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Halo 2


Halo 2 - Great Journey Legendary Walkthrough

by CrazyWhiteKid88

CrazyWhiteKid88 (A.K.A. BDawgPHD)ís...

Halo 2 Ė Legendary level completion FAQ (Great Journey)

A. [Update into]
I. [Intro]
IIA. [Basic strategy]
IIB. [Skills you need to know]
III. [Special conditions for this level]
IV [Walkthrough]
V. [Acknowledgements]
VI. [Legal Schlapskie]


A.  [Update Info]

   H2 - Created FAQ
   H2.1 - Added info and gave credit to DarkKaiser and ZhengZheng (Thanks)

I.  [Intro] 

This is the new and improved version of my Great Journey legendary guide.  
Apparently it ďlacked contentĒ.  A little while after I submitted it, some 
Other dude made an accepted one for Cairo Station, one of the most 
demanding levels in the game.  His included the number of enemies, what 
weapons they had, their hoof size (24, duh), etc; it included a ASCII map of 
difficult areas as well.  Mine didnít, although mine was well worded (I 
thought so, anyway).  So I have reformatted it, and used his guide as 
somewhat of a springboard for ideas.  I also included a basic strategy section 
for super-n00bies, which he also included.  This guyís gamefaqs name is 
Dragon Bane (Thanks a lot man!).


This is my first strategy FAQ that gives an ideal method of proceeding as 
opposed to a suggested method (I did one for Counter-Strike because there 
was all of one guide, which was a weapons guide).  While I write this FAQ, I 
keep in mind that not everyone is as good as I am.  ...Actually, that came out 
wrong   :D   Lemme put it this way:  itís like school- everyone learns a 
different way.  Not everyone uses the same methods to beating the level.  In 
fact, there are probably a million ways to do whatever you are trying to do, 
depending on how specific your goal is.  In this FAQ, I will try to give 
multiple strategies for each level, although I will tell you exactly what you 
should do sometimes.  I decided to do it that way because I do the level a 
different way every time, as I do with most levels in any game.  If you have a 
better method, then feel free to send it to me along with your Gamefaqs name 
or whatever you want to be known as.  If you donít then I will just give credit
to your email.  Make sure you put halo 2 legendary FAQ in your subject so I 
pay attention to your email.  My email is [email protected]    Now on 
we go!


IIA.  [Basic strategy]

- Strafing is a must.  I know some of you used to play doom all the time and 
like turning and blowing things up, but it just donít work like that anymore.  
If you expect to win by walking around and killing whatever breathes funny 
then youíre out of your mind.  Strafing is especially good for ducking in and 
out of cover, and itís also needed for watching yourself while you are running 
somewhere.  Itís a basic skill you need to survive, so itís important to 
practice strafing.

- Aiming.  I know it sounds simple, but having good aim and quick aim helps 
you tremendously.  I have much less trouble with elites because I always aim 
for the head, which means they die as soon as the shield drops.  Every shot 
counts when you are fighting a brute, especially considering most of those 
shots will be head shots with a beam rifle.  Nade throwing also falls under 
aiming.  With brutes you REALLY need to not waste grenades so make sure 
they count.

- Taking cover is super important.  Brute shots hurt.  You need to stay behind 
cover and out of sight, lest ye die.  Most of your fights are against brutes, 
and the stinkin majority of them have brute shots.

- The active camouflage is your most valuable asset.  I will instruct you to 
use it a lot, as it is needed.  Read ahead before you begin because I may 
instruct you to use it at a certain time, maybe to run to new grounds unseen.  
If I want you to use it at a certain point, you should save it for that.  If I 
donít mention using it (for whatever reason) you are free to do what you will 
with it.

- I say this later also, and I canít stress it enough.  You need to be as 
helpful to your allies as you can.  You ever see 10 brutes try to take on 2 
hunters?  Itís kinda sad, actually.  But the hunters may fall, and if they do
your job gets a whole lot harder.  I made a strategy for no allies just in 
case, but it is better to have them...much better.


IIB.  [Skills you need to know]

- You need to be able to use a beam rifle, the sniper rifle of the covenant.  
It overheats after two consecutive shots (when pressing the trigger rapidly).  
It takes two shots in the head to kill a Brute (one knocks off his helmet, the 
other takes his life).  You need to be able to find the open spot of a jackalís
shield (shooting his feet sometimes kills him).  You will also need to be able 
to use the carbine as a sniper (three or four good shots should kill a Brute), 
and you need to know how to place plasma grenades well.

- You need to know how to hijack vehicles.  Hijacking vehicles on legendary 
is a problem, as you will probably be mush by the time one comes close to 
you.  Jacking ghosts is simple enough, just dodge its fire and jack it when it 
gets close (make sure you kill the driver, itís best to run them over, 
especially if they have extra endurance).  To hijack a wraith, drive up to it 
and get out as close as you can.  Jump on the front of the wraith and hold X to
jack it.  Once you attach to it, melee it until the driver is dead.  Then exit 
and reenter it.  You need that extra muscle to be able to get to the mountain 

-Your camouflage is activated by pressing the white button.  It lasts for a 
short time.  The pie display that shows the status of your camouflage is near 
your grenade count.  You will need to be able to use it, kill an enemy quickly,
then run back to cover before you are mincemeat.


III.  [Special conditions for this level]

-When you get to the part when you escort the scarab to the structure, you 
need to all but tear apart your banshee, which will probably be done in combat 
(trust me, ill explain later).  As long as you have at least one where the 
wings are torn off, youíre in good shape.  Once you have one torn apart that 
bad, you can get a new one on ground level and come back to it.  

-Try to help your allies.  They make all the difference on legendary.


IV.  [Walkthrough]

ďYour Ass, My size 24 HoofĒ

Part one: On the way to the building that goes up to the scarab

          -4 Brutes in ghosts
          -2 More brutes in ghosts, may or may not come
           -1 Brute in Wraith



When you begin the level, your ally will be in the wraith, and another ally 
will drive by in a spectre.  Donít get in.  You will die very quickly if you 
get fired upon.  You will come across Brutes in ghosts.  Maneuver in such a 
way that they come after you, but donít have a direct shot at you with gunfire 
or ramming.  You want to jack one and kill it, then fight the rest with your 
allies.  Then continue until you see the enemy wraith.



Do the same thing you did above to attract brutes, but this time when you get 
a ghost and kill the brute, get out and make another chase you.  This strategy 
is good if you canít fight ghost-on-ghost.     Feel free to mix and match with 
the strategy above if you can take on one and only one ghost, or you can just 
do this with all of them.  Then go to the wraith as usual.



You can try this too if you find it easier.  Just take your spectre and jet to 
the wraith.  Not recommended, unless you decide to sneak around everyone 
else, which might bite you in the tohkas later.



Yup, the equivalent to Sarge is fighting in the wraith, and although you canít 
take it, you are better off, since he wonít die, and I think his wraith is 
indestructible.  You can get the ghosts to chase him and they can get a 
beating.  Follow him in the spectre, and once he kills all but one, move on to 
the wraith.

You need to get the wraith, or else you will have a uber-tough fight ahead of 
you (not that you donít anyway).  Get near the wraith somehow (sneak up on 
him or exit your vehicle near him) and jack it.  Now you got some edge.


Part two:  Still on the way to the building

          -2 Brutes in Wraiths (near entrance to structure)
          -4 Brutes in ghosts (coming after you)
          -4? Brutes on foot (near entrance to structure)
                 (I thought there were less foot brutes, itís hard to count 
                  when they are trying to kill you)
          -1 Assault Phantom (not dropping off troops)

Once you make your way forward, 4 ghosts will be flying around.  Kill them 
off.  Soon enough a Phantom will arise from the cliff edge.  You need to blast
it quickly but accurately, because you need to take out the turrets.  If you 
cannot, donít proceed because the turrets will tear you apart.  Reload the 
checkpoint and try again.  Once you take out the turrets it will fly away, 
frustrated and defenseless.  Now...



From there, go attack the wraiths, but watch their mortar cannons.  It takes 
two or three shots to kill them, but only one to kill you.  Once you kill them,
the Brutes should be simple enough.



Not a very good idea, but if you stick the brutes and manage to not get pwned 
by the wraiths when you are killing them (unlikely) then go right ahead.



If the wraith is too slow for you, then use the ghost and kill the brutes, then
chip away at the wraiths (brutes donít have shields so you can chip and run 
and not worry about starting over).


From here, enter the building.  


Part three (new set of allies): Going through the 1st two rooms of the building

      1st room
          -4 Brutes on foot, 1 in turret

      2nd room, first wave
          -2 brutes (enter room one)
          -7 more brutes (in room)

      2nd room, second wave
          -3 brutes (not sure)
          -2 jackal snipers (I thought there were more)
          -1 jackals (thought there were more)

As you notice, you have a little muscle.  Enter the next room, and you should 
see two beam rifles on one of the covenant shield-barrier-things.  Pick one up.
The Hunters will open the door.  



Try to snipe some Brutes (rememberÖtwo shots in the head).  Once the first 
floor is clear of enemy fire and you canít see anymore Brutes, go up the 
stairs.  Any Brutes you see can be stuck with a plasma grenade.  Now kill the 
other brutes with either the beam rifle or the grenades.  Before you enter the 
next room, go back and pick up the other beam rifle.  



Run up the ramp and hope that you donít get blown up on the way.  Now stick 
some brutes and try not to get killed.  More will come, but they shouldnít be 
much of a problem if you play smart and let your allies help.


Now for the next room...



Iím assuming for this strategy that all of your allies are dead.  Use your 
active camouflage and stick the Brute that is on your section of the room.  
Then run back for cover.  From here you need to use your active camo and 
your beam rifle to pick the Brutes off one at a time.  Remember, once you take 
a shot, it goes away, and it takes a while to charge.  Keep an eye on your 
meter to know when itís ready.  Once most of them are gone, some more 
Brutes as well as some jackals enter the room.  Use the same technique until 
you canít find anymore to snipe.  Then use the active camo and run to the next 
section of level, behind a wall so no one sees you.  You should see a Brute in 
a turret.  Snipe him, or use the carbine on him, but make sure you get him in 
the head.  Now use your active camo again and look for the jackals on the 
high platform.  You have to take them out, and be careful because they have 
deadly accuracy with the beam rifle.  



Your hunters will take the brunt of everything.  Donít be as protective of them
as before, but donít let them do everything.  You need them here, but they 
donít follow you past the end of the room.  Use the active camo and proceed 
to the view of the turret.  Snipe the brute in the turret like in the 1st 
strategy, and snipe from there and stay out of fire.  Once the snipers come 
out, take cover and snipe them, just as I mentioned in the 1st strategy.


Once you take them all out, proceed, but make sure you didnít miss any on 
your way by.  You do NOT want to do this part again.


Part Four:  Outside on the little bridge 

          -1 Gaggle of jackals (I didnít care to count, it doesnít matter)
          -1 Jackal sniper
          -1 Bunch of drones (for our purposes it doesnít matter)
          -1 Assault Phantom 

Ready your beam rifle.  Proceed until you reach the bridge.  As soon as the 
door opens, put your camo on and look to the opposite door.  A jackal with a 
beam rifle will come out.  Snipe him immediately.  Now, a bunch of jackals 
will be ready to obliterate you.  Luckily, they will not pass the see-through 
wall between you and them.  Jump up and throw grenades in there at large 
groups.  They shouldnít be much problem.  Now for hell.  Jump up onto the 
wall and look near the door and on the walls on that side.  You should see 
some drones floating around there (well, sitting).  Snipe them off.  Jump up, 
snipe them, move around, do whatever you can to get as many as possible, but 
do not pass that wall.  Once you get as many as you can find, pass the bridge 
on the right side.  A Phantom will appear to the left, and will tear you apart 
if it can.  Take cover via the support columns in the middle until you get 
close to the other side.  Use your active camo and run through the doors to the
next area and avoid all the drones.


Part five:  Death to all Brutes that are in the room

          -5 Brutes (in the room)
          -3 Jackals (second floor)
          -3 More brutes (come through the door when you kill a bit)

The next room is heartbreaking.  Those losers trapped your allies.  So 
hereís what youíre gonna do:  Take a beam sword and hold on to the beam 
rifle.  Go to the second level.  Use your beam rifle to snipe the lock on the
 far cell, releasing an elite.  Then use the active camo and take out a jackal 
with the beam sword.  Then run back so you donít get killed.  Repeat until the 
three jackals are dead.  Then go to the first level, to the right, and snipe 
the lock on the opposite side of the room.  Two Hunters will come out and 
start killing.  



Now swap your beam rifle for the needlers and dual wield them. Try to help 
the Hunters if there are a lot of Brutes, but donít get in their way.  Once 
more come out, drop a needler and throw a grenade at one.  Then pick up your 
needler.  Pump the last of the Brutes with needles.  



If you find it easier to take on brutes with the beam rifle, then go ahead.






You ever see like 6 brutes try to take on 2 hunters?  Itís kind of funny.  If 
youíd like, you can sit back and watch the fight.  The hunters should kill 
everyone fairly easily.


Pick up the carbine again.  You should have the sword and the carbine now.


Part six:  Too small to have a real name but doesnít fit with the next part

          -5 Brutes

Now you will go outside.  Sword-dash the first brute and then try to kill the 
rest.  They take a few dashes.  If you dash while running backwards, you 
should be able to avoid getting hit.  Then after the cutscene take your banshee.


ďBackseat DriverĒ

Part seven:  Getting to the tower



Itís safer, but it takes longer for Johnson to get where he is going, since he 
has to kill everyone on the way.  Fly to the end and wait.  You should be safe,
and hopefully banshees wonít spot you.  When he gets ready to blow the door, 
get ready.  



Not as safe, but itís faster for Johnson.  Kill the wraiths.  Then go to the 
end, kill one wraith, jack the other, and fight off the banshees.  Itís tough, 
because if you donít kill one right away you are done.  Do this until Johnson 
gets ready to break the door. Then get a banshee.


ďDelusions and GrandeurĒ

Now, you have three directions.  One is pretty much a time-killer.  The other 
two have their ups and downs, and you will probably use them



Original designed path.  Just like it sounds.  This is pretty much suicide, and
I have not done it, so I will not embellish on this part.  You are on your own 
if you do this



You need a flyable banshee with no wings, which might not be a problem 
seeing as how you had to run the gauntlet.  If you have some wings, fly 
around in your banshee and try to crash and get them damaged or preferably 
removed.  Shooting them off may result in the banshee dying, but your 
banshee lasts as long as you do if you fly in it.  Squeeze it through the 
passageway and fly through the room.  Assuming you can make it through 
without dying, which is relatively easy compared to what you SHOULD be 
doing, it will pay off more than the next, easier method, because you can now 
use the banshee in the fight with Tartarus



This is worlds easier, but you donít get to use the banshee in the fight with 
Tartarus.  Itís hard to explain where this point is, but there is an area that 
is part of the cutscene trigger zone.  It is on the right side, and it is a 
gold-shining design and a corner.  You can see it whilst you are flying toward 
the tower, although you canít see the shine.  Try to judge where the room 
inside would map out, and where the next room would be, and try to fly where 
you think that area would be, and you should find it with no problem.  This 
will only happen once Johnson blows the door, and ďDelusions and GrandeurĒ 
shows up.


4. SNEAK BY THE BRUTES (Original strategy make by ZhengZheng - the 
camo guy)

ďThere is another method to get past the brutes guarding the Index 
chamber in "The Great Journey". This is by far the easiest way to get in 
with good timing. Once you enter the room, run as fast as you can 
towards the door. As soon as the door opens, camoflage and jump over 
the brutes if necessary. You'll enter the cutscene, and if you go back the 
room the brutes will be gone.Ē


Part Eight:  ďI just wanted to piss you off before I killed youĒ

          -1 Fugly Brute (3 guesses who :D  )
          -4 brutes for backup for him
          -Multiple waves of brutes who arrive as he loses health

Either way, before you start, make sure you are aware that to the left there is
another ledge just like yours jutting out into the room.  Brutes come out of 
here later.



Okay, you took the easy way out and activated the cutscene from outside.  
Now you need to fight Tartarus.  His force of brutes will try to kill you as 
you begin, but your allies should help you before you die.  Go forward and go 
up the lift.  Dual wield Brute plasma rifles and go fight Tartarus.  His shield
makes him invincible, and only sufficient shots in a certain place will drop it
(a gem in his head?  Thatís what I heard...) anyway once his shield is brought 
down he can take damage until it goes back up.  Sarge will take out all the 
guess work by taking down his shield, but he needs three clear beam rifle 
shots in a row.  When you fight Tartarus, make sure he doesnít utterly 
mutilate you, but make sure Sarge has a good angle.  Once his shield drops, let
him have it.  After this, go up the lift and look for Brutes coming from the 
ledge that you didnít come from.  After Tartarus takes any decent amount of 
damage, they come to the fight (I think he says ďlucky hitĒ or something, and 
that might be the signal).  Pick as many off as you can with the carbine, and 
use your camo to take the rest.  Remember, three or four clean shots on the 
head should do it.  DO NOT go down and fight Tartarus while they are alive 
because they will annihilate you.  Lather, Rinse, and Repeat until he dies.  
Once he dies, use the camo and make sure you donít die.  This is a long fight, 
and the last thing you want to do is kill Tartarus and then die and have to do 
it all over again.



Okay, you did the extra work, and now you have the banshee to work with.  
Use your camo and run back to the tunnel.  Your banshee is waiting for you.  
Take it, and use the process described above to take him down.  Because of 
your mobility and your big guns, this fight will be made much easier.  If you 
fly too low, you hit a death zone and you die, so donít.  If you boost into 
Tartarus and knock him off, he screams and he comes back up the grav lift.  
Do it anyway, because itís fun :D   He will fall much more quickly if you use 
the banshee.


Well, Congrats.  You just utterly beat the crap out of Tartarus and won the 


V.  [Acknowledgements]

I would like to thank:

   -My parents for going out and buying me Halo 2 the day it came out
   -Randy Glass for inspiring halo tricking in us all
   -Ducain, Frogblast, and all the other major tricksters who have done such 
          sick things over the years, in Halo and H2
   -My friend, for turning me on to Halo
   -My friend again, for having DSL so I could watch vids if I needed to
   -especially Dragon Bane, for writing a good FAQ and giving me ideas 
   -Gamefaqs, for hosting my FAQ
   -You for reading
   -Bungie, for making a great game
   -Bungie again, for making a hard game that people need guides like this for 

Special Thanks To:

   -DarkKaiser, for helping me and for confirming that you can use the 
banshee in the last fight with Tartarus
   -ZhengZheng for submitting a strategy for the control tower brute room

I would really like some feedback.  If no one cares that I wrote an FAQ, then I
really donít want to write another one.  But if it helped people then Iíll be 
happy to.

If any of you have some insight that would help me, as well as other people 
who would read this FAQ, feel free to send it to me.  My email is 
[email protected] , make sure you title it ďYour halo 2 legendary 
FAQĒ.  Tell me who to give credit to so I can give you due credit.  Oh, and if 
you feel like telling me what you liked or didnít like, thatís fine, but donít 
put it down without a good reason.  Thanks a lot!  :D

VI.  [Legal Schlapskie]

Do not reproduce this in any shape or form.  If you want to use my method of 
writing FAQís, go ahead, but donít just copy mine.  Read mine, and write 
your own FAQ.  Thatís what I did, and I even asked the dude if I could 
ďborrowĒ his format.

If someone else is using my FAQ on their site, please let me know.  The only 
site that has my consent right now is  If you find such a 
person, send really nasty emails to them, and tell me who they are so I can do 
the same.

Alright, that is pretty much it.