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Tony Hawk's Underground Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Tony Hawk's Underground


We have 20 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Tony Hawk's Underground please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : GameCube : Gameboy Advance

You can also ask your question on our Tony Hawk's Underground Questions & Answers page.

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Various Cheat Codes

Enter any of the following at the cheat menu to activate the corresponding effect:
Enter "letitslide" for perfect rail
Enter "keepitsteady" for perfect manuel
Enter "getitup" for moon gravity
Enter "moveinfast" for increased speed

All cheats

go to the cheats page and type in watch_me_xplod. all cheats should un lock. this works for tony hawk 4 also

Moon gravity

Go to the cheat code on options and type in getitup to get moon gravity

Perfect Skitches

Enter "rearrider" on the cheats menu.

Moon physics


Perfect Rail

Type in:
in the cheats menu. Have fun, and keep cheatin'!!!

Here's some cheats, for perfect rail and lip bal..

Here's some cheats, for perfect rail and lip balance enter the code 'letitslide', for moon gravity enter 'getitup' notice you got to access cheat menu in gameplay.

School Level

In New Jersey level, go to the train station and on one of the sides on the buildings that connects the train station there is something shining, walk through it and you have just unlocked the school level from THP2!

Secret Tape, Jersey

To find the secret tape on the New Jersey Level, simply go to the bridge and on the left hand side, there should be a grassy hill.
Follow this hill to the bottom n turn right on the concrete path, there you will find the secret tape for New Jersey.

Slow Mo

Did you guys know that after you do the crazy footage thing where you jump over the helicopter,every time you do the mictwist it goes in slow motion for a little bit.
have fun doing slow motion!!


If you want to unlock cheats ready entered, get all special trick slots by going to every level and talking to the pros. They will have a little orange mark above their head.

Vancouver Secret Tape

First, make sure you enter in and turn on the moon gravity cheat or this won't work
The cheat is: getitup
Next, go to Vancouver get a visual on the secret tape (its over by the hockey rink,up high in the flag poles)
Then, find the glass tunnel-like thing to the right of the secret tape (if your standing in front of the hotel) then go to the glass structure and get to where it is between you and the secret tape (this is where you need moon gravity on)
Get yourself linded up with the tape then ride up to the ramp on the side of the glass structure, go up the ramp and spine transfer, you won't end up on the other side but rather on the other side of the point on the top of the structure when your make sure you don't hold down the A button but just..

How to get all the old Skool level

The first old skool level is in New Jersey. At the train station there are ramps at each end. When you go up one of those ramps (if you go high enough) you get the old skool token for School 2. The second old skool level is in Hawaii.
On the sidewalk close to where the Pro is, there is a sign that says evil tiki and a tiki. If you jump into the tiki's mouth you get inside him. Gain up speed as you go down a tunnel and jump at the end to get the oldskool level, Venice.
The last old skool level is in Moscow. Find the building that says AEHNH (you can only read this at day time) and stand infront of the side with the letters(infront of the doors.)Then go to the left side. The building is made up of 5 blocks:
A light brown one, a dark brown one, another l..

How to make skate videos

First make sure you have:
A video camera
At least 10 characters
Completed the game
Have your own board created
Have a team name
Loads of either dvd boxes or xbox game boxes or a tripod
Rap music on laptop
First set up the tripod or boxes and put the camera on top make sure it is enough to see at least your full tv screen.
Then go on settings turn music volume down and all balance bars and special bar but keep effect volume up (You should probably use not much tricks envolving the balance bar like grinds or manuals really just like 2 seconds for them) Make sure you are on high score free skate but don't use high score. Make sure you keep the clips within no more than 20 seconds for it to be a proper skate video. Keep on changi..

How to complete game quicker

Make sure you have completed the game before. Then edit that profile. Edit it to look like another character and then save it on new profile and when you go on that new profile and go on new game once the starter video goes off you will have completed the game.

How to get fifth skater in san diego

When your on the mission where you have to find all the skaters if you go to the horse to your left there will be an opening were you go around the skate park go up there and where the grass is you will have to get off your board and walk along and you will find the skater hope this helps


To get a tornado it must be raning make it raning by entering showers in the menu then go to the biggest house in new jersey and you will get blew away.

Get handcuffed

In the game make your name jail breaker and go near a moving cop car they will put you in it and you will be reset.


Ok, So Find The M (it is near where you find the secret tape), activate moon gravity cheat, then jump on the M. OK! So You Either get Transfer to the front of the M, land a 78 waters (facing the M) or it just won't work unless you keep trying.
For More Info E-Mail DJ SKRACH [email protected]
Thank You!

Police officer dancing with a goat

On the level tampa go to the strip clup go to the back and you will see the officer who arrested your charecter and eric withe a goat

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