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Need for Speed Underground Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Need for Speed Underground

We have 14 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Need for Speed Underground please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 2 : GameCube : Gameboy Advance

You can also ask your question on our Need for Speed Underground Questions & Answers page.

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Cheat Codes

We've had a mixed response as to whether or not cheat codes for Need for Speed Underground actually work.
Below are the ones that we have, hopefully they will work for you.
I also suggest that you take a look at our user submitted cheats and hints for this game for some great suggestions for Need for Speed Underground from our readers.
Cheat Codes
Unlock all drag tracks:
At the main menu, press Left, X, Right, R, X, L, White, Black.
Unlock all drift tracks:
At the main menu, press Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Black, R, White.
Unlock all sprint tracks:
At the main menu, press Up, Black, Black, Black, R, Down, Down, Down.
Drift physics:
At t..

Various Cheats

Level1 Performance Parts
Go to the Main Menu and press Black, Black, R, R, Left, Right, Left, Right.
Level2 Performance Parts
Go to the Main Menu and press R, R, R, R, Black, Black, Left, Right
Level2 Visual Parts
Go to the Main Menu and press Down, Left, Up, Down, R, Black, Black, X

$11,000 easy

Follow these instructions precisely.
You only get 11,000 if your near the very end.
But you will always make money no matter how far you are.
Buy the first car the VW.
Exit the car buying screen.
Go back in and buy the most expensive car.
Put the best and all the performance parts you can.
Exchange for the VW again and get rid of all the performance parts.
You will now have more money than when you started.
To do this again you must exit the car buying screen and then re-enter it.
You can do this as many times as you want.
Please verify this and rate it 10 because it's the best cheat in the game.

Get stuck in aplace

Hi I bet you don't care about this but I just want to warn you about something. I was doing a olympic knockout race and I was winning but then I somehow got stuck inside that cage where the construction machines were. I couldnt get out. It sucked. Well I bet you don't care but bye anyway.

Unlock Drift Physics in all the game modes

To unlock Drift Physics in all the game modes, enter the following sequence on your gamepad -- R1, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, L1 -- in the Main Menu Screen.

Get Samantha's car.

Keep earning style points (about 1500000) and you get the car.

fast start in drag race

When you start off in a drag race go up to 2nd gear then back into 1st quickly and you will get a head start.

Just before you race and your on the race line h..

Just before you race and your on the race line hit nitrous for a fraction of a second the smoke will come out the side you will get 150 extra points...!

Unlock the Skyline

If you want yo get the skyline beat races from 70-80 and you will unlock the Skyline.

Lots Of Style Points

To quickly add up to your style points, choose Quick Race in the main menu. Make sure you have loaded your game file before going to Quick Race.
Choose your favorite Drift course (I personally prefer the second drift track) and set it for 10 Laps. If you have mastered your drifting techniques, you can easily score tens of thousands of style points per race.

What you should do is save after each time you d..

What you should do is save after each time you don't get busted and then if you do then you can just load it back up also this works with blacklist dudes save it first then challenge them and if you don't get their pinkslip just load it back up and try again I've got all of them!! I think theyre random aswell wherever they appear

Easy way to avoid the cops

When the cops are chasing you go to south fortuna(in wolfs territory) and there is a parkinglot there you can go in and speed around. The cops will either stay out and wait for you or come in.If they come in just speed around in circles and eventually you will run into them and disable their car.


When you are customizing your car put DC Sports and Venom on your car, but you have to put them some were on the doors, when you are in a race your speed will look the same when it shows your speed but you will definetlly go faster in the race, HAPPY GAMING Smile

Samanthas challenges

In underground mode, whenever samantha gives you a challenge, accept it! cause if u complete the challenge shell let you keep 1 of her visual parts

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