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Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

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Walkthrough for Void Bastards

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Void Bastards is a strategic first-person shooter that primarily focuses on creative problem-solving. The game is set in space and you play the role of a prisoner who explores a randomly generated map filled with starships, space stations, and enemies in search of resources from which to build new weapons, tools and upgrades to complete your objective of leading the rag-tag Void Bastards out of the Sargasso Nebula. Our Walkthrough, Guide, strategy will help you with your escape.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy
Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

Learn the Game

When you first jump into this game you will probably be a bit lost so it is recommended that you start of by choosing the Normal difficulty setting to give yourself the opportunity to learn the mechanics of the game. Once you know what each room in the game does you can then choose one of the higher difficulty levels.

Read Everything

It is advised that you take the time to read every character sheet, item description, ship screen, and anything else that has text on it you will be able to garner al lot of helpful information. By looking at the ship information screen for example you will be able to find out what the ship has onboard, what important items are on the ship and what they can be used to build. You will also be able to find out how many enemies are on the ship and the level of its security.

Build the Part Locator

The first item you should build is the Part Locator as this item allows you to select items for upgrading equipment to be marked on your Nebula map. This will make it easier for you to locate ships with important loot and unlock the most important weapon or stat bonus blueprints.

Unable to Progress

When you find yourself struggling to progress it will probably be because you need to upgrade items in your inventory. It could also just be a case of having to find a certain item which will boost your stats significantly.

Finding Important Items

Make your way to the helm as soon as you enter a ship so you are able to map out its contents. Once you have completed this you will notice that one of the stars is bigger than the rest. This big star indicates the important item you are searching for.

Escaping Enemies

Use doors to your advantage when you are being chased by tough enemies around a ship and need to slow them down. Closing and locking doors will hinder and in some cases prevent them getting catching you. Just make sure you remember why you locked that door if you return to it.

Locked Chests and Lockers

You will need to pay Merit to unlock any chests and lockers that you find that require authorisation. Once unlocked they can be plundered like any other container to receive their reward which will be parts.

Free Fuel and Food

Stores will regularly appear on your Sargasso Nebula map. It is always worth stopping into these stores as they allow you to buy different things like food and ammo. More importantly they will always give you a free can of fuel and a sandwich.

Choosing Weapons

As you progress through the game you will be able to craft and unlock new weapons and gadgets. It is advised that you choose guns which you have a large supply of ammo for so you reduce the risk of running out of ammunition during a fight.

Destroy Peeper Cameras

Always destroy any Peeper cameras you come across as quickly as possible. They are usually found attached to the ceiling on ships and if you do not destroy them fast enough they will trigger the alarm which will result in a powerful Secbot coming after you which will be difficult to get rid of.

Generator (Gen)

When you encounter a starship or spacestation that that has no power you need to find the Gen. This room is where the ships generator is kept and it is where you are able to turn the power of the ship back on. When the power of a ship is turned on all doors will close, the lockers become accessible, and the security systems will start functioning again.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

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