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Necromancer Class Guide

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Necromancer Class Guide
Necromancer Class Guide

A new playerable class called Necromancers has been added to The Elder Scrolls Online: Elswyr and like all the other classes they come with three different skill-trees with different themes all of which focus heavily on controlling corpses to do their bidding, this includes the ability to armour themselves in undead forms. Although they are primarily concerned with death, necromancers can also heal both themselves and their allies. If you do decide you want to play as a Necromancer and master the dark arts you need to be aware that you will be playing an outlaw class and using their abilities could have repercussions. Necromancy is frowned-upon by Tamrielic society so whenever NPCs see an overtly necromantic act they will either act with fear or aggression and report it for the crime it is and you will gain a criminal bounty which will result in you constantly suffering harassment by law enforcement. Check out our Necromancer Class Guide to learn what all their abilities are.

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The Grave Lord

This skill tree focuses on dealing damage, it enables you to embue the hordes of the undead you raise with frost, fire, and lightning which can then be used against your enemies.

Grave Lord Skills

Frozen Colossus (Ultimate)

• Pestilent Colossus (Stamina Morph)

• Glacial Colossus

Flame Skull

• Ricochet Skull

• Venom Skull (Stamina Morph)


• Stalking Blastbones (Stamina Morph)

• Blighted Blastbones


• Unnerving Boneyard

• Avid Boneyard

Skeletal Mage

• Skeletal Archer (Stamina Morph)

• Skeletal Arcanist

Shocking Siphon

• Mystic Siphon

• Detonating Siphon (Stamina Morph)

Grave Lord Passives

• Reusable Parts

• Death Knell

• Dismember

• Rapid Rot

The Bone Tyrant

This skill tree mostly consists of defensive abilities, you will be able to create bend and break the dead and use their remains to create impenetrable barriers.

Bone Tyrant Skills

Bone Goliath Transformation (Ultimate)

• Pummeling Goliath

• Ravenous Goliath

Death Scythe

• Ruinous Scythe (Stamina Morph)

• Hungry Scythe

Bone Armor

• Beckoning Armor

• Summoner's Armor

Bitter Harvest

• Deaden Pain

• Necrotic Potency

Bone Totem

• Remote Totem

• Agony Totem

Grave Grasp

• Ghostly Embrace

• Empowering Grasp

Bone Tyrant Passives

• Death Gleaning

• Disdain Harm

• Health Avarice

• Last Gasp

The Living Death

This skill tree deals with reanimating dead bodies and healing. It enables you to draw the power of life and death to replenish and restore your allies so they can continue fighting after they have been defeated.

Living Death Skills

Reanimate (Ultimate)

• Renewing Animation

• Animate Blastbones

Render Flesh

• Resistant Flesh

• Blood Sacrifice


• Hexproof

• Expunge and Modify

Life amid Death

• Renewing Undeath

• Enduring Undeath

Spirit Mender

• Spirit Guardian

• Intensive Mender

Restoring Tether

• Braided Tether

• Mortal Coil

Living Death Passives

• Curative Curse

• Near-Death Experience

• Corpse Consumption

• Undead Confederate

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