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Follow the dark path or use the light

The LEGO Movie Videogame

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The LEGO Movie Videogame Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Escape from Bricksburg

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This next level and its missions represents the standard measure of complexity to which you will quickly become accustomed to -- that is a good thing on the one hand because it helps you to both set the pace for game play and understand just what is expected of the player in terms of game play pace...

On the other hand it is bad in that it requires a LOT of adaption and getting used to itness -- but that is the nature of the LEGO Action-Adventure and Role-Playing Genre of games of which LEGO Movie is a certified member. So it is a challenge you, as the player, will need to master to really embrace and thrive in this game world and its environment.

With that said, and before we genuinely begin to dig into the adventure ahead, there are some basic rules and goals that we need to both define and cover here first!

The Basic Rules Defined

First we need to discuss the characters and how they operate within the structure of the single-player campaign and story mode (as opposed to the FreePlay Mode).

Unlike FreePlay, in which you the player get to select a set of characters to use that you can switch between as well as alternate characters you can switch to on-the-fly as it were, in single-player mode you have to use the characters that are available for the present level, which means you need to sort of play "in the moment" if you will....

In this case that means playing with the following who, at any time, you can have up to TWO active and available:

Emmet - the Protagonist and "The One."
Gail - the Construction-Worker Girl and Emmet's best mate.
Wyldstyle - the Hero Girl who has been dispatched by the WIzard to help The One.

OTHER Characters you May Like to Know About
The following list of other characters you may like to know about -- and that you may or may not have previously encountered in the game -- includes the following:

  • Lord Business - aka President Business - aka The Overlord -- Antagonist.
  • Vitruvius - aka The Wizard - aka The White Wizard -- Protagonist Support.

Special and/or Critical Game Objects
The following Special Objects and/or Special Items are present in the game that you will very much benefit by knowing about them, even if just their names and the basic purpose that they represent!

  • Kragle, The - aka The Special Weapon - aka The Prophecy Weapon - aka “It” -- a mythical weapon or object whose possessor has the power to Rule the World.
  • Piece of Resistance, The - aka PoR - aka The Piece - aka The Big Red Block - a mythical countermeasure that can render The Kragle impotent.

For the purposes of brevity and convenience from here on we will refer to the character of Wyldstyle simply as "Wyld" so when you see the name "Wyld" translate that to Wyldstyle in your head, right?

To help this make sense every now and then, when it seems like a good idea, we will offer you a Character Dossier that details the various characters active in the level, so that you have a better understanding if who they are and what they can do for you. This first Dossier is about Wyldstyle (Wyld) who you should think of as the second Protagonist Character and an incredibly valuable and important member of your team.

Finding and Purchasing Your First New Character - Frank The Foreman!

**- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - INTRO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -**

Character Dossier: Wyldstyle (Wyld)
As previously noted, Wyld was dispatched by The Wizard to be the helper of Emmet, or The Chosen One -- who is by default now the Character in possession of The Piece of Resistance. That makes him the most important character in the world of LEGO Movie, the game.

In addition to being a rather attractive girl hero modeled along the lines of Trinity from The Matrix Trilogy, Wyld also happens to be a Master Builder (though technically an untrained Master Builder).

Her status as a Master Builder is important for a number of reasons, not the lease of which are:

1. She can build ANY kit or device, WITHOUT possessing the Instruction Set or pages, successfully and on her first try because that is one of the gifts of the Master Builder.

2. She is a Master Builder -- and ONLY the Master Builders in the game are able to highlight and connect the various (usually three) segments of a Master Build (these are highlighted in Neon Green) and thus assemble them once they are highlighted by her.

3. In addition to being a Master Builder AND being the helper and second Protagonist to The One, Wyld is also FEMALE -- which means that in addition to being able to jump higher, she is able to access the girl-character exclusive pink & blue jump, grab, and push abilities.

The tremendous value of this capability will become much clearer as you progress through the story.

This nicely sums up Wyld and what you need to know about her up to this point!

**- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - INTRO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -**

LEGO Stud Status and Goals
As you progress through the level you will notice that located at the top-center of the screen there is a meter that is constructed from a series of LEGO Studs that are connected by dashes side-to-side.

This is the Stud Collection Meter, and while it does not in any way indicate to you what the actual target is in terms of the number of LEGO Studs you need to collect, until such time as it is completely filled, it will prod you on to continue collecting the Studs!

As you collect LEGO Studs the running total adds up on top of that meter (basically when the meter is present it replaces the running total, and when it is absent the Running Total replaces it) -- so each Silver, Gold, or Purple Stud you collect gets its amounts added to the Running Total.

Collecting Studs while technically an optional pursuit, really is something you should be partially focused on for each Level until you actually cap the Target Total.

Bear in mind that when you get your character killed they lose a random amount of Studs - but that amount is NOT deducted from the Target Total, it is just deducted from the Collection Total. Obviously you want to retain as many in the Collection Total as you can, since having them is good since they are the equivalent to money in the world of LEGO Movie!

So with that in mind you should always consider the collecting of LEGO Studs to be the first primary objective for each level and mission in the game. Period.

**- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - INTRO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -**

Special Objects
As revealed in the previous level there are Special Objects that can (and will) appear in the game as a result of your performance in playing the game, as well as the mini-games. Keep that in mind as you play, right?

For this go the special objects you should be concerned with are mostly the Laser and Special Vehicles that offer Laser and/or Rocket weapons tor your use.

Lasers: In addition to permitting you to quickly and efficiently kill robots, the Laser Weapons in the game are also the SOLE means for you to destroy Gold Objects, Gold Block Constructions, and objects or impediments that are constructed largely of Gold.

You will at various points NEED to destroy these, so keep that in mind will you?

Rockets: The best and most efficient means for destroying vehicles and/or Robot-controlled Weapons, and in particular during the Highway Chase, for destroying Rockets that have been launched AT YOU.

**- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - INTRO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -**

Summing Up the Intro Section Contents
This nicely completes the Introduction to the Escape from Bricksburg Section of the game and its Level.

From here on this Guide Section addresses the actual game play for this level and mission -- in addition to offering you information that is helpful, and examples for how to get past the different challenges posed by the level, the videos that are embedded herein are intended to be used as needed.

These videos contain potential spoiler content -- so you should only watch them if you NEED to watch them, as opposed to watching them before you play the level. I recommend that you try playing through the level and working out the puzzles on your own before you resort to consulting the videos, however if you prefer to have heavy guidance you are always welcome to watch the video for each subsection prior to actually playing it -- it is your call!

With that said, we present you with the Next Level and Mission of LEGO Movie, The Game: Escape from Bricksburg!

Exploring the new area of Bricksburg on the way to the 10th Div. Police HQ

**- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PART I - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -**

Escape from Bricksburg - Part I

A new day has dawned in Bricksburg, and our hero Emmet is back at work with his best mate and Crew Pardner Gail --- along with a new friend named Wyldstyle (who from here on we will refer to and call "Wyld" for brevity) as he embarks upon the continuation of his well-established life and career.

While Emmet continues to live his life, at the same time he is attempting to work out the next steps on the adventure that awaits him as it relates to The Prophecy, The Overlord, and The Piece of Resistance -- the latter being an object Emmet is completely in the dark about!

The new level begins with our crew working their way through the zone, following the Green Studs to the new action area -- along the way picking up LEGO Studs and encountering some random characters and conversations. Along the way we also begin to encounter different vehicles that our characters can use and drive around in, and how cool is that?

The Build Box for 8-digit Codes

Outside of the 10th Division Police HQ we discover the Build Box Interface, where we can enter 8-digit Cheat Codes to add new content or characters to the game. For more information -- and codes -- you can consult the Cheat Code Section of the Guide which is located in the top section of the Menu under Table of Contents.

With the exception of specific instances generally speaking using Cheat Codes does not mess up your game so you can feel free to use them! The only exception to that that we are aware of is the activation of x multiplier Red Bricks, which can disqualify specific Stud Collection Challenges, but other than that the sky is the limit!

Exploration and Stud Collection
As you work your way along the streets you will discover the special Switches that only The Overlord (in their guise as Lord Business or President) can make use of.

Above the Subway Master Build
Outside of the Subway Station there are stairs going up to a mural Master Build that you cannot actually construct for lack of the correct character -- this is a build you do in FreePlay -- but that does not mean you cannot gain by reaching it!

Head up the stairs and then try and use either of the characters you presently control and you will learn you cannot build it - and are shown which character will build it - while at the same time unlocking what can only be described as a "Failure Achievement" -- specifically the Achievement "Building Bad" (10g) Attempted a Master Built-It with a Non-Master Builder.

The 10th Division Police Station Building

Outside of the front entrance to the Police Station Building for the 10th Division of the Bricksburg Police Department and its Department of LEGO Homeland Security on the far-laft-hand-side is found a large LEGO Kit Box that, when activated, provides the player with access to the Eight-Digit Code Input Utility Station -- a special interface that allows the player (you) to enter special codes (AKA Cheat Codes) that will add specific and special objects, items, devices, and/or characters to your game.

Technically since cheats do not actually effect the game in terms of disabling Achievements and/or ongoing content (as far as we know) you are actually free to enter them here if you want to...

We do not have a full list of all of the Cheat Codes for the game, but we do know the following Codes that you can theoretically use, should you choose, with this Cheat Code Interface, now.?

Using a female character (due to the special requirements) you now climb the outside of the 10th Div. Police HQ, and upon reaching the top, trigger Part 2 of the Mission and Level!

Well done you!

**- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PART II - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -**

Part 2: The 10th Division Interrogation Rooms

As the darkness fades and light returns to the world, Emmet finds himself strapped into an interrogation chair inside the 10th Division Police HQ, where a RoboCop is in the process of interrogating him.

Wonder at the violent and abrupt methods of the RoboCop, Emmet points out that now would be a great time for the Good Cop to appear, at which point the RoboCop reveals -- perhaps confirms? -- that it is, in fact, a RoboCop by rapidly shifting between its BadCop and GoodCop faces!

Emmet is clearly in trouble here, because the RoboCops are definitely in the employ or under the control of The Overlord, and they know he has the PoR!

Well of course they know it - the darn thing is literally attached to his back!! With that knowledge firmly in hand the RoboCop demands to know where it was that Emmet found the PoR -- it seems that they want to know where it was found for reasons that are not yet clear...

You probably recognize the voice of the RoboCop -- if not, well then consider this quote:

“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”


Voices You Know

If you will forgive us the digression, The LEGO Movie (and Game) features a literal who's who of video game voice acting, in fact it would probably be easier and faster to make a list of who was NOT part of the cast than who was...

That being the case though -- and acknowledging the shiver-worthy performance of Liam Neeson as the BadCop/GoodCop character, you may find it interesting to know that for the game and movie in terms of identifiable main characters, we instantly ID'd the following actors as characters:

  • Abraham Lincoln (Will Forte)
  • Bad Cop / Good Cop (Liam Neeson)
  • Bad Cop 2 (Dafnis Fernandez )
  • Batman (Will Arnett)
  • Benny (Charlie Day)
  • Bruce Wayne (Will Arnett)
  • C-3PO (Anthony Daniels)
  • Emmet Brickowoski (Chris Pratt)
  • Finn (Jadon Sand)
  • Gail (Melissa Sturm) female construction worker and Emmet's crew pardner
  • Gandalf (Todd Hansen)
  • Green Lantern (Jonah Hill)
  • Han Solo (Keith Ferguson)
  • Lord Business (Will Ferrell)
  • Metal Beard (Nick Offerman)
  • Mom (Amanda Farinos)
  • Octan Robot (David Burrows)
  • Superman (Channing Tatum)
  • Uni-kitty (Alison Brie)
  • Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman)
  • Wally (Dave Franco)
  • Wonder Woman (Cobie Smulders)
  • Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks)

Things start to really go downhill at this point, when thankfully and with dependable mercy an unexpected friend appears, taking on the RoboCops and freeing Emmet -- well, more or less freeing him....

Wyld is really polite and really helpful, but it is also really clear that she has some sort of hero-worship thing going with Emmet, who she honestly believes is The One. Believes it in the same way that Trinity did that Neo was The One...

Actually if you think about it (and it is clearly not what you would call an accident by any stretch of the imagination) the entire story and character development in LEGO Movie -- both the Movie and the Game -- is a thinly veiled homage for an obvious collection of movies and video games -- in fact it appears that no attempt was made at all to disguise that effort but hey, that's OK. It was done with the right joie de vivre and that counts for a lot!

So far we recognize elements of the following movies in LEGO Movie, the Game -- I mean we are talking Meme City here! Blatant, obvious, Meme City! Without even looking for them we found -- but bear in mind that this is just a fraction of the actual references because really no one person could be expected to be able to detect anything like a complete comprehensive list, just saying...

  1. 21 Jump Street
  2. A Fist Full of Dollars
  3. A Man Called Trinity
  4. Air Force One
  5. Austin Powers
  6. The Avengers
  7. Batman
  8. The Breakfast Club
  9. Clash of the Titans
  10. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  11. The Dark Knight
  12. Green Lantern
  13. The Hobbit
  14. Indiana Jones
  15. Ironman
  16. Jurassic Park
  17. Lord Jim
  18. Lord of the Rings
  19. The Magic Portal
  20. The Matrix
  21. Me and My Gal
  22. Rebel Without a Cause
  23. The Room.
  24. Star Trek
  25. Star Wars
  26. Superman
  27. Terminator
  28. They Call me Trinity
  29. Trinity is My Name
  30. Wet Hot American Summer

Back in the Interrogation Chamber....
The BadCop/GoodCop begins to insist on the revelation of where the PoR was found but before he even comes close to breaking Emmet, Wyld shows up and saves the day as the RoboCops are about to take Emmet to the Melting Chamber!

When Wyld begins to build a kit -- Emmet is shocked that she is building without Instructions...

"You're building without instructions?!" Emmet blurts, it seems completely unaware that Wyld is a Master Builder.

"Ha ha ha, you're very funny, Sir!" Wyld replies - the response appearing to go over Emmet's head.

Actually now that we reflect upon the situation, in view of Emmet's very narrowly indoctrinated vision on the subject of LEGO Construction and his status as a certified builder himself, it may be more likely that he is simply not aware that Master Builders even exist!

Wyld Assembles the Laser

At this point and with the Class III Laser now built, one of the team can jump into the saddle and begin to carve away at the Golden Objects -- in this case and to facilitate reaching the sections that contain the three Instruction Pages -- it is very necessary to take control of the Laser and carving away the Golden Seals.

Carving Open the First Golden Seal with the Assembled Laser...

Carving Away the First Seal

The First Seal: Can be found in the door frame of the door to the room on the left that gives access to the first Instruction Page -- the door frame being gold that must be cut through in order to give the player access to the room.

Once inside the chamber and having obtained the First Instruction Page, Emmet plays along with the conversation path that Wyld innocently provides, taking hints from what she says in order to decide on his path forward...

In this case he uncased his Drill and destroyed the locking panel in the far left rear part of the now unsealed chamber, thereby revealing the next path for Wyld that follows the left-hand wall above. Well done you!

Breaking the Second Seal

For the Second Instruction Page we take control of Wyld and, using her special female powers, work our way up to the roof of the first chamber and then, using the path that Emmet revealed with his Drill, we cross towards the front of the large chamber and then up, reaching the roof of the second sealed chamber.

This time instead of carving open the door frame we employ Wyld's acrobatic talents to work our way across the room from above, at which point the large slab that makes up the roof/ceiling of the second chamber is exposed.

Wyld's notion is to drill down through the roof, so to support that she pushes the object off of the far-right0side of the roof, creating a build-kit on the deck below that Emmet might ue to gain access to the roof above where Wyld is standing...

Carving Open the Second Seal with Emmet's Drill...

After defeating another pair of RoboCops, Emmet or Wyld builds the lift and then Emmet uses his Drill to carve away the edge seal of the ceiling, causing the roof to collapse in and kill the RoboCops guarding the sealed chamber below!

Once down below and having collected the plethora of LEGO Studs, a little more destruction and Stud Collecting combined with the pressing of the button that reveals the third sealed chamber -- and the creation of a new Build Kit that once built, reveals the fan unit that allows Emmet to escape the chamber -- It is again time to make use of the Laser to gain access to the final sealed chamber!

Breaking the Third Seal

Now that we know the location of the third and final Instruction Page -- and have revealed the concealed chamber -- it is simply a matter of exiting the second chamber and making use of the Laser again, this time to carve out the frame of the large window leading to the final chamber!

Opening the Sealed Chamber unleashes another group of RoboSWAT and RoboCops, which you will need to defeat and then enter the chamber, defeating any remaining Robos there, before collecting the final Instruction Page.

At that point all that you need to do then is have at the Instruction Page Reader and Build Unit -- note that there is a console in the last chamber that is meant to be accessed during FreePlay -- not now...

At the Build Station and using the three Instruction Pages, Emmet builds a special extension ladder access system that is intended to provide access to the upper levels of the large chamber.

Completing the Instructions and Building the Giant Ladder!

Once the Ladder is built and placed, satisfy yourself that you have obtained all of the Studs that are available at the lower level, and then make use of the new construct to gain access to the upper level, where you will spawn a new collection of enemy to battle!

The enemy puts out a lot of effort to fire its weapons at you from below -- while you put in a lot of effort to collect Studs and otherwise work your way through the upper level to obtain the Studs while building the trampoline-like object in the far-left which will give Wyld access to the ceiling which she then uses to move along the right-top side of the area.

Despite being under fire nearly the entire way, Wyld will eventually make it to the next level up and reveal the exit! Well done!

Accessing the Exit

Actually using the Exit is not as easy as the finding of it! Seriously...

Once Wyld has revealed the location of the Exit, she then must work her way along the catwalk through the fire from below, while Emmet deals with the laser-equipped Robot below, before Wyld can make her way along the catwalk to the right-hand-side, where she crosses back over and destroys the panel of the Junction Box, which Emmet then repairs while Wyld takes on more Robots!

Clearing the upper level and opening the Exit to the Street!

With the Junction Box repaired, and power restored, Emmet now has access to the lift via the fan unit that Wyld drops down from above.

Emmet repairs the Fan Unit, and then using that, accesses the Exit Level scaffolding above, where he Drills out the final panel that reveals access to the proper exit passage! Well done Emmet!

The pair pass through the new opening and drop down to the street below outside, where they hit a Checkpoint.

**- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PART III - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -**

Part 3: Reaching the Street Level

After escaping the 10th Division HQ Interrogation Center and its Robot Army thanks to the help of Wyld, Emmet must now deal with the closed-off street and courtyard that remains mostly in the control of the RoboSWAT and RoboCops...

To do that Emmet and Wyld must first assess the LEGO Stud situation -- something that should be coming to be second nature to you at this point anyway -- and once you have collected all of the free Studs that you are likely to collect, using the different strengths in terms of kit building and collecting between the two characters, you will complete the following efforts in the Street here!

Note: The Golden Locks on the different gates are FreePlay content - you can safely ignore those objects and routes for now....

Stud Collection First
So first take care of collecting all of the "free" LEGO Studs in terms of what is laying about and the Studs that might be had from object destruction.

With that bit managed, it is now time to complete the character-specific destruction and builds that are part of this area...

Like a True Nature's Child, We were Born to be Wyld!

Building the SuperCycle

As you proceed through the different mini-builds and character-specific destruction Events you will reveal the collection of build-kits that will, together and collectively, allow you to obtain all of the parts that are required so that Wyld can assemble the SuperCycle -- a build project that only a Master Builder can complete for obvious reasons!

Once Wyld has completed her destruction and build Events for the first stage of the SuperCycle, the can will come off of Emmet's head, at which point he will be able to complete his destruction and build events, which will result in the completion of the two Major Build Events for Wyld, which result in the completed SuperCycle!

Good job mates! Well done! Now that this is accomplished Wyld urges you to jump on because it is time for the next phase in this mission, level, and adventure! Get your motor runnin' and head out on the highway!

Part 4: The Highway and Having You Your Final Escape!

Right now, the thing is that all of the activity that we have completed up to this point was all for one purpose -- and that purpose was to build the SuperCycle and, like Captain America and Bucky, hit the highway where we will defeat the RoboCops, wipe out their mobile units, and have us our escape!

If it were only that easy... Sigh.

Emmet is left in charge of piloting the SuperCycle and using its weapons to strategically thin-out the RoboCop vehicles, while at the same time using her mad parkour skills, Wyld is actually making her way from large vehicle to vehicle on the highway, and taking out the RoboCops she encounters there -- with the assistance of Emmet of course!

As you drive the bike down the Highway there are a series of combination Events in which you utilize the laser weapons of the SuperBike to take out or otherwise modify the vehicles, trucks, and trailers (as well as their cargo) to meet the requirements of your team -- ultimately that comes down to building of an escape ramp, but before that there is a LOT of this and that work that you will need to complete in terms of Emmet AND Wyld.

By this point in the level you should have easily unlocked the full LEGO Stud Collection Amount - and the meter should be flasing from left to right to indicate that you have obtained the required amount to unlock that Golden Block.

Since the studs are no longer a concern you can safely ignore the ones on the road and the ones you lose for dying -- which let's face it, thanks to the unstable reality of jumping from moving vehicle to moving vehicle that is going to happen a lot!

Resoling the Highway Chase and Making the Final Escape!

Confronting the Attack Helicopters

Once you reach the point in the chase in which the Attack Helicopter appears you have also reached the point in the tutorial at which Silver Blocks are introduced, and you learn that ONLY by explosion can they be destroyed.

That is significant since Wyld has access to the Rocket and Cannon Weapons for this part of the level - well, specifically she takes control of an artillery piece that is mounted on the vehicle she has hijacked, and using that she is able to destroy the Silver Blocks / Silver Objects.

You as Emmet on the other hand will need to keep an eye out for Rockets being launched at both of you and switch back to Emmet in order to shoot the Rockets out of the air - Emmet is a bit better at doing this with the weapons that he has on teh SuperCycle than Wyld is due to the slow rate of fire she is forced to endure...

Eventually you will get the hang of it - Emmet will take out the Rockets and Wyld will use the shells to shoot the Silver Blocks that are on the back of the Attack Helicopters.

Wyld will continue to prompt Emmet for the actions that she needs him to perform, and the actions that Wyld needs to complete are very obvious, so between the two you should be able to get the hang of it quickly - if not, watch the video and you will see what you need to be doing!

The Final SuperBuild

When you have finally cleared the Highway and tall that remains is the car carrier and a pair of Attack Helicopters the conclusion is found in a Final Build -- which is accomplished via Wyld's Master Builder Ability!

Simply switch over to Wyld, target the two Attack Helicopters and the SuperCycle, and engage the SuperBuild and you will have an opportunity to watch Wyld do her thing as she tears apart the Attack Helicopters, taking parts from them and upgrading the SuperCycle, turning it into for lack of a better term a Jet-Powered SuperCycle Plane Thingy!

With the conversion complete you fly off into the Moonlight and thus ends the Level, and the Mission!

The Sum Total of Your Efforts!
The game now changes to the summary and point screen at which point you get to see just how well you did!

Now all things being equal what should happen at this point is you should see FreePlay for this Level now unlock, and then you should unlock the Achievement "Darn Darn Darn Darny Darn!" (20G) Completed Level 2 - Escape from Bricksburg.

Immediately following that event you will unlock and add the following characters to your collection, which in addition to making them selectable when characters can be selected, will make them available for FreePlay:

  • Emmet (Piece of Resistance)
  • Emmet (Trash Can)
  • Wyldstyle (Hood)
  • Ice Cream Jo

The LEGO Studs and Target Stud Collection Level will now add up, unlocking the Special -- and you should also unlock at least one of the Build Instruction Pamphlets.

Finally in terms of Gold Blocks at a minimum you should unlock:

1. Level Complete
2. The Special

You have now fully completed the single-player run-through for Escape from Bricksburg, so well done you!

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