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Gears of War Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats for you to check out includig an easy way to beat Ramm on Hardcore difficulty, best places to snipe, beserker distraction and an easy way to get Gamer points. We'll also tell you how to unlock Insane difficulty.

More Gears of War Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 74 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Gears of War please send them in here.

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Unlock Insane Difficulty

On either Casual or Hardcore difficulty setting successfully complete the game.

Unlock Additional Video

Switch on the game and wait for the 'Gears of War: Press Start' screen to appear. Instead of pressing Start allow the screen to remain idle for several minutes and a video will begin to play about Emergence Day.


Unlock Secret Gamer Pic:

On Insane difficulty setting successfully beat the game.

Unlock 2nd Secret Gamer Pic:

In a ranked multi-player game get 10,000 kills to get the 'Seriously...' achievement and also unlock a new Gamer Pic.

Unlock 3rd Secret Gamer Pic:

Complete any ranked Versus match.

COG Tags:

To locate the COG Tags more easily look for the Red Skull Gears of War logo on walls, cars or on the ground and you will find a COG Tag nearby.

Gears of War Guide has an exclusive guide for Gears of War. You can check it out here: Gears of War Guide

It is a complete walkthrough of the game with screenshots.

If you are just looking for Cog Tags, then check out our complete Cog Tag Locations guide:

Cog Tag Locations

Got Gun Jamming Problems here you go...

If yur gun gets jammed just roll and then you're gun won't be jammed and you'll have a full clip yur welcome, Smile


When you fight boomers it can get annoying as they can kill you in one shot. But, the boomers say 'boom' just before they fire, so when they say this, quickly get into cover so your not killed.

Help with completing each level

Get to mine cart

Easy way to beat ramm on hardcore difficulty

this is my first cheat so it might be hard to understand

have someone do splitscreen campaign on the final misson

so you take a longshot and a toroke bow and your partner take a lancer and a toroke bow. you should find another on the side with the longshot. so when you go out there to fight him have you or your partner shoot him with the toroke bow to get the kryyl of him then start getting head shots with the long shot and your partner starts shottin him with the lancer then just reapeat untill hes dead

Character is

This is a funny little glitch that my friend provided me with -

Guns go through character (only your screen)

Stand over any weapon press RT,LT, left or right on the d pad, and X. If done correctly, you should be holding nothing, then switch to the gun you just picked up (and should be holding), when you start moving you will notice that it passes through you, it stops if you aim or switch weapon.

Invisible character (only your screen)

Equip a sniper rifle, press B, LT and click the right thumbstick at the same time and you shoud become completely invisible with only your guns.

Kung fu backflip

(First thing is that this is under cheat becuase theres not a glitch section but bare with me) In gears of war there is all sorts of things to take cover on and to do this glitch it as to be a sertin kind of cover. It's the hurtle cover this is something you can jump over. (sadly to say this is only to people who have xbox live)(the best way to do this glitch is to have the snub pistol out and be looking down on your charecter, this helps get you higher in the air) When you are in cover and when you press up on the left stick you should see a symbol come up on the screen it's to jump over the oblect but when you see this press back on the left stick and if you start levatating (hovering) backward press (all at the same time) Back on the left stick and A, B. If you do it corectlly your gu..

RAAM Trouble?

Demonsbayne here! Having trouble with RAAM? Well allow me to help you on all three difficulties! And yes... on Insane it WILL suck.


Grab a Torque Bow and a longshot and head outside. A fully charged Torque Bow shot will get the Kryll off RAAM, then use the longshot, aim at his ugly head, and fire, you definatly should be able to pull this off without getting killed, especially since it's on casual. If he gets to close, then make a run for the long block on the other cart in from of you, but be carefull of the kryll, there may not be much light, but you should make it if you run.


Still grab the Torque Bow, but now you have a choice. If you are quick at headshots, then still use the longshot, if not, use a lancer. I suggest the lancer for it's fi..

Beserker distraction

This is pretty simple concept, to distract the beserker away from you or Dom just blind throw grenade away from you in a spot that will buy you time to position yourself so you can defeat her.

EasiER boomer kill

If you are doing co-op this works even better

Be sure the boomer is somewhat distracted

Run up to it and stick it with a grenade

Jump backwards and run

Now he's dead

Chainsaw your self

When your the host have your lancer out. Walk over a new wep like boomshot and pick it up.. Then walk over it again.. And when you have boom shot hit X and B at the same time and you will chainsaw your self

Back Flip a.k.a. Kung Fu Flip

To do this, you need to be in cover against something that you can jump over,take out any weapon apart from the lancer or granades, now position the camera above your head, hold foward and quickly pull back and tap A (need to be very quick), if you do this right your guy should start to float upwards but it'll only be for a second or so, when floating hold back and tap A and B at the same time ... Can only be done on live when not hosting.

Great online cheats

First I am going to teach you the sky dive

Go to gridlock

Go to a pickup truck with your friend

Then get your friend on the truck half way so his feet are sticking out

After get close to him and touch him the make him move and get on your sie then go to his side.

Next go on the truck so now your hanging on nothing then run pretty much run on nothing but don't get off the truck.

Now just keep running for 3min and then do a backroll back an youll flip into the air and then land on the building an have fun

Now the Crabwalk

First get one the wall next to another one then look left untill you see the icon to move over.

Then press down a really fast an your guy should be moving weirdly

Dont go back to the wall you did or you..

Easy to get gamer points

For the Zen and the art of reloading achievements, simply fire your wepon once and reload, then try to get a perfect active reload, this can be slighty easier with a pistol, because it has a slighty larger perfect reload bar. Repeat this until you unlock Part I and Part II of the achievment.

Seriously Achievment Glitch

Ok, In this cheat explanation I will tell you how to get the seriously achievment without having 10000 kills.

Step 1. Find a person with the seriously achievment already.

Step 2. Get the account you would like to put seriously on, on the same xbox as the account with seriously on it.

Step 3. Set up your 360 to automatically load up to you disc if it is inserted in you 360 console.

Step 4. Set it up so that the account with the Seriously achievment on it will automatically sign in once your xbox 360 console is turned on.

Step 5. Now put in gears of war and reset your xbox 360 console.

Step 6. Your console should come up to the white xbox screen we all know and love... The second this screen turns black (which means GoW is loading) press your guide butto..

New logo

Complete the game on a insane difficulty to unlock a new logo on marcus fenixs back

Hope you kill raam on insane because it sure is hard

Best places to snipe

Best place to snipe in clock tower!!!!

PS. You will have to be able do the Kung Fu Flip to do this.

When you start out the game you would want to go where the boom shoot is located. When you jump over the cover to get to it you will want to go to the right side. Then take cove and do the Kung Fu Flip. If done the flip right you will want to move to the right in the air. If you land on the ledge of the bridge you will want to run to the bushes on the hill. When you pass the bushes you will be protected behind the bushes and will also be able to move around and snipe your opponent.

Place to snipe in gridlock!!!!

PS. You will have to be able do the Kung Fu Flip to do this.

When you start out the game you would want to be on the cog respond. Go to w..

Berserker pwn!

This is an easy and very quick way to kill a berserker:

. Hammer Of Dawn her ass

. Then grenade tag it

. Stand back

Voila! One dead berserker.

This works because the HOD temporarily weakens her armor, meaning bullets and explosions can harm her and grenade tag means instant death for any enemy on any difficulty with the exception of bosses

(Seeders Corsper and General RAAM)

Kill the Corpser!!!!!!!

You can kill the the corpser super easy all you do is shot the soft belly and when it screams unload a few rounds and it will move back. Continue to repeat this until you get it to go on the platform. Then you will see the smashable clamps and all you do is stand on it and when it attacks roll out of the way. Wretches will come use your shotgun to melee them. Go Get 'em!!! Smile

2 Ways to kill RAAM

Ok. In Act 5 Pale horse. Grab a sniper and an arrow thing. He is invincible when the bats are near him. Use the arrows to get the bats away. Then perfect reload and headshot him. Do it like 5 times and your good. The second way Co-op,have 1 guy grab a sniper and another the arrows. Make sure the arrow dude keeps the bats off him...when the come back on shoot at again. At the times when the arrows and off....snipe his....head off

Long Jump

Press A+B+Hold Analog stick forward to do a long jump.

Note this only works on objects you could originally jump over like a ledge, fence, or crate.

People do not like other people using this glitch so be careful where you use it.

DONT use it in ranked you could get your account banned!

Use only with friends!

Leaving the Fuel Depot

When in the Fuel Depot online, go into the hanger where the Hammer of Dawn is located. To the left of the Hammer, there is a shelf with a bottle on it. Shoot it with the SNUB pistol so that it falls off the shelf and in front of the ledge that you can use to get up to the higher level of the hanger. Then, quickly run into and jump over the wall. Do this by rapidly tapping A and pressing forward. You will fall under the level, where you can hide out and end the match in a tie.

Suviving Grenade Tag

If you are ever tagged by a grenade on versus, here is what you do.

The person that Grenade Tags you usually runs away to run from the blast. However, with the right timing, you can chase after them and use your chainsaw to cut them to bits. The grenade will go off, but you will not be killed. Your health will be almost completely diminished, but you can hide and wait to get it back.

Under the map

Go to the map with the wearhouse then go to the wearhouse in the middle then go next to the at the far right then put the bleech bottle wear you can take cover on it then take cover on it then jump over the wall.


Easy way too tag and not run out

You want to get a grenade then get a pistol out shoot once then while it's reloading push up on the d-pad as if to get out grenades hit reload more than 3 times eg 5 then chuck all of the grenades if you have done this right you should have grenades out but can't see them then you can tag as many times a you want if you can't do or want more glitches add me joshpq with no caps or spaces just how it's writen ENJOY!!!

Standing Rodie Run - Gridlock

Okay so all you need is a lancer and how to do a chainsaw jump (also called "long jump")

Okay so what you do is go to the flowerpots (by the water front) stand on the top of the stairs and look at the corner furthest from you then chainsaw jump to it and if done correctly you show be in cover but above the ground. Okay so now that your up there push you LS in the direction of the water, it should show the symbol that you can go to cover in a different spot. Press "A" to go there and you should crouch now keep pressing RT until you fire after firing get off the wall by looking behind you and pressing the LS forward (may take a few tries) when you are off the wall it looks like your really lagging but still moving, and going very fast, that means it is done correctly.

Out of Tyro Station

Okay for this glitch what you have to do is on the side where you turn only left to get the torque bow is the best side to do this glitch. So when your at the torque you should see a spot that looks like this \__/ go on cover near that spot and run on the wall to the other side (if you where -->\__/ you would run to \__/

Weapon Damage - Mele Damage and Cog and Locust Health

This is the damage each weapon does when it's in your possession. Damage listed from Casual difficulty to Insane. After the firing damage is the melee damage listed in the same order.

Lancer: 20, 20, 20 - instant kill

Hammerburst: 28, 26, 26 - 34, 31, 31

Gnasher: 180, 180, 180 - 216, 540, 540

Longshot: 350, 350, 350 - 420, 420, 420

Boomshot: 525, 525, 525 - 315, 630, 630

Torquebow: 708, 708, 708 - 850, 850, 850

Snub Pistol: 50, 50, 50 - 60, 60, 60

Boltok Pistol: 150, 150, 150 - 180, 180, 180

Locust & COG Health

The locust and COG health listed from casual to insane.

Drone(has a chest piece): 250, 550, 650

Grenadier(no chest armor): 250, 550, 650

Sniper: 75, 150, 150

Boomer: 1750, 2500, 2500


Chainsaw two way explosion glitch

Shoot a little bit of your ammo out then get action reload the when you get action reload switch to the gun you want it on and hit Rt, Lt, B at the same time and it will work this is how it works when you die the guy you did it on will die at the same time you die.(this one took me a while to master)

How to stop the two way explosion glitch

When you get chainsawed (mostly by shotgun)when he stopes chainsawing you have to stick him with a gernade(smoke) and chainsaw him back(regular chain saw)and that should stop it.

Rodie Run / Crabwalk

This cheat/glitch still works after the "annex" update and only on xbox live when not hosting. To do this, take cover against any wall that you can swat roll (roll from 1 wall to another). Get ready to swat roll but a split second before you tap A, push the analog stick back, (may take a few tries, works in pretty much any map in most places), your guy should now appear to be standing but is shaking, congrats you've done it! Just don't go near the wall you were supposed to get to. WARNING- do not do on ranked games as you may get banned.

Get out of level on bullet marsh

Ok I think you might have to be locust for this one but find the vehicle blocking the entrance to bullet marsh and then turn around and stay straight when you get to a place with three barrels on the left side of the wall and a little further up there are three barrels on the right side of the wall from here get out your shotgun and run at the corner of the barrels and when your guy starts to twitch do the frontward roll and youll get on top of a wall and then just head staright to get out of the level. Don't try this on xbox live or I will pick a random person from the apposing team to give the kill to. OK HAVE FUN.

To do rodie walk: (on any level, but gridlock is..

to do rodie walk: (on any level, but gridlock is best for first try) when u are at spawn point keep to the brick wall(left or right)and you will see blocks by block, which pass that is the sniper spot, before there, and after spawn point, stand where you can swat jump(where you swicth sides) and prees where you are going to jump, but before you jump, move back, so its like this:go where your going,A, a (very quick) move back.(< or > A, quick let go of < or > and move back) if u do it right when you are runing also are shakeing. to stop click B, or jump, or hold A when you run. (dont do it in rank maps, or ask host first before doing rodie run or any other "thing"). have fun

Finding Cog Tags

There Are Thirty Cog Tags And They are hard to find but to make it abit easy look for a red gear logo pasted on the wall if u find a large room with that logo u bound to find a cog tag in there

COG Tags

Demonsbayne here! Need those COG Tags? Well allow me to help! Since I don't want to spoil all the fun, I'll just tell you the Chapter and how many are found in it.

Act 1

14 Years After E-Day- 3 COG Tags

Trial By Fire- 2 Tags

Fish In A Barrel- 1 Tag

Knock Knock- 1 Tag

Hammer- 2 Tags

China Shop- 3 Tags

Act 2

Tick Tick Boom- 1 Tag

Grist- 2 Tags

Lethal Dusk- 2 Tags

Dark Labyrinth- 1 Tag

Act 3

Downpour- 1 Tag

Evolution- 1 Tag

Coalition Cargo- 1 Tag

Darkest Before Dawn- 3 Tags

Act 4

Campus Grinder- 1 Tag

Bad To Worse- 1 Tag

Imaginary Place- 1 Tag

Act 5

Train Wreck- 3 Tags

Another Easier Way to beat RAAM

Do the Torque bow and Sniper Rifle routine. But only this time when he gets close to you... Just Grenade Tag him! It should work

Never die glitch(am i the first person to figur this out)

Get an opponent down on multiplayer,stand a far distense then fire at the head and it should make a ding-ding-ding noisebut your apponant wont die


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