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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC Cheats and Tips

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We have a large collection of codes and includes adding Exp, characters speed increases, get 100 advanced repair kits and God mode.

More Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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Questions and Answers for Master Zhar's 1st Test on Dantooine Le

Question #1:

There is no emotion...

Anwser #1:

There is peace.

Question #2:

There is no ignorance...

Anwser #2:

There is knowledge.

Question #3:

There is no passion...

Anwser #3:

There is serenity.

Question #4:

There is no chaos...

Anwser #4:

There is harmony.

Question #5:

There is no death...

Anwser #5:

There is the Force.

Cassus Fett's Armor in the Courtyard of Dantooine Level

When reach the third Jedi trial you will see a merchant near where the Kath Hounds first ambushed you. Talk to the merchant who sells armor and weapons and ask to see his stock. He will have Cassus Fett's armor which will cost 15,000 credits. This armour must be purchased before you are taken prisoner by Saul as it will be unavailable after that.

Defeating Dark Jedi

Select Force Resistance and the next one after that when you level up and choose a new Force ability. If you then cast Force Resistance when you know you are about to fight a Dark Jedi their Force powers will not be able to hurt you.


At your game dir edit swkotor.ini and under (Game Options) add EnableCheats=1 then during game play press ' to bring down the console and enter any of the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect. The 'giveitem' code must be included for these item codes to work. Example: 'giveitem g_w_lghtsbr01', 'giveitem g_w_mstrrobe06'

Add Dark Side:

Adddarkside (Number)

Add Level:

Addlevel (Number)

Add Light Side:

Addlightside (Number)

Add XP:

Addexp (Number)

Adrenaline Stimulator:

Giveitem g_i_belt011

Advanced Aural Amplifier:

Giveitem g_i_mask09

All Limited Use Items now never Expire:


Aural Amplifier:

Giveitem g_i_mask08


Console Cheats

NOTE: These are the main codes for Knights of the Old Republic that are usually applied by typing text in-game, or by bringing down the game console. Please find the instructions on how to use these cheats below.

Find the file called "swkotor.ini" in your Knights of the Old Republic game folder. Edit the file with Notepad and under the line [Game Options] add the following line:


While playing, press [~] to bring down the console then type any of the following cheat codes where # is a number: (Numbers are 1 - 999)

heal - Heal selected party member

setcomputeruse # - Set "Computer Use" skill

setdemolitions # - Set "Demolitions" skill

setstealth # - Set "Stealth" skill

setawareness # - Set "Awareness" skill



Here are some cheat codes for the game. To activate this just type the "~" symbol at any point in gameplay and type in any of these cheats:(Note- these are ones that I use in my game and highly recommend)

Giveitem codes (type "giveitem" before typing any of these)

(Exar Kun's Battle Suit) g_a_class6006

(Darth Revan's Robes [dark side only]) g_a_mstrrobe06

(Star Forge Robes [light side only]) g_a_mstrrobe07

(Calrissian's Utility Belt) g_i_belt009

(Infiltrator Gloves) g_i_gauntlet09

(Gizka Poison [very useful on taris]) g_i_gizkpois001

(Sith Regenerator) g_i_implant308

(Beemon Package) g_i_implant309

(Double Lightsaber) g_w_dblsbr001-006

(Light Saber) g_w_lghtsbr01-06

More later!


Revive main party member

If your main party member is dead or dying in a hard battle, switch to a different party member and go and use a computer or something away from the battle, and your main party member will appear standing ther as well.

This works well on Tatooine while gong against Calo Nord, only instead of a computer, run past the markers and your main character will appear next to you.

More Codes

To use these, press [~] and then type:

Giveitem codes- type giveitem before the code provided. Ex-

Giveitem g_w_dblsbr002

Light Sabers

Blue Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr001

Red Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr002

Green Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr003

Yellow Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr004

Purple Double Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr005

Bastila's Light Saber- g_w_dblsbr006

Blue Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr01

Red Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr02

Green Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr03

Yellow Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr04

Purple Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr05

Darth Malak's Light Saber- g_w_lghtsbr06

Blue Short Light Saber- g_w_shortsbr01

Red Short Light Saber- g_w_shortsbr02

Green Short Light Saber- g_w_shortsbr03

Sweet crystals

Throughout the game visit yavin and all have good people (bastilla , Juhani) or whoever your best people are. Keep going back and forth between quests and yavin. Eventually you will see a group of tradoshans threatening the guy they leave. Ask him about them. Then do what you want finish quests then go back to yavin. You will see the tradoshans threatening the guy again. Say what ever you want but try to scare them away. They'll say ill be back. The guy will give you a good discount. Then leave and finish everything till you can go to the unknown planet. Don't go to the unknown planet cause once youre there you can't go anywher else. Go to yavin. Get everyone good weapons shields and stims cause this part is hard.if you saw the tradoshans go in there will be a cutscene and they unshiel..

Make your char dance with sabers

Get lightsabers out and keep pressing x it's look like he/she is danceing with lightsabers enjoy Smile

Cheat Code information

Now I do not know if anyone knows this but if they do not this is some useful information. The "invulnerability" cheat code for KOTOR is a one time enter code. Once you have entered it, you will not have to enter it again if you quit the game and you will constantly have it, this also works with any give item codes, and, for example, "addpersuade" or codes like that that affect the characters status, I think pretty much every code works like that, expect one but do not quote me on that. The code I know that you will always have to re-enter every time you restart the game is the "infiniteuse" code. This code you will always have to reentered every time you play the game. Hope this is helpful.

How to get full health

If you can level up save it for when your health gets really low when you level up you will be givin full health

How To Defeat Darth Malak Without Ever Taking A Hit

When battling Darth Malak, every time you hit him, quickly bring up the menu and save. Then, load that save, and it is automatically your turn to hit Malak. After you attack, quickly save again, then load it, and you can hit Malak first again!

Bottomline, every time you hit him, save, load that save, and every time you load up a save, it is automatically your turn, so you hit him before he can hit you.

Do this over and over, and you get beat Malak without ever taking a hit!

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