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Halo 2


Halo 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

by Chris Zawada

                                                   MMMM ,                    
                                                .MMMMMMM         . M,.       
                ...       MM.M..               M MMMMMMMMMMM..   .MMMM.      
             ,.MMMMM.MMMMMMMMMM..           . MNMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  , MMN        
                MMMMM. .  MM.MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM.         .MMMMMMM   . MMM.. 
        M MN   .MMMMMMMMMMMNM.   MNM .MMMMMMNM MM.        NNMMMMMM.     .    
               _     _        _       _____     ______  
              | |   | |  /\  | |     / ___ \   (_____ \ 
              | |__ | | /  \ | |    | |   | |    ____) )
              |  __)| |/ /\ \| |    | |   | |   /_____/ 
              | |   | | |__| | |____| |___| |   _______ 
              |_|   |_|______|_______)_____/   (_______)     

                       For Microsoft X-BOX
                           Version 1.0
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: [email protected]
                         Created: 12/15/04
                       Last Update: 01/03/05
                    Copyright 2005 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
Ah, the inevitable love for playing first person shooters. Halo defines the 
meaning of a "system killer", as it literally represents the X-BOX in every 
shape and form. Combining several unique elements, along with great graphics, 
music, and gameplay, Halo was the ultimate reason to purchase a Microsoft 
system. Its enticing action, full of aliens, mysterious threats, and one 
kickass hero named Master Chief, it was the ultimate gamer's dream. Now with 
Halo 2 out, that ecstacy has just about continued, featuring our favorite 
hero, along with numerous alien representatives. Not only does Halo 2 continue 
the great FPS legacy, but it adds a whole new realm of online gameplay with X-
BOX Live support, not to mention viewable stats, and plenty of updates to 
arrive in the future thanks to Bungie. Pull that trigger back in the name of 
the universe, or be slaughtered like another glorious hero!

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=01/03/05= v1.1
Added the following sections/details:
- Sword Flying & Rocket Flying (credit to Poomeister)
- Getting to Top of Maps
- More Q&A's under X-BOX Live Troubleshooting
- Custom Game Variants
- Dawn of the Dead section
Still looking for more multiplayer tips. Seems like most of the Halo 2 experts 
are holding back. Stat resets are probably coming soon, so expect them Halo 2 

=12/19/04= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. The guide is 100% complete, although I'm expecting a 
plethora of extra submissions via e-mail. Trust me, I've had experience before 
when I wrote the Ninja Gaiden guide. I'm not too keen on finding secrets in 
the game, which the guide lacks. However, I'm more interested in providing X-
BOX Live tips, which I believe people will benefit from greatly. Feel free to 
contact me at [email protected], on AIM (antseezee), or via GameFAQs 

=12/15/04= v1.0
Started the FAQ. This is going to be close to being one of my best guides, 
relative to that of my Ninja Gaiden guide. I'm writing for Halo 2 not out of 
popularity, but because it's one of the most played games in my X-BOX 
collection. You can expect a single player walkthrough, and MANY X-BOX Live 

- I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and 
type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section 
of the guide.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Screen HUD
             > Characters/Enemies
          3) Game Modes
             > Description of each
          4) Walkthrough
             > Level 1: Cairo Station      (4.1)
             > Level 2: Outskirts          (4.2)
             > Level 3: Metropolis         (4.3)
             > Level 4: The Arbiter        (4.4)
             > Level 5: Oracle             (4.5)
             > Level 6: Delta Halo         (4.6)
             > Level 7: Regret             (4.7)
             > Level 8: Sacred Icon        (4.8)
             > Level 9: Quarantine Zone    (4.9)
             > Level 10: Gravemind         (4.10)
             > Level 11: Uprising          (4.11)
             > Level 12: High Charity      (4.12)
             > Level 13: The Great Journey (4.13)
          5) Weapons
             > Profile of each w/ ratings
          6) Vehicles
             > Profile of each w/ ratings
          7) X-BOX Live
             > Game Modes
             > Matchmaking
             > Map Strategies                     (7.1)
             > Troubleshooting/Glitches/Solutions (7.2)
             > Custom Game Variants
             > Dawn of the Dead                   (7.3)
          8) Secrets
             > Skulls
             > Sword/Rocket Flying
             > Getting to Top of Maps
          9) Common Questions
         10) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
         11) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Your typical first person shooter is either loved, or despised by gaming 
communities. If developers manage to mold the right elements together, then 
you're rewarded with a nice 8.0 rating by various gaming sites. However, the 
games that go beyond the call of duty earn the 10s. Halo, which originated out 
of an authored trilogy of books involving humans and aliens in the future, 
ended up turning into one of the best shooters of next-gen gaming in the early 
century. A company named Bungie, which was known for inspiring new and 
intriguing methods into first person shooters, developed the first Halo 
exclusive for the X-BOX system. It turned out to be a system title, that 
became a reason to own the X-BOX. Now, Halo 2 is the sequel to the original, 
featuring the same hero, along with varying perspectives from both the alien 
race (Covenant), and an epic siege that only can be solved through intense 

You're basically tossed back into the Master Chief role (hero from the first 
game), who is a souped up Human Space Marine, with an enhanced armor system. 
By using futuristic technology, you must do melee and close combat with 
opposing enemies (along with some vehicular slaughter), and save the Earth 
from an invading threat of an alien species. Of course, the storyline takes 
place around 2500+, so technology is much more advanced than your typical 
spork. Suddenly, incoming scout reports show a large mass of Covenant ships 
approaching the home planet of Earth. It's up to you, and thousands of fellow 
space marines to defend Earth from the oncoming threat. Are you ready to kick 
some hard-boiled butt?

Here's a brief excerpt from the instruction manual (credit to Bungie):


To: Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)

From: Cortana, UNSC Pillar of Autumn shipboard AI

Re: SPARTAN-117 and the Destruction of Halo

Sir. As the rich data-bursts attached in this transmission make clear, we have 
been to hell and back. I'll be brief.

After Reach fell, I followed Cole protocol, and slipped the Pillar of Autumn. 
Using astronomical symbols SPARTAN 117 captured from a Covenant vessel, I 
chose an exit-vector that would place us in an uncharted system near a late-
life gas giant planet (new classification, "Threshold"). To my considerable 
surprise, in orbit around the planet was an artificial ring construct, 10,000 
kilometers in diameter.

Initially, I feared the ring was a Covenant installation. It was not. But the 
enemy has tracked us and was lying in wait around the ring. Rather than disk 
capture, Captain Keyes ordered my uploading into SPARTAN 117's neural network. 
While we abandoned ship, the Captain managed to land the Autumn on the ring, 
saving the lives of many of the crew.

- The Covenant referred to the ring as "Halo." It seems a prophecy about 
Halo's existence is central to our enemy's religion, and its discovery was 
cause for much celebratory chatter on the Covenant battle-network. During our 
initial operations on the surface of Halo, we encountered an alien artifical 
intelligence, designation "343 Guilty Spark." This AI claimed its primary 
purpose was tactical containment of a virulent, parasitic life form 
called "The Flood."

- Through a connection to Halo's deep data cores, I ascertained that the ring 
was built by an ancient race of beings (referred to by the Covenant as "The 
Forerunners") as a weapon of last resort against the Flood. A sizable 
production of Flood was in stasis on the ring, and the Covenant, either by 
accident or design, released the parasite. Not their most brilliant maneuver.

- 343 Guilty Spark convinced SPARTAN 117 to activate Halo's primary weapon 
system and eliminate the Flood. The AI neglected to tell him however, that 
because the Flood consumes any suitable sentient host, Halo would make no 
distinction between the Flood and other life forms. In short: if Halo fired. 
it would destroy every thinking being in the galaxy. Human, Covenant, 

When we realized that Halo could destroy all life, SPARTAN-117 and I decided 
our only choice was to destroy Halo - stop 343 Guilty Spark from completing 
his assigned task, and deny the Covenant a weapon of unthinkable power. We 
used the Pillar of Autumn's fusion reactors to start a chain reaction that 
utterly destroyed the ring. I'm sorry to report that Captain Keyes was lost to 
the Flood.

With respect to out ongoing fight against the Covenant, our time on Halo was 
well spent. I have gathered a wealth of new information for our database of 
Covenant weapons, technology, tactics, and society. Additionally, SPARTAN-
117's proficient use of arms, and the destruction of the ring, resulted in a 
significant loss of enemy personnel and material.

That being said, I fear that the Covenant will not take kindly to our 
obliteration of their holy relic. Having thus struck the hornets' nest, we are 
now heading home with all speed.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-16 (w/ X-BOX Live support or system link)
Developer: Bungie
Released: 2004
Rarity: very common
Special Features: HDTV 480p, Content Download, Scoreboards, X-BOX Live, Voice,
ESRB: Mature (17+)
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows Master Chief standing near ground level to a desolated Earth


- 2) Game Basics           -
The X-BOX controller fits great for any first person shooter, mainly because 
of dual joysticks, and the ability to switch between numerous functions with 
the overwhelming amount of buttons. Halo 2's controls are simple, and take not 
much time to get use to. I recommend you put inverted controls on, if you're 
use to them that way.

KEY representation for each button:
     Thumbstick = left/right thumbstick pads (black)
    Control Pad = left directional pad (black)
              A = A button (green)
              B = B button (red)
              X = X button (blue)
              Y = Y button (yellow)
              R = R trigger (black, underneath right side of controller)
              L = L trigger (black, underneath left side of controller)
          START = Start button (black, center)
           BACK = Back button (black, center)
          Black = Black button (black, right)
          White = White button (white, right)

/Game Controls/
        Left Thumbstick - moves character, strafes left/right
  Left Thumbstick Click - crouches, hold down to stay crouched
       Right Thumbstick - aims up/down, turns left/right
 Right Thumbstick Click - zooms scope, click only once
                      L - throws grenade, fires left weapon, boosts vehicles,
                          brakes on warthog
                      R - fires primary/right weapon, honks horn on warthog
                  START - pauses game, shows settings
                   BACK - brings up current score
       Up (control pad) - enables team chat
                      A - jumps
                      B - melee attacks
                      X - reloads (press once), action button, hold down to
                          enter/hijack vehicle
                      Y - switches weapons (press once), hold down to pick
                          up second weapon and dual wield 
                  Black - swaps grenade types
                  White - turns on flashlight, press once to enable team

- Moving your character is the same as before. Simply use the two joysticks, 
left for moving, right for aiming. Crouching makes your overall body smaller, 
and also makes you invisible to radar, but it must be held down. This can make 
your thumb sore. Certain guns have scopes. The sniper rifle can be zoomed 
twice, along with the beam rifle. If you have one weapon in hand, you can toss 
a grenade by pressing L. If you have two weapons, you must drop one by 
pressing Y once. Team Chat is a special feature that let's you talk to 
teammates across the map. If they're not viewable on your radar, press the 
White button once, then start talking. They will hear you no matter what. The 
team chat feature is proximity activated, meaning it will stay on until you 
stop speaking across your voice communicator. You DO NOT have to hold it down. 
Jumping is great for reaching hard to find spots, or getting over a ledge 
quicker. However, you're somewhat easier to hit.

- Melee attacks are very useful, especially when close to an opponent or out 
of ammo. It basically takes your weapon, and swings it like the butt of a 
handle. If you hit someone from behind, it's an instant kill, also called an 
assassination. You can reload by pressing X once, or holding X down when over 
a weapon to pick it up. You can carry two weapons at a time, either in dual 
wield, or on different slots. To hijack a vehicle, try to get near the person, 
jump, and hold X when close to it. This is fairly hard to do on Banshees, but 
can be done if you time it right. Dual wield let's you handle two weapons at 
once, and fire them as if you had two pistols in hand. Simply hold Y when over 
another weapon (of any kind, doesn't have to be same), and you will pick it 
up. You cannot throw grenades in dual wield, but you can mix-n-match guns 
until you find a powerful combo. Some guns are not dual wieldable, such as the 
Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, or Sniper Rifle. There are two different types of 
grenades in the game, explosive and plasma. You can switch between the two by 
pressing the black button (if you have both in inventory).

/Screen HUD/
The following section will briefly describe what the Halo 2 interface 
looks like, and what each bar stands for in the game.
 |                                                          |
 |  /=======/                           [2]  /========/     |
 | / [1]   /                                /  [3]   /      |
 |/=======/                                /========/       |
 |                        [7]                               |
 |              #           _             #                 |
 |            /^./        /   \          \.^\               |
 |           /  /        | [6] |          \  \____          |
 |          /   \         \ _ /            \     _|         |
 | ________/   __|                          \   /           |
 | \==[5]=/|  /                              |  |           |
 |  /    \  \/                                \/            |
 | | [4]  |                                                 |
 | |      |               [8]                               |
 |  \____/                                                  |

Meaning KEY:

   [1] - Left Weapon Indicator - shows how much ammo you have left in your
                                 left weapon, or grenades (if no dual wield).

   [2] - Secondary Weapon - shows what item is in your secondary possession
                            if in dual wield, or normal wield. If you only have
                            one weapon, this will be blank.

   [3] - Right Weapon Indicator - shows how much ammo you have left in your
                                  right/primary weapon.

   [4] - Radar - shows enemies with red dots, friendlies with yellow. This only
                 picks up objects not in a crouched position, or who are moving
                 with relative speed. Sometimes misses stationary/slow targets.

   [5] - Shield Indicator - In Halo 2, you only have a shield, and basically no
                            life bar afterwards. If your shield bar runs down
                            to the left and is empty, HIDE. If you get shot or
                            hit with no shield, you will die immediately. Your
                            shield automatically regenerates after a set amount
                            of time (usually 10+ seconds).

   [6] - Aiming Reticle - this is where your gun will fire when shooting a
                          weapon. Use this whenever you want to aim something.
                          You can zoom in on other weapons, so make exclusive
                          use of that.

   [7] - Warning Indicators - various indicators will be shown whether you
                              have to reload, are low on ammo, red beams
                              around the reticle indicate location of oncoming
                              damage. For example, a left red flashing beam
                              means there is an enemy shooting you to your

   [8] - Weapon Skins - your primary visuals on your weapons will be displayed

As with any first person game, you have your typical characters who help 
navigate the plot, but don't do too much roleplaying to influence the 
storyline. Halo 2 tends to get a little more in-depth, featuring more 
cutscenes than your typical Star Trek game. Anyhow, this section will provide 
some basic background info on the main characters, ALONG with information on 
enemies (and how to defeat them).

    `@` SPARTAN-117 - MASTER CHIEF `@`

- "Spartan 117, the Master Chief, is a member of the SPARTAN-II project. He is 
a genetically, biologically, and technically enhanced fighting unit, standing 
seven feet tall and weighing half a ton in his armor. His reflexes are 
unmatched, his strength and endurance quite unlike any other human, and his 
tenacity molded by a lifetime of conscripted military training. The Master 
Chief is proficient in all current ballistic weapons and tactics, incursion, 
and unarmed combat, and has extensive experience with Covenant military tech."

= Basically your John Rambo of the game. Looks cool, kills enemy targets in 
cool manners, and really knows how to lay a whooping. His unique appearance 
gives him a Robocop-like feeling, meaning he's the good guy of the game. About 
70% of players on Halo 2 multiplayer use the Spartan model, so don't feel bad 
about using him too. Cannot jump as high as an Elite, but possesses a smaller 
overall frame.

    `@` GRUNTS `@`

- "The basic infantry unit of the Covenant, Grunts are dangerous in groups but 
present little threat individually. Short, stocky, and relatively slow, they 
will often panic when faced with superior forces. However, if they are being 
led by an Elite, they will stand and fight."

= These guys are like ants, almost squishable in instances. Grunts are very 
weak, can usually be knocked down with minimal ammo. Most of them are equipped 
with needles or plasma pistols. Toss grenades to take out packs of em', or use 
burst shots to knock them down. Can easily be melee attacked for a quick kill.

    `@` JACKALS `@`

- "Excellent shots, the Jackals seem to be higher in status -- if not 
necessarily rank -- than the Grunts. They will often be found in defensive 
positions, fighting from behind their distinctive energy shields. A well-used 
shield makes a Jackal a difficult target, but the notch they use to return 
fire provides a weak spot that can be exploited."

= You'll usually find these guys up in higher positions with Beam Rifles, or 
plasma pistols with a shield. These guys can be tough. Grenades work best to 
knock them out from behind, that or well-placed melee attacks. Don't 
concentrate on them too much unless they have a long-range weapon.

    `@` HUNTERS `@`

- "Hunters are incredibly dangerous foes, deployed more like equipment than 
soldiers. They are brought in for demolition or heavy defense, and always work 
in pairs. These massive creatures appear to be composed of multiple organisms 
that exist within the Hunter armor, creating a bipedal hive creature. Near-
impenetrable armor and a devastating hand-held fuel rod weaopn make Hunter 
pairs very problematic."

= Probably the worst enemy you could face on foot. Hunters are very big, 
almost like a tank, yet move slow. These guys shoot large green blasts of 
energy which do explosive splash damage. Best recommendation is to take 
shelter, get a high-damage weapon and fire it at them. Combine this with 
grenade tosses, and hope for the best. Hunters are most often encountered 
while in a vehicle, so they shouldn't be TOO bad.

    `@` ELITES `@`

- "The Elites are the core of the Covenant military. Excellent soldiers, 
brilliant tacticians, and disciplined, aggressive fighters, they are the 
primary strength of the Covenant force. Faster, stronger, and tougher than 
Humans, they fight in relatively small numbers but often lead squads of 
Grunts. Armor color seems to indicate rank, and we believe Elites are promoted 
based on numbers of casualties they inflict."

= Elites are the "Spartans" of the Covenant army, simply put. These guys have 
large plasma shields, but are exposed when no shield is activated. Try nailing 
them down with dual weapons (plasma pistol + SMG), or use grenades to sparse 
them apart. Taking an elite down amongst a group makes the group easier to 
kill. Stuck plasma grenades also work EXTREMELY well against them.

    `@` BRUTES `@`

- "Not as readily understood as Elites, Brutes fight together in a pack and 
are physically stronger. Brutes demonstrate similar battlefield abilities to 
Elites, and their numbers have demonstrably increased since the conflict 
began. They carry a ballistic explosive weapon with an attached bayonet 

= Brutes are similar to smaller Hunters, but a tad quicker and more agile. 
Their primary weapon is a grenade launcher that does iffy damage, but their 
melee attack is a blade equipped near the handle of the gun. Try to avoid 
getting up close to them, but rather, use grenades and bullet weapons to 
weaken them. They have no shield though; killing them is just a matter of 

    `@` DRONES `@`

- "Like the Brutes, Drones appear to be new additions to Covenant fighting 
forces and are being deployed en masse. Apparently insectoid in origin, in 
addition to maintaining Covenant spaceships, they have a limited ability to 
fly and are excellent shots. Highly intelligent, their mastery of antigravity 
flight assistance has given them an almost insurmountable strategic advantage 
in combat."

= And you thought Hunters were bad, these guys are a pain in the kalush. They 
buzz around like bees, and sting with multiple plasma pistol shots. Problem 
is, there are usually up to 10 at once, meaning your shields will be cut down 
like stretched out cheese. Try to get a plasma rifle, and hit them down (their 
life bar is weak). Get in cover when there are a ton in the air, because their 
flying advantage is too overwhelming to take head on.

    `@` PROPHETS `@`

- "Little intel is available on these creatures. We know that they are 
administrative or religious in nature and have little to do with actual 
battlefield circumstances. None has ever been killed or captured, and they 
appear to be few in number."

= The Elders of the Covenant race, prophets act like the overwhelming 
Psychology professor at your local college. These guys have mystical powers 
(the ability to float). Horrible in combat, but rather, more like a Pseudo 
wizard you don't want to mess with.

    `@` FLOOD `@`

= These are parasitical creatures that absorb themselves with living organisms 
and morph the user into a cross-hybrid. The Flood often appear in various 
forms (molded marines, molded Covenant, molded eggsacks). Many of them will 
carry weapons, but have somewhat bad aim. Their melee attacks are powerful, 
and a few whacks can put you out permanently. They often go down to spray-fire 
weapons. Sentinel Beams and SMGs seem to work well against them. The Eggsack 
versions explode to release parasites, so be careful.


- 3) Game Modes            -
The real concern over many new first person shooters is whether or not they 
have online multiplayer, and a rock-em-hard campaign mode. Thankfully, Halo 2 
has both. This section will explain some of the game modes available.

This is the universal mode that just about every Halo 2 owner out there has or 
will play. Campaign mode is designed for single-player, where you must go out, 
and save planet Earth as Master Chief. Along the way, a developing story will 
progress, giving you access to the Covenant as well. Campaign mode can be 
played through co-op with another friend on the same X-BOX, but cannot be 
played on X-BOX Live. There are 13 levels. If you beat campaign mode on the 
Legendary difficulty, an extra map is rewarded. However, in the recent update, 
that secret map has been released publically (Foundation).

/X-BOX Live/
This is the ultimate way of getting every pound or dollar you spent into Halo 
2. XBOX Live play allows you to play online games in various modes under 
ranked conditions, custom games, or training grounds. You can matchmake 
against other opponents of similar ranking, or practice with your own custom 
settings and parties of friends. Parties are composed by inviting online 
friends to join your "party." If they join, then the group stays together (as 
if they were plugged in right next to you). Very useful stuff, but only for 
those who have X-BOX Live. This is described in detail under the X-BOX Live 
section (Chapter 7).

This is where you create your character's basic appearance both for online 
play and to hold your own custom settings. You can give your player his own 
custom avatar, which can be enhanced to a degree with various colors, symbols, 
and backgrounds. Anyhow, profiles are designed to hold user settings, such as 
controls and visual displays for one specific person.


- 4) Walkthrough           -
As with any action game, sometimes the action gets too intense that you lose 
track of your objectives. This is the primary feature of the guide. The 
walkthrough section will guide you step-by-step through each level, tactics on 
getting past sticky situations, and when to use certain weapons. I'm going to 
let you know now that I wrote this walkthrough on the HEROIC difficulty, not 
LEGENDARY. The only real differences between the higher difficulties is 
stronger/more enemies, more life bars, less ammo, special secrets (only on 
Legendary), and less damage propelled from enemy attacks. For the most part 
though, it's relatively the same. Of course, completing the game on Legendary 
is a task within its own. Levels are split into their individual sections, 
each with objectives. Anyhow, here goes. 

   *The game begins with a FMV showing the Covenant Holy City, with a meeting
    proceeding onward. An Elite is telling a story to the fellow Prophets,
    about the Pillar of Autumn Space Marine ship which crash landed on the
    planet Reach. The Prophets criticize the commanding Elite for not stopping
    Master Chief, and allowing him to destroy the Halo ring. The Prophets
    declare him a heretic, and he is taken away. The game then shifts to the
    Earth Defense Plateau, which protects Earth from opposing forces. We're
    then brought to Master Chief placing his helmet on, and talking to one of
    the tech heads aboard a Marine ship. Apparently, Master Chief has gotten
    a nice upgrade to his armor. The better the merrier.*

/Cairo Station (4.1)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Repel the Covenant boarders
            + Find the Covenant bomb

Start off by following the Sergeant's instructions. Look at the red lighted 
beams, and then follow him over to the control manual. Walk into the machine, 
and hold X over the hand imprint to start the zapper test. Once you're done, 
enter the elevator along with Sgt. Johnson (whom you might remember from the 
first Halo). Enter the train cart once you're above to proceed to the "real" 
first mission.

   *Another FMV sequence shows the rest of the command staff congratulating
    you on your success back at planet Reach. We're then forwarded to the
    Elite who was taken away. Some Brutes strap him into an orbital device
    of plasmic proportions. The Elite is then tortured via powerful red
    beams. Now that we're back at the Defense Grid, Master Chief is saluted
    by the ship Commander. More torturing is performed on the Elite, without
    his armor this time. Captain Keyes daughter is rewarded with a medal for
    her father's valiant actions. The Elite is then marked with a symbol for
    hereticy for his failing actions. Cortana informs the commander that a
    large group of Covenant forces have been spotted on radar. Strangely
    enough, this group is 50 times smaller than the one that invaded Reach.
    Boarding ships are detected. They're going to try and take your MAC
    cannons offline. The commander orders you to defend this station.*

Go down the stairs to where Sgt. Johnson is. Pick up the SMG and Battle Rifle. 
Follow the marines till you reach a large room with some barriers on the 
ground level. Crouch behind the one in the center, and wait for the Covenant 
to blast the door open. Start nailing the Elites and Grunts that pop out. 
Shouldn't be too bad. Once the sector is clear, head on through, turn right 
around the corner, and proceed ahead. The other marines will stay back to 
guard the perimeter. Go up the stairs. Cut through the double doors, and 
you'll see some broken windows to the left. Grab the turret by the first 
window, and reign down some fire on the Elites behind the plants. Once they're 
down, go right through the upper hall. Proceed down the stairs, eliminate the 
elite and his fellow friend, then enter the main hall. Enter back to the main 
lobby, and take out the remaining tangos. Then, continue back to where the 
stairs were, and proceed through the open hall.

Several elites and grunts will be there to greet you. Nice time to toss a 
grenade. Go through, and a brief Loading message should appear. You'll know 
you're at the right place. Go up the stairs. Enter the hangar, and aim at the 
purple tube. Knock out the Covenant who jump through. Jump down to ground 
level and look out the window. One of the MAC guns will be blown to pieces by 
an interior bomb. While the Covenant were retreating, some elite forces 
managed to sneak in and plant a bomb. The door behind you should pop open. 
Nail the forces, and head on through. Go left down the hall, then enter where 
the retreating marine is coming from. Again, more Covenant will be popping out 
of the boarding ships via the purple tubes. Use your grenades to clear out the 

   *Apparently, the Athens MAC gun was blown up, just like the Malta. The
    explosions are coming from inside. There's a bomb on your MAC gun as
    well. It's time to lock-n-load. Find the bomb and save the day.*

Look near the middle of the room for a declining slant which leads to a door. 
Head down and engage the aliens. This next part is a partial ambush. The 
corridor on the right has an Elite that will pop through the door, along with 
the lights darkening. Once he's down, you'll hear a shotgunning marine die. Go 
up, engage the 2 elites, and watch out for one invisible one. Once they're 
dead, make use of the shotgun on the ground. Go into the next room, but take 
slight cover. Nail the grunts along the left, along with the people manning 
the turrets. There's one plasma turret along the far wall as well. Use your 
Battle Rifle. Plasma grenades work well here. Take out the elites, move ahead, 
and enter the left corridor. Proceed up the stairs, and take out the 6 aliens 
who pop through the new door. Move ahead.

You'll meet up with Daughter Keyes, who seems to be having some trouble. 
Grenade and shoot the Covenant in the hall, and help the other marines 
eliminate the remaining tangos. Once clear, go right. You'll run into some 
flying Elites who ambush the room. Take them down. Refer to your radar for 
their positions. Once you're in the open, make use of your Battle Rifle for 
sniping them out of the air. Backtrack under your previous position until you 
see a door marked "Portside." Enter inside. When you see the two marines, 
prepare for a tough part. Several Drones will fly up and ambush you. Try to 
take cover along the right wall, and snipe them periodically with a long range 
weapon. Plasma rifles work as well. Now that they're done, wait for the 
elevator to rise. Snipe off the Covenant aboard it, then hop on, and hit the 
switch to go down.

When you reach bottom, head through the door, and make sure you have the 
Battle Rifle. Start sniping the Elite on the plasma turret, then the other 
flying elites. Once they're down, proceed ahead, hop on through, up to the 
door in the upper left corner. Head into the Ground Control elevator. The next 
part has some Grunts, and about 5-6 Elites guarding the bomb. Use your plasma 
grenades to stick

   *Cortana enter Master Chief's head, and defuses the bomb. An enemy cruiser
    is heading up on their position. Master Chief decides to use the Covenant's
    bomb against them by flying out into space, and leeching it onto their
    ship. He jumps before landing on the ship itself, but the bomb plants
    itself and explodes. There goes one big mother clucker Covenant ship.*

/Outskirts (4.2)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Defend the Marines until help arrives
            + Rendevous with the Pelican
            + Find the Marines from second downed Pelican
            + Destroy the Covenant on the shoreline
            + Take the highway tunnel to the bridge.

   *Apparently, the Covenant managed to land on Earth, but only in one specific
    spot. It's your job to land onto Earth, and help save what can be salvaged.
    Unfortunately, along the way, a giant Covenant creature blasts down your
    transport vehicle, and you crash land inside an urban setting. Time to lock
    N' load marines.*

Shake off the crash landing, and follow the marines out towards the open. 
You'll face numerous enemies on this level, including more random ambushes. 
Make use of your teammates, and stick together, until it's time to rock n' 
roll. Once you reach the open area with a three-story building, you'll see 
some Covenant reinforcements arrive from above. This is where it gets tricky. 
Make your way to the building with the machine gun up top. Several Covenant 
Elites and Grunts will pop out from the side alley along the right. Again, 
more Jackals will pop out into the courtyard, so make use of the height 
advantage. Several Drones will appear from up above, so make use of the turret 
at hand. You may have some Beam Rifles on the extreme heights as well, 
although they appear occasionally. Get a Battle Rifle to deal with them.

   *The Pelican says that if you can make it to the other side of the area,
    they can pick up the Marines via a new LZ. Johnson commands a marine to
    satchel open the gate.*

Two new Hunters will arrive, thanks to the destruction of the gate. Not much 
you can do, except try to toss plasma grenades at them and hope for the best. 
Use the turret, along with close fire to eliminate them. They take a lot of 
hits to go down as well. The Gate is right near the courtyard, fairly dark. 
Head on through, and round the corners towards the Pelican. Johnson will get 
picked up by one of the transports, as they need him elsewhere. Continue ahead 
with the fellow marines. Make sure you have a long-range wep to take out the 
Jackal beam rifle snipers ahead. Around the corner is a lone Jackal. Nail him, 
grab his Beam Rifle, and hit the two snipers straight ahead on the two 
different floors of the destroyed building. Then, start sniping out the 
Drones. You'll have more Jackal snipers along the left/right balconies, along 
the far sides. Some Elites will pop in as well, to help erupt the party. 
You'll find them under the side balconies, one may even have a sword at this 

Once the area is clear, head down the alley to the left where some fellow 
marines are. Watch out for the two Beam Rifle snipers (one on left alley, 
second straight ahead). The Elites will pop out from the right. There are also 
several scrambling Grunts. Go down the left road where the flipped vehicle is. 
Move ahead, clear out the remaining Covenant, and enter the Hotel where the 
other marines are. Go down the dark hallway, and turn on your flashlight. A 
small ambush of Elites is ahead. Make use of your Plasma grenades. When you 
reach the open, nail the tangos to the left, then watch for the Covenant ship 
in the open on the right. Kill the reinforcements that are dropped out. Now, 
get into the driver's seat of the Warthog that appears. Time to clear some 
alien forces out on the beach. Drive down through the ditch, and take out the 
aliens next to the Pelican. Then, move ahead, and here comes the tough part. 
There will be a beam rifle sniper in the floating tower, along with several 
Elites/Grunts on the ground level near the beveled cargo boxes. Take your 
time, spiral around, and let your gunner do the work. If your warthog is 
destroyed, go back to the Pelican, and make use of the Ghost there. Watch out 
for some Elite Ghosts as well.

Now that you've made it past this part, gather some ammo, because you'll be 
facing more of the same. Round the corner, and drive up ahead. You'll have 
numerous Covenant forces under both large turret things, along with a 
rebounding ship that will drop a few Ghosts. Try to get behind the ghosts, and 
let your gunner nail out the driver. Otherwise, if it gets hairy, you can try 
to run them over for the splatter kill. Again, keep the plasma fires off of 
your warthog, because you need your gunner alive. If you're restricted to no 
vehicle, try to hijack a Ghost, or kill the driver with a Battle Rifle, and 
take over one. Get the gunner to shoot off the turrets on the Covenant 
Carrier, and head up over the next hump. This next part will have a repeat of 
before, with several Ghosts, along with a sheltered building near the 
beginning. If you lose your warthog, retreat to the shelter, because the 
Carrier will continue to pound down red plasma fire. Once the area is clear, 
head towards the marked waypoint on your map. You won't be able to get the 
Warthog up there, so try to grab a nearby Ghost, and boost ahead.

Eventually, a Marine Warthog will come up from behind, if you want to hitch a 
ride, but I recommend you stay in the Ghost. Zoom up ahead, and nail the 
Covenant at the checkpoint. Boost over the ramp, but watch out for the flying 
Drones. Try to take them out first (along with anyone on the turret inside the 
pile of mass). Then, clear the next blockade, and blast ahead. Suddenly, a 
large phason beam will blast through the highway. This is that big mother 
clucker from before that shot us down. Three to four Ghosts will appear and 
try to ambush you. Strafe and nail them down. Once it's clear, move ahead 
again. Watch for your human warthog; he might get stuck next to the cargo box. 
If he does, redirect him out, and through the right side. Blast ahead. You'll 
run into several Elites at a checkpoint. Nail the turret first, the 
concentrate on the men behind the barriers. They're easy to kill in a Ghost, 
and you'll find a spare one behind the blockade in case you need on. Make a 
right up ahead, and continue forth. Suddenly, you'll notice a fleet of Shadows 
making their way down the Highway. You'll have to blow each of them up from 

I found that it's best to take out the back plasma turret, then boost ahead, 
and nail the Elite Driver. If you're in the Warthog, try to avoid the shots, 
and hit both turrets since your driver won't be experienced (unless you're 
driving). If you destroy them early, you'll run into yet another Shadow ahead. 
Intercept it as well. Use the same plan as before. This one is just a test 
before reaching the end of the level. 

/Metropolis (4.3)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Crush Covenant resistance on the bridge
            + Make your way to the surface
            + Regroup with Marine forces in the city center
            + Board and destroy the Scarab

   *Remember that big mother clucker from before? Well, it's actually a Scarab.
    Unfortunately, it wiped through one of the marine platoons. Instead, your
    reinforcements drop down a Scorpion tank which you can use on the Covenant.
    Now we're talking. Where's my Cuban cigar? I'm gonna be smokin' em all
    away. Anyhow, the Sarge makes one more smart comment about what the ladies

Make your way onto the Scorpion Tank by holding down X. This tank has got a 
machine gun turret with the L button, and a tank cannon on the R button. Use 
the cannon for explosive situations, and the machine gun for infantry 
problems. Remember, don't let any infantry get near your tank, otherwise, they 
can blow it up. If you run into a Banshee, and can't seem to take him down, 
use the Machine Gun to lower his shields and eventually blow him up. Board the 
tank, and head up the bridge. If you want, you can let some fellow marines 
hitch a ride on your tank, although they'll probably die in the process. The 
tank has a "slight" arc on its shots, so try to aim slightly above on FAR 
shots (300 meters or higher). A trio of ghosts will be along the right. Fire a 
couple of shots to blow them up. An enemy Wraith up top will start firing 
Plasma shots from the top. Ignore it for now, until you're in range. Just 
don't get hit by the blue plasma balls. It takes about 3-4 shots to eliminate 
the Wrath permanently. Fire a couple of shots, and wait for the blue explosion 
to know you've done good.

Along the way, you'll run into casual ghosts, but they're easy pickings with 
the calibre on this tank. When you reach the peak of the bridge, it's gonna 
get tougher. Some Carriers will ambush you from behind, on the sides. Fire a 
few shots at em', and let your fellow marines RPG them. Watch for 2 Banshees 
behind you on the diagonal flanks. Move downhill. About eight ghosts will come 
up the bridge, but at timed intervals. Take them out in their 2-3 groups. When 
you get close to the embankment, 3-4 Banshees will appear from above. Take 
them out with the turret, and watch for the series of Ghost that attack on the 
ground as well. Once they're taken out, another series of Banshees appear. 
It'll get a ton more serious when the two Wraiths appear from the tunnel. Use 
your tank gun, and the assistance of any alive marines if possible. Proceed 
down the tunnel, and eliminate the small alien survivors. When you reach the 
yellow-jutted doorway, you'll notice a friendly Warthog appears. Hop out of 
the tank, and get the Shotgun that the marine gives you. Now, head up the 
right pathway, and over through the crack.

This is where it gets sticky. Several Elites will be mixed in with the 
barricades below, with Grunts of course. However, there will be Beam Rifle 
snipers in the background. Hopefully, you'll have some Marines left who have 
Rockets equipped. Leave them to take care of the ground forces. You should 
concentrate on sniping off the background snipers if possible, since they're 
very annoying. Move ahead to where the red flashing light is, along the right 
wall, and grenade the remaining Covenant. Head through the hallway. You'll run 
into one or two Covenant, then a wide open space up ahead. Grab a Beam Rifle 
from the Jackal before, and snipe off ALL of the Jackal Snipers. These guys 
are very annoying because of the wide open arena. One of your Warthogs will 
spiral around distracting the enemy. If you have any RPG guys left, they'll 
take out the Ghosts. If not, then concentrate on sniping the Jackals first, 
this is the biggest priority. Try to get the Ghost drivers second. If your 
Warthog is alive, hop in the back with the Fuel Rod Cannon. Your driver will 
take you into the next area. If you're on foot, grab a Beam Rifle, and snipe 
off the Jackal at the far end by the tunnel. Two to four Ghosts will bum rush 
you. If you're in the Warty, pick them off. Otherwise, stick with Plan B, get 
cover, or pick up the RPG on the ground right near the entrance. Either way, 
you'll have to get close to the Wraith, unless you have the Warthog with you.

Now that this is done, proceed through the open tunnel ahead. You'll meet up 
with yet ANOTHER Warthog who is battling some Ghosts. Take the Ghosts out 
first either via a Warty or rocket launcher. Now, I recommend driving the one 
you currently have. Your marines are not smart enough to evade the upcoming 
Wraiths, so you should drive. Make sure you have a Gunner though. Proceed up 
the road, and cut a left. You'll intercept 2 Wraiths, along with a Carrier. 
The Carrier will be dropping Ghosts as well, so get the Ghosts first, then 
nail out the Wraiths. They'll be fairly immobile, not too much of a threat. 
Also, watch out for the 3 Beam Rifle Jackals on the bridge. You can probably 
evade them, but if you're on foot, they're going to be your prime priority. 
Once the area is clear, a new waypoint should appear.

   *The group of marines will inform you that their Lt. was hit upon landing.
    Not to mention, there are several Convenant forces in the perimeter, and
    the annoying Scarab from before. It's time Master Chief took a peek on
    how the Scarab exactly works.*

Follow the soldier as he takes you through their landing zone. When you reach 
the top, you should be out on a balcony. The Scarab should blow up your 
Scorpion, then proceed overboard. Go up the slanted edge of the roof, then 
move back past the water and through the sliding door. 

   *After all of the ass whoopin', Master Chief pops out fine as a dime. The
    Sarge is there in time to pick him up as well. Unfortunately, the Prophet
    Regret is jump warping back to his hometown in the middle of the city.
    Daughter Keyes decides to go in after him because he'll escape in otherwise
    flawless condition. She warps in with him. We're then brought back to the
    Covenant world where our tortured Elite is brought into a room with the
    Hierarch Council. These guys rule over the previous Prophets like yellow
    butter on a toasted rye. Anyhow, once the Brutes leave, the Hierarch wants
    the tortured Elite to become the next Arbiter, sort of like a hero who
    protects the code of the Covenant. The tortured Elite places on the new
    armor, and is instructed to go assault a true heretic (not him), but
    rather one who has been speaking against the higher council. Your mission
    is to kill this Heretic for his betraying actions, along with those that
    follow him. Unfortunately, his position is on a remote planet. You are
    shipped off to this location, along with some Elite troops, and are to do
    some stealth killing for your countrymen.*

/The Arbiter (4.4)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Locate the Heretic Leader
            + Pursue the Heretic Leader

So, the game decides to take a twisting turn and put you in the role of one of 
the covenant. Strange, no wait, very strange. Anyhow, you're start off on the 
landing pad of the ship. Head to the nearby door. One of the neat features of 
your Arbiter armor is the ability to cloak. Press the white button when you 
want to cloak. A small clock will appear in the upper left corner. When it 
runs out, you're visible. Also, it will recharge, so make sure you note when 
it does, and continue to use the cloaking function. You'll also start off with 
the nifty, yet lethal, Energy Sword. This baby can almost spell instant kill 
with the amount of organic blood it spurts out from your opponent's body. I 
recommend using it only on Elites, since it has limited ammo (about 5 plasma 
per swing). Quickly move through the series of doors, cloak, and hit the guard 
from behind. Up ahead will be a few more Heretics. Grab a Carbine, and use it 
as your primary gun, with your sword as a backup. Pick off the Grunts that are 
down the decline, and the remaining Covenant. Head down the pathway. Be 
careful not to fall down.

Round the corner, and then cloak, and engage the roaming guards by the 
elevator. There will be 1-2 Heretics inside the elevator, so keep your guard 
up. Proceed inside, and your fellow Elite will lower it with you. Once you 
reach the bottom, cloak and enter the room. You'll notice that some of 
the "Sacred Librarians" have sided with the heretics. Anyhow, start engaging 
the enemy. You'd probably be best grenading the cluster on the right. Try to 
make your way to the far window, and hit the switch. This will open the door 
for your ship to come in, and provide reinforcements. Along the way, several 
Grunts will appear from the right with Fuel Rod Cannons. Snatch one up, and 
use it some of the approaching troops. You'll get an Elite or two to help you. 
Watch out near the far end, as a Swordsman will enter the arena. Take him out 
from afar, or behind, because his sword does an instant kill all the time. 
Once the room is clear, get some fresh ammo, nades, and move onward. In the 
next room, you'll have several Grunts and Heretics to lay waste to. 
Fortunately, none of them will be opposing threats until you reach the blue 
conveyor belts. Watch out for a heavy ambush from the sides, including several 
Heretics. Stick to grenades and Dual Needlers for carnage.

Proceed through the blue door, and sneak up on the lone guard. Eliminate the 
Grunts to your left, then turn around, and make quick existence of the 
Heretics. Continue down the spiral stairs to the left, and you'll run into 
small scatterlings of Grunts and Heretics. Use your plasma grenades to take 
out the bunches, and Carbine them down. There's a reload to your Sword down 
below. Now, head through the next alleyway. Go around the circular path, 
eliminating the Heretics as they appear. Use your plasma grenades near the 
canisters to help get some explosive material. Once you've cleared it out, 
compose yourself, and head through the door to the right at the end. Head into 
the left door.

   *Suddenly, the Heretic Leader escapes into a Banshee, and says he will
    protect the Oracle. As he flies away, you receive orders to help escort
    your mothership as they track his coordinates down.*

Start off by looking on your radar. An ambush will come either to your left, 
or your right. Intercept the oncoming forces, then proceed outside, and hope 
into either Banshee. Follow your waypoint to your mothership, and defend it. 
You'll have a series of numerous Banshees attempt to attack it. This is fairly 
simple, since you just have to shoot the opposing Banshees down. They're weak, 
and have limited maneuvers. My best recommendation is to boost with the L 
trigger after them, and just keep firing. Get use to the slow range on the 
plasma lasers. Fire them ahead of distant targets to intercept their path of 
flight. The Banshee also has a VERY useful Banshee Bomb. Press B to fire it. 
It's similar to a Fuel Rod Cannon. It's best to use on stationary targets, 
like plasma turrets, but works also on flying vehicles. Your next goal is to 
take out all of the Banshees until they discover which one is the Heretic 
Leader. Keep following your ship's waypoint, and keep destroying the Banshees 
that follow. If you get close to the base, and the turrets fire at you, simply 
destroy them as well. Believe it or not, the fuel rod turrets are way more 
damaging than the flying Banshees.

When you reach the upper echelon of the base, you'll find 2 spare Banshees 
resting near the location with most of the Fuel Rod turrets. I recommend 
switching to one of them to replenish the damage done to your primary hull. 
Continue the search for the Heretic's ship. As usual, Banshees will continue 
to come in pairs of two. Eventually, your mothership will inform you that the 
position of the Heretic's ship has been located. He landed on one part of the 
base. Clear the landing zone via your Banshee bombs and plasma fire. Wait for 
the guards to come out, and take care of them as well. Land once your Grunts 
are on the ground. Head on in.

/Oracle (4.5)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Escape the infested labs
            + Find the Heretic Leader
            + Cut the three cables holding up the station
            + Pursue the Heretic Leader back to the hangar
            + Kill the Heretic Leader

   *Your fellow forces will enter on in where the supposed Oracle is. However,
    one of your Elites reminds you that he has smelled this stench before.
    Smells like chicken tonight!*

Move ahead into the narrow corridor, and move through the door. You'll be able 
to see a firefight down below with some Covenant & Flood (zombies from the 
first Halo). Unfortunately, it appears the Flood were victorious. Head through 
the next door. Jump down to ground level. You will then start to hear groaning 
and moaning sounds in the background. Be careful as an onset of Flood 
parasites will start to attack you from all sides. You'll get an occasional 
Flood Zombie who pops down, but they'll be fairly easy to kill. Your fellow 
Elite will tell you to move on, while they wait for more reinforcements. Move 
through the open door ahead. When you reach the elevator, numerous Librarians 
and Flood Zombies shall appear. Try to pick up a Sentinel Beam, and start 
firing at all the bogies around you. You may have some Elites left to help 
you, but they probably won't last long. Keep alternating your Sentinels so you 
have a fresh load of ammo. Make sure you do not fall off the elevator, as it 
equals instant death. Keep firing down the motherload as they jump from above. 
Again, more Librarians will appear along with them, which makes aiming at them 
ease with the Sentinel Beam.

When you reach the bottom, a door should open. Go through it. Move through the 
halls up ahead, and grab a Carbine if you can. Then, enter through the next 
door. You'll hear some Covenant forces duking it out. Smash the glass windows, 
and start engaging both the Heretics and Flood. When the area is partially 
cleared, jump down, grab a Sentinel, and start blasting away the Parasites. 
More Heretics will pop up above to try and snipe you. Grab a Carbine and take 
em' out. Take shelter if necessary, because you'll be shot quite often. 
There's also a plasma cannon at one end of the room, but it's fairly 
ineffective at killing the Flood. After you've killed the drop-down enemies, 
look BEHIND you immediately. Heretics will pop out of the door. Start 
grenading them, and taking shelter on the opposite side. A mix of Flood will 
pop down as well. Once it's clear, move to the locked room that opened up. The 
door will open. Cloak, and proceed forward.

   *Your Elite informs you that the storm is about to hit, so you must find the
    leader of the Heretics, now!*

Quickly move ahead using your cloak as you go. Avoid the right pathway as a 
series of Heretics and Grunts will rush down with Needlers. Take the left 
side. You'll run into minimal resistance, but nothing you can't handle with 
your sword. Move ahead, and you'll also have some reinforcements for backup. 
Reach the top, but be careful. Some Heretics will be waiting inside the 
pillars to ambush you. Try sticking them, but use your cloak as well. When you 
reach the top, cut back into the open area. You'll see a large arena. Move in, 
and engage some troops. The Heretic Leader will retreat, and hide himself 
inside an energy barrier on the other side of the room.

   *A cutscene will reveal that the Heretic is protected from the storm in a
    minor room, and he curses you and your troops to die in the storm.
    Fortunately, the nifty Arbiter says he'll cut the cables holding the
    station together, to scare the Heretic out of his hiding hole.*

Start go back towards the beginning of the room, and climb the stairs. As you 
proceed upwards, a series of Librarians and Flood will drop down. Continue 
your way to the top, until you reach the elevator switch, and hit it. When you 
reach the upper echelon area, it gets tougher. There will be about 4-5 
Librarians at once, along with several Flood Zombies ambushing you. You should 
see three blue/white dotted pillars, at triangular coordinates surrounding 
your position. Run up to these locations, pull out your Energy Sword, and 
uppercut them to destroy them. Once they're all down, the station will start 
to go into freefall. Quickly run back to the elevator that brought you up, and 
press the switch. When you're back in the room, hop back down to the ground 
floor, and go to the force field room. Eliminate the Heretics inside, then 
drop through the elevator hole. Proceed through the next door. You'll run into 
a frenzy of Flood that rush you. Pull out your sword and decapitate them. Now, 
run down the spiral until you reach a bottom door. Nail the Elites guarding 
the Hangar entry. Proceed inside.

   *The Heretic Leader jumps in a Banshee and flies away. Our Arbiter does the
    same to pursuit him to his death!*

Apparently, he ran away again to another hangar station. Quickly follow your 
waypoint which should be slightly to your left. You'll have about 4 Banshees 
to deal with, and they're stronger than from before. Make use of the Banshee 
bomb to eliminate them, and plasma them down. Use your boost if you're flying 
up too quickly.

   *When you reach the waypoint, the Arbiter crashes and misses the landing!
    Thankfully, he did it for suspense, and was holding onto the ledge. He
    climbs up, and proceeds to sneak upon the Heretic Leader.*

Run up through the next door, and start to engage the Flood/Librarians. Many 
of the Zombies will be very aggressive, and attempt to jump-rush you. Jump to 
ground level, and cut a right through the open door. Go right again. Follow 
the Heretic to the left, and go through the doorway. Proceed up the spiraling 
stairwell. Note that you'll face several Zombies, and plenty of Parasites. 
Toss occasional grenades behind you to hold off the oncoming rush as you rush 
upstairs. You can catch a couple of Heretics from behind as well. When you 
reach the top door, you'll enter the conveyor section from before. Cloak past 
them, and eliminate some of the Heretic guards along the left wall. Enter the 
left "open" doorway, not the upper area. Proceed to the top.

   *The Heretic Leader attempts to jump onto his spaceship, but you intercept
    him. Unfortunately, 343 Guilty Spark is back, and ready to cause some
    deceitful chaos. The Heretic Leader then fires at the Arbiter, and spawns
    two Heretic bosses. Time to duke it out.*

This boss battle can be extremely tough on higher difficulties, because of the 
almost instant-death you're yielded if you're seen by 3 of the enemies. The 
idea to remember is that only one is the true Heretic Leader, while the two 
others are holograms. Start off by immediately cloaking and running to the 
left. You'll find a Sword reload to the right, but more important, a fresh 
Plasma Rifle along the left. There are also some important plasma grenades. If 
you kill a hologram (either by sticking or slicing), the Heretic Leader will 
respawn another one. Pay attention to which one he is. Usually, I notice that 
the Heretic Leader stays on the upper part of the map. Keep using your cloak, 
and try to get under him. Jump up, toss a grenade and try to stick him. If you 
do, jump again, and do a swinging sword slice. It takes about 2-3 slices 
without his shield to yield death.

   *After killing him, the Arbiter drags his body out so he can show the
    High Council of his accomplishment. A Brute then zap controls the annoying
    Oracle, and places him in a containment jar. After all, 343 Guilty Spark
    was responsible for the first Halo game. Now, we're fast forwarded to
    our human allies, where they have just jump warped into the area of the
    Covenant Battleship. Yet again, another Halo is discovered revolving around
    a Covenant planet. It's activated, and ready to be used at any second. It's
    time to lock N' load Master Chief.*

/Delta Halo (4.6)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Clear the landing zone for the Pelicans
            + Extend the bridge, and cross the chasm
            + Push through the Covenant-held ruins
            + Reach the towers in the lake

   *You and some other Marines will be launched via your landing pods onto
    Halo's surface. Suddenly, a few Covenant forces realize your presence,
    and start firing their plasma turrets.*

When you reach the ground, immediately look up, and hold down R (with your 
Rocket Launcher) to lock onto the plasma turret. Blast it out. Now, move up 
the hill along with the other marines. When you reach the entrance to the 
steps, take cover as you'll face several Elites and Grunts coming out of the 
temple. Watch on the far left as an Elite will sneak behind you. Use your 
Battle Rifle, or Dual Plasmas to move on up. You can get great reload cover 
behind the temple pillars. There's a beam rifle sniper at the center of the 
temple, close to a dark window. Take him out as a priority. Once clear, go up 
top, and grab the beam rifle. The Pelicans will start to come in, but there 
are some Covenant Phantoms as well. When the Phantom approaches, pull out your 
Rocket Launcher, and nail the turrets on the Phantom. If you time it right, 
you can also hit the reinforcements that drop down as well. Yet again, some 
Elites may sneak into the bottom of your base, so eliminate them with some 
well-timed nades. Once you're confident it's clear, go out, grab some 
scavenger ammo, then retreat back in. Another Phantom will be dropping troops 
in. Use the same strategy as before. Ammo will be more scarce, so try to get 
your allies to help you out on this one.

Now that the landing zone is clear, two Pelicans will arrive. Jump into the 
driver's seat of the Warthog that appears thanks your fortunate Space Marines. 
Now, drive straight ahead and to the right of the main temple. You'll see a 
hilly road that leads up to the "big building" in the center of the island. 
Three Beam Rifle snipers will be ready to greet you. Strafe and sidewind to 
avoid them. Go right. When you reach the area up ahead, there will be about 3 
plasma turrets that need to be taken out. Watch out for the two Ghosts by the 
station. There's also a Wrath on the other side of the bridge. Start off by 
eliminating the Ghosts and nearby Elites. If your Warthog flips, hijack a 
Ghost, and finish off the remaining hostiles. Take cover behind the building, 
and go inside. You should see a hole up top. Jump down into it, and engage the 
enemies. It might be wise to toss a few nades first to let them know you're 
here. Press the switch against the window (past the idol), and the bridge will 
be extended. Now, head on out, eliminate any survivors, and wait for your 
Pelican to drop down a Scorpion. Hop in, and make sure your allies are on as 
well. Now, start firing your cannon at the two Wraiths on the other side. Move 
across once they're down. Two Banshees will hit you from the left, along with 
four Ghosts from the tunnel. 

Cross through the yellow zone, and take the low route. Nail the oncoming 
Ghosts. Move ahead, watch out for infantry troops, and cannon out the two 
plasma turrets. Continue ahead to the next open temple area. Knock out all of 
the turrets, troops, and about 6-8 Ghosts with your cannon/MG. Shouldn't be a 
problem at all. Take the right path, past the fountain, up through the temple 
stairs. Continue into the next area, but very slowly. Take out the flanking 
Ghosts from the left pathway, and watch for plasma grenades being tossed by 
Grunts by the pillars. Go down the left decline, and use the same strategy. 
Cut a right, and you'll see another "large" structure. Be weary of when you 
fire your cannon shots. More Ghosts will bum-rush from narrow alleys and the 
steps on the left. Take out the plasma turrets too. Go along the left side, 
and spiral through the center (under the temple). Eventually, you'll receive a 
message from Cortana that says to clear a landing zone for the Pelican. Go 
along the right side of the temple, and get out near the spikes. Help your 
ground forces clear the Covenant forces by the shields. Move ahead near the 
pillars, and start taking out more Grunts/Elites. Head into the inner tunnel.

When you reach the next grassy opening, be prepared to engage some mix of 
Elites/Jackals/Grunts. Nothing too spectacular, but concentrate on the blue 
Elites since they're a tad stronger. Move up the left stairs when cleared, and 
run ahead. Engage more commoners at the ambush spot ahead, but take shelter 
behind the large boulders. Go down through the left cave. Here comes one of 
the trickiest parts in the level. You're going to face several "Jackal" 
snipers, and many of them are hidden behind the trees, bushes, and wilderness. 
If you have any teammates alive, watch them go forth, and see where the 
attacks originate from. You can use that to pinpoint the Jackals. Otherwise, 
take your time, zoom through the leaves, and hope for the best. There are 
usually two Jackals in the lower left. One is to your right, slightly below 
the upper pathway. You can get a fresh load of beam rifle there. You'll also 
find a Battle Rifle inside a canister along the path. Jump down, then cutback 
near the waterfall, and two more enemies will be present. Suddenly, you'll get 
ambushed by about 5-6 Drones from the air. Take them out, then backtrack along 
the lower left side. Go up the hill, and take cover. Some more Jackal snipers 
will appear at the far end from a dark tunnel, along with a guided Elite. Cut 
up into the left path, but be careful as some Drones will ambush you from 
behind. Kill the Elite ahead. 

Move through the tunnel, along the left path, and regain some of your lost 
ammo. Snipe off the Elites/Jackals ahead, or close combat them. Either way, 
there won't be any flanking snipers, so you're doing good right now. When you 
reach the dead end, curl a left up the path. You'll reach the end of the path, 
with a wide-open view of the installation in the center of the lake. You have 
to make your way into the belly of the beast. Start off by sniping off the 
Jackal snipers patrolling the deck. There are 2-3 around the perimeter. Now, 
concentrate on the Elites/normal guards. Jump down to the normal deck, and 
grab the weapons in the canisters if you need a weapons reload. The Pistols 
work well on the Drones. Run down the pathway, and enter through the sliding 
doors. Crouch and peak around the corner. Pull out your Beam Rifle, and snipe 
off the center Honor Guard. Now, 3-4 more Guards will hop down. Some will have 
Swords, others will have skills. Try to take them out as they get near, or 
stick them. DO NOT let them swing their swords near you. Grab a sword while 
you're at it.

   *Before moving onward, Cortana says to stop here. She translated the
    Covenant message of the Prophet of Regret to be that he's going to release
    the firing mechanism on Halo, and carve an explosion in the universe beyond
    belief! Keyes will try to stop the index from occurring, but you must take
    the Prophet out, and set a universal record for the first Prophet being

/Regret (4.7)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Make your way through the first set of towers
            + Ride the gondola to the far towers
            + Pass through the submerged structures
            + Reach the main temple
            + Kill the Prophet of Regret, and escape

As usual, you'll start back in the same temple room with the hologram. 
Immediately run upstairs and take shelter on the left ledge. Nail the 2-3 
Elites that pop out, along with the Drones. You'll have two marines for 
backup, which is rarely enough these days. Now that this area is finished off, 
go through the right doorway and out into the open area. There will be two 
Jackal snipers to nail off, along with some Grunts and Elites along the main 
pathway. You'll also face a Swordsman Elite. Take him out immediately, grab 
his sword, and wield it against the opposing foes. Move across the small 
plateau, but don't go over the top. Instead, take the under route, and grenade 
the beam rifle sniper on the other side. Now, rush the left along with the 
Elite, and take the covert entrance. Go through this spiral room, taking down 
the minor opponents. Up ahead will be a narrow walkway, with some pillars. Use 
the pillars for cover, peak out, and snipe of the Jackal snipers. It can get 
fairly tricky. If you run out of ammo, you may have to grenade rush, and steal 
a Beam Rifle. Anyhow, rush the Elites with the sword, and you may also note a 
ship blasting off from the station.

Get up to the fountain area, and proceed onwards. Suddenly, a Phantom will 
drop down two hunters. Take shelter in the little stone hut, and try to Beam 
Rifle snipe the heads of the Hunters. These guys are tough, and sticking them 
with grenades will weaken, but only stir them. Avoid melee attacks or getting 
within their range, as you'll be toast. Once you're through, wait for your 
Pelicans to lay down some reinforcements. You'll get some human support, along 
with several weapons. Grab the Sniper Rifle, and the Shotgun, as the Sword is 
nearly out of ammo. Start sniping the Covenant on the gondola approaching from 
the ship that detached before. Then, get up close, and eliminate the rest of 
them. Go to the head of the ship and activate the switch. Now, you'll face a 
series of Drones. These guys are easy work thanks to the shotty. When you get 
close to the mid-floating gondola, try to snipe as many Drones and Elites as 
you can. It may get tough, because these Drones have dual pistols, but you'll 
get use to it. You can jump over, and re-equip if you wish. Now, jump back to 
your main gondola, and it will float towards the ship. When you get fairly 
close, get a long range weapon (preferably Carbine or Sniper Rifle - from your 
remaining ally), and nail the 2 Jackals on the landing platform. Snipe off the 
turret guards as well. A few more will pop out. Repeat the procedure, and 
enter through the lower doorway.

Engage the Jackals/Grunts inside the small room, and enter the next one. Jump 
onto the stair-like platform, and go up. Wait a bit, and some Jackals will pop 
up from an elevator. Apparently, the structure is going to submerge 
underwater, and you better hurry unless you want to swim. Jump into the 
elevator, and hit the switch.

   *During the brief transport, Cortana informs you that Regret was asking for
    forgiveness after prematurely attacking Earth. Apparently there's some
    hidden conspiracy going on, and we're about to find out what it is.*

You will then be at the submerged state of the ship. Move out, and head to the 
next room. You'll reach a long narrow substation. Kill the 10 Grunts inside 
the room, then head up the slanted walkway. In the next large room (with a 
large hologram of a Regret), start to snipe the Jackals on the left/right 
sides of the room. You'll run into several drones that appear once your 
stealth entry has been breached. Make your way along the right side of the 
room. When about three red dots appear on radar, these are the Honor Guards. 
Be careful. Take out the Swordsman, grab his Sword, and wield it against them. 
The tough part is to avoid the two Hunters that appear in the middle of the 
room. You do not have to kill these guys, since you really don't have the 
firepower to take them down. Concentrate on getting to the far door, and watch 
for the quick rush of an Elite and his fellow Covenant. Once cleared, head 
down the floor. The Hunters should chase you into this small room. Now, go 
onto the opposite side of the room (where most of the Jackal snipers were), 
and pick up some fresh Beam Rifle ammo. Now, here comes the tricky part. They 
should be "stuck" in the room you were just in. Start tossing plasma nades 
onto them, and start Beam Rifling them in the head. Make sure you fire one 
shot every 2 seconds, so it doesn't overcharge, yet keep a constant stream of 
fire. One should go down. Repeat for the second one.

^ NOTE: If you have trouble, you can try to find Dual Plasma Rifles lying 
around, attempt to dual fire both at once. A Hunter will go down after about 
one full clip, and a couple more shots. Only problem is that Plasma Rifles are 
fairly rare in this room. One of the Hunter Guard carries one, along with one 
of the Drones.

Once cleared, move back to that small room where you had the hunter, and round 
the corner. Enter the small doorway ahead. Some cloaked Covenant will be in 
the next room under the water. These are similar to veteran troops, so be very 
careful. You can Beam Rifle sniper if you desire, although it's fairly 
difficult locking on. I prefer to run in with Dual Plasmas, hide behind the 
pillars, and gradually take them out. Careful for the Swordsman who sprints 
out at the end. Make sure you refreshen your Sword. Move up the inclined path. 
Round the path, then enter the next elevator.

   *Again, Cortana intercepts another encrypted message across the Covenant
    battle network. Apparently, Truth has disregarded Regret as a complete
    fool, and that he will be spared from public humiliation. Of course,
    you're going to be killing him, so that's one more favor.*

Jump out of the elevator, and crouch towards the Swordsman. Assassinate him 
from behind for the easy kill, and swipe the opposing foes that attempt to 
stop you. Refresh your sword is necessary. Now, move ahead. Again, we'll see 
more foolish propoganda from Regret. When you reach the open, be very careful. 
Grab a Carbine from the previous Honor Guard, and start sniping off the 
Drones/Grunts. Make your way up the hill, and nail off the 2-3 Elites. You'll 
get more human weapons up from above, thanks to some Pelican reinforcements. 
Take the Sniper Rifle and Battle Rifle. Move ahead towards the yellow cave. 
Look to the right, and start sniping off the beam rifle Jackals. Make your way 
over towards the left, and take out more of the same Grunts with their 
friendly Elites. Their shields "seem" stronger, so take it a tad slower than 
normal. Reach the far end, and you'll find one last gondola which leads to the 
main temple. Pick up some Sniper ammo, and make sure you grab the Rocket 
Launcher. Jump onto the gondola, and hit the switch. About 3-4 Banshees will 
engage you as you cross to the main temple. Use the Rocket Launcher to lock on 
and shoot them down.

^ NOTE: It is IMPOSSIBLE to hijack the Banshees. I have tried several times.
        Bungie disabled the feature during this part so you couldn't jack one
        and fly it straight to the main temple. Instead, they want you to take
        the gondolian way - hehe.

You'll also have some Gravitational Elites to nail on the mid-gondola. Not too 
much trouble for your sniper rifle. When you get fairly close to landing with 
the temple, start to snipe off the normal grunts near the turrets. Then, focus 
on the shield Jackals. Once clear, jump aboard.

   *A large Covenant fleet is seen flying overhead. Cortana says to hurry and
    kill Regret before that fleet can interrupt the mission.*

Suddenly, several Covenant forces will pop out of the main entrance. Engage 
them with your sniper rifle. Make use of a couple of plasma nades to spicen up 
the party. Board the main entrance, and then round the corner. There will be a 
few normal enemies, but several Elites, including Honor Guards from the upper 
door. Take out the two Swordsman, and make sure to grab an energy sword. 
Remember, sticking plasma grenades on these guys are your safest bet. Move to 
the upper door, but be CAREFUL. Several Grunts will appear, along with Honor 
Guard Elites down below. The Prophet is straight ahead in the room, near the 
center. You can actually launch rockets at him, which take severe damage, 
which is why it's best to conserve them for later on. Don't equip the Sword 
yet. Instead, put on Dual Plasma Rifles so you can battle the normal guards 
first. The best strategy is to lure the enemies towards the large sliding 
doors, then retreat back to the hall, and shoot them as they come in. The door 
has a delay open/close, which means you can reload, or regather your shields 
quite easily. If you look ahead in the room, you'll notice the Prophet Regret. 
Regret has a large Sentinel Beam attack, except it does nearly twice as much 
armor damage. You can lock rockets onto his form, and attempt to destroy him, 
but it's best to clear the room of default hostiles first. Now, to kill 
Regret, you have to get close, jump up, and hold down X to grab a hold of him. 
From here, you must tab B to melee attack him. After awhile, he'll teleport 
around the room to various spots. It shouldn't be any trouble though, because 
the Honor Guards sort of taper off during the fight. Keep beating him down, 
and he'll eventually die.

   *Master Chief starts to run as the Phantoms fire a phason beam which
    eradicates the entire temple. Master Chief is thrown into the depths below
    of the treacherous seas. Then, some giant tentacle creature grabs him. We
    are brought back to the Holy City in the Covenant Empire. The Arbiter
    returns to find out that the Brutes have been designated as "official"
    guards of the Prophets, rather than the Elites which have been for many
    years. After intense interrogations with the Librarian, a Sacred Icon
    is the key to controlling the power and astonishment of the Halo weapon.
    The Hierarch wants you to retrieve this key, and bring it back to them
    so they may yield the power of the Halo. You're then dropped down onto the
    surface of a strange, yet futuristic temple.*

/Sacred Icon (4.8)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Lower the Containment Shield
            + Power-up the four Absorbers to lower the Containment-Shield
            + Make your way through the Flood-infested Wall
            + Rendezvous with your allies in the Covenant camp

Start off by moving forward, and engaging the two Librarians that appear. Your 
Carbine should be your primary weapon of use, but find a Sentinel Beam as your 
secondary. Some of the Librarians will have plasma shields around them. Look 
along the wall for a big white hole near the top. Shoot it till it explodes. 
Look along the right wall, and blow the other one up. This will stop the 
Librarians from spawning. Look at the left pillar, and shoot the blue pilon 
symbols on it. This will drop the pillar. Jump down the pit that appears. When 
you reach the end, shoot down the next pillar the same way. Proceed down, and 
move ahead. Nail down the numerous Librarians that spawn, and continue down 
the small tunnel. Again, you'll be able to notice some spawn holes for the 
robots along the walls. Make sure you shoot them, otherwise you'll have a ton 
of chasers. Yet again, you'll have to engage another pillar and drop down a 
floor. You'll notice some Covenant being engaged up ahead. Rush to the Savior, 
and knock out the spawn points if you wish. Then, criss-cross over the bridges 
as you move ahead. Again, move forward, and your Elite will warn you that some 
Brutes have fallen attempting to nail the Shield Generator. Knock off the 
usual spawn points and Librarians.

You'll finally reach a corner with another pillar (boy they know how to build 
bases). Nail it down, and drop down with your fellow comrades. Repeat the 
procedure for the next room, and you'll finally reach a wide open area ahead. 
There'll also be a large Librarian in the center. Have your allies distract 
the large robot, and pull out a Sentinel Beam (or Carbine). Pelt off his two 
legs first, then leap under him, and shoot the underside. This should blow him 
to smitherines. Now, look at the four large blue pillars surrounding your 
position. I actually goofed up at first, trying to get all 4 to light up at 
once. Instead, grab a nearby Plasma Pistol, and rapidly short-shoot the blue 
insignia on the pillar until it shoots upward. Do the same for the three 
others ones. You don't have to get them to semi-light at once! Hit the switch 
that pops up from below. Some minor robots will try to bother you, but they'll 
be futile to your powerful Sentinel Beam. 

   *You'll start to drift across the chasm towards the inner sanctuary of
    the Library. Your Phantom will attempt entry, but is quickly ambushed by
    several plasma turrets and multiple Flood creatures. It pulls back,
    leaving the rest of the forces to you.*

Start off by immediately nailing as many shots as you can on the "big" 
Librarian. Remember, legs first, then work on the smaller Librarians. They'll 
keep spawning, so try to make it for the large black door. Get on top of the 
platform, then leap over. Meanwhile, several humanistic-Flood zombies with 
weapons will engage you. Problem is, they tend to constantly hop out of the 
walls, along with Librarians. Make your way to the end of the hall. Nail the 
pillar with the blue insignias, and it should drop.

^NOTE: The best combination to take down the Flood is the Sentinel Beam &
       SMG. A shotgun works well in close quarters, but they're fairly rare.

Move down the hole, and proceed to the right. Use the same plan, and move to 
the pillar at the end. You'll run into a small ambush of Flood troops, but 
nothing you can't handle. When you start to hear marine radio commands, heads 
up. Grab the Shotgun on the ground (or spare Sentinel if you prefer), and the 
SMG. You're going to run into some Shotty Flood, along with melee ones. The 
Shotty ones are dangerous, so avoid them. My best bet is to cloak yourself and 
simply run straight ahead to the end of the tunnel. If you try to combat them, 
they will keep rushing from the walls, and the Librarians will get into the 
mix. Also, Suicide Flood will appear to intercept you as well. Make it to the 
end, nail the pillar, and drop down. Run to the left, and continue your 
pattern. Let the Librarians and Flood duke it out, Romanian style. You should 
find another pillar to sink along the left corner, and proceed along with it. 
The air should be a dirty green now. Be careful, as you'll have to cross some 
narrow ledges, or else you will fall. I recommend that you continue to cloak, 
and even when uncloaked, DO NOT fire. The firing of a weapon sort of puts the 
Flood on hyper-alert. You'll reach a checkpoint, and start to cross some 

Another Marine radio command recognizes that the opponents are not Covenant. 
You'll find one more staggering pillar to knock down along the left wall, near 
the end of the tunnels. Drop down two more sets of pillars, and you'll finally 
notice a large open arena of some sort. Go to the lower right corner, and pick 
up the Energy Sword. Shoot the pillar in the center, and drop down. Your 
Phantom will be laying down suppressive fire on the Covenantal-Flood, but it 
seems fairly ineffective. Again, avoid firing your weapon. These guys are much 
stronger with their melee attacks. Instead, cloak, and nail the pillar in the 
middle. Avoid the melee attacks and drop down. Now, move ahead into the open 
field. You'll have some allied Elites to help you. Move across the bridge, and 
continue to engage the Flood. You'll reach a small encampment to the left. Use 
the booster pad to take shelter, and the Plasma turrets for heavy fire. I 
found it best to slice-n-dice with the sword for this part. Once cleared, 
you'll discover that your Covenant Camp is a little further in. You can find a 
Rocket Launcher on the ground near the beginning of the stone hedges. Grab it, 
then enter the left cave. Again, move out into the open, and engage the 
surrounding Flood around the plasma turrets. Once you're ready, get ready for 
an ambush attack by the Flood. Several will approach from all sides of the 
base. Try to use the RPG and pelt them down. Sword swipe the larger Flood 
creatures. Plasma turrets are fairly ineffective.

   *Your reinformcents will arrive to greet you. A brief emotional speech is
    given to motivate the Elites for the final push into the location with
    the Sacred Icon. It comes down to this mission baby, for Covenant and

/Quarantine Zone (4.9)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Push through the Quarantine-Zone towards The Library
            + Link-up with the Spec-Ops Leader, and break through the Flood
            + Retrieve the Sacred Icon before the Humans

Start off by immediately jumping into the Spectre. You should get a gunner, 
and any Elites that are alive. Now, proceed towards the brown shutter door. A 
large Librarian will appear, along with minor ones. Avoid the explosive float 
mines, and take them all out. Guide yourself through the tunnel, and you'll 
run into another ambush of Librarians. Fortunately, your gunner focuses on the 
strong points of the creatures (although he does have a tendency not to fire). 
The great advantage is that you DO NOT have to eliminate all these creatures. 
Instead, work on the Librarians first. Now, an enemy Warthog and Scorpion, 
along with minor Ghosts will appear from shudder doors below. I recommend 
getting off the Spectre, going invisible, then sneaking up on the Scorpion, 
holding down X to hijack, and keep tapping B. Kill the driver, but don't blow 
up the tank. Instead, jump in, and use the tank against the Flood. The 
Scorpion has extreme power. Move to the far end where the reinforcements came, 
and proceed through. Go up the path and you'll reach part of the outside. The 
robotic Librarians are easy to knock down thanks to the tank cannon. Use 
machine gun fire for the legs on the BIG Librarians. There are about 3-4 along 
the way, along with minor Flood on an ambush.

Go into the small narrow tunnels at the bottom. Your Phantom will lay down 
some reinforcements, some of his "best" warriors. You should still have the 
tank by now. Those BIG Librarians can easily be nailed. Start knocking off the 
Wraiths, one by one. These are ENEMY Wraiths, not friendlies - the Flood 
hijacked them. Wait for your 3 Elites to be dropped, and let them board. Go 
down the left pathway, and eliminate the two Ghosts. TAKE shelter behind 
either the statue, or VERY close to the ice cave. A Flood RPG will ambush you 
on a time delay (about 15 seconds) after engagement. This guy can easily 
destroy you. Make sure he dies. There's also another RPG on the other side of 
the bridge which must be eliminated. Move across, and more Ghosts/Flood to 
kill. Cross back over to the left, and it will get tricky. There will be 4-6 
more Ghosts to engage, along with several Librarians. They try to cluster at 
once, so get fairly close to the cave. Proceed on in. When you reach the other 
end, there will be another combating Scorpion. Don't engage it, but hope the 
major Librarian kills the driver. If he does, bail out, and board this one. 
Your allies will take over the other one, and help you out - double time. 
Focus on the mini Librarians, then make your way down to the small crevice 
along the wall. Bail out, and run through the hole. Round the corner and reach 
the end.

You'll notice SEVERAL Librarians battling the Flood. This next part is tricky 
because there are too many Librarians to actually fight, but rather, you must 
cloak all the way to the other side. I found it best to cloak, take shelter 
under the first lava pillar, wait for it to recharge, recloak, and sprint to 
the underalley over there. Run through, and keep cloaking. You'll be near some 
large lava crystals when a large Librarian plummets to the ground. Cloak, and 
go through this crevice towards the opposite side of the room. Enter through 
the next caveway to proceed onward. You'll be in a room similar to before 
(with all the Librarians), but with only a few Flood. Don't get confused, this 
room is different than before. Originally, I thought I took the wrong tunnel 
backwards. Move ahead, through the series of boxes, and cloak. Sneak up, and 
use your Rocket Launcher to take out the enemy Wraith. You can avoid it as 
well. There's a spare Ghost in the middle. Several Ghosts and normal Flood 
will engage. Look in the left corner for a Scorpion. Grab it, and wield it 
against them.

Move through the tunnel where the series of Ghosts came from. You'll have to 
engage a few Warthogs and Ghosts. You'll also discover a Spectre dropped down 
in the middle of the field. Move on up the hill, and engage the majority of 
Ghosts/Wraith which engage you. Crossover via the small bridge, and head up 
the hill towards the peak of the base. There will be another Scorpion opposite 
of you, 2 Large Librarians, and a Wraith to the right. Your allies are 
probably dead by now, thanks to some horrible driving skills. Move towards the 
right, and watch for a bum rush of Ghosts. Enter the large open doorway to the 
building. There will be several infantry Flood to the left, along with 3 MG 
turrets, and possibly a few Ghosts. Keep blasting away at the cannon, and 
protect any allies fighting the enemy. Move up to the tall column door, and 
get out of the vehicle. Go in on foot for the icon! 

   *The Arbiter and the Spec-Ops leader run up to the elevator which leads to
    the Icon. Fortunately, the leader says he will stay behind and attempt to
    hold off the Flood. Meanwhile, you must ride the elevator to the top
    where the sacred object can be found.*

The next part is very repetitive, so I'll keep it to a minimum. A constant 
flow of Flood Swordsmen, Gunners, and mini-munchers will keep hopping onto the 
platform. You must fight them off as the elevator slowly travels to where the 
object is. There's nothing really distinct, except the Swordsmen increase near 
the end of the ride. Use plasma grenades, your sword for eliminating them, and 
Dual SMGs to push them back. Your Phantom will lay down suppressive fire near 
the end of the ride as well, to help you through the ease of mowing the aliens 
down. When your leader gives you the command to hurry and get the icon, before 
the humans do, quickly sprint off the boat and go left. 

   *Unfortunately, Captain Keyes grabs onto a vine, and reaches over to grab
    the Icon with ease. Thankfully though, the Arbiter knocks out Sgt. Johnson,
    kicks the girl's bootay, and grabs the Icon for his Hierarch. Another twist
    is added to the story. The Brutes come in and snatch both of the human
    hostages. Not only that, but they inform the Arbiter that they will be
    taking credit for retrieving the Icon. The Arbiter says that he will inform
    the high council of their deceit, but Tartarus, the Brute, says they
    ordered him to. The Arbiter is shocked and plummets into the depths.*

   *We're then forwarded into Master Chief's head, where we see a giant Flood
    creature grappling both the Arbiter and Master Chief. It appears that the
    giant creature is the Parasite, or leader of the Flood. Apparently, he
    tries to tell both sides of the story, and make both men understand that
    the Icon must be retrieved, and stopped before Halo is launched by the
    Hierarch Prophets. The Arbiter is mildy convinced that Halo is a weapon,
    and Master Chief thinks the Parasite is right. He then warps both of them
    off to individual locations where they can attempt to stop Halo from being
    launched. Suddenly, Master Chief gets warped right in the middle of the
    Prophets' ceremony, where they are announcing that they have the Icon.
    This can't be good, because several Brutes are lurking, and ready to kick

/Gravemind (4.10)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Locate the Prophet of Truth and the Index
            + Rescue the Marines being held in the detention-block
            + Follow the Prophet of Truth to the far tower
            + Stop the Prophet of Truth from boarding his Phantom

The circumstances are very slim, as you're instantly spawned into the king 
room of the Holy Covenant Empire. Damn that Parasite to hell. Suddenly, two 
Brutes, along with some Grunts will rush you. Kill the Grunts first, take 
shelter, get Dual weapons, and fire back. Brutes have no shields, which makes 
them extremely easy to kill. They're also slower, and less intelligent. 
However, they have a rushing melee attack, and can be devastating in close 
quarter battles. Eliminate the first wave, and the doors will lock. A second 
wave will rush in from the sides. Use the corners of the room to recharge your 
shields, and work slowly - one at a time. Fortunately, Brutes are exposed to 
plasma sticks, but keep the Needlers. The Brute Plasma Rifles eat away more 
plasma energy, but hardly do damage to themselves. Again, you'll face 2-3 more 
series of enemies which are laying down trouble. Keep making sure you pick up 
Needler ammo as it's absolutely necessary. Eventually, some Carbine Brutes 
will come down. Make sure you take the Carbine. After the guards have been 
eliminated, Cortana will tell you to go to a nearby pedestal, in order to open 
the door. Move to the door in the bottom corner which has some red on it.

   *Cortana accesses the Covenant battle network and discovers the Prophet
    Truth is holding the Index. You must retrieve it at all costs.*

Move ahead, and the front door will open. Engage the Grunts that appear, and 
peek around the corner to engage the 2 Brutes. They'll have Covenant Rifles, 
so try to pick them off with yours. If that doesn't work, you may have some 
trouble advancing. Try sticking them with Plasma Grenades otherwise. Reach the 
top, and proceed through the door. Two Honor Brutes will be standing there 
right away. Make quick use of their insolence, and dispatch of them. Watch for 
a bum rush of melee attacks though. Now, move slowly into the room, but stay 
close to this base entrance. Several more Grunts will appear, along with Dual 
Plasma Turrets, and several Brutes (including a Captain). Focus on the 
underlings first, because the Brute Shot isn't "really" as devastating as 
you'd think. Use the Carbine to eliminate targets, and when you run low, pick 
up Dual Needlers, and take out the annoying Brutes.

   *Cortana says that Truth is travelling through the lower depths of the
    tower. She wants you to use the anti-grav pad. Just drop into the hole
    below. It doesn't look too safe.*

Jump through the hole below, and you'll slowly be lowered. Turn around, and 
engage the 5 minor troops that appear. Make sure you grab the Beam Rifle as a 
secondary weapon. Head on through the door where the enemies appeared. 
Continue up ahead, but wait for the enemy troops to scatter on by. Go left, 
and proceed to the end. Engage the two Brutes, along with their Grunts. 
Cortana says she is picking up Marine locale responders below your position. 
Your new priority is to rescue those Marines being held below. Move ahead, and 
you'll have several Covenant beings to deal with. When the Brutes retreat 
backward, try to snipe them in the head with the Beam Rifle. Move ahead to the 
end, and again, there will be a lift up ahead. Unfortunately, there are about 
4-5 Brutes, including a Captain, along with your traditional forces. You can 
ignore the forces if you wish, but I'd recommend taking out the Captain with 
the Covenant Carbine or Beam Rifle. He usually hides in the center. The lift 
is on the ground floor in the center; just hop onto it. When you reach the 
bottom, IMMEDIATELY toss a plasma grenade at the Brute in front of you. It's 
extremely hard to assassinate him. Run away, and drop down a level. Do the 
same before, engaging small enemies as you move along. It's too hard to fight 
in the upper levels, because reinforcements keep getting pounded out. When you 
reach the third bottom floor, you should be able to find a Brute Force against 
the wall. Try using it on the enemies. Works quite well. Move towards the door 
at the end, and you'll have 4-5 Brutes to engage. They're guarding 3 human 
Marines. Once freed, proceed ahead to the next group of Marines.

Now, move back through the door you came through. Back in the center room, 
more Brutes/Jackals will appear as reinforcements. Nail them down as they come 
to the elevator, and take out the Captain with the Brute Shot. Head up one 
floor, then look for Cortana on one of the pedestals, and proceed through this 
door. Again, you'll have some guards to eradicate, and the remaining Marines 
should be freed. Now, head back out the same way. Make sure you pick up some 
of the Brute Shot ammo on the rack at the end of the hall. Move back to the 
center room, and some more reinforcements will arrive to intercept you. Shoot 
them down as usual (they'll come down the grav lift), and then proceed up the 
bouncing pad. Go back to the center grav lift, and jump up. You'll now fly 
back up to where you were before. Suddenly, we can overhear a conversation of 
Truth as he broadcasts to some of his fellow Covenant. Move straight ahead, 
and Brute Shot the group of Elites in your way. Some Drones will try to 
intercept as well. Make sure you pick up the Energy Sword right where the lift 
landed you. Move through the door, and there will be some Elites up ahead. The 
interesting thing is that the Brutes and Elites will be fighting each other, 
so this alleviates some pressure off of yourself. When you reach the door up 
ahead, a quick Drone rush will protrude out. Be very careful, because they're 
led by a Captain Drone. It's best to just Dual Plasma fire anything that pops 

Continue onward as usual, and you'll run into more Covenant resistance. 
They'll be engaging each other, so it shouldn't be too bad. Cut a left after 
the door, and you'll be in a fairly quiet room. BE CAREFUL. There are two 
Hunters around the corners. Rather than attempting to kill them, distract the 
first one by leaping onto the block, and shooting him. Run around the other 
corner, towards the door, and ignore the second Hunter. This next part is very 
tricky. As the Covenant are fighting each other, run down the right side, 
avoid the Beam Rifle fire, and make it to the other side. Take out any Jackals 
or Elites that follow you. Now, continue through the door. Refill on any lost 
grenades or ammo. Cortana informs you that the Covenant just destroyed two of 
their own ships. Apparently, an uprising is taking place. Move ahead, and jump 
onto the Warp Bridge pad. On the other side, start to engage the minor forces 
attacking you. The Elites will be distracted by the Brutes. Slice-n-dice if 
necessary. Proceed along the left path. When you reach the other end, snipe 
off the remaining Honor Brutes from the Covenant battle. Move up, pick up a 
recharged Sword on the rack, then continue ahead, and up the upper-left path. 
This next part is VERY annoying, because two anti-grav Elites will ambush you, 
and they're very hard to hit. I recommend luring them back to the empty room, 
and Plasma Rifling them down by shooting slightly ahead of their projected 
path. Then, go back to the room, eliminate the remaining troops with the 
sword, and grab the Carbine. Snipe off the two Honor Brutes across the bridge. 
They both have Brute Shots. Once across, head through the door and go left.

In the next room, the Drones will engage the flying Elites, and there are some 
Brutes on the other side. Use your previous tactics, and there are some Beam 
Rifles on the right which can be used. Move across to the door, head on out, 
and cross the bridge. Grab the new sword, and Beam Rifle on the rack. Go left. 
Again, you'll see some Brutes nailing down poor little Grunts. Take out the 
Brutes, then move along up, and go across the bridge. Finally, you'll reach a 
doorway which appears to enter the far tower. Once inside, you'll notice a 
huge incline. Snipe the 3 Brutes which attempt to rush you with the Beam 
Rifle. Run up the incline, and go through the door. Move left, and take out 
the Jackal with the Beam Rifle. Jump down, move along the left, and slowly 
make your way to the upper right. Avoid engaging any enemies unless they 
approach you. A Fuel Rod Cannon can be picked up along the way, which is like 
the Covenant version of the Rocket Launcher. Move up the left path, and you'll 
see a Sword rack. Be careful though. Two cloaked Swordsmen will attempt to 
nail you from behind. Nail them with the Fuel Rod, grab a fresh sword, and 
move to the right. Enter through the door, but be careful in this next room. 
There's one cloaked Elite, and several Grunts. Proceed onward, and use the 
same strategy. When you reach the third room, there will be many patrolling 

Get to the center on the ground floor, and jump through the gravi-pad. Now, 
slice anyone who pops up the Gravipad, and shoot the surrounding Elites. Move 
towards the North door. When you move through, several Brutes will be fighting 
each other. You can engage some of them, but you'll need to clear the way 
first. A series of Drones will attack the Elites in the middle for support. 
Rush ahead towards the incline of the hill. This next part is VERY tricky 
because about 6-8 Grunts, 4-5 Drones, 2 Hunters, and 2-3 Elites will appear. 
If you don't have a Fuel Rod Cannon, take out the lead Grunt, and use his 
against them. Otherwise, toss lots of Plasma Grenades and hope for the best. 
You may have to retreat for a previous weapon if the situation gets bad. 
Continue ahead into the battle arena. Several enemies will appear, including 
Brutes versus Elites. Focus on the Fuel Rod Elite in the upper right. Take him 
out, get the Fuel Rod, and start taking out the Hunters. The Brutes will die 
quickly, so work best against time. Move to the main door at the head of the 
room. Cortana informs you that she detects Johnson and Keyes position nearby. 
It's time you kicked some Bolivian butt!

Move through the door, and 6-7 Royal Elites will rush you. Concentrate on 
taking out the ranged ones with the Fuel Rod Cannon, as they're a serious 
threat. The Swordsman isn't too bad, but don't let him get close. Sprint 

   *Tartarus takes the human prisoners away (Keyes and Johnson), and Truth
    hands the Index over to Tartarus. Unfortunately, some Flood beings rush
    the Covenant, and one of the Prophets is engaged by a headeater. Truth
    tells him to back off, and not worry about it. The Great Journey is
    ahead for Tartarus.*

/Uprising (4.11)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Defend yourself from the Brutes
            + Exact vengeance on the Brute traitors
            + Fight your way to the canyon floor
            + Raze the Brute encampment

   *The Arbiter is warped into some mysterious location on the planet, with
    a temple in nearsight. He picks up the Plasma Rifle, and prepares to
    avenge against the very Brutes who betrayed him.*

Head up along the path to your left, and pick up the sword. Engage the 3 
Brutes, slicing and dicing. Dual Plasma Rifles work well. Use your cloaking 
when you need a recharge. You'll have 4-6 more Brutes up ahead, with 3 Brute 
Shots to deal with. Try to keep cloaking and slicing whenever possible. Plasma 
sticking is your best choice, as it conserves your energy sword ammo. Once 
they're dead, move ahead up the hill. You'll meet a fellow Elite who has a 
sword equipped. Time get some vengeance, eh? Several other Elites will be 
dropped in from above. Move through the door. This next area will have about 7-
10 Brutes, a few Jackals, and some minor Drones. Try to focus on Brute 
Shotting the Brutes, or sneaking up with the cloak. Try to keep your allies 
alive but flanking the Brutes via the side pathway. Reach the end door, and 
move on through. Eliminate the Jackals below, along with the Brute that enters 
through the door. Move through, and you'll see a large dropoff ahead. 
Gradually, make your way down each lower level. Cloak on entry, stick a couple 
of Brutes, then eradicate the remaining ones. The lowest level has 4 of them, 
so be careful. Don't take heed to take shelter. Move on ahead, and there will 
be another Sword reload. Engage the Brutes in the pit down below, and be sure 
to take out the plasma turret. Focus your efforts on the right flank, since 
they can walk up the stairwell. Once clear, move ahead. Pick up the Fuel Rod 
Cannon off the floor. Grab more of the Fuel ammo ahead, then poke through the 

Blast away the Brutes and Jackals. Go to the left, and several more units will 
approach. Use some sticking tactics, and sneak behind some of the hidden 
Brutes to eliminate them. Grab the Shotgun. Move left into the cave up ahead, 
and jump onto one of the Ghosts. Boost ahead, and simply zoom past all of the 
enemies, down the right route. Trying to engage all of these Brutes/Jackals 
will only get you killed, and there are plenty of more to come. Go down to the 
right, continue past the next area, and past the Shadow. Zoom down the river, 
until you reach what appears to be a barricade. Boost up the RIGHT hand side, 
which leads up to the top where the Beam Rifle Sniper is. Kill the Jackals 
(ignore the Brutes), and shoot down the other Jackals. Boost off the ledge 
onto the river. When you reach the area up ahead, nail the two Beam Rifle 
snipers, on the center and right ledge. Now, boost off the waterfall ledge and 
up to the right side. Jump out of the Ghost, and start to engage the Brutes 
along the right hand side. Ignore the ones in the center, or the Wraiths on 
the left. As you move up to the right, take shelter in one of the acloves. 
Pick up the Carbine, and start to peak out near the ledge. Snipe off the 
Brutes that are quite the distance away. Some will get in close, which is 
perfect for cloaking and the Sword. When you're ready, cloak, and move up an 
area. Repeat the process. Do one final push for the door where the 
reinforcements keep coming from. When inside, start meleeing any Brutes alive. 
Proceed through the hall.

You'll find an armament full of weapons. Grab the Rocket Launcher, and keep 
your Sword. You may also switch your Sword (if extremely low, 25 or less) for 
the Fuel Rod Cannon. Proceed into the next room, RPG the Jackals on the left, 
and whack the one on the right. Lock-on to the nearby Wraith 3 times and 
destroy it. Now, cloak, and hold down X on the second Wraith. Tap B until the 
driver dies. Press X to hop off, then press X again to jump in. Now, use this 
Wraith against the opposing Brutes that come near you. Some may be on Ghosts 
and so forth. Head under the tunnel to the right. Now, go back to where you 
were before, run back up the ledge, and head back to the Armory. Reload, and 
take back your Sword if necessary. Run back to the left this time, but don't 
jump down. Continue along the ridge to the doorway. 

^NOTE: Alternatively, you can cloak through the doorway, go left, and hide
       in one of the acloves. Recloak, nail both Brutes from behind, RPG the
       Ghost, and head through the door. Either way, both are very, very fun.

When you reach the caveway, be careful for two Ghosts. I usually hijack one, 
and use it against them. 

   *Our Arbiter joyfully meets a Wraith to only find out that it is one of his
    fellow Elites from the previous voyage. The Elite asks him of what
    happened to the Council, and the Arbiter says they were murdered by the
    Brutes. The sequence is followed by Tartarus entering one of the temple
    structures with 343 Guilty Spark in hand, along with Daughter Keyes.*

/High Charity (4.12)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Fight your way back inside the Mausoleum-tower
            + Stay ahead of the wave of Flood sweeping through the High Charity
            + Find a way onto the Forerunner Ship

   *We're then brought back to where Master Chief is. Unfortunately, he's too
    late, and the three Phantoms fly away. Cortana says that Truth is heading
    to the Forerunner, and the possibility of an attack on Earth is possible.
    Not to mention he has the power to launch Halo on demand. You must stop
    him. Cortana will stay behind and attempt to blow the nearby crashed
    Marine mothership in case manual detonation of Halo is triggered. It's up
    to you, big boy.*

Apparently, Gravemind used you as a distraction in order to bring his own 
forces into the Covenant capital. That son of a bitch! No matter the reason, 
we have to get back inside. As you start off, several Flood creatures will be 
dropped in via infested Pelicans. Go towards the right, and nail the Flood 
that approach. One will have an Energy Sword which you'll find very useful. Go 
right into the door. Three to four Brutes will pop out. Engage them, and put 
them down for the count. It's best to stick some of the Captains, and then 
sprint forward leaving the others behind. In some cases, Flood will intervene. 
Use them as a distraction. Head onto the anti-grav pad and leap up. When you 
reach the top, move forward. Grab the Beam Rifle, but keep your Sword. In the 
next room, snipe some of the Drones down. Go onto the gravi-pad to the left, 
and again, engage some of the Flood. Wait for the next pathway to open up, and 
go on that pad. Once you're on the third platform, go into this door. Swipe 
away the Flood that rush you. Grab the Shotgun, or any close range weapon if 
possible. In the next area, rush ahead. The stench of the Flood has returned.

Sprint forward, past the Flood behind you. Eventually, a large amount will 
collect behind you. When you encounter some of the pure Covenant, jump over 
them, and let the Flood interact with them. Continue along the left side, 
through a series of doors, until you hear Truth speaking again. Go right 
through the green water into a series of one of the under tunnels. The Flood 
will rush this room as well. The door you have to reach is in the upper left 
corner. When through, Cortana informs you that the security systems are fairly 
robust up ahead. Sprint along the left side, through another under tunnel, and 
to another left door. This is starting to become an enjoyable habit. When you 
reach the tri-way with the doors, go left, and you'll enter the Hierarch's 
private sanctum. Hold down X to start the elevator. When you reach the top, 
there will be tons of Honor Brutes, Grunts, and Jackals to deal with. Use the 
occasional columns for cover, but try to eliminate smaller threats to minimize 
damage taken. Stick the Brutes for easy kills. Make your way to the far door. 
When the Flood overrun this area, the big door should open up. Head inside. 
Grab the fresh sword off the platform, along with the Plasma Rifle. Head over 
to your right where the small door is, and enter. Move onto the next lift.

   *Master Chief jumps into the Forerunner engine source, and is warped into
    the ship itself. He lands inside with perfect timing. Cortana stays behind
    in case of the launching of Halo. It is up to Master Chief to stop Truth
    from causing a full-out assault on the universe.*

/The Great Journey (4.13)/
   SECRETS: n/a
OBJECTIVES: + Crush any Brutes in your path
            + Commandeer the Scarab
            + Escort Johnson's Scarab to the Control Room
            + Enter the Control Room, and deal with Tartarus

   *Back with our Arbiter friend, he believes he still has time to prevent
    Tartarus from turning the key and causing immediate chaos. His Elite friend
    lends him a Wraith to go kick some Brutian Bootay.*

Start off by hopping into the Wraith. Turn around, and follow your fellow 
Spectre. You'll run into a series of 6-8 Brute Ghosts, which are fairly 
stupid, and easy to explode. Boost into them if you're overrun. There will be 
an enemy Wraith to your right, and take it out with priority to save your 
Elite allies. Boost up ahead, and we'll face more Brute Ghosts. When you get 
near the mouth of the base, and you see a Scarab, watch to your left. A 
Phantom will lay down support fire. Blast off the turrets on it. Now, in order 
to breach the Scarab, you must take out the two Wraiths to the left of the 
Scarab. This one will be tough. Take shelter behind rocks if necessary. Once 
you clear out the Wraith, nail the remaining Brutes behind the rocks. Go up to 
the large doorway. A Hunter and an Elite will assist you, because they thought 
you died centuries ago! How wonderful. Proceed ahead. Follow your troops 
through the side route ahead. When you reach the room with the sliding doors, 
cloak, and sneak up on the right. Stick and assassinate as many of the Brutes 
as possible. Try to keep your Hunters alive. Then, move ahead, and repeat. 
Cloak, sneak up, but don't round the right corner. Deflect some brute shots 
off of the wall to take out the turret. Repeat the strategy, and keep cloaking 
to assist the heavy Hunters. 

Watch out for a Jackal Sniper ambush, and awaiting Brutes behind the yellow 
bunker to the left. Move ahead, and then open the door to the outside world. 
Cloak through, and start sniping the multiple Jackals. One Beam Rifle sniper 
will appear on the top of a horizontal cross-beam bridge. Nail him, and 
continue to snipe. You can get more Beam Rifles on the rack to your right. 
Move ahead, but take a slow break in the middle. An enemy Phantom will be 
waiting. Cloak into the next doorway. You'll reach a room with an odd temple 
appearance. You're getting close. There are several trapped fellow allies. To 
do this, I recommend cloaking, running up, and shooting the switch (purple 
object) in front of the two Hunter cell. They're in the lower right corner. 
Continue to release the prisoners, but also make use of the Sword next to the 
armory (when you first enter), along with the Beam Rifles, Carbines, and 
Needlers. Once cleared, gather your group, and proceed onward. 

   *Sgt. Johnson apparently locked himself inside the Scarab. While he hates
    the Covenant's guts, both of them must work together if they want to save
    the day. He tells you to grab a Banshee and give him cover. One of your
    allies will drop one in. Hop in, and prepare to cover his arse.*

Start off by flying towards the head of the Scarab, and look out for two 
Wraiths in the distance. Blast towards them, and blow them up. A third one 
will appear from the left as well. When you move slightly ahead, you'll 
discover an annoying Spectre. Try ignoring it. The Spectres will eat your 
Banshee up alive. I found it best to concentrate on enemy Banshees first, any 
turrets second, and the Spectres third. When you see the tower in the horizon, 
a flurry of Banshees will rush. Don't let them get behind you, or else they'll 
eat you alive. Stay clear of the door as Johnson blasts it open. Zoom up there 
in your ship, and then land off. Enter through the blown open hole. 

   *Tartarus tries to force Keyes, who happens to be a Reclaimer (one capable
    of arming Halo), to turn the Icon into the arming device. She refuses. The
    Arbiter shows up and attempts to convince Tartarus that the Prophets
    betrayed them, and that Halo will kill everyone, rather than bring the
    Brutes as the supreme class. Tartarus dismisses the claim, but Johnson
    backs the Arbiter with a Beam Rifle, and tells him to explain his point.
    343 Guilty Spark explains that the Halo was designed to destroy everything
    in the universe, and has accomplished that task 3 times already. Tartarus,
    shocked by the news, refuses the theory, and says that the Brutes will be
    supreme no matter what.*

Tartarus can be really annoying - or really easy, if you understand how to 
beat him. To start off, there will be a wall of 4 Brutes surrounding him, 
along with 2-3 Brutes helping him during random times (usually spawn once or 
twice during the battle). After you nail them down, he will hop onto the 
center platform. Chase him there. Make sure you have a Shotgun with you.

   *The Reclaimer asks 343 Guilty Spark on how to deactivate the ring.
    Apparently, all that has to be done is the Icon pulled from the activation
    device. Only problem is that Tartarus is guarding the position, and seems

Now that you're on the center platform, here comes the tricky part. Johnson 
will occasionally beam rifle 2-3 shots at Tartarus. When this happens, you 
MUST rush up to him, and pop him in the head with the Shotgun. Basically, 
Johnson's Beam Rifle fire eliminates Tartarus's Shield temporarily, giving you 
enough time to stick him with a plasma grenade, or shoot him while exposed. Be 
careful though. Tartarus hates your guts, and will try to melee you. Use 
cloaking for temporary relief. His melee attack is "usually" an instant kill, 
so avoid it. About halfway, his pesky Captain Brutes will drop down, eliminate 
them as well. Repeat this strategy, and the battle will end.

   *Now that Tartarus has died the horrible death, and the perimeter is secure,
    Daughter Keyes leaps onto the center platform and pulls the Icon out of the
    launcher. Disaster averted. The Halo abort sequence is initiated, and a
    small explosion results. Another twist is added to the story. Because of
    the abort sequence being initiated, the Halo ring has split into several
    different subsections, each which can be remotely detonated aboard the
    Forerunner ship. Oh boy. The Arbiter joins with the Marines to help fight
    off the chance of a threat.*

- From here on, the credits display showing the entire Bungie staff and 
associates responsible for Halo 2. Afterwards, if you wait, another movie is 

   *We're brought back to the Covenant Holy City, which is a complete mess now.
    Remember Gravemind from before? Well, the Parasite has infected the entire
    city, inhabiting it with ease. Suddenly, he's chatting with someone who is
    being held captive. It's...Cortana! Remember how she stayed behind in case
    of the remote detonation of Halo? Well, no one is there to pick her up,
    and since Master Chief is on the Forerunner ship, she's all alone.
    Gravemind begins to interrogate her on many, many secrets...*
                    //           \\
                   //             \\  
                  //    THE        \\
                 ||       END       ||
                 ||                 ||
                  \\               //
                   \\             //

^NOTE: There is no special ending on Legendary. It's the same one. You just
       get the dignity of knowing you beat the game on the hardest difficulty


- 5) Weapons               -
As most gamers know, if you give them a gun, they will kick butt in the name 
of their character. Every FPS is about weapons. Depending on your weapon, 
enemies will either fall in a painful death, be blown to pieces, suffer 
poisons from unexplorable realms, or simply be knocked out forever. Halo 2 
features MANY weapons, of two different races (Covenant and Humans). You'll 
also find variations of these weapons during multiplayer games, and on 
vehicles. This section will rate the weapons and describe them in detail. Just 
so you know, I won't be giving them their TECHNICAL names, but rather what 
most people refer to them as. Ratings are based on a 1-5 * scale, with 5 being 
the best.

   <.> HUMAN WEAPONS <.>

     |}@ PISTOL @{|
    [  POWER: ***
    [  RANGE: **
    [   DUAL: YES
    [OVERALL: **
- The typical UNSC sidearm, the Pistol is great for packing some whallop with 
limited punch. Unfortunately, this weapon got a huge downgrade from the 
original Halo. It no longer has a long scope, and it does about half as much 
damage as it did before. Players from the original Halo remember the Pistol as 
almost a mini-sniper rifle, capable of mowing down occasional threats with 
ease. This is more of a secondary, and should NOT be relied upon. Personally 
though, Dual Pistols can be useful, and can inflict heavy amounts during 
Slayer games.

     |}@ BATTLE RIFLE @{|
    [  POWER: ****
    [  RANGE: ****
    [   DUAL: NO
    [OVERALL: ****
- The Battle Rifle is an absolute beast when wielded correctly. It is designed 
as an infantry support weapon, mainly for long range fire, and has the ability 
for upclose battles with its burst fire technique. Clip is somewhat large, and 
it does reasonable damage per shot. On multiplayer, these guns can absolutely 
rape an opposing team if used correctly. Find a solid spot with a height 
advantage that is fairly close to the battlefield. From here, you can wear 
down your opponents' shields, and make easy kills with the scope on damaged 
opponents. Unfortunately, it does take about 12 shots to really put an 
opponent down, but these are useful nonetheless. 

     |}@ SMG @{|
    [  POWER: **
    [  RANGE: **
    [   DUAL: YES
    [OVERALL: **
- The Sub Machine Gun, or SMG, is one of the most common weapons during the 
game. It's basically the typical primary weapon for every human Marine, but 
it's also the one you spawn with on ALMOST every matchmaking game during X-BOX 
Live. It features a fairly large clip, has a high rate of fire, but does not 
do much damage. Depending on your range, it usually takes an entire clip to 
wear a shield down and/or kill someone. Thankfully, when dual wielded with 
another SMG, or Plasma Pistol, it can become lethal. However, these only seem 
to have appeal for knocking down the Flood during campaign, and just a typical 
machine gun. Nothing rare or exceptional about em'. For maximum effectiveness, 
combine with a Plasma Rifle or Plasma Pistol.

     |}@ SNIPER RIFLE @{|
    [  POWER: *****
    [  RANGE: *****
    [   DUAL: NO
    [OVERALL: *****
- Regardless of what anyone says, the Sniper Rifle is quite possibly the most 
influential gun in the game (besides the RPG). This is exactly what it states, 
a sniper rifle with huge calibre bullets. It only can hold 4 bullets at a 
time, and must be shot in semi-automatic mode, however, these bullets upon 
entry automatically kill the opponent, or disable their shield. Awesome for 
killing on multiplayer, and also for long-range with a huge 2x scope. While it 
has limited ammo, always get this gun on multiplayer maps. Hold a spot on 
defense, or get a high advantage with a Banshee, land somewhere, and prove 

     |}@ ROCKET LAUNCHER @{|
    [  POWER: *****
    [  RANGE: ****
    [   DUAL: NO
    [OVERALL: ****
- The Rocket Launcher is a rocket-propelled weapon (also known as RPG, even 
though it doesn't shoot grenades). You can launch explosive masses at people 
with this thing. The rockets can lock-on to vehicles by holding down the 
firing button over a vehicle. Please note that if the target is out of range, 
you will NOT see a range reticle around the vehicle. The Rocket has extremely 
limited ammo (4 rockets initially), but on multiplayer maps, it spawns at set 
locations. The RPG is another decisive weapon in taking down tanks, warthogs, 
and banshees. It can also instant kill opponents when launched and exploded 
near them. A good strategy is to leap in the air and fire down at the ground 
where your opponent is. Stay near the vicinity of where the rocket ammo 
spawns. Keep getting more ammo, and kicking more butt.

     |}@ SHOTGUN @{|
    [  POWER: ***
    [  RANGE: *
    [   DUAL: NO
    [OVERALL: ***
- The Shotgun is a specialty weapon, designed for close-quarters specifically. 
This can instant kill somebody, the closer you are, or nail their shield down 
quite efficiently. Sadly enough, it can barely do any significant damage past 
the 10 feet range, making it horrible in long range scenarios. This IS the 
ultimate defensive weapon, especially when guarding the flag or a bomb site. 
Be careful though, your opponents that come in first on rushes will usually 
knock out initial guards with these. Note that it can only carry a limited 
amount of shells, and they must be reloaded manually.

     |}@ FRAG GRENADE @{|
    [  POWER: ****
    [  RANGE: ***
    [   DUAL: n/a
    [OVERALL: ***
- The fragmentation grenade is the human's version of pure chaos. These babies 
can be tossed into corridors, bounced off walls, and have a metallic surface. 
They'll be a tad more resistant than normal. They can explode, killing anyone 
who is already damaged, or eliminate shields. Unfortunately, they DO NOT stick 
to opponents, and lose a seeming edge in battle. Their range is slightly 
longer than the Plasma grenade though, along with splash damage upon 


     |}@ PLASMA PISTOL @{|
    [  POWER: *
    [  RANGE: ***
    [   DUAL: YES
    [OVERALL: ***
- At a first glance, the Plasma Pistol is useless. It barely fires any 
significant damage, and doesn't seem to really hurt any opponents during LIVE 
play. However, combine this weapon with another gun (or Battle Rifle), and you 
have a beast. If you hold down the fire button, it will charge up. Release the 
shot at an opponent, and it will do a semi-lock towards the person. A charged 
up plasma pistol can INSTANTLY knock out any opponent's fully charged plasma 
shield. This is great for exposing key players. Unfortunately, you have to 
wait while it seeks the person. If you miss someone when firing a charged 
shot, then you're bound to lose the battle. DO NOT use this as a primary 

     |}@ PLASMA RIFLE @{|
    [  POWER: ***
    [  RANGE: **
    [   DUAL: YES
    [OVERALL: ***
- Plasma Rifles are the "Battle Rifle" of the Covenant army. These guns are 
high firing, automatic rifles that pulsate lots of energy out in a small 
amount of time. They cannot be charged, although they can overheat. These are 
most effective in taking down opponent's plasma shields, but do little damage 
when the person has no shield. Try to combine these with another PR, an SMG, 
or something to do combined attacks. Fairly effective when matched correctly.

     |}@ NEEDLER @{|
    [  POWER: **
    [  RANGE: **
    [   DUAL: YES
    [OVERALL: **
- Needlers are like fragmentation guns. They shoot out a bunch of energized 
crystals which pierce and penetrate your opponent's shielding systems. The 
great thing about these is that if you connect enough of them into an 
opponent, the person will receive a minor internal explosion instantly killing 
them. Needlers have a fast firing rate, but fairly small clip, and SLOW 
movement after being fired. They seek towards people, but the slow firing rate 
limits range. They're truly only effective when paired up with another 
Needler. In the original Halo, these were one of the worst guns to have.

    [  POWER: ***
    [  RANGE: ****
    [   DUAL: NO
    [OVERALL: **
- The Covenant Carbine shoots out green lasers which do basic energy damage, 
sort of like a Rail Gun. Their damage is not as great as it should be, and 
they can only carry a few rounds per clip. I rarely use these because they're 
bulky, and don't seem fitting for combat. You'd be better off with a Plasma 
Rifle. Great for campaign mode though, especially when taking out Brutes. 
Excellent range for taking out immobile targets. Have fast penetrative shots.

     |}@ BEAM RIFLE @{|
    [  POWER: ****
    [  RANGE: *****
    [   DUAL: NO
    [OVERALL: ****
- The other snipe rifle in the game is the Beam Rifle. This high-density 
energy gun shoots out a purple stream of almost instantaneous energy that 
strikes the person with high definition. These can be just as damaging and 
yield an instant kill when a person is struck in the head. Unfortunately, they 
can be overcharged if you fire too quickly, which limits the explosiveness of 
the weapon. It also takes 5 energy per shot, meaning you only have about 20 
shots. Human sniper rifle is "slightly" more damaging. Get this weapon though 
if you want to control maps, especially on Burial Mounds.

     |}@ BRUTE SHOT @{|
    [  POWER: **
    [  RANGE: ****
    [   DUAL: NO
    [OVERALL: *
- Great during campaign mode, horrible during multiplayer. The Brute Shot is a 
basic grenade launcher, except it does less damage than it should during 
online play. It can only hold 4 shots at a time, and sometimes 4 direct hits 
aren't enough to take down an opponent's plasma shield. Has a considerable 
melee attack that does great damage, but not worthy of a traditional weapon. A 
disgrace during online play.

     |}@ ENERGY SWORD @{|
    [  POWER: *****
    [  RANGE: **
    [   DUAL: NO
    [OVERALL: *****
- Quite possibly the most lethal weapon in all of Halo 2, the Energy Sword is 
the only "designed" close combat weapon, especially for melee sequences. 
Whenever you are within about 7 feet or less of your opponent, you can lock on 
by holding the reticle over the person, and press the normal fire button. You 
will actually "zoom" towards the person like a lock-on, and render an instant 
kill if the person is hit. Sometimes it will knock their plasma shield down 
all the way. Either way, the Energy Sword has UNLIMITED ammo during 
multiplayer, making it almost a weapon to be reckoned with. It's perfect for 
defense, as you can annihilate anyone who attempts to infiltrate the base.

     |}@ FUEL ROD GUN @{|
    [  POWER: ****
    [  RANGE: ***
    [   DUAL: NO
    [OVERALL: ***
- This is the Covenant's version of the RPG. It basically launched out highly 
radioactive fuel cells which detonated upon impact. They're launched out 
fairly slow, but do extensive damage. Can carry five units at once, and has 
more ammo "normally" than a rocket launcher. Only problem is that this weapon 
is only available during single player, unless you make a custom game and 
implement them into a map.

     |}@ PLASMA GRENADE @{|
    [  POWER: ****
    [  RANGE: **
    [   DUAL: n/a
    [OVERALL: ****
- These, in my opinion, are much more destructive than typical frag grenades. 
Plasma grenades are basically large balls of pure plasma energy, that explode 
after a set amount of time on the ground (or on a target). You can "stick" 
opponents by hitting them with the grenade (after pressing the fire button). 
If the grenade sticks to the person, it's a guaranteed instant kill. Their 
splash radius is somewhat smaller than a frag, however, it also sticks to 
vehicles, yielding an instant kill. The sticking ability overrides the frags 
to an extent, skill-wise.


- 6) Vehicles              -
Probably one of the best features of Halo 2 is that it includes vehicles as 
interactable devices, rather than just any other generic shooter. You can 
ride, target opponents, and engage in groups with allies, rather than being a 
part of some scripted event. This section will describe the in-game vehicles, 
their advantages/disadvantages, and ways of eliminating them.

     ~#: MG WARTHOG :#~
    [      POWER: **
    [       LOAD: 3
    [      ARMOR: Medium
    [    OVERALL: ***

- The Machine Gun Warthog is one of the most common vehicles in the game. 
Commonly found on most multiplayer maps, this vehicle is basically an armored 
jeep without a mounted machine gun turret on back. It's great for fighting 
infantry troops, airborne units, and on random assaults. The MG is more 
powerful, as it does extra damage against lone persons, however, it suffers 
from a lack of any "true" damage. There's a seat for the driver, passenger, 
and one to aim the turret. Not as great as the Gauss version, but the armor is 
fairly well, and only the RPG has true stopping power. Some neat tricks to try 
with Warthogs involve aerobatic stunts, boosting to certain ledges, and 
running over other players.

     ~#: GAUSS WARTHOG :#~
    [      POWER: ****
    [       LOAD: 3
    [      ARMOR: Medium
    [    OVERALL: ****

- The Gauss version is a hefty upgrade for the typical player out there. 
Rather than the foolish machine gun, it is modified with a high-density 
explosive Gauss Cannon. Explosive splash damage is done to units, which means 
you can tip over opposing Ghosts by landing a shot near them, and almost 
instant-kills on infantry units. The rate of fire is slower, but the damage of 
the round is extensive. Great for knocking out airborne units. Gauss shot has 
a slightly slower speed of fire, but still is a great alternative.

     ~#: SCORPION :#~
    [      POWER: *****
    [       LOAD: 1
    [      ARMOR: Heavy
    [    OVERALL: *****

- This is the best vehicle in the game. The Scorpion is a fully armored tank 
with a machine gun mounted on the L button, and a shell cannon on the R 
button. You can explode targets with the cannon, which is more powerful than 
the Gauss Cannon. The infantry gun is great for taking out enemy units that 
approach your target. You are susceptible to tangos that jump aboard and 
attempt to destroy your tank, but the destructive power is too much to pass 
up. Speed of the velocity shell is extreme, yielding almost instant damage. To 
board or destroy a tank, you have to get close, hold down X, then start 
tapping B. Once you've destroyed some of the outer hull, tap L to toss a 
grenade in. If you toss a grenade inside, it will blow the vehicle up. If you 
don't, and keep tapping B, you will kill just the driver. You can do some 
trickey by killing the driver, then boarding the tank. Some people will jump 
out before you can plant or take it over. When this happens, try to take the 
tank right away. Some people quick-switch thinking you'll jump off. You cannot 
ride on the sides of the tank like campaign mode. You can also run over other 
vehicles. It's very slow though, and has no boosting abilities.

     ~#: GHOST :#~
    [VERSATILITY: ****
    [      POWER: **
    [       LOAD: 1
    [      ARMOR: Light
    [    OVERALL: ***

- The Ghost is sort of like a recon-esque vehicle, capable of weaving in 
between enemy lines, yet lacking heavy firepower. It's basically a floating 
vehicle with mobility, and has dual plasma cannons. You can boost by holding 
down L, and this speeds up your vehicle. You cannot fire while boosting. Use 
boosting if you want to rush locations. This is useful for being the first to 
get the RPG on Coagulation, or chasing down an enemy Warthog. The Ghost can 
also be taken into some remote locations, near enemy capture points, where you 
can splatter people by boosting over them. The cannons are fairly ineffective, 
but enough shots can easily taken down infantry units or vehicles. To hijack a 
Ghost, try jumping in the air, and holding down X while one approaches. If 
you're lucky, you should kick him off (press B to melee him off). The armor on 
a Ghost is fairly light though, and can be blown to pieces without a rocket 

     ~#: BANSHEE :#~
    [VERSATILITY: *****
    [      POWER: ***
    [       LOAD: 1
    [      ARMOR: Medium
    [    OVERALL: ****

- The Banshee is the only flying unit in the game, and probably the most 
effective if used correctly. It's basically a small pod with two booster 
wings, and dual plasma cannons. You can hold down L to boost for a speed 
upgrade. Holding down R fires the cannons. You can do evasive maneuvers by 
pressing a control pad direction + A. You can do a loop, or side twirls 
left/right. The Banshee Bomb is not available during multiplayer (pressing B). 
The Banshee can reach places on the map that you normally cannot reach on 
other maps. A solid example would be flying up, getting out, and then sniping 
people from an advantageous ledge. It also has the ability to easily shoot 
down exposed tanks, Ghosts, and Warthogs. The only true disadvantage is that 
an RPG yields an instant kill. Learn to become a weapon with this, and you can 
annoy snipers, defenders, just about anyone on the map.

     ~#: WRAITH :#~
    [      POWER: ****
    [       LOAD: 1
    [      ARMOR: Heavy
    [    OVERALL: ***

- The Wraith is the Covenant version of a kick-butt tank. It's basically 
another heavily armored plasma structure, that launches large blue plasma 
balls. This the only attack it has. Fortunately, the plasma balls do extreme 
damage to infantry AND vehicles. There is extreme splash damage as well. They 
also have boosting abilities with the L button, but it's temporary. You can 
run over vehicles, people, or any oncoming threats this way. Personally, these 
are awesome on Waterworks, where you can border up your base by moving large 
green boxes in the back and front entrances. Aside from that, they're very 
exposed though, as ANYONE with a Banshee can easily shoot these guys down. 
There are NO auto plasma turrets as seen during campaign mode. Try to have a 
teammate on support with an RPG to help you in case you're being ambushed.

     ~#: SPECTRE :#~
    [      POWER: **
    [       LOAD: 4
    [      ARMOR: Medium
    [    OVERALL: **

- The Spectre is quite an odd vehicle, and unfortunately, never used during 
matchmaking. It resembles a cargo vehicle with a trailer, except it has a 
plasma propulsion drive, and has a rapid plasma turret mounted on back. This 
is great for shooting down Banshees, Warthogs, or infantry units. It's slower 
than a Warthog, and the boosting abilities are not impressive. Since it's 
rarely used during online play, it has no true significance.


- 7) X-BOX Live            -
Obviously, some of the most entertaining aspects of any shooting game is 
multiplayer. You get to test your skills against the wide array of other 
players out there, ranging from the good to the bad. X-BOX Live is yet another 
way of competing against other players of your kindred, and seeing who 
prevails. Halo 2 is one of the best X-BOX Live experiences you'll ever have. 
There are several different game modes, ways of interacting with players, and 
a plethora of statistics that you'll find yourself overwhelmed.


is where you can find all of your official stats, game results, etc...after 
you play a game. It's surprising nowadays to see gaming companies actually 
paying to support these items. The following section will describe Live play 
for Halo 2, along with key strategies, and troubleshooting tips. I REFUSE to 
post glitches in this FAQ, so do not submit them to me. If you're not sure 
whether it's a glitch or not, try contacting me, and I'll find out more 


>>> Before you can jump into action, a profile must be made in order to 
represent your appearance and settings during online play. First of all, you 
must have one X-BOX Live account to play from. Secondly, the profile controls 
numerous settings. The most important one is your settings. You can alter the 
button layouts if you wish, however, the most important FEATURE is Look 
Inversion. I'm use to playing games with Inverted Y-axis for looking up/down, 
so you may want to do the same. Otherwise, another neat feature of online play 
with Halo 2 is the ability to setup your character's avatar/appearance. Under 
appearance, you can alter the following:

     - Player Model - either Covenant/Elite
     - Primary Color - your character's primary color, base color of avatar
     - Secondary Color- your character's secondary color, base color of avatar
     - Primary Emblem - main color of symbol selected in avatar
     - Secondary Emblem - secondary color of symbol selected in avatar
     - Emblem Foreground - this is your avatar's symbol, and the insignia
                           printed on your character's body. There are roughly
                           around 100 of them.
     - Emblem Background - this is your avatar's background symbol, or pattern
                           that appears. It is not visible on your printed
                           insignia, but gives you avatar key boldness. There
                           are about 30 of them, ranging from gradiants to

>>> Your Voice Output settings can be altered to place output in the 
communicator, both, or speakers only. The option for Voice Masking is also 
available, but you can't pick your "type" of voice masking. You may also 
select whether or not you want your online status to be on/off during Live 
play. Finally, you can alter whether or not subtitles are said during 
cutscenes. This sums up your typical profile. After you're done, name it with 
something familiar, and then log in under your Live account.

/Game Modes/
Halo 2 has roughly around 3 different types of game modes, with several other 
ways of "joining" games. To start off, the primary way of selecting games is 
via Optimatch. This setting allows you to select which type of matchmaking, or 
ranked, game you would like to play. Matchmaking is the term Bungie uses for 
official matches, although you may also play clan matches too. Any stats 
logged during matchmaking are held on their website, and you can play in large 
parties with other people during matchmaking games (1-8 players depending on 
mode). You may also Quickmatch for a game, which automatically searches for a 
random matchmaking game. If you want to start your own custom game, simply 
select Create Party, and then invite people by pressing Y to access your 
Friends list, and sending out party invites. The final option on the Live menu 
is Content Download, which will be available once Halo 2 releases some 
downloadable items. So far, something "big" is coming out 02/09/05.

Before you can jump right into the action, it's essential as to how you 
understand how matchmaking works. As stated before, matchmaking is a way of 
seeing how "good" you are at playing a certain type of Bungie-based game type. 
Basically, in Halo 2, you're assigned a level rating, ranging from 1-50. So 
far, some of the highest players in the world are barely at 35 so far, but 
they'll gradually make their way up there. In order to raise your level, you 
must WIN a large amount of games out of the ones you play. It's not all about 
getting the most kills, the most medals, or the most vehicular homicides as 
everyone is inclined to believe. Basically, you're given experience for each 
game you win. That experience is split over your entire team during a victory, 
or some experience is lost when you lose a game. If you quit during a game, 
you'll receive an experience penalty, and not really gain anything if your 
team wins (or lose more if you lose). Each time you reach the full setting 
under a given level, then you'll raise a level, and the experience raising 
continues. Unfortunately, because of the high volume of Halo 2 players out 
there, you'll meet your skill level both quickly and efficiently. Most people 
will "stall" out around 10, and find it hard to raise.

The idea behind matchmaking though is to find your fairest fit. It attempts to 
match your levels with people who are matchmaking that are closest to yours as 
well. You'll rarely face the same group of people twice, unless it's due to 
extreme cases. However, you have to remember, the game bases your opponent's 
rating off of their level, and not their "actual" rating. For example, a 
person who plays Slayer a lot, and is extremely good, might be a level 21. 
However, if they just started to play Team Slayer, they might only be a level 
3. This can be deceptive, because they have the "skills" of a level 21, but 
you don't know that. To find out the actual level of a player during a game, 
press Y, scroll over to players, and look for their names in their column tab. 
The great thing about matchmaking is that each game type has different level 
settings. Your level will be different under Team Skirmish than it is under 
Big Team Battle. You basically must play and concentrate under one type of 
game mode. Players become accustomed to playing on one game type setting more 
than the others. Your OVERALL level is determined by your highest level in ANY 
game type setting. Don't confuse this with being an average of your levels 

Other features about matchmaking...

                               .../ GAME TYPES \...

     # RUMBLE PIT #
   / Places you on a map as a free-for-all against 7 other opponents. There
  / are no teams, and it's basically slayer with some objectives mixed into
 / play (king of the hill, etc...). This one is fairly popular, but designed
/ mainly for one person alone.

TIPS: - Get best weapons possible
      - Know location of the Overshield ALWAYS on the map
      - Find a good sniper spot, and stick with it

   / This is a 2-team game of up to 8 players total. You basically attempt to
  / complete objectives set before you (assault, planting bombs, capture the
 / flag) against an opposing team. This is VERY competitive, and is one of the
/ top 3 most played modes. Lots of competition, and teamwork necessary to win.

TIPS: - Try to get in a party of good players you know; you won't last long
        alone trying to join a game
      - Best weapons are key to your team's effective offense/defense
      - Groupwork necessary

     # HEAD TO HEAD #
   / Another somewhat popular game mode, Head to Head is designed for players
  / who want to duel to the death with an opposing player of similar skill.
 / Unfortunately, Head to Head lacks some popularity, as it only holds 2
/ players, and many people may camp in a nifty spot with a sniper rifle.

TIPS: - Get best weapons possible
      - Know location of the Overshield ALWAYS on the map
      - Find a good sniper spot, and stick with it
      - Sword can be extremely dangerous
      - Crouch A LOT, makes radar seemingly useless

   / One of the top 3 most played modes, Big Team Battle allows you to bring
  / a party of up to 8 people. It's exactly the same as Team Skirmish, except
 / the teams can go up to 8 on 8. Mainly features objective-based themes, but
/ also plays on bigger maps and some odd alternatives (more vehicles).

TIPS: - Snipers are key to helping your team on offense/defense
      - RPG is great for defense, eliminates threat of oncoming rushes
      - Get tanks no matter what. They're great for pounding down infantry
        units that spawn near bases
      - On certain maps, try to rush key weapons with the Ghost. A great
        example is rushing the Sniper Rifle on Headlong with a Ghost via the
        invisibility path

   / Uses the same variants as Team Skirmish, except it is designed for 6-8
  / players in different clans. You must form a party of 3-4 online clan
 / members, and duke it out against an opposing clan. This is the most popular
/ lag-free way of getting official matches in.

TIPS: - Get best weapons possible for dominance
      - Organize and know what you're doing. Small groups of people mean a key
        weapon can spell victory/defeat
      - Look at the players' levels during the game to see what you're going
        up against. Sometimes a level 8 minor clanmatch ranking means the
        players could be level 15s.
      - Tab B if you notice a one man disadvantage during Step 2 of matchmaking

   / Nearly the same as Big Team Battle, except it is designed for groups of
  / up to 10-16 clan players. You'll duke it out against an opposing clan
 / with similar variants, and hope for the best. Major clanmatches can get
/ laggy sometimes, which pushes most clans away from this option.

TIPS: - Get best weapons possible
      - STICK together. You can crush teams if you have huge masses on assaults
      - This mode is very vulnerable to matching you up with a one-man
        disadvantage - especially when your party #'s are low (5-6). Tab B if
        you count more yellow boxes than your party of clanmates

     # TEAM SLAYER #
   / This is actually a new game type released in a recent patch. Team Slayer
  / pits you in teams of up to 4 players, totaling for 8 players during the
 / game. It's basically strictly about putting the most kills up during a
/ certain time limit, or kill limit to win the game.

TIPS: - This is the MOST popular game variant on Halo 2, so expect tons of
        competition. Because of its post-patch release, many levels are lower
        than their equivalency. Level 9 team slayers "really" play like level
        13s killing wise
      - Best weapons spell victory, pure and simple
      - Overshield is critical to taking out strong-weapon enemies
      - Assassination is a key way of knocking out opponents if you can find
      - Focus on sticking together. A group of 3 can easily take down a lone
        man with no support

>>> NOTE: There are also two additional modes. Team Training and Rumble
          Training can be selected as matchmaking modes. However, they're just
          training sessions (doesn't count), and have the same variants
          as Team Skirmish/Rumble Pit.

/Map Strategies (7.1)/
This following section will describe each multiplayer map of Halo 2, along 
with map strategies, where to get key weapons, and the best way to win each 
level. Maps are going to be organized alphabetically.


- "This relay station is part of a network that has kept Delta Halo
   functioning smoothly for untold centuries."

= Personally, Ascension is a sniper-based map, pure and simple. There are
  three extending paths from a middle "radar dome" which dips into the ground
  like a soggy pothole. One path has a sniper rifle, the other a useable
  Banshee, and another sniper gun. Simply put, get the sniper rifles first
  and you'll win. Secondly, there is a somewhat secret RPG on a jumping pad.
  To get there, go to the circular platform between the Banshee and sniper
  rifle tower. Jump down off the pad and you should see a pad slightly below.
  Pick up the RPG in the center, and then use the jumping pad to get launched
  up. If your team has the RPG, get the Banshee at all costs. You can rape
  anyone who attempts to snipe, and also nail them as they approach the center.
  There's a teleporter which has a Shotgun nearby. This map is ALL about
  getting your team to rush the sniper rifle first. Do this, and you will
  control victory. You'll find this map often associated with King of the Hill.

___________________________/Beaver Creek\___________________________

- "These forgotten structures were once the site of many bitter battles
   but have since been reclaimed by nature."

= Probably the smallest map in all of Halo 2, this is a mirror image red/blue
  base scenario. You're basically in a rural setting with a large upper path
  in the middle, two mirrored bases opposite of each other, a teleport in
  the back of each base, and a two sidewinding hills near each base. The RPG
  is in the center of the map, on the large upper path hill. Most people rush
  for it. On one side, you'll find a Sniper Rifle on one of the side paths,
  while the other side path is closer to the Rocket Launcher. This map is
  associated with CTF usually. The best way to capture the flag is to:

   > Have a teammate get on the roof of your opponent's base by jumping on
     the side rock. When your teammate grabs the flag, have him stand on the
     pilon that is usually above the flag capture point. Have the person
     press the R button to throw the flag up through the ceiling window.
     Your other teammate should grab the flag as soon as it's tossed. From
     there, he can easily jump down, enter the back portal, be warped to their
     base, and then re-enter the ceiling window down to the capture point.

   > Grab the flag and make your way to that base's back portal. The portal is
     a quick way of avoiding the middle chaos.

   > Sprint through the middle while being covered. This is very risky though.

   > Make sure you grab the Overshield which spawns in the small creek on the
     one side. You'll also find a Shotgun on the other side.

___________________________/Burial Mounds\___________________________

- "This makeshift Heretic camp on Basis is littered with wreckage from
   the destruction of Installation 04."

= Burial Mounds is probably the most hated map in all of Halo 2. It features
  a non-mirrored setting in a stingy desert, designed for snipers, and
  includes twisting ruins which makes it difficult to navigate the Warthog
  which spawns on the offensive side of the map. You'll find the RPG on a
  lone stone bridge close to both spawns. Most people rush for this first.
  Have someone on your offensive team sprint over to the Beam Rifle (most
  critical weapon, always pick it up), and then look at where the bridge is.
  Snipe any opponents who try to grab the RPG. The defending team always spawns
  with a Sniper Rifle, so be weary of the enemy sniper. Since both teams get
  sniper rifles, it becomes a waiting game, and one of long range. This map is
  usually played with Assault/1 Flag CTF Fast, so you won't have much time to
  score. Some key tips include:

   > There's a Ghost that spawns next to a black column to the right of the
     defending base. Rush over to it, and harass/kill the enemy Beam Rifle
     Sniper immediately. Get both sniper rifles for supremacy. You can also
     snatch the Energy Sword in the tunnel behind the black spaced ruins.

   > There are two turrets in the defending base. While they're somewhat
     useful, you'll often be sniped out of them. The enemy Warthog that
     approaches can usually be exploded via grenades. It doesn't have much
     space to navigate through either the back tunnel, or through the sides.

   > You can actually jump-run through the front of the base. You have to
     get a running start first though. It's great to toss the bomb up, or
     crouch in the front to contest it.

   > This map is extremely difficult on offense, and it's uncommon to see
     people score. Don't feel ashamed if you do horrible, because a slight
     majority do as well.

   > You can boost yourself as a Beam Rifle sniper on some of the broken ruins
     for a height advantage. Make sure you crouch though, because an enemy
     Ghost will usually streak on through.


- "Recent excavations have failed to shed light on the true purpose 
   of the outposts in this bloody gulch."

= This is one of the most POPULAR maps in all of Halo 2. Coagulation is a wide
  open grassy field with small hills, a trivial road, two mirrored bases, and
  tons of vehicles to play around with. During certain times, tanks will spawn
  (depending on settings). There are Banshees in each base, Ghosts/Warthogs,
  and a turret up top. You'll also find a sniper rifle on the top of each base,
  teleports which lead to the left/right sides of the map, and an RPG right in
  the dead center of the map. The best strategy is to spawn, run straight for
  the Ghost, boost to the center, jump off, grab the RPG, nail anyone who
  approaches in a vehicle, then sprint back with the Ghost, and defend the
  base. You'll often find RPG ammo near the three pine trees on this map. Pick
  it up to keep the RPG streak going. A Shotgun can be found inside three
  stones near your base. Use this for defense. This map is often played with
  CTF or Assault, so here are some strategies:

   > Have your team get organized inside one of the Warthogs - max load. Get
     a Ghost to come, along with a Banshee. The Banshee should drop in first
     onto the roof of the enemy base. Toss some grenades in the flag room.
     Most players hide crouch in the corners to the flag. Meanwhile, your
     Warthog, and Ghost should unload and all rush in now that the defenders
     are moving to avoid the grenades. Usually guaranteed on assault missions
     but it might be hard to pull the flag out.

   > This is a new tactic that is being used quite often. People will rush the
     base with a Warthog, drive it around back, then park it where your Banshee
     spawns. From there, one man will jump onto the top of the Warthog, and
     hold down X through the floor to take the flag. This really isn't a
     glitch because of the way Bungie programmed the game. If you're in
     proximity with any flag, and can reach it, you can usually take it through
     walls, and items of the such. HOWEVER, this is still very cheap, because
     the enemy doesn't have to interfere with your defenses at all. He just
     snatches it through the floor. If this happens, toss some frag grenades
     down the exit hole in the flag room to disrupt their plans.

   > Use your base's portal, and make your way to the slim rocks on the left.
     Get your bomb man to wear the Overshield powerup. Rush over with a
     Warthog, and have him go in on mixed assault. It becomes difficult for
     defenders to kill an overshielded bomber.

   > There are also two "secret" hiding spots on this map. You can take a
     Banshee to reach either of them, or a Ghost to reach one of them. Take
     a Ghost and go up to the backside where the elongated grassy field is
     with some rocks. Look along the wall for a V cut along a slanted
     mountain. It should be slightly past the first boulder. Now boost, and
     try to ride up the wall. If you get the right angle, you can boost
     the Ghost all the way up top. Get off, and you can now snipe up there.
     The other spot is a column sticking out of a mountain with a small
     platform that can be reached by flying up to it. Very useful spots if
     you have the Sniper Rifle.


- "Numerous scientific expeditions have failed to reveal what the Forerunners
   intended with all this damn gas."

= Personally, Colossus is all about getting the Beam Rifle. You're basically
  tossed into a fairly small arena mirrored, with a large anti-grav pad
  near the upper middle. Jump onto the pad, and it launches you up to an
  area with a spawned Beam Rifle on the balcony. You'll find tons of plasma
  barrels spaced throughout conveyor belts, two ledges with Battle Rifles,
  nearby Shotguns, and a plethora of Plasma weapons. There is only one
  Beam Rifle though, and it's essential you get this, because it guarantees
  victory (almost). With the Beam Rifle, the opposing team can spawn camp
  players from their own base. The only way to counter this is to grab a
  Battle Rifle, and shoot him to prevent him from scoping. You'll find this
  map played mostly with CTF or Team Slayer. Here are some tips:

   > You can reach the enemy's base quite easily by running up the lower
     stairwells. When you reach the first turn on the stairwell, jump on the
     railing, then jump up to the enemy's platform. This is the quickest way
     without being forced to run all the way up the stairs.

   > You can be an absolute killer with the Battle Rifles that spawn on each
     base's ledge (or by the flag capture points). Simply stay on this balcony
     and hit anyone who drops down to the middle, or uses the anti-grav pad.
     Jump on top of the railing to get the height advantage, and nail the 
     people hiding where the Beam Rifle spawns. Be careful for people who come
     from where your ledge starts, or other Battle Rifle snipers.

   > An Overshield spawns in the lower end of the middle between two pits. Grab
     it for assaults on capturing the flag.

   > Shoot the energy barrels if you see people near them, and then snipe them
     off with the Battle Rifle for a quick kill.

   > GET the Beam Rifle at ALL costs. This is essential to victory.


- "Deep in Chicago Industrial Zone 08 lies the decommisioned Tactical
   Autonomous Robotic Defense System testing facility."

= Originally designed as a secret map, Foundation could only be unlocked if
  you beat the game on Legendary. However, the recent patch has made it
  available to everybody. Foundation is basically a mirrored four-way map
  with an upper path that circles the entire map, two turrets, a center
  bunker, and four exterior rooms. The RPG can be found near a construction
  zone on the ground, under a turret platform. An Energy Sword is in the
  middle as well. This map is rarely played under matchmaking, unless it's
  Team Slayer. Some tips are to:

   > Man a turret, and have someone protect your back. You can get a few
     nifty kills using the big guns alone. The RPG is not an absolute must
     as you can usually overrun the person going for it.

   > Get the Energy Sword, then camp one of the entrances to a room. Crouch
     and slice anyone who attempts to rush by.


- "Although during the day Section 14 monitors almost all harbor
   traffic, at night it's one of the city's most notorious hangouts."

= Headlong is primarily a Big Team Battle map, designed with odd extremities
  and a fruitful design. Each team spawns in a large building, one which
  is a construction building featuring a series of stairwells that lead to
  the "defensive capture point." The other contains a nice structure with
  the "offensive capture point." Outside, you'll find a large dirt field, with
  a winding road to the left, and one that circles the defending base. Down
  the concrete road is an RPG under a bridge, with an Overshield overhead.
  Another RPG is located at the defending base on the top balcony ledge. There
  is also a Sniper Rifle on the bridge to the right of the offensive spawn.
  A Beam Rifle can be located in a room past the bridge to the left of the
  defending spawn. These sum up the critical weapons. Oh, and there's an Energy
  Sword in the building to the right of the defending base. This building also
  features the receiving location of the portal at the offensive base. There's
  an invisibility powerup, small tunnel, and broken string of bridges near the
  middle/left. This map is mainly played on 1 Flag CTF/Assault. Here are some

   > There are "really" two ways of assaulting the defending base. Going
     through the ground floor is only good when you go up the stairwell in the
     enemy's base (not the spiraling paths up to the capture point).

   > The first way is to have everyone run up the stairs and go through the
     portal. From there, go through the building, jump down to the small
     balcony, then sprint over to the back bridge that leads to the defensive
     base. Storm it all at once, and do your thing.

   > The second way is to have someone rush for the RPG via the 2 Warthogs to
     the left. The other players should go upstairs, then curve a right and
     cross the bridge. Have your best Sniper nail down anyone who exposes
     themselves on the top floor. The rest of the team should rush the Beam
     Rifle room, then run through the top window opening near the boxes, and
     move down one floor to the capture point.

   > On defense, get the top floor RPG, and the Beam Rifle if possible.

   > Pick up the nearby Ghost, and boost towards the left hill where the broken
     bridge is. Go into the left tunnel, and zoom ahead (don't flip the Ghost).
     You can actually rush the first people who reach the normal Sniper Rifle,
     and nail them with dual plasma cannons. Also, try to grab the Sniper
     Rifle, and bring it back to your base. You now should have both sniper
     rifles, limiting your opponent's range.

   > There are turrets on two sides of the offensive base. Use them if your
     team drops the flag into the open dirt fields on the ground level.
     You can slaughter opponents since they're all in a frenzy to rush the
     flag carrier.

   > A secret path can be taken via the floating ledges in the middle of the
     map. Jump from the peak of the broken bridge to the hanging bridge, then
     onto the beam, and right onto the enemy's top floor. This is great for
     extracting the flag as well.

   > If time is running out, zoom over to the left part of the defending base,
     and crouch next to the wall behind a column. You'll be able to contest
     the bomb/flag and keep sudden death going. STAY CROUCHED. You'll give
     your team a chance to regroup and win.

___________________________/Ivory Tower\___________________________

- "Once home to the famous socialite Lance O' Donnell, the top floor
   of this building is now a public park."

= Ivory Tower is another small-town setting with two spawns directly opposite
  of each other. You'll find a Sword in the middle under the waterfall, a
  Sniper Rifle on the 3rd floor via the elevator, and an RPG in the center
  arena behind the waterfall. A shotgun can be found via two floating air
  pumps, and an Overshield is on the right, along with a Battle Rifle. This
  is usually played with Team Slayer, Assault, or CTF Fast. Try your best to
  rush one of the key spots, especially the Overshield. Here are some tips:

   > If you're on offense, immediately grab the Sword, but AVOID bringing
     it to the defending base. You'll actually do worse, than any good. The
     defenders will almost immediately get the RPG, and giving them the
     Sword guarantees victory.

   > Try to get on the upper ledge and drop down from behind defenders. Many
     people like crouch hiding on the side stairwells and ambushing you when
     you go for either capture point.

   > On defense, get the Overshield, and try to rush the Sniper. He can pelt
     anyone exposed in the middle under-area.


- "Some believe this remote facility was once used to study the Flood. But
   few clues remain amidst the snow and ice."

= Lockout is a VERY small combat arena, in a ice-filled environment. You
  will discover pretty much an upper and lower structure to the map. There
  is a center battle plateau that links to four different locations. One is
  an upper battle tower where the "offensive" capture point is, and the
  other leaders to the defending spawn (which has a jump pad, and lower
  green area with a Shotgun). The third link is to a small building locale,
  and the final one is to the sniper tower. The Sniper Rifle spawns on the
  highest tower, but you must curl around to reach it. There are numerous
  explosive columns around the area. Shoot them to explode and hurt other
  players. The jump pad area links to a low corner pathway where the defensive
  capture point is. You'll usually play this map on 1 Flag CTF Fast/Team
  Slayer. Here are some tips:

   > Get the Sniper Rifle no matter what. While it's not overwhelmingly
     dominant, you can snipe defenders on the low pathway, and move to another
     spot for cover fire. Even if you rush on defense, you'll prevent the enemy
     from getting it. There are explosive barrels right where the sniper rifle
     spawns. Shoot them if an enemy is there.

   > The Energy Sword spawns near the offensive base, on a small pathway. Grab
     it, and use it on offense. Even if the enemy gets it, you can snipe them
     away quite easily.

   > Get one of the Battle Rifles (peak of offensive tower, or defensive
     stacked tower). Jump down the gravi-pad tower, and walk in the lower path.
     You should be able to see some side flaps where you can crouch off the
     walkway, yet snipe anyone defending the flag. Useful location, but easy to
     find when exposed. 

   > For capturing the flag, grab it, run up the path, then cut a left, and
     get a teammate to stand on the ledge of the center plateau. Toss is up
     to him, then he can run for the capture.

   > Grab the flag, run left through the stacked tower, then up the path, to
     the lower plateau, and then left. Jump across this small pit, rather than
     cutting around the path.

   > There's a quick way of reaching the offensive capture point. When you're
     on the central plateau, and you're right below the capture point, jump
     onto the side railings. Leap up to the slanted ledge, then run up to the
     point. It's quicker than curling around the sidewinding path.


- "Don't let its luxury fool you - the Pious Inquisitor is one of
   the fastest ships in the Covenant fleet."

= Midship is VERY, VERY small, and reminiscent of a gladiator arena. You'll
  find yourself tossed into a circular mirrored room with two anti-grav spawns,
  with an upper & lower level. In the center is a small dip, with side paths
  that twirl up and down. An energy sword is accessible in the top middle via
  a small floating platform. Battle Rifles are under each spawn in the corners.
  This map is played with Team Slayer/Multiflag CTF/Multibomb Assault. Here
  are some tips:

   > Get Dual Plasma Rifles, and fire away. These can really eat away your
     opponent's morale.

   > Try to stick opponents if possible. Plasma Grenades are prevalent on this

   > Use the Energy Sword in offense/defense. Many people tend to crouch in the
     corners, or grab the Shotgun in the middle.


- "While the Forerunners excelled at mimicking natural beauty, the
   machinery in this cavern exemplifies their true genius."

= Waterworks is a huge Big Team Battle map featuring Wraiths, Ghosts, Warthogs,
  and Banshees. It's mirrored with a large machine press high above. There are
  dual caves on the sides, with dual upper pathways, a bridge in the middle,
  and an upper plateau in the middle with a Sniper Rifle. Two Sniper Rifles
  also spawn on top of each spawn, with turrets, Banshees in the upper launch
  platforms, and an RPG close to each teleport spawn. Oh, and the teleports
  are past each Banshee. Basically, this is a Sniper inclined map with wide
  open side roads, and easy access to the main bases. However, you can do
  many interesting things with this map. It's usually played with Multi CTF/
  Neutral Bomb/1 Flag CTF. Here are some tips:

   > There are large green boxes around your base. Jump in the Wraith, and 
     push these boxes into the back entrance. Get them lined up so nobody
     can crouch through. Repeat the same for the front entrance, and you
     should have a few spare boxes. You can push them near the entrance to
     the left cave. If you're really skilled, you can push the one box up
     the pathway to the right of your base which leads to the portal. Players
     will sneak up this path and enter the capture point above. Push the box
     far enough up where they can't just past it, or above it.

   > Immediately get in the Banshee, and rush the opponent's base. Try to
     take their RPG, or nail their Wraith as he stacks the boxes.

   > Get the RPG near your base all the time. You'll be doomed if you don't.
     Someone should be a dedicated sniper on your team as well. You can use
     the Banshee to reach the upper parts of the base that are normally 

   > If you manage to touch the flag, toss it near the open-window bunker style
     opening right by the point. Someone can reach it through the small hole. 
     Another thing is that you should crouch next to this small opening to
     contest it.

   > There are a ton of powerups that most people miss inside the middle
     structure machine press. This includes the Energy Sword.


- "Wind Power Station 7 sites as a mute reminder of the EAP's late
   25th-century attempt at re-nationalization."

= Zanzibar is one of the most played maps in all of Halo 2. It's basically
  a coastal setting near the beach, that progresses into some stone-walled
  structures with a giant energy-revolving wheel in the middle, and an enemy
  structure which holds the defensive capture point. You'll find 2 Ghosts and
  a Warthog near the beach, along with a snipe rifle inside the wall structure.
  There's a second sniper rifle in the left plateau, a Shotgun/Invisibility
  power up in the right tower, and an energy sword in the middle of the wheel
  which can be accessed by blowing a trigger switch on a bridge. There's not
  much in the defending base, except for an RPG on the upper pathway which is
  a must-grab item. This is usually played with 1 Flag CTF/Assault/Land Grab.
  Here are some tips:

   > On defense, always get the RPG first, and do it QUICK. Sometimes an
     opposing sniper will nail you if you run back to your base. Never let the
     RPG get into the hands of thy enemy. Secondly, on offense, do the same.
     Rush the sniper rifle, and try to take the RPG man out. Also, another
     quick way of getting a sniper rifle is to sprint out of the defending
     base, or jump on a Ghost (on offense), and blast over to the left
     plateau. Then, grab the Rifle and run. Usually, your opponents will shoot
     the explosive barrels nearby and attempt to blow you up.

   > A quick way of getting to the second floor is to boost yourself via the
     rotating wheel. Jump into the center, and wait for one of the moving
     pilons to get close to you. Start to get dragged upwards by it, then jump
     up and land on it. Now you have a quick way of getting upstairs without
     being forced to go through their base.

   > After you grab the flag, run towards the stairs. Sometimes it can be best
     to go out the top of the base, rather than the front entrances/

   > After you grab the flag, run towards the stairs. Toss the flag in the
     corner that curls to the second set of stairs. It looks like this:
      /     \
       ^ - Toss it there
     Now, have a person outside waiting there. They can grab it through the
     wall by boosting on a nearby cargo box.

   > On defense, some good positions involve the four pillars surrounding the
     rotating energy disc. There are 4 slants you can jump onto, crouch, and
     sit. You're undetectable on radar, and you can nail anyone who tries to
     plant without taking grenade damage.

   > The switch to the gate is often well-guarded by opposing teams. One
     nifty idea is to sit close to the switch up above, yet crouch near a
     doorway. Melee attack the players from behind as they sprint for the

/Troubleshooting/Glitches/Solutions (7.2)/
Often, many players may have trouble connecting with X-BOX Live. This section 
will address some of the more specific problems you may have with Halo 2 that 
aren't glitch related, or in-game play.


  PROBLEM: I can't hear a certain person, even though other players can in the

  ANSWER: This is actually a networking error. Some people have special LAN
          connections which use software and not actual routers. For some odd
          reason, you will not see their MIC symbol move, nor hear them speak,
          while other players in the room can. This use to happen to me
          frequently on Black Arrow. Try muting the person's voice by entering
          the player's menu, then turning their voice on. The voice will
          eventually return after a timed interval, but sometimes it can last
          up to 45 minutes of no hear.

  PROBLEM: My LEVEL icon disappeared. What happened?

  ANSWER: As far as I'm aware, this glitch only happens if you leave a clan.
          I use to be apart of a clan, but left. After leaving, my LEVEL
          ranking disappeared. My icon was gone until I rejoined a clan. To
          fix this problem, create your own clan by sliding to the clan tab.
          Now, once you've made the clan, leave the clan. Your ranking should

  PROBLEM: How do I do the special "echo" effect some people have on their

  ANSWER: Once your MIC is fully plugged in, slightly jiggle out the part
          where the pin plugs into the receptor (which is in the controller
          itself). Pull it out far enough so you don't hear anyone's voice
          anymore, yet your icon will mimic their every word.

  PROBLEM: During the game, a bright blue window appeared. It takes forever to
           restart the game. What happened?

  ANSWER: Halo 2 uses a special optimization sequence where the person with the
          best connection is the host. In some cases, they MAY not be the party
          leader. If they leave the game, and they were the connection host,
          Bungie attempts to relocate the next best connection to host the
          game. That's why it can take anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute to
          find the ideal host.

  PROBLEM: I was playing a matchmade game when the blue window appeared.
           Suddenly, I was dead, and/or the flag was captured.

  ANSWER: This is actually a router glitch that people have been performing.
          If a scenario like this has happened to you, report their names
          with the Cheating feedback and attempt to contact somebody at the
          forums on with their username. People can actually
          manipulate the connection so the other team is seeing the blue
          window while the manipulator is still in the game. Remember, this
          happens usually only when something key happens (like you die and
          no one was around, etc...).

  PROBLEM: I've been hearing something about a "dummy" glitch. What is it?

  ANSWER: I'm not going to tell you the exact details. However, it basically
          involves plucking the flag via a NASTY glitch in the gameplay
          mechanics which is impossible to counter against. If you see a 
          Warthog drive over your flag, get blown up, yet the flag is still
          there, be weary of the "dummy" glitch. Apparently, when the dead
          opponents respawn, one of them has the flag, and your flag should
          just "disappear." I personally know some steps to performing the
          glitch, and it can be done by ANYBODY. There's no blue status 
          window. All I know is that someone will try to drive their Warthog
          over your flag. Try to BLOW it up before this is done. If this
          glitch is performed, leave Cheating feedback, go to the Zanzibar
          forums on, look for the Official Cheater thread, post
          their gamertags, and mention the dummy glitch. DO NOT give the
          exact details!

  PROBLEM: What's the stand-by glitch?

  ANSWER: Some players have special routers which have a setting that let's
          them halt the game temporarily. All other players in the game will
          see a blue status window saying it's looking for a connection host,
          yet the player performing the glitch can still move around in the
          game. They only have a 30 second timetable, but are capable of doing
          key actions like entering a base, taking a flag, and running out
          before the players spawn back into the game. Again, this is rarely
          performed, but often, key actions will happen while the blue status
          window is up. Report them with Cheating feedback, and post their
          GT's in the official cheater thread. Note that both Microsoft and
          Bungie are taking serious action against this glitch, often banning
          X-BOX Live accounts permanently. This is the most severe glitch that
          can be performed since it involved hardware manipulation.

/Custom Game Variants/
As some of you may know, Halo 2 incorporates a special feature which let's you 
create your own gametypes. Unfortunately, many people haven't taken advantage 
of this feature to the fullest extent. This section will list some custom 
gametypes that I have used/played during my Halo 2 experience, types that 
others have created, many of which are fun and exciting. Dawn of the Dead has 
its own section after this. Please contact me with your custom gametype, and 
I'll list it here.

   ___/// RAINBOW SIX 3 ///___ -- credit to: UNKNOWN
    |TEAM SLAYER| 6-16 Players|
    Starting Weapon: Battle Rifle
   Secondary Weapon: Magnum
           Grenades: On
         No Shields: On
        Lives Limit: 2
     Weapons on Map: None
            Turrets: Off
           Powerups: Off
           Vehicles: Off
                Map: ONLY Headlong
              Radar: Off

                                    RATING: ***

- "The idea is to reillustrate Rainbow Six-like gameplay with realistic 
deaths, quick battles. Each team starts off with a typical zoom rifle and 
secondary weapon. Grenades are the easiet way to get kills, but you'll expose 
yourself when tossing them. It's very easy to die, so camp and use teamwork. 
Each player only has two lives, meaning you'll want to avoid death as much as 
possible. This is only fun on Headlong, since the map is big, in an urban 
setting, with lots of camping locations. First team to entirely die loses."

= Personally, I've had fun with this for a good hour or so. Most people will 
stick together. No radar makes it a real challenge, and everyone has battle 
rifles which can almost yield instant kills. Get a height advantage on the 
map, preferably where the bomb normally would spawn, or at the opposing portal 

   ___/// PAINTBALL   ///___ -- credit to: UNKNOWN
    |TEAM SLAYER| 4-12 Players|
    Starting Weapon: Magnum
   Secondary Weapon: n/a
           Grenades: Off
         No Shields: On
        Lives Limit: 2
     Weapons on Map: None
            Turrets: Off
           Powerups: Off
           Vehicles: Off
               Maps: Lockout, Midship, Beaver Creek
              Radar: Off

                                    RATING: **

- "First of all, there should be an even amount of players in the game. There 
should be multiple teams of 2 players each, so you basically have a paired 
buddy. Again, this is just like paintball. You have two lives to survive with, 
and it's almost one-shot kills with the Magnum. You must be the surviving team 
at the end. This map is most fun on Lockout."

= I tend to hate this gameplay mode, although others are more fond of it. It's 
practically camping madness on small maps. Try to get headshots with the 
Magnum, and dual-wield for full efficiency.
/Dawn of the Dead (7.3)/
Quite possibly the greatest game variant created thus far, it has invaded the 
Halo 2 gaming community like malaria on a hot, steamy day. Dawn of the Dead is 
a fun custom variant which requires some honesty on certain players, and a 
degree of teamwork. Here are the settings as follows:

   ___/// DAWN OF THE DEAD ///___ -- credit to: UNKNOWN
    |TEAM SLAYER| 8-16 Players|
    Starting Weapon: Shotgun/Magnum
   Secondary Weapon: Energy Sword
           Grenades: Off
         No Shields: On
        Lives Limit: Unlimited
     Weapons on Map: Shotgun/Magnum (depends on which type you're playing)
            Turrets: Off
           Powerups: Off
           Vehicles: Off
                Map: Foundation, Zanzibar, Lockout, Ascension, Burial Mounds
              Radar: Off
      Friendly Fire: Off
         Time Limit: 5:00-10:00 minutes
         Kill Limit: 50-100 kills (if not using time limit)

                                    RATING: *****

- "The idea is to reinact a Resident-Evil like environment, with a red/green 
team. Everyone except one person starts out as the red team, which are known 
as the Slayers. Slayers can use only Shotguns/Magnums, even though they have 
an energy sword in their inventory. The green team starts out with one Zombie, 
who can ONLY use the Energy Sword. The idea is for the zombies to kill all of 
the slayers. When a Slayer is slashed by a Zombie, he/she MUST switch to the 
green team and be a zombie. Once you turn into a Zombie, you must hunt the 
Slayers. Basically, you only get one chance at being a Slayer, then you must 
stay a Zombie for the rest of the game. Since Zombies can only use the Sword, 
it becomes challenging to kill the Slayers who armed with Pistols/Shotguns. 
However, no radar makes it easier to sneak up on people. Depending on the size 
of the map, a time limit will count down. If the Slayers can survive after the 
time limit ends, they win the round. If the Zombies kill all the Slayers, then 
the host should end the game. If a kill limit is planted, the Slayers 
must "fend off" the Zombie attack for a certain amount of kills."

= This is by far the most addictive and fun gameplay type I've had with Halo 
2. Some key items to remember are that the host has complete control over 
which type of DotD you'll be playing. Many die hards believe in Shotgun-only, 
with no Magnums. This makes the gameplay extremely hard as you have no long-
range capabilities. Other players believe in Magnums-only, or Mixed. I 
personally believe in Mixed. The Magnum is the best weapon to use since 
Headshots yield instant deaths, and you can dual-wield for shutdown power. I 
use to not believe in Dual-wielding, since it's fairly cheap, and two slayers 
can mow down an entire army. Some hints to remember are that you can hide on 
some cheap places on the map. On Zanzibar, you can get onto the top of the 
wheel by hopping via the rotating part onto the bridge, then up to the top. On 
Ascension, you can hide in the two inlets. In Foundation, you can barricade 
yourself in via boxes, or boost up to an upper portion. Foundation is where 
you will have the most fun, but you need a TON of people for this game mode to 

^^ NOTE: Remember that this game mode is based off of honesty. If Zombies start
         to use weapons on you like guns, tell the host to boot them. If
         Slayers don't switch over after being killed by a Zombie, then check
         the Zombies Kill Total. It will always reflect how many Slayers have
         been killed. If it says 6 for the zombies, then there should be 7
         Zombies (one which is the initial one). Sometimes deaths will occur
         from suicides off of falls on the map. Penalize people who repeatedly
         suicide, or boot them from the game. Also, watch for explosive
         If your own slayer shoots them, and you die, you do not have to switch
         over. Try to use teamwork with the other slayers to survive. Camping
         a corner of a room, the beach on Zanzibar, or a tower in Ascension is
         a solid strategy.


- 8) Secrets               -
Thankfully, the developers at Bungie were a tad more deceptive than one would 
think. Unlike most developers which are thankful for getting a game onto the 
shelves, Bungie actually took the time out to toss little secrets into each 
level. Whether the secrets or details are large and small, they make quite an 
impact on expanding the replayability of the game. The following section will 
describe some of the available secrets, but I will not go into detail on how 
to obtain them. Refer to some of the other FAQs available on 
if you're looking for specific details.

As many of you already know (from playing Teamball), you must carry around 
a "skull" as part of the iconic way of winning. Well, apparently, Bungie has 
an odd obsession with skulls. During campaign mode, only on the LEGENDARY 
difficulty, you can collect hidden skulls which each have separate names. Each 
of them activates a special "mode", onto your character. Better yet, someone 
is trying to link them together to figure out exactly how and where they 
originate from. Perhaps there is a greater purpose amongst the skulls? We'll 
only know with time. Here's the following list of them:

Grunt B-day Party
Black Eye

- Refer to a FAQ that tells you where to find them. If you figure out anything 
as to what this skull puzzle means, feel free to enlighten me.

--> Also, if you have any unlisted secrets here that you'd like to post, feel 
free to contact me. I know there are TONS of secrets in Halo 2; I just don't 
have the time to explore the game myself. I'll leave credit to anyone who 
submits something, along with the original source of info. Thanks.

/Sword/Rocket Flying/
One of the most well-known tricks in all of Halo 2 is Sword/Rocket Flying. 
Basically, it's a quick way of glitching into maps to explore the hidden 
secrets that the Bungie mapmakers placed into each map. In your spare time, 
make a custom game variant mode to test these items out. Here are the settings 
you need in order to do this:

              MODE: FFA Slayer
   STARTING WEAPON: Energy Sword
  SECONDARY WEAPON: Rocket Launcher
          VEHICLES: Wraiths/Ghosts/Spectres/Banshees (depends on map)

     ()*) SWORD FLYING (*()

- Now, in order to sword fly, it's VERY simple. As you normally know, your 
target reticle turns RED whenever you are in range to do a homing sword slash. 
A neat little trick to do is to run up to somebody, press R when you're in 
range for the slash, then QUICKLY tap X to cancel the sword slash. You must do 
it before you slash the person. This basically cancels the homing attack, and 
your character shall do a short fake-stab. Now, try doing it with your 
opponent jumping straight up in the air. Time the slash, and cancel it. You 
should fly upward. Now, try doing it with someone standing on a ledge. You can 
actually boost upwards onto special roofs and areas of the sort. This is 
useful for making close-ranged long jumps, without using your rocket launcher.

^^ WARNING: Make sure the person is facing you when jumping. Many people are
            not quick enough with the buttons, and will often assassinate a
            friendly in the meantime process.

     ()*) ROCKET FLYING (*()

- Rocket Flying is tougher to do, and actually took me a couple of days to 
figure out. As you know, when you aim someone with a rocket launcher, the 
reticle turns red. It's actually possible to use the long-range redness of the 
Rocket Launcher reticle, and make it act like a "sword-homing" attack, and 
actually fly towards somebody. Please note that rocket flying is reserved for 
longer jumps, especially at far distances. You MUST aim at someone with your 
Rocket Launcher, and the reticle MUST turn red. If it doesn't turn red, you 
don't have it centered on them, or they are too far away. Tell your opponent 
to stand still. Now, steady the aim on the person, and quickly press the 
following sequence of buttons (Y + X + R). Do Y, then X, then R. Now don't tap 
them like a combo on Street Fighter 2, you must do them VERY quickly and 
consecutively. I found it easiest to hold my right thumb over the upper part 
of the controller, invert is diagonally, and have the tip of the thumb on X, 
the midsection on Y, and your index finger on the R trigger.

- So aim somebody with the reticle, hold your fingers into position as stated 
above, then press down Y, press right into X (with your one thumb), then 
quickly tap R with your right index finger. Keep repeating the sequence until 
you suddenly "fly" up towards the target. Rocket Flying basically locks you on 
to the opposing person, and you will fly straight up towards them. You can get 
straight up vertical cliffs, hills, and ledges normally unaccessible.

^^ WARNING: It is best to empty out all of your rockets before attempting this
            trick. Sometimes you'll accidentally kill the aimed target if you
            fire 2-3 rockets at them.

/Getting to Top of Maps/
By using the above two glitch techniques, you can actually surpass 
the "invisible" barriers on the edges of maps, and see the top secrets of 
each. The great thing about getting to the top of maps is that you can impress 
fellow Live friends, show them neat little tricks, and explore the realms of 
scripted maps. You MUST know how to do the above two tricks, otherwise you'll 
run into some trouble. Some of these tricks require vehicles on the map. Go to 
Quick Options, and set them accordingly to fix the problem.


--=> Only a few things to be done on this map. Someone can ploop out of a 
Banshee on one of the two large pillars, then have others Rocket Glitch up. 
There are TWO hidden spots on this map great for Dawn of the Dead.

   - ONE: Go near the center radar dome, and head over between the cut-off
          bridge and Banshee Path. Jump on one of the small stones. Now, crouch
          and jump diagonally to the left. You should see a support pillar
          under the Banshee path. You can land on the diagonal trim near the
          bottom, and crouch their in secracy.

   - TWO: Go back to the same spot above, except position yourself on a larger
          rock to the right, that is more Overshield-aimed, and towards the
          large Sniper tower. Now, look down the at the support base which
          holds up the large sniper tower. You should see the pillar fade away.
          Jump down, and stay against the wall. Hold down the crouch button.
          You'll land on a small cut-in ledge that is right before the "dead"
          zone where you receive a suicide penalty. Crawl up, and you can
          actually hide here. Note that sometimes people will die attempting
          to fall there.

___________________________/Beaver Creek\___________________________

--=> Probably one of the least-glitched maps of Halo 2. You can get onto the 
roofs of each building by either jumping from the RPG hill/mound, one of the 
large side rocks, or one of the rocks by the Needlers. You can also block the 
portals by warping through them, and crouching right where you land.

___________________________/Burial Mounds\___________________________

--=> This one takes some practice to do, and a good Wraith driver. Everyone 
can get to the top of the map, but it takes TIME to do. You will need at least 
one WRAITH on the map, Energy Swords, Rockets, and your typical Overshields. 
Now, head over to the base of the bridge where you normally get the RPG 
rocket. Move past it till you see 3-4 large headstones sticking out of the 
ground. Turn right, and you should see a small wall hill. Have someone bring 
the Wraith over. Now, hijack the Wraith, but don't take it over. Just hold X 
to "catch a ride" up. The Wraith should boost up the hill, turn sideways to 
let you off, then go back down. Now, the person up top should turn around and 
notice there's a hill behind the invisible barrier. Have themselves stand 
right where the pointed ledge on the rock mound is. Make sure they're facing 
the Wraith, against the invisible barrier, and not moving. The Wraith should 
move slightly up the hill, full-boost speed, then blast the person through the 
barrier. Don't worry; it takes some tries, but the person will eventually go 
through the wall.

   - NOW: Try to boost everyone through the wall. The Wraith Driver should be
          the person most experienced with the rocket glitch. Now, the people
          on the other side can explore the lower portion of the map. There are
          bright "sun" spots that look like gold, and are truly sizzling. Have
          the people go left, and you should see a higher ledge. Move against
          the end of the map, run, crouch-jump on the declining hill. You
          should land on the next ledge. The others can Sword Fly up. Keep on
          running over until you start to see some cracks to your left.
          Find the one crack which OVERLOOKS the turret base straight-on. Have
          one person stand at the BASE of the crack, but not in it. Now, tell
          the Wraith Driver to get out, and come to the turret base. Tell him
          to line himself up to the person in the crack. The former Wraith
          Driver must rocket fly straight up to the person in the crack, then
          Sword Fly to make it over the ledge of the crack. From there, all
          people should be up.

   - NOW: Run over to the giant saucer. Go underneath, and a cut a left. Go
          near the edge where it looks like you'll fall off. Start to run up.
          There's actually an invisible path that looks reminiscent of the
          HOLY bridge in the last Indiana Jones movie. The path splits into
          two directions. One leads straight up to the top of the map, which
          looks like you're floating into heaven. The other curls upwards
          around the saucer edge into a trouble end. You will need a second
          person to get to the top of the saucer. To get there, have the
          first person who curled around the edge crouch-jump three times
          till they reach the corner of another wall. Have them turn around
          and start to jump. You should do the same, and try to Sword Fly off
          of their jump. If performed correctly, you'll go flying up onto a
          solid cliff ledge. Go near the ledge, have the person Sword Fly up.

   - NOW: Here comes the tricky part. Go back where you helped the person
          Sword Fly up. At the ledge, crouch jump agianst the wall. Each time,
          you'll notice you gradually slide back. There's an invisible stump
          against the wall. Try to land on it and crouch. Have the other
          person jump back down off the ledge so they're on the invisible path.
          Now, they should Sword Fly off of your elevated position on the
          invisi-ledge, and fly up to ANOTHER cliff ledge. They should be
          slightly below the tip of the saucer. Rocket Fly up yourself. This
          final part sometimes requires a third person. Have the one person
          move against the saucer wall and start to jump. You'll have to try
          and Sword Fly off of their jump, up to the top of the Saucer, and
          land on the flat ledge. If it doesn't work, have a third person come
          up, and jump off of the other person's head for an even higher jump
          boost. There is NOTHING at the top of the saucer except pure dignity
          of knowing you have conquered Burial Mounds.

   - HOLOGRAMS: A neat little trick to do on Burial Mounds is to get flying
                holograms. Place a Scorpion on Burial Mounds. Go over to the
                pillar which looks like it's burning in the ground. Have one
                person stand straight against it, right at the lowest point
                where the ground touches the pillar. Now, bring the Scorpion
                over, and the tank should push straight on into the person
                against the pillar. They'll eventually get pushed into the
                pillar, and die. However, their dead body will suddenly
                appear straight up in the sky over the ruins. Random holograms
                are displayed, such as Giant Energy Swords, Giant Master
                Chiefs, and even Rocket Launchers. They only appear for about
                10 seconds.


--=> Another map with nothing interesting up top. To start off, you'll need 
the typical glitch settings on, with a Wraith enabled, a Spectre, Ghosts if 
you wish, and a Banshee for quick transport. Head over to the base with the 
slanted hill which people can Ghost up to, and hide on. It's opposite of the 
one with the canyon pillar that certain snipers Banshee up to. Now, to get the 
Wraith up there, go right of the slanted pillar spot, and boost up. Keep going 
straight up till you're halfway, then cut a diagonal left with the Wraith, and 
boost up. You'll eventually get the Wraith on top of the slanted hill. Make 
sure some people get up there via Banshee, Spectre, or the Ghost. Now, go near 
the right edge, and have them move a little to the left. Try to boost into 
them slightly head on with the Wraith, and they should go through the barrier 
(another hole like Burial Mounds). When they're on the other side, they can 
run to their left up an invisible path which leads to the top of Coagulation. 
Up top is basically more barren landscape. Some spots are shiny, but not as 
bright as Burial Mounds. On the other side of the map is a small ledge that is 
the highest point in Halo 2 on the map. Other than that, there's nothing else 
to explore.


--=> There's only one minute trick I've seen performed on Colossus, and it 
isn't much. Have two people go near the base of the jumping pad, on the 
conveyor belt in the front. Have them run in, both spaced out by small 
variables. The second person should Sword Fly off of the first person, and you 
can actually land on one of the upper portions of the white lift that doesn't 


--=> Turn on the usual glitch settings as usual. Go to the room where there is 
a ventilation fan that spins, with a ceiling to reach the outside world. It 
also has a tall flap to the top of a large box. Have one person stand against 
the flap-edge of the box, while another pushes it against the wall. Push it 
over to where the ventilation fan is. Now, have one person jump on top of the 
flap box, with another one Sword Flying over them. They should land on the 
diagonal ledge under the fan. The second person should Sword Fly up from the 
diagonal ledge through the ceiling. Once above, you can explore the four 
realms surrounding the place.


--=> The most useful glitch on this map involves traditional 
overshields/damage resistance. You will also need a Wraith somewhere on the 
map. Now, go near the building where you normally plant the bomb. Head over to 
the odd side, where there are pillars lined up along another road. It's the 
road next to the portal building, but not where the bridge is. Now, have a 
person line up in the middle, between two of the pillars. The Wraith should 
boost-speed directly into them. If done correctly, and at the perfect angle, 
the person should go flying straight up in the air. The person flying in the 
air should hold forward. If performed correctly, they should fly up to a giant 
crane above the building, and time their landing so they're directly on it. 
You'll be visible to patrons below, and you can walk up the balance beam to 
the top where the beacon is flashing.

___________________________/Ivory Tower\___________________________

--=> This is by far one of the toughest glitches to perform in my 
Glitchtacular career. To start off, you'll need typical glitch settings. Go 
over to where the Overshield normally spawns. Have a second person go up to 
the top of the stairs, right where the corner is and crouch. Now, you should 
go on the other side of the transparent window, either on the ledge, or on the 
platform. Just make sure you're opposite of the person across the window. Pull 
out your Sword, and Sword Fly into the person. Cancel your sword slash right 
before, or when you hit the transparent window. I got lucky on my first try, 
although others seem to do it with ease. You'll actually glitch through the 
window, and make it to the outside world. Sometimes you'll land on an outside 
building ledge, or on a canopy of a platform on Ivory Tower. I actually fell 
through the floor all the way to the bottom of the map, where it gave me a 
Matrix-reminiscent feeling. If you keep dying and it says "Killed by the 
Guardians", then try moving somewhere else. You're going right into a solid 
pillar when attempting the trick.


--=> Lockout has really nothing up top except a nice view. Basically, have one 
person go into the center arena. One should attempt to get onto a pillar and 
jump, while the other Sword Flies off of them upwards. The other can Rocket 
Fly up, and there's just an unpleasant view of a wintry storm. There's nothing 
up top.


--=> Two simple words - nothing here.


--=> Again, not much here. There are pillars on the top of each spawn which 
can be shot down by the Banshee. You can actually crush/betray people with the 
falling debris.


--=> There are really 2-3 interesting items which can be performed on 
Zanzibar. First of all, you'll need glitch settings on, although vehicles are 
not a necessity.

   - ONE: To get on top of the rotating wheel, go up to where the RPG normally
          spawns. Now, turn around, and there should be a brown wall sticking
          out. Have a second person jump up to it, and continually jump facing
          you. Make sure they're backed away from the ledge. The second person
          should Sword Fly straight up. If done correctly, they'll land on top
          of the Rotating Wheel. Now, have the previous person run over to the
          platform where the Sniper Rifle normally spawns (along with explosive
          barrels). You should lean over the edge of the top of the wheel, and
          they can Rocket Fly up top.

   - TWO: The second spot is fairly easy as well. Go to the Zanzibar Base, and
          move to the top of the stairs. Jump on the wall at the top of the
          stairs. A second person should sword fly off of the ledge person up
          to the roof of the base. Now, have the person Sword Fly as well. One
          person should go to the right part of the Zanzibar base, farthest 
          away from the invisible barrier opposite of it. Have them position
          themselves down a declined ramp, but slightly down. The other person
          should go against the gray cliff, into the farthest corner against
          the brown wall. Make sure they stand still. The person on the ramp
          should Rocket Fly over to the other person, and they should fly
          over the invisible barrier because of the declined ramp. They'll be
          on the other side of Zanzibar. From here, you can doodle around
          through the map even further.


- 9) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What is Halo 2, and why is it so popular? >>

- I'll keep this one brief. Halo was originally released as an X-BOX starter 
title, and was a huge success. Halo 2 is the sequel to the futuristic shooter, 
and fills the shoes with seismic proportions. It's extremely popular due to 
the overwhelming amount of players who play online via Live play, stats, and 
community that follows Bungie. Not to mention, the game originated from a 
literary trilogy, and follows quite well.

<< What is Halo 2: Collector's Edition? >>

- It's a special edition of the game which features a "Making of Halo 2" DVD, 
along with some extra inserts, and a special cover. It had a slightly higher 
cover price than the normal game itself, and was released in a somewhat 
smaller quantity. DO NOT be excited though. MANY copies of the game were made 
because of excessive preorders, and you can find sealed copies in certain 
stores. While they're uncommon, you'd be better off holding onto a sealed CE, 
and waiting a few years before selling it.

<< Who exactly is Master Chief? >>

- In a sense, he's almost like a cybernetic warrior. Master Chief was part of 
the SPARTAN program which was designed to create futuristic soldiers capable 
of fighting with extreme tactics and power. Not only that, but the SPARTANs 
are equipped with top of the line armor suiting, the best Marine technology, 
and were designed only for combat. We never see Master Chief's face, so we 
don't "actually" know who he is. All we know is that he is a man, because 
quite often you'll hear him referred to as "he."

<< Who is the Arbiter? >>

- The Arbiter is the one who is selected by the Prophets to guide the Covenant 
to an "enlightened" state. He's sort of like the Elite, of the Elites, 
literally. Equipped with an ancient armor which is passed down as tradition, 
it is his duty to protect the Covenant empire from outside threats, and any 
conflicts that rise within.

<< I never heard of Bungie. How did they rise to a top gaming company? >>

- Bungie actually originated back in the early 90s, making small time first 
person shooters via BBS boards. Their first game turned out to be the 
first "actual" 3D shooter. They've never been behind, technology wise. Slowly 
but surely, they grew, and took on greater challenges, one of which was Halo. 
Their entire staff is dedicated to one game at a time, and the Halo series is 
one of their greatest accomplishments.

<< What do you rate the game? >>

- I try not to be a fanboy, but what can I say. This game deserves an 
outstanding [10/10], not for the single player, but for the multiplayer. The X-
BOX Live experience is quite possibly some of the most entertaining and 
challenging online play I've ever experienced. Now I know for sure that I'm 
not one of the top gamers in the world, when I'm only ranked a level 12. If 
you do not have X-BOX Live, it still makes a great addition to your collection 
[8/10]. But I'm not sure if you'd get as much replayability out of it, as the 
traditional online player.

<< Are you good at this game? >>

- I'm gonna be honest. Yes, somewhat. My gamertag is antseezee, so feel free 
to challenge me anytime. I'm a great sniper, fair in close combat situations, 
and excellent in positioning myself. Personally though, I play the game for a 
combination of fun. I stick with a clan that's mediocre, and try to play with 
friends who are lower than my level. There are a TON of things I left out of 
this guide, some of which I simply don't have the time to list. Some of the 
tips may seem basic, but it's fairly hard to describe some of the tactics I 
use during multiplayer.

)) X-BOX Live Play ((

<< How do you get better? >>

- Practice, practice, practice. For most new players, they're going to have a 
disadvantage. Most of the Halo 2 community has been playing since the release 
of the game. However, not everyone progresses the way they'd like. You're 
going to hit a "phasing" point where you simply cannot advance your level. 
This is basically the skill breaking point where you need better friends when 
playing other opponents. I personally play for fun, and stick with some of my 
friends who are of a lower skill level. Others play only with their best 
friends, to attempt to raise their own rank in the meantime. A good tip is to 
always do 1-2 team training games before doing matchmaking. Get in the groove; 
get a solid pack of friends. Too many single players quit matches and are 

<< How do I view my stats? >>

- Go to and click on Halo 2. You need to link your X-BOX Live 
gamertag to a passport. Don't worry, it's all free. They just 
want critical information to know what games you're playing. You can still 
search random players by clicking find player (or a clan). After you log in 
with your new Passport, click My Stats, and be in a viewer's galore.

<< What are the rankings in a clan? >>

- There are four rankings - Overlord (master, highest), Staff (like a 
sergeant), Member (typical mojo), and Peon (lowling). You can have up to 4 
Overlords (I believe), and multiple Staff members. Everyone except Peons can 
invite new members to the clan. A good rule of thumb is to make people new to 
the clan (or you don't know) Peons, Members should be traditional good 
players, with Staff members being the most active/influential. Overlords are 
obviously the leader. You can get promoted by people of a higher ranking.


- 10) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms), 
however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:



- 11) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) (( for providing an ASCII generator to help make the HALO 2 
title. You guys are great for having that free one, which fits perfect to the 
entire theme of my FAQs.

)) (( for providing a useful Image-to-text ASCII generator. 
Absolutely lovely, although I did have to do several editing features myself 
to get it to match correctly, and with the right font. Thanks nonetheless.

)) (( for providing some of the names of the skulls. I took a 
share from GameFAQs as well, but they're all official in-game names, so it's 
helpful nonetheless.

)) Bungie (( for producing an excellent sequel in Halo 2. Single player was 
great, nothing exceptional, but multiplayer is some of the best I've ever 
played. This is coming from a player who tuned into online Half-Life games for 
nearly 6 years.

)) (( for providing bandwidth, money, and resources to host our 
statistics, clan results, and message boards. Quite an awesome work of art, 
and amazing community you've established in only a few years.

)) THE BEAR CLAN (( for sticking with me during the early parts when I first 
got the game. While I was a veteran of X-BOX Live, and known as "the guy who 
wrote the Ninja Gaiden guide", I'm still having fun to this day on Halo 2 

)) Poomeister (( for teaching me some basic sword/rocket glitching moves. This 
eventually motivated me to search the top of each map in Halo 2.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)