close in case a Smoker grab you so a teammate can melee the person 
to free them. I hope you find all of this useful and good luck!"

[ Tip: Strategy by Dybo ]
"There is a very easy way to beat this level that doesn't require anything too 
difficult.  Get your group together on the far side of the plane, next to the 
tape blocking access to the rest of the runway.  Shoot the Infected as the 
attack (you'll have a nice long line of sight).

When the tank comes, run up next to the plane, and hide near the rear landing 
gear.  The tank will get stuck on the far side of the plane.  If you back up 
enough, you can shoot him from under the plane.  If he moves towards the front 
of the plane, head towards the tail, or else, he'll escape from your dirty 
trap.  Rinse and repeat as necessary."

[ Tip: Strategy by Adam B. ]
"For the finale, you can climb on top of the whit tanker truck and shoot down 
at the infected, or melee them as they try to climb up. Shoot the tank from 
the high ground, and just as he climbs up jump down and run circles around the 
tanker. He should have no chance, especially if you lit him on fire."

 3.4] BLOOD HARVEST                                                     [0340]

                     [ "No hope. No cure. No problem." ]

 3.41] THE WOODS                                                        [0341]

Alright, the fight's being taken out into the wilderness! Stop at the picnic 
table to stock up on supplies, then follow the dirt trail. Like in levels such 
as The Turnpike and The Church, Infected that hide in the woods can be very 
difficult to spot and therefore may have a high chance of surprisingy you. In 
the case of this level, you'll have to deal with that risk the entire way.

The forst path can be a little confusing to follow, but it is fairly 
straightforward. Once you reach a picnic table with a lantern, you're going 
the right way. Just past the table is a rickety bridge that doesn't seem that 
safe to cross, but we don't have much of a choice.

While it may be off the designated path, it's advised to enter the trailer 
past the bridge; it usually contains ammo and other goodies. It can also be 
used as a hiding place if the Horde shows up.

Continue along the forest path, overlooking a large warehouse of sorts. You 
may find a fuel can next to a crashed car that could prove useful against the 
Infected. You'll also probably come across plenty of Special Infected. These 
guys are annoying in any situation, but that annoyance increases tenfold when 
you cannot see them in the lush foliage.

Keep an eye out for Tanks that may ambush you on the path leading to the 
warehouse. It becomes incredibly dangerous here when you incorporate the 
various holes in the fence overlooking the warehouse. If you trip up and fall 
through the gap, you'll need to be helped up by one of the survivors. If you 
run fast enough or accidentally jump off, then you're done, son.

Once the trail opens up into a large clearing, you know you're close to the 
end of the level (yeah, already!). It's a bit safer targeting Infected and 
Special Infected in the clearing since you actually have a good chance of 
seeing them. Keep in mind that the safe house is just past the clearing, so go 
all out and head into the building to finish the short level.

Yeah, short. Guhh, I hate short levels.

 3.42] THE TUNNEL                                                       [0342]

To the left of the safe house are two empty rooms (save for the possiblity of 
a few Infected or weapons), so take the stairs. Clear out any Infected in the 
two rooms at the bottom of the stairs. From here, look through the windows at 
the rafters. Jump through the window on the rafters, then follow them through 
the large warehouse.

You can reach the ground by sliding down an orange beam draped across one of 
the metal shelves. Grab some ammo from the table at the far corner and go 
through the door. Before trying to open the emergency door, search the area 
(you may find upgraded weapons in the warehouse) so you can plan an attack 
against the Horde.

This should be a lot easier if you have upgraded weapons, but it's still 
manageable if you do not. Grab a propane tank or fuel can (both can be found 
in the warehouse) and open the door. Step back and drop the tank, then destroy 
it just as the Horde pour through the emergency door.

Close the emergency door and once a hole is made in the door (the Infected 
will try and claw through), shoot through the hole to take them out. If the 
door breaks, back up and close the second door. Rinse and repeat. The alarm 
will eventually go off and the Infected will stop coming, so refuel at the 
ammo table and first-aid station, then continue through the emergency door.

[ Tip: I'm Dumb ]
I always wondered how the Infected got into the room between the emergency
door and the warehouse. After long hard thoughts, I just came to the bold
conclusion that they were just spawned in the room by the AI Director.

Turns out that if you go up the stairs past the emergency door and enter the
open window, you will spot a ventilation shaft in the corner. This little
"tip" provides little information and was added to this guide to inform the
readers of my lack of knowledge. Thank you for your time.

[ Tip: Strategy by Carl C. ]
"Open the door and sprint up the stairs, there is a door up there leading into 
a room with only one entrance and a closet connected to it.  If the infected 
catch you before you reach the door toss a pipe bomb and dive in while they 
are busy playing fetch.

Once you get in the room, hunker down and blast any infected that try to come 
through the door.  If you are playing versus then have one person hang out in 
the closet, otherwise special infected will spawn behind you and tear into 
your team from behind."

Go up the staircase past the door if you haven't already. The space beyond the 
window may contain some goodies, but otherwise follow the stairs up to a 
catwalk. Eliminate the Infected up here and on the structure just on the other 
side of the window outside. You can also stay on the first floor and take the 
back door outside, but I tend to find a Witch down here and avoid her 
altogether by taking the second floor instead.

Once you make your way outside, take down any Infected that run to your 
position. The tunnel here is in shambles as parts lay collapsed while others 
are sealed off by destroyed train cars. There is a table near the front of the 
tunnel that may hold upgraded weapons or ammo.

The top of the train cars can be accessible via the common yellow ladder, so 
it is recommended that you climb on top of the train cars and train hop as you 
kill the Infected below you. Beware that if a Smoker or Hunter captures you up 
here, it may take a while for your teammates to rescue you.

When you reach a red train car blocking the middle of the tunnel, scale the 
dirt mound to reach the top of the train car. If you haven't found the 
upgraded weapons in the level yet, this is the last spot to find them: the 
weapons are lying on top of the red train car.

Drop down and proceed towards the oil car, which can be climbed via the 
ladder. Kill any Infected past this point and enter the hole on the side of 
the wall. This narrow passage is the last place you will find Infected, since 
the safe house is right around the bend. Wipe anyone out, then rush into the 
safe house.

 3.43] THE BRIDGE                                                       [0343]

After the pit stop at the safe house, exit and go to the left. If you want to 
stray from the path a bit, make a stop at the generator room across from the 
safe house; it usually holds some valuables. Otherwise, follow the red lights 
down the corridor until you eventually spill outside.

There's a high chance that you will encounter a lot of Infected, if not the 
Horde, out here. Keep an eye out for Smokers that target you from beyond the 
fence above the exit and other Infected that hide in the trees. You should be 
able to locate a fuel can or propane tank in the building near the exit.

Following the forest trail will eventually take you to a second building. If 
you are in need of items, you can stray from the path to the right of the 
building, eventually taking you to the ledge above the exit where you were 
before. There are a few sleeping bags on the ground that may be the home of 
pain pills or hand-tossed weapons.

Enter the building when ready. Head down the staircase to find not only a 
table, but a fuel can and some other stuff. The Horde will enter the building 
the same way you came, so take the fuel can and place it on the stairs. Light 
it just as the first Infected speeds down the stairs. Take out any last 
survivors, then continue through the building.

Before heading back outside, check the chambers to the right for any supplies. 
Once you exit out into the train yard, search behind the cars for Infected. 
There is also another table just outside the door that may hold useful weapons 
or ammo.

If you are attacked by a Tank in the train yard, refrain from entering the 
building that you came out of. You certainly don't want to get trapped in 
close quarters with a guy his size. You may also find a Witch instead; I often 
find her inside the small hangar just past the first two trains.

Speaking of the hangar, it contains ammo and other good stuff. Continue down 
the train tracks, weaving in between trains to hide from or possibly kill 
Infected. One of your teammates gets the bridge idea of destroying the wooden 
bridge above you. Before you jump to conclusions, enter the small house on the 
left side of the train yard for weapons or items. You may find upgraded 
weapons here if you have not already.

Approach the red train car and activate its emergency brake to send it
careening into the bridge. Just as the bridge collapses, the Horde will
appear. Return to the small house and wait outside and wait for the enemies.
Do not hide inside the small confines of the house because you will just get
swarmed. If you need ammo or pain pills from the first-aid station inside,
then quickly run in and out.

[ Tip: Strategy by Carl C. ]
"Make sure one guy has a pipe bomb and one guy has some hot sauce.  Pop the 
coupling for the train car and haul ass to where the bridge will drop.  As 
soon as the infected get uncomfortable toss the pipe bomb, get on to the 
bridge and hurl the molotav at the entrance to the bridge.

Now the team's on the bridge, anything chasing you on to the bridge will get a
serious hot foot, anything in front of you will get mowed down.  Just press
forward and move into the safe house you shouldn't get little resistance from
that direction and make it easily."

Now that the bridge is down, climb up the side that conveniently formed a ramp 
leading to the ledge above. Follow the trail to the safe house and shoot any 
Infected in sight along the way.

 3.44] THE TRAIN STATION                                                [0344]

Stock up and head through the woods to reach a barn. Hold out at the barn 
while the Horde shows up and invades the vicinity. Climb up the ladder, then 
exit out onto the roof to get the best possible view. Pick off the Infected as 
they climb up the side of the roof to get you.

From the barn, follow the trail leading to the train station. Jump onto its 
roof and wait out here. You should not have much trouble fighting the Infected 
from the side of the roof. Eventually you're going to have to drop down to 
enter the building, so make sure the coast is clear before you do so.

Grab any valuable weapons or items inside the building before moving out. 
There is a small side room with a table inside, so you may find ammo or other 
goods on the table. Watch out for a red car in front of the semi-truck that 
still has an active alarm. Try not to lure the Infected or fight on that side 
of the area.

As you follow the path, climb up onto the train cars to get a good look at 
your surroundings and maybe even surprise the Smokers instead of the other way 
around. Check the small hut to the side for anything of use.

The downed train blocks any chance of progress, so you'll have to stray from 
the beaten path. Approach the base of the home and go up the back steps. Go 
through the basement door for a gruesome sight. Explore the basement and 
eventually ascend the stairs to the first floor. There is nothing of 
importance so head up to the second floor.

Try to set up a standoff in case the Horde shows up. There is usually some 
nice supplies here, including a table that may contain ammo or upgraded 
weapons. Once the coast is clear, exit through the window and drop down from 
the awning to reach the other side of the train wreck. 

If the AI Director decides to be a jerk and place the Witch or a Tank right on 
the bridge ahead, then you better prepare yourself. Make sure you're fully 
healed and use any pain pills before attempting to tackle either of the 
monsters. The good news is that there is a safe house just past the bridge.

 3.45] BARNHOUSE FINALE                                                 [0345]

Stock up on the necessities before moving out. I think you know the drill by 
now. Continue down the last bit of train tracks as you gun down the Infected. 
When you reach the dead end, climb up the red train car and cross over to the 
upper level. If you are unlucky enough to fight a Tank, run and fire as you 
retreat back to the safe house. It's very rare to find a Tank here.

                            - Farmhouse Finale -       ,'    Start
                                                 __,--'    ,-------
       _,---------._____,-.________________,----'         /
     ,'                                                   `--._
     |                    __    __     .-------------------.   `.
      \                  /  \  /  \    |  |          |     |     \
       |                 \__/  \__/    |  |          |     |      |
     ,'                   ______       |  |          |     |      |
     |                   |      |      |  |          |     |      |
     |                   |______|      |  |          |   ,'       |
     |                                 |  |          | ,'         |
     |        ______________           |             ,'           |
     |       |     |     F A|__        |        /`-.     ,'|      |
     |       |__  _|  R    W|  |       |       /   /   ,'  |      |
     |       |     |__  ____|_ |       |      /   /  ,'    |      |
     |       |  ___          __|       |      `-./   \     |      |
     |       |_____|________|          |  |           `.   |      |
     |                                 |__|_____________`./       |
    /                                  |                |         |
    `.                 __________      |                |         |
      |               | |        |     |________________|         |
      |               | |      A |                                |
      |               | |        |                                |
     /                | |        |                                |
     \                | |________|                                |
      \               | |        |                                |
       |              |_|________|                                |
        `-.                                                   __,'
           `--.__                ________            ____,---'
                 `-----.______,-'        `----------'

You may instead fight the Horde as soon as you reach the corn fields (or maybe 
a bit earlier even). Travelling through the fields can be disorienting, so 
either keep your composure or try to run to the sides of the farm where you 
can actually see straight. Pass by the tractor and enter the farmhouse.

Answer the radio in the farmhouse and stock up on ammo and weapons inside. 
There are significantly less tools here than in the previous finale. For 
starters, there is no minigun. Granted, you may not haved used it much in the 
others, but it is absent in the Barnhouse Finale. I also had a very difficult 
time finding hand-tossed weapons. Like, after playing this level four times in 
a row, I couldn't find any each time. Total bummer.

The best places to stay are the upstairs bedrooms of the farmhouse or the top 
floor of the barn. Both give you great advantage from the Horde and are the 
two safest areas to stay. You shouldn't go anywhere near the corn field or the 
hay-filled shed.

If you stay in the farmhouse, keep away from the windows. Not only do the 
Horde rush in at an astounding rate, but I've had many encounters where a 
Smoker on the ground level would lasso me and drag me to the ground, where I 
was promptly whacked to death by Infected. Keep away from the windows, and 
needless to say, don't go on the roof.

The same applies for hiding out in the barn. Pay attention to the hole in the 
roof, because the Horde can use the hay outside as stepping stones to reach 
the top of the barn. Stay away from the windows and constantly refill at the 
ammo cache next to you.

When a Tank appears, run back downstairs (or if you're in the barn, to the 
farmhouse) and grab an auto shotgun. Use the green oxygen tanks or fuel cans 
scattered on the front porch against the Tank. Get out of the house and run 
around the farmhouse in circles, firing point-blank in the Tank's face with 
your shotgun. Like normal, you won't fight any other enemies (aside from a few 
straggling Special Infected) when the Tank shows up.

Keep repeating this strategy until two or three waves of enemies have been 
eliminated. When the truck shows up (you can hear its extremely loud engine), 
get onto the roof of the farmhouse if you haven't already (or the roof of the 
barn if you're already there). The truck will park between the barn and the 

Despite the survivors' excited claims, don't ditch your spot until you see the 
truck park. You will have to fight another last wave of Horde plus a Tank, so 
things can get hectic here. If the Tank follows you up to the roof, drop off 
and circle back around. Play a game of cat and mouse with the Tank until the 
truck shows up, in which you should clearly get on.

[ Tip: Strategy by Dybo ]
"This is probably the hardest finale.  Upstairs, there are two rooms with only
one exit (a bathroom, and what seems to be a closet off of the master
bedroom). Get two people in each, and just shoot until the tank comes.  When
he shows up, abandon those positions.

Kill off any lingering dead (especially smokers), and join up in the master
bedroom.  Break the rightmost window, and head out onto the roof.  Take a
right.  There will be a ledge in front of the child's room window.  Hide
there. The tank cannot get up.  Stay away from the window, though.  I've had
the tank bust out of there and kill three survivors with one swipe."

[ Tip: Strategy by Carl C. ]
"In the room with the radio towards the front door is a corner right next to
the gun cabinet.  If you have a team of non-AI players, then everyone cram
into the corner, front row kneels back row stands.  Only leave the corner to
restock on ammo, any undead that try to rush you will get funneled into a hail
of concentrated lead that rips them to shreds quickly.

In Versus gameplay this can be a rather hard formation to for the infected 
players to crack and also it depends on no closets which are covered up in 
versus.  You will get splattered by a boomer several times, but any resulting 
infected will get obliterated as they charge into your formation.

Once the tank shows up step outside of the farmhouse grabbing combat shotguns 
and take it out in the open where it is easy to dodge.  Take note of and 
disable any special infected that show up during the tank fight, they can be 
far more dangerous in the confusion of such a confrontation which tends to 
split the team a little bit.

Make sure every team mate knows how you are entering and leaving the house
when the tank shows up to minimize team split up."

[ Tip: Strategy by Darren C. ]
"In all levels but Dead Air - there are "pillboxes" that you can hide in. The
pillbox is the little one door room/closet, that significantly raises your
survival chances as it funnels the enemy one at a time and is totally secure
from all other 3 sides you are not facing. Coupled this with another friend
playing, you are unstoppable if one of you crouch at the base of the door
while your friend stands and shoots over you. With two assault rifles the
excessive horde rush at the end of the 3 levels are a piece of cake.

I've completed all the campaigns numerous times now and have found this 
strategy to be simple & extremely effective.

I've always let the other A.I controlled characters do their own thing,
typically they just sit outside in the middle near your pillbox.

I've always thought the minigun was basically a waste of time and never used
it once to finish the 3 campaigns.

Blood Harvest - There is a pillbox just next to the staircase door entrance.
Again this is right next to ammo & is easy for a getaway when the APC arrives.

[ Tip: Strategy by Adam B. ]
"In the Blood Harvest finale, the best place to defend from is at the top of 
the staircase. Close all the doors, and assign each person a door to cover, 
with one watching the stair case. The person gaurding the bedroom on the right 
(looking at it going up the stairs) should also watch the room to the right of 
the kid's bedroom. This way, no infected should really harm you until the tank 

If a hunter jumps at you, just use melee and you should knock him away, then 
just beat him to death. Simple as that. For smokers, if they have your buddy 
but you can't shoot the smoker, just run up and melee your buddy and he will 
be released."


 4] TIPS & TRICKS                                                       [0400]

Any information regarding game mechanics or anything that doesn't necessarily 
fit into the walkthrough will be found here. Like the section header implies, 
you can find a bunch of neat tips and tricks here!

[ Tips #1-32 (submitted by Jason K.) ]

1. Witches are smarter than they look. The strategy for startling them is
usually to have one person provoke her and run while the others pepper her
with copper and brass, but I've seen them show the alarming tendency to give
up and take their anger out on someone else if they can't catch the first

This happens most often if another survivor tries to physically bar her from 
passing. On Expert, the Witch doesn't just down, you she one-shot kills you.

2. There's a crash-squeaking noise I kept hearing on certain structures. The
elevator in No Mercy, the watchtower in Death Toll. I think I've figured it

I've noticed that noise occurring when one of the Infected is destroying
something in the environment. I've always been suspicious of the elevator. I
have the nasty feeling that a human-controlled Infected can sever the cables,
explaining why the escape hatch is open. I've also been leery of that
watchtower, and I'm pretty sure a Tank can knock it down.

3. There is a section in No Mercy just after the Survivors get out of the
subway. It's a large underground room usually filled with infected just
standing around.

Once we were attacked by a tank in this room, and as it chased us, I noticed
it was breaking the support pilings holding up the roof. THEN I realized it
was doing this on purpose. We killed it before it got halfway. What happens if
it gets them all is a scary idea, but knowing Valve it's something terrible.

4. A close friend claims something bad can also happen on the rescue segment
of No Mercy. He told me a story of the Survivors boarding the helicopter
chased by the Tank.

He says that the Tank actually hooked its arm into the helicopter, pinning it
and preventing it from leaving. I don't know if it's true and I've heard no
other accounts of this, but again knowing Valve, it wouldn't surprise me.

5. Another FAQ claims that shooting the rotors of the helicopter summons more

6. Pinned Survivors (by Hunters or Smokers) are invulnerable to friendly fire.

7. Tanks are not vulnerable to headshots. They take no damage from melee
attacks. They are immune to pipe bombs.

8. Handgun bullets do more damage than assault rifle bullets.

9. The useless tunnel in the Subway isn't quite useless. Remember that all the 
levels are also designed for multiplayer. I'm pretty sure that tunnel is there 
for the use of the Infected, because it's really effective. Same with a lot of 
other nooks and crannies which are in fact useless to Survivors. If they're 
useless, the Survivors won't look there. If they don't look, you can spawn.

10. Hunters and Smokers do not hold up well under melee attacks. In fact, they 
go all to pieces. A very viable strategy is to literally beat the hell out of 
them until they die, as the melee hit stun-locks them.

11. Tank rocks can (and should) be shot out of the air.

12. If you set a tank on fire without harming it, it will survive for no more 
than 40 seconds. If you shoot a tank 92 times, THEN set it on fire, it will 
survive for no more than 40 seconds. If you're going to burn it, just run. The 
same theory applies to Witches except that the timer is 15 seconds.

13. If you're in room A, and a smoker/hunter/boomer is in room B hiding, and 
there's only one door connecting them, slam the door between the two. Because 
it can't see you anymore, the Special Infected will immediately run out of 
hiding and try to get through the door. Shoot them through it.

14. Speaking of doors, they're very useful and should be preserved. Try to 
shoot through an existing hole rather than tearing it up more. Some even have 
windows in them. Look out, though, a Smoker can actually snake you through the 
tiniest hole in a door, and they will certainly try. Exploding boomers will 
annihilate a door.

15. Safe houses aren't safe. Sometimes there are Special Infected hiding in
there. If you ever get to a safe house and the door is closed, be suspicious.
If you hear a Special Infected nearby and can't figure out where else it could
be, shoot through the door of the safe house and see if you hear it die.

A Tank can get into a safehouse. I've seen it pound open the entrance door.
I've heard it can break open the exit door, but on the only occasion I saw it
get the opportunity, it... didn't. It ran up to the door and threw a fit. I've
also heard that it does this sometimes, and other times it destroys it.

16. AI players are creepy. In the sewer level, the sewer entrance on the right
(in the room with red walls) leads down to a ledge. Once three Survivors had
jumped off the ledge, and couldn't go back. But one of them stayed behind, and
was incapacitated. He couldn't be reached and I thought he was done, but one
of the Survivors was AI controlled. He ran up against the ledge for a moment,
then teleported to the top and rescued the downed Survivor.

This led to a theory I have not yet been able to test: if YOU find one of your
teammates is incapacitated where you can't reach them, try quickly switching
over to join the spectators, giving control of your Survivor to the AI. They
might "find a way" up.

17. People knock the Hunting Rifle for a lot of reasons. Actually it's the 
easiest way to "peel" off large numbers of Horde that are swarming a teammate 
without causing friendly fire incidents. It can penetrate infinite zombies, so 
if they come at the team's sniper in any kind of line, he can take them all 
out by himself.

It also goes through most walls, though the exact rules for what it can go
through aren't clear to me, just that it's better at this than any other gun,
and I can't tell you how many times I've saved a teammate from a Hunter
through a wall.

18. Fire seems to go through doors.

19. Using a medkit deletes any temporary hitpoints gained by a revive or the 
use of pills.

20. Boomers aren't exceptionally bright, and tend to think they're hidden when 
really about two inches of that huge gut are sticking out from behind the 
wall. More than enough for any competent user of the Hunting Rifle.

21. Alarmed cars are bad. Shooting sets them off, dead Infected set them off, 
and worst of all, bumping them sets them off. Nevermind jumping onto the hood, 
brushing the bumper summons the horde.

22. Tanks don't start out knowing where you are, and it is possible to hear 
him first, even before you get a musical cue. Plan accordingly.

23. The closed captioning option can be abused in Left 4 Dead, or indeed any 
Valve game. Its hearing is better than yours, and gives you the INCOMING HORDE 
notice sometimes long before you hear anything. It can also let you pick out 
important sound cues during situations with a lot of noise, like a Horde 
attack. This is a little cheesy and I don't do it (my hearing is really good), 
but on when you're playing on Expert you take whatever you can get.

24. If you're carrying around a gas, propane or oxygen tank, and you drop it 
to fight, for god's sake tell somebody. Because the tank will get shot by 
accident. And you'll be standing on it.

25. The radiator grills of most semi trucks can be climbed like ladders. In 
fact you'd be shocked what ladder-like assemblies can be scaled.

26. You can run all the way out into the water at the end of Death Toll and 
not die. The rope that stops you basically signals the end of that world. I've 
been tank-punched all the way out there and still been rescued, but I don't 
know if you can be launched over the rope and into the river.

27. Every encounter has some sort of unique musical cue. I probably don't need 
to tell you this. But the exact themes are horns for the Horde, violin for 
Hunter, piano for Smoker, cello for Boomer and high piano and creepy wailing 
for the Witch.

28. For expediency, zombies just standing around are called "resident" 
or "population" zombies, as distinct from Horde zombies.

29. There are rooms (which we call "Okay, **** This" or OFT rooms) that are 
usually begging for a pipebomb just to ease the pressure of the "resident" 
zombies. On rare occasions these areas are empty.

Examples include the front doors of Mercy Hospital, the rail just to the left
of the safehouse inside the airport, the front doors to the airport, the corn
field, the room with the generators and the manhole covers that lead to the
sewers, and the lot before the "lift" crescendo event outside the fast food
joint. My team traditionally saves at least one pipebomb for these places.

30. If you see an extra pipe bomb, and everyone has one already, toss yours 
somewhere juicy and grab the next one. Throw it somewhere with two zombies. 
One zombie. Somewhere you even suspect zombies. Anything to draw them out, 
just don't leave a pipebomb behind if you can avoid it.

31. Burning zombies stop fighting. This is no reason not to shoot them anyway 
for kicks.

32. Burning Special Infected do not stop fighting. This is DEFINITE reason to 
shoot them anyway for kicks.

[ Tips #33-36 (submitted by CloudSFF7) ]

33. It'll of been mentioned before but tanks are lethal where there are cars 
around. If a tank hits a car and the car hits a player it's an instant knock 
down for the survivor.
Also cars can be stratigically placed (through punching) and you can ambush 
players with a tank who's hiding behind a car. I've actually gotten the All 4 
Dead achievement by taking out 4 surivors with 2 cars.
Other tactics include not going up to surivivors in narrow corridors if 
they've got advanced weapons as you'll die straight away, instead find all 
tentative routes (such as going throughside rooms) or throwing rocks and the 
running as the survivors are on the floor.

34. Try and position yourself in area's and palces where you can pull 
survivors off things (such as No Mercy Act 5,pulling people to there deaths 
just as they get up the ladders by standing on the building to the right of 
You either get kills based on the player "falling" to ther deaths or players 
sustaining heavy damage form the fall.

35. If you're a hunter DO NOT leap onto a constricted survivor instead use 
your melee attack as you'll do considerably more damage and besides that it's 
2 specails infected on one survivor instead of the hunter stealing the 
survivor leaving the smoker defenceless while he regenerates his next tongue 
36. If you ever see fire... JUMP INTO IT... a flaming hunter does considerably 
more damage which means you can down people quicker.
E.G. No Mercy, Act 3 (i think) with the gas station 9/10 survivors shoot the 
gas station meaning that you have a constant supply of fire for hunters to set 
themselves alight.
Molotovs: I noticed in your guide that you thought they are useful but are to 
be used well and to be careful around.
Just remember that hunters (skilled ones) will use the fire of a molotov to 
there advantage as outlined before. So be careful with the people your playing 
against online; molotovs may not always be the answer.

[ Tip #37 (submitted by Shawn O.) ]

37. I like your guide, but I have one bone to pick. You call the assault rifle
the "best weapon in the game, hands down". I disagree. While it is a great
weapon, with its rapid fire, range, and accuracy, I find that a auto-shotgun
is a better choice. The assault rifle just canít come close to it for damage,
and this is very important for fighting tanks and witches (especially on

Duel-pistols can take the place of the assault rifle for long-range fighting
and accuracy, and they do more damage per shot to boot. Plus, the assault
rifle will usually run out of ammo quicker than the auto-shotgun. My advice is
to give the assault rifles to new players who are more likely to have friendly
fire problems, and let the experienced players use the auto-shotgun.

[ Tip #38 (submitted by Dansiman) ]

38. If you become surrounded by the horde and cannot move in any direction,
you can always throw a molotov at your own feet. You will take some fire
damage, but the burning zombies will stop attacking, allowing you to make a
break for it. This is especially useful in the finales, as I always seem to
get stuck in the midst of a horde just as the rescue finally arrives.


 5] ENEMIES                                                             [0500]

 The Infected

These creatures aren't the slow-moving entities commonly seen on old-school 
zombie flicks. Fans of the more recent horror films may recognize these types 
of monsters: incredibly agile with very keen senses. If one spots you, they 
will not hesitate to run towards you in an instant. They are also somewhat 
smarter than your average... I don't really know. But they aren't always just 
sitting ducks.

Keep in mind that these things are not zombies, they are infected human 
beings. As a result, they will not try to eat your brains. As a result, you do 
not need to pull off a headshot for the win. Shooting an Infected anywhere 
will damage them and ultimately cause death. Of course, like most video games, 
aiming for the head is always the best idea.

The Infected are the easiest enemies in the game to take down. One headshot or 
a few bullets anywhere else will take them down. Use pistols or melee attacks 
on solo Infected, but use your secondary weapons when attacking groups. 

 The Horde

The Horde aren't really separate enemies, but they should be categorized by 
themselves. The Horde is a seemingly limitless amount of Infected that storm 
through areas in smaller, more manageable groups. There are four main ways of 
attracting the Horde.

1. Boomers. If a Boomer explodes or vomits on you, the nasty green goo will
   attract the Horde to your location.

2. Car alarms. The game will usually notify you if there is a car with an
   active alarm nearby. If the alarm is set off by being touched, it will go
   off in a noisy fashion and blow your cover.

3. Staying in an area too long. Simple as that. If you stay in an area for
   several minutes, the Horde will automatically appear to spice things up.

4. Sometimes you cannot help it. If you are stuck and need various mechanisms
   to proceed, such as opening a door or lowering a bridge, the Horde will
   show up to keep you distraced while your path opens up.

There is really no defense against the Horde. They usually come from all 
angles in an attempt to surround you. Try to hide in a corner or a small room 
to protect yourself. If you manage to find an area where the Horde is coming 
from: a hole, an alley, or a fence, stay near that location and blast them as 
they appear.


 Primary Attack: Vomit
 Secondary Attack: Claw

Boomers are obese, slow Infected that usually make their presence through
their strange bodily noises and gurgling. Plus, they are flat-out huge, so
it is not too difficult to spot one of these guys. The Boomer's bile can
attract the Horde to your location, so it is your goal to stay far away from
these bloated freaks.

If you round a corner to find one right in your face, shove it away, then back 
up and kill it before it vomits on you. Stay far enough away, because the bile 
can still coat you as the Boomer explodes. Boomers are more bloated than fat, 
so a few shots are all that's needed to pop this big balloon.

If you are coated with the green stuff, your vision will be blurred for a few 
moments. It will be hard to see, but try to find closure in a closet or 
another secluded area. If another survivor is coated with Boomer bile, they 
will attract the Horde. You can either go to their aid or stay far away and 
let them deal with the mess. 


 Primary Attack: Pounce
 Secondary Attack: Claw

Hunters can easily be mistaken for Spider-Man who somehow found his way into a 
gray hoodie. Seriously, these Infected can somehow leap great distances and 
seemingly glide through the air like a flying squirrel. Hunters can leap onto 
sides of walls and can crawl at incredible speeds. Definitely stay on your 
toes and look at all angles when you hear the Hunter's distinct cries.

Hunters are almost always crouching or crawling on the ground. This makes them 
easily distinguished from other Infected. When you see a Hunter in a group of 
other enemies, make the choice of running away or taking out the Hunter first.

Hunters attack by pouncing on players. Once they have you in sight, they can 
jump on top of you from virtually any distance, slashing your face with their 
razor-sharp claws. You can do nothing but defend yourself as one of your 
teammates tries to rescue you. If you see a Hunter attacking your friend, 
either shove the Hunter off or shoot them with your weapon repeatedly.


 Primary Attack: Tongue Snare
 Secondary Attack: Claw

I think several different names could accurately describe a Smoker, since they 
are so unique. Smokers have very longue tongues that can be whipped around at 
incredible speeds, similar to a chameleon (good thing Smokers cannot change 
their color too). Smokers are identified by their coughing and high pitched, 
raspy voice, leaving one to assume that their name may be derived from their 
bad habits.

Smokers attack by lashing their long tongue out at the survivors. Once you are 
constricted by a Smoker's tongue, you will be dragged towards their location 
followed by a tough beating. Once the tongue comes in contact with your body, 
you have a second or two to defend yourself. Like with the Hunter, you must 
wait for a teammate to free you from his grasp.

It is pretty easy to rescue a teammate from a Smoker if you are nearby. Once 
their body lights up with an orange glow, follow the longue tongue until you 
finall spot the Smoker. Once you do, shoot the Smoker to death. 

Their name may also come from the fact that they emit harmless green smoke 
upon death. To identify a Smoker in a crowd, look for puffs of green clouds 
and listen for their high pitched grunts. Otherwise, they look pretty normal 
for a mutated freak. Since Smokers attack from a distance, they are usually 
found peeking through windows or standing on rooftops.


 Primary Attack: Punch
 Secondary Attack: Throw

Tanks are giant meatheads that can clobber anything in their path. You can 
sense a Tank coming by hearing its earthshaking footsteps and thunderous 
rumblings. These monsters use their roid rage to punch you to death or simply 
throw anything they can get their giant mitts on your way. If you see it start 
to pick up some rubble, run to the side to avoid death.

Naturally, something so big is very sluggish, so it's best to just back up 
while you attack. Unleash your most powerful weapons on the Tank, because this 
thing is durable as hell. Auto shotguns, SMGs, or assault rifles are your best 
options. While it's very difficult to actually hit a Tank with a molotov 
cocktail, a successful hit will be devastating to it. If you have one, try to 
coat the ground with flame so the Tank will eventually run through it.

Tanks tend to go for one survivor and attack relentlessly until they are 
killed. They have an easy time cornering someone and pummeling non-stop. If 
you are that person, you can't do anything but attack the Tank right in its 
face. If you are not that person, either cower in the corner like a jerk (or a 
smart player). 


Witches are very passive creatures that do not like to be disturbed. They 
resemble small, lanky girls and can be heard by their childish whimpering. 
When you actually approach a Witch, the music changes drastically and takes a 
very creepy turn.

While it's basic instinct to spray bullets at the Infected, attacking a Witch 
is a big no-no. While they seem harmless, startling a Witch results in it 
leaping up and chasing the person it has been threatened by. One hit from a 
Witch is all that's needed to down a survivor. If you are that person, your 
only hope is to use your pistols while your friends help take it down as well.

If a Witch has been startled by someone other than yourself, use your 
strongest weapon to take it down. It will not attack you and continue to swipe 
at the person who scared it. Use your strongest weapons and explosives to 
attack a Witch. It doesn't move, so targeting it should be a cinch.

Of course, the strategies for avoiding the Witch. It is easily startled. Any 
loud noises in its vicinity will cause it to freak out, so try not to shoot 
near it. If there is an enemy near a Witch, back away and draw it away from it 
before shooting.

Witches also do not like bright light, so turn off your flashlight as soon as 
you hear her crying. Even staring at the Witch in the eyes for more than a 
second will cause it to go berserk. Remember, you do not have to kill Witches; 
it's usually best just ignoring them. When it comes to the Witch, I've got two 
words for ya: be smart.


 6] WEAPONS                                                             [0600]

 Primary Weapons

[ Pistol ]

First things first, you should probably know that the pistol has unlimited 
ammo. With that said, there is no need to shy away from this weapon at any 
time. In fact, it's best to conserve your other weapon's ammo by using the 
pistol against single enemies or very small groups.

The pistol is very weak gun and cannot knock off even the weaker Infected 
without pulling off one or two shots to the head. However, it does have 
fantastic reload speed and firing rate. If you find a second pistol lying 
around, don't hesitate in picking it up. Also take note that if you are 
incapacitated, pistols are your only defense mechanism.

[ Shotgun ]

Not much to talk about here. Everyone and their mother knows how a shotgun 
works: slow-pumping guns that do virtually nothing at a distance but can shred 
foes when used up close and in tight quarters. Shotguns have very slow firing 
speed and can be a pain to use when the Horde is up in your face.

Shotguns are best used in close quarters, such as buildings. Nothing can 
escape a shotgun blast when in a narrow hallway, and not much accuracy is 
needed when firing a weapon of this calibur. Shotguns are always a good choice 
because you already have a long-range weapon in the pistol, so why not have a 
weapon that can clobber Infected up close?

[ SMG ]

The submachine gun is another great weapon for fighting off the Infected. 
While generally weak, its insane rate of fire allows you to pump 50 rounds 
into an enemy in seconds, making it very formidable. Like the pistol, it 
cannot sever limbs, but one magazine clip, if aimed at the right spot, can 
take down an enemy by itself.

The SMG can be used from a distance, and its above average accuracy makes it 
an easy weapon to use. It's the key weapon when needing to attack Special 
Infected from a distance. While its automatic fire may seem fun to use, 
conserve ammo and prevent friendly fire by firing in bursts.

 Upgraded Weapons

[ Auto Shotgun ]

The Auto Shotgun is basically a flawless version of the shotgun. It's more 
powerful, holds more ammo in each magazine, and has automatic fire. The only 
main difference is that it still has a very slow reload time. While holding 
down the trigger is the easy way, try to refrain from wasting too much ammo 
with this weapon; usually one shot is enough to blow the head off an Infected.

[ Assault Rifle ]

The best weapon in the game, hands down. This high-firing piece of badassery 
has no trouble taking down any monster, big or small. It fires a bit slower 
than the SMG, but each bullet packs a much bigger punch. It is also very 
accurate, so taking down the Horde from a distance as it rushes towards you is 
not so daunting for once.

[ Hunting Rifle ]

In other words, a sniper rifle. You can zoom in with this gun by clicking the
Left Analog Stick, giving you precise aim. My initial opinion on the Hunting
Rifle was that it was flat-out trash, but my thoughts on it have changed after
ya know... actually using it frequently. While you may not find the time to
actually snipe an Infected all too much, using a dead-on shot is very powerful
and the bullet can go through more than one enemy at a time. Surprisingly
enough, the Hunting Rifle is actually choice for when you want to melee an
Infected to death. Don't count this weapon out!

 Some info regarding the Hunting Rifle from Avery D:
 "In your Left 4 Dead FAQ (very well-written, by the way), you wrote up brief
 summaries of all of the game's weapons. After reading your description of the
 Hunting Rifle, I'd just like to point out that you seem to have missed out on
 the primary advantage of the rifle: a single bullet can eliminate multiple
 So, while sniping in the traditional sense may be entirely useless in a game
 like Left 4 Dead, the rifle is, contrary to common belief, extremely useful
 in many circumstances. For instance: let's say you're running down a hallway,
 attempting to escape from an oncoming Horde. You can simply spin around and
 pop off a few shots; only two or three rounds can go through over a dozen
 Infected with ease.

 In close-quarters situations like these (especially when running and gunning
 is the preferred tactic), the Hunting Rifle can be more effective than the
 Automatic Shotgun, as it can eliminate more infected with less round fired
 from a farther distance. 
 Not only that, but the rifle can pass through any in-game surface. Wood,
 concrete, sheet-metal -- even the steel doors of the safe room are
 penetrable. So if you're holed up in a closet while waiting for the rescue
 vehicle to arrive, instead of opening the door, you can fire directly through
 the wall. This is especially handy if there's a team-mate on the other side,
 either being overwhelmed by Infected or mauled by a Hunter." - Thanks!

 Hand-Tossed Weapons

[ Molotov Cocktail ]

Toss this flaming, alcohol-soaked bottle/rag combo to set off a fairly large 
blaze. The fire can whittle down health surprisingly quickly, whether it's an 
Infected or your own (don't step in the flames!). Either toss a molotov 
cocktails in the center of large groups or throw it in front of you to create 
a temporary barrier against the Infected.

[ Pipe Bomb ]

These pipe bombs are equipped with a sensor that can attract all common 
Infected to its location. If a wave of Infected rush towards you or if the 
Horde's arrival is imminent, toss the pipe bomb to have the attention diverted 
towards the ticking bomb. The pipe bomb does not attract the Special Infected, 
but, if by chance, they are caught in the blast, they will be destroyed.


 7] ACHIEVEMENTS                                                        [0700]

Here are all the achievements found in the game, in alphabetical order.

 101 Cremations (20)

Set 101 Infected on fire

 Akimbo Assassin (30)

Survive an entire campaign using only pistols

 All 4 Dead (30)

Kill all four Survivors in one life while playing as a Tank

 Back 2 Help (20)

Leave a safe house to save an incapped teammate and bring them back safely

 Barf Bagged (20)

Cover four Survivors with Boomer bile at once

 Big Drag (20)

Drag a Survivor 100 feet with your tongue

 Blind Luck (20)

You or another Survivor take no damage after being vomited on by a Boomer

 Brain Salad (15)

Make 100 headshot kills

 Burn the Witch (10)

Light a Witch with a Molotov

 Chain Smoker (20)

Constrict two Survivors in one life as a Smoker

 Clean Kill (10)

Shove a Boomer and then kill him without him splashing on anyone

 Cr0wnd (30)

Kill a Witch with a single headshot

 Dead Baron (15) 

Survive the Dead Air campaign

 Dead Giveaway (10)

Heal a fellow Survivor when your own health is below 10

 Dead Stop (10)

Punch a Hunter as he is pouncing

 Dead Wreckening (20)

Dole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected

 Do Not Disturb (20)

Sneak past all Witches in a campaign without disturbing one

 Double Jump (20) 

Pounce two different Survivors in one life as a Hunter

 Drag and Drop (20)

Rescue a Survivor from a Smoker's tongue before he takes damage

 Field Medic (20)
Heal 25 Survivors with a first aid kit

 Grim Reaper (15) 

Survive the Blood Harvest campaign

 Ground Cover (30)

Save another Survivor from a Special Infected while on the ground

 Helping Hand (20)

Revive 50 incapacitated Survivors

 Hero Closet (10)

Rescue a Survivor trapped in a closet

 Hunter Punter (10)

Shove a Hunter off of a pinned and helpless Survivor

 Jump Shot (20)

Headshot a Hunter while he's leaping

 Lamb 2 Slaughter (20) 

As an Infected, incap a Survivor who has entered and left a safe house

 Man vs Tank (30)

Single-handedly kill a Tank

 Mercy Killer (15)

Survive the No Mercy campaign

 My Bodyguard (15)

Protect any Survivor from an attacking Infected 50 times

 No Smoking Section (15)

Kill 10 Smokers as they are pulling helpless Survivors

 No-one Left Behind (20)

Beat a campaign with all 4 Survivors

 Nothing Special (30)

Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Special Infected

 Pharm-assist (20)

Give pain pills to 10 Survivors

 Pyrotechnician (20)

Blow up 20 Infected in a single explosion

 Red Mist (20)

Kill 1000 Infected with a mounted machine gun

 Safety First (30)

Play an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire damage

 Spinal Tap (10)

Kill an Infected with a single blow from behind

 Stand Tall (20)

Survive a campaign without being incapacitated

 Stomach Upset (20)

All Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on

 Tankbusters (20)

Kill a Tank without it dealing any damage to a Survivor

 Toll Collector (15)

Survive the Death Toll campaign

 Tongue Twister (20)

Free yourself from a Smoker who has grabbed you with his tongue

 Towering Inferno (10)

Light a Tank with a Molotov

 Unbreakable (30)

Finish a campaign without ever being healed

 Untouchables (30)

No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle

 What Are You Trying to Prove? (35)

Survive all campaigns on Expert

 Witch Hunter (20)

Kill a Witch without any Survivor taking damage from her

 Zombicidal Maniac (30)

Survive any campaign on Expert

 Zombie Genocidest (20)

Kill 53,595 Infected


 8] THANKS/CREDITS                                                      [0800]

Of course, this guide couldn't have been made without some extra help. Here is
a shoutout to everyone who made this FAQ possible:

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                      being yourself.

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              maps he made in order to prepare my own. Great job bro!

 Jason K: For giving me a buttload of tips and tricks. One could say that you
          started the Tips & Tricks section. You are the FATHER!

 Dybo: For a whole slew of strategies.

 James W: For his very nifty strategies. Never thought doors could be that
          useful! Thanks!

 Darren C: For some interesting info on "pillboxes". Hm!

 Carl C: For a plethora of neat tips and tricks.

 re4addict: For a secret shortcut in The Construction Site.

 Matt S: For a great strategy on the Rooftop Finale.

 Bryan F: For his accurate comments and opinion on the Hunting Rifle.

 Avery D: Even more comments on the Hunting Rifle. You're right, it does rock!

 Adam B: For his tips on various levels.

 Chris T: For a neat strategy on the Dead Air Finale.

 Drake L: For a cool strategy/tip on the Rooftop Finale.

 Zigg: For a shortcut in The Town.

 Deathbring666er: For a strategy on the Boathouse Finale and a shortcut in The
                  Construction Site.

 Chris Y: For a detailed strategy on the Runway Finale level.

 TheOneTrueZen: For a strategy on the Rooftop Finale.

 Frank S: For his alternate strategy on the Rooftop Finale.

 CloudSFF7: For a few tips.

 Dansiman: For submitting a tip.

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 FESBians: Because you're cool.

 You: For reading this FAQ.


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