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Game Reviews for Fable


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magooglybob16th Jul 2005, ID #126
This is my all time favorite game best graphics that I have ever seen in any game if any word could describe this game it's wow! My word these guys had been working on this game since xbox came out ..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

elemental dragon18th Sep 2005, ID #181
I reckon this game was great I played the game many times and have got most secret stuff.

Rating: 80%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Fable ReviewAdded 16 May 2007, ID #7092
Okay this is my review of Fable. Fable is a fantastic game with loads of quests and sidequests to complete. You are never short of things to do bith enemies round every corner and in every forest. If you don\'t feel like fighting you can always relax and go fishing for a while to see what items you may find. The battle system is fantastic you can use your bow from a distance then pull out your sword as enemies get closer and finally finish them off with any of your devestating spells. Another grweat aspect of the game is that you can choose between being good and being evil, will you save the people and fight evil or bring terror on every village you enter the choice is yours. happy gaming

The awesome game of Fable!Added 13 Oct 2006, ID #6533
Everything about Fable is awesome. Nothing looks too fake and nothing looks too real. You can walk around, meet people and disrespect them. You can also flirt with the women on the game and also get married to them. ( But why would you want to go off and do something like that? well maybe later, first you want to go exploring and do all kinds of things, like going on quests and having tons of people noticing you. ) If people are disrespecting you and calling you a name like chicken chaser, you can use your lightning magic and strike them for a second then they will begin to respect you and follow your orders. ( don\'t do that in a town, unless you want all kinds of guards on your tail. some towns you can\'t even use it, because guards will take all your weapons away until you leave the town. It\'s best to use it outside of towns.) You can also go and get yourself in trouble by stealing other people\'s stuff, but don\'t do it in front of other people ( including guards ) because the person will go off and scream \" guards! Guards!\" You can also go outside of town and try to find evil creatures and bad people to fight. ( But use your common sense and don\'t go off getting yourself killed, cause usually creatures and people fight in packs and you\'ll be surrounded by them. ) Even though some of the places are peaceful, it\'s still no walk in the park.

[email protected] R0CKSAdded 15 May 2006, ID #5702
I think that fable is a brilliant game.You can marry who you want, kill who you want and scare everyone else who gets in your way.
But the game doesn\'t force you to make decisions.
You can do what you want, when you.
You can be good, evil, in-between and just be damn right evil.

Brilliant gaming experience!Added 21 Apr 2006, ID #5613
If you are looking for an RPG game that has realistic graphics, characters and scenery then this is the game for you. This game has lots of different quests that you can take with your own designable character. Change his clothes, hair, add tatoos, marry women ( or men! ). The scenery varies from a bright sunny day where the grass is a brilliant green, the sky, with realistic clouds to a dark, miserable, rainy night. You even age in this game. Buy houses, steal, donate, do whatever you can think of. Your gameplay doesn\'t have to be the same on this game, choose different things on your next play. I'd give this game a 9/10.

Great RPGAdded 30 Jul 2005, ID #4249
Fable is the best RPG for the Xbox. You can do almost anything on it. From sleeping with your wife to being a mayor of a town. Fable has it all! In Fable you can chose to be good or bad. Unfortunately no matter what side you chose the storyline does not change. Fable is a very short game and Its possible to pass it in 5 hours. I would give Fable a 7 out of 10. Fable is a must buy for the RPG lover.

Good GameAdded 17 Jan 2005, ID #2914
This game is a fun game to play. I like the graphics and they keep track of almost everything you do. Longest chicken kick, how many times you threw up, how many times you killed something and more. My favorite is you can choose if you want to be good or evil, just like KOTOR. 9.5/10

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