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Sifu Skills Guide

Sifu Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Sifu Skills Guide

In total there are 24 skills in the Sifu Skill tree, and they are grouped into five different categories with four containing five skills and one containing four skills (see below). It is important that you unlock Sifu Skills as they provide access to new moves which in turn improves your fighting prowess by giving you more options during an encounter with the enemy. This Sifu Skills Guide will tell you everything you need to know about them.

How to Unlock Sifu Skills

Sifu Skills are unlocked via the skill tree menu by spending between 500-1,500 XP per skill. Until you permanently unlock the skill you will find that you will not retain the skill between game sessions. When you purchase a skill for the first time an option will appear that will allow you to permanently unlock the skill. The permanent unlock will cost you 5x 500-1,500 XP per skill, which will unlock the skill and keep it in your skill tree unless you decide to 'Give Up' the game in the menu. This basically means to permanently unlock any skill in Sifu you will need to purchase it a total of six times which will require spending 3,000-9,000 XP.

Sifu Skill Tree

Listed below are the five different categories of Sifu Skills with each set focusing on different aspects of fighting. Keep in mind that each set has a maximum age to learn those skills, so it is crucial that you have skills that travel across the ages.

Skill Set One (Max Age: 60+)

This set provides five skills that cover different areas of fighting. It is a well-rounded set of skills that has two Focus Attacks.
1. 360 Swing Focus
2. Strong Sweep Focus
3. Snap Kick
4. Spin Hook Kick
5. Charged Backfist

Skill Tree Set Two (Max Age: 59)

This set provides one Focus Attack and four skills that are timing-based as opposed to input-based.
1. Face Smash Focus
2. Weapon Catch
3. Pushback Cancel
4. Ground Counter
5. Environmental Mastery

Skill Tree Set Three (Max Age: 49)

This set is mostly attacks that either stagger or pushback your enemies.
1. Double Palm Focus
2. Flowing Claw
3. Chasing Strikes
4. Crooked Foot
5. Duck Strike

Skill Tree Set Four (Max Age: 39)

This set of skills mainly focuses on skills that help with your positioning during a fight.
1. Vertical Strikes Focus
2. Invert Throw
3. Hook Intercept
4. Chasing Trip Kick
5. Crotch Punch

Skill Tree Set Five (Max Age: 29)

This set of four skills focuses on those that are the strongest.
1. Thigh Cut Focus
2. Raining Strikes
3. Slide Kick
4. Weapon Mastery

The Best Skills

Listed below in no particular order are the Sifu Skills we consider to be the best in the game.

Snap Kick

In Sifu it is crucial that you are able to close the range between you and the enemy and the best Sifu Skill in the game for doing this is the Snap Kick. It will allow you to strike while performing a forward motion that results in quickly closing the gap between you and the target.

PC: Up + Up + RMB.
PlayStation: Up + Up + Triangle.
Xbox: Up + Up + Y

Environmental Mastery

Throwing things at your enemy in order to stagger them is another way in which you can close the distance between you and your foe during a fight. The Environmental Mastery skill allows you to pick up any objects that are on the floor and use them as projectile weapons that will not only stagger your enemy but also deal damage.

PC: Press R near an item
PlayStation: Press R1 near an item.
Xbox: Press RB near an item.

Raining Strikes

This simple to use Sifu Skill enables you to deliver a combo of lightning fast attacks that will deal plenty of damage to the enemy. Although this Sifu Skill is expensive it is totally worth the expense.

PC: RMB + wait + RMB.
PlayStation: Triangle + wait + Triangle.
Xbox: Y + wait + Y.

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