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Fable Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Fable

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A large collection of cheats that includes infinite money and sliver keys, unlimited mana augmentations, unlocking Demon doors and getting strength experience fast.

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We have 126 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Fable please send them in here.

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How to open Demon Doors!!

Grey House Demon Door:
Complete the Mayor's invitation quest to marry Lady Grey of Bowerstone to open the Demon Door and get the Axe of Ronok which is behind it.
Barrow Fields Demon Door:
Open the Demon Door to get Will Master's Elixer by being obese with a full health bar. Do this by quickly eating red meat, apple pies and drinking beer.
Darkwood Marshes Demon Door:
To open the Demon Door and obtain Will User's Dark Suit successfully defeat a horde of Hobbes in the challenge set by the Demon Door.
Rose Cottage Demon Door:
To obtain Will User's Bright Suit give the Demon Door a rose or a cheap gift.
Greatwood Gorge Demon Door:
To obtain Wellow's Pickhammer the Demon Door will require that you do one of the following e..

Treasure Clue locations 1-6

CLUE 1: Complete the "Bounty Hunter" quest. To find the quest card keep checking the Map table at the Guild through out the game.
CLUE 2: Complete the "Lost Trader" quest. The quest card should turn up shortly after the "Twinblade's Camp" quest, so keep checking the Map table for updates.
CLUE 3: Kill the 5th and final assassin, the guild master will warn you about the assassins a while after you've completed the "Twinblade's Camp" quest.

(Assassin locations for CLUE 3:
1: Knothole Glade- up the long path near the bridge.
2: Witchwood Cullis Gate- Walk around the "Focus site" thing, that's down a long path you see on the Map.
3: Windmill Hill- Walk up the stairs of the Windmill.
4: Prison path- Just walk down the path.
5: Hook ..

Freeze the game allowing you to do whatever you want!

Hey this is a cool cheat that I found out awhile ago, It allows you to freeze/unfreeze the game whenever you want allowing you to do whatever you want.
First off I havent played the game in awhile so if there is anything that I say
That doesnt go along with the game...Then just ignore it(=P)
Step 1: Go to any door/exit, (to another city), and use berserker, (become big
Red dude), walk through door.
Step 2: While the game is loading make sure you hold the down button on your
Controller. When the game loads you should immediatly walk back into the door
That you just came from. Step 3: Wait until you become normal and walk back through the door, the game
Should be frozen allowing you to do whatever you want, kill whoever you want,..

Easy money if you've passed the Arena cheat

First got to Bowerstone or any other town with a house you own. First take your most expensive trophies and put them on the wall then sell your house break the door down, take your trophies, buy back the house, repeat until satisfied.

Money, Money, Money

This is a glitch which can help you get a lot of money
Firstly, Go and buy a house(i recommend not buying the house in bowerstone south for it sucks)
Secondly, Upgrade the house until you have got the trophy cabinets.
Thirdly, Put your most valuable trophy's into them
Fourthly, Go and sell your house the break in and steal back your trophy's
Then do it over and over again till you have the desired amount of money


Greatwood Gorge Demon Door

To open the Greatwood Gorge Demon Door, you need to one of the following:
(1) Eat at least 10 crunchy chickens in front of it
(2) Kill at least 4 people in front of it
(3) Be 100% evil

Infinite keys

When you go to rose cottage to do the "save the boy" quest, go the the flower mound and dig up the key, then hero save and reload, you will be back in Greatwood, then go dig the key up again and you will still have the one from last time.

Get Strength Experience Fast!!

Warning: this might cause a divorce with lady grey.
Ok first you have to be married to lady grey,then at night when she is in her room,push her until she is behind a statue then lock on her with left trigger then keep punching her,dont use special (B) button. Dont worry no guards will come in.Do this about for 30 minutes or how long you want to go for.Even when she divorces you just keep locking on and punching her.
*Have about 5 bars of physique and about 5 bars of speed

Infinite money and sliver keys

This will only work if you haven't opened the chest at Rose Cottage, dug up the sliver key their or finshed the Hobbe Cave quest.
Take the Hobbe Cave quest, then go to rose cottage go to the dirt mound, dig up the sliver key, go to the thorn bushes. If don't want to get evil points by slashing the thorns go to to leftmost part and press A, you should go through the thorns and get the 500 gold. If you don't mind getting evil points just kill the thorns. Hero save and repeat as desired.

GlitchesEasy RenownBuy a spade. In the Guild, ch..

Easy Renown
Buy a spade. In the Guild, choose a new Quest and choose to Boast about it. You will be transported to the Boast Podium in Lookout Point. A group of people should flock to you and cheer. Step off the podium and find a diggable patch of ground. Now dig. Every time you dig, the characters in the area will be reloaded; as this is the only place in the game where human NPCs are randomly generated, the generation process will be repeated and more people will spawn. Continue doing this until you have a huge crowd of people, then pull out a Trophy and show it off to the amassed onlookers for huge amounts of Renown points.
Additionally, killing masses of them at a time with magic will net you a large Combat Multiplier and a nice chunk of experience..

Lots of money from the start, and lots of strength EXP and evil

Ok, so you find fable hard? Do you crave the knowledge of glitches? Or do you just plain like cheating?
Who cares? I just decided to post these cheats because I like helping fellow gamers, so here they are:
Ok, for this you need the beserk and assassin rush spell, the ability to steal and a shovel.
This works in any area, but I shall use Bowerstone south as an example, just to help people who've just about started.
First go to bowerstone south but don't go into it, just get to the point where the gates open, then beserk and once you are beserked fully use assassin rush to rush into the town... Now you get the loading screen, during loading hold down on the left thumbstick so as soon as it loads you will exit the town and still be beserked. ..

Possible infinite items

You firstly need the steal skill for this to have a full effect go to a tarvern and buy all his beer (NOT THE KEGS) get a shop owner to follow you and get him smashed (DRUNK) go back to his/her store and raid all the items in the store by doing the 5 finger discount. Want more items?
Sleep until it is day again and repeat as many times as required.
Hey who says nothing is free in the World?

Have "It" With Your Wives

To do it with your wives just tell them to follow you into your house and keep on pressing the A button until she turns green then soon after a message will apear saying " Go to bed with your wife" then press A for yes. The screen will go black but you will be able to hear your wife say things like "Your so naughty" and " You must've used your will on me."

Cheats and Other things to Help

Sword Of Aeons Tricks:
1st: Get the Sheild Spell from the Guild, and Level Up your magic, then since it recharges your mana so fast the sheild will stay on forever until you run out of mana.
2nd: Go to the clifftop path (the one near the lychfeild graveyard) and go fight the undead, they keep popping up, stay there for about 10 minutes and get your combat multiplier really high, I got mine to 72, then collect experiance pretty soon you'll have over 100,000 general experiance.
3rd: Get any spell that only uses a bit of mana such as assassin's rush, your mana recharges these really fast before they deplete,so you can use these often.
*Hint* if you don't want to become really evil with the sword of aeons, just kill your sister save about 20,000 go..

Lots of cash and XP

On arena quest:
*save upon entering arena
*THEN buy whatever you need
*do arena until you defeat the second rounds of trolls/ogres
*at this point return to cells
*do a HERO save
*load the data you just saved and you will be outside of the arena with all XP and cash earned in the fights
*repeat as necessary.

Easy money

Ok, this is the first ever hint I've found out myself without guidence, so get some champagne and cheer.
Anyway, Go to Bowerstone south and enter the clothes shop, wait in the doorway so your face the wall in front of you then go right, you should face the stairs now with a plaque with a clothing item well hide as far away from the clothes then steal it then sell it back to the shopkeeper and the item appears back to the plaque. Simply repeat and you have loads of money, he best way is to steal the helmet, chest pice or if you're lucky platemail boots (best armour is platemail). If you find some rubbish clothes just leave the area then re-enter and the clothes will change, have a few goes until you master it, 99% fool proof.

Get items an weapons thu a loop hole

I noticed while playing this great rpg of a game that when you taake a mission and retrive items during it, if you save and then reload you will have to start back on the beging of the mission but you will keep the items you have found. So in conclusion if a extra weapon,agument or etc would help you with money or what ever you desire I sudjest you try this out. Your friend,thepublicsenemy

Infinate expiriance

Do you want to be unstopable??? If so when fighting jack of blades kill him and hero save when you get the sword (dont kill your sister or destory sword just save) when you load you will start with the stick on your back the exp you got from the kill but not the sword (boo) do as many times as needed or until at desired exp level.

Save Potions

For all you people who want to save potions for the fight with Jack of Blades I will tell you how to beat earth trolls, rock trolls and jack of blades. Here we go first is the trolls get right up next to them and just hack away and when they go to slam the ground roll backwards and do this as much as needed. Next, to beat jack fight him with melee weapons and when he is floating use lightning, fireball or arrows or somthing else that you can move with and just keep moving and ignore his monsters.
PS. Wait for credits to end to contine game (life) thanks for reding my hints.

PSS. Supercheats rocks!!

Buy Houses in Bowerstone South!!

Pause time by using battle charge into Bowerstone South, then as soon as it starts to load keep hold of the down button and once it has loaded, you will walk right out of Bowerstone South. Then the time is paused so go back into Bowerstone South and all the houses and shop are up for sale. To un-pause just dig!
P.S. The houses are 1,500 to 3,000 and the shops are 16,000 to 26,000 or somethink like that.

Free Obsidian Greataxe

To get a free Obsidian Greataxe, dig in front of the statue in the Memorial Garden near Oakvale. (dig in front of the statue's axe)

Alot of EXP

After you kill Jack of Blades and get the Sord of Aeons equip another wepon or a bow and start hitting you sister with you other wepon or magic and do this as many times as you want. You will get alot o EXP for it.

Easy good/bad points

What you have to do is on the trader escort quest, at the very beginging kill one of your traders and don't let the new trader follow. This will get you 140 Evil points. Hero save, then load your new save. You will start just outside darkwood where you beging your quest. For good points do the same proccess but don't kill the trader and let the new trader follow. You will get 120 good points. (I think)
Rinse and repeat till your as horned and ugly or white or glowing as you want.
Hope this helps. Gethasename =-]
(Pronounced Gef-a-sen-a-me)

Silver Key Chest Locations.

1. Hero's Guild - 20 Key Chest - Murren Greathammer.
2. Greatwood Lake - 5 Key Chest - Elixir of Life.
3. Hobbe Cave Larder - 5 Key Chest - Will Master's Elixir.
4. Darkwood Lake - 15 Key Chest - Arken's Crossbow.
5. Grey House - 10 Key Chest - Sharpening Augmentation.
6. Witchwood Stones Demon Door - 15 Key Chest - Health Augmentation.
7. Headman's Cave - 15 Key Chest - Mana Augmentation.
8. Lady Grey's Bedroom - 15 Key Chest - Katana Hiryu.
9. Circle of the Dead - 10 Key Chest - Piercing Augmentation.
10 Hook Coast Lighthouse - 15 Key Chest - Murren Greataxe.

Demon Door Locations And How To Open Them.

1. Hero's Guild - Turn on your lamp. Given to you by the Guild Master for graduating from the Guild. - (Elixir of Life, Book of Spells, Making Friends Book, and a Howl Tattoo.)
2. Greatwood Gorge - Eat 10 Crunchy Chickens or kill about 4 people in front of it, or be completely Evil. - (Wellow's Pickhammer.)
3. Rose Cottage - Give the door a box of chocolates or any gift. - (Bright Will Users Outfit.)
4. Greatwood Caves - Have a Combat Muiltiplier of 14 or higher showing when you talk to the door. - (Cutlass Bluetane.)
5. Darkwood Marshes - Defeat the Doors summoned Hobbes. - (Dark Will Users Outfit.)
6. Grey House - Be Married to Lady Grey. - (Ronok the Axe.)
7. Barrow Fields - Be Obese. Eat a lot of food. (Hint: Eat tofu ..

Unlimited $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Ok what you do iz you beat Jack o Bladz and hero save then skip the creditz
And you get 26000 gp for beatin Jack o' Bladz each time and repeat until your happy
Then (optional) watch all the creditz then you
Should get all the money and you keep playin the game after you beat Jack o' Bladz
Then you get tonz o money

secret messages

When you start a new game, enter your name as this to get a secret message:

Krunk-you heard about the time I killed me a couple of heroes?
Krunki-my hands are red with the blood of thousands.
Krunkn-I once killed a white balverine. I did. It's true.
Krunko-you know I once burnt down a whole village?

Lots of Experiance

Ok, this may take a while but it is definitly worth it. When you are doing the arena quest after you beatb the scorpion hero save.
You will gain all the items and experience and you can keep beating the arena.
P.S. You might want to world save before entering the arena. And stock up on health potions and will potions.
Have fun.

Jack Of Blades And Easy Experience + Good Renown

First of all this is how I beat Jack Of Blades (Yes I know another way) in under 5 minutes. Things you must have: Potions: Loads of will (no need for ressurection or health so sell them to buy the will) Weapons: The lowest I reccomend is master (I used Wellow's Pickhammer and Master Longbow and it was the easiest fight ever)
Each way to beat Jack Of Blades I look at seems to have some vital bits missing.
Here is how the fight goes: 1. Attack Jack Of Blades as fast as you can until you can use the flourish move. Use flourish AS FAST AS YOU CAN or Jack will attack you at least 3 times in a row and you will lose it. 2.
After you use flourish a couple of times Jack will use assasin strike to get away from you, just run and start attacking him wherever he went to...

Barrow Feild's Unlimited Guards

Go to Barrow Fields, and kill a person (not a guard) Then wait til' a Guard stops you and trys to fine you, decline the payment and fight til' your hearts content, or til' you have enough XP.
Enjoy Your Killing!

High Combat Multiplier and Strenght Skill Experience

After reading some cheats, I decided to fool around and came up with one of my own. I do it in Bowerstone Quay. Wait for the Fist Fighters to come then simply target any one of them except Rund.
Punch away. I managed to get my Multiplier up to 35 and had 50000 exp from it. When daylight comes, keep going. The others leave but he remains. Oh yea, it helps to have him pinned in a corner with his back facing you so he can't block.
My Str skills are at 6 at the moment. Because you fight him anyways for the club you don't get the evil points. I have pics for good as my wife could shoot them.


Ever wanted to walk on the other side of the wall or fence, or even a closed gate of door?
Now this is a simple glitch that only works if you are around grass or mud (anywhere a spade can dig).
TO DO: Assign your spade to the D-pad (This makes it easier to use the spade), and stand with your back up against the fence, door, gate or wall you wish to walk through. Now dig and dig and dig repeatedly (still keeping your back against the fence, door, gate or wall. After a couple of digs, you should start to see yourself getting pushed through your chosen boundary. Keep repeating these digs until you are successfully through the boundary.
KEEP IN MIND: when on the other side of a boundary, the game may glitch alot, this is because the game hasn't been program..

Where to get the brite plate armor(after the arena)

This is what you do first there will be alot of traders with the first two pieces of the armor.Then at knolthe glade at one of the shops there will be the rest.(Hope this helped)


In bowerstone south go into the shop where they sell all the clothes and armour and make sure you can steal then go behind the counter where the shop keeper is.
Push him outside and put him next to the stairs and make sure he is up right against the wall then go back in the shop and steal all of his items.
Be careful because every 5 mins or so a man will come in with a box but if you look out the door when stealing stuff you can see him first and stop.

The Easter Way to kill bosses

Ok, this is super easy I bet some of you do this allready. All you need is assasin rush and some skills at Dodgeing, ok all you do is hit the boxx up close (or any enemy) untill they use a close up attack on you (witch usally is a long combo or a hard hitting attack) make sure you don't get hit by using assasin rush backwards so you are out of range.
As soon as they stop the attack go right back in and keep hitting. Also when they are doing a close up attack for say a "Earth Troll" just shoot arrows don't charge them all the way just as soon as you feel a tiny bit of vibration in the controler this should do some damage while they are hitting close up.
Another thing if you kill whisper (i don't know if you have to or not I just killed her because I wanted to fight..

Freeze Time

For this cheat you need Assassin Rush spell and a spade, fishing pole, or an unopened chest.
Stand in front of any gate to another area and Assassin Rush through the gate, as soon as the load screen comes up pull back on the left thumbstick so that you will immediately run back though the gate. Time should be frozen.
To check to make sure it worked, fire an arrow (don't zoom in just shoot) and if it floats in the air in front of you it worked.
If you don't run straight back thought the gate or bump into anything on your way back through the gate it won't work.
To unfreeze time just dig, fish, or open a chest.

Silver Key Locations.

1. Lookout Point - Behind the bushes you cut down near the statue.
2. Bowerstone South - On the Balcony of the Clothing Shop.
3. Fisher Creek - Fished out of the water beside the fisherman's shack.
4. Guild Woods - Fished from the ripples in the water.
5. Greatwood Lake - Up the hill at the broken bridge, to the right when you first enter this area.
6. Orchard Farm - Fished out of the water from the end of the dock down the path past the barn.
7. Rose Cottage - Dig out of the ground in the dirt patch to the left of the house.
8. Hobbe Cave Focus Chamber - Dig out of the ground in the dirt patch to the right and towards the back of the chamber.
9. Darkwood Lake - Shoot an arrow through the hole in the ..

Buy the Shops!

You should buy the shops when you can. It makes the stuff they sell cheaper plus you get a little bit (very little bit) of money for the rent.

Money and experience

If you want loads of money and experience whilst kicking the crap out of everything at the same time, read on.
Firstly make sure you have physical shield and a decent amount of magic then take the arena quest and play through it non-stop until you beat the two stone golems, then retire to the rest bit and hero save then reload it.
You start at witchwood lake with an extra 18600 gold in your pocket and tons of experience, repeat until satisfied. NOTE you can only do this as long as you can do the arena so make sure you don't play all the way through it and retire at the stone golems.
I'm not sure, but you might be able to retire after the next round (giant scorpian) but I'm not going to risk it until I have nearly everything.
Another money gl..

Easy EXP and Bad points

when you finish beating jack of blades and gain the sword do not throw it away change to a Different sword or bow (not the weapon you get after beating jack of blades)and keep hitting therasa you will gain strength and/or skill points you will also gain bad points so if you want bad points and easy EXP keep hitting therasa until you get bored. i reccomend a stick for hitting therasa because using a stick is a light weapon and you will be able to hit fast with it

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