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Follow the dark path or use the light


by brianarney

     oooooooooooo       .o.       oooooooooo.  ooooo        oooooooooooo 
     `888'     `8      .888.      `888'   `Y8b `888'        `888'     `8 
      888             .8"888.      888     888  888          888         
      888oooo8       .8' `888.     888oooo888'  888          888oooo8    
      888    "      .88ooo8888.    888    `88b  888          888    "    
      888          .8'     `888.   888    .88P  888       o  888       o 
     o888o        o88o     o8888o o888bood8P'  o888ooooood8 o888ooooood8 
                                 .oP     .o 

Written by: Brian Arney
Alias: brianarney
Version: 0.20
Last Updated: 10/28/08


   10/28/08: Wrote some more information to sections E and F. Edited a few
             mistakes. Added to the "allowed to host" list.
             I will add more information to broad sections once the guide 
             nears completion. This game is huge as you know, and you should
             if you're playing it. Thank you for being patient. (Version .20)

   10/26/08: Laid out format for guide. Completed sections A, B and C. Began
             writing sections E and F. Childhood completed for Walkthrough.
             (Version .15)

   A.   Introduction.........................,,,,[INTRO]
   B.   Legal Information........................[LEINF]
   C.   Contact Information......................[COINF]
   D.   About Fable 2............................[ABFAB]
   E.   Getting Started..........................[GETST]
           E1. Controls
           E2. You... The Hero
           E3. Your Dog
           E4. Getting Around
           E5. Items and Collectibles
           E6. Combat, Experience and Renown
           E7. Your Life in Fable 2...
   F.   Walkthrough..............................[WLKTH]
   G.   Silver Keys/Gargoyles....................[SKGAR]
   H.   Achievements...........,,,,,,,,,.........[ACHIE]
   I.   Hints and Glitches......,,,,,,,,,........[HINGL]


This is my very first walkthrough of a video game. I hope you enjoy it as
much as I enjoyed writing it. I am a big fan of the Action-RPG genre and
that's exactly what Fable 2 is and bit more. My goal while writing this
guide is to be sure you get the full experience of Fable 2 while playing the

You can expect to get the following while following this guide from top to

   * Complete all Quests and Sidequests
   * Collect all Silver Keys and Gargoyles
   * Find and open all Demon Doors
   * Many of the Treasure Chests hidden across Albion
   * Many of the Dig Spots hidden across Albion
   * Many of Achievements for XBOX 360
   * ...and the ultimate experience of Fable 2

WARNING: This guide will contain spoilers. I will do my best not to ruin
         major plots of the game. So, if you do not want a portion of the
         game spoiled for you, I'd suggest you read no further. You have been

Let our journey begin...


The only websites currently allowed to host this guide are:

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over your website and give you a response within a 24 hours. This will also
allow me to be sure that you have the latest up-to-date file on your server.

Putting this document on your website is illegal, so be smart about it and
contact me if you wish to use this on your website. It's not that difficult.

(c) Copyright Brian Arney 2008. All Rights Reserved.

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide 
(in part or whole) on any site without prior permission or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


If you want to contact me, feel free to do so. I will only accept e-mails
with the subject line as follows:

   "Concerning: Fable 2 Guide"

If you do not write the above in the subject line in your e-mail, your
message will simply be ignored. You are allowed to e-mail me questions,
comments, corrections or any additional information you feel should be
added into the guide.

I will update the information if necessary and you will be given full

Here is my e-mail address:[at]

Note: Replace "[at]" with "@" when typing my e-mail address, while composing
your message. This ensures that your e-mail will be sent to me.

Coming Soon...


You should read this section before proceeding to the walkthrough. This will
give you all the information you need to know when playing Fable 2. In this
section, you can expect to learn the basics, controls and everything Fable 2
has to offer. There's a lot in here, so it's advisable to read!


The controls of Fable 2 are very simple and easy to learn. You will be
ta ught on how to combine these buttons during the course of your journey.

   START: Brings up pause menu.
   LEFT STICK: Move your character. 
   RIGHT STICK: Moves camera.
   A: Interact, Sprint, Sheathe Weapon and Roll
   B: Will Attack
   X: Melee Attack
   Y: Ranged Attack
   LB: First Person
   RB: Brings up the Expression Wheel.
   LT: Look-At and Lock on Target
   RT: Absorb Experience Orbs and Spell Selector

* E2. YOU... THE HERO *

   Male or Female
   When you first start a new game, you will be asked to select the gender of
   your hero. You may be a male or female. Being male or female doesn't really
   have any benefits, but does have their share of differences. Those will be
   discussed later in this section.

   Good and Evil
   In Fable 2, you will have the choice to be good or evil. The choices you
   make during the course of the game will affect you physically, the people
   and the whole lot of Albion. So, when playing, how you want to be is up to
   you. More on this will be discussed later in this section.

   Purity and Corruption
   This is different from being good or evil. Being pure will make you more
   attractive to the people of Albion, while being corrupted will make you
   uglier to the people of Albion. How to increase your purity and corruption
   will be discussed later in this section.

   Strength, Skill and Will
   This is what you'll be working on for the majority of the game. There are
   three categories of Abilities you will be working on during the course of
   the game. They are Strength, Skill and Will. Strength affects how strong
   you look physically, how much damage you can absorb and advancing your
   combat skills. Skill affects your accuracy with ranged weapons, speed and
   how well you can move during battle. Lastly, Will deals with the spells
   you can cast and making those spells more powerful.

   You are able to customize your hero to however you wish to have him or her
   look like. This ranges from haircuts, facial hair and clothing. You also
   may change the colors of your hair and clothing by using any of dyes you
   find across Albion.

* E3. YOUR DOG *

Yes, you will have a dog with you during your journey. He... or she, is one
of my favorite features of Fable 2. Why?

   Treasure Hunting
   This is why you will love your dog so much. It will find many of treasure
   chests and dig spots across Albion. But, don't expect to be finding all
   sorts of treasures right out of the gate because you won't. You will have
   to find or purchase Treasure Hunting Books in order to get your dog better
   at finding those treasures.

   Dog of War
   Your dog will fight alongside of you to assist you any way it can. But,
   beware, it can get injured and you will have to heal it with a Dog Elixir
   potion. Those don't get handed over like bubble gum in Fable 2. Your dog
   is not by all means a great fighter in the beginning, but just like with
   treasure hunting, you will have to find or purchase Dog of War Books in
   order to make your dog more effective in combat.

   Alerting You...
   Your dog will alert you when it finds something, whether it's a treasure
   chest or a dig spot and even a enemy. Look for him and it'll lead you
   right to the spot.

   Be Loving... or Not
   You can interact with your dog by playing fetch with it or petting it. You
   can even train it some tricks to show off to the people of Albion. Or you
   can choose to ignore your dog, punish it and treat it like some mutt. But,
   are you really that... evil?

   Good or Evil
   Your dog will change with you, whether you are good or evil. He will
   change physically while being good, he'll be a sweet looking dog and
   being evil will make him one of Albion's most feared dogs.


This is how you will get around Albion in Fable 2:

   Gold Trail
   You will be using this a lot. I will reference to this almost throughout the
   entire guide. The gold trail is your GPS in Fable 2, it will lead you to your
   destination. Sadly, you cannot set a waypoint, although it would've been a
   nice feature.

   Fast Travel
   By pausing the game, selecting Quests/Maps and scrolling down to Regions, you
   will be able to travel to any locations you have discovered. You will be
   using this feature a lot in this guide. It's a very helpful feature.

   Sprinting and Vaulting
   You can sprint with your hero by holding down the A Button. Also, if you
   come to a ledge, you can press the A Button to vault down to a lower

   Swimming and Diving
   You can dive into bodies of water and swim across to reach a dive spot or
   another area of land.


There many items and collectibles to find across Albion. I will guide you
to many of these items and collectibles during your journey.

   Demon Doors
   These stone doors make a return from Fable. To unlock these doors, you
   will have to perform its requirement(s) and if successful, you will be
   rewarded... and trust me, the rewards are great. Their locations will be
   disclosed throughout the guide.

   There are gargoyles mounted on structures across Albion and they are 
   hidden very, very well. There are a total of 50 gargoyles and collecting
   all 50 gives you a very special reward. Their locations will be disclosed
   throughout the guide.

   Dig Spots
   You will rely on your dog for these. But, there are many scattered
   across Albion and some have very rewarding items. So, if you hear your
   dog bark, check to see if it's found a dig spot. To dig it up, follow your
   dog to the spot and once it starts digging, press down on the directional
   pad to use your spade. I will make note of certain dig spots across Albion
   that will prove to be beneficial to your journey.

   Treasure Chests
   Again, you will rely on your dog for these. But, there are many scattered
   across Albion and some have very rewarding items. So, if you hear your dog
   bark, check to see if it's found a treasure chest. To open it, just
   approach it and press A. Some treasure chests require a certain number of
   Silver Keys to be collected before opening. I will make note of what chests
   to open that will prove to be beneficial to your journey.

   Silver Keys
   These are hidden across Albion and you will need to collect them to open
   some chests. There are a total of 50 Silver Keys across Albion. Their
   locations will be disclosed throughout the guide.


   It is very important that you keep your health bar full at all times
   because you never know what you may come across while traveling Albion.
   While traveling across Albion, you will come across potions called Elixir
   of Life. These potions will increase your health bar significantly, so if
   you come across one, be sure to use it. Just to make a note of this, but
   you cannot die in Fable 2, instead, if you health bar gets too low, your
   hero will collapse and get back up. What's the catch? Well, for
   everytime you collapse, your hero will get a nasty scar that won't look
   so good.

   Experience Orbs
   Experience Orbs are orbs you collect to spend on skills to upgrade your
   character. Remember the three abilites: Strength, Skill and Will? You will
   be spending those orbs on those abilites. All orbs are color-coded.
   Strength orbs are blue. Skill orbs are yellow. Will orbs are red. There
   are green orbs that are considered as general orbs. They can be spent with
   any of three abilites. Also when fighting, if you combine your skills
   effectively, you will receive bonus experience orbs.

   Here are the following abilites and upgrades you can purchase in Fable 2:

      * Strength                                                            *
      Brutal Styles
         Level 1: Blocking
         You can block melee attacks by holding X, but be warned
         not all attacks can be blocked.

         Level 2: Flourishes
         Flourishes are melee attacks that do greater damage. To perform a
         flourish, hold X and point the LS towards an enemy until the
         controller begins to vibrate, then release X.

         Level 3: Chain Attacks
         If you press X at the right moment, you can perform chain attacks
         which increase the speed and damage of your attacks. This will also
         work for ranged attacks when reloading. Just hit Y as soon as you
         hear the click of the reloading process.

         Level 4: Counter Attacks
         When an enemy begins a melee attack on you, press X and
         simultaneously press the LS towards your enemy to unleash a counter

      By increasing this ability, you will cause more damage with melee weapons
      and your hero will look stronger physically.

      By increasing this ability, you will increase your overall health.

      * SKILL                                                                  *

      Dexterous Styles
         Level 1: Rolling
         Tap A while pushing the LS in the direction you want to roll. This
         is great when trying to avoid an enemy's attacks.
         Level 2: Aimed Ranged Attack
         Hold Y to target an enemy and release to fire. This will become very
         helpful when it comes to Gargoyles.

         Level 3: Zoom
         When holding Y to aim, continue to hold to zoom in on your target,
         then release to fire.

         Level 4: Sub-Targeting
         When holding Y to aim, hold LT to bring up the sub-targeting
         crosshair and move the LS to the area you wish to fire upon, and

      By upgrading this ability, you increase the damage done by ranged
      weapons. This will also make your hero look taller physically.

      By upgrading this ability, you increase how quickly you reload and how
      fast you attack in melee.

      * WILL                                                                *

      Chaos confuses your enemies and may cause them to stop fighting and
      behave strangely. They may even attack each other. Upgrade to make
      this spell more effective.

      Force Push
      Force Push pushes your enemies away from you. Best used when by ledges
      to send them on a long fall down. Upgrade to make this spell more

      Inferno allows you to throw fireballs at your enemies. Upgrade this
      spell to make it more effective.

      Raise Dead
      Raise Dead allows you summon allies to fight alongside with you in
      battle. Upgrade this spell to make it more effective.

      Shock allows you electrocute your enemies to stun them for a period of
      time. I found this spell to be most effective in the game. Upgrade this
      spell to make it more effective.

      Blades allows you to summon swords and throw them at your enemies.
      Upgrade this spell to make it more effective.

      Time Control
      Time Control allows you to slow down time and warp towards an enemy. I
      found this spell to be very effective during battle. Upgrade this spell
      to make it more effective.

      Vortex creates a tornado that sends enemies flying, objects flying
      into enemies and even enemies flying into each other. Upgrade this
      spell to make it more effective.

   You will renown by completing the game's many quests. Renown acts as your
   reputation in Fable 2. The more renown you have, the more people will
   know about you and the way they treat you. It is always important to
   increase your renown whenever possible.


   Interacting in Albion
   There are many things you can do Albion. I have listed many of the things
   you can do in Fable 2 that truly makes what this game really is.

      Safety On or Safety Off?
      By default, you cannot harm villagers across Albion. This is to prevent
      accidents. But, let's say you do want to kill or harm a helpless
      villager. Just face the person you want to attack, pull out your weapon
      and press the down directional button. You should notice how the skull
      icon changed. Fire or whack away, but expect some villagers to come to
      the rescue...

      If you commit a crime, (which you should know if you) a guard will
      arrest you, only if you are caught. Now, you will have the choice to
      pay a fine, perform community service or resist arrest. If you resist
      arrest, all the guards in the area will give you a fight. A list below
      describes the crimes that you able to commit in Fable 2:
         Assault: Attacking with your magic spells.

         Attempted Murder: Attacking with melee or ranged weapons.
         Murder: Killing a villager or a guard.
         Drunk and Disorderly Conduct: Committing a crime while drunk.
         Trespassing: Refusing to leave someone's property when asked to.

         Derelicition of Payment: Not paying back your gambling debt.

         Public Indecency: Doing an expression when not clothed properly.

         Extortion: When seeing extorting people for money.

         Harassment: Doing a rather harsh expression on a villager.

         Vandalism: Destroying property.

         Resisting Arrest: Self-explanatory. Guards will attack you.

         Violating Parole: Not performing community service.

         Stealing: Self-explanatory,

   Hero Titles
   The citizens of Albion will recognize you by your hero. You can purchase
   more titles as you progress through the game and even earn some for free
   by performing the requirements. You start out with the the title Sparrow
   as you begin Fable 2.

   As you complete certain quests, you will obtain trophies to show off to
   the people of Albion. You can increase your renown by showing off your
   trophies to crowds of people.

   The citizens of Albion will give their opinion on you by who you are, what
   you look like, what you wear and etc. Some citizens may like you so much
   that they may even offer you a gift. But, you will have to learn more
   about that person before getting the gift. To find out more about the
   person, target them with the LT Button and press Y. This will show their
   likes and dislikes.

   Expression Wheel
   This makes accessing expressions much easier in Fable 2. To access the
   Expression Wheel, press the RB Button and use the LS to select what type
   of expression you wish to perform. This is very helpful when trying to
   impress someone.

   Extending Expressions
   Some expressions can be extended. Just perform the ones that have the
   little "e" on them. Hold the expression until to meter turns green. The
   longer you hold it, the more effective the expression will be.

   Falling in Love
   If you find someone you like, you may fall in love with them. In order
   to fall in love, you will have to take them to their favorite places,
   give gifts, perform the expressions they like. When you get to a certain
   point, it may be time to step it up notch...

   Sex, Marriage and Kids
   Yes, you can have sex in Fable 2. You can have sex with a man, a woman or
   even both. Yes, you can have orgies in Fable 2. But, that's not all of it.
   Once you have fallen in love, you can choose to ask your partner, whether
   it's a man or a woman to marry you. You can find a home for them to live
   in and then choose to have protected or unprotected sex. (Be sure to have
   condoms in order to have protected sex!) If you choose to have unprotected
   sex, you may have a kid or a few more if you choose to do so.

   It is also possible to re-marry and have two, three or even four spouses.
   But, be sure to keep it a secret, or there will be hell to pay. But, I
   surely do hope you do not cheat on the one you first married! It's not

   Work, Work and Work
   You will have to work for a living in Fable 2. I have described the jobs
   that are available across Albion and what must be performed. The goals 
   of the jobs are to reach a five star rating and the higher rating you
   have, the more gold you receive for finishing a product.
   To receive more gold for each product you complete is rack up the
   multipliers by stringing together chains. Some jobs are easier for others,
   but the ones that are considered difficult are the highest paying jobs.
   The object of the job's minigame is very similar to the extended
   expression minigame: stopping the white dot in the green meter. The game
   will provide you with more information before taking on the challenge.

      This is the hardest of three main jobs in Albion. But, does pay very
      well. You will have to forge swords by hammering them perfectly. Try
      to get the green meter each time because, if you're good at this
      minigame, you will rack up your multipliers very quickly, thus earning
      a lot of gold. But, earning the promotions will take quite some time.

      This is far by the easiest of the three main jobs across Albion. But,
      the pay is not very good at first until you really pull in the chains
      and multipliers. You will have to chop, chop and chop before earning a
      multiplier. But, chopping goes by very quickly, if you have good

      In my opinion, being a bartender is the best job of the three. For one,
      the green spot is always in the same spot! The multiplier will increase
      every three successful pours. You will get paid for each successful
      pour as well.If you're not quick with pressing the A Button, this job
      may not be for you.

   There are three pub games, you will be familiar with these games if you
   have played the Fable 2: Pub Games on the XBOX Live Arcade. Their
   descriptions are below.

      Spin the switches and try to match the same symbols in chains of two
      or more. Some switches may have bonuses added to them like multipliers
      and free spins.

      Set wagers on what stones will be removed before the arch collapses.
      Roll the dice and set bets on each roll of the dice.

      Fortune's Tower
      Dealer throws out eight rows of cards and further you go by pushing
      your luck, the bigger payout you win. If you match two of the same
      numbers in vertical rows, you lose. But, draw out a hero card, you will
      be saved and allowed to continue.


* F1. AS A CHILD... *

Area: Bowerstone Old Town
| Silver Keys: None     |
| Gargoyles: None       |

After selecting New Game from the main menu, select your character type: Male
or Female and watch the opening cutscene. After the cutscene, you will be
prompted to follow Rose to the crowd that has gathered around Mystical
Murgo's caravan. On the way, you should attempt to get...

* ACHIEVEMENT ALERT                                                         *

   Chicken Kicker - [5GS]
   While walking up the alley towards Town Square, you will notice chickens
   walking around. Give them a good kick by pressing the A button. It may
   take a few attempts, but you can get it here.

When arriving to Town Square, listen to what Murgo has to say and listen to
the spooky gypsy woman that appears. (Doesn't she remind you of Kriea from
Star Wars: KOTORII?) After listening to the dialogue, you have probably
figured out that you need to gather up five gold coins. What are we waiting
for? Let's get busy.

Walk towards the guard you see ahead of you and you will begin...

   * Reward: 1 Gold                                  
   * Good:   Collect the warrants and give them to Derek. 
   * Evil:   Sell the warrants to Arfur.                  

We will complete ALBION'S MOST WANTED while completing other quests. So, for
now, let's go ahead and begin our next quest to obtain a gold coin. Follow
the gold trail and stumble into...


   * Reward: 1 Gold
   * Good:   Pose for a nice picture using a respectable expression.
   * Evil:   Pose for a bad picture using a rude expression.

You and your sister will take the stage and Barnum will ask you to pose for
a picture. Here, you will make your first of the many moral choices you will
make during your journey. You can either pose for a good picture with a
respectable expression such as giving him the thumbs up or you may ruin his
picture by doing a rude expression such as farting. It's your choice.
Whatever you choose, you will obtain your first gold coin. Four more to go...

When finished, make your way down the alley and you will come across a bully,
who appears to be abusing a dog. Like a big sister should, Rose goes over to
confront the boy and he doesn't take it to well and gives your sister a nasty
headbutt. Do you smell a fight?

Well, it appears the bully wants to fight... so, draw out your weapon and
hit him with your wooden sword five times and that will do it. He will
run off and your sister will come back to her senses... listen to the
dialogue. You will earn an unavoidable amount of Good points. But, don't
worry, if you're wanting to be evil, you'll have plenty more evil points to

* ACHIEVEMENT ALERT                                                         *

   The Show-Off - [5GS]
   While in the town square, walk up to a random person and hold LT to get
   their attention. Hold the directional button on an expression you can hold
   and wait for the meter to turn completely green and let go of the
   directional button when in the green area to earn this achievement.

Make your way down the alley and about halfway, you will come across your
first warrant. Pick it up. [WARRANT FOR ARSON (1/5)]. That's one collected.
Continue down the alley and you will come to an opening, just in front of you
by a steaming grate, you will find the next warrant. 
[WARRANT FOR SNEAKINESS (2/5) ]. It's time to do another quest... go up the
stairs in front of you to begin...

   * Reward: 1 Gold
   * Good:   Shoot all of the beetles without damaging any of the stock.
   * Evil:   Take up on Arfur's offer and destroy the stock.

After accepting this quest, you will find yourself inside a shed. Arfur will
make you an offer, if you destroy the stock, he will give you a gold coin.
Decide what you wish to do and shoot either the stock or the beetles until
100% has been reached. The beetles can be found upstairs, while the stock can
be found downstairs. When finished, you will receive your reward. That's
two gold coins down... three to go.

When finished, go down the stairs and make a 180 degree turn and head down
further into the area and you will see a couple arguing. Ignore them for the
moment and keep going forward towards the wall. Next to a post, you will see
the third warrant. [WARRANT FOR BURGLARY (3/5 ]. Now, turn towards the
couple arguing and you will begin the next quest...


   * Reward: 1 Gold Coin, Warrant for Guntoting
   * Good:   Give the booze to the wife.
   * Evil:   Give the booze to the husband.

After accepting this quest, follow the trail to any alley where you'll find
a drunk sleeping next to the bottle of booze. Slowly walk into the alley and
pick up the bottle and slowly walk out of the alley, so you do not wake up
the drunk. Return back to the couple and give either the woman or the man the
bottle of booze determining your alignment. You will receive another gold
coin and a warrant. [WARRANT FOR GUNTOTING (4/5)].

When finished, turn around and you should see the dog you rescued earlier
from the bully. He appears to have found the last warrant. [WARRANT FOR 
ASSAULT (5/5)]. That's all of the warrants, so let's follow the gold trail...

On the way back, you will be stopped by Arfur... again. You can decide
to sell him the warrants for one gold coin to earn some evil points, or you
can run past him and give the warrants to Derek for one gold coin...

* SPOILER ALERT!!!                                                          *

The choice you make here with the warrants will affect Bowerstone Town in the
future. If you give the warrants to Derek, the town will be considered as a
lively town that does pretty well for itself. If you sell the warrants to
Arfur, the town will look the opposite... terrible. People will be poor, the
town will have no law, polluted with whores, homeless and anything else that
makes a town not worth living in.

* END SPOILER ALERT!!!                                                      *

We have one more quest to do. Head back into Town Square and follow the gold
trail to a man standing by a house. Watch the cutscene and when finished,
follow the gold trail to the man to begin our last quest of our childhood...

* F5. The Love Letter *

   * Reward: 1 Gold
   * Good:   Give the coin to the daughter upstairs.
   * Evil:   Give the coin to the daughter's mother.

After accepting this quest, you will be given a letter. Go over to the house
and knock on the door. The daughter's mother will answer the door. After
being invited in, you can choose to wait downstairs to give the mother the
letter to earn some evil points or you can dash up the stairs and give the
daughter the letter for some good points. Either way, you will end up earning
your last gold coin. When finished, leave the house.

Now that we have gotten all five gold coins needed to purchase the music box,
return to Murgo's caravan and purchase the music box. After purchasing,
follow the gold trail down the alley and watch the cutscene. After the
cutscene, follow Rose back to your shed, only to find that same dog... again.
Watch the next cutscene.

After the cutscene, you will get out of bed, follow the gold trail to
the guards to be transported to the castle. When arriving at the castle, you
will be asked to follow Jeeves... and you will be able to handle the rest.
This is fantastic stuff coming up and I'd hate to ruin the slightest bit for 


   The Whippersnapper - [25GS]
   You will earn this achievement after obtaining all five gold coins and
   purchasing the music box, thus completing the Childhood portion of the
   game. It cannot be missed.

Area: Bower Lake
| Silver Keys: 3 |
| Gargoyles: 4   |

You will start out talking to Theresa and she will tell you to go collect 
your first chest. It contains some weapons and some useful items, but the
most important thing is your Spade. You will use this for digging up the
treasures your pet finds. Go open the chest now, open it and equip the
weapons and name your dog with the Collar of Holding.

Once done, go over to the caravan (the house next to the chest) and examine
the property sign on the right side of the door. You want to rent out the
property so you can be earning at least some sort of income while playing.
Hey, something is better than nothing, right? Raise the price, if you're
willing to be corrupted when playing the game. You could lower the price
if you're willing to be pure, but you're not making much at this point
of the game, so I wouldn't do anything.

Now, we must go meet Theresa at the gate. Follow the gold trail to the gate
and you'll go through. She'll hand you the Bower Lake Tomb Seal and this
will allow you to make the first step on becoming a hero. She will instruct
you to swim to the tomb... well, hold that thought, we want to do some
collecting first and unlock a few achievements while at it.

Follow the path to left a little ways and your dog should find a dig spot,
dig it up. You've found a rubber ball! You can now play fetch with your dog
and earn an...

* ACHIEVEMENT ALERT                                                          *
  The Archaeologist - 5GS
  You've just dug up treasure that your has found for you.

* ACHIEVEMENT ALERT                                                          *
  The Pooch Pamperer - 5GS
  Play fetch with your dog by selecting the ball in the items menu or using
  the expression wheel.

Continue forward and you will come to an intersection. Make a left and go
under the bridge and follow this path until you reach another intersection.