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Game Reviews for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


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joslifer112th Apr 2006, ID #293
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was a great Star Wars game. I played through quite a few times--dark side guy, light side guy, dark side gal, etc... Sometimes I'd max out DEX, sometimes WIS, ..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review

MenaceSG22nd Jun 2007, ID #649
The Star Wars universe, a place where we can lose reality and step into a world filled with advanced weapons, vehicles, and time. Since 1960 when George Lucas first came out with the movies people a..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

MasterofPokemon8th Jul 2011, ID #1356
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a real time Role-Playing playing game from BioWare and Lucasarts, and it is set in the Old Republic Era, the era of the Mandalorians and the original Jedi O..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Totally Worth PlayingAdded 14 Aug 2007, ID #7298
Im usually picky about games, but this one....this one is totally worth playing again and again. Im addicted to this game. You might not like that at the begining of the game you can't pick to be a Jedi right away, Well I believe it's better that you start out as a grunt soldier and work your way up by training and gathering more skills. One reason is because you won't be ready to handle a whole bunch of enemies yet, because once you get a Lightsaber, doesn't matter what color it is, blue, green, yellow...any, it doesn't matter because once you have one as I just told you, you will have more enemies before you even thought you were such a skilled fighter. Oh I also forgot that the colors of the lightsaber also have a meaning to them, so you can't just pick any color you want. Of course I think you already know that, but it doesn't mean, like the color blue for example, it doesn't mean you are being trained like the ones in the movie look like because all the ones being trained had the color blue. The color blue stands for Jedi Guardian, which means that you focus mainly on combat skills and the power of your lightsaber to protect and guard other people from threats, including important people like leaders, senators and the queen. But of course you must first prove yourself by doing smaller jobs like, saving other people's loved ones and protecting their lands and finding people for them as well. yellow stands for Jedi Sentinel, which means you mostly focus on fighting injustice and peace. Green means you seek to bring balance to the universe, so this kind mainly uses and practices mediation. Purple is only for the most elite of the Jedi. Like the higher ranked Jedi, mainly leaders for example. This color makes it easier to identify them, although some Jedi, (such as master Yoda, he has the green lightsaber) like to keep the color that they first started with. As for the red lightsabers, you cannot chose, unless you have fallen with the dark side and are trained by the leader(s) that also have fallen, the color you can only chose is red. So you don't get much of a choice there. But as for the whole entire game, it's awesome. You get alot of action and suspence. It's also cool that you actually get to chose the side (good or bad) that you always wanted to be. If your the type of person that likes a good challenge, this is the game for you. But if you use cheat codes, don't even play the game because then, it just isn't any fun.

Fantastic role playing game!Added 19 Apr 2004, ID #1660
Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic is good in everyway because it lets you explore the world that George Lucas created many years ago.

The sound is absolutely brill the graphics are amazing and the missions and gameplay are cool and make you want to keep playing on.

Overall this game is excellent and I would give it a good 94% out of 100%. Buy it now and experience starwars in no way you have ever seen it before.

Added 18 Jun 2004, ID #4781
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AwesomeAdded 29 Jan 2004, ID #4051

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