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The LEGO Movie Videogame

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The LEGO Movie Videogame Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Escape From Flatbush

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As with the previous levels, completing the level brings you back to the area hub, and since you are there now is a good time to look around for new unlocked characters to purchase! Now these mostly will help you in FreePlay Mode but the idea here is to try to obtain any characters that you have unlocked so that you are pretty much keeping pace in acquisitions.

So wander around and you will find Deputron (150K), Sheriff-Nopt-A-Robot (500K), Robo SWAT (50K), omahawk (150K), and lastly Vitruvius (Old) was a FREE unlock and has been added to your party! So you will need a total of 850K to unlock them all.

Since you have the Wizard with you the Instruction Page in the wild horse corral is now available to you so go ahead and grab that to obtain the second of the three pages.

If you head to the upper level of the green building you will find that the Wizard can do the secret knock, and thus you capture the first of the trio of Bank Robbers and recover the first Gold Bar!

-- Quick Side-Trip back to Bricksburg --
Now that you have the Wizard and considering that you probably spent all or most of your Studs, now would be a good time to make a quick side-trip to Bricksburg.

First you can use a vehicle to replenish your Studs, and as you have The Wizard you can head over to the blank wall and use his secret knock ability to open it, which will allow you to activate the crane, which in turn riding up it will allow you to activate a second crane but more important, also gives you access to the third and final Sign Master Build!

Complete the third and final Sign Master Build and that will unlock and spawn the Collect Guide Studs Red Brick! That Red Brick will cost you 50K in Studs but when you activate it will allow you to actually collect the green Guide Studs! Worth it mates, well worth it!

Once you have the Studs in your bank you feel comfie with -- I would say around half a mil to a mil to be safe, head back to the Old West!

-- Back to the Old West --

Once you are back in the Old West, head over to the marked gate -- which is the starting point for the next level!

First you need to have the Wizard place his Staff in the slot above so that Wyld can use it as a swing point -- then have Wyld climb up on the roof to the left, and jump and swing across, whereupon she completes the Master Build here in order to activate access to the level.

With the train built, we resume the tail-end of the previous CS in which Emmet came up with his, um, unique fix to the broken wheel issue. The "fixed" Pig-Chariot encounters the Train, and our crew ends up on board!

Making your way through the First Half of the Train

-- Navigating the Train --
The way to go is to the right - but you will not get far before you encounter the enemy. Basically the entire run towards the front of the train will be a series of attack and defense from a variety of enemy types...

This is another one of the levels where you are not likely to hit the target number of Studs so don't worry too much about that... Instead focus on making it to the end of the level!

A flying Robo-Cop breaks the train and Emmet needs to repair it - once that is accomplished, the Wizard stuns the flying Robo-Cop and completes a Master Build using him as part of it - turning the parts into a catapult that you use to clear the car ahead of logs.

With that mischief managed it is time to battle some more robots, then crank open the next car and have Emmet Drill the kit apart so that Wyld can construct the next kit, giving you access to the car roof!

-- Forward from the Roof --
From here it is forward, until you are again attacked and then you make your way forward to a point where a duplicate attack takes place and then Wyld finds her special talents called to the fore.

The next puzzle has Wyld jumping across and working the crane to bring the others forward -- at which point BadCop shows up and initiates a rocket attack!

He has one heck of a slick police car, right? Car, plane, spaceship?

As you battle your way forward mind the red targets on the deck and avoid the explosions - those are rocket attacks from BadCop.

Making your way through the next Quarter of the Train

Move forward and deploy the door so that Wizard can stab his Staff into the car to help Wyld get forward past the burning cars. Once she makes her way forward avoiding the rockets and other attacks, she makes her way to the flat car ahead and grabs the Green Valve and brings that back to turn on the water hose and put out some of the fire.

With that mischief managed the rest of the crew can now move forward once Wyld builds the stair kit and pushes it over the edge.

-- The Final Battle --
With the way now clear Emmet can move up and drop the ramp to bridge the gap between the cars. BadCop resumes his rocket attacks as you make your way from car to car, battling the Robo-Cops and avoiding the rockets!

You reach a Build in which Wyld needs to jump out and over the side to grab the Instruction Page for Emmet, after which he can build the lieft to allow the group to proceed along the upper roof over to the next car, where the Wizard has to cross on a narrow beam and then using the another train running beside the first, find a way to help the others make it forward of the burning car!

To do this the Wizard has to make his way forward, minding the attacks and rockets, and then complete the Master Build to put on the brakes, slowing the second train so that it is parallel to where the rest of the team is waiting...

Using the second train they make their way forward - but a timer of sorts kicks in as you must hurry forward before the other train goes off the rails!

Wyld crosses over and kicks down a ladder so that the others can cross back to the original train - but once the ladder is down Emmet and the Wizard argue about who goes first in a typical "after you, no after you" conversation. Sigh.

At the very last minute as the second train derails they make it across!

The final Quarter of the Train and a Surprise Ending!

Ah but that was the good news - the bad news is that BadCop arrives and though the team manages a Master Build that causes him to launch into space, he blows away the bridge ahead, causing the first train to crash down into the gorge!

Just when you think your ticket is punched, who should show up but Batman! Yeah! It turns out Wyld and the B-Man are an item - whew! The day is saved, the team is safe and they fly off into the distance with the Batman. And how cool is that?

This ends the level, unlocking FreePlay and the Achievement "Rest In Pieces" (20G) Completed Level 5 - Escape from Flatbush.

In addition to that you unlock the Characters: Emmet (Wheel Head), Batman, Mummy, Hank Haystacks, Hot Tub Harry, Calamity Drone, and Robo SWAT (Rocket).

The level ends with the count-up of your Studs and hey, well done you!

-- Back at the Old West Hub --
As with the previous adventures with the Level complete we return to the Hub, where we can now track down and purchase the characters that we have just unlocked. Those are the following:

Batman is added to your party for free as is Emmet Wheel Head, while costs for the following are: Mummy (100K), Hank Haystacks (25K), Hot Tub Harry (50K), Calamity Drone (500K), and Robo SWAT Rocket (125K) for a total cost of 800K. If you need more Studs use the vehicle hack in Bricksburg as that is the fastest way to get them..

There are some misc tasks you can also do - temporarily adding the Rocket SWAT to your Team you can destroy the Silver Chest near the Church and build the kit it reveals, which allows you to ring the bell, which in turn causes a gunfight that unlocks another of the Bird Collection for you.

You can also complete the Master Build by the livery stable which builds the stairs to teh upper area of the barn.

Using Batman you can rip open the outhouse and reveal the second Bank Robber, causing himself to turn himself in and revealing the second Gold Bar that you can then return to the Banker.

-- Back in Bricksburg --
While getting Studs remember that balcony with the pull-kit that you can build in the corner past the cat lady? Using Batman you can pull that down to reveal another of her cats, which you can then deliver!

If you completed the other optional tasks with the Wizard previously you will notice that there is an object in the Fountain in the center of the upper-area bear the Police HQ -- push that around the front and into the slot to reveal another Red Brick - a particularly valuable Red Brick in fact - the Studs x2 Red Brick! That will set you back 250K but it is well worth the cost!

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