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Purple Ops

Objective: Zero Saints Thirty

After the scene, you'll be inside the base. Follow Asha and move along with the team. Knife the terrorist from behind the crate then shoot the other guard. Once the huge door is opened, head inside and kill more guards.


Follow the straightforward path and clear the next corridors of enemies. Proceed forth and the second corridor will cave in, prompting you to enter the adjacent room and kill more enemies. Continue forth until you have to interact with a gate.


Proceed to the warehouse and clear all enemies then go upstairs until you reach the next room. Stack in and breach the door. You'll enter in slow motion so use that advantage to kill all enemies in the room. Open the next door only to be stopped by an enemy waiting in the other side.


Open the door again once you're back in your feet and press LB to sprint after Cyrus. You'll catch up to him in no time. Follow the QTE (quick-time-event) buttons to defeat the target. Next, sprint across the walkway until you reach the nuke. Like before, follow the onscreen button prompts until you successfully destroy the nuke.

After the prologue, you can now customize your character. The game offers a lot of customization options so play with them until you get your preferred appearance. Once done, start the game.


Hail to the Chief

Objective: The Saints Wing

Walk along the corridor and one of your people will ask you wether you want to cure cancer or feed the hungry. Continue walking and along the way, a "****" will ask to be punched. Select whatever you want to do and proceed forth. Finally, a guy will invite you to a party. You have the choice to just walk away or go to the party. Whatever you choose, continue forth for a scene.


After the scene, break free then make your way to the Oval Office. Upon reaching it, you'll have access to a multitude of guns. Take all of them to add them to your current inventory. Once done, make your way back to the press conference room then clear the next hallway of enemies.


Proceed to the end of the hallway then take the stairs, only to see Matt and Asha abducted. Clear more enemies and proceed to the door. After a short cutscene, you'll have to take control of the massive gun battery. Use it to destroy all alien aircraft. After a short scene, the mission will be complete.



Leave it to the Saints

Objective: A Pleasant Day

Go downstairs to the kitchen as instructed then eat your pancakes. Next, head outside to pick up the newspaper then drive around town with your friendly policeman. Unfortunately, you'll be very restricted from driving and you won't be able to run over pedestrians (like what you really want to do)


After reaching your destination, walk a bit to pick up the health pickup then do a photo-op. After the scene, drive around until Kinzie successfully contacts you. Head to the waypoint and start shooting at the cops. Keep killing all three waves of them until Kinzie instructs you to get the rocket launcher from the cat fountain. The ammo is infinite so go all-out and unleash hell.


Finally after wrecking enough havoc, kill the sheriff. He uses a shotgun so you have to sprint away from him when he jumps to your position. Since you're using a rocket launcher, aim a little lower so the rocket hits the ground and deal splash damage to him. Keep doing this until you defeat him. Watch the following scenes and the mission will be complete.


Learn the Rules

Objective: The Fundamentals

You'll start unarmed so you'll have to hijack a vehicle and head over to Friendly Fire. Open your HUB by pressing the Back button then select Friendly Fire to set the GPS there. Drive to the gun shop and start shopping when you get there. You have 1000 credits so you can afford the heavy pistol, SMG, and pump action shotgun. You can also spend some of your credits to upgrade these weapons.


Once you're done shopping, the police will show up. Take them all out then take their car to head to Flashpoint. You'll find an alien defended position there. Kill all aliens then drive to Kinzie's hideout. Upon arriving you'll find the place empty. The mission will be complete afterward.


Objective: Time the Increase the Tempo

A side quest will become available so you may want to do that first to get more rewards. (Customization) You can also repeat activities to earn more experience and cash. Once you're ready, open your HUD and select this objective to start the mission.

The data clusters Kinzie is talking about will be marked in your map. Head to the general area indicatged in the map and refer to the proximity meter to know whether you're near the cluster or not. Just touch the data cluster to assimilate it.



After getting the third data cluster, Kinzie will point you to the last data cluster which is located in front of your destroyed apartment. Obtain the data cluster and the Powers menu in your hub will be enabled. You can now purchase two passive superhuman abilities: Super Sprint and Super Jump.


After purchasing the two powers, Kenzie will load up a training program for you. Test your newly activated powers to get used to it. After reaching the last building, you'll be back to the city.


Here you need to go through a race subroutine. This is a time-attack race where you need to avoid the firewalls and gather super speed orbs. Complete the course as fast as you can to complete the mission. Other instances of Blazin will be available in the city as well.

In addition to the rewards, you'll also unlock a new Side Quest by completing this objective. (Simulated Instruction)

Objective: Learn to Damage the Alien Presence

Head to the marked location in Salander and take out the alien troops protecting the generators. Once cleared, approach the generator then press and hold Y to disable them.


After disabling the two generators, the shield of protecting the hub will be gone. Clear the guards and disable the hotspot. A Warden will appear so you have to defeat it. Forget about attacking it up close; just stay at a distance and keep shooting at it. If it starts to charge, simply use your super sprint to get out of the way. Keep doing this until you successfully weaken it. Once you get the prompt, get in range and press RT to assimilate it.


Video: 04_Warden.mp4

Kinzie will set you up on a training room where you can test your newly acquired ability. Equip Freeze Blast by pressing the left DPAD. The good thing about freeze blast is that it will allow you to instantly destroy any frozen targets, including large enemies and vehicles. You can also use this ability while jumping. You will also learn how to recover mid-air – very useful when knocked back.


The Escape

Objective: Break out of the simulation

Accept the mission and head to the location Kinzie specified for you. After getting out of your pod, make your way through the door ahead until you're able to reach out on the next door panel and disarm the guard.

Images: < 8-23-2013_00.jpg>< 8-23-2013_01.jpg>

Move along and take out all the guards along the way. This is a straightforward path so you just have to blaze your way through the corridors until you reach a platform. A lot of alien soldiers will start to swarm in so just defend your position until a scene triggers.

Images: < 8-23-2013_02.jpg>< 8-23-2013_03.jpg>

After getting rescued, you'll have to pilot the alien spacecraft. The controls are simple and the sequence should be easy. Just avoid the obstacles and shoot down the enemies until you make it out of the spaceship and complete the mission.

Video: 05_BarrelRoll.mp4

You'll unlock the Ship, the Gateway and Kinzie and Keith as Homies. You should be able to summon them through the HUB and select your phone.

Breaking the Law

Objective: Take over a store

One thing you'll notice after completing the last primary quest is that all the stores you previously own will now have a lock on their icons. After selecting this objective, head to Planet Zin in Yearwood. Get in front of the store then press Y to start hacking. This hacking exercise is very simple so just arrange the nodes in a straight line.

After successfully hacking the store, the alarm will trigger and cops will arrive. Take them out until the zin reinforcements arrive via access portals. Destroy these portals to prevent reinforcements from arriving then chase the golden orb as instructed by Kinzie. Once you get near it, press Y to destroy it and complete the objective.

You can now search for Zinyak's Text Adventures and Statues scattered across the city for bonus cache and experience.

Objective: Break on Through

Head to the rift in Salander. For this simulation, you have to jump from platform to platform. The closer you land in the center, the better the score. You have to turn the red platforms to blue and at least meet the Bronze quota requirement. (50,000 points)

Objective: That Burning Sensation

Head to The Broken Shillelagh to testing area. Here you'll be able to use Fire Blast. Use destroy all targets to complete this short tutorial objective. The quest will be complete as well.

Ghost in the Machine

Objective: Help the AI in the Simulation

Head to Old Crib Ruins marked in the map to start the quest. Next, head to the first hotspot you took down in Salander. Kill the guards then steal the Bounce Gun. After getting the weapon, pick any C.I.Ds near the hotspot terminal until you find one that doesn't blow up.

After getting the CID, head over to the marked rooftop, less than 400m from the hotspot. After reaching it, defend the CID while Kinzie cracks the machine. After successfully defending it for a set amount of time, you'll have to bring the CID to a power source. Follow the marker leading to the power plant in Burns Hill.

Clear the first set of alien guards there first. Head to the download terminal and start the download. While the AI is being downloaded, protect the area from zin troops. Continue doing this until Kinzie tells you to activate a nearby access point.

Clear the rooftops and activate the device. Kinzie will point out a second access point. Head over there and do the same process. Now head over back to CID and use your freeze blast to cool him down and prevent him from overheating.

The download will now be reduced to 3 mins. You just have to last that long until the download is successfully completed. Beware of the tenacious murderbots that will be sent to you. After destroying half of their bodies, they'll still be crawling their way to stop you.

After successfully defending CID, a warden will appear. Either fire or freeze blast will be enough to remove its shield. Remove its shield then pummel it with your conventional weapons until you get the prompt to absorb it.

Successfully defeating the warden will give you a new power: Telekinesis. You'll be transported to the training area to test your new power. After killing a few mascots, a glass orb housing some data clusters will appear. Use telekinesis to brek it open and get the data clusters inside. You can now do the same to any other data clusters in the city. Finally, defeat the warden using your power to complete this objective.

You'll unlock the CID as your new homie and you can call it as a backup through your HUB's phone option. The Bounce Rifle will also be yours and another gateway will become available.

Objective: Go to Training Program

A new activity will be unlocked in Salander so head there. It is Prof. Genki's Mind over Murder. For this game, you have to pick up vehicles, people and genki heads and throw them to the colored rings in the air corresponding to the objects you picked up. Vehicles go to blue, Genki's head goes to pink while people go to green. Complete the task as fast as possible to get a higher rank.

Zero Cool

Objective: Break Matt Miller Out

Head to the Broken Shillelagh to start this quest. At the start of the quest, you'll have a top-down view of your tank. Kill the first tank, then the wave of bikers then finally the last set of tanks. This will correct the view afterward.

To proceed, destroy the barrier then go down the ramp. You can use your cannon by pressing RT and your machine gun using LT. Head to the first gate and destroy the targets along the way. Make your way to the next gate where you'll get trapped after Zinyak turns the gate invulnerable. Survive enemy attack until you get off the tank.

Head to the bike marked in your map and ride to the tower before the timer runs out. The path is straightforward and the obstacles are minimal.

After reaching the tower, you'll have to choose whether you'll enter the blue or red door. Entering the red door will end the game quickly but you'll earn an achievement. To continue with the game, just load your last checkpoint and select the blue door to continue.

Entering the blue door will make you play an old school RPG-style game. The choices are very much limited and you'll end up rescuing Matt nonetheless. After the scene, the mission will be complete.

Objective: Retrieve Matt Miller

Talk to Kinzie to start this mission. Once you're in your power armor, destroy the crates to repair the armor. Next, continue forth until you encounter a door that you can't open. Press A to activate your jetpacks and boost your power armor up. You need to land and let the energy to recharge before going up again. Once you've reached the door big enough for you, press LB to dash and perform a shoulder bash.

Continue forth and take out the guards until you reach Matt. Break the door open to find him in the marked room. Escort him to the next room where he'll find parts to enable the ranged weapons of your power armor. Defend him until he gets all the parts he needs then clear the area for him to install your new weapons.

After the impromptu upgrade, your power armor should be able to fire rockets and cannon. Clear the area and head to the dock. More enemies, including tenacious murderbots will be waiting there. Aim at the ground to take advantage of your cannon's splash damage then continue taking out more enemies. After a while, your guns will stop working so you'll have to wipe the remaining enemy forces with your melee attacks. Once the area is clear, head to the marker to complete the current sequence.

In the next sequence, you'll have to man the turrets and shoot down your pursuers. After a short while, a shielded ship will follow you. Don't bother shooting this as you won't scratch it. Just concentrate taking out the small fries. After reaching the exit, you'll have to wait as Kinzie opens the door. The shielded ship will appear again and will charge its beam. Kinzie will tell you to shoot the left panel but the correct one you should shoot is to the right. This will cause the hatch to close, destroying the shielded ship. The mission will be complete afterward.

Matt Miller will become available as your homie and Loyalty missions will be unlocked as well.

Anomalous Readings

Objecive: Find the reading's source

As soon as you get back to the Simulation, a warden will attack you. Defeat it to learn a new power: Stomp. You'll be taken the training area where you can practice this new power.

Test your mettle in the Super Power Fight Club

Head to the Fight Club activity in Salander. You'll have to fight waves of enemies and defeat them using only your superpowers. The first wave are just normal thugs. Just use any attacks you see fit to defeat them. Freeze blast and stomp works wonders against them.

For the second wave, you have to compete against telekinesis-using burning men. You can't attack them up close unless you freeze them first. Be careful of the metal balls they can throw at you.

For the third wave, you'll have to defeat Nyteblade and another fast enemy. Fire Blast works well with them, especially if you have upgraded the duration and damage attributes of your Blast ability.


Back by Popular Demand

Find Johnny Gat

Head to the Broken Shillelagh to enter another simulation to find Johnny Gat. You can't use your superpowers so you'll have to rely on your good, old pistol. Fight your way from the cargo bay to the passenger areas. Keep killing the Morningstar thugs along the way until you reach the last door.

After the scene, head through the next few cabins while jumping over the openings. Keep going until you reach a nightclub. Go downstairs to find a woman being held hostage by a punk called Veteran Child. Use the stun gun to force him to let go of Shaundi(?) then switch to your other weapons and shoot him. Once he's not stunned, he will grab Shaundi again so you'll have to repeat the process again.

After killing Veteran Child, you have to fight and kill his replicated copies. Kinzie will then tell you to get a weapon from a nearby cache. Open it to get a Disintegrator. This weapon should be enough to kill the Veteran Childs permanently.

Completing this quest will have Shaundi to be part of your ship's crew. You'll also get the normal Shaundi and Fun Shaundi as your homies. In addition, the Disintegrator gun will be added to your arsenal and the West Carver Island Gateway will be opened. Several primary and side quests will be added as well.

The Boss Goes to Washington

Rescue Pierce

Head to the Broken Shillelagh to start this quest. This quest is divided in several section. You'll start in your simulated crib. Help Pierce take out the Saints Flow mascots. Next, find some guns. Follow the markers until you collect them all. Finally, you have to pick up the RPG from the helipad. Go grab it and use it against Paul, the monstrous Saints Flow mascot. Keep firing rockets at him and pick up more rockets from an ammo cache nearby. Keep doing this until you get thrown to a far off building.


Next, you have to fire rockets at Paul again. If you don't have any ammo, wait a bit, preferably behind some cover and wait for him to throw debris at you. There should be an ammo cache along with it. You'll also need to deal with some annoying cans. Kill them all and just repeat the process until Paul falls.


Ride the helicopter next. And keep firing at Paul to get its attention. Keep doing this until you land near the island statue. Enter the statue to take control of it and use it to deliver crushing blows to the monster can. Keep at it until a Y appears over it. Press the button to land the finishing blow. The quest will be completed shortly after.


Pierce will now be available as a crewmate and homie. Two new sidequests will become available as well.

King of Stilwater

Rescue Ben King

Head to the Broken Shillelagh to start this quest. Once inside Ben King's simulation, walk forward until you spot some gang members. Take them out using hand-to-hand then kill the pistol-wielding thug to get that weapon. Continue to the church and take out more gangsters. When clear, head inside the church.

Exlore the church by following the markers. On your way to the third marker, you'll find King. Pick up the rifle on the table then help King fend off the attackers inside the church.

Exit to the graveyard and fend off more enemies. Kinzie will then advise you to check the shallow grave to get an RPG. Use this to take out multiple enemies at once. Keep killing them until you discover that King is bleeding out in the other side of the church. Rush over there and take out a few enemies along the way to clear your path. Revive King and clear off the remaining enemies.

Shortly after, Big Tony will appear riding a MG-mounted Humvee. Kill him then proceed to the next marker. You'll find Tanya and some of her gangsters there. Take them all out to complete the quest.

Completing this quest will add Ben King to your crewmates and as a homie. Several side quests given by him will become available as well.

From Asha with Love

Rescue Asha

Head to the Broken Shillelagh to start this quest. Once inside the simulation, wait for Asha to open the door then shoot out the lights as instructed. Continue shooting the lights until you find a guard. Shoot the light first then take out the guard.

In then next corner, hold your position and Asha will tell you to go through the vent instead. Go through the air duct until you reach the other end. Shoot the light again and take out the guard. Continue forth and you'll find two guards and two lights. Again, shoot the lights first then take out the guards.

Continue forth until you enter a sequence where you need to disguise yourselves as boxes and kill the roving guards. Stay out of the guards' path and take them out when they're nearby to prevent your cover from being blown.

Video: Asha5.mp4

Continue forth until you find a complex laser grid blocking your path. Go through the nearby air duct and continue until you reach the end. Follow the path until you're greeted by the guards. Kill them all and proceed to the next area.

Video: Asha6.mp4

You'll have to deal with the Evil You in this room. For the first batch, just kill all his henchmen along with a handful of murderbots. You can stop the murderbots from firing its weapons by targeting its head only. This will also destroy it faster. Keep killing the henchmen until the Evil You makes an appearance.

Alternately shoot the Evil You and his henchmen. Stay away from his line of fire and take out his henchmen regularly to avoid being overrun and to replenish your health as well. From time to time, the generators beside Evil You will be activated and will become targets. Shoot them to generate electric charges that will damage the boss.

Later on you'll have to deal with multiple murderbots as well. Stay in cover and aim for their heads to keep yourself alive. The flow of henchmen will stop eventually and now you'll be able to concentrate your fire on him to finally kill him.

Video: Asha7.mp4

Ashas Odekar will become available as a crewmate and a homie.

Emergency Situation

Something's wrong in Steelport

Just return to the simulation and listen to Matt's briefing to complete this objective.

Remove the clones from Steelport

Wait until CID marks one of the relay points. Head there and use your telekinesis to throw CID up in the air. After CID scans the area, head to the next location to find the relay and destroy it.

Head to the next location and throw CID to the air again to know the location of the next relay. Go there and destroy the two relays. CID will then lead you to the next relay point which is protected by shields. Go to the platform and throw CID to the generator above to disable the shields. Protect him briefly until he successfully removes the shield. Destroy the relays afterward.

Head to the next location and throw CID again to the shield generator. You may want to do it while on a rooftop to avoid getting annoyed and ganged up by the riot on the street. After a few moments, a Marauder will appear. Take it out by attacking the rear panel on its „head“. After destroying the marauder, defend CID until he successfully disables the shield generator. Destroy the relay afterward.

Head to the next location to find a large portal. Grab the marked people with your telekinesis and throw them to the portal. One clone will emerge from the portal. Weaken it with attacks until you can throw him back to the portal. Do so and a couple more clones will appear. Deal with them the same way and the portal will be destroyed after throwing the last clone in.

Head to the next location and take out the warden to gain a new ability. Buff will be unlocked. Kinzie will now load a training room to test our your new power. Buff will imbue your bullets with fire and will allow you to set anybody near you ablaze. With buff active, you can also disable a warden's shield using only your weapons.

… The Very Next Day

Rescue Johnny Gat

Once you're inside Johnny's simulation, you'll have to proceed playing as a sidescroller. The controls are simple and the stage is very straightforward. Beat all enemies along the way and the stage will be complete. Breeze through the first floor of the second stage and pick up food items along the way to restore your health. In the next floor, you'll have to face the boss. Take him out to complete the stage.

Continue through the third stage with minimal effort. Proceed until you reach Aisha's house. Once inside you have to face Junichi. Just attack him normally and he'll transform into Super Junichi. When you see a crosshair appear, get away from that location since Junichi will be landing there. Other than that, this is practically the same battle as earlier.

In the next section, you'll be piloting the power armor again. This is a very straightforward path again. Just follow the markers until you reach a processing tunnel. There, more marauders will engage you from platform to platform. Just get them to aim at you then quickly move behind them and target their weakness at the back. Continue until you reach a large room that will be locked by a force field. Go to the upper platforms and take out enemies as you wait for the force field to be taken down. Once the path's open, just ignore the other enemies and get inside. Kill a few more obstacles along the way and watch the next scene. Quest complete.

Video: Nextday5.mp4

Dash Shield and Death from Above Skills will also become available. Johnny Gat will also become part of the crew and will also become available as a homie. New Side Quests will become available as well.

Death From Above

Learn more about Death from Above

Head to the Broken Shillelagh and just follow Kinzie's instructions on how to use your new power.

The Kinzie Gambit

Meet the Crew to Bring Down Zinyak

Go to Kinzie's warehouse in Salander to start this quest. Enemy troops will start flooding in the warehouse. Your power will be gone so you'll have to rely on your default weapons. A fully upgraded Singularity Gun is perfect for this situation. Clear out the warehouse until you get the objective to move on. Destroy the tanks outside the warehouse as well as any heavy hardware the enemy may have. Continue to the rooftop to find a helicopter.

Use the helicopter to protect the allied car below. It can fire homing rockets and a heavy machine gun. You don't have to destroy everything; you just need to concentrate in taking out the immediate threats and blockades on the road. After a while you'll have to scout ahead and discover two tanks blocking the main path. Take them out and continue escorting your allies until you reach the next area of the city. Here your chopper will be shot down and you'll have to take refuge inside the building. Take the elevator.

Video: KinzieGambit1.mp4

Once inside the Genkibowl building, take out the first wave of zin troops while protecting Kinzie. The quest will be updated after a while and you'll have to build up the murder meter. Keep killing enemy troops until Prof. Genki shows up. Take him out as well to complete this section.

Video: KinzieGambit2.mp4

On your way out, you'll have to use your RPG to take protect the vehicle. Keep shooting at your pursuers and take out the blockade. Zinyak himself will appear, taking Kinzie with him.

Video: KinzieGambit3.mp4

You'll wake up in the ship. Check up Kinzie's unconscious body and stand by the door to wait for the zin forces that will break it. Take them out and proceed to the lower deck. Clear out the floor and proceed to the bridge next.

After learning your current situation, head to the cargo bay. Take out more enemies and help Shaundi. Clear out the cargo bay and discover that the zin has planted some explosives. Pick the explosives up and head to the airlock.

Continue killing more enemies until you get a heavy weapon. Use it to continue clearing the pathways until you reach the alien ship's reactor. Plant the first explosive there.

Follow Gat and fight your way through more enemy resistance until you reach the controls. Plant the second bomb there and make your way out. Follow Gat and ignore the enemies along the way. After reaching the airlock, a zin trooper will grab you. Press RT to kick him and escape. The quest will be complete after a few scenes.

Talkie Talkie

Talk to Matt Miller

Just simply talk to him to complete this task.

The Girl Who Hates the 50's

Locate Keith David

Enter the simulation again and go through the Loren Square gateway. Go to the mission marker to join Keith David's rally. After the scene, you have to defend yourself from an angry mob. Kill them all then head inside the building. There will be a marauder there. Circle around it and take it out. Continue upstairs and clear out the second floor. Enter the office afterward.

Continue along the alley to find Keith and Rodey Piper. Kill the zin reinforcements and head inside the building. Clear the hallway then continue upstairs until you reach the studio. More zin troops will rush in. Take care of them and continue following Keith to the rooftop.

More enemies will be waiting. Take them out then destroy the CIDs revolving around the shielded satellite. After destroying it, more portals will open bringing in more reinforcements. Take them all out then proceed to disable the satellite. After a few scenes, the objective will be complete.

Keith will become a super homie after this and Roddy Piper will become available as a homie as well.

Rescue Kinzie

Head to the mission marker in Salander to meet up with CID and start the quest. Follow CID and he'll reveal a bunny sigil on a wall. Touch it to enter another simulation. You'll be back in the 50's simulation. You can now become violent here so have some fun if you want then head to the house with a marker to find the 50's Kinzie.

Stomp on the flowers to discover that she was a decoy. Get a car then head to the next location. You'll find her inside a police car. Take note that you can activate nitro here so use that to ram everything in the way. Ram the police car to stop it. Pummel the guards afterward. Get to Kinzie and wait until your objective is updated.

Go to the city hall next. Approach the stage to update your objective then proceed to rewire any of the four speakers. Matt will then tell you to get something from the nearby weapons crate. Open it to get a Dubstep Gun. Continue rewiring the other speakers.

After rewiring the second speaker, a propaganda truck will appear and will attempt to run you over. Evade it and use your Dubstep Gun to take it out. Continue rewiring the third speaker. A couple more propaganda trucks will appear. Corner them in the gas station to trap them there then take them out.

Continue to the fourth speaker and rewire it. Three propaganda trucks will come rushing in. Find a narrow spot where they can't reach you and finish them off. Go back to the rally and Cyrus will draw his weapon to fight you. Matt will then upload a new beat to your gun so use that to fight him and his henchmen. After defeating them, head back to the rally to pick up Kinzie and complete the quest.


Collect parts for the key

Head to the marked location in Loren Square to start the mission. Drive to the Armory and search for the marked containers. Use your telekinesis to remove the covers of the containers. You'll probably find it in the container by the helipads.

Next, head to the nearby tower. Destroy the alien tech on the platforms then collect the memory modules. Head to the dock next and destroy alien tech again to collect gravity inhibitors.

After collecting the inhibitors follow Johnny as he lands the burning chopper. Zin troops and marauders are on him so clear the area to allow Shaundi to pick you up. The objective will be complete.

Finish the Key

Meet up with CID to start this quest. Head to the first general area and find the battery. Refer to the gauge on the upper left corner of your screen to know if you're near its location. It's located at ground level in the back alleys. Clear the area and pick the battery up.

Head to the next location and find the generator near the river's edge. There will be more guards and a shield generator active protecting the battery. Clear the area and disable the generator to bring down the shield. Pick up the battery and head to the next area.

The battery is located in the docks to the east. There will a couple of shield generators and a whole bunch of guards and reinforcements as well. The battery will blow unfortunately so you'll have to search for another one again. Head to the next location.

The last one is located beside the gothedral. It is heavily guarded and will have multiple shield generators. Some of the generators must be disabled by hand, some needs to be destroyed. Keep destroying the shield generators until you get the objective to steal the tank.

You have to drive the tank to Kinzie's warehouse within the time limit otherwise you'll explode. That's plenty of time so start driving and blow up the roadblocks. Ignore other enemies; just concentrate in taking out the obstacles. After reaching Kinzie's warehouse, park the tank to the objective marker to complete this quest.

Punch the Shark

Grand Finale

Before doing this mission, you may want to check if you've done all sidequests for your homies. Take note that for Matt Mller, Ben King and Pierce, you have to choose the romance option for them as well to unlock their respective achievements. If you're using a male character, you may want to switch to a female character as well (or vice versa) since there's an achievement related to that.

When ready, meet Kinzie on the ship. You'll be reminded that you won't be able to return until you finish everything completely. When you're ready, save the game on a separate file. You'll then be asked to choose your team who will accompany you in delivering the key to the mainframe. Choose your team then enter the simulation.

You have to defend the truck from zin pursuers. Keep blowing stuff until you reach a blockade where you'll temporarily stop. Clear the blockade and continue forth. More enemies will appear and then Zinyak will remove your truck. Use your telekinesis to bring the key to the tower. Defend CID as tries to remove the forcefield in the tower's entrance. After successfully removing the barrier, pick up the key and head inside.


Once inside, you'll have to assist CID in inserting the key. Your first task is to disable the three breakers by stomping on them. After that, defend the key as it moves forward. There will be a lot of enemies firing at the key so do you best taking them out from platform to platform.

After a short while, the key's advance will be halted by a couple of suppression devices. Fight your way to those devices and disable them. Continue whittling down the enemy numbers as the key nears its destination. Finally, in the last obstacle, you have to destroy three relays. A warden will join the fray as well so take it out as you take care of the relays. After destroying the relay, continue killing more enemies until CID finally inserts the key.

Grand Finale (Part Two)

In the next part, you’ll be back in virtual Steelport. Head to the first portal and clear all enemies on the platform. Hold your position and defend the portal as a continuous stream of enemy reinforcements appear through their own portals. After succesfully defending that platform, head to the next portal with Matt. Repeat the same process and defend your own portal for a minute against continuous enemy reinforcements. Finally, head to the last portal.

There you have to kill 10 aliens first. After that, you’ll ahve to defend the portal for 2 minutes. Deal with the enemy reinforcements alone until the portal is successfully defended. Once Paul emerges, you have to escape the simulation before the time runs out. Keep moving and try all the marked portals. All the portals you’ll try will be locked so keep moving until you reach the last open one. Press A on the Saints Row screen after the short glitching sequence.


Grand Finale (Part Three)

Join your last team to kick *** in reality. You’ll only be using limited alien weapons here and you won’t have powers. Your health regenerates but you have to stay away from enemy fire for a while. Don’t be too aggressive or you’ll get shredded by enemy fire. Continue clearing the hallways until you reach the large room leading to the armory. Try to open the door only to discover it locked. One of your homies will attempt to open it so you’ll have to protect him/her. Enemies will become more aggressive at this point and will try to overpower you. Watch out for those murderbots and shield-generating CIDs. Once the door’s open head inside and change into the Iron Saint armor.


Grand Finale (Part Four?)

While going through the tunnel, evade the lasers. After a short while, the blast doors will be closed. You’ll have to land and find a way to overload them. While wearing the armor, you’ll have your powers from the simulation back however your main weapons is the plasma blasts powered by your suit. Clear the narrow corridor and overload the conduits in the end. Escape the area and you’ll be back in the tunnel. You’ll have to jump again and evade the debris until you reach the end.



You’ll finally reach Zinyak’s throne room. After the scene, it’s finally time for the final showdown. Move from platform to platform and attack Zinyak with your plasma blasts and power. Don’t undersestimate his laser cannons as they deal considerable damage per hit. He can also fire a volley of these so don’t soak up too much damage. In case you need to regenerate your health, run around the outer corridor beside the walls or just hide where his projectiles can’t reach you. Keep doing this until his HP is down by a large amount.

What’s a good boss fight without a challenge? Zinyak will stay in the middle platform and will be protected by a shield. You can’t do anything with the shield generators for now. Once your objective is updated, you’ll have to throw the self-detonating CIDs at Zinyak using telekinesis to damage his mech. Take note that you’ll have to do this while dealing with a continuous supply of zin reinforcements.

After dealing more damage to Zinyak using his volatile CIDs, you’ll now be able to shut down the generators. You can’t destroy these but you have to press and hold Y to forcibly shut them down. Unfortunately, each generator is protected by a squad of murderbots. With shield-generating CIDs. Take note that they are also continously appear from zin portals so your window of opportunity between clearing the platform and before another murderbot wave is rather small. Fall back to the outer hallways again if you need to regenerate your HP. After the last generator is down, Zinyak will become vulnerable again.

Go all out and shoot the hell out of Zinyak to defeat him. Congratulations for completing the game!


The Iron Saint outfit will be unlocked

Mech Suit can be selected from the Phone Menu

Control the time of day from the ship's computer

You can now continue playing the game to complete the remaining collectibles.

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