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Follow the dark path or use the light
Final Fantasy Hub


by shadow_571

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 _____ _             _   _____           _                   __  _____ ___ _
|  ___(_)_ __   __ _| | |  ___|_ _ _ __ | |_ __ _ ___ _   _  \ \/ /_ _|_ _|_ 
| |_  | | '_ \ / _` | | | |_ / _` | '_ \| __/ _` / __| | | |  \  / | | | | | 
|  _| | | | | | (_| | | |  _| (_| | | | | || (_| \__ \ |_| |  /  \ | | | | |  
|_|   |_|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|  \__,_|_| |_|\__\__,_|___/\__, | /_\__\_|___|___|

Final Fantasy XIII FAQ/Walkthrough By Shadow_571.
Version 0.40, Last Updated: 8/1/2010
Author: Shadow_571
Contact Info: [email protected]

Legal Bits: This Guide is copyrighted to Shadow_571.

Reproducing this guide for anything other than personal, private use, is
a direct vilation of copyright, this includes selling it for profit
claiming it as your own and ETC 

FFXIII is a trademark of Square Enix

This Guide may only be hosted on and all of it's associates.

Table of Contents
A Table of Contents serves the purpose of identifying the sections of the 
guide and for quick use, using a non-formatted FAQ.
-Just copy and paste the section code into the Find and Replace box 
(CTRL-F)  for quick navigation through the guide.
1. Introduction..........................[cr1]
2. Game Basics...........................[cr2]
  2.1 Controls...........................[cr2.1]
  2.2 Party Menu.........................[cr2.2]
  2.3 The ATB battle system..............[cr2.3]
  2.4 Battle Screen......................[cr2.4]
  2.5 Optima.............................[cr2.5]
  2.6 Crystarium System..................[cr2.6]
  2.7 Summons............................[cr2.7]
  2.8 Weapon and accessory remodelling...[cr2.8]
3. Trophies..............................[cr3]
  3.1 Bronze Trophies....................[cr3.1]
  3.2 Silver Trophies....................[cr3.2]
  3.3 Gold Trophies......................[cr3.3]
4. Walkthrough...........................[cr3]
  4.1 Chapter 1, Hanged Edge.............[cr4.1]
  4.2 Chapter 2, The Pulse Fal'Cie.......[cr4.2]
  4.3 Chapter 3, Lake Bilge..............[cr4.3]
  4.4 Chapter 4, The Vile Peaks..........[cr4.4]
  4.5 Chapter 5, The Gapra Whitewoods....[cr4.5]
5. Credits...............................[cr5]

Introduction [cr1]
Welcome all to my second FAQ on Gamefaqs, this time it is for
the highly anticipated, Final Fantasy XIII, my Japanese is not
the best but thankfully is good enough to get me through the game
and write this FAQ, expect large updates as soon as the US version comes

I'll try to make this guide the best I can.
Game Basics [cr2]
In this section I'll cover all the aspects of how FFXIII basically works,
in the most comprehensive manner possible, there is a lot to learn so I
can't help but make thsi section long.

Controls [cr2.1]
-X Button: Select/ perform an action/ select target (in battle)
-O Button: Cancel option/ action
-/\ Button: Execute Commands (in battle)/ Open Party Menu.
-[] Button: Open area map/ Activate summon driving mode.
-Right analog stick:Move Camera
-Left analog stick: Move Character/ Move while in summon driving mode
-D-Pad: Select Target/ Command/ Select Reverse Smoke.
-L1 Button: Optima Change/ Activate Selected Reverse Smoke.
-R1 Button: Libra Information (in battle)
-Pause Button:Pauses Game
-Select Button:Resume Game/Show and Hide Map.
The Party Menu [cr2.2]
The party menu is the central place where you can view all of your
characters, develop their roles using the Crystarium system, or
change the roles to be set in battle using the Optima change.

A full translation that's in order of the party menu is below:

-Area Map

-Optima: Optima brings you into a small Optima change menu, here
you can set roles to change into in battle, this is extremely
important to both your strategy and survival in battle, you
can set up to 5 roles to use in battle using this menu, this
will be further detailed later on.

-Status: Choosing this option takes you into the status menu, this
will let you see a whole bunch of stuff about your selected character
make sure you check this often.

-Crystarium: This is the "Levelling up" of this game, you can learn
abilities and improve your statuses for your different roles.

-Abilities: the abilities menu checks the selected characters abilities
in his or her current role.

-Equipment: You can equip weapons or accessories that you upgrade or
find in treasure during the game.

-Items: This screen let's you see the items you have and set the items
you have for use in battle, remember to use this a lot, and to keep a
pheonix down 


Trophies [cr3]

This section will explain all the trophies in the game and a small 
description on how to get them, don't get all Agrro on me because I don't 
give you 10 Paragraphs on how to get 5 Starts on the Final Boss.

Bronze Trophies [cr3.1]
1. Instrument of Fate
Took the First steps towards challenging an unjust fate.
Decription: Destroy the Manasvin Warmech at the start of the game.

2. Instrument of Dissent
Survived the Purge to confront a greater peril.
Description: Complete Chapter 1: Hanged Edge.

3. Instrument of Tragedy
Strode into Danger's den and paid the consequences.
Decription: Complete Chapter 2: The Pulse Fal'Cie.

4. Instrument of Flight
Slipped through the net and lived to fight another day.
Description: Complete Chapter 3: Lake Bilge.

5. Instrument of Vengeance (I had a feeling this trophy was coming!)
Resolved to be more than a victim of cirsumstance.
Description: Complete Chapter 4: The Vile Peaks.

6. Instrument of Survival
Evaded pursuers, though memories of the past still gave chase.
Description: Complete Chapter 5: The Gapra Whitewoods.

7. Instrument of Rebellion
Made plans to infiltrate enemy-occupied territory.
Description: Complete Chapter 6: The Sunleth Waterscape.

8. Instrument of Shame
Carried the burden of guilt to the end of the line.
Description: Complete Chapter 7: Palumpolum.

9. Intrument of Wrath
Took light to the enemies door.
Description: Complete Chapter 8: Nautilus

10. Instrument of Truth
Recognized the true threat to the worlds future
Description: Finish Chapter 9: Sanctum Skyfleet-The Palamecia

11. Instument of Hope
Travelled to the world below, seeking a way to alter fate.
Decription: Finish Chapter 10: Fifth Ark

12. Pulsan Pioneer
Took Over 10,000 steps on the lowerworld surface
Description: Repair Pukatai in Woruba Town

13. Gyshal Wreath
Discovered buried treasure with help from a chocobo
Description: Acquire a Ribbon in Chocobo Digging

14. Kelger's Cup
Decription: Complete all the low level Cie'eth Stone Missions.

15. Xezat's Chalice
Description: Complete all the medium level Cie'th Stone Missions.

16. Commando's Seal
Description: Master the Commando (Attacker) Role
PS. I think they've mistreanslated these trophies or changed the name 
of the roles for the NA release...

17. Ravager's Seal
Description: Master the ravager (Blaster) Role.

18. Sentinel's Seal
Description: Master the Sentinel (Defender) Role.

19. Saboteur's Seal
Description: Master the Saboteur's (Jammer) Role.

20. Synergist's Seal
Description: Master the Synergist (Enhancer) Role.

21. Medic's Seal
Description: Master the Medic (Healer) Role.

Silver Trophies [cr3.2]
1. Instrument of Faith
Defied destiny's charge and embarked on a different path
Description: Complete Chapter 11: Gran Pulse.

2. Exorcist
Triumphed over Undying lowerworld souls in seven fierce battles.
Description: Complete Mission 54

3. Floraphobe
Toppled a green terror and cut an oversized succulent down to size (ha, 
ha Square Enix >_>)
Description: Complete Mission 64

4. Natural Selector
Complete Titan's Trails
Description: Complete Mission 51

5. Dorgann's Trophy
Description: Complete all the high-levelled Cie'th Stone missions

6. Galuf's Trail
Description: Complete all Cie'th Stone Missions.

7. Limit Breaker
Description: Deal 100,000 or more damage with a single attack.

8. Adamant Will
Felled a heavyweight of the lowerworld wilds
Description: Defeat Rongui

9. Master's Seal
Description: Fully Developed ALL characters.

Gold Trophies [cr3.3]
1.Instument of Change
Witnessed the dawn of a new crystal legend.
Description: Finish the Game

2.L'Cie Paragon
Description: Earn a 5 star ranking for all the Cie'th Stone Missions.

3.Treasure Hunter
Description: Every Weapon and accessory has run through your hands.

Obtain the full attributes of 100 enemies.

Obtain a 5-star ranking in the battle to determine the world's fate.
Description: Earn 5-star Ranking on the final battle.

Ultimate Hero
Description: Obtain all the trophies in the game.

Those are all the trophies in the game.
Walkthrough [cr4]
Chapter 1, Hanged Edge [cr4.1]
Restricted Zone
You'll take control of Lightning and Sazh for this first part, after the
opening credits you'll immediatly be pitted against your first boss:

+++~~~..BOSS BATLLE..~~~+++
Boss Name: Manasvin Warmech.
HP: Phase 1: 1500, Phase 2: 1900, 3400HP overall.
This Boss has no Weaknessess available

This guy is basically just a tutorial fight, he'll fall extremely easily
just attack with both Lightning and Sazh and should your HP get low use
a potion or use the spell cure, too easy.

Remember to Skip the ATB tutorial.
Difficulty 1/10

After finishing of this guy he'll fall off the street, you'll get a cutscene
along with the bronze trophy "Instrument of Faith" once again you can 
choose   to skip the camera tutorial, the funny thing is all you need to 
know about the camera is that you can move it using the Right analog 
stick on your PS3 Controller.

Once you regain control, head further down the street, there should be a 
save point somewhere on the left, you can save here, later on you can 
shop and remodell accessories and weapons right here but don't worry 
about that right now.

Head straight down the path you were at before heading to the save 
point on the left, eventually you'll find a bunch of PSICOM soliders, just 
the battle and kill them, they're easy so just normal attacks and cure 
(only in critical conditions) should get you through really, really easily.

Once again continue, head over the wreckage blocking your path, there 
should be some PSICOM soldiers ahead of you once again, kill the 
sorry SOB's, then head over another pile of wreckage, they really made 
these maps way to linear..., loot the treasure on your left, return to the 
main path, continue forward once again for cut-scene time.

Return to the street once again, you'll find a save point squished over 
near some crates, once again continue on for another cut-scene, this 
will lead you into a battle once again, skip or take the item tutorial, it is 
entirely your
own choice, once you've mopped the floor with them use the stairs on 
the left of where you are, then jump down on to another platform, there 
should be some controls right there, press the O button to activate them 
and move the platform down to street-level, you'll have pissed off a 
PSICOM Official.

+++~~~..BOSS BATLLE..~~~+++
Boss Name: PSICOM Officer, 2x PSICOM Soldiers.
HP: Unknown
No weaknesses are available on this Boss.

This will be trickier than the Warmech, take care of the PSICOM Soliders 
first, then focus on the officer, once again cure and potions when your 
health is low, make sure Lightning does not fall, or otherwise you get a 
game over.

Make sure to Skip or Take the Chain Break tutorial.
Boss difficulty: 3/10
After this the section of Hanged Edge, you will lose control of Lightning 
and Sazh and gain control of Snow and the dedicated members of 
Team Nora.

Resistance Front
You'll start here, you'll be controlling Snow (Snow FTW!), continue 
straight down the road and you'll see a save point somewhere on your 
right, then as you keep on moving down you'll get a cut-scene, this will 
initiate your first fight with Snow and friends, this should be laughing 
easy with Snow's Grenade Skill, you can grind on the enemies here.

Eventually the Boss for Snow's area will spawn after continueing down 
the linear path:

+++~~~..BOSS BATLLE..~~~+++
Boss: Behemoth.
HP: Unknown
This Boss has no elemental weakness

This Boss is just easy central!, just use Snow's Grenade to keep it 
down and Team Nora's attacks to neuter it once and for all, an extremely 
easy boss.
Boss Difficulty: 0/10
You'll regain control of Sazh and Lightning for one battle, dispatch them 
ASAP so you can get back to controlling Snow and Team Nora.

Once back with Snow and Team Dora, I mean Nora, go and kill the 
enemies and then you'll eventually find some steps (no save point 
ehh??) proceed through all of the steps and you'll get a small battle, 
mop the floor with them then inspect the hoverbikes to end this chapter.

Bronze Trophy "Instrument of Dissent" is earned for finishing Hanged 
Edge, for chapter 2, we will gain control of Hope and Vanille
Chapter 2: The Pulse Fal'Cie [cr4.2]
Lowerworld Vestige
You'll arrive at the Fal'Cie, then you'll be thrust into a rather simple battle 
with Vanille and Hope, once you're finished with the enemies then go to 
the save point and buy iron bangles for 50Gil for all your Characters, the 
notable chest here is one that yields a new weapon for Lightning, there 
is an arrow telling you where to go, on a linear map like this you should 
almost no trouble gettign to your destination.

Follow the arrows and fight off all the enemies in here, you'l also get a 
tutorial on pre-emptive strike, skip it or take it, but pre-emptive stikes just 
means an advantage at the start of the battle by initiating the battle by 
touching the enemy on the back.

Area Abilities (like your good friend Grenade) work very well against the 
monsters here, the boss shouldn't be very far off in this Linear map, the 
bosses name is unknown to me so should you have the data, send it to 

+++~~~..BOSS BATLLE..~~~+++
Boss Name: Unknown
HP: Unknown
There are no weaknesses available for this Boss.

Not the easy treatment you have been getting in the previous bosses, 
just kill the arms ASAP, then get to the body, don't worry about getting 
the arms after they regenerate, that would just take way too long, the 
arms will regenerate as many times as they want until you kill the body.

Area Skills and Curing make this boss a dull boss.
Boss Difficulty: 5.5/10
You will gain the bronze trophy "Instrument of Tragedy"
Chapter 3: Lake Bilge [cr4.3]
Hmm...This place looks so much like Macalania Forest from FFX, yet 
they named it "Lake Bilge" ....Please, Square Enix, anyways take the little 
loop on the left and get the little orb to nab the treasure inside, Return to 
the main road and jump on the crystal right in front of you.

Run ahead and you'll see some enemies run ahead and kill the 
enemies, keep on running and grab the treasure, run back and go 
through the cross road on the left, keep on moving ahead you'll find 
some jumping gecko enemies, attack them, then obtain the treasure 
that's there, run back and head through the rather obvious path and 
save your game the save point, go around the fork in the road, your party 
members will have a conversation, then you'll have a scene again, 
follow the path and you'll encounter more enemies, quickly dispatch 
them then run to the east for some more treasure, pass through the 
rings, to continue to the other side of the path.

You'll find even some more enemies, there's a fork further up the road 
leading to some treasure, then go back and take the other side of the 
road, jump around the chain and continue through to a bridge made of 
scrap metal, there's a save point here as well.

Continue along the bridge for a scene(hmm...Lightning Hits 
Snow...Classic) you'll be delved into a boss

the Bosses name is unknown to me:
+++~~~..BOSS BATLLE..~~~+++
Boss Name: Unknown.
HP: Unknown
No weaknesses available for this boss

Normal attacks and area attacks are the way to go, change your 
Optima's frequently, you should always have someone heal, that's the
way to go, watch out for it's laser attack, it hits hard, and lot's of times,
so heal afterwards.
Boss Difficulty: 6/10
You'll get a scene after this, once you're back in control, you'll have a 
party of Lightning, Vanille and Sazh after this as Snow will leave the 
party, follow the arrow onto a pretty straightforward path, just keep on 
going, OMG this game is linear, send the enemies ahead to kingdom 
come, take the right side of the ring, loot the treasure chest and jump off 
it, then just jump off into a beam, you;ll find a couple of treasure chests 
in this area, go back up the beam and you'll find another beam, you'll 
know this on is right because it's longer, there should be some 
enemies that surprise you by jumping out of the blue, keep on going, yet 
another beam.

Kill the large amount of enemies there and grab the treasure, return up 
the beam and then turn to the right, keep on running forward and go 
onto the right of the path to kill a pack of enemies, grab the treasure, go 
back there shoudl be a machine there, examine it, then kill the enemies 
on the bridge, reach the other side of the bridge, and move up the path, 
there will be a save point on your right, save, update your crystallium 
and move on.

You'll get an enemy coming up, skip the tutorial on TP abilities, Libra 
this guy, and just keep attacking and hitting it and heal whene 
necessary, grab the treasure on the right fork of the road, go back on the 
main road, keep running forward for a scene.

From there just follow the main path, the arrow should be easy to follow, 
it's so straight and ther are hardly any enemies, eventually you'll reach 
what appears to be a tunnel, keep on running through with the arrow, 
you'll eventually find what appears to be a bunch of stairs, jump over 
onto the beam, then keep on running, follow the arroiw all around the 
place, you'll find a save point nearby, save and continue, follow the 
arrows as the path is completly linear until the next boss/es:

+++~~~..BOSS BATLLE..~~~+++
Boss Name: ???
HP: Unknown
No weaknesses are available for this boss

Nice umm...Giant Mechanical Dragon Thingy, there are two stages to 
this Boss, one is easier than the other, just have someone heal and 
have two people attack, watch out for its attacks as they can hit pretty 
hard, in the second part he'll release a giant purple ball attack that hits 
your party members for around 200 HP, HEAL AFTER THIS, then it is 
pretty easy to get the rest of him, just watch out for his strongest attacks 
and take care of your party leader, you won't be going anywhere if they 

Boss Difficulty: 7/10

Your crystarium level wil go up after this, Yay!.

Then it's scene time, after that scene you will have even another scene, 
this one is with Snow, cool!, after that you'll be in a Battle with just snow 
agains't some soldiers, they're pretty weak but they hit hard too and 
theres lot's of them, Defeated or not, it's scene time once more.

You'll be pitted against the Shiva Sisters

+++~~~..BOSS BATLLE..~~~+++
Boss Name: Shiva Sisters, Styria and Nix
HP: Unknown
No weaknesses available for this boss

Well, this is basically a tutorial battle, Snow will have a countdown on 
top of him, if it reaches down to 0, then you will die and it's game over.

The best strategy for this battle is not to attack at all, Styria will heal you,
so you cannot die, just keep Snow in the Defender Role at all times and 
just Spam Rise guard.

You will get an ATB level up along with the Shiva sisters for Snow, that is 
the end of this Chapter.

You'll obtain the Bronze Trophy "Instrument of Flight" and you'll proceed 
to the next Chapter:
Chapter 4: The Vile Peaks [cr4.4]
This is the Chapter in which you fight Odin, he's tough so better brace 
yourselves and level up.

There will be a scene to start you off as usual and once again you'll be 
thrust in to battle against some really easy enemies, once it's dead 
you'll get another scene.

Forced Party of Sazh and Vanille, turn to the right for a bridge, there will 
be a scene if you should try to move to the right, then you'll get another 
another scene as soon as that one is done, you'll continue through with 
another forced party of Lightning and Hope.

Go forward if you go to the right of the big center area, jump over the 
rubble, then prepare for a fihgt, once that is done then just move forward 
and grab the treasure, head back to the big circular area, and save if 
needed, you can also buy things and remodell weapons should the 
need come.

Move to the top of the blockage, there will be some enemies, kill them, 
they should be easy even with a two person party, head forward, and 
jump to the massive circular area, then jump again to the other side of 
the mountain, then jump over the rubble, kill the enemies up front, thet 
aren't so tough with good chracters, but you may need to have someone 
heal, if Hope dies then just bring him back, if you don't have any items 
for this then too bad, he'll just be dead for that battle.

Move on ahead, try to geet a pre-emptive strike for this battle, it will make 
it a lot easier, just have Hope heal when neccessary the battle itself isn't 
too tough.

Keep on moving forward and battling all the battles you can, along while 
trying to get pre-emtive strikes, it will make thigs a lot easier, trust me, 
jump over all the debris blocking your way and land down in the big 
circular area for a rather interesting scene.

You'll be back with Vanille and Sazh again, save at the save point, 
upgrade your crystallium and mess around with Optima's a little bit if 
you want, go through the giant tinnel that's straight ahead of you kill the 
enemies at the end of the tunnel, they aren't so hard, then continue on, 
use the lever, then move through the newly opened area, ambush the 
enemies, then move on ahead, grab the treasure and kill the enemies 
ahead of you.

Then continue through the tunnel and activate the panel for a small 
scene, then proceed through the newly opened pathway, kill the 
enemies, then head forward for another scene.

Forced party of Hope, Vanille and Sazh...where have Lightning and 
Snow gone off to...oh wait, we know where they both are so never mind 
that last statement.

climb up the giant wall thingy and you'l see a bunch of enemies hanging 
around at the top, then get the treasure that's there, then head further up 
the hill and save, then head further up the hill, kill the enemy that's there, 
don;t worry about the door that's there you can't access that, just jump 
up to another platform and kill the harpy enemies that are there, then 
just continue
forwards for another scene, then continue forward, jump up to rock to 
the ramp, run across it.

this next little bit of map looks like a pair of balls, pretty strange to see 
that in a "T" rated game =P, head around and jump up the edge, you;ll 
see another door, there will be a harpy that pounces on you, you can 
avoid it or pre-emptive strike it if you are quick to move around it, then 
jump even furhter up the rocks, there will be a little loop around the left 
side along with a save point and some treasure, play around with your 
crystallium and Optima if you want, head back around to the main path, 
head up to see a bridge made of scrap metal, kill the enemies here, 
then continue forward, jump over the rubble, kill the enemies, including 
the one that jumps out of the door, there'll be a save point just ahead, 
then continue up the steps for another scene, where you'll find Lightning 
once again.

You'll get party of Lightning, Sazh and Vanille, after upgrading your 
crystallium, continue up the other steps, there'll be some more enemies 
at the gates there, take more steps and move around to the right, you'll 
find some more enemies, there are some more enemies furhter up the 
hill, make sure you pre-emtive strike them to make thigs easier for you, 
then continue forward, use the panel to let down some steps, then just 
save at the save point then kill the enemies further ahead, heal when 
necessary, then proceed ahead there will be 3 more enemies ready to 
pounce at you, defeat them then proceed forwards, then run ahead, 
depending on which way you run you can avoid or pre-emptive strike the 
enemy, then re-calibrate yourself with the arrow on your map and move 

There'll be a save point ahead, remember to keep on upgrading your 
crystallium and set your Optima's for the next boss after some more 

Once again my Japanese is just too poor to understand this bosses 
name, so can someone please E-mail me the data?, thanks in advance!

+++~~~..BOSS BATLLE..~~~+++
Boss Name: Unknown.
HP: 44850
No weaknesses available for this boss

Just keep attacking, have someone on attacker while the other two are 
Magicking it down from the side, this boss will fire it's cannon at you 
once you are through with some of it's HP and send you down a hole, 
then you'l continue the battle there, switch someone into Jammer and 
someone into healer at this point, he'll attack pretty hard, eventually just 
change someone back to Blaster and Attacker/ Enhancer, but always 
keep someone on healer if you don't want die, especially with it's 
extremely annoying missile attack, that can kill you, eventually it will fall.

Crystarium level up!!
Boss Difficulty: 8.5/10
Finally you'll be able to access one of those doors that the soldier's use, 
it's very long and doesn't have any twists, so just press on until you hit 
the mountain again, head up the path and you'll find a save point, just 
save here  if you want.

You can remodell weapons and accessories right here with all the raw 
materials you've been acquiring, then save, continue forwards and you'll 
get a scene and  
Sazh and Vanille leave for now and you'll be in a battle against some 
soldiers, geep someone in healer and someone else in attacker, you 
gotta kill em' pretty fast, usually hope will die.

After killing them then you get some more scenes, you'll be controlling 
Hope and Lightning for now, position yourself with the arrow on the map 
and continue to move forwards, save at the save point, then continue on 
ahead, kill the enemies further on, then move on forward, there are a 
LOT of enemies  in this area, go to the little side branch on the left for 
some treasure and some enemies, then head back to the main path, 
jump down from there for some more enemies, continue on forward, go 
into the loop on the right, jump up some rocks and grab the treasure, 
head left to pre-emtive strike the enemy.

There's a save point ahead, go into the cone shaped area for a small 
scene and a fight with some PSICOM dudes, if someones in attacker 
role and someone else in healer role, you shouls have no trouble, cool!, 
you'll be in a giant mech thingy, this is the one that you killed earlier, just 
blast the soldiers blocking your path to kingdom come, then proceed 
through the bridge and do the same for the other soliders, then just run 
through the barrier, kill some more soldiers and continue down the 
bridge again for another scene, well there goes your warmech XP.

Position yourself in the location of the arrow, grab the two treasures that 
are there, then just continue, throught the road, grab the treasure in the 
tunnel and then just head out and save, from the save point there are 3 
enemies, waiting for you, silently ambush them and kill them, then just 
move on, you'kk eventually find a little loop, just take it and you'll find a 
robot, kill it and get the treasure then jump back down and proceed back 
to the main path, take another loop, grab the treasure and jump and kill 
the soldiers in the bottom, then just continue through, kill the robot that's 
there and proveed through the tunnel to ambush the soldiers, further 
down you'll find a save point just jump up the rocks, then save, continue 
along the road for a scene and get ready for a friggin' tough fight.

+++~~~..BOSS BATLLE..~~~+++
Boss Name: Odin
HP: Unknown.
No weaknesses available for this boss
Have Healer in a lot of the, remember to watch the countdown over 
Lightning's head, have Lightning Blaster and Hope Healer, then just 
attack him with magic, or have Lightning on attacker, it's much more 
risky but it really sppeds it up, once you arrack him a bit wait and let his 
drive Gauge go up, the countdown was just finishing when I beat him.

ATB Level up!!
Boss Difficulty: 9/10
After killing Odin, you can move back to the previous save point and 
save, then continue forwards around the bridge, then you'll get a scene

There'll be an awesome little tutorial on how to use Summons, Odin will 
replace Hope, but he's much awesomer than him, but also has a super 
cool drive mode where Ligthning wields 2 Giant Blades to kill the 

Then you'll be back in control of Sazh and Vanille after the scene, you 
can also save your game, move fowards towards the save point, you 
can save, shop or do whatever you want at it, then from the save point,
then move around and poistion yourself for the main path, you can kill
the enmy there, then head up the bridge, once you hit the mountain
once again then there will be a couple of the same enemy (they look like
bombs from all the previous Final Fantasies) then head down and use
the lever.

Then proceed on to the platform, the walk along the beam and kill the
enemies right there, then you can continue further on and turn right then
right again, then walk on further on through the path, there'll be a save 
point if you are going the correct wat, then just proceed further on, it's a 
pretty straight path, but there are some enemies there, just kill them and 
proceed, it really couldn't be simplerm there'll be some reactor like thing 
at the end of the path, with a whole bunch of enemies, make sure you 
kill them all.

Mov to the back of the reactor and continue on, remmber that there is a 
save point ant the front of the reactor and some panels you have to 
press on the sides of the reactors, doing so will give you a scene where 
some enemies come out, kill them and continue on at last, there is 
some treasure on the right side of the reactor thing.

There'll be some treasure further up the path, there'll be a scene further 
on ahead.

You cna save your game if you want, then you'll get another cool scene 
with Snow an Fang (FTW!!!) 

You'll be in control of Snow, once again, run along  the place after 
around 6 minutes of Scenes, It's just too easy here, just follow the 
arrows to arrive at some sort of bar, just talk to the person there twice,
the direction of the arrows will change then head towards the arrow for 
some scenes.

That's all we gotta do here, so yeah, some more scenes wit Lightning 
ans Hope making a sorta tactical approach, this is the start off the next 
You'll get the Bronze Trophy: Instrument of Vengeance
Chapter 5: The Gapra Whitewood [cr4.5]
Ohh, what a nice little place, just make sure to save at the save point 
that's there, kill the enemies that are further ahead.


Credits [cr5]
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Square Enix-For making this Great Game
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