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Passive Items List

Roblox Critical Expedition Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Roblox is a free online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation which allows users to create their own games and have other players play their creations. Critical Expedition is one of the many games available on the platform where you can collect various drops and loot to use for Crafting. In this page, we will list down all the currently available Passive Items, as listed in the game’s Trello page.
Reminder: Since the game is still in its alpha phase, more items and Materials may be added in future updates.

In Roblox Critical Expedition, you’ll set off on an adventure with your custom character to explore, find loot, and eventually make your character even stronger. Of course, as you face new challenges, you’ll need to use every possible item to make your life easier. Thankfully, like a standard RPG, you can equip Passive and Active Items. Some of these items need to be crafted of course so you can check out our Crafting List here.

Passive Items provide stat boosts and skills by simply having them. If you remove them from your inventory, their effects won’t be available to you anymore until you equip them again. Here’s the list of the currently available passive items in the game:

Passive Description Location
Hunting Dagger Increase Min Damage by 2 Primis Field 1
Metal Plate Increases Defense by 10 Inside the lighthouse in Initus Bay
Burning Torch Can illuminate dark areas. Has a 10% chance to inflict Burn on targets per hit. In Initus Bay, find it on the boxes near the tree.
Mining Pickaxe Allows you to mine for ores. Beginner's chest at Initus Bay, on the ship
Campfire Wood Increase Max HP by 10. Heals +50% more HP when resting at campfires Found in the middle section of Thrysus Woods right beside a campfire.
Sharpener Rock Increase Critical chance by 20% Located inside Sonus Cave, on the right side of the entrance nearest to the spawn.
Old Shield Increases Shield by 50. Found in Highlands.
Winged Boots +12 Walkspeed, +5 Jump Height Craft using the following Materials: 1 Slimy Boots + 5 Bat Wings + 3 Fox Pelts
Slime Boots +5 Walkspeed, +10 Jump Height Craft using the following Materials: 1 Traveler Boots, and 5 Slime Gel
Traveller Boots +8 WalkSpeed Found in the Highlands area, near the exit leading back to Primis Field 1
Long Sword Increase damage by 5. Found on the Red Boat, located between Thyrsus Woods 2 and Ensis Pond
Key of Darkness 10 Health, +35 Mana every 5 seconds Craft using the following Materials: 1 Mysterious Key, and 5 Black Fur
Thorned Tunic +50 HP, +20 Defense, When taking damage, you deal maximum damage back to the enemy. Craft using the following Materials: 4 Spiky Quills, 8 Spiky Fur, and 2 Slime Gel
Magic Gauge +300 Mana, +20 Magic, +5 Defense Craft using the following Materials: 27 Gold Ore, 47 Silver Ore, and 70 Magic Residue
Shadow Prince Crown 315 magic, +350 mana, -55 damage, +5 freeze chance, damage is boosted passively, HP is continuously drained. Very rare drop from the Shadow Slime Prince
Slime Prince Crown +75 Damage, +50 Health, +15 Crit, +100 Magic, +200 Shield, + 5 Jump Very rare drop from the Slime Prince
Rune Of Flames See the insert below for the full details Craft using the following Materials: 1 Empty Rune,1 Burning Torch, 30 Magic Residue, 30 Gold Ingots, and 30 Power Potions
Prince Plate Armor +500 Shield, +100 Defense, +5 Jump power, + 250 Health. Craft using the following Materials: 1 Metal plate, 1 Prince Slime core, 5 Prince slime gel.
Rusty Pan +5 Minimum damage, 50 health
Turtle Shell +25 Defense, -5 speed.
Champions Emblem +60 Health, 10 min damage, 20 max damage.
Broken Order Armor +250 HP, +150 Shield, +25 Min damage, +50 Max damage Found in a chest down the Mysterious hatch pathway in the Stronghold of the Order, behind 5 slimes at the dock
Order Armor +650 HP, +350 Shield, +50 Magic, +100 Min Damage, +200 Max Damage, +5 Speed, +100 Defense Craft using the following Materials: 1 Prince Slime Plate, and 1 Broken Order Armor
Flame Rune Armor +750 HP, +500 Shield, +200 mana, +50 Magic, +8 Speed, +150 Defense. Craft using the following Materials: 1 Order Armor, and 1 Rune Of Flames

Rune Of Flames
* +175 Physical Dmg
* Burn damage +25%
* 50% Chance to inflict burn onto the enemy upon hitting a token
* Fire Duration increased by 5 seconds
* Fire can now be stacked up to 7.
* Deal 15% more damage for every stack of burn (caps at 105%)

* Upon hitting a token have a 1/6 chance to set yourself on fire. FIre damage is equal to 1 fire stack.
* All fire damage scales off to 1/3 of your min physical damage
* You can't use Purify Potions to remove the Burn status you inflicted on yourself.

The following passive items were released on April Fool’s Day. They’re unobtainable as of this writing, with no apparent schedule whether they’ll be re-released.
Passive Description Location
Jester's Hat Cause random chaos when you land an attack. (5s cooldown) Found in the Monolith Grove
Clown Makeup Misini Port
Ice -1 Walkspeed Ensis Ponds

That concludes our list of Passive Items in Roblox Critical Expedition. Please check out our other helpful guides covering different topics in the game.

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