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Game Reviews for Tony Hawk's Underground


Full Reviews

samshades16th Jul 2005, ID #114
Has ever a Tony Hawk game had more significance in the entire world of gaming? I doubt it, other than maybe the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Brilliant story line, magnificant detail and even the..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review
insane4vidgamez26th Nov 2007, ID #742
Well you are a skate kid who wants nothing but just to be a pro , But eric sparrow is always stepping in front of you. At the end of the second completion Of the game you bust his face in to his ca..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Tony Hawks Underground Added 18 Jul 2004, ID #10085
I have always liked the Tony Hawk games. They are great fun to much around with.

This game is much better, mainly becuase you can get off you board.

So now if you want to get somewhere you don't have to skate there, you can walk or drive!!

Not just cars. You can drive road cleaners, police cars etc.

The landscape is much bigger so it is more fun and you don't get board. For this game you are playing as yourself. It is all about how you are trying to become a star.

You create a character, preferable you, and you go through the game buying sponser ship deals and meeting skaters like Tony Hawk who you have to beat in competitions.

You can also download a picture of yourself onto the game so that you character is really realistic.

I advise this game to anyone who has played and like previous Tony Hawk games.
Tony's Awsome Gamme Added 23 Mar 2004, ID #7728
Awsome! ! ! ! ! !
What a game. A new outstanding brilliant title from the Tony Hawk's series. Featuring new tricks, better music and new wicked skater's. A new carear mode where you a unknown amature turn into a pro skater and beat the best in the game. You have to create your own guy, design tricks and decks.

This game is so amazing I played it for 13 hours non stop. Absolutaly mind blowing videos to unlock, class cheats and secerat levels to find. 100% exselent! ! ! ! !
The Review!!!!!! Added 13 Mar 2004, ID #7387
This is one of he greatest extreme sports game out for 2004.

The graphics are great the controls are easy too master and most of all it's FUN!!

The idea that you could come off your board was FANTASTIC!!! Everyone should buy this game.

T.H.U.G Review Added 24 Jan 2004, ID #6492
Definetly without a dout the best game of the series! The graphics are totally awsome! The story mode is exciting.

There are so many things to unlock!
Added 16 Jan 2004, ID #6263
This game has an exciting story line to it, there is loads of things to do.

It is quiet hard if you like the game to last.

However I think the cars that you can drive haven't got a lot of detail.

But if you are thinking of getting this game, go and get it, this game is excellent.
Tony Hawk Under Ground Rocks!!!!!! Added 8 Jan 2004, ID #6117
I give this game a 10 out of 10. This game is the best tony hawk game ever its got tight tricks really good graphics.

You can also put your face on a made up guy you have. you can also make up your own trick, park, board, and skater.

I totaly recommend this game.
THUG Review Added 6 Jan 2004, ID #6060
Okay, out of all the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games, Tony Hawk's Underground is the best!!! 10 out of 10. 5 out of 5. One of the best X-treme sport games ever.

And the best part is... THUG doesn't support online for XBOX and does support it for PlayStation 2.
Thug Added 30 Dec 2003, ID #5756
If you like those kind of games I thought that it was easy except the last mission......!
Awesome Game! Added 29 Dec 2003, ID #5708
Yo! I just got THUG (Tony Hawks Underground) for X-Mas and it rocks!!!

You can literally transfer a picture of you into your PS2 so that your the skater in the game! Plus there's the create a trick portion, and the create a track portion and other stuff.

I've only played 3 and 4 but they rocked to!!

If you've got a PS2 and if you have pver $30 then buy the game!!

Trust me, it'll pay off.
Who can get enough THUG Added 10 Sep 2003, ID #4037

Ever since the first Tony Hawk game came out I new that I would love every sequel to come.

Although you could not manuel in the first one, back then the game was very interesting.

Now Activision and Neversoft keep raising the bar when they make the Tony Hawk games.

When you want an action game, you can count on capcom to deliver games like resident evil.

When you want a stealth game, you can trust Konami to bring you games like Metal gear solid.

And when you consider trying a new skate boarding game, there is no dought that you will immidiatly look for Activisions Tony hawk 1, 2, 3, 4 or undergroung.

THUG (Tony Hawks Underground) looks like its going to be amazing. with new features added, like create-a-trick and create-a-goal it's no dought in anyones mind that we all want to buy this game, or at least rent it and keep it a few extra days... screw the late charge.

In THUG you will be able to hop off the board and travel across the town in search of new area's and cash on foot.

Hopefully Rockstar will have a part in this so you can blast away the guy who just punched you for no reason and took off...laughs.

But honestly, Rockstar has nothing to do with this game (their to busy getting sued by teens who played GTA 3 then went out to shoot people).

Even if Rockstar has no involvement with THUG, at least you can still drive arround town in a jeep, and other vehicles too...

So if you're looking for a great instant blockbusting action packed game this fall, then hop on down to you're Local video game store, get a copy, dont forget to pay and ride on home and start a nice round of capture the flag with a pakistan person across the world.

Cool Added 1 Jan 2004, ID #1256
Tony hawks - Thrilling Added 29 Dec 2003, ID #1212
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