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Halo 2 Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Halo 2

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Check out our cheats which includes how to do the sword launch and Achievements.

More Halo 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 6 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Halo 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

You can also ask your question on our Halo 2 Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Hertic banshee in the great journey

First punch the commander elite til he falls down the cliff then punch the person driving the spetrec then when the ghost comes do not highjack and do not drive any thing then walk to the scarab go ahead to the door high jack the wraiths but do not drive them then continue the level as you normally do then when the cutscene is over jump off the thing go back where the cliff is then look on your left and you shall see a half broken hertic banshee

Respawn at Previous Checkpoint

If you commit suicide 5 times consecutively you will respawn at the checkpoint before your most recent one.

Destroying Ghosts

The best way to taking down a Ghost is by using the sniper rifle and aiming for the gas tank (silver circle) which is located on the left side under the drivers seat. If you hit this the Ghost will explode into blue flames.

Destroying Shadow Dropships

If you position yourself directly under a Shadow that is dropping covenant and throw a plasma grenade into the blue section were the Covenant appear from the Shadow will explode.


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Points. These are for the PC version of the game only. There are 13 levels (not including Tutorial) for a total of 390 Points.
Counterpoint - Points 5:
Kill the sword carrier.
Stick It - Points 5:
Stick an opponent (MP) with a plasma grenade and blow them up.
Carjacking - Points 5:
Steal an occupied vehicle from an opponent and take it over.
Assassin - Points 10:
Melee an opponent from behind.
Vigilante - Points 10:
End someone's killing spree.
Bonecracker - Points 10:
Hit and kill an opponent from behind.
Roadkill - Points 10:
Run over, hit and kill an opponent with a vehicle.
Decorated Soldier - Points 10:
In one non-team game get awarded at least 8 different medals.
Air Traffic Control - Points 20:
Blow up the Banshee in flight while manned, with grenades or the rocket launcher.
Go Ape Shiv - Points 20:
Kill an enraged, berserk Brute by melee.
Triple Kill - Points 20:
Kill 3 opponents.
Double Kill - Points 20:
Kill 2 opponents within 4 seconds.
Ninja - Points 20:
In a non-team game kill 5 people by melee from behind.
Hired Gun - Points 20:
Kill someone in the game who has completed the game on Legendary setting.
Killing Spree - Points 20:
Without dying Kill 5 opponents in a row in the same game.
Killtacular - Points 20:
Kill 4 opponents.
King of the Scrab - Points 20:
On the Metropolis level get the Scrab gun.
Running Riot - Points 20:
Kill 10 opponents in any condition.
Skewer Stopper - Points 20:
Kill the sword carrier after he/she has killed 5 or more opponents in a row with the sword.
Slient but Deadly - Points 20:
Kill 7 enemies in a row without being spotted.
Demon - Points 25:
Complete any level without dying (Not including the Tutorial level).
Rainman - Points 25:
Play every game variant with at least 3 other players until the end of the game.
Violent Cartographer - Points 25:
Play every default map and stay in the game until it's over.
Hero - Points 50:
Complete the game on Heroic difficulty setting.
Legend - Points 50:
Complete the game on Legendary difficulty setting.
Warrior - Points 100:
Complete the game on Normal difficulty setting.

Zanzibar Cheats

Sword Launch:
In order to do this you must have a sword.Look up (In front of a wall works best) and left click the mouse to do the launch attack and Jump at the same time. This will cause you to jump alot higher then you normaly would.
Gravity Gun:
In front of the wheel should be a wall. On the right of the wall should be a turret (Or where the turret usualy would be). Act like your going to get on the Turret but then look right. You should see a wall.Use the Sword Launch to get on top of the wall. There is the Gravity Gun floating in mid air. To use the Gravity gun aim at the ground, hold in the Fire button, Release then jump. You will see a huge plast come out of the gun and you will go flying high in the air.
Get on top of Wheel / Spray Paint Can:
In order to do this you must have a Sword and a Gravity Rifle. There should be a Plasma Rifle by the right side of the wheel (looking from where the wall is).Left of the Plasma Rifle should be a wall. Get in front of the wall. Look upward.Use the Sword Launch to get on top of a ledge (This will take a few trys). Next use the Gravity Rifle or Sword launch combined with a Human grenade to launch yourself in mid air. Then make sure you press forward to get on top of the wheel. There will be a hole in the middle of the wheel so watch out. There will be a spray paint can on top of the wheel. Its not affective at all when you fire it but melle can be surprisingly Lethal!
Get on top of Structure (Near Ocean / Next to Building):
In order to do this trick you must have a Sword. Go to where the Sniper is left of the Wheel. Right of the sniper should be an area that goes upward and is a pretty good for Sniping. There should be a wall. Go in front of the wall. Look upward. Use the Sword Launch to get above the wall. Now walk left and you can be on top of the structure above the ocean. Walk right and you can get on top of the structure next to Zanzibar's Building. Walk even farther right and you can get on top of Zanzibar's Rocks.

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