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Spider-Man 2 Cheats for Nintendo DS

Cheats and Tips for Spider-Man 2


We have 6 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Spider-Man 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : PC : GameCube : PSP

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

All powers

You should end all stages with rank A and slowly you will gain new powers

Thats all thanks for reading best regrads by Tony 3999

Some unlockables

Fast Recharging special metre: Complete the game.
Unlock all special moves: Load the game with the GBA version of this game in your DS.

Unlocking wario,mario and luigi DETAILED!

Mario:first get 8 stars (easy enough) go through the 8 star door in the rec room as yoshi and jump into the painting you should come to a maze surrounded in puple gas/water.
Get to the top left hand corner and climb up the rope, jump off land on the platform and go up the bridge and then jump down the you now come to goomboss the king of goombas.
So when goomboos squirts out goombas turn them to eggs as yoshi, and throw them at goomboos he gets redder angrier and faster but reapeat the process.
Luigi:As mario go into the courtyard where all the boos are and if you havent got the red coins from the boos get it also theres a red brick block smash it for a 5 silver star challenge.
Anyway on of the boos are bigger than all the rest hit it to find a cage jump and youl go into big boos haunt get the first star an go back to the level... go up the stairs to one of the rooms have a long bookshelf and a trap door rotating door with a red coin on the top.
Go back to the door you came in from an go into the far cornor hit the ? Box.
Float up to a secret ledge go through that door and you find a picture of luigi go into it you come to a spinning floor go through the right door look at the map then always go right acording to the map.
You eventually go into a room with a long bridge of falling bricks run forward and you eventually should come to a little hole.
Go down it then you come to a mirror room press x or y to zoom in, look at the mirror you become Luigi in the mirror king boo should appear when he goes invisible.
Look at the shadow on the floor or look at the mirror to hit him reapeat and voila luigi key. Wario:as Luigi go into the mirror room thats up the spiral stair and find the room with a mirror.
Use the flower to go invisible and walk into the mirror jump into the painting you come to a slide navigaye through the mze using Luigi's backflip tornado to help you and jump down the hole knock cheif chilly of three times jump kick works better than punch.

It's not a cheat but how do you get the special ..

It's not a cheat but how do you get the special moves other than with the other game.

Spider-Man 2 Cheats

All Special Moves:
to unlock the All Special Moves have the Game Boy Advance game Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace in the cartridge slot .
Fastser Recharging Special Meter:
To receive a faster recharging meter successfully complete the game (Chapter 14) once.
Unlock Unlimited Special Meter:
To unlock an Unlimited Special Meter get 100% game completion.

Defeat Doc Ock easier and Unlockable Awards

Defeat Doc Ock easier:
Before you face Doctor Octopus make sure you have plenty of health. Everytime Doc Ock decides to fully extend his tentacles your Spidey sense will warn you an instant before allowing you to enter slow motion and jump over the tentacles so you land next to him. His tentacles will not be able to reach you for a few seconds allowing you time to attack him and jump out of the way when he retracts them. When you are out of range shoot impact web until the tentacles extend again then keep repeating this tactic until he is defeated.
Unlockable Awards:
At the awards screen on the pause menu there are awards which are listed below in no particular order.
1) Superhero Accumulate 100K hero points
2) Mega Hero Accumulate 200K hero points
3) Big Game Hunter Defeat Rhino in story mode
4) Alien Buster Defeat Mysterio in story mode
5) Shock Absorber Defeat Shocker in story mode
6) Tentacle Wrangler Defeat Doc Ock in story mode
7) Towering Explorer All skyscraper tokens found
10) Watchful Explorer All secret tokens found
11) Vigilant Explorer All hideout tokens found
12) Drenched Explorer Collect all 130 Bouy Tokens
13) Knowledge Seeker Collect all 213 Hint Markers
14) Vigilant Explorer Collect all hideout tokens
15) Towering Explorer Collect all skyscraper tokens
16) Master Explorer Collect all exploration tokens
17) Alien Buster Defeat Mysterio
18) Shock Absorber Defeat Shocker
19) Big Game Hunter Defeat Rhino
20) Tentacle Wrangler Defeat Doc Ock
21) Friend to Children Return 25 balloons to children
22) Bane of Petty Thieves Stop 25 purse snatchers
23) Peace maker Prevent 25 gang wars
24) Thug Mugger Prevent 25 muggings
25) Watch Dog Foil 25 break-ins
26) Anger Manager Stop 25 road rages
27) Stick Up Artist Foil 25 robberies
28) Partycrasher Stop 25 battle royals
29) Lifter of Spirits Rescue 25 hanging citizens
30) Sucker Foil 25 ambushes
31) Automobile Avenger Stop 25 car jackings
32) Lifer Preserver Resolve 25 sinking boat crisises
33) Human Ambulance Resolve 25 medical emergencies
34) Honorary Deputy Assisted 25 officiers
35) Friend to Children Return 25 balloons to children
36) Avenger Stop 25 car jackings
37) Shutterbug Complete all Daily Bugle Missions (6)
38) Lover not a Fighter Complete all Mary Jane Missions (10)
39) Employee of the Month Complete all Pizza Missions (20)
40) Game Master Receive all other awards
41) Game Master Complete Everything in the game (100%)
42) hardcore gamer Complete all arcade games, with top scores
43) Master Explorer All exploration tokens found
44) Silver Medalist Beat all challenges
45) Gold Medalist Beat all challenges' mega times

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