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Prologue is the first mission in GTA 5. It features Michael as the main playable

character, with Trevor making appearances. The mission is unlocked after the

installation of the game is complete. There is no rating system on this mission.

Nine years in the past, Trevor and three compatriots take part in a bank robbery gone

bad. Herd the bankers into the back room by shouldering your weapon and pointing at


Use your phone’s remote function to detonate the charges.

Follow your buddies to the vault. Storm in and grab the cash. When the guard grabs your

friend, shoulder your weapon, take careful aim at his head, and grease him with a single


Take cover at the edge of the garage door and pick off the cops in the distance.

Gradually advance from pillar to pillar, hugging cover. Cops will try to flank you on

your left.

Move up to the campers, using cover as long as you can.

Then step forward running and gunning down the hill.

Reach the car and hop in.

Be gentle on the wheel, and stay in the right lane to avoid an unfortunate collision

with oncoming police. Stay on the road. Don’t attempt any cross-country shortcuts or the

Mission will end.

Beat the train, and after the car crash cut scene, take cover and defend your fallen

comrade until the tutorial ends.

This Mission is used mainly to get you used to the different game controls and mechanics


The mission begins at a bank in north Yankton right in the middle of a heist, to get

things started walk to where your partner is and turn to the right, there should be some

hostages, you'll be prompted toaim at them with your gun to intimidate them while the

other two robbers get everything in position, then one of the robbers will take the

hostages to another room and the other will tell you to activate a bomb that he planted

by calling the detonation number, bring up your phone (Up on the D-pad) and call the

number labeled "detonate", the moment you do that, a small cutscene will play.

Now that the safe is open, walk through the door on your left, you'll have to walk

through a small hallway until you see an opening to your right, which used to be the

vault door; from the opening, go to the far right corner, there will be the money that

you came for, you will be prompted by your crew to get to the escape point.

Right when you get out of the vault, a guard takes your character's mask off and holds

him at gunpoint, at which point you will need to change characters (hold down on the D-

pad then right on the right stick) to take the guard down, follow your crew to the back

door and escape the building.

Just as you step out, you will hear sirens and police cars approaching

Part II.- Getaway:

When the cops arrive quickly take cover behind the pillars, start taking them out with

your gun and try to gain some ground, after you finish all of them your crew will start

to walk downhill towards the road, at which point more patrol cars will appear with

around one or two cops, keep on the road and start advancing using the cars as cover, be

cautious so you dont end straight between the crosshairs of the cops, your objective is

to get on the getaway vehicle that is right where the highway meets the road you're on;

after about five patrol cars you will arrive to the car and be prompted to get in.


After a short cutscene you are now a driver short, so you will have to take the wheel,

there will be some basic controls prompts (on Xbox: RT accelerates, LT brakes) you will

have to follow your nav point on the radar to get to the pickup point, it's almost a

straight line and a right turn at the end to avoid a roadblock, once you avoid said

roadblock you'll try to drive through some rails before the train arrives


You will see why that's not a good idea, and now you'll have to keep going on foot, but

you wil be ambushed by a federal police sniper who takes down your two crew members,

besides some patrol cars arrive to backup him. It's up to Trevor to stand their ground

if they want to get out of there. This is a simple part, since all you need to do is

stay behind the cover you start in and shoot all the feds that try to approach, after a

short while, a cutscene will trigger and the mission will end.


* Franklin and Lamar

Franklin and Lamar is a mission in GTA 5. It features Franklin as the main playable

character. The mission is unlocked after completing Prologue.

100% Gold Requirements for Franklin and Lamar

Not a Scratch Deliver the repo car with minimal damage

Focused Use Franklin's special ability for 7 seconds

Winner Win the race against Lamar

We Come In Peace Avoid hitting the aliens at the movie studio

Of the two available cars, the red one handles a little better, so you might want to

grab it if you’re new to driving.

Follow Lamar to the dealership. Use Franklin’s special wheelman ability to make the

sharper turns.

After you reach the drop point, you’ll be pursued by the police. Evading them is

relatively easy. Get ahead on a main road, then drive to an obscure corner or off-road

location. Hillsides work well. Wait for the wanted level to drop and continue on.

Once you reach the dealership, meet Simeon, then head out to the lot and grab your car.

Follow the route home, learning your vehicle’s handling characteristics.

When you reach your garage, step into the house. Visit your room and save to end the



* Repossession

hours 2 minutes ago

Repossession is a mission in GTA 5. It features Franklin as the main playable character.

The mission is unlocked after completing Franklin and Lamar.

100% Gold Requirements for Repossession

Mission Time Complete the mission within 6:30

Trail Blazer Shoot the gasoline trail

Headshots Kill 6 enemies with a headshot

Accuracy Finish with an accuracy of 70% or more.

Back at Simeon’s, Lamar takes issue with Franklin’s appointment to Employee of the


Travel to Vespucci Beach with Lamar. You’ll be driving. Feel free to grab any of

Simeon’s high-dollar rides.

Follow Lamar over the fence and into the alley.

At the end of the street on your right you’ll find a garage. Open it and step inside.

Lamar will start a confrontation with a group of local gang members.

Grab the pistol dropped by the dead gang member, then hug cover on the edge of the


Draw your pistol using the weapon wheel. Snap around teh corner to fire at a single

target, then zip back. Repeat until the street is clear, then cross to the right-hand


A thug at the far side of the street has a shotgun. Snap it up, dive into cover, and

switch weapons. Your enemies will take up positions on balconies above the left and

right sides of the alley. Pop out and take them down one by one.

Ignite the gas trail to destroy the sedan.


When you reach the end of the alley, scale the fence again and leap into the car. Begin

pursuit of the bike immediately. The motorcycle has a raw speed advantage, but careful

use of Franklin’s time-stopping ability in turns will allow you to catch up fairly


Don’t bother shooting the driver. Just ram the bike, then steal the ride.

Police pursuit will begin. Find a nice out-of-the-way off-road spot and stay out of the

cops’ way.


* Complications

hours 2 minutes ago

Complications is a mission in GTA 5. It features Franklin as the main playable character

with Michael coming into play later on. The mission is unlocked after completing


100% Gold Requirements for Complications

Mission Time Complete within 5:00

Can't Touch This Take no damage during the fight with Simeon

Dirt Nap Knock out the gardener with a stealth attack

Back at Simeon’s, Lamar takes issue with Franklin’s appointment to Employee of the


Travel to Vespucci Beach with Lamar. You’ll be driving. Feel free to grab any of

Simeon’s high-dollar rides.

Follow Lamar over the fence and into the alley.

At the end of the street on your right you’ll find a garage. Open it and step inside.

Lamar will start a confrontation with a group of local gang members.

Grab the pistol dropped by the dead gang member, then hug cover on the edge of the


Draw your pistol using the weapon wheel. Snap around teh corner to fire at a single

target, then zip back. Repeat until the street is clear, then cross to the right-hand


A thug at the far side of the street has a shotgun. Snap it up, dive into cover, and

switch weapons. Your enemies will take up positions on balconies above the left and

right sides of the alley. Pop out and take them down one by one.

Ignite the gas trail to destroy the sedan.


When you reach the end of the alley, scale the fence again and leap into the car. Begin

pursuit of the bike immediately. The motorcycle has a raw speed advantage, but careful

use of Franklin’s time-stopping ability in turns will allow you to catch up fairly


Don’t bother shooting the driver. Just ram the bike, then steal the ride.

Police pursuit will begin. Find a nice out-of-the-way off-road spot and stay out of the

cops’ way.


* Father Son

Father Son is a mission in GTA 5. It features Michael as the main playable character,

with Franklin coming into play later. The mission is unlocked after completing


100% Gold Requirements for Father/Son

Quick Catch Rescue Jimmy within 10 seconds

Not a Scratch Deliver Amanda's car with no damage

Beginning at Michael’s house, grab Amanda’s convertible and head onto the freeway with

Franklin. Jimmy is on a yacht pulled by a trailer ahead. Move close enough to allow

Franklin on board. When the sail swings out with a figure hanging off, quickly drive

underneath and catch him. He’s your son, Jimmy.

Fire over the side of the car to provide assistance to Franklin, then pull closer and

allow him to escape onto the hood. Your car will develop mechanical trouble.

Head to a Los Santos Custom Shop and have Amanda’s car prepared.

Return to Michael’s home to finish the Mission.


* Chop

hours 5 minutes ago

Chop is a mission in GTA 5. It features Franklin as the main playable character. The

mission is unlocked after completing Repossession and Pulling Favors, a Strangers and

Freaks mission.

100% Gold Requirements for Chop

Not a Scratch Complete with little damage done to Lamar's Van

Homedog Enter Chop's perspective for 10 seconds

Unmarked Complete with minimal damage to health and armor

Advanced Reflexes Use Franklin's special ability for 7 seconds

Lamar plans on kidnapping this gangster for ransom. He’ll break away, and you’ll need to

chase after him.

Catching the target on his bike will be difficult. Your van is too slow to make much

headway. Fortunately, a city bus will step in and assist you.

Follow the target through back alleys and into the trainyard. Using Chop as your guide,

search the train cars. You can also opt to see through Chop’s eyes.

Chop will be momentarily distracted by a lady friend. You can pull him off, or be polite

and wait for him to finish.

Follow Chop through the trainyard again and you’ll find the target hiding in a train

car. Chop will take him down. Catch up and drag him to the van. Lamar will make a dumb

mistake and you’ll end up letting your hostage go and racing for home.


* Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling is a mission in GTA 5. It features Michael as the main playable

character with Franklin along as well. The mission is unlocked after completing Father

Son and the Strangers and Freaks mission Pulling Favors.

100% Gold Requirements for The Long Stretch

Not a Scratch Complete with little damage done to the Bison

Mission Time Complete within 5:30

Unmarked Complete with minimal damage to health and armor

Drive-By Killer Kill 3 enemies while in a vehicle

Michael comes home to find Amanda taking some special tennis lessons. Grab the truck

outside the house and pursue the suitor into the hills. Once there, wrap a cable around

the base of the house’s foundation and tear it down.

Turn’s out the tennis teacher was only a houseguest, and the very rich and powerful

homeowner sends his thugs after you. Spray lead from the windows to kill them. Target

the passenger’s side windshield.

When you arrive home, the crime lord is waiting, but thanks to a merciful cut scene,

you’ll survive the night.


* Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy's Little Girl is a mission in GTA 5. It features Michael as the main playable

character. The mission is unlocked after completing Marriage Counseling.

100% Gold Requirements for Daddy's Little Girl

Fastest Speed Reach top speed on the Seashark

Stabilizer Don't fall off the bicycle

Faster Than Fish Swim to the boat within 1 minute

Michael is relaxing at home and decides to attempt to bond with Jimmy.

Young James is unenthusiastic but agrees to a bike ride down the beach. Drive him there.

Once at the beach, rent a bike.

Bicycling is fairly straightforward. Tap the run button to paddle more rapidly, but

watch out for Michael’s health. He’s not in great shape, and if you push too hard he’ll

begin to lose health. Beating Jimmy is a matter of staying on the route.

After the race, Jimmy reveals that Tracy is offshore with a group of porn stars on a

large yacht. Leap from the pier and swim to her aid.

She’ll be less than happy to see you.

Flee with Tracy on a jetski. Running at max speed in a mostly straight line through the

tunnels will be plenty to escape the clumsy clods. If necessary, sacrifice speed for

collision avoidance.

The thugs will keep following for some time, but as long as you keep moving you’ll

eventually outrun them.

Come ashore at the beach to meet your ungrateful children and end the mission.


* Friend Request

Friend Request is a mission in GTA 5. It features Michael as the main playable

character. The mission is unlocked after completing Marriage Counseling.

100% Gold Requirements for Friend Request

Mission Time Complete the mission within 8:30

Popups Clear Clear all pop-ups within 32 seconds

Michael seeks out an old friend’s help in making a new score. Lester sends Michael on a

Mission to infiltrate Lifeinvader, a Facebook/Apple-like social media and tech company.

In order to get through the door, Michael needs a set of neo-yuppie duds. Head to the

Suburban outfitter and grab some.

Only by looking like an idiot can you gain the respect of your fellow entitled software


Chat up this dude. He’ll help you slip in.

Quickly click the x icons to clear the screen of porn spam. Windows pop up again every

few seconds.

You can’t clear the screen until you clear the bugs. As soon as you close the last

window activate the AV software.

Step down the hall and plant a device in the prototype phone.

Walk right out the front door and race home to catch the keynote speech on TV.

Tune in for an explosive presentation. Call Norris when he reveals the phone.


* Casing the Jewel Store

Casing the Jewel Store is a mission in GTA 5. It features Michael as the main playable

character. The mission is unlocked after completing Friend Request.

100% Gold Requirements for Casing the Jewel Store

Mission Time Complete with 8 minutes

Perfect Picture Capture all 3 security features in 1 picture

Lester needs eyes on the ground before the Jewel Store Heist.

Drive to the luxury jewelers. The store is located on the far side of this building in

the plaza.

Snap pictures of the vents, cameras, and keycode box with your phone, and chat with the

clerk to keep up appearances.

Drive around back until you see this construction. Climb the stairs and ladder inside.

Cross the roof, climbing the stairs to the left and walk past the vents. On the far

side, climb up to this vantage point and snap a shot down on the HVAC units.

Get your pic and retrace your route to the car and back to the hideout.

Choose a method and a crew.

For our Walkthrough, we recommend the direct route through the Carbine Rifles section.

As for crew, dish out the cash for top-tier help. Trust us, it saves a load of



* Carbine Rifles

Carbine Rifles is a mission in GTA 5. It features Franklin as the main playable

character. The mission is unlocked after completing Chop and Father Son.

100% Gold Requirements for The Long Stretch

Swift Getaway Lose the wanted level within 2 minutes

Carbine Rifles can begin almost anywhere near a freeway. You’ll need to hijack a truck

full of assault weapons en-route to a police station

Michael can slow time long enough to win a straight shootout with the NOSE team guarding

the guns. Force their SUV off the road by trapping it between the shoulder and your car,

nose in with your front end, and brake. Pop out of the vehicle, activate the ability,

and waste the guards.

Take the vehicle off-road to lose the cops, then return home.


* The Jewel Store Job

The Jewel Store Job is a Mission in GTA 5 that can be tackled in two ways. In the

"Smart" approach, Michael and Franklin use knockout gas to avoid a messy hostage

situation; while in the "Loud" approach, they opt instead to burst through the front

doors armed to the teeth. It becomes available after completing Casing the Jewel Store.

The Loud Approach

100% Gold Requirements for The Jewel Store Job (Either Approach)

Quick Grab Steal the jewelry within 50 seconds

Protege Protected Protect Franklin during the LS River chase

Clean Sweep Steal the jewelry from all 20 cabinets

Mission Time Finish within 10:30

The Jewel Store heist is broken into three main parts: a drive in, a smash & grab, and a

drive out. The drive-in is a simple cruise through town. Once you reach the store,

things accelerate.

It’s possible to smash and grab every case in the limited time allowed. Prioritize the

central island, as the Jewels there are worth most.

Circle the area smashing and grabbing. If you hired a skilled gunman you should have no

crowd trouble. once you’ve cleared out the middle, circle the room.

Switch to Franklin for the getaway. Wind through the streets following your comrades and

keep an eye out for the tunnel on the right. A single fall will spill you, so don’t

overcompensate on the bike. Drive it lightly and thread the throttle when necessary.

Franklin’s special ability is a remarkable help in the tunnels. Activate it at every

intersection to help turn.

Once in the culvert, switch to Michael and run the police cruisers off the road. Don’t

bother shooting, and don’t be afraid to cross the shallow water. Be sure to brake

carefully avoid hitting your friends at the end of the aqueduct to avoid failure.


* Mr. Philips

Mr. Philips is a GTA 5 Mission.

Requirements for 100%

No Survivors Kill all fleeing bikers

Headshots Kill 12 enemies with a headshot

Mission Time Complete within 12 minutes

Trailer Trashed Cause $5000 in damages to Ortega's trailer

Lost and Damned Kill Terry and Clay during the chase

After beating a biker to death, Trevor heads off to agitate the gang member’s cronies

and follow them to their camp.

Ram or shoot the motorcycles, but leave the van alone.

You’ll find a Stunt Jump just to the left of this bridge

Attack the trailer park from the left side, advancing from cover to cover.

Trevor’s special ability allows him to slow time and reduce damage. Use it liberally

against the bikers.

Your radar will occasionally reveal bikers zooming toward you in vehicles. Lay in wait

and pick them off from cover as they pass by.

Once the bikers are dispatched, drive to your rival's trailer and give him a friendly


Threaten him with your weapon, but don’t kill him.


* Nervous Ron

Nervous Ron is a GTA 5 Mission.

Drop by Ammunation and grab a suppressed Sniper Rifle.

Drive to the water tower and climb to the top.

Cover Ron’s approach, picking off guards as he spies out the gang’s position. Clear

patrolling guards as he requests.

Several of the guards will appear near or above this area.

Also, take out the two lights here when Ron asks you to.

You’ll eventually be asked to snipe the pilot of an approaching helicopter. Nail him

with a shot through the front glass as he hovers.

Then move in with a close-range weapon and make your way into the hangar. Use cover to

mask your movements.

Fight your way to the waiting aircraft. From the wing, blast the gang members on both

sides of the runway.

Spin around on the wing to take down pursuing vehicles. Leap from the wing and grab your

own plane at the end of the runway. Take off and remember to raise your landing gear.

Once airborne, follow Ron and stay low to avoid radar. Do not fly over the airbase. Once

clear of flight restrictions, race Ron over the valley. The cleanest path home is

between the bridges and the mountains on the left.

Line up with the airfield while it is still a great distance off. Remember to lower your

gear as you descend, and cut throttle near the ground. Reverse once you land to avoid a



* Trevor Philips Industries

Trevor Philips Industries is a GTA 5 Mission.

Meet your two new Chinese contacts in this dive bar.

Drive them to your meth lab at the liquor store.

You’ll be attacked by gang members. follow Chef from room to room, taking up position on

any cover near him. Use Trevor’s special ability when forced out of cover. Otherwise,

peek out, fire, and duck back whenever the coast is clear.

You’ll find a grenade launcher near this section of the roof. use it to thin out enemy



* Crystal Maze

Crystal Maze is a GTA 5 Mission.

Drive to the O’Neil farm. From this vantage point, select your suppressed Sniper Rifle.

Starting with the leftmost of these two fellows, sniper your way from left to right

across the farm. Take them out quickly before they can alert others.

As soon as you snipe the two fellows plinking at cans, look above and to their right and

kill this fellow before he can yell. Then pan above him and clear the balcony. Work down

and right from there.

If you accidentally alert the farm, kill as many defenders as you can with your rifle

and then switch to your shotgun and assault the farm.

Once the defenders are cleared outside, enter the farmhouse from the left side. Use

corners for cover, and fire as you turn corners. Use Trevor’s special ability to clear

the halls.

The door to the basement is in the far side of the lower floor of the house. Make your

way down and shoot this guy before he pulls a gun.

Grab a Jerry Can and make a trail of gas from the basement through the house and


Shoot the trail once you’re outside. Bad guys don’t look at explosions.


* Friends Reunited

Trevor learns of Michael’s reappearance through the TV news. COnfused, he decides to

take a drive to Los Santos. Before leaving, he makes a final reckoning with the bikers.

The trailer park attack is a matter of patience. The sticky bombs can be thrown at a

high arc, and every trailer disappears from the minimap when a bomb is attached, so you

know you have a clean hit. Activate stealth mode and give guards a very wide berth. Do

not allow yourself to get involved in combat and you’ll be fine.

Detonate the bombs and take a drive to lay claim to your new pad in the city.


* Fame or Shame

Fame or Shame is a GTA 5 Mission.

With Trevor’s help. travel to the Los Santos Arena to rescue Tracy from the clutches of

pop-sensation Lazlo.

Chase him out of the building. Grab this semi, drop the trailer, and pursue him through

the streets and into the aqueduct.

Follow Lazlo until he gives up.


* Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking is a GTA 5 Mission.

Meet Dave at the observatory. He’ll mention an infiltration job and give you a helpful

bump on the head.

When you awaken you’ll find yourself in a morgue.

Across the hall you’ll find the body you’re looking for.

As soon as you ID the body draw your pistol and face the door. Gun down the agent across

the hall and grab his ammunition.

Weave through the halls and laboratory hugging corners and cover. Secure a shotgun from

a fallen agent as soon as possible.

When moving up stairwells, face up and fire as you turn to kill any attackers lying in


Your weapons are in a trash bag inside the glassed in area.

Once you’ve grabbed your guns, head for this window. Shoot it out and run across the

parking lot and steal the nearest parked car.

The police are alerted. race away and shake them to reduce your wanted level. Head for

the pumps and complete the mission once you’ve shaken the cops.


* Did Somebody Say Yoga

Did Somebody Say Yoga is a GTA 5 Mission.

The Yoga minigame is fairly simple. Follow the onscreen prompts and you’ll do fine.

Drive to pick up Jimmy. On your way back he’ll slip you a strange concoction. Your

driving will suffer. Stay at low speed to avoid a fatal wreck.

Weird stuff happens.

We just hope it’s not real.


* The Long Stretch

The Long Stretch is a mission in GTA 5. It features Franklin as the main playable

character. The mission is unlocked after completing Chop and Father Son.

100% Gold Requirements for The Long Stretch

Accuracy Finish with an accuracy of at least 60%

Headshots Kill 10 enemies with a headshot

Unmarked Complete with minimal damage to health and armor

Mission Time Finish within 10:30

Before heading off to meet your contact, gear up with weapons and body armor at


Something’s fishy here.

Turns out the whole thing is a setup. You’ll need to fight your way out. Franklin has no

special combat ability, so stick closely to cover and be very cautious as your make your

way out.

Once you get outside, follow Lamar as he runs across the back lot. When you hear the

police chopper, turn and take out the crew.

Hop in your car and hit the tunnels or off-road to shake the cops.


* Hotel Assassination

Hotel Assassination is a GTA 5 Mission.

Franklin is assigned to kill a prominent business target. Armed with a Sniper Rifle,

make your way to the garage waypoint.

As soon as the timer begins, race into your car and drive to the top of the garage. Once

on the roof, race to the rail to a position overlooking the convoy. Draw your rifle and

gun down the fellow in pink when he steps outside.

Leap back into your car. Jump off the ramp on the far side, using Franklin’s special

ability to perfect the landing. Outrun the cops and head to sweet freedom.


* The Multi Target Assassination

The Multi Target Assassination is a GTA 5 Mission.

for some extra cash make sure to invest heavily in debonair cigarettes before completing

this mission

You’re tasked with four assassinations in a short time limit. Secure a car and follow

the minimap to find a bodybuilder posing on a street corner. If he spots you he’ll break

and run. A snap of the Sniper Rifle will bring him down.

Head to the next waypoint. Zoom in with your rifle at the sailboat offshore and pick off

juror number two.

At the third waypoint, look up the side of the building and kill the window washer.

The final target is riding a bike in the hills. Chase him down and ram the bike, then

pick up the dismounted rider.


* Three's Company

Three’s Company is a GTA 5 Mission.

Drop Michael on the west side of the roof on the balcony.

Repel down the side of the building and spot the target. Break through the window and

make the grab.

Switch to Franklin and protect Michael with the Sniper Rifle.

Snipe the helicopter pilot to protect your crew.

As you flee. lean out the window with Michael and clear out pursuers with the MG.


* Hood Safari

Hood Safari is a GTA 5 Mission.

A drug deal goes south. Franklin and Trevor are trapped in a cul-de-sac ambush.

Move from car to car exchanging fire with the gangsters. Use the Grenade Launcher to

take out clusters of enemies.

Switch to Trevor and use his special ability to clear a path. Make your way along the

left side of the street.

Follow the in-game prompts and requisition these jet skis.

Surge down the aqueducts. Use Lamar as a guide.


* By the Book

By the Book is a GTA 5 Mission.

By the book places Trevor in the role of torturer while Michael drives to a snazzy beach

party to snipe a target. The prisoner slowly reveals details about the man you’re

looking for, and you’ll switch back and forth getting an ID on the suspect.

The prisoner’s life bar is indicated on the top part of the EKG. You don’t actually want

to kill him, just hurt him plenty. If he does die, and adrenaline shot will bring him


An effective sequence of torture is three quick shocks interspersed by a few threatening

snaps of the electrical leads, followed by a good wrenching, tooth repair, and a bit

more juice.

This is the fellow you’re looking for. Take him out. Once finished, switch back to

Trevor and drive the prisoner to the airport.


* Scouting the Port

Scouting the Port is a GTA 5 Mission.

Trevor infiltrates the Port of Los Santos looking for goods worth stealing. Drive

straight through the gate and stay near your guide, or you’ll be identified and the

mission will end.

The foreman will put you on a job moving to cargo crates. Raise the crane, line up

perpendicular to the box, activate the lift, carry it to the designated spot, lower the

lift, drop, and repeat.

You’ll then move to the cargo crane. Be careful not to slip on the open ledges. Enter

the cockpit, lift a crate as high as possible, and drag it straight over to the waiting

flatbed. Repeat.

Once free of the boss, snap three picks of the ship: one of the bow section, one of the

gangway guard, and a long shot of the stern.

Steal a semi and drive it to the Merryweather holding area. Once you have the case,

sprint away from the perimeter, avoiding any confrontation.

Once home, for the purposes of this walkthrough choose the container ship option.


* Minisub

Minisub is a GTA 5 Mission. This walkthrough assumes you choose the container ship

option in Scouting Out Port.

Minisub is a straightforward Merryweather Heist setup Misson. Drive to the sub location

indicated on the map and shoot the suspension cables down with a Sniper Rifle.

Dive into the water, enter the sub, and steer it to the pick-up point indicated on the



* Trash Truck

Trash Truck is a GTA 5 Mission. It is a setup Mission for the Blitz Play.

Trash Truck is a straightforward snatch and grab. Follow the prompts to a garbage truck

and steal it.

You’ll likely activate a two-star wanted level. Use your radar to avoid police. If you

are seen, your garbage truck can easily knock cruisers aside while you race for off-road



* Boiler Suits

Boiler Suits is a GTA 5 Mission. It is a setup Mission for the Blitz Play.

Boiler Suits is a straightforward setup Mission. Drive to Ammu-Nation and buy three

Boiler Suits off the rack.

While you’re there, stock up on body armor, custom Weapons, Grenades, and ammunition.


* Masks

Masks is a GTA 5 Mission.

Masks is a Mission in GTA 5. It is a setup Mission for the Blitz Job. Drive to the Mask

Store on Vespucci Beach, pick out three masks, and head home.


* Tow Truck

Tow Truck is a GTA 5 Mission. It is a setup Mission for the Blitz Play.

Follow the map to the tow, and beat this poor fellow up until he stops moving.

Grab the tow truck next to him and drive it to the FIB lot.


* The Merryweather Heist

The Merryweather Heist is a GTA 5 Mission. This walkthrough assumes you chose the cargo

ship option in Scouting the Port.

Place Franklin on overwatch across the lot. He’ll provide cover fire for Michael.

A single bullet will fell both of these fellows. Clear a path for Michael.

Switch to Michael and plant the first bomb. Stay stealthy. Switch back to Franklin as

soon as possible and scout ahead of Michael.

Clear this gangway as soon as you can.

Keep an eye on the stern. Mercs tend to congregate there.

Also watch the upper decks near lifeboat and the bridge.

When Michael steps inside, clean out guards wherever you see them. Cover his escape

toward the bow, and keep the stairs and stern clear near his exit point. Once he’s in

the water, detonate the bombs.

The device has a red flashing indicator and should be easy to spot as Michael.

Once secured, send Trevor in with the Minisub and grab the weapon, then haul it back to



* Blitz Play

Blitz Play is a GTA 5 Mission.

Don your masks and prepare for the armored car job.

Park the garbage truck so that it blocks both lanes across the alley.

Once the car reaches the garbage truck, fly out of the alley and broadside it with the


Set a bomb, step away, and blow the door.

Police will arrive. kill a few with Franklin, then switch to Michael.

Run down the stairwell toward the alley behind and guard the corner as the cops attack

from the rear.

Switch to Trevor and clean off the rooftops across the street.

Kill the chopper with a few well-placed shots at crew.

Create a path through the street and get in the garbage truck. Break contact with some

fast turns and off-road antics.

Check in with Devin to end the Mission.


* Mr. Richards

Mr. Richards is a GTA 5 Mission.

Meet Solomon Richards, movie producer. Michael’s idol in the film industry offers him

work hunting down a reluctant star.

Rocco is on the roof of a building across town surrounded by thugs. There’s no need for

shooting, but fistacuffs will speed the Misison along.

While not exactly a stealth mission, it’s best to remain unseen until you are close to

the construction workers standing around, as they’ll call for help and alert Rocco if

they spot you. Close with them quickly and beat them down.

Circle behind the building. Climb this ladder and the stairs beyond.

Immediately rush the worker emerging from this door and punch him before he can raise an


Climb to the roof and give Rocco a good pummeling. Use Michael’s special ability to slow

down time and land several successive blows.

Take the crew out for a ride in the chopper. Fly to the nearby river and give the

underpasses some close shaves. You do not have to fly fast to scare Rocco. You can

safely pass under the bridge at low speed and successfully intimidate him.

Return to the studio and land here to end the Mission.


* I Fought the Law

I Fought the Law is a Mission in GTA V.

Guide Franklin to the interstate service station. When he reaches the pumps, he’ll goad

two local drivers into a road race.

Franklin’s special ability will allow you to keep up with the supercars. Avoiding a

wreck is more important than getting ahead.

After racing for a while, you’ll switch to Michael on a bike. Pull up behind the right

hand car and stay on his tail. You’ll need to follow for several miles before the cars

get the idea. Again, avoiding a spill is more important than speed.

Once you gain possession of the cars, switch back to Franklin for the road race home.

His ability to quickly turn will allow you to easily outdistance Michael and Trevor.


* Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky is a GTA 5 Mission.

Using a powerful piece of electronic tracking technology, search for Chad Mulligan,

owner of a supercar. Simply close in on a target and scan them to reveal their identity.

You can also listen in on their conversations.

You’ll find Chad Mulligan among the second grouping of targets on a rooftop near a

second figure. Follow him with your eye in the sky. Zoom out to spot him when he steps

momentarily out of view.

The same principle applies when you follow the car.

Once the car reaches the garage, activate the IR scanner. On the left side of the garage

you’ll find Chad hiding in a sitting position.

Take the car. There’s no need to shoot Chad.

Evade the cops and head to the airport. Drop off the beautiful old ride to end the



* The Vice Assassination

The Vice Assassination is a GTA 5 Mission.

Drive to the curb and wait for the target to pick up the prostitute. She won’t enter the

car until the man you’re after arrives.

Drive parallel and spray the cockpit with bullets, or force it off the road beneath the

bridge and pump him full of lead. Speed away and evade the police.


* The Bus Assassination

The Bus Assassination is a GTA 5 Mission.

Steal a city bus from the lot Lester sends you to.

You’ll need to drive the city bus route until you locate the target, picking up

passengers and obeying traffic laws to a reasonable extent.

This impolite fellow is your target. He’ll make a run for a bike when he realizes you

mean business.

Run him over with the bus, then walk away. If the cops appear, ditch them.


* Caida Libre

Caida Libre is a GTA 5 Mission.

You are tasked with downing a plane and claiming the briefcase inside. Your employer has

secured an advanced long-range rifle for you.

Drive Michael to the observatory and enter the white van you’ll find nearby.

The rifle’s controls are simple: aim, zoom, and fire. Your target is not the plane

itself, but rather the red square box representing the shot’s proper deflection angle.

The task is most easily accomplished by zooming in on the plane early on, when it is

still moving toward you, and scoring three quick hits to bring it down. If the plane is

allowed to fully turn, it becomes a much more difficult target.

Once the plane begins to fall, your view will switch to Trevor.

Pursuing the plane, your main concern is not wiping out. Take advantage of the excellent

off-road capabilities of your bike, and remember that you have some control over your

direction in the air. At all costs avoid going near large boulders and metal roadside


You’ll have a couple of close calls with traffic, and possibly a train. Trust your

instincts and floor the pedal.

When you come near the town, watch out for fences and hazards obscured by buildings.

Kill the survivor and take the case.

Switch back to Michael and destroy the van. Then meet Trevor.

He has a surprise for you.


* Deep Inside

Deep Inside is a GTA 5 Mission.

Head to the studio, and climb over the wall at this point. Head left, and wait for the

actor to be alone. Sneak up and clobber him. Steal his clothing.

Looking good.

Walk in like you own the place and race straight out the front gate.

Your ride is equipped with caltrops. Launch them at your pursuers to blow their tires.

Clear out pursuit and then enjoy the surprise.

Take the car to the garage and drop it off.


* Minor Turbulence

Minor Turbulence is a GTA 5 Mission.

Take Trevor to the airstrip and grab the biplane.

Tail the cargo plane, hugging the earth. You have a very low ceiling for the first

several minutes of the mission. Don’t go much higher than fifty feet off the ground.

Once the game alerts you that airspace is clear, climb directly behind the cargo plane,

lined up with its rear door.

When the door opens, smash through.

Advance up the left side of the plane, using crates for cover. Watch for jeeps rolling

backward toward you.

Gun down the pilot on the upper deck.

Once you take control of the plane, fly toward the center of the city and climb as high

as you possibly can.

Ignore the fighters until they fire on you.

Make a run for the cargo bay and jump out.

Pull the ripcord and enjoy the ride down.


* The Construction Assassination

The Construction Assassination is a GTA 5 Mission.

Your target takes refuge atop a high-rise under construction. To reach him you’ll need

to follow him up the elevators.

Punch out the guard at the main gate, and stop immediately.

Using a suppressed rifle, snipe the two guards down the walkway straight ahead and the

third guard off to the right.

Clear the path, killing the guards to the left and right. Head right and board the


Fight your way across the vacant floor and cross to the next elevator.

Clear the sniper atop the cran as soon as you can, then switch to a rocket launcher.

Destroy the chopper, then clear the rooftop.

Grab the parachute hidden atop the roof and escape.


* Paleto Score Setup

Paleto Score Setup is a GTA 5 Mission.

Meet Trevor on the second floor of the liquor store.

Drive to Paleto Bay and pick up Lester at the bus stop.

Meet Trevor on the second floor of the liquor store.

Drive to the bank and take a look at the front door, then drive behind it to case the


Ping the alarm bell with your pistol, then drive past the bank to the gas station. Stop

behind the pumps and wait for the cops to show up.

Guage the police response.

Select Michael if you have not already done so. Trevor will race you back to the office.

Avoid confrontation with cops and make your way back to base.


* Military Hardware

Military Hardware is a GTA 5 Mission.

Taking the convoy is fairly easy. Grab a bike and carefully weave your way between the

lead jeep and the truck, slowing but not stopping. When the lead jeep is far ahead, put

on the brakes.

Hop off the bike and draw a precise close-range weapon. Don’t shoot the truck. Cleanly

take out the driver and rear escort.

The troops from the first jeep will hurry back, but thanks to your divide and conquer

setup you’ll take them out easily.

Head home and drop off the truck. Dispatch any remaining pursuers with your firearms.


* Predator

Predator is a GTA 5 Mission.

Taking control of Franklin, follow the along the highway.

Watch for the group to break down the dirt row to the left side of the highway. Follow

carefully, using Franklin’s special ability to stay on the road. You don’t need to drive

too quickly. After a few sharp turns, the target vehicle will veer to miss a deer and

roll off the road. Leave the vehicle and run down to the flaming car.

You’ll switch to Trevor and Michael in the chopper. Navigate to a point in midair marked

with a yellow ring. Switch your sniper rifle to the IR setting.

Two of your targets are on the ridge below. One is midway up the slope near the middle,

the other near the riverbank. Their silhouettes are clearly distinguishable from the

deer nearby.

Note that the fellow near the river will leap in and start swimming when alerted.

Switch to Franklin to kill the third brother. Follow Chop across the river and take him



* The Paleto Score

The Paleto Score is a GTA 5 Mission.

Despite tension in the group, it’s time for the big bank job. Grab the van and make your

way into Paleto.

Drop Franklin off here.

The tellers and patrons won’t give you any trouble. Rush to the vault in the back.

In one of GTA 5’s most enjoyable surprises, you’ll exit the bank in a Terminator-2 esque

cutscene, wielding a Minigun. Sweep left and right, decimating cops and cruisers.

When the chopper appears, bring it down with a little concentrated fire.

Walk quickly to avoid being hit by the cops. You’re practically bulletproof but bullets

damage your money bag, costing you cash. Cross the street and move past the hotel.

Use the Minigun to clear fences in your path.

NOSE teams will appear on both sides of this intersection. Roast their trucks before

they can deploy.

Clear out the soldiers shooting-gallery style.

Switch to Franklin. Barrel down the street, heading toward the checkpoint as fast as you

can. Don’t bother shooting, just drive, or a tank will catch you.

Pick up the crew, then continue your sprint to the factory.

The factory is a pretty clear-cut corridor-clearing shooter section. Make good use of

cover and you’ll be fine.

This wide bay leads to your escape train. Hop on and make your getaway.


* Derailed

Derailed is a GTA 5 Mission.

Ride out to the tracks, and stay on the right side of the train. A number of embankments

along the left provide good ramps. Leap into the air, and remember you can correct

direction in mid-flight. Hit the cars at speed and lined up, then ease your way up to

the engine, making minor corrections on the way. If you miss and end up on the left side

of the cars, wait for the train to pass, cross to the right, and try again.

Rev up the engine, and switch to Michael.

Navigate under the bridge to see what Trevor is up to.


Pull up next to the orange cargo box, rig a sticky bomb, move away, and detonate it.

Switch to Trevor and cover Michael. First up, kill the two goons in each of the three


Equip a Rocket Launcher and take down the helicopter.

Use the IR setting on your sniper rifle to kill the four soldiers on the ridge above.

Three are near the ridge, while the fourth is almost straight above you on the bridge.

Now take down the two parachutists, hopefully before they can land.

Speed down the river throwing covering fire behind you. Kill the chopper if you can, and

avoid grounding.


* Monkey Business

Monkey Business is a GTA 5 Mission.

Take the dinghy toward the facility, then dive into the water. Follow Dave into the

tunnels. When you reach the bar-cutting minigame, be careful to conserve fuel,

activating the torch only after targeting a bar.

Ascend from the pool. You have the option to approach the attack quietly and even non-

lethally for the first section. Fists or a stun gun are helpful, and a suppressed weapon

is useful if you’re feeling bloody.

Keep to cover, knocking out scientists. Avoiding conflict makes the first part of the

mission simpler.

Once you have the nerve gas, the alarm will sound. Draw a short-range weapon. The

Assault Shotgun works well.

Standard hallway combat etiquette applies. Hug corners, shoot and scoot, use special

abilities, fire whenever making a sharp turn.

This hallway is especially tricky. Be very conservative in cover. A number of heavily

armed and armored mercs are hiding at the edge of your field of vision. Use an Assault

Rifle or MG and be patient.

Be careful not to jar the container when lifting it with the sky crane...

...and doubly careful when landing it on the truck bed. Do not bank, use tail rotation

only. And be very, very patient. The swinging of the crate can lead to an unfortunate

nerve-gas incident.

Return the mobster’s wife to end the Mission.


* Hang Ten

Hang Ten is a GTA 5 Mission.

Hang Ten is mostly an extended cutscene. Trevor deals with some domestic issues at his


Once finished, drive to the Vanilla Unicorn.


* Surveying the Score

Surveying the Score is a GTA 5 Mission.

Drive to the Depository and check out the front door and guards.

Switch to Trevor and follow the armored cars, using the camera to keep track of them.

Don’t get too close or you’ll alert them.

When the armored cars pass under this building, hover over until they exit, using your

camera tracking option to spot them.

Hover very low over this construction site to complete the mission.



Bury the Hatchet

ours 29 minutes ago

Bury the Hatchet is a GTA 5 Mission.

Trevor suspects that Michael has been less than forthcoming about Brad’s death.

Head to the airport and up these stairs.

Welcome to Ludendorff, home of the mid-west’s biggest beaver.

Behind this church, you’ll find your old “friend” waiting.

Trevor is unconvinced by your arguments…

...because you’re lying.

Before things go any further south between you and Trevor, the Chinese gang after Trevor

appears. They mistake you for Trevor’s lover and try to capture you. Take immediate

cover. Three men will come up the stairs on the left in this picture. Kill them all, and

rush down and grab the Assault Rifle one of them is carrying.

Keep rushing forward and take cover behind this large stone.

Clear out the fellows circling around to your right then play peek-and-shoot with the

guys in front of you.

Advance slowly around the left side of the church, keeping to cover and watching for

flanking movements on the left. Don't try making a run for it, just advance

meticulously, killing as you go until you reach your car.

When you reach the car, you’ll be captured.

Meanwhile, you’ll switch back to Trevor. Rotate your plane while still far out to line

up with the airfield. Don’t forget to drop your landing gear.


* Pack Man

Pack Man is a GTA 5 Mission.

Trevor is happy to see Michael and Lamar.

Drive the stolen cars down the freeway. When the police arrive, keep your ride steady

while Franklin climbs into the back. Avoid all collisions or Franklin will fly off.

Once you have the JB 700 on the highway, the fun begins. Use machine guns to blast every

cop car ahead of you, and spike launchers to kill every one behind. Stay a little back

from the truck to draw the police cruisers into your field of fire. Meet Molly at the

truck stop to end the Mission.


* Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is a GTA 5 Mission.

Trevor arrives at Franklin’s house and lets slip that Michael is being held by the

Chinese. Franklin rushes to the rescue.

Franklin may need to use Lester’s phone app to locate Michael, but you don’t. Just

navigate your map waypoint to this spot.

He’s inside this building. Fight your way in. Franklin is less useful in the open than

Trevor and Michael, so stick to cover no matter what.

Toss Michael a pistol and switch to provide covering fire.

When Franklin is knocked down by the knife-wielding thug, make a long pistol shot down

the hall with Michael to save him.

Drive back to Michael’s to end the Mission.


* The Ballad of Rocco

The Ballad of Rocco is a GTA 5 Mission.

Rocco is messing with Solomon. Nobody messes with Solomon when Michael is around.

This short Mission is straightforward. Chase Rocco. Force Rocco off the road. Kill


Mission accomplished. Head home.


* Cleaning Out the Bureau

Cleaning Out the Bureau is a GTA 5 Mission.

In one of GTA 5’s least eventful Missions, you enjoy the thrills of following people and

obeying traffic laws.

Drive to the bureau and wait for the right car to exit the garage.

Follow this red sedan. Don’t draw any attention or have any accidents. When the car

parks, follow the driver home, keeping a respectable distance, then enter the apartment.

The janitor won’t give you any trouble. Head home with his bag in tow.


* Reuniting the Family

Reuniting the Family is a GTA 5 Mission.

Drive with Jimmy to meet Amanda. Take care of the yoga instructor, then head to the

tattoo parlor.

Give Lazlow a few new studs and tattoos and drive to therapy.

Sit through therapy, then drive home.


* Architect's Plans

Architect’s Plans is a GTA 5 Mission.

Tail the architect. Walk right through the gate. A worker will give you a hard hat.

Follow the draftsman up the elevator.

Punch the architect and steal his bag. run for the elevator, avoiding combat if you can.

The workers won’t follow you in.

When you hit the ground, avoid combat. Run into one of the deep alcoves on site and hide

until the heat cools down, then head home.


* Legal Trouble

Legal Trouble is a GTA 5 Mission.

These guys want to shut down Solomon’s film. Molly takes off toward the airport with

your movie and a police escort.

Follow Molly to the airport. Helicopters above record the police chase.

Molly will become unglued by your pursuit. She drives onto the runway. Veer left to

avoid this flipping fuel truck and follow Molly through the concourse.

Stay near the middle of this plane to avoid police cruisers caught in the jetwash.

Give this jet a very wide berth or you’ll be crushed or caught by flying debris from


Molly will have an unfortunate accident. Grab the film.

Police will converge on the site. Sprint for this plane and take off.

Stay low and veer left. Follow the coast, keeping offshore.

In preparation for The Bureau Raid, do yourself a favor and select the best available

crew members.


* The Bureau Raid

The Bureau Raid is a GTA 5 Mission. In preparation for The Bureau Raid, do yourself a

favor and select the best available crew members.

Drive to a government facility and grab the chopper.

Fly to the jump pointed marked by a yellow ring.

Line up your parachute jump from far out so that you only need to adjust for the

vertical axis of motion. Use braking and acceleration to keep the rooftop near the

center of your screen just beneath your feet. When you near touchdown perform a hard


Once you’re landed, rush to the computer and run hackerconnection.exe. It’s a simple

number matching mini-game. Find the proper IP hidden among the changing numbers.

Bruteforce.exe is an equally simple minigame. Simply press your button when the red text

is highlighted on the horizontal axis. Start from the left and work right.

Use Michael to clear the right, center, and upper right sections of the skylit room from


Switch to Franklin and clear out the left.

When the smoke screen goes up, spray through it with the Assault shotgun, and don’t stop

shooting until it clears.

You’ll descend several levels doing standard corridor-clearing. Stick to cover. The

Assault Shotgun is handy here.

You’ll find medical supplies in this hall if you look down.

Rapel quickly down this wall.

When you reach the bottom, hit cover, grab a rocket, and kill the gunship.

Race to the ground, grab the ambulance, and depart.


* The Wrap Up

The Wrap Up is a GTA 5 Mission.

Head to Kortz plaza. Walk from the lot to the upper deck at the back end of the complex.

That escalated quickly.

With everyone involved in a four-way firefight, you have a chance to escape. Make your

way toward the main plaza, sticking to cover and mowing down IAA, FIB and Merryweather


If you move cautiously you’ll be able to ambush a number of enemies from behind.

Trevor makes a dramatic entrance.

Snipe the goons in the courtyard with trevor, then switch back to Michael.

Take down the helicopter with a rocket, and fight your way to the plaza.

Switch between Trevor and Michael as necessary, and break for the parking lot.

Kill the pursuing chopper and head for the city.


* Lamar Down

Lamar Down is a GTA 5 Mission.

Subtlety is lost on these guys. March right through the front door with trevor and

attack. Use his special ability until you can reach cover.

Loop right around the mill, following Franklin. Keep to cover as much as you can and

watch the catwalks.

When snipers attack, switch to Michael and clear them off the roof, then switch back to


Lamar is half-way around the far side of the mill.

Fight your way out the same way you came in. Kill the Vehicles with rocketry.

Switch back to Michael and clear out the hill in front of the mill.

Grab the truck with Franklin and make the long drive home.


* Meltdown

Meltdown is a GTA 5 Mission.

Drive down to the upscale clothing store and tux up.

Ride along with Jimmy to the premiere.

On the red carpet, you’ll learn of a plot to kill Amanda and Tracy.

Grab the sports car just behind the limo and race home. There’s plenty of time to make

it so long as you avoid wrecks.

The timer doesn’t stop when you reach the house. Rush in gun drawn and kill the merc

attacking Amanda on the stairwell. Draw a pistol and rush upstairs.

Enter Tracy’s bedroom and circle left around the bed but don’t approach too closely.

This position will expose some of the hostage-taker’s profile. Quickly put a bullet in

his head or he’ll shoot Tracy out of nervousness.

Draw your Assault Shotgun. Kill the merc coming up the stairs and pour fire through the

front door when you see smoke. Reload and circle downstairs. Watch your radar for an

attack from the rear. Use time-slowing and cover to clear the house, head out the back

door, and loop around to the right clearing out goons.


* Driller

Driller is a GTA 5 Mission.

As you prepare for the Heist, select the Driller and Chopper option. Select your team.

As always, gather the best available personnel.

When stealing the Driller, drive straight into the lot and onto the far side of the

truck. Rush straight in and drive straight out, turning right and following the highway.

Stay on main roads if at all possible, preferably toward the coastal loop or out toward

the desert. If lucky, you’ll quickly evade the alerted cops.

If you can’t shake the cops, make your way into flat desert or a desert airfield and

begin looping. Gradually lure cops into the offroad and make a break for it cross-

country, avoiding roads.


* Sidetracked

Sidetracked is a GTA 5 Mission.

Drive to the railroad yard. from a distance, kill two workers with a sniper rifle. One

is on the left side deck, the other inside the control tower.



Manipulate the rail controls and switch to Michael. Use the skylift chopper to grab the

train engine. Line up gingerly from the back of the train, fly low, and touch the magnet

key the moment it becomes available.

Climb quickly, make your way to the trailer, and reverse the process. Be patient and try

not to overcompensate, using your tail to rotate.

Return and grab a flatcar using the same method. Drop off the car on a second trailer

and land.


* The Big Score

The Big Score is the penultimate GTA 5 Mission. This Walkthrough assumes the Driller

Heist option.

Drive Michael to the robbery site. He’ll be providing a distraction.

Once you reach the Depository, control will switch to Franklin. Burrow through the wall

with the Driller.

Set sticky bombs on the bars of the cages just past the whole you burrowed. Back out and

blow the doors. Then back the Driller up and away from the tunnel.

Take up position to repel the guards coming through the tunnels behind you. The first

batch will come from the south, the second from the north. You can use the construction

cover near the tunnel mouth against both squads.

Rush to the hole and hook the cages to the helicopter, then turn to repel the guards

swarming up the tunnel mouth.

Spin around and fight off the guards attacking from the hole above you.

Start flying the copters away with Trevor. Control will soon switch to Michael.

Maneuver Michael and his fellow gunman in cover down this walkway and descend the stairs

at the end.

At the bottom of the stairway, use a rocket to dispatch the helicopter.

Join Franklin, advance, and kill another copter.

Switch to Franklin and clear the NOSE team advancing along the walk.

Fight your way down the next walkway,

Rush up these stairs, keeping the team together. Draw a rocket launcher as you run.

At the top of the stairs, kill the gunship.

Follow the team down and around the building. In the garage, use the posts for cover and

fight off several waves of attackers. Use rockets against the enemy cards as they enter

the melee to thin out the opposition, but don’t destroy the getaway car.

Your next task is to escape a five-star wanted rating. The mass of cars pursuing you is

almost impossible to shake on the road. Using your custom armored getaway car, head

offroad down steep ravines and mountainsides to shake masses of pursuers. Embankments

and walls are your fiend. Get out of sight, hide, and use your radar to avoid pursuers.

Fighting is rarely as useful as fleeing.

The escape isn’t over yet! Three Merryweather choppers intercept your two copters. To

kill them, simply get close to each and fly level. Don’t turn tightly once you are

close, just stay straight and Lester will down then easily with rockets. Move quickly or

they’ll kill your companion chopper and end the mission.

Catch the train and drop off the gold. Wait until it’s under the bridge to approach in a

relative straightaway.

Drop the gold and depart victorious.

Behold some very rich men.


* The Third Way

The Third Way is the final GTA 5 Mission. It is one of three choices for the game’s

resolution and the chosen path in this walkthrough.

Franklin chooses the higher path: Deathwish.

Seek out Lester for advice.

Lester suggest coordinating an ambush at the foundry. Drive there and meet Trevor and

Michael. You’ll each take position in different parts of the room and await the coming

of an army of assorted mooks.

There are simply too many enemies to even think about breaking cover in this encounter.

Stay low unless movement is absolutely necessary, and immediately reenter cover. The

Assault Shotgun will serve you well in these close quarters.

After Franklin springs the ambush, switch to Michael when prompted and sweep the


When Lamar calls, switch to Franklin, break cover, run along the catwalk, drop off the

end, and head out the door through the control office. Use the car for cover and clear

out the attackers.

When trevor goes quiet, switch to Michael. Clear out the center of the room, cross, and

take cover next to Trevor. Fight off another wave of enemies and then switch to Trevor.

Fight alongside Michael and clear out the enemy attack indoors.

Ruch outside as Michael and fight off the goons attacking Franklin. Use rockets to pick

off approaching vehicles. Clear the upper levels in the distance with MG fire.

loop around the building, keeping to cover. Pick off the guards around this side and

shoot down choppers with rockets.

Once you escape, your team will resolve to take out the people responsible for making

their lives miserable. Franklin will attack the Chinese gangsters. Sent to encounter the

crime-lord’s son, he discovers the father is at the target location.

Use a bike to get close to the convoy. As soon as it hits the highway, spray the middle

car with bullets to provoke a stop. Loop around to the ridge along the highway.

Use a little creative rocketry to eliminate the boss.

Switch to Trevor. Ride your car right through the park gate and down the midway,

stopping halfway to the Ferris Wheel. Use your sniper scope to spot the FIB agents and

then switch to a rocket and take out the car. Leap back into your vehicle and roll out.

Drive right up to Stretch and his gang. Step out of the car, activate Michael’s special

ability, and introduce everyone to your Minigun. The gang is easy to pick off in the


Switch to Trevor. systematically approach the house through the front gate, then move

around the left of the house. Keep tapping fire to keep the gun spinning and hold down

whenever you see a target or round a corner. Use Trevor’s tank ability as required.

You’ll find Devin hiding in a basket near the pool.

Drive Devin to the coast and see what happens.


* GTA 5 Ending

GTA 5 has thre e different endings based on a decision made by Franklin. All three

endings are revealed below. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Ending A

Ending B

Ending C

Psychological Profile

Regardless of the path chosen, GTA 5 ends with a custom psychological profile molded by

a player’s in-game actions. Known comments by Dr. Friedlander include:

Bit of a confusing case - not really sure where to begin.

Possible Triggers:

Good at compromise. Not so good at willpower.

Possible Triggers:

In love with finding a reason as to why awful decisions are correct.

Possible Triggers:

Pointlessly mean with money.

Possible Triggers:

Loves to act like a big shot.

Possible Triggers:

Treats women respectfully - when not killing them or their husbands.

Possible Triggers:

Ignores people closest to him.

Possible Triggers:

Wisely invests money - in insane speculations.

Possible Triggers:

Frighteningly myopic about suffering (of others).

Possible Triggers:


Possible Triggers:

Attempts at spirituality not successful. Unlike crime career.

Possible Triggers:

Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Possible Triggers:

Avoids new people.

Possible Triggers:


Possible Triggers:

In my professional opinion, this one is a ******* nut job.

Possible Triggers: Selecting Option C

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