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Spider Man 2 Xbox Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Spider Man 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube

You can also ask your question on our Spider Man 2 Questions & Answers page.

All Spider Man 2 Cheats and Tips - Latest First.


Make sure you are outside then hold L and run you will run really fast then while doing this hold A and let go of only A not the L and don't stop running if done correctly you should fly through the air

Almost done !!

Okay I found out this cheat when I didnt know what to put as my profile name, well all you have to do is start a new game and for your profile name put it as hcrayert (treyarch spelled backwards) and it starts you off with all the rewards and all you have to do is get 50,000 hero points to complete the game !! It takes a while but it's alot easier then doin the whole game. Remember have fun !!

How to get to the Statue of liberty

To get to the statue of liberty you have to climb to a tall building in the Financial District. When you see a helicoptor, swing at it. You should attach to the helicopter. It will carry you to Ellis Island but on the way, if it starts turning back the other way, swing to a different helicptor. At the end of Ellis island there is another helicoptor that will take you to liberty island.

20,000 HERO points

Just type in this cheat. (I would consider it a great hint)

Type in SYERT.

Spiderman 2 cheats

Drenched Explorer award:

To get the Drenched Explorer award collect all 130 Buoy Tokens.

Employee Of The Month award:

To get the Employee of the Month award successfully complete all 20 pizza missions.

Game Master award:

To get the Game Master award successfully complete the game with a 100% rank.

Knowledge Seeker award:

To get the Knowledge Seeker award successfully collect all 213 Hint Markers.

Lover Not A Fighter award:

To get the Lover not a Fighter award successfully complete all 10 Mary Jane missions.

Shutterbug award:

To get the Shutterbug award successfully complete all 6 Daily Bugle


Farther web swings:

To make you go further when you are swinging hold L + A and release when you are about to make another web shot come out.


Spider Reflex is a good way to kill people (use it )(black button or up button on the direction pad ) after you use all your hero bar you have to get it back, a good way to get it back is to be stylish and dodge attacks with the B button every time spideys head flashes another way to get it back is to use air tricks you have to first buy them from the spidey store) the longer you use them by holding A the longer they last.

Also pressing B by a light pole and holding it makes you swing around the pole. (the top of the pole not the part going up)

A bunch of realy cool combo attacks that are worth buying are the whirlwind kicks the interceptor kicks the web hamer

multi web 1-4 and air attack 1-4

Also good moves are stair stepper kicks( requiers jaw launcher) earth breaker punch and the rising shoulder charge. also charging at somone by holding L and pressing X when near the enemy sends them into the air. its called a sprinting upper cut. if enemys block your punches press Y and L wich is impact web.if you have to get to a place in a time limit check your map to find a quick way to get can hang people from light poles if you buy web hanger.throwing people in water killes them.

Use graple ( Y and B ) to grab them and B to throw them.holding L when you swing speeds you up. use all this stuf to help you fight crime im to tired to get into beating the game.

Infinate Health

To get infinate health type in LONGLSTING and you won't get hurt....


When you come across Mysterio in the speedy mart just walk up to him and press the x button he will go down and he poses no threat so don't be cautious to go near him.

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