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Super Smash Bros. Cheats for 3DS

Cheats and Tips for Super Smash Bros.

SuperCheats Guide
Super Smash Bros. Guide
Take an in-depth tour of Super Smash Bros Brawl with our exclusive guide. All the unlockables (characters, levels, music etc...) plus info on items,..

We have 13 cheats and tips on 3DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Smash Bros. please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo 64 : Wii U

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Organise your Trophy Hoard

Enter the following commands using the D-Pad or Circle Pad before Trophy Hoard loads in the 'Trophies' section of the Vault to organise your Trophy Hoard.
Oragnize in a Circle:
Hold Right before Trophy Hoard loads.
Oragnize in a High Pointing Triangle:
Hold Up before Trophy Hoard loads.
Oragnize in a Low Pointing Triangle:
Hold Down before Trophy Hoard loads.
Organize in a Square:
Hold Left before Trophy Hoard loads.

Unlock Alternate Stage Music

If you hold R while selecting a stage you will be able to change the background music to an alternate version.

Alternate Balloon Fight Grass

If you hold L when selecting the Balloon Fight stage you will be able to randomly change the stage's grass colour to either Orange or Blue. This does not work on the Omega version of the Balloon Fight stage.

Hidden Milestones

Below is a list of Milestones that are not tied to any of the Challenges
Defeated 10 Enemies in Cruel Smash:
Die in Cruel Smash with at least 10 KOs. This can be completed using Kirby's Inhale ability to spit Miis out beneath the stage where they cannot recover.
Earned 300,000 Points in Target Blast:
Playing as a Villager you must perform a dash attack on the bomb, jab it to 25%, and input an uncharged side smash right before the timer changes to 5.
Achieved a High Score of 100 in Rival Smash:
Die in Rival Smash with at least 100 more KOs than your rival. This can be completed by using Kirby's stone ability repeatedly.
Blew Up 5,000 Targets and/or Obstacles in Target Blast:
In Target Blast des..

Unlock Stages

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding stage will become unlocked.
Flat Zone 2:
Play 90 matches in Smash mode to fight Mr. Game & Watch and defeat him.
Mute City:
Win 3 Smash mode battles as Captain Falcon.
Balloon Fight:
Play as the Villager 3 times.
Dream Land (Pupupu Land):
Execute Kirby's Final Smash special attack in a Smash mode battle.
Complete 10 matches to unlock Ness.
Pac-Man Maze:
Execute Pac-Man's Final Smash special attack.
Complete 30 matches to unlock Wario.

Power Pellets (Pac-Maze Stage)

When you collect 100 Pac-Dots in the Pac-Maze stage a Power Pellet will appear. The Power pellet increases your character's abilities and Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde will turn blue and become prone to attacks.

Unlock 'Additional Rules' Option

This hidden feature becomes available at the 'Rules' menu when you have executed a total of 200 KOs.

Stage Selection on Random

When you have unlocked ALL the stages you will be able to edit what stages show up on Random mode.

Turn Golden (Golden Plains Stage)

When you collect 100 coins in the Golden Plains stage you will be able to temporarily turn golden. When your character is in this state they will have stronger attacks and will not flinch.

Unlock True All Star Mode

This feature is All Star mode but with ALL the characters unlocked.

Unlock Alternate Dream Land Stage

If you hold L while selecting the Dream Land stage you will be able to play a monochrome version of it.

Easy KO's for Challenges

Some challenges in the Challenge page are things like "Get 50/100/200/etc. KO's in Smash." You can do 100-Man Smash as many times as it requires, but you don't get the challenge. You have to play the actual Smash gamemode.
This isn't exactly fast, but it is effective.
First, go into the Rules and set the game to Stock. Next, set the amount of lives each character has to 99. Then set the Handicap to On, not Auto (This is important!), turn off all items (to remove variables that can screw you over), and set the Damage Ratio to 2.0. Go to the selection screen and make 3 Level 1 CPU's and make them a weak character (I recommend Yoshi or Olimar). Set the CPU's handicap to 300%. Then choose a strong character for yourself that has a splash/AoE (Area of Effe..

The most powerful charaters

By all means this is by observation only
I have been able to put together a series of tests of which characters are the strongest
1. Jiggaly puff
2. Charazard
3. Samus
4. Kurby
5. Marth
6. Villager
7. Gannon
9. Zelda
Tied in tenth place
11. Ness
12. Little mac

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