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Game Reviews for Super Smash Bros.


Full Reviews

Seos san Nekros14th Feb 2007, ID #540
A paradise for Nintendo fans, plain and simple. Super Smash Brothers is a game that allows you to stage fights between classic nintendo characters, such as Mario (Super Mario Brothers series), Link ..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review
adaron4513th Dec 2011, ID #1386
To be honest, I'm not a fan of any fighting games whatsoever. But when I heard about this game, Super Smash Brothers, I felt like there's a connection between the fanatical obssession of Mario and a..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Great fighting game! Added 13 Aug 2004, ID #4856
The fighting is slow graphics are bad but still a great classic. I just love games with all the Nintendo characters in one game. 8/10
Get this game!!! Added 11 Aug 2003, ID #4284
This is a really good n64 game that I think everyone with an n64 should get if they already don't have it!!!

I reccomend you get this game cos the graphics and fights are good...

the Master hand at the end of the one player mode gives you loads of points and it's really fun to kill him so get this game!!!
ID #2746

Super smash bros is an ace game. all of the n64 characters have new moves and all the characters have a different stage to battle on. overall, an ace game

ID #2745

This is a great game. With all the moves weapons and levels it is fun. To get secret characters is challenging

ID #2744

I think this game is fun. My best character is Donkey Kong. Then it would be Samus....then Pikachu. My favorite stage is Sector Z....then Hyrule Castle. Then Mushroom Kingdom. My worst character is Ness. Then Jigglypuff. Then Link.

ID #2743

This is a brilliant game. It is about the second favourite game I like to play. It is fast moving and challenging.

My fav character is Link, 'cos he has the best moves and can avoid attacks very well. Then it is Pikachu. I like Hyrule castle.

Then the one where you stand on a plane in space. I don't like Capt. Falcon or D.K much.

I like this game because it has the best computer game characters to play with. It is an exellent game.

ID #2742

This game is the only game I have. Even thuogh there are better games, I will always like this one.

Super Smash Bros. is a wonderful game full of variety. You can master all of the moves and beat the computer.

Once you've mastered the computer and the bonus stages, there will always be your friends to play with.

This game always has a new surprise to show you. If you read all the cheats and hints, I think you'll know what I mean.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this game 9.5 for it's overall entertainment value.

ID #2741

I really like this game. It's fun and the cheats are easy. My best character is Ness. Then it would probably be DK.

Then I'd say Jigglypuff. My favorite place is Dream Land. Then Sector Z, then Congo Jungle. My worst character is Falcon.

Then it would be Yoshi. Then Luigi. My worst place is Yoshi's Island. Then Saffron City. Then Peach's Castle.

ID #2740

Hey! This game is great! I bet Super Smash Bros. Melee is even better too! Anyways, my favourite characters are:

1. *Mario*

2. ~Kirby~

3. -LiNk-

You probably have different favourite characters but these are MY favourites.

But one character I think nobody in the whole world likes is Jigglypuff!

She has the worst attacks, obviously cause' she's the easiest to unlock!

Well that's my opinion Smile

Later peeps!*~

ID #2739

12 fighters + 9 stages + 4 modes + 1-4 humans + 1-4 computers + Diffuculty settings= Super Smash Bros.! This fighting game will blow you away with 3-D graphics, classic music and excellent game play.

Items are so classic you'll feel like you're playing the NES! Play this whenever you want or at parties. I reccomend you get it.

Score: 10/10

ID #2738

This personally is my favorite game for Nintendo 64. It has awesome characters with awesome attacks. It is hard to get bored playing this game because it has so many different characters and places to battle.

It has both 1-player and multi-player settings so that you can play by yourself or with your friends! I think that you should give this game a try.

ID #2737

Super Smash Bros is an excellent game!

I like the way your able to play on your own or with friends.

My favourite character is probably Pikachu then Kirby.

Mushroom Kingdom is probably my favourite coarse, then Saffron. 93% is what I'd give it.

ID #2736

Super Smash Bros. is one of my favourite N64 games 'cause there are so many different Characters, I like being Pikachu or Kirby, and places to fight in.

The worst character is deffinetely Jigglypuff 'cause that ponsy little punch does absolutely nothing! A part from that this game is superb, SO GET IT!

ID #2735
This game is my favourite fighting game on the N64.

The moves that the characters do are excellent and the graphics on them is great.

My favourite character to use is Pikachu, his moves are great, then Kirby, they're good too.

Overall this game is tops and I reccomend you buy it!

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