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Fable II Cheats and Tips

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Lots of cheats including how to get easy money, how to unlock the Red Dragon gun and how to get infinite experience. There's also a guide telling you the locations of the Knothole Island volumes.

More Fable II Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 61 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Fable II please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Fable II Questions & Answers page.

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Knothole Island Volume Locations

Our complete guide to Knothole Island also includes descriptions and videos of where to find all the Collectible Volumes.

Please go to this page for full details: Guide to Knothole Island - Volume Locations

Knothole Island's Big Freeze - Sun Totem Puzzle

Video showing how to complete this particular puzzle.

More details can be found on our complete guide to Knothold Island here: Guide to Knothole Island - Big Freeze

Getting 'The Chopper' Easily

If you make a partner a henchman and do the levels together you will get 'The Chopper' in the Crucible more easily.

Gargoyle Locations

This next submission is taken from our guide to Fable 2, which is here:

There are 50 gargoyles to find. Once you have found one you receive a map and can access a dive spot in underneath the bridge to Bowerstone Market, leading to a cave known as Gargoyle's Trove. Here there are six chests, each one opening after you find multiples of 10 gargoyles. The last chest is opened when all the switches in front of the others are pressed and a bridge appears (it actually contains a Rotten Apple, but break the wall directly behind it to access the real booty), and of course once you have unlocked those ones as well. 10 Gargoyle's gets you the growl expression book for your dog,..

Sculpture Plinth Locations

When you have found and activated the following Sculpture Plinths at the indicated location go to the Oakvale sculptor to have them created to gain Renown.

Oakfield Plinth:

Found near the Sandgoose Inn.

Bloodstone Plinth:

Found on the waterfront (docks).

Brightwood Plinth:

Found next to the gate and ruined castle which are located on the north part of the map.

Westcliff Plinth:

Found next to the shooting range which is located near the middle of the map.

Fairfax Castle Plinth:

Found on the grounds in the circular water feature.

Knothole Island Drowning - Ice Totem Puzzle

Video showing how to complete this particular puzzle.

More details can be found on our complete guide to Knothold Island here: Guide to Knothole Island - Drowning

Demon Door Locations and Rewards

This next submission is taken from our guide to Fable 2, which is here:

There are nine Demon Doors in total.

1: Bloodstone � Winter Lodge:

On the path from Bloodstone towards Wraithmarsh to the north of the area. You need to play a tune on the lute (you can buy it in most general shops) to the door and hold the expression and finally finish it correctly when prompted by the door to enter.

Reward: Master Longsword (weapon)

2: Bower Lake � The Arid Sea:

In the woods to the far south-west of the lake, past the pond. Perform expressions to match what the door reads in this order throughout the play.

Bloodlust Ro..

Puppet Show Unlockables

Complete the Puppet Show at to get various items in the game. Use the following directions when you collect the items in the Guild Hall and in the chest by the Cullis gate.

Unlock Doll and Tattoo:

Down + Good + 3rd option + Good + 1st option.

Unlock Three Piece Chicken Suit:

Left + Evil + 1st option + Good + 2nd option.

Unlock Book and Dye:

Left + Evil + 1st option + Evil + 3rd option.

360 Clock

Ok you have read people sayin buy properties then set your 360 clock ahead a few years well they are right except for one thing, just set it forward ONE year. I did that once and when I did a few years I got about 43.7k but I did 1 year and I got 94.9k! Almost doupled the ammount I went from wohoo 43k -.- to HOLY OAKFEILD 94K! O.O

Get away with anything

All you have to do is get at least 3 star beerrum and give it to all the guards in a town (theres only 3-4) make sure there drunk (you'll know when) and do what ever you want kill people, steal, destroy, etc. They will at most walk up to you and ask you to pay at most but if you resist arrest they will just stand there looking into space.

Just don't kill them and they wont attack hope it helps

Ultimate Money: Buy lots of houses and shops. ..

Ultimate Money:

Buy lots of houses and shops. Put the houses that you don't use (family etc) up for rent. (if you are a good person lower the rent and prices at shops and if you are bad rase them) Now make sure you are disconnected from xbox 360 live, because if you are connected the cheat wont work, and save and exit you game go to your dashboard and set the time to 1 year ahead and when you go into your game since it gives you money every you will lots of cash. Repeat and buy places like fairfax castle and bloodstone manor. Ultimate Experience: Find the house in Bowerstone market calles "Monster Manor" or something like that as you can see in the summary it gives you a physical boost. Now try to get your physical strength ability as high as possible and sllep in the house. When y..

Easy Money

If you buy a house or a shop, rent it out or make the profits higher. You are promted saying you will recieve so much money every 5 minutes even if your not on the game. I decided to take advantage of this. I bought a house and rented it out. Save the game and head for the Xbox 360 dashboard. Go into the console settings, at this point if you are connected to Xbox LIVE, you will need to disconnect. Go in to the date and time settings and change the date ahead of time around 3 years (you can go further or not as far it doesn't matter) go back onto fable 2 and continue your game, you should have recieved all that money from every 5 minutes. (NOTE: It did not give me all the money but I got a good 150k from 8 years advancement. NOTE: You CAN'T login to Xbox LIVE until you have recieved your..

Unlimited SEX!!!!!

First, marry a whore. Then, set a house to live in. Then use the come back to my place expression and you can do it as many times ad you would like.

How to unlock the Red Dragon Gun

All you have to do is get the top score on the Westcliff Shooting Range (175 points). The easiest way to do this is to get a flintlock pistol and always aim at their head (3 Points). If you shoot them anywhere else it's only worth (1 Point). Just make sure you aim at the right group of people otherwise you lose points.

Archaeologist trouble

Following is a list of all the dig spots in this questline in order.

1) Bowerstone Old Town

2) Rookridge

3) Bowerstone Cemetary

4) Oakfield

5) Bower Lake

6) Brightwood

7) Bandit Coast

8) Westcliff

9) Gemstone Grotto (jump off Rookridge bridge and swim left until end)

10) Wraithmarsh

11) Bloodstone

12) Guild Cave

13) Reaver's Rear Passage

You can only do the first four before you go to the spire.

Your reward is Archon's dream or a lot of gold.


Ok so first what you need to do is buy a house that has a bonus called "speed boost". Once you find that you don't even need to buy it just sleep there. Goto your pause screen and goto the abilities thing go to the Skill and keep selling your speed then when you have enough exp to level it up do so. You WILL get more exp from selling a higher rank speed skill get it up to 5 stars then sell for about 12500 each time so instead of pressing A all day getting 1 million you only need 5 minutes I hope I helped those of you. Oh btw a side note if you're like 1 fat and you level up your phisque or what ever (im a terrible speller) you will end up fat so buy lots of celery to get your fat down but mage robes and shadow robes will still make you look fat for some reason.

Extra exp from potions

Not sure if this has been posted, but, if you pause the game quickly right after using a potion, you can go into items->potions and the game will not have registered you using it, so you can use it a second time(up to 3 times if you are quick enough). This is very helpful when using 4 star and 5 star xp potions. You can get 25,000-37,500 xp from one 4 star potion(usually 12,500) and 125,000-187,500 xp from one 5 star potion(usually 62,500). This actually works unlike all these "unlimited xp" glitches.

Potion cheat +

i found a really cool way to do the potion cheat for free.

1. get the most expensive potion u can get (u get the money back later)

2.use it.

3. press pause right after using it.

4.repeat 2 and press a on the person who sold it to you really quickly.

5. sell the potion.

and viola you have free xp this can be used to get from 200xp to about 125000xp in any skill

Money and experience

Well most people already know these cheats but I might as well tell you how to do it anyway. So the money cheat is fairly simple. All you do is buy some houses and rent them out. Then make the rent go all the way up(if you want to be pure just lower the rent again after the cheat).after that save the game and go to te dashboard. Then sign out and go to the connsole settings and add two years to the clock. Then go back to the game and start it up and you should get you're income except it will be 100 times as much so if you are getting say 10 gold then you will get 1000 gold so then you go buy more houses so you get more money. Now the experience cheat is aslo simple all you gotta do is buy manure manor I think it's called and then sleep in the bed. This will raise you're speed by one sta..

Infinite sex change potion (xbox live)

when you buy castle Fairfax there is a quest at the end of that quest you get a choice to use the potion or let it evaporate but if you have a friend that is not doing the quest that is in the room with you you can give it to him and then you leave the room now you have a sex change potion that never runs out.

Money Cheat

Okay, when you buy a shop or stall or rent out a house, the game pays you rent every five minutes. What you do is buy a stall, then save and quit. Go to the xbox dashboard and enter the clock settings (note: you have to be disconnected from xbox live to do this). Move the date setting ahead one year, then restart fable 2 and load your saved game. After a few moments, the game will pay you 100 times what your normal rent would be. Then just use the money to buy more stalls and shops and repeat. Pretty soon you should me making around half a million gold per cheat.

Easy Money

I know that all of the other easy money cheats say that you can only get the big money (Pre-Patch) I have played around a bit using these but stubled acroos a way to trick the patch

If you have got the new patch limiting offline money gaining hours to 500 then do this.

If you turn your xbox on but don't sign into live, then go to system settings go to clock and set it to the lowest it can go (1-1-2005, 00:00), then start the game up. Continue on your save and walk around for about 1-5 mins then press the guide button and sign into xbox-live and wait for it to sign then continue your game walk around for a bit then if this was done right then it should trick the game into that you have been online for all the hours between 1-1-2005, 00:00 and it should bypass the 500..

Free legendary hammer

OK,first go to (i think)oakfield then on the road to the left on your pause menu map that sticks out a little,there will be a talking stone face,he wants you to find true love,go find any pirson and bring them to him(easiest if the already like you)then you just flirt with them and the fave moves and theres a doorway behind,enter it and youll get a free farm house,then go to the left and follow a trail up to the grain mill,there theres a chest with a legendary hammer(already has a Bark Skin augment)that does about 70-90 damage...its been a while since I played so I'm kind of rusty on derections.

Hope I helped -lil dude

I Hope I Can Help

Ultimate Money:

Buy lots of houses and shops. Put the houses that you don't use (family etc) up for rent. (if you are a good person lower the rent and prices at shops and if you are bad rase them) Now make sure you are disconnected from xbox 360 live, because if you are connected the cheat wont work, and save and exit you game go to your dashboard and set the time to 1 year ahead and when you go into your game since it gives you money every you will lots of cash. Repeat and buy places like fairfax castle and bloodstone manor. Ultimate Experience: Find the house in Bowerstone market calles "Monster Manor" or something like that as you can see in the summary it gives you a physical boost. Now try to get your physical strength ability as high as possible and sllep in the house. When y..

1mil+ xp ( high lv)

this is a way to get over a million xp from 1 potion first you get one of the potions that give you like 60k of xp then you go to the crucible and raise the excitement lv to X5 then use the trick to use a potion 3 times do that and youll get 62500 xp times by 5 then times by 3 it works really well.

Mo money

Buy stores and rent homes to get some money started the exit game go to the settings screen of the xbox360 set the date 1 year ahead go back to game and there ya have it tons of cash buy more property and save and repeat.

Gender Change

To change your gender in Fable 2 you need to buy castle Fairfax and complete the quest and the creepy anouncer guy at the end of the cave will guide you the rest of they way.

Get all 3 ending achievements

At the end of the game pick a card and as soon as the achievement pops up on your screen turn off your 360, this will save the achievement but you can then re-load you previous save (preferably near the end) choose a different card. Do this twice to get all 3 achievements, for your last one (the one you stick with) choose The needs of the few if you want to resurrect your dog who is essential for every quest that involves digging as there is no other way to complete them. The money one is useless as you can make more money than that in just a few days if you have enough properties and you take advantage of supply and demand. And the first just gets you a statue of yourself and a morality boost (oh joy). The needs of the few is the best as all of the other rewards can be obtained anyway o..

Mo` Money

First what you do is buy and rent out some businesses and then save and quit. Go to the Xbox Dashboard and up the xbox 1 year in the (adjust date and time. Then go back into the game and you should have more money than you originally did.

Easy money

First, buy a property like a house,shop etc. Something that will accrue you money every five minutes, even when you're not playing the game quit the game to the dashboard, unplug your 360 from the internet, and then set your Xbox 360's internal clock forward 1 year (you car set more but a year gets me the max I can get). Start Fable 2 and you will have gained a ton of money to spend on weapons, clothes, and whatever else you want the max iv got is 15000 but you might be able to get more but thats still heaps for 2 min of work.

Easy cash (Must have one skilled character)

I figured out that you can make a character and have them grow up a little to where you actually start the adventure and then you HAVE to go to the experienced character's story and bring up your new character as player 2. The best way to do this next part is to have the character earn a lot of rent money for shops and stuff and have a lot of the gold go to player 2. Then when you get the rent or however other way you get the gold it will go to player 2. I figured this out by having my friend make a character and I had a character that go 12,000 and something gold all the time and I had an idea and we tried it. After that my friend's profile went way up hill. We played for about an hour and when he went back to his profile he had a ton of experience and gold, about 256,000 gold. Another ..

Free Bewitching Augment

At the beginning of the game when you first enter into the Guild Cave, you will eventually enter into a large cavern in the cave. If there is a large "lake" surrounding all of the land (that you can swim in) and in the lake there is what looks like a part of a building (three pillar-type things), then you're in the right place. If you're coming from the Bower Lake entrance, NOT the cullis gate entrance, when you enter this room there will be two small semi-islands on your right and your left. There will be a skeleton on each of these, and you need to search them to find their journals. Read them if you like. Then, you need to find the way to move forward out of the cavern, which is a hallway/hill that goes up, and in that hallway there will be the third skeleton. Take his journal and rea..

The Pied Piper

There is an acheivement for Fable II that is called The Pied Piper which says you need to throw a great party, and I will tell you how I unlocked it. I went to the Gypsy Camp in Bower Lake, and I started playing the lute by the shop in the center of the camp. I was doing the dance, whistle, victory arm pump, and hero pose expressions too, as well as showing off my trophies. Once the whole village was by me, I continued to do these expressions, and finally I played the lute and held it until the expression meter was green. I released it, and I unlocked the achievement.

This probably will work better if you just extend all of your expressions (dance, whistle, victory arm pump, hero pose, lute, etc.) to make the people like you more.

Help With Gamerscore

Okey. You finished the game and you get to pick 3 options; Revive Everybody who died in the making of the spire, revive your loved ones(your pet dog) or 1 million gold. Pick one. Then when the achievment pops up, take your game out. Put the game back in and pick a different one. Then do the same for the last one. That will save you completing the game 3 times xD

With your 1 mill gold. Buy every single shop you can see! Everyone 5 mins your shop will give you their take ins, evan when your offline! Everyday you will probly get 1 mill. Done and done.

Hope this helped!


Insanely Easy XP

Once you are allowed to buy the top level skill potoins, Get as many as possible and go to the Crucible. Use java potions to get an EXP boost, and get up to 5X excitement. You will get an insane EXP boost. If you use a thunders strength potion you get 312,500 EXP for one potion. Repeat this instantely for easy XP.

I hope this helps you all.

Unlimited Money and easy purity/corruption

First you can't be on xbox live then all you need to do is buy a lot of stands, houses ect.. Go to the home menu select system settings, then console settings, clock and put it 1 year forward then put fable and you should get a lot in income and for purity put prices and/or rent low and for corruption put prices and/or rent high there you go Smile

The silver keys in westcliff

Some peolpe are wondering if they can still get all the silver keys in westcliff even if you don't pay the guy the 5000 gold. Well yes you can still get it. Well there are four keys right? Well the first three you can get even if you didn't pay the guy. Well some people think that the last key is over the bridge that is built after you pay the guy. That is true it is there but if you didn't pay him heres what you do. All you gotta do is load the howling halls and then go out. When you're out you're standing by that big arch where the entrance to the halls is. Now go past the big arch way and go right theres a litte path there. Jump off the ledge and swim to the right. There will be a little island by the cliff where the key is. Swim around these waters because there is a cave called tin ..

Free Items and cash

Whenever you buy a shop make sure you go back each day and loot all of the shelves and drawers, once you own the shop this is not counted as stealing. You can do this with houses that you own too however if you are renting the house out it will still be classed as stealing so be careful.

Easy money

Just sacrifice enough people at the temple of shadows, they will eventually get to where you have to sacrifice your partner. Do that multiple times, they will give you multiple Maelstroms, sell those you don't want.

Become a millionaire and max out your skills before you even sta

First off you need to collect every piece of loot possible from around the gypsy camp area explore the waters and everything second beat thag and gain access to bowerstone "You might want to explore some other regions that you have partial access to so you can grab some more loot first" when you enter bowerstone ignore teresa and go on a shopping spree sell all of your gear in fairfax gardens to maximize your gold then buy as many weapons from the weapon smith "Who just happens to be having a sale!" that you can afford then return to Fairfax Gardens and sell the weapons to any weapon vendor for a tidy profit each time! before you know it other stores will begin having sales too and you can repeat the process with them until someone has a shortage then you can make the big bucks! please ..

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