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Workbench Guide

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Workbench Guide for Void Bastards
Workbench Guide for Void Bastards

The Workbench is where you can craft new tool and parts, this guide will show you how to use the Workbench in Void Bastards. Each item that you craft has three upgrade levels available, these make the item more powerful and changes its name. Below is a list of what you can craft in the game along with what it does, the materials you need, and where you can find specific parts.


Listed below are all the weapons and their upgrades that are available in Void Bastards.


Material: Warp Sphere

Rifts target out of the world to be returned on demand.

Hyper Rifter

Materials: Magnetron, Lette Wheel

On return, spins target around and causes amnesia.

Cow Zapper

Materials: Lint Brush, Duct Tape

Stuns target. Super effective against mechanical foes.


Material: Med Blower

Silently fires toxic spikes. Doesn't alert enemies.

Herd Zapper

Materials: Laminator, Body Fluid

Herd Zapper arcs to 3 nearby targets.

Glow Spiker

Materials: Rad Shield, Drill

Glow Spiker doubles damage rate.

Hefty Regulator

Material: Metal Tube

Enforces regulation via a bullet.

Swift Regulator

Materials: Colon Irrigator, Whizz Rocks

Swiftly enforces regulations via a heavy bullet.


Materials: Chain, Pneum Tube

Legislator increases damage by 75%.


Materials: Body Fluid, Skin Tape

Charges up to fire a burst of polarised light. Passes through enemies and windows.


Materials: Body Fluid, Skin Tape

Charges up quickly to fire an intense burst of light. Passes through enemies and windows. Stronger than the Toaster.


Material : FTL Nozzle

Fires a shredding blast of 6 staples.

Senior Stapler

Materials: Spanner, Med Blower

Fires a shredding blast of 8 staples.

Head Stapler

Materials: Slag Melter, Metal Tube

Head Stapler decreases spread and increases damage by 50%.


Material: Magnetron

Brainwashes citizens into allies. Brainwashed citizens stay brainwashed until death.


Materials: Drill

Fires a hail of rivets. Rate of fire similar to a sub-machine gun.

Riveter Pro

Materials: Chain, Drill

Riveter Pro doubles damage and decreases kickback.


Materials: Pneum Tube

Launches a ball of explosive nebula gas.


Materials: Slop Cap, The Art of Warp

Uberlator doubles damage, halves reload time.


Materials: Ion Bru, Surgery 4 Dummies

Doubles toxin damage speed and total damage.


Materials: Poly Sheath, Distended Testicle

Virspiker doubles toxin damage speed and total damage.

Rad Spiker

Materials: Lumstik

Fires a spike that emit a radioactive cloud. Deals damage over time.


Below is a list of Hunters that you can craft. Hunters are upgrades that enable you to locate a certain type of ammunition or explosive that is housed in containers.

Rift Hunter

Materials: The Art of Warp, Kraut Kan

Rifter Nuclei can be found in FTL drives

Scram. Hunter

Materials: Poly Sheath, Warp Sphere

Scrambler Eggs can be recovered from Spooks.

Rad Hunter

Materials: Bio Scalpel, Pac Handbook

Rad spikes can be found in Pac Nuc bays.

Bomb Hunter

Materials: Recyc Sac, Lint Brush

Clusterflaks can be recovered from tourists.

Toast Hunter

Materials: The Art of Warp, Screwshifter

Toaster Juice can be found in Otori Warp modules.

Rivet Hunter

Materials: Slag Melter, Crowbar

Rivets can be recovered from bots and gunpoints.

Nebula Hunter

Materials: Bio Scalpel, Slop Can

Nebula Tubes can ocassionally be recovered from citizens.

Trap Hunter

Materials: Juve's Cookbook, Lumstik

Bushwhackers can be found in Krell Holds.

Explosive Hunter

Materials: WCG Policy, Magnifying Glass

Bangers can be found in WCG Tombs.

Zap Hunter

Materials: Wiring Diagram, Drill

Zap Charges can be found in generators.

Kitty Hunter

Materials: Robo Manual, Mouse Ball

Robo Kitties can be found in CNT client services.

Zec Hunter

Materials: Recyc Sac, Surgery 4 Dummies

Bouncer Goop can be recovered from Zecs.

Staple Hunter

Staples can be found in Xon Theatres.

Spike Hunter

Spikes can be found in Lux Suites.


The third slot in your loadout is filled with explosives. Below is a list of those that you can craft.

Door Manager

Material: Mouse Ball

Super fast door locking and unlocking.


Material: Buzz Box

Once armed, explodes when enemies move near it.


Material: Metal Tube, XTC Stim

Quickly arms, explodes for large damages when enemies move near it.


Material: Detonator

Releases a chained cluster of bombs. Don't get caught up in the blast.


Material: Handset, Whizz Rocks

Reduces arming time and triples damage of the Clusterflak.


Material: Control Collar

Distracting robotic cat that explodes when destroyed.


Material: Atomic Clock, Juve's Cookbook

Triples damage of the Fastwhacker.


Material: Compressor

It bounces, it rolls, it explodes and kills people.

Big Banger

Material: Pac Handbook, Cool Pops

Triples damage of the Banger.

Unstable Kitty

Material: Juve's Cookbook, Duct Tape

Unstable Kitty releases Clusterflak on death.


Once the equipment in this list has been crafted they become passive boons that do not need to be activated.

Padded Jacket

Material: Restraint Pad

Adds 200 to base health.


Materials: Kraut Kan, Nutri Tray

Adds 350 to base health.

Flak Vest

Materials: Kraut Kan, Nutri Tray

Adds 450 to base health.

Lead Carapace

Materials: Rad Shield, Nutri Tray

Adds 500 to base health.

Steel Carapace

Materials: Rad Shield, CNT Stamp

Adds 700 to base health.

Asbestos Jacket

Materials: Lint Brush, Colon Irrigator

Decreases fire damage by 50%.

Rad Cream

Materials: Water Based Lube, Magnifying Glass

Decreases radiation damage by 50%.

Qi Starter

Materials: Distended Testicle, Whizz Rocks

Provides two Heart Starters to revive from death.

Heart Starter

Materials: Surgery 4 Dummies, Control Collar

Provides a Heart Starter to revive from death.


Materials: Pneum Tube, Whizz Rocks

Increases oxigen supply by 33% more.

Air Freshener

Materials: Cool Pops, Ion Bru

Decreases garbage nausea time by 50%.


Material: Compressor

Decreases oil slip time by 50%.


Material: Compressor

Increases oxygen supply by 50%.

Colon Cleanser

Materials: Ion Bru, Compressor

Recover 50% more health each day.


The items that you can craft below offer miscellaneous useful bonuses.

Part Locater

Materials: Glow Bulb

Guides you to vessels containing parts needed to build a selected item.

Ammo Subsidy

Materials: Form T28B

Clients receive 50% more ammo in their care package.

Gunpoint MGR

Materials: Transit Regs

Authority to override Gunpoints.

V.P Gunpoints

Materials: Robo Manual, WCG Policy

Fast and cheap authority to override Gunpoints.

Merit Badge

Materials: Form T28B

10% chance of an instant free authorisation.

Merit Garter

Materials: Skin Tape, Wiring Diagram

Additional 10% chance of an instant free authorisation.

Travel Subsidy

Materials: Duct Tape

Clients receive 3 Fuel and 3 Food in their care packages.

Travel Rort

Materials: Kraut Kan, ID Card

Clients receive 4 Fuel and 4 Food in their care packages.

Secbot Manager

Materials: WCG Policy

Authority to override secbots.

V.P of Bots

Materials: Ink, Circular 983 AR

Faster and cheaper Secbot override authorisation.

Cargo Manager

Materials: Circular 983 AR, Transit Regs

Cheaper and faster locked container authorisation.

Term. Manager

Materials: Circular 983 AR, Tacputer

Faster and cheaper authorisation of additional terminal authority.


Materials: Spanner, Latex Seal

5% chance of scavenging bonus junk from containers.


Materials: Spanner, Crowbar

Better bonus junk.


Materials: Screwshifter, Detonator

Even better bonus junk.


Materials: Bio Scalpel, Screwshifter

The best bonus junk.

Where to Find Parts

Check the indicated starship or space station below to find the corresponding part needed to craft the items in the lists above.


Xon Ambulance, WCG Therapy Brig, Krell Fuel tank, Krell Freighter, Otori Warp Craft, Lux Cruise Ship, Lux Casino Barge

Restraint Pad

WCG Therapy Brig

Transit Regs

CNT License Boat


Pac Minelayer

Warp Sphere

Otori Warp Craft

Skin Tape

CNT Tax Boat

Surgery 4 Dummies

Xon Ambulance

Duct Tape

WCG Prowler


Pac Minelayer

Pneum Tube

Pac Minelayer

ID Card

Pac Buzz Frigate

Magnifying Glass

WCG Prowler

Buzz Box

Pac Buzz Frigate

Wiring Diagram

Lux Cruise Ship

Nutri Tray

Lux Cruise Ship

Circular 983 AR

CNT Records Boat

Whizz Rocks

Lux Casino Barge

Ion Bru

Xon Organ Wagon

Kraut Kan

Pac Minelayer

Form T28B

WCG Therapy Brig, WCG Prowler

Mouse Ball

CNT Records Boat, CNT Tax Boat

Control Collar

Otori Pet Carrier, Xon Ambulance

Lint Brush

Pac Minelayer, Pac Buzz Frigate, WCG Prowler

Check out our Starships and Spacestations Guide if you need help finding any of the materials.

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