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Halo 2 Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Halo 2

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Plenty of cheats for you to look through including how to unlock weapons, vehicles, and enemy abilities. Find out how to clone weapons in multiplayer and how to skip most of the Level on Uprising.

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We have 381 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Halo 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Halo 2 Battle Tactics and Weapons

In an open battlefield dual wield for maximum fire power as throwing Fragmentation Grenades will be a waste of time. If you are in an enclosed environment it is more effective to hold only one weapon which will allow you to use your free arm to detonate Fragmentation Grenades to deadly effect. The following are weapons that you will be able to dual wield:
Human Dual Weilding weapons
Magnum (Pistol) -
Sidearm which is deadly at close range particularly on head shots
SMG (Sub Machine Gun) -
Inaccurate but deadly, best used in small controlled bursts.
Battle Rifle -
Versatile weapon that can be used as a semi-automatic for close range or as a sniper rifle for long range.

Covenant Dual Weilding weapons

Infinite Ammunition or Power

When you have reached a level where you lead Marines or Covenant you'll be able to perform this sneaky little trick which should keep you alive a little bit longer. If you've got powerful weapons which are low on ammunition or power give them to the A.I. That follows as they'll never run out and they are more than competent with them.

fast kill drones

First off if you hate the drones, you know the flying bug things? This is the cheat for you. Grab a SMG, then when the drones get into close or medium range, FIRE! They drop down like rain!

Best Sniping Spot on Outskirts

Ok,the best sniping spot is easy to get to as long as you do what I say and read these incredibaly long instructions. First you MUST get the sputnik skull. Then go and play Outskirts. Take Johnson's sniper rifle (I meen you going to the best sniping spot, why not have a rifle). So then when you walk out the door after the crash to go kill the grunt, jump up onto the long light thing. Now face the wall that at the top has a slanted ledge. Now to do this without using grenades, do the crouch jump. Then, once you are on top of that small building you'll see a small alley way if you turn to your left. Walk down it. There are three things down there, the blind skull (which I don't recommened taking), 4 frags, and a scope. If you already used your grenades take them and proceed with the instru..

Flying Sword Glitch

This cheat works for campaign and multiplayer. You need an energy sword and a secondary weapon (rocket launcher works the best.)
First aim the weapon reticle on an enemy until it turns red.(not sword.) Hold "Y" and as soon as you let go, pull the "Right Trigger" two times fast.
You should lunge to the enemy.

Metropolis:Giant Soccer Ball/Bungie's obsession

In order to do this you must get the Sputnik Skull which enables Grenades, rockets, and anything with an explosive effect to be Stronger (Look on the User cheats to see how to get the skull). Play throughout the level untill you get past 2 Wraith tanks. This can be done on any difficulty. Go all the way to the end of the tunnel untill you come to half of a wall that had a jackal sniper on it.
Go past that and go all the way to the end of the tunnel to where you are at the sewers.(If you look right of the sewers near some Gas pipes are the numbers 2,2,3 and a W with a ~ through it. Bungie's lucky number is 7. 2+2+3= 7.) If you llok at alot of stuff in the game it equals to the number 7. Like 343 quilty spark.Continue where you see a Jackal with a sniper. Go past that to where y..

Hidden cave

Though it's not really a cheat but it's awesome. On blood gulch if you rappidly shoot the boulder on the cliff on the wall a certain amount of times with a plasma gun it will explode. When it explodes you should see a silver platform where the rock was. If you throw a plasma grenade on it it will blow up allowing you to go in. But theres no way out so have fun while your there. If you follow the cave it will lead you to a dark room. If you go in youll see a dead guy slottered hanging up on the wall. Its cool. P.s. If id doesnt work let me know and ill try it again. Have fun!

Hunter fast kill

Okay this works anywhere. Find a beam rifle or sniper rifle and shoot the hunters in their orange stomach. It works! I tried it on two hunters and they both died instantly!

Funny Glitch

On multiplayer level zanzibar.
Ok ya'll know were the panel is that opens the gate.
Well when you press the panel read it.
To get a closer look just zoom-in.

Ling lings head

On the xbox clock change the numbers 700 AM or PM 07 07 07 07 07.Go on multiplayer and go to the zanzibar level.go to the water. Find the sign and it will say "Are you finding ling lings head?" And it will show a picture of it. It is extremely hard to find him.

half body

Hey,in multiplayer or campaign,get a tank.then jump on the front,and walk towards the middle of it.and there you go youll see you legs on the other side

Standing on air!!!!!!!

You have to go to slayer at Beaver Creek and get on the arch and jump then crouch on air and thats it. Happy cheating from The K

Hints for beginners

If you want to kill flood the easiest way, get a brute shot and melee attack them.
Also melee attack brutes with it cause one mellee kills flood and three melee kills brutes.

Magical skulls

Level 1 Cairo Station
Go to the B.01 Commons(Look for this sign on the wall)
There will be a ledge where the carts pass through. Try to jump on it.
You can use the plants to get a good jumpstart, but you won't be able to hop the fence. Land on the wall lamps then jump again.
Once above, go onto one of the slopes holding the rail then jump on the rail.
You'll see a trash bin. Knock it off and you'll see a skull called thunderstorm.
I don't know its abilities, but I'm sure you'll be able to find that out.
Level 2 Outskirts
Retrieve two plasma grenades or more then return to wrecked pelican. If you look overhead, you will see that the roof has been damaged and that there are wooden boards sticking out of it.

Lets go flying

On the map Relic,go to the different pelican by the beach.For this trick only the host can do this trick.You'll have to have a overshield and a rocket launcher.Go behind the metal shields that are there and stand on top of the metal stick that makes it stand.Then just shoot your where the metal stick ends on the shield.Once you shoot your rocket, you will be flying in the sky.

ride the pelican

Yes it's true and heres how,on the level metropolis when your up againts 3 wraiths a few ghosts and a phantom,after all of them are dead,you should see a pelican flying down,as soon as you do run up the flyover and jump onto the back of the pelican,be warned though as the game will glitch shortly afterwards,happy cheating Smile

Covenant Sniper

Yes there is a Covenant sniper.This weapon uses Plasma ammo just like any other Alien weapon but this one zooms in like a sniper and can be used as a short range weapon.

Metropolis: Flip a Banshee

Ok heres how you do this. Play Metropolis on easy, and levels work, untill you reach the spot where you get into a warthog and there are 3 wraith tanks, a couple ghosts and a pelican above you.
There should be Jackal Sniper os a ledge.Go to them and kill them. Wait for a Pelican to come. As soon as it drops marines jump to it and hold in X. You will be in the Pelican. If you stay in it, it will take you to the bottom of the level. It will crash with you and some marines standing in mid air above water.
The pelican will be standing upward. When you are close to it, it will say Hold X to Flip Banshee. Funny right? If you flip it, it will be spinning out of control.

How to beat nemeys on legandary

Elites plasma pistol and battle rifle or carbine
Grunts battle rifle or carbine(in the head)
Jackels battle rifle or carbine
Sniper Jackels beam rifle, sniper rifle, battle rifle, and carbine
Brutes carbine(or other projectile weapon)
Flood energy sword or sentinel beam
Sentinels duel plasma rifle, plasma pistol,and senitel beam
Tatrause beam rifle and shotgun

Stairway to heaven on Outskirts

First get the sputnik skull and play on outskirts. Get out of Outskirts by either grenade jumping off the light or crouch jumping in the begining of the level.(Note go 2 youtube and watch how 2 get out)Then when you're at the bridge ware the pelican spawns run 2 the right and drop down 2 the left and move a little right and you should walk on air. Short glitch but worth doing and you know it's short if you walk backwards. I will do my best 2 find other stairways 2 heaven on campaign.

Have fun glitching, Destructive Satelite

How to Clone Weapons in Multiplayer

First go on any multiplayer map that has dual-weildable weapons in it. That dual -weildable weapon is the one we want to clone. Go over to it and pick it up and wait for another to respawn where you picked it up. When the second one respawns dual-weild it. Then keep dropping and picking it up untill a third appears and keep switching dual-weilding with the other weapon that respawned the third time. Example: Picked up weapon 1 and waited for weapon 2 to respawn. Weapon 2 respawns and you pick it up. Then weapon 3 respawns and you keep switching between weapon 2 and 3 by dropping weapon 2 and then pressing Y to pick up weapon 3.
That was hard to explain and I bet most of you didn't understand!
Happy Cheating!

Great sniping spot in waterworks

You enter waterworks, get a sniper, and get a Banshi. Fly to the place where the big stone boulder crashes on the mountain. there, you should snipe easily.

The Difference Between Life and Death

In Halo 2, If your Partner dies a Red X will apear over their heads. If you are about to try to get Your opponents flag and you see your teammates with X's above their heads, this may change your way of attacking.

Halo 2 Levels: Campaign

There are 15 levels in Halo 2.Here is a list in first to last:
The Heretic
Cairo Station
The Arbitor
Delta Halo
Sacred Icon
Quarantine Zone
High Charity
The Great Journey

Plasma After Effect

In order to do this you must have a Warthog/Spectre and a Plasma Pistol. Get into the side seat of the vehicle. Charge the Plasma Pistol. Get out of the vehicle.Your gun will act like its still charging even when it's not.

Easier way into final battle

Ok everyone knows about brute fight at the end, but first to enter the control room you have to fight a LOT of brutes.Here is a way to bypass this fight. OK first when youre still outside in the banshee and johnsons scarab blew the doors open, fly tward the bottom right of the control room structure keep going as far as you can, and sooner or later you will see the cutscene to start the final fight! That easy and as a bonus youre banshee is back in the hall so if you want to get in and blast the brute in that instead if you want.hope this helped


For all the people that thought my last cheat wasn't ture TRY IT I will explain it in more detail this time for people that are a little slow.You keep press the A button while in Headlong for example and when you don't come down stop jumping.This can not be done while on boxs(Things that are not attached to the map).This can also not be done while moving or looking around.This might not work with the update to Halo 2 I don't know.but before you send a "bougus" rating try it and keep trying it till it happens because there is no limit of jumps till you float.

Gaurdian Kill on Xbox Live

I know how to kill someone on your own team when friendly fire is on but I think it only works when your on xbox live. What you do is go up to your teammate when frienly fire is off, aim at his head, hold down the right trigger and while holding down the right trigger and aiming at his head start pressing the y button as fast as you can.
P.S. Like I said I think this only works on xbox live but you can try it offline if you want.

blind skull

On the level outskirts when you first start in the room with the grunt ,kill the grunt then jump up on the market stall type roof and crouch juump onto the high roof,then turn left <- and walk down the alleyway and hold x ontop of the skull to pick it up,be warned as this will erase your hud and make your guns invisible,turn your xbox off,if you do not want this permanent,happy cheating Smile

Boreing Glitch on Outskirts

Now, I play Halo 2 a lot more than I should, but the bright side to that is that I have discovered a sh!t load of gltiches. Now these aren't those gltich land kind of things, they're straight up in the middle of no where glitches. Now this first one isn't really a glitch, it's just to get you stuck in the middle of something you can't get out of. First you must get the sputnik skull. Then you have to make it through the first area on Outskirts (If your stupid and don't know what I meen, the part with the two Hunters.)Then once you gte to the Jackles let you are team take care of those Jackles, while you jump up onto those two boxes witht he can on top of it and get on that ledge. Face down and throw a FRAGMENT grenade benieth of you, wait about 2 seconds and jump and kind of move forward..

How to get sword on Outskirts without "roof hoping"

Since I'm such a wimp I like to play on easy. But I got bored and decided to play on legendary. Well it turns out when the Phantom comes and drops off aliens it kindly drops off a silver elite with a sword! Now I personally didn't get the sword cause I was being sniped at by Jackels, so getting the sword is pretty tough. But if you want to avoid taking all the time roof hoping, then suck it up, and play on legendary!
If you have any questions pertaining to Halo 2 send emails to:
[email protected]

Glitch land on Outskirts

Ok, this takes maybe 30 seconds to do without interruption. First you MUST get the sputnik skull! Ok once you get to the part of the beach where aftetwards you go into the highway tunnel head over to that one section of the wall on the left where there are two rocks. Go behind the rocks and look at the ground. If you have no fragment grenades then go get some! Then stare at the ground and throw a grenade and wait...1...2...JUMP! Then if you time everything just right the explosion will shoot you up in the air and then you need inch youself onto the slanted ledge. Then in glitch land. There's really nothing to do there other than snipe people.
NOTE: If you keep walk and think there is no end, you'll fall into the water and die. So pick a spot and stay and kill people

How to blow up a energy-sword!

If you get the sniper rifle in a match made by another person and you find the energy-sword get in a sniper post.Aim the sniper rifle on zoom (x3) at the energy-sword's handle.When they are about to pick it up !SHOOT! and they will blow up.When I did it I got a 85 killing spree in a match with 3 other people that had 7,3and,12 takes practice believe me I found out 5 months after I got my XBOX.

Best weapon combos for each map

Locket: Sniper/Sword or Battle Rifle/Plasma Pistol.
Ivory Tower: Sniper/Sword, Sword/Rockets.
Warlock: battle rifle/shotgun, smg-plasma rifle.
Midship: battle rifle/sword, battle rifle/plasma pistol.
Coagulation: sniper/battle rifle, sniper/rockets.
Zanzibar: Sniper/sword, rockets/battle rifle.
Burial Mounds: I like to have both snipers(not much reloaded in battle) which would be Alien and Human Sniper's, or Battle rifle/rockets.
I hope this helps a little when you play these maps try to go for these weapons and with a little bit of skill you will pwn any one! =) Thanks for baring with me...
From, zanz

The Flood:A Possible Return

The Flood, I believe, is returning to Halo 2 because if you look at the Halo 2 Pics you will see The Monitors army of Sentinels which were made to control The Flood in The First Halo.

Submachineguns or SMGs

These guns replaced Ausault Rifles.They can be use in Dual Wielding and are more Advanced in Firepower. It shoots more Rapidly and is realy powerful combined with other weapons.


Halo 2 returns with The Scorpion, The Ghost which now, if you hold down the L trigger, does a power boost. The Warthog which has A Rocket type weapon in the back and also the original gun will reuturn that is in Halo and Banshees will be able to used in Multiplayer Battles.

More Master-Chiefs

I read im my magazine a article about Halo 2. It said that you can have up to 15 other Master-Chiefs in your party. And you don't need to call you friends up to plat either. All you do is go to a level pick all your Master-Chiefs and there you go. But I'm not for sure. When I get more information about this I'll let you know.

A Hunter's Return

The Hunters in Halo 1 will Return in Halo 2 but with a new Gun attached to their hands.

Weapons, vehicle, and enemy abilitirs

dual wields,medium damage,close range,medium accuracy,medium rate of fire,manual fire,12 rounds in magazine,48 additional rounds(4 magazines),slow reload speed,average melee attack,no scope
dual wield,low damage,close range,low accuracy,high rate of fire,continuous fire,60 bullets in magazine,180 additional rounds(3magazines),fast reload (not dual)
average melee attack,no scope,
Battle Rifle:
no dual wield,medium damage,medium range(high with scope),medium accuracy(high with scope),medium rate of fire, 3 round burst, 36 rounds in magazine, 108 additional rounds(3 magazines), medium reload, slow melee attack, 2X scope
no dual wield,high damage,very close range,low accuracy,low rate of fire,manual rate of fire,..

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