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Need for Speed Underground Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Need for Speed Underground

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A huge collection of cheats for you to look through and try, these include cheat codes for unlocking the Acura Integra and all the circuit tracks. We have cheats for getting all the drift physics in all modes and starting with $2,000.

We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox : GameCube : Gameboy Advance

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Unlockable Cars
To enable the following cars in 'Quick Race' mode just enter their code at the 'Main' menu.

Unlock Acura Integra:
Press R2(2), R1, R2, L2, L1, Down, Up.

Unlock Acura RSX:
Press R1, R2, Down, Left, Up, Right, Left, Right.

Unlock Ford Focus:
Press Left, Right, Up, R1, R2, R1, R2, Up.

Unlock Honda S2000:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Up, Left, Square, R2.

Unlock Hyundai Tiburon:
Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down.

Unlock Lost Prophets Car:
Press Up(3), Right, Down(2), Up, Right.

Unlock Mitsubishi Lancer:
Press Left(3), R1(2), R2(2), L2.

Unlock Mystikal Car:
Press Up, Right, Up(2), Down, Right, Up, Right.

Unlock Nissan ..

Unlock all Circuit Tracks
To unlock all Circuit Tracks, enter the following sequence on your gamepad -- Down, R1, R1, R1, R2, R2, R2, Square -- in the Main Menu Screen.

Good Cheats
Enter The Following Codes At The Main Menu:

Unlock Acura Integra: Press R2,R2,R1,R2,L2,L1,Down,Up,

Unlock Acura RSX: Press R1,R2,Down,Left,Up,Right,Left,Right,

Unlock All Circuit Tracks: Press Down,R1,R1,R1,R2,R2,R2,Square,

Unlock All Drag Tracks: Press Right,Square,Left,R1,Square,L1,L2,R2,

Unlock All Drift Tracks: Press Left,Left,Left,Left,Right,R2,R1,L2,

Unlock All Sprint Tracks: Press Up,R2,R2,R2,R1,Down,Down,Down,

Unlock Drift Physics In All Modes: Press R1,Up,Up,Up,Down,Down,Down,L1,

Unlock Ford Focus: Press Left,Right,Up,R1,R2,R1,R2,Up,

Unlock Honda S2000: Press Up,Up,Down,Down,Up,Left,Square,R2,

Unlock Hyundai Tiburon: Press Left,Right,Left,Right,Up,Down,Up,Down,

Drift Physics In All Modes
R1, up, up, up, down, down, down, L1

All drift tracksEnter Left(4), Right, R2, R1, L2..
All drift tracks
Enter Left(4), Right, R2, R1, L2 at the main menu.

All sprint tracks
Enter Up, R2(3), R1, Down(3) at the main menu.

All drag tracks
Enter Right, Square, Left, R1, Square, L1, L2, R2 at the main menu.

All circuit tracks
Enter Down, R1(3), R2(3), Square at the main menu.

To load a seperate profile for player 2 in split screen, simply press Square when on car selection screen.

The memory card with Player 2's profile must be in Memory card slot 1 (just switch them if they're on seperate cards)

On the fisrt menu with the "press start buuton" type in R2(4), X(3), Left, Right, Up, Down, or R2(3), R1(3), X, O, X.

on the very first page where is says press start type in: ..

A good cheat
The fastest car is the Lancer with all the lvl 3 parts

I did 273mph in it.

Also does anyone know how to get the Skyline? I finished Underground mode so how many style pints do you need?

Level 1 Performance Parts
At main menu press R2, R2, R1, R1, left, right, left, right

All game cheats you need
Level 1 Performance Parts Entry Location:
Enter the cheat at the main menu.
Go to the main menu and press R2, R2, R1, R1, Left, Right, Left, Right. 

Level 2 Performance Parts Entry Location:
Enter the cheat at the main menu.
Go to the main menu and press R1, R1, R1, R1, R2, R2, Left, Right. 

Level 2 Visual Parts Entry Location:
Enter the cheat at the main menu.
Go to the main menu and press Down, Left, Up, Down, R1, R2, R2, Square. 

Get Acura Integra Entry Location:
Enter the cheat at the main menu.
Go to the main menu and press R2, R2, R1, R2, L2, L1, Down, Up. 

Get Acura RSX Entry Location:
Enter the cheat at the main menu.
Go to ..

All drag tracks
At the main menu press:
Right, square, left, R1, square, L1,L2, R2

Get the lancer fully upgrade it swap for the car that gives most cash around $8,400 you get back then turn it stock and wsap back to lancer you get about $5,000 back then fully upgrade then again,again,again,again,again,again,again,again,and AGAIN I did it over and over and got around $48,970

So comment if it helps you buy EVERYTHING also comment if any of my hints or cheats help you

Also wrote hint 2fast2furious cars or close

Hope I help now or in Future :P

Brian's eclipse from the fast and the furious
Front bumper:shadow
back bumper:renegade
side skirts:shadow
rims:konig DTD glide
neon:green pulse
muffler tip:rocket
window tint:stock
base:pearlescent,bottom right corner,green
brakes:first section,green
side:tribal 13,colour,2nd section,2nd row,4th from the right,black

Enter these at the title screen (the one where it says Press Sta
$1,000 (Career Mode, "No Save" only), RX-8, And Skyline (Quick Race) Left (x2), Right, 0 (x2), Right, L1, R1

Start With $200 (Career Mode) Up (x3), Left, R1 (x3), Down

Unlock Best Buy Vinyl Up, Down, Up, Down (x2), Up, Right, Left

Unlock Hummer H2 Capone (Career Mode) Up, Left, Up (x2), Down, Left, Down, Left

Unlock Performance I Parts L1, R1, L1, R1, Left (x2), Right, Up

Unlock Performance II Parts R1 (x2), L1, R1, Left, Right, Up, Down

Unlock Visual I Parts R1 (x2), Up, Down, L1 (x2), Up, Down

Unlock Visual II Parts L1, R1, Up, Down, L1, Up (x2), Down

How To Get A Mitsubishi Lancer
To Get A Mitsubishi Lancer Do Your First Three Races On Hard And Win Them All You Can Then Buy A Mitsubish Lancer

Best car for the begining of the game
The miata is probably the best car for the begining of the game

Happy Racing !!!

2fast2furious mazda rx-7
If you havent seen 2fast2furious theres a spainish guy that has a mazda rx-7 and if you have you'll know what I'm talking about so you'll want the mod's for it

Front bumper: Ace
Rear bumper: Shadow
Side skirts: Strike
Spolier: Stock
Hood: Stock
Roof scoop: Stock
Rims: Racing Hart S7
Neon: Red/Red Pulse
Headlights: Voltage
Taillights: Stock
Muffler Tip: Frenzy
Window tint: Stock

Base: Gloss first section fifth from the left: red
Rims: first section third from left: chrome
Spolier: base paint
Brake calipers: firts section fifth form left: red

Top layer: modern 30 colour: first section fifth from left:yellow
2nd colour: first section fourth from right: dark green..

Getting good drifting points
When you are drifting, but you have to be going pretty fast, use the E-BRAKE which is R-1. It helps to keep moving, keep turning left anf right. A way to make your drift longer is, when your car is staring to straitn out, going forward, turn the opposite direction from your last turn.

I once got 48,658 points in one drift.

P.S using the brakes also helps from crashing or hitting the wall.

Cool 5 star reputation car
Car: honda S2000
Spoiler: backdraft
Hood: formula-style cf (if you don't have it then pick a cf hood)
Roof scoop: dually
Wide body kit: any (I perfer mantis)
Rims: nfsu split
Neon: gold neon pulse
Headlights: lunar
Taillights: reaper
Muffler tip: rocket
Window tint: dark gold
Base: metallic; bottom section top row 1st to left (gold)
Rims: top section; 3rd to left (chrome)
Spoiler: same as base
Brake calipers: same as rims
Muffler tip: same as rims

Style points
Another way to get quicker style points is to put visual upgrades to get reputation stars, if you get 2 then your style points multiplied by 2, 3 rep stars will multiply style points by 3 and so on...

Have You Ever...?
Have you ever wanted to say, "So Long Suckers," with out using your NSO?
Have you ever wanted to punch your oponents right in the nose?
Have you ever wanted to get a nice car that has a full top speed bar?
Have you ever wanted to get at least 10 seconds ahead of you oponents?

If you said Holy Crap YEAH! To any of these qeustions then this is for you.

Well, for the first one you need to use either the Mazda Miata or the Lancer to do this: Upgrade your engine to be level 2 (Pro Perfomance) and level 2 braking system. Okay here's how you do it: you make sure you do not crash at the corners. (Oh so that why he's saying to have level 2 braking system, is probaably what your saying.) Then you'll be at least 5 or 6 seconds ahead of you oponent.


How to make your cars look like Marissa's car
Body parts:
Spoiler: Carbon X(Level 3)
Hood: Duo Max CF(Level 3)
Roof Scoop: Stock
Wide Body kit: Mantis(You need to get this one inorder to make it look like her car)
Rims: Racing Hart CP10(Level 3)
Head Lights: Eyelids(Level 3)Tail Lights: Reaper (Level 3)
Muffler tip: Vortex(Level 2)
Window Tint: Dark Orange tint(Level 3)
Base: Metallic(press R2 once):The first row, go to the right 5 times(excluding the first one)
Rims: The first one on the very top left corner
Engine: Any color
Caliper: Any color
Muffler: First row the third one
No decals
This vinyl isn't 100% the same as the one marissa has
Side: Stripe: 10((Level 1)

All Circut tracks
At the main menu press:
Down, R1, R1,R1,R2,R2,R2, square

If you just start this game and keep racing don'..
If you just start this game and keep racing don't rely on the same car.At one point you will have to switch.

How to get as easy upgrades as possible
Okay you know how in this game when you first start you only have 10,000 cash and the bets car you can buy is the Honda Civic. Well here is a way to boost that Honda Civic up to speed with awesome new vinyls and performance upgrades! Just start the game then race through that 'dream race' that the girl from the beginning calls it. Then go to the main page and type the code :
Up, Up, Up, Right, Down, Down, Up, Right.

This will unlock the "Lost Prophet's" car for 'Quick Race' only! After you unlock this car it will appear as a "Nissan Skyline" in Quick race but it will NOT be in "Underground" mode. Then click on Quick race and choose Drift. Set the difficulty to Hard and set the # of laps to 10. Then click Play and swerve in and out of the edges while following the map.You ..

The Perfect car strategy
I have got the perfect car strategy.

All you need is the Hyundai Coupe (unlocked mission 18 or 19 in underground mode), the Honda S2000 (I can't remember what mission it is you unlock it at), the R34 Skyline (Mission 80), level 3 engine/exhaust, level 3 drivetrain, level 3 tyres, and every other performance upgrade at level 2.

Here's what you do: put all of the performance upgrades on your starter car. Then, trade it for the Coupe. The top speed bar of the Coupe should be almost full.

Then, when you get the S2000, trade the Coupe for the S2000. Then when you get the Skyline, trade the S2000 for the Skyline.

Then when you get all the level 3 performance upgrades, put them on the Skyline, and it will have a full top speed bar.

Tricked Out Cars
Eddies Skyline: The Final Thing you get when you max out the drift points.

I Maxed out around 3 million not 4
Rob Zombie car
Mysticals Ride
Honda Civic- 1st one a nice kitty
Honda Civic- 2nd a evil cat with Fire
nissan 350 Z
petey pablo car
acura integra type R (ninja)
nissan sentra (se R) spec V
nissan skyline GT R (last prophets)

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