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Spider-Man 2

Game Reviews for Spider-Man 2


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gamefan0618th Aug 2005, ID #151
I don't get why this game kept getting such bad reviews. It isn't the best game ever but it isn't as bad as electronic gaming monthly and gamespot make it out to be. It's really a fun game, especia..

Rating: 78%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

ExellentAdded 19 Jul 2005, ID #16251
its a really good game. Its really challenging neer the end trying to get 100%. I like the attacks in this game way better such as more trap webs in Spider-Man 1 you can only tie up one person at a time and people can come up and beat you up but in Spider-Man 2 you can trap up to four people then throw them like thrash up the street. I like the no main menu thing because then you can go around and kill everyone. Overall I would give it a 8/10. Its a great game and if you see it buy it!

Outstanding !!!Added 14 Mar 2005, ID #13660
Spiderman 2 is the first real super hero game where you can get all the feelings that Spiderman gets as he leaps from roof to roof above New York City.

It's really fun and is addictive once you get started with the webswinging and all that, but it also includes an all new in-game shop mode, which allows you to go and upgrade your powers for certain hero points.

You can even buy new powers in the proccess. Its a real good game............................BUY IT NOW!!!!!!

Web SpinningAdded 2 Feb 2005, ID #12851
This game is great!

You can fight bad guys and go where ever you want!

Good Game!Added 16 Aug 2004, ID #10465
Good game. Could be better if the graphics were clearer and the civilians didn't talk so annoyingly.

Also, they seem to be able to shout for miles because you can hear them from the top of the empire state building!!

Spider Man 3 should be brilliant if its an improvment on this.

GTA:San Andreas is going to be the best game ever!

Added 12 Aug 2004, ID #10436
Spiderman 2 is a good game but do not know how they expect you to do all of the normal challenges and mega challenges, and to get 100% 0f the game that is just to hard..

The best ps2 game:spider-man 2Added 28 Jul 2004, ID #10237
I think that spider-man 2 is the best ps2 game.

The game (spider-man 2) looks like the movie.

I'm recommend this game.

Spider Man 2Added 18 Jul 2004, ID #10083
Spiderman 2 is one of the greatest PS2 games that I have ever played. If you have played Spiderman the movie then you will see the huge difference.

Firstly you can now go down to the ground. You can interact with citizens and help them out by stopping car robbers etc. It is so realistic. There are traffic lights where the cars stop.

You can see the lights change colour and there are markings on the road, like do not park here. There are people walking around the street doing normal day to day things. It is great.

You also have to do things like stop muggers and road ragers which is great fun. If you are thinking that all of the missions involve catching bad guys then you are wrong.

You have to take people to the hospital, rescue people from falling off buildings, save people on sinking boats and much more.

The biggest improvement has to be the swinging. You have so much control. You shoot a web line and stay attached to it until you press X.

This means that you can swing round corners really fast and swing over buildins, under bridges and do some pretty cool acrobatic moves in the air.

It is so much fun. Nothing beats the feeling of swinging through the air and landing on a car which has been stolen and pulling them over.

There are also some new combos to perform. You can tie people to lamp posts, you can now swing from flags and stuff.

You can also hook onto anything, even helicopters which allows you to visit the Statue of Liberty.

This is a great game and if you like Spiderman then this is a must get. Overall it is 10/10.

The best of the yearAdded 9 Jul 2004, ID #9924
This game is simply the best of the year.

The graphics are great (exept for pedestrians), best controls,(better controls for PS2, but not complaining about the X BOX).

Oh, and a tip for getting games don't listen to people deep deep deep deep into a game because you might be missing something.

Added 8 Jul 2004, ID #9884
Although this is a good game it is a waste of money, it took 8 hours to beat and I had no problems what so ever....

Added 7 Jul 2004, ID #9859
Yeah, I like this game way better than the first spider man.....!

Added 2 Jul 2004, ID #9617
From what I've heard this game is so awesome/good my cousin bought 4 of this game.

SpidermanAdded 5 Jun 2006, ID #5782

Good gameAdded 11 Jul 2005, ID #4103

Good but not brilliantAdded 16 Jul 2004, ID #2059

To get loads of cards, get hold of some of the actual yu gi oh playing cards or find someone who already has some.

Look at the bottom left you will see an 8 number code, enter the code for the card you want on password and presto new cards.

You can only get 1 of each card this way, be careful in getting cards in your deck as you have to sacrifice, so stock you deck up with some giant soldier of stone cards, mystical elf cards, orevent rat andla jinn who has 1800 attack and does not need to sacrifice...................

Good.Added 18 Aug 2004, ID #2379

New Skin

Go down to the bottom to get the secret Jester Skin.

Insert the word JESTER all in capitals - insert a note into the small square box, where you are able to insert notes.

A new skin will appear in the skins menu.

Review on Spider-Man 2Added 4 Sep 2005, ID #259

There a number of different bonus codes out there for the same CM3 game... You may have one of the following bonus codes, if so you can use the corresponding codes to unlock stuff in the game:

Bonus Code 0976

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All Parts: FHPCNU

All Tracks: ODIATU

Baja Buggy: NQFIPE

Battle Tank: LHZWOH

Hovercraft: IURUOT



Super Focus: OQJZZY

Bonus Code 1154:

All Cars: WWACNU

All Difficulties: AUNAMA

All Parts: UZVLLB

All Tracks: XWUDBU

Baja Buggy: PHOUOT

Battle Tank: ZIIUUR

Hovercraft: MHXIPE



Super Focus: UYNFVA

Bonus Code 1432:

All Cars: FMGUOT

All Difficulties: UXNKFB

All Parts: KEZIPE

All Tracks: RVNUUR

Baja Buggy: VURCNU

Battle Tank: ZSSDBU

Hovercraft: NXDLLB



Super Focus: LPGXUE

Bonus Code 1866:

All Cars: OQJHOK

All Parts: FHPIWQ

All Tracks: ODIFCS

Battle Tank: LWXEIF


Hovercraft: BKQBAU


Super Focus: WSNBSB

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