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Spider-Man 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Spider-Man 2

We have 40 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Spider-Man 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC : GameCube : Nintendo DS : PSP

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Further web swings

Hold L1 + X when you are swinging and release when you are about to get another web shot off.
Doing this will make you travel further.

Faster wall running

When you are about to fall whilst running up a wall quickly press X and hold Circle and you will speed up for a moment.
Keep doing this untill you have reached the top of the wall.

Hang a Thug on a Streetlight

When you have beaten a thugs up in a street fight and you are near a lampost you can hang them up onto it by pressing Square(2), Triangle, Circle at the thug.

Easy skyscraper tokens

At the map of the city look closely at the top of the buildings for little gold dots.
The gold dots represent the token locations.
Get all 150 skysraper tokens for the Wallsprint Level 2 upgrade.

Complete Story mode

To get 40% ahead and start with 200,000 hero points and a few upgrades enter the code HCRAYERT.

Defeating enemies

Use L2 + Triangle which is the Web Splash maneuver to defeat enemies that block your attacks, dodge your web or have guns.
The Web Splash will cover them with webbing and make them easier to defeat.


Play as Stickyrice:
Go to the special options screen in the main menu and go to the cheats menu.
Then type in "stickyrice". If you typed in the code correctly you will play as
Stickyrice, the thug that killed Spiderman's Grandfather.
Programmer save:
When starting a new game, enter HCRAYERT as a name ("Treyarch" spelled
backwards), then go back and enter any name of your choice. The game will start
in progress, with over 40% completion, 201,000 Hero points, with Swing Speed
and Web Zip upgrades, and "Big Game Hunter", "Alien Buster", "Shock Absorber",
and "Tentacle Wrangler" ranks.
Beat Rhino:
When Rhino tries to hit you, there will be a flash above Spider-Man's head. Press
Circle when this happens. When Rhin..

Cheat Code

Enter HCRAYERT as a code.

Deafeting doctor octopus for the final time

When his shield breaks down then you have to dodge his attacks and when he runs punch him.
Sent in by joshua cheat master

More web

If you want to web some people up and they keep breaking away here is what you have to do
Get behind them so they can't see you and then kick them.

Stiky Enemies

Ok Shoot A Web Ball At Enemies And The Hold Triangle So He Is Shooting Webs At Him Now Make Sure There Is A Building Next To You Now Pres R2 Make Sure Ur Still Holding Triangle And Make Sure Ur Chilling With A Web Holding U An One At The Guy Now Press 0 And He Will Come Next To You And Stick To The Wall

Pls help me in this

Pls help me in this In this game when people give their work:like, there is a car robbery thats man gna fall at the same some people give stop those mechins the mechines are of green colour they through missiles bullets etc.. How to stop these mechine
Plsssssss heeeeeeeeeelllllpp

Costumes again

I've asked this under questions as well, but I notice here in hints there's some recommendations on getting the alternate cosutmes.
I'm starting to wonder whether this is even possible. Yes, I've seen the empty hangers. And I've also tried getting all the secret tokens and skyscraper tokens as one user suggested (in addition to supposedly going to the costume store between 10-11 - no it did not open up).
Has anybody SUCCESSFULLY actually received the alternate costumes?

Beating doc ock in the last battle

After you turn off all the switches, it will show a cutscene where ock loses his sheild. When you start playing again, go into one of the rooms off to the side and start swinging around. While you're swinging you'll dodge most of ock's attacks, and whenever you swing past him, use your cannonball kick. Keep doing this till he dies.
(to do a cannonball kick, press square while you're swinging)

Invisible web splash !!!!!

Ok,ok, now, what you have to do is this, it's pretty easy so listen, or if your stupid then it's hardkk now first tie a bad guy up but not with web splash but with just you know triangle until they are fully tied up, then wait until they break out but don't wait after because as soon I mean as soon as they break out do WEB splash. They will be tied up but there will be no web on him, it's realy cool you have to check it out.

This doesn't really do anything, but its funny! ..

This doesn't really do anything, but its funny! to throw someone in the water, get a mission near it, and after your done beating them up, use there bodies. Swing them in circles by spinning the left analog stick in circles, and let go when they are near the water, they fly in with a splash!

Going to liberty island

go to the building from which you can see the statue of liberty when you go there wait for a moment you will see a helicopter.
When it will be near to you jump and press R2 button the web will be atached to the helicopter and it will take you to the island beside liberty island.
Go to the tallest building in that island there will be a helicopter again jump and press R2 the web will be attached to the helicopter and it will take you to the Statue of liberty.

Some thugs are in hideouts

Some thugs will be waiting in some hideouts to kill.
Sent in by joshua cheat master


To unlock the follow things you must:
Alien Buster - Defeat Mysterio
Big Games Hunter - Defeat Rhino
Drenched Explorer - Collect all 130 Buoy Tokens to unlock
Game Master - Complete everything in the game (you need 100%)
Employee of the Month - Complete all Pizza Missions to unlock
Hardcore Gamer - Complete all arcade games with top scores
Lover not a Fighter - Complete all Mary Jane Missions
Shock Absorber - Defeat Shocker
Fight Arena - Beat the final Doc Ock
Endurance Rounds in Fight Arena - Beat Timed Round 3

COMPLETE STORY MODEThe code is Treyarch backward..

The code is Treyarch backwards which is HCRAYERT. It gets you 40% ahead, starts you off with 200,000 hero points and also a few upgrades
Climb straight to the top of the building you are standing next to when the man tells you to stick to the wall, then press square next to the hint marker on the roof, it will ask you whether you want to skip training, select yes. NOTE: You miss a bit of story right at the beginning. It's nothing important, but if you don't want to miss it, don't skip it.

How to get to liberty island

Hi guys,
To get to liberty island go to the south end of the city to where you can see an island. Somewhere along the road next to the water you should see a building called waterside hotel with a hideout on the right side.
Go to the top left side and for a helicopter to come over the building. When it does stick a web on the bottom and hang there.the helicoper should take you towards the island but about half way there it will turn right.
This is where people tell you to jump off.if you want to stay dry keep hanging on the helicopter,you should see another one coming towards you. Jump off the one you're on and onto the other one, it should take you over the island. Jump off and head to the right side of the other end of the island.
Another he..

All cheats

Defeating enemies
Use L2 + Triangle which is the Web Splash maneuver to defeat enemies that block your attacks, dodge your web or have guns. The Web Splash will cover them with webbing and make them easier to defeat
Complete Story mode
To get 40% ahead and start with 200,000 hero points and a few upgrades enter the code HCRAYERT.

How to get to the statue of liberty

Make sure you have a good run up then jump and start to swing. Try and get really high and keep swinging, then you will get to the statue. But make sure you DON'T GO TO CLOSE TO THE WATER or you'll have to do it all again.

Useful hints

When swinging use L2 to gain speed but also hold down X so that when you let go you will jump a lot further.
You cannot play as any other character and completing everything does not give you the ability to play as Doc.Ock
The only cheat that works is the HCRAYERT (Treyarch backwards) which completes 40% of the game and gives you 2000000 credits. Type this in as your name at the beginning of the game.
There is no special menu or anything and the stickyrice cheat doesn't work.

Glitch, not a cheat

you can play as peter benjamin parker ! Not automatically ! I was playing the and I went on the top of empire state building and chosed the race now I was going to start but when I tried to super jump near the bugle door I went into the bugle ! I was peter parker but the race time was still going on , I restarted the race and voila !!!! I was as peter parker outside ! (the only thing which sucks in thise glitch is you can't swing)

Toad-Like Spidey

If you hold L2, push the right anolog stick up and keep tapping X, the wall-crawler will move like a toad and hop. It's funny if you haven't done it before so try it.
Saint to the end.

Reflex Attack

The easiest way to defeat thugs I think is to hit circle after a thug has tried to whack you to dodge it, then keep tapping square for spidey to do a triple kick. It will hit all the thugs around you and they can't dodge it, you might have to buy it first but it is definately worth buying.
The Saint of all Saints 111.

Hideout tokens

To find the hideout tokens just look at the bottom rigth hand side where your map is located at the RED square shows the HIDEOUT, inside or on the side you should be see it with no problem.

Treyarch Password

Start a new game and enter "HCRAYERT" as your name.
This will start your game at 44% Complete and will give you 201,000 Hero points, some upgrades and more.

Get 40% done

If you enter hcrayert as your name it will disappear.
Then enter your name and when you start the game you will have 40% complete and you will have defeated all the bosses and you'll have 10'000 hero points.
You must have no save game data.
p.s. Supercheats rules!

Quick Kill

Go into spider Reflexes then do the move that is: square, spuare, X, then square repededly. When spider man starts doing the kicks in the air get out of reflexes and keep kicking. Soon he will die and you hero meter will go up instead of down because of the air combo.

Funny Chalenge

Not really a hint but anyway.
What you try and do is look for a green ? Person, that has the mission how you have to get the man hanging from a building.
When you get him try a take him to lady liberty, via the helicopters.
When you get to the statue of Liberty, take him anywhere you want, but when you want to put him down, just put him next to the flag pole!

Wierd Glitch

After you do a "save the falling man" misson, you can run through him and he bends his neck an odd way. It's not worth the time, but you can try it!

escaping cruise ship mission

Tired of doing cruise ship missions? Well just don't take the heropoints mission from people near the shore.

Instant death

Buy the spinning piledriver revolution.grapple your enemy and go high and press circle the enemy will be dead.

Grapple move

Grapple the last enemy you face in abunch (or if your facing one)and swing from
A building. When in the air don't shoot another web,jump off the web you already shot. Hit square and you should kick the guy down. Sometimes you fal before the enemy so you can beat him up. Most of the time though the thug dies when he hits the ground.

how to make spider man fly

You need to go to the liberty island and then go to your map then go to the building with 4 dots around it walk over to the side with the 3 lines(on the map) then walk on the left side of the three lines right next to the dot will be an alley looking thing then there should be a tight squeezed alley at the back right corner of that alley then walk to the back of that alley and jump kind of high while in the air do some style tricks on the way down you should get stuck wiggle a little bit and just fly out of the alley
If it does not work then keep trying because you are not doing it right

another way to get to liberty island and the island next to it

What you have to do is go on top of a building at the south side of NY. You will see an island. A helicopter will come by web to it, it will eventualy make a right & you will see another copter come by. If you miss webing to that copter and fall you should wash up on the island next to librty island. If you go on top of one of the buildings a copter will com, web on to it. It will take you to liberty island. NOTE: there is a glitch at liberty island. If you try to go back to NY and you miss the copter at the right piont you should hang by a web from the sky.

Let the cat do the work

In the action level with black cat let her finish off the machines and then you take out the guys...

Dr octopus the lastlevel

After the 9 bombs have deactivated his sheild goes down keep punching him to kill him.

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