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Snub Guide

by Pokefab

 _______  _______  _______  _______  _______ 
(  ____ \(  ____ \(  ___  )(  ____ )(  ____ \
| (    \/| (    \/| (   ) || (    )|| (    \/
| |      | (__    | (___) || (____)|| (_____ 
| | ____ |  __)   |  ___  ||     __)(_____  )
| | \_  )| (      | (   ) || (\ (         ) |
| (___) || (____/\| )   ( || ) \ \__/\____) |
(_______)(_______/|/     \||/   \__/\_______)
 _______  _______             _______  _______ 
(  ___  )(  ____ \  |\     /|(  ___  )(  ____ )
| (   ) || (    \/  | )   ( || (   ) || (    )|
| |   | || (__      | | _ | || (___) || (____)|
| |   | ||  __)     | |( )| ||  ___  ||     __)
| |   | || (        | || || || (   ) || (\ (   
| (___) || )        | () () || )   ( || ) \ \__
(_______)|/         (_______)|/     \||/   \__/
P O K E F A B ' S   -   S N U B   -   G U I D E
-----------------[Version 1.0]-----------------

To go to a specific area in the guide, just press 
Ctrl + F, and type in the code in the bracets.

[A100]- Introduction
[A200]- Breaking Down the Snub
[B100]- Strategies
	[B1000]- Combinations
	[B2000]- Pistol-Whipping
	[B3000]- Long Range
	[B4000]- VS.
	[B5000]- Campaign
	[B6000]- Map to Map
[B200]- Conclusion
[B300]- Updates
[B400]- Copyright


[A100]- Introduction
Welcome to my Gears of War Snub guide. This guide
will detail one of the most underestimated weapons
in the game, show you how to use and utilize it,
where it's found, and what it's good against. What
most people don't realize about the Snub is just
how deadly it can be. It's very satisfying taking
off someone's head or beating them down only to
look over and see their mouth drop, or hear a loud
"What the fuck!?" come from their mouths. I hope 
you can find some use from this guide.


[A200]- Breaking Down the Snub
In this section you'll basically get all the info
you'll ever need to know about the Snub pistol;
what it can do, how much it can hold, ESSENTIALS
to be good with the weapon. If you really want to 
be a Snub master, you first need to get to know
the weapon.

Firing Rate:
As fast as you can pull the trigger. The kick to
the gun is extremely low as well, making for some
great speed overall.

Reload Rate:
Faster than average. (2.0)

Active Reload:
Not very much more powerful at all than the normal.
Meter: (___|__|_____|_______)
       Perfect | Good

The Snub's AR has a slightly larger perfect area than
most guns in the game, however, but you'll need to be
quick-thinking in order to hit the perfect spot just
right; it's close to the beginning. You'll more want
to use the Snub's AR for the lightning-fast reload
time. And if you jam, you'll have around an average
wait time before you can start shooting again.

Ammo Capacity:
(Campaign) Full: 72 rounds
(Campaign) Magazine: 12 rounds

(Multiplayer) Full: 48 rounds
(Multiplayer) Magazine: 12 rounds

In both the multiplayer and campaign modes, the Snub
can contain a large number of lead, and ammo is
also plentiful in both modes.

Campaign Damages:
Player: Casual (50), Casual Melee (60), Hardcore (50),
Hardcore Melee (60), Insane (50), Insane Melee (60)

AI: Casual (50), Casual Melee (60), Hardcore (50),
Hardcore Melee (60), Insane (50), Insane Melee (60)

As you can see, all the damages and melee damages are
the same on all difficulties for both AI and player,
making for a balanced campaign weapon.

Multiplayer Damages:
Base Damage: 90
Short Range: 100%
Medium Range: 100%
Long Range: 60%

7 normal shots to the torso for a down
6 normal shots to the head for a kill

6 AR shots to the torso for a down
6 AR shots to the head for a kill

2 melee hits for a down

So, as you can see, the Snub is a fast gun; one of if
not THE fastest default weapon in the game. The reload
speeds are quick, and the AR only adds on to that speed.
You can also get a slight 2x zoom in by clicking the 
Right stick on your controller. It's a little known fact, 
but it helps for long-range fights, or when you're trying 
to pop a head off. It's not a zoom compared to the 
Longshot, but it's enough. The Snub also has adequete
damage ratios in both modes of play, making it a good
default weapon to master.


[B100]- Strategies
This will be a complilation of strategies widely used and
effective. Just shooting fast won't work; you need to know
HOW to use this weapon. Now, before you go off and try one
of these, expecting to immedietly kick ass, remember:
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Don't stop practicing now matter how
many times you may get fragged in the process; it's the only
way to learn and refine your technique. Every strategy works 
different for every different player.

	[B1000]- Combinations
Here, I'll give a list of combinations that the Snub goes good
with. Some weapons work like mashed potatoes and gravy, and 
others are like spaghetti and salsa.

Snub & Longshot:
The Snub and the Longshot have an interesting relationship.
Most people nowadays use the Longshot's deadly AR to down an
enemy. The best way to then quickly take him out is 1-2 quick
Snub shots. But if you can't get an AR shot in, and maybe you
get the hit with a regular shot, the enemy will most likely
retreat. Now, instead of reloading and shooting again, take
out your Snub and rapid fire his running ass. The Snub is a 
great weapon for suppresing fire.

Snub & Lancer:
Well... Snub and the Lancer... These two really don't work
together, they more or less clash- more on this in the VS. 

Snub & Gnasher:
The Gnasher of course is a great short to mid range weapon,
as can be the Snub. When you are using the Gnasher you're most
likely going for SPLAT!, and if you're in the heat of the
moment, there's just no time to switch to your Snub, and 
sometimes it doesn't even make sense to do so- but sometimes
it does. If you surprise an enemy with the Gnasher, and don't
quite finish him off, the Gnasher blast with most likely stun
the enemy, allowing you to get in a quick 1-3 Snub shots for
the down. (This isn't highly recommended at all, but worth
a try.) You can also try meleeing the enemy with the Snub, get
off a few shots, and then go for the kill with the Gnasher.

Snub & Torque Bow:
There's really no combo here, because with the Torque Bow, 
you're probably going to get a kill if you hit. But, a 
good technique is to fire a shot at the ground, 
creating an explosion, and you can then switch to your 
Snub allowing for a beat-down of misery.

Snub & Boomshot:
The Boomshot has nice splash damage, but if you get anywhere close,
you're either going to down or get a kill. This is another stun
the enemy and rapid fire situations.

Snub & Hammerburst:
The Hammerburst is great for blindfire, as well as holding an enemy
off. Most people will take the bursts until they have to run or take
cover, giving you time to try and cut him down with a few Snub blasts.

Snub & Boltok:
There is no possible combination here, really, unless you
have a teammate firing at the same time, but that still
doesn't present much opportunity.

Snub & Hammer of Dawn:
This is another one of those you-need-a-teammate with you
to do it. You can lay down suppresing fire to keep the enemy
in his place, while your buddy lays down the law with a 
blast from the Hammer. As the foe scatters, you can continue
laying the rapid fire while your friend has the beam follow
the enemy.

Snub & Frags:
Frags are great for flushing an enemy out, leaving him open
to your Snub bullet-rains.

	[B2000]- Pistol-Whipping
Pistol-Whipping is the Big Kahuna of Snub technqiues. It is
oh-so-simple; 2 hip-fired shots at the enemy followed by a
quick melee strike for the down, or the other way around. Be
warned; most people who you use this against will scream and
cry because it's 'cheap', etc. The list goes on. But honestly
it's a very fair tactic that requires skill, good timing, and
some luck. Here you'll learn how to master this amazing

Well, before you go in for a Pistol-Whip barrage, make sure
your magazine is totally full; AR doesn't hurt either. Most
players will see you out with the Snub and laugh- but you
know better, and they will too. The easiest way to start a
pistol-whip attack is to first start to rapid fire a few rounds-
usually until you're around half way done, or a little less.

The enemy will usually scatter, and if you are that close,
they will also most likely have the Gnasher out. Don't worry
about that, just keep circling them will blindfiring a few times.

But soon you'll need to move in, constantly rolling into and
away from the enemy as you blindfire, and go for the melee. If there
was some time between your melee strike and the required two shots
to down him, don't fret; as he is stunned, blind fire a few shots
to finish him off.

Now, instead of going for the cocky curb-stomp, simply bash his
head in to finish him or shoot his head off with the Snub;
when you use this technique, unless you are swift, it can
attract a lot of attention, so you'll want to get in and out.

Pistol-whipping works best for surprising the crap out of snipers/
Torque-Bow users, and Gnasher users who don't work well under
pressure. All you need to remember is to keep blindfiring, moving
erratically, and melee striking.

	[B3000]- Long-range
Long range with a pistol? Pfft. That's probably what you're thinking,
right? Well, just when you thought that close/mid range was the 
only thing the Snub was good for, think again. The Snub is
also a great weapon for laying down some much needed supressing
fire, and if you're fast enough, or even if an ignorant
opponent thinks he can take you down with a Lancer, you can down them
VERY easily. And I mean VERY easily. The Snub and longer ranges
is the most underrated thing in the game. Period. You'll
find yourself using this without thinking when you've just got
done pistol-whipping. Remember, use the 2x zoom, and fire that
trigger as fast as you can. The Snub is also very accurate; another 
great attribute to have with long-range firing, and it can be great 
for cutting down fleeing enemies, or simply finishing a downed 
enemy that's far away off.

	[B4000]- VS.
This section will show you how to deal with each type of weapon
user at all three ranges- short, mid, and long. You can also get
info on how to deal with Chainsawers, laggers, other pistol-whippers,
among many other types of techniques.

Snub VS. Lancer:
Well, if the player you're fighting isn't exactly a chainsawer,
but able to chainsaw, you want to stay a bit back. Roll backwards
a lot, and move to the side while blindfiring.

Mid range is the Lancer's strong point. It's best to stay behind
cover and blindfire until he reloads, then pop up and get a 
few good shots in and move in for the melee.

Due to the new update, the Lancer is more powerful this time
around. If you're going to stick with the Snub, close the distance
and lay down some fire, but I wouldn't try it.

Snub VS. Longshot:
Simply go in for the pistol-whip or down, but watch the AR
and the sometimes deadly melee-to-a-blindfire shot.

No scoped headshots are a real problem here, as is AR, so stay
back, keep covered, close some distance and rapid fire.

Throw a smoke grenade in there and close the distance.
Most snipers don't like close range fights, especially when they're
getting pistol-whipped. Be sure to move erratically.

Snub VS. Boomshot:
Watch out for a badass blindfire shot at your feet to down
you. Simply move around and go for the pistol-whip or
headshot. Most won't go for the blindfire, due of risk of
an unwanted suicide.

Watch out for a well-aimed shot at the ground; most shots in
the air you'll be able to avoid, but again, move in for the

The Boomshot has an arc to it's shot, so unless you're
out in the open, you're safe here. Use the same technique as you
would with a Lancer; rapid fire with the 2x zoom.

Snub VS. Torque Bow:
Watch for a shot to the ground followed by a Gnasher/Snub blast.
Other than that you're good to go for a pistol-whip or a headshot.

Skilled players are deadly accurate with this thing at mid/long ranges;
keep moving, and wait for the reload to stop and aim for a rapid
fire, or move in for the pistol-whip.

Use the same technique as you would a sniper. Listen for
the Torque Bow winding up!

Snub VS. Boltok:
Simply rapid fire for the down or headshot; a pistol-whip will work
as well.

Watch for the headshots, but other than that, simply rapid fire.

If anyone uses this weapon for long range, they should be shot.
Simply zoom and rapid fire.

Snub VS. Snub:
Watch out for pistol-whip. This will come down to skill.

Watch for rapid fire and distance closers.

Who's more accurate? That is the question.

Snub VS. Hammerburst:
WATCH FOR BLINDFIRE! This is important, and it can surprise 
you how deadly it is; roll around, close the short distance
for the whip as you blindfire.

This weapon is deadly at both longer and mid ranges, so watch
for accurate bursts of shots. Just move erratically while rapid
firing and try and go in for the whip.

Again, watch for accurate shooters. Stay behind good cover
as you rapid fire with the 2x zoom.

Snub VS. Hammer of Dawn:
Such an easy kill. Do whatever you want; shoot, pistol whip,
anything. The Hammer of Dawn takes three melee shots to 
down instead of two, so you're plenty safe.

Still, probably forget about it, but if so, move in on his ass
and pistol-whip it into shape. A VERY easy kill.

Simply move erratically, close the distance, rapid fire.

Snub VS. Frags:
Watch for skilled taggers. Don't go for the whip; simply blindfire
and roll back. If you get far enough watch for the throw, and rapid

Watch for blindfire throws, followed by a rush for the tag. 
Move around and rapid fire. Don't move in for the whip.

Most won't throw at long range due to the long throwing animation.
If so, simply rapid fire until he is down.

Snub VS. a Chainsawer:
Pistol whip works generally well in this case, as long as you are
constantly firing, making him/her bring down the chainsaw bayonet.
Just remember, don't aim, blindfire.

Snub VS. a Tagger:
Stay back, and don't move in for the pistol whip. Roll around, and
try for the headshot. By now they'll probably blind throw a frag
to draw you in, but simply roll away to the sides, instead of back
towards the frag, and keep blindfiring at midrange, and aiming at

Snub VS. a lagger:
Lag is horrible with a pistol whip, due to the innability to melee.
Your best bet is to blindfire a lot, and stay back to watch for the
unexpected melee attack or frag.

Snub VS. a camper:
Campers will usually have the Longshot, so close the distance, and try
and flush them out with a smoke grenade or frag. Go in with a teammate,
and lay down supporting fire as he goes in to flush him out and you
can finish the fleeing enemy off.

	[B5000]- Campaign
This section will tell you how to take out each of the enemies
in campaign effectively and efficiently with the Snub.

Casual (250HP), Hardcore (550HP), Insane (650HP)
Only try it in Casual and Hardcore. They are pretty effective with
melee attacks with their Hammerburst, so just rapid fire.

Casual (250HP), Hardcore (550HP), Insane (650HP)
Simple; stay back and rapid fire with AR, and try for the headshot.
Use your zoom.

Casual (75HP), Hardcore (150HP), Insane (150HP)
Just move around a bit, and go for the whip. They are very weak, and
of course have no melee skill.

Casual (1750HP), Hardcore (2500HP), Insane (2500HP)
Well, at a damage rate of 50 per hit, you'll need to hit the Boomer
around 100 times before you kill it. In other words, don't try.

Casual (350HP), Hardcore (800HP), Insane (900HP)
Oh, these guys are tough. But, since they rely on the Torque Bow,
you can get a little close and rapid fire.

Casual (75HP), Hardcore (150HP), Insane (150HP)
Around Casual is of course the most effective time to pistol whip
these guys. Just simply hit them once or twice + melee.

Casual (75HP), Hardcore (200HP), Insane (200HP)
Basically these guys take 1 more shot for your Snub to get them
taken down. If you are going to melee, always roll back so
they don't blow you up.

Casual (15HP), Hardcore (25HP), Insane (25HP)
One 2x zoom shot will take these guys down.

Casual (5000HP), Hardcore (5000HP), Insane (5000HP)
No. The Hammer of Dawn is the only weapon that can take
these guys down.

Casual (6500HP), Hardcore (8500HP), Insane (12000HP)
Actually, if you want to distract it, fire off a few shots, but
you're better off reving your chainsaw.

Casual (10000HP), Hardcore (10000HP), Insane (10000HP)
Don't try it?

Casual (750HP), Hardcore (1500HP), Insane (1500HP)
Again, no.

Casual (3500HP), Hardcore (5500HP), Insane (7000HP)
If you are really desperate, try rapid/blind firing him up.
Otherwise, don't try it.

	[B6000]- Map to Map
This section will tell you about how to use the Snub on each map.
Hone these strategies for each map, and you'll be a Snub master
is no time.

There is one thing that defines Gridlock from all the other maps;
the mad dash for the Longshot at the beginning of each match. The Snub's
pistol whip is perfect for either taking out oncoming players trying to
grab at the Longshot, keeping an enemy at bay from getting up the stairs,
or taking enemies out that are moving up. The cars in this map also
make for some great quick-flank Snub opportunities.

Inside the Mansion, the Snub is pretty effective against oncoming players
trying to haul ass up the stairs, or great for pistol-whiping flankers
from the doors to each side. Outside, mostly you'll find fleeing enemies,
another perfect Snub scenario.

Since most players will pick up the Hammer of Dawn or Longshot, you'll
need to be closing the distance here at all times. Get inside the 
buildings if you're going to stick to the Snub, to avoid getting Hammer'd
and sniped in the open. Watch for people's feet in the cracks of the 
garage-style doors, and shoot at players from there.

Agian, most will pick up the Torque Bow, Hammer of Dawn, or Longshot,
so move around a lot, throw smoke grenades, close the distance, and
go for the crazy blind-fire pistol whip.

Raven Down is a small map, perfect for the Snub/Gnasher combo. You
can even try to shoot stubborn Gnasher users from across the level
with the 2x scope. Roll a lot, and use the whip.

Old Bones has some open areas and some crazy corridors, so choose
your strategy wisely and adapt to the situation accordingly. You'll
probably be close to the enemy or across from him.

Canals is a common Longshot/Torque Bow level, so keep your head down.
If you're going to use the Snub, you'll be using it against a sniper or
Torque Bow user you've caught up in a corner, or a camper in the spawn

Mausoleum has a lot of gravestones, which makes for cramped quarters,
another great area for the Snub/Gnasher or pistol whip combo. But watch 
for snipers and Boomshot users from slightly above.

Well, you'll either be going up with teammates to grab the Longshot, or
down and up to flank the enemy from behind. I suggest flanking, because
not a lot of people expect it, and it's great for helping your team
by pistol whiping one of the Lancer abusers pinning them down.

If you're starting on the top, move down quickly and throw in some
smoke grenades to block out sniper fire. Get in their face quickly.
If you're on the bottom, either stay down and provide 2x zoom support
for your snipers, and support their close-range attackers, or, go up
and try to take out any campers using the pistol-whip, or flush them
down for your snipers to pick off.

You'll need to watch for Torque Bow users here. Try to use the under-
ground parking area to meet enemies, using your 2x zoom to try and
pick them off. If they get close, simply blindfire and whip. Try
to close distance between Torque Bow users, as always.

War Machine is a pretty small, cramped map, so you'll either be
using your 2x zoom to pick enemies off from a little way away,
or be up in the enemy's face pistol whiping him. Remember to watch
for the occasional Torque Bow user and sniper. Grab the frags, and
blind throw a few in before getting up close.


[B200]- Conclusion
So, that's it. You now know everything there is to know about
the Snub pistol, the weapon of them all. Perfect for close up fights,
great for the long-ranged httbattle as well, and good in the middle.
Although underestimated, the Snub is one of the most powerful
weapons in the game if used correctly. Above all, I have to say
after you've read this guide (If you are serious about using the
Snub.) RE-READ it. You'll find things you missed before. I
thank you VERY much for your time, and I really hope you learned
a thing or two about the Snub. If you have any questions, comments,
complaints, or contributions, PLEASE contact me at fabiobiancarelli@ You will be credited and thanked. I appreciate all and 
any help.


[B300]- Updates
Version 1.0-
(July 8th-9th, 2007):
-Grammar fixes
-VS. section updated/fixed
-Added B6000, 'Map to Map'
-Updated 'Copyright' section
-Small 'Combination' fixes


[B400]- Copyright
Copyright 2007 by Fabio Biancarelli. This FAQ may be reproduced with
permission for any purpose, and may not be reproduced without
permission. Contact me at [email protected].

Sites allowed to use: