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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Xbox Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats which includes the underwater containment order, receiving less damage from lightsabers and getting infinite Darkside points. We'll also tell you how to turn Malak into Twilek.

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We have 54 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Receive Less Damage from Light Sabers

At some point during the game you're going to be fighting opponents that have Light Sabres or other types of blades which can cause damage. To help reduce the amount of damage they can cause equip and activate a personal shield to your arm.

A couple of things...

Here are a couple of tricks for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on XBox. Don't forget to check out our user submitted cheats and hints for more info. Also check out our links to see if we have a helpful walkthrough for this game.

Funny Voices :

Have controllers plugged into slot 1 and 4.

Press White and Black on controller 4 to be able to raise and lower the pitch of voices in the game.

Instant Dark Jedi :

Once you have found the stowaway on the Ebon Hawk, tell them to (\"Get out of here!\")

You will move towards the dark side.

ASAP talk to them again and tell them once again to get out....

You will be able to repeat this as many times as required.....

Knights of the Old Republic Cheats

Alternate ending sequence:

Do not open the door when you have reached the final battle with Darth

Malak. Press L + R on controllers one and four for an alternate ending


Change voice tempo:

To increase or decrease the speed of the voice dialogue hold Black or White on controller four while playing a game.

Sith encryption code puzzle in Manaan for these matrices


1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16 (19, 22, 24, 31)


21, 18, 16, 15, 15, 16 (14, 18, 19, 21)


1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 (48, 52, 64, 96)


128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4 (2, 1, 0, -2)


1, 32, 81, 64, 25 (1, 3, 6, 9)


1 0 - 8 3 - 32 5 - 128 (5, ..

Get best Dark/Light Side Robes!

Inside the Star Forge in the first room where ships are flying up, go left, open door and select the computer panel.

You need about 26 computer spikes. If you are Light Side you will be given the option the make custom Jedi Robes. Select this and open container to recieve "Star Forge Robes".

If you are Dark Side you will be given Revans robes form all the "visions" and cinams. If you get Revans Robes and got the Sith mask form Korriban you will look like the real Revan!

Go anywhere you want!!!

In between planets, you will usually run into sith fighters, destroy All of them before they fly over your ship. if you do this correctly, your party members will be standing in the main hold, just like when you get off the Leviathan, go to the cockpit, there should be a floating droid, he will take you anywhere you even the Star Forge, or the Endar Spire. Enjoy!!!

Get Bastila Back!


On the Leviathan we all know that Bastila sacrifices herself so you can escape if you want her back for help on the last planet dealing with the Star Map (she leaves when you get to the Unknown World) get the Galaxy Droid and fly to Dantooine when you land go to the Jedi council chambers and choose to select party... You can choose Bastila!!! Yay!!! She will be back to level three but she gets all previous experience so just level her up until she is at her highest level!

Happy Cheating!!!!!!!!

Underwater cantainment order


This is to tell you how to destroy the giant Kolto drilling thingy instead of poisoning it and being banned from Mannan

Note, C= container and I= Injector

#1: log into the system

#2: Fill container pod- C=5000, I=0

#3: Transfer from container to Injector- C=2000, I= 3000

#4: Dump Injector- C=2000, I= 0

#5: Transfer Container to injector- C= 0, I= 2000

#6: Fill Container- C= 5000, I= 2000

#7: Transfer from container to injector- C= 4000, I= 3000



Critical overload

The station will now explode and you will not be banned from Mannan just in case you need to do some more things on Mannan such as doing Genoharden or telling Niklos about the Republic Mercs.

Staying alive

A good tactic to use while playing this came is to save your level ups, in other words don't level up as soon as you earn them. This is because when you use a level your health returns to full again. So basically, save your level ups for whenever you are about to die in combat. This way you save medpacs.

Combat Droid Deactivation

On Korriban, after you join the Sith Academy, there will be a tomb that is infested with war droids. Before you go in, make all your party members put on Sound Dampening Stealth Units. Enter the cave and defeat all the droids. If all your members are wearing the stealth unit there will be a different sequence. The "insane" war droid actually has an audio problem. He wants to leave the tombs, but he needs to deactivate all his systems first. This is the order:









Credits galore

first find someone who will play pazaak with you. Then before you play him you save game. Then you play him and if you lose you load your previosly saved game. If you win you save game and play him again. Eventually the maximum bet will go up and you will be able to win more.

Good luck high roller!

Republic mod armor

To ge the republic mod armor go to lower city ampartments the one closeest to the undercity the look for a room with a box with a mine over it the armor in it but there a code the code it

1) hyperdrive

2) My uncle

3) the palnet the starts with an A

Battle Droids on Taris K - X 12a

When the wife sets the husband up to fail, and puts a kink in the battle droids hear is the codes to keep them from blowing up.

Left rear .... Node 2

Left front .... Value 7

Right front .... 120 lg pulses

Right rear .... 31-13-12-14 / 23-41-12-14

Quick Heal

A tactic I find very helpful early on in the game, especially on Taris, is that whenver you are hurt, go to your menu and look for the second last tab, there, down at the bottom of the screen is a button that says return to hideout. After pressing this button you will return to the hideout with full health, then open that smae tab again and the button should now say transit back. Click it, and you will be returned to where ever you were before. Efectivelly healing you whilst only taking a few seconds of your time.

Keep Sith uniform (realy works)

To Keep The Sith Uniform Before you enter the bek base and trade items give a partner the sith uniform, put that person away from your party then enter the base speak to bek' and trade items.

NOTE:If you have done thist correctly onthe top right of your screen should say received item and none lost.

Make people fly farther with force push

This isn't really a hint but it can buy you extra time when fighting sombody. You have to have force push or force wave for this. If the person is doing a power attack and they are in the air if you time it just right you can push them farther and get your self extra time to heal and stuff.

Jedi and Sith Codes

Correct answers for when the jedi or sith masters ask you their code

Jedi Code:

There is no emotion

There is peace

There is no ignorance

There is knowledge

There is no passion

There is serenity

There is no chaos

There is harmony

There is no death

There is the Force

Sith Code:

Peace is a lie

There is only passion

Through passion, I gain strength

Through strength, I gain power

Through power, I gain victory

Through victory, my chains are broken

The Force shall free me


This is a great way to get loads of money the best armour and best wepons then give all your team mates the same stuff.Once you have left the jedi training goto Manann and there you will be asked by the republic officer to help in exchange he will help you find the star forge map.

Then once down in the under water facility goto an air lock (with 2 of your companions) equip them with the best stuff you have (dont give yourself any kitt) then SAVE very important, then unequip them so they have nothing, now activate the airlock go onto the sea bed leaving your mates behind, then once outside come straight back in.

You will notice that your mates are now dressed again, but you allso have the items in your inventory, keep doing this untill you have loads of stuff then ..

Darth Bandon

In the fight with Darth Bandon, make sure you have good wisdom (Atleast slightly better than his) And death field. (Or atleast the previous once to death field, but Death Field for maximum effect) Let your friends handle the dark jedi for the moment. Occasionally Darth Bandon will use Force Drain or death field (I forget,) so when he does, quickly use death field. He will suffer more damage than he healed, and you will have the added bonus of taking some health out of his Dark Jedi. Repeat this procedure untill he's dead, or you run out of force points. If you run out of force points, he should be badly weakened, so attack then.

Galaxy Driod

Get all of the star maps but Korribon. Try to go to Dantoine. Beat the Laviathon, you will go to Korribin but don't exit the Ebon Hawk. Go to the cargo hold, look for the shiny little brownish gold astromack droid, talk to it 3 times and go to the cockpit. Talk to the flying droid and select the name of the planet that you want to go to. If you want Bastilla back go to Dantoine.

Easy way to defeat darth malak!!!!!

When you face Malak and you have death field use it on the dead bodies to make the battle quicker and easier.

Addition to Druidx hint

There are, as said, many side quests.

Some involve the companions you drag around.

*Bastilas mother can be found in the cantina in Tatooine (take Bastila with you)

*Missions brother has been cought by sandpeople on Tatooine

*Carths son has joined the Sith on Korriban

*Jolees old friend Sunry has been captured and accused of murder on Manaan..

*Take Juhani with you on Tatooine to meet a strange guy who "bought" her as a slave.. I don't know how that turns out though.. I might just get back to you on that (^_-)




Her underwear is different if you put Dark Jedi robes on her and then take it off.

Master Zhar

This isn't really a "hint," persay, but I thought it was cool. The ruler of Russia (in the past, at least) is a czar. The Master that trains you is Master Zhar. They can both be pronounced the same. Coincedence? I think not!

Unlimited Dark Side Points on Dantooine

When you talk to Mr. Matale he sayes he will make a donation of 1,000 credits to the acadamy(sp) and you have low persuation ask for 2,000 and when you are done talking you will recieve Dark Side points. Repeat until you are pure Dark.

Good luck and may the Force be with you.

Infiate darkside points

Go to KORRIBAN to the sith training academy and get your self accepted.Once in goto the valley of the tombs and take juhani with you.As you enter the valley there are 2 guards and a sith called Dak Vesser, ask him who he is and dialog will begin between him and juhani,he will become bitter with her and go to the cantina. Now go speak to him without juhani and tell him your going to kill him, pick up darkside points and his stuff, leave the canteena and take a left to the valley where the entrance to the sith academy is, then turn right around and go straight back into the cantina Dak will still be standing there (as long as juhani isnt with you ) .You can repeat this as many times as you like.The lightsaber crystals you can sell at the yavin 4 station (witch I understand can be down loa..

Korriban: Final Test Tomb

This tomb may seem extremely hard, but it really isnt. First what you do is kill the two lizard things (Wraids I think they are) with grenades and force powers. Then you DO NOT HAVE TO GO LEFT!! It is extremely hard puzzle took me two and a half hours! It is not worth it all you get is some sword and other crap. Instead go right. This part is not too tricky but you gotta be quick. After killing the lizards, go straight and you will see an acid pool. It tells you can't walk on it so turn around the way you came and go left. You will find a skeleton. Open it and you will find a datapad. Read it and it tells about Rancors. Go inside and if you have a stealth belt this will help, but the door will close behind you after this don't attack the rancors, but run to the top right corner of the ro..

Malak into twilek

Before entering the final battle with malak insert controller 1 into slot 1 and controller 4 into controller 4.Next hold down Left trigger, right trigger and Y on both controllers (i suggest using stickytape) you will know if you have done the cheat correctly because waepon will be drawn.then go up to Malak and he will start talking if the cheat is successful your character will wave his hand and Malak will become a Twilek.(save game before entering room for it may not work)

Happy gaming p.s xbox Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Befor The death match on Taris

OK when you set up the death math on Taris with THe guy in bronze armor.

He says it will take a while to get it ready .

Go down to the lower city and see zax and talk to him about the bounty on the bronze guys head .

then go and have the fight and get your credits from hom after it ( first get the money from the OTHER worm )

More credits Taris

when you fight the bounty hunters on taris after you kill them ask the man 4 his credits then check the dead bounty hunters loot and there will be 122credits insted of 50 each. posted by jake carpenter.

Weird Sidequests

Alright, along with the main quest to find the Star Forge, there are other quests you can do. These quests can only be found by talking to party members.

If you continue to talk to party members about their past at least 8 times, there will usually be a quest they will send you on, for example, Bastila wants to find her long lost mother on Tantooine, Carth wants to find his long lost son, and a friend told me that you help Mission find her brother.

H Puzzle at the Temple Catacombs on the Unkown Planet

As you come in you see 3 rows of 3 and one on it's own which is the 'reset' tile.

If you imagine that the row furthest away from you is 1 2 3, the second is 4 5 6, and the one nearest is 7 8 9 then it should like this:

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

The way you make the H shape is by walking over 9 6 3, stepping off and facing 6,walk 6 5 4 then step off and walk 7 8 9. The door opens and you can move on.

If for some reason it doesn't work then it is probably because you have accidently walked over a tile you shouldn't have. If this happens then step on the reset tile and repeat, making sure you don't step on any others.

Good Supplies

This hint is only good after you have got the Ebon Hawk on Dantooine talk to every body on board and they'll give you something.

Mission gives you a computer part or something, the droid gives you a computer spike, Zaalbar gives you a grenade, Canderous gives you stimulants like stamina,strength, and speed.

And the best part is the items keep on coming it never stops. But Carth just wants to talk not give you stuff that could mean life or death in a situation.

Infinate Dark Side Points

On Manann after you got the Star Map (POISEN THE WATER) speak to Roland Wann he will talk about the Station he will say nobody can know about it and then you say Mabye a bribe will keep me silent and he will say you are a fool and if you say a word he will blame it on you then stop talking to him and then you get dark side points repeat if needed.

Camera roam

At the dialog screen pressx,left,a,x

Quicker access

On the unknown planet before you go to the Star Forge I found a hint. Just before you meet Bastila, there is a puzzle of squares.

I have found a quicker way of getting through that puzzle. Just before you go into the room, the game will show you a cutscene of your character's walk into the room.

After the cutscene is over, put on solo mode. Now remember, every time you touch a new square, a few squares around it will change color {so becareful were you step.}

Now listen closely. There are 9 squares connected to make a bigger square. First, you step on the lowest right square. Then walk beside the square to the left until, you reach the highest left square.

Make sure that you don't touch any other squares while you walk to other squares. Aft..

The stow away

To get the little girl off you're ship you go to the jedi academy and go to a alien near you're ship he'll ask you to go on you're ship and he'll take her home (light side points gained).

Beat Darth Malak 2nd time

To beat Darth Malak make sure to have lots of advance medpac He has got jedi in tubes when you attack him he'll drain there life and his life will go full so you attack him the let him restore his life when all the jedi life are gone the kill him!! The way to beat him was with master power attack or use master flurry and use ut force power.

Defeat Malak Easy

The first thing you need to do is fight him until he starts a conversation. Then you need to kill all the Jedi in the stasis tubes, use an offensive Force power like Throw Lightsaber etc. Then run around and let your Force points fill up and run away and use Throw Lightsaber over and over.

Hope this helps.

To all my Sith who are truely powerful and can f..

To all my Sith who are truely powerful and can feel the dark side flowing out of themselves each time your cold heart beats, you might want to know: When on the Star Forge and you have just entered Deck 2 you all will notice all the gun turrets that are fireing and the dark jedi that keep comeing out of nowhere...most people just blow up the turrets and force storm, but if you go the oposite way from the turrets you'll see a door. Yes it will open, but there will be three dark jedi waiting. Defeat them and the will be a computer and what looks to be a holding cell... Use the computer and put create cutomized jedi robes and DARTH REVAN is reborn p.s don't forget to deactivate the gun turrets... May the Force serve you well...

Quick and easy double lightsaber

When you save Balista after the swoop bike race you will recive her doublelightsaber, among outher things.You must rember to unequip the lightsaber befor you steal the Ebon Hawk and flee to Dantooine, you wont be able to use the lightsaber untill you have compleated the tests and built your own lightsaber, once you have however you will have the choice of lightsabers to upgrade and use.So this is realy a helpfull hint rather than a cheat, I hope you all find it helpfull none the less. MY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.................................

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