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Rooms Guide

Void Bastards Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Rooms Guide for Void Bastards

In Void Bastards you will spend most of your time exploring different rooms in the various ships that you come across on your Nebula map. These rooms feature different designs and some will have their own special function. This Room Guide for Void Bastards will explain what the purpose of each of these special rooms is.


The Airlock is the room where you enter and exit each of the ships. This room must have power to work and you will discover that some of the Airlocks on the larger ships will be dead ends.

Atmosphere (Atmo)

On each ship you will only have a limited amount of oxygen in your tank, this will restrict the amount of time you can explore it before you begin to suffocate. At the Atmo room you can either replenish your oxygen for free or spend Merits to extend it.

Break Room

Certain ships house a Break Room which will have a machine that serves you tea. When this tea is consumed you will gain a 3x damage boost that lasts for 30 seconds.

Buzz Bay (Buzz)

At the Buzz Bay you will be able to launch enemies into the void. You will also be able to interact with the console, this is limited to 3 times.

Dehydration Room

This room houses two driers which can be used to turn enemies into Dust Packs which are worth 10 Bio. To do this you simply have to lure your victim into the 'Drier'.
This is the room where Fuel is kept.

File Room

You will find a File room on the CNT ships that you can enter to summon supplies. These supplies include 5 Fuel, 5 Food, and random. Once you have requested supplies return to the nebula map and fly the next ship to recieve your delivery.


The Fix room feature drills which can be used to upgrade different types of junk into random items. To activate the process you simply have to interact with the drills.


This is the room where Fuel is kept.

Garbage Room

This room houses a large recylcler that you can use to turn your junk into useful materials. To get the material you want you mus deposit the requested junk.

Gene Therapy

This room allows you to select from three traits which can then be added to or swapped out with your current trait.

Habitation (Hab)

If you interact with the machine in the Hab you will trigger treatments that will cure irradiated, oily, or nauseous ailments for free. By spending Merit you can also get protection from environmental hazards.


Almost all of the ships will have a Helm. At the Helm's console you will be able to activate the mapping of the ship. You are given two options, you can either Download Ship Data or Download Enemy Locations. Download Ship Data is free and will show you where you can find items on the ship while Download Enemy Locoations will cost you Merit.

Operating Theatre

On some ships there will be an Operating Theatre and it is here where you can either be healed for free using the Med Booth or spend Merits to boost your maximum health.

Security (Sec)

This room controls the ship's security systems and it where you can turn them off. At the Sec room console you will the option to turn off security free for 45 seconds or permanently by spending Merit. The systems that can be turned off are the Peeper cameras, Gunpoints, and the Secbot.


On certain Lux ships you will find Slot rooms. These room have a slot machine which you can play for 5 Merits. The prize you win will depend on the slot machine.

Torpedo Tubes

Some of the larger ships have Torpedo Tubes which is a room where you can acquire Torbedos for yourself.

Warp Extraction

On Otori Warp Crafts you will find a Warp Extraction room which houses a Warp Extractor with one Warp Key in it. By spending Merits you can get more to spawn by using the Restock Authorizer.

Check out our Starships and Spacestations Guide to find out their areas, loot, and enemies.

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