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Critical Expedition Class/ Style Guide

Roblox Critical Expedition Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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· Mage
Roblox is a free online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation which allows users to create their own games and have other players play their creations. Critical Exploration is one of the many games available on the platform where you can choose one of the seven available classes. In this page, we will discuss in detail what each Style or class entails to help you decide which one fits your style.

Reminder: Since the game is still in its alpha phase, more styles may be added in future updates, and the existing ones may be updated.

The Roblox Critical Expedition game features seven different character classes (or known as Styles in-game): Archer, Boxer, Defender, Mage, Priest, Kunai, and Warrior. Each of these classes have a corresponding weapon (Bow, Fist, Shield, Staff, Kunai, and Sword). Mages and Priests use staves but their statues have different colors and icons.

To select a Style, you’ll need to interact with a Statue or Style Shrine with the displayed weapon, as shown below. You can also evolve your class once you reach LV50 to gain additional buffs and/or skills. You can do this by interacting with the class’ style shrine as well.
A style shrine courtesy of the game’s Trello page

Your classes can get new Passives (passive skills) whenever they reach LV25, LV50, LV75, and after evolution.


This is a melee class that allows players to jump higher and deal more damage for a continuous combo.

Class Properties
* Statue Location: Initus Bay
* Get more jump boost whenever you hit a token during combat
* Get 1 combo when hitting a token. All combo is lost when you touch the ground.
* Each attack follows this damage formula: Normal Damage XY damage where X is the number of combo hits you have and Y is your Max Damage/2 .
* Get another vertical boost-dealing damage by filling up the Special Gauge.

Class Passives
Passive Effect
Blazing Blade: Fire DoT (damage-over-time) based on sword level
Vengeance: Replenishes half of last combo string (Combo Value = 1 Vengeance Passive)

Class Evolutions
Evolution Description Buffs
Longsword A balanced blade that can slash through the most skillful enemies “Head Start” - Start with 4x combo


Class Properties
* Statue Location: Thyrsus Woods
* Every 4th attack allows you to deal 3x magic damage
* Perform a double-hit once the Special Gauge is filled.
Class Passives
Passive Effect
Scholar: 2 Magic per mage level
Black Hole: 1% mana / second
Toxin: Magic DOT to enemy shield

Class Evolutions
Evolution Description Buffs
Arch Mage A Staff that belongs to the archmage, A Powerful Magical force radiates from this staff. “Arcane Presence”: Removes 20% of the Enemy's HP at the start of combat. This effect does not stack.


Class Properties
* Statue Location: Primis Field
* Touching a bow token will spawn an arrow token. Touching the arrow token will give you 1 arrow.
* Every attack you deal follows this formula: Normal DMG + X times of Normal Damage. X is the amount of arrows you’ve collected.
* The arrows counter will be retained over battles.
* Filling up the Special Gauge will lower the enemy’s defense.

Class Passives
Passive Effect
Triple Shot: Enemies with shields take 20% more damage.
Piercing: Arrows shoot through enemy SP

Class Evolutions
Evolution Description Buffs
Ballista A powerful construct built to demolish mobs. “One-shot”: Reduces max arrow to 1, but massively increases damage.


Class Properties
* Statue Location: Stronghold of the Order
* Every attack deals normal damage and gains 10% Shield. You’ll gain 15% if you have at least 1% Shield remaining. This caps at 75%
* Reduces your damage taken following this formula: Incoming dmg - Shield%
* Filling up the Special Gauge will give you an X% Temporary Shield, which stacks with your current Shield value.

Class Passives
Passive Effect
Overcharge: Increases shield cap to 125%.
Replenishment: Losing shield heals SP based on %

Class Evolutions
Evolution Description Buffs
Tower Shield A towering golden shield that blesses you with the ability to protect more than just yourself. “Guardian”: Grants allies % shield on orb hit.


Class Properties
* Statue Location: Eursida Cave
* Normal attacks have a chance to lessen the enemies’ defense or attack.
* Can heal self and teammates using this formula: Heal value divided by the number of players on the field.
* Filling up the Special Gauge fires a beam at the enemy.

Class Passives
Passive Effect
Shield Repair: Replenishes shield amounting equal to ⅙ of your heal buff or ⅕ of the minimum damage.
Shield Growth: Replenishing shields can now overheal.

Class Evolutions
Evolution Description Buffs
Vatican A staff that belongs to the highest of priests... The holy power emitting from this is beyond anything... “Divine Blessing'': During a battle, periodically heal yourself and other party members. This effect can be stacked.


Class Properties
* Statue Location: Tundra Outskirts
* Gain +1 Stack (counter) every time you attack. This can be stacked to a maximum of 8 counters. All Stacks will reset when you take damage.
* Everytime you attack, you deal damage equal to this formula: Normal Damage + XY. X= the number of stacks you have and Y = 0.125% of your max damage.
* Filling up the Special Gauge stuns the enemy.

Class Passives
Passive Effect
Consecutive Hits: 33.33% chance to gain a second attack.
Phantom Pain: 20% Stack damage
Heavy Weights: +1 Damage per Boxer level

Class Evolutions
Evolution Description Buffs
Aikido True victory, final victory over one lines, here and now... “Twenty Palms'': Combo Cap increased to 20x


Class Properties
* Statue Location: The Abyss of Ensis
* Every attack deals 80% of the current minimum damage.
* When attacking, there’s a 50% chance of spawning another orb. The extra orb spawns at your current height.
* Filling up the special gauge poisons the enemy

Class Passives
Passive Effect
Serrated Edge: 15% chance to apply BLEED.
Focused Strikes: DMG changed to MAX DMG+ (90% Max damage)

Class Evolutions
Evolution Description Buffs
End. Quick, Deadly, and Devious “Kunai Orbs increase Crit. Diminishes over time.

That concludes the short guide about the different styles or classes in Roblox Critical Exploration. Please check out our other helpful guides covering different topics in the game.

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