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Follow the dark path or use the light
Fable Pack Shot


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Best Fable Character hint for Fable

Best Fable Character

Heres what you need to make the best character.

Step one, Complete the heroes guild training and make your way to bowerstone. Make sure you completed the mini quests durring the training to get the extra weapons. After selling your weapons and armor talk to the trade located at the entrance to bowerstone. You want to use the Buy all/Sell all Exploit[1] to mass a sum of gold. Once you have around 250,000(this is very easy) You want to buy a full set of platemail and a chainmail helmet from the armor trader in bowerstone, along with any hairstyle or beard you think is cool. Then buy a master weapon of your choice at the heroes guild.

Step two, Continue untill the end of the white balvarine quest using the hero save exploit[2] to gain multiple augmentations on the following quests. Lightning - When you escort the traders in darkwood. The augment is found in a chest in darkwood weir. Fire - Durring the hobb cave quest. Located in a chest in the main chaimber. Silver - on the white balvarine quest. Given to you after progressing about halfway through the quest. In total you need 3 lightning, 3 fire, 6 silver.

Step three, You want to have the following unaugmented master weapons. Greatsword, Greataxe, Longbow, and long sword. Then continue on to herosave exploiting[2] the arena. You want to max out everything and buy the master great hammer and 3 peircing augments.

Step 4, Augmentaions.. Equip all three fire to your great axe, all three lightning to your longsword, all 6 silver to the bow and hammer, and all three peircing to the greatsword. Why? Well now you have the best armor possible and weapons better then any legendary. Lemme explain. The lightning sword is fast and can take care of any insect you face. The fire axe gets a huge bonus and will one shot all hobbs when berserked and cut down bandits FAST, The Sliver weapons offer berserk oneshots to any balvarine (yes, 3000 points of damage to the white balvarine.. In one hit) or undead stupid enough to get in your way. My favourite.. The peircing will make short work of any troll minion or any special character( whisper, jack, thunder, twinblade, all bosses...). This is because the stuff you fight ingame has no armor value for the peircing to decrease, thus it does extra damage like a normal augment to creatures that are armored, Ie characters, minions, summoners and trolls.

Complete the Arena a few times, herosaving[2], I know you can't help but enjoy the "perfect character" Well if you want to take it one step farther, into god mode I suggest you do a few things. Capture a white balvarine as your summon (not a snow balvarine [TLC]) or even a minion if you can find em. Also, use my gold glitch to buy 8 mana augments from the vendor in snowspire, or if you are not playing TLC use the herosave glitch instead to dup 8. Then find the treasure clues, dig up the frying pan and buy a master crossbow(don't worry you don't need to shoot it) load up all eight mana augments onto both weapons. You now have two weapons when used in conjuction offer near limitless mana. Then find yourself the archon battle plate if you have tlc to make your character complete. Congrats, nothing can stop you now. However if you noticed your "god" is 65 years old. Thats because for every skill or spell you level up your character ages. If you want to have an 18yearold god character you need to max out all your skills before going to witchwood and get the gift of youth from the temple of avo via donation, however you need to herosave and do this many times and it requires alot of gold.

The buyall/sellall glitch [1] If you buy out all of a merchants good while he has high stock you get a big discount, and when you sell to someone who has very little or no stock he pays much more for it. The trick is buying and selling a traders stuff right back to him, over and over for limitless gold. The very first trader can be abused like this via green apples, apple pies, boxes o chocolate, carrots, cider crates and grain sacks.

The second exploit featured is the Herosave [2] When you world save (save outside of a quest) everything in the game is saved. When you herosave (save inside a quest) only the hero is saved. So you can enter a quest, obtain an item like a silver key, augmentation, exp/gold (arena) or w/e you want. Then reload and do it again and again. Note. You can recive multiple gifts of youth but not multiple exlirs o life or willmaster elixer, sorry no infinate mana/hp.

This last section will discribe how augments work so you may tweak the system to your playstyle. Please note I have had much fun and succses as a spellsword, I play heavy melee with focus on the beserk, sheild, slowtime and multistrike spells. Summon is fun too.. :P

Augments modify the base damage value of the weapon. Each additional augment effects the previous bonus. As such a sword with 100 damage gets one fire augment and you fight a hobb, hobbs have a value of 1.25 for their fire weakness. Your swords new base is 125, most augments will multiply 1.25 vs one type, the exceptions you want to pay attention to are sharpening and silver. Shapening effects all creatures instead of just one type but only multiplys your damage by 1.1
Silver has a special effect when fighting balverines. Their weakness in 1.5 and thw white balvarines are higher but I'm not sure what number as I just one shot them anyway I don't think it's really important info :P

Alright, sorry that was longwinded. However, this is how multiple augments work. Like in the example above if I'm fighting a hobb this time with two. The weapon damage is found here (1.25x1.25)(weaponbase). So here is why you will oneshot balvarines. The ones you fight in the arena have 500 health. The mastergreathammer does 203 damage base. 1.5x1.5x1.5= 3.375. WOW! 3.375x203= 685.125 BASE WEAPON DAMAGE this is higher then the original sword of aeons. Also, this is still going to be effect why character strenght and berserk/multistrike.

So remember 1.25 for eveything cept balvarines they suck a 1.5, sharpenings shit because you will make custom weapons for each creature you will face. You will have every skill, be as young as possible, oneshot nearly everything. Have nearly unlimted mana and look awesome to boot. This is everything that I know about fable over years of play. Go now yound facemelter..

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Jul 6th 2011, ID#8090


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