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Need for Speed Underground

Game Reviews for Need for Speed Underground


Quick Reviews

Added 11 May 2004, ID #4599
This game is the most boring game on earth you cant see where your going the graphics are shat and the sound is terrible it sounds like someones raping your ear it's nasty.

Need for speed underground.Added 8 Apr 2005, ID #14307

Best Racing Game Ever ?Added 13 Mar 2005, ID #13585
From the start focus all ability on research! Allways give basic minnimum every where else and build as many towns as posible.

The way it works the more you focus on research the faster you build towns, and the faster you build towns the more gold and researchers you get to make research go faster!

When I did this on the easiest setting I got to the Idusrtial age 500 years ahead of real time!(image a world where the mass production came 500 years early and one nation had it all!!!)

Street RacingAdded 2 Feb 2005, ID #12852

Review for Need for Speed UndergroundAdded 29 Oct 2004, ID #11336

ReviewAdded 22 Jul 2004, ID #10158
Press the '~' (tilde) key to access the console window to enter the following case sensitive passwords to unlock the corresponding effect.

Gives you the specific amount of Gold:
Add_money 'amount'

Give a City more Population:
Add_population 'settlement name' 'amount'.

Give any Trait your Faction can have to a specific General:
Give_trait 'character' 'trait' 'level number'.

Build anything in the City's Building Queue:
Process_cq 'settlement name'

Automatically Win Battles:
At the Battle Scroll enter the following code depending on if your are attacking or defending and press the Auto Retaliate button.
Auto_win 'attacker/defender'

Toggles On or Off the Fog of War:
Th whole world map is visible when input

Need for Speed UndergroundAdded 7 May 2004, ID #8549
Do this with a fast or medium bowler (non spin) and select standard delivery. When it comes to positioning the balls location, don't press the right or left key, just keep pressing up. The batsman will mostly do a forward swing and be bowled out. N.B : the bowler must be good.

My best record was 10 wickets, 0 runs.

Shizzle dizzleAdded 18 Apr 2004, ID #8298
First, you will have to be able to fish for lobsters, swordfish, or sharks. Next, go to Catherby and begin fishing. Once your pack is full go inside the nearby aquarium and sell all you have. It may seem you did not make much but in time you will make 100s of grand. I did it for about 5 hours and got at least 40k. It will take a long time but if you are patient you will make tons of money. (Note: Make sure there are no fish in stock at the aquarium when you sell your fish.)

Cool gameAdded 12 Mar 2004, ID #7408

I got a need for speed!Added 14 Jan 2004, ID #6255

Added 8 Jan 2004, ID #6103

AWESOMEAdded 5 Jan 2004, ID #6025
Right, if you have an army of soldiers and you need a horse but don't want a stable just go looking around the map.

A Wicked gameAdded 1 Jan 2004, ID #5827
When your units are team 1 press control 1 and walla.

P.S. You need to press the number of team while holdinh control without clicking at the teamed unit.

Wow! What a gameAdded 30 Dec 2003, ID #5716

Great gameAdded 24 Dec 2003, ID #5580

Always wear your seatbeltAdded 15 Dec 2003, ID #5358

The best racing game ever !!!!Added 14 Dec 2003, ID #5329
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid (true/false) :

This cheat can be used to place objects outside of the grid. What does that mean? In build/buy mode, you need to place objects on a grid. Making it very limited for decorating houses. With the cheat, you don't have this limitation anymore.

Please note that you should turn this off when not using because some objects are required to stay in the gird to work properly for instance doors and windows will not work correctly when using this cheat on them.

intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims (Number of Visitors):

This cheat must be entered in the neighbourhood screen.

With this cheat you can invite more guests to your parties. Without this cheat, the amount of people you can invite is measured to your computer speed.

Keep in mind that there is a reason for the limit; Lots of sims on screen can slow the game down a lot. Even if you have a very powerfull pc, having more then 15 out of 20 sims on a lot, almost makes the game unplayable.

Also the 2 cheats above do not use the parenthesis so when you use the cheat make sure you don't include the parenthesis.

Exelent GameAdded 25 Nov 2003, ID #5064

Cool game!!Added 12 Feb 2004, ID #1245

On GTA 2 on the PC type muchmoney to start off with 50000

GREAT GAME!!Added 10 Jan 2004, ID #1113

Threemileisland - full health

Hatman - Hatman mode

Slaughterhouse - first five levels

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