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Monster Hunter Freedom Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Monster Hunter Freedom

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A large collection of cheats including catching a Yian Kut-Ku, Yian Garuga armour and weapons, and duplicating items. We'll also show you how to unlock the training school.

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We have 70 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Monster Hunter Freedom please send them in here.

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Duplicate Items

Play the game online with two players and have player 1 get ALL the items that you want to trade. Then go to the online gathering hall and give all the items Player 1 collected to Player 2 and then turn off the game without saving. When you now load up the game Player 1 will have all the items that he gave to Player 2. There are several items that this will not work with as they cannot be traded.

Unlock Gallery Movies

Encounter certain monsters during game play to unlock Gallery movies
Supreme Ruler Inferno:
Encounter Gravios. The Phantom Beast:
Encounter Kirin.

The Ancient Piscine:
Encounter Plesioth. Unlock Lao-Shan Lung:
Encounter Lao Shan Lung.

Unlock Poison of the Swamp:
Encounter Gypceros in the swamp.
The Lone Black Wolf:
Encounter Yian Garuga in the 'Slay 20 Velociprey' quest. Unlock Shepard:
Encounter Velocidrome in the 'The Formidable Velocidrome!' quest.
Unlock Blue Hunter:
Encounter Velociprey in your first Monster Hunt quest.
Unlock Avian Master of Jungle:
Encounter Yian Kut Ku in the 'Great Jungle Kut Ku' quest.
Unlock King of the Heavens:
Encounter Rathalos in..

After you beat the rathalos in thr urgent missio..

After you beat the rathalos in thr urgent mission talk to the elder in the village he will say something about you have earned the right as a hunter after that go behind your house and pull the sword out it is ok but after you upgrade it it is awsome!!!!!!!
Hope this will help

Unlock Training School

You must first unlock the Level 2 missions from the town sage and complete the mission 'The Great Jungle Kut-Ku'. At the Training School you fight against the kut-ku with limited weapons, armour and items. When you have defeated other powerful monsters they become trainable against here.

Where to find med bone

Go on desert, go to area 1 and kill those things till you get a med bone.
POINTER mostly ony get 1 every time but if your lucky it could be some times 3 to 4 Smile
And please thumbs up

Unlock Optional Guild Titles

Complete the following task to unlock the correspondng Guild title.
Unlock Bug Catching Millionaire:
Develop the Kokoto Bug Catching area to the max.
Unlock Mining Millionaire:
Develop the Kokoto Mining area to the max.
Unlock Fishing Millionaire:
Develop the Kokoto Fishing area to the max.
Unlock Harvest Millionaire:
Develop the Kokoto Farm area to the max.
Unlock Hero of Koto:
Clear ALL of the village Chief's quests.
Unlock Plesioth Angler:
Catch a Plesioth while fishing during a mission.
Unlock New Village Friend:
Clear ALL of the village Chief's Level 1 and Level 2 quests.
Unlock Village Defender:
Clear ALL of the village Chief's Level 3 and Level 4 quest.

How to get Monster Bone+

Its not the easiest item to get but there is a way. Get any Kut-Ku killing quest
From the elder or from Gathering Hall and set off. I recommend to get the 4star quest from Gathering Hall called Attack of the Yian Kut-Ku (#17/20) It rewards the most cash and has a very good chance of you hunting a Blue Kut-Ku. So once you started the quest go find the Kut-Ku and make sure it's blue. If not, start over until your hunting a blue one. It doesnt matter what quest or zone so don't worry so much. Sooner or later once you kill a Blue Kut-Ku carve it 3times and hopefully you'll get one or two smlblukut-kuear (small blue kut-ku ear) from either skinning it or from the quest reward. So now you should have it least one, take all items out of your backpack except for the kutku ear and start a ga..

usefull combos

catalyast + dragon toadstool = imunizer
catalyast + power seed = demon drug
cataylast + armour drug = armour skin
godbug + wyvern fanf = life crystal
lifecrystal + wyvern claw = life powder
spider web + ivy = net
trap tool + net = pitfall trap
note:sorry bout his by the way just bored
hehee lol its so fricking funny when u put down a pitfall trap and a dragon gets angry and reuns for you and then just drops lol hehehe thnx for readibg :DDDDD
by snowiie iz me xii

Secret Desert Area

There is a secret area in the G-Class Gathering Quest. To reach it start a Desert Gathering Quest and turn off the PSP when the loading screen reads 'Beginning Quest'. Wait a few seconds and then turn it back on and you will be in a zone between Zones 6 and 7 and will be able to get rare stones on the ground.

Want a pet it's pretty cool.

In the beginning of the game you will see a villager with a pig following him rub the pig by prees the X button, you will hear music when the mucis stop you will see a symbol on top of it's head prees X fast. If you do it corrertly there will be a heart over the pigs head and he will follow you, but if you do it incorretly the pig will run away but don't worry later on in the game you will see the pig following the villager and you can try it again until the pig is yours.Good luck!

How to hunt kut-ku

To kill a Kut-Ku you need to get a great or greater serpent blade. To get that you need to upgrade a bone blade. Get a lot of super potions and one or two paintballs 5 flash bombs some sonic bombs and small and large barel bombs.
First get the 2 star mission to kill the Kut-Ku(It's the first mission you will see). Go to AREA 2 and the Kut-Ku will swoop in. Keep hitting it in the head and get beetween it's legs when it tries to whip it's tail at you. To use a large barel bomb go undeer the Kut-Ku and place a large barel bomb then place a small barel by it and the explosion from the small bomb will trigger the large one. After you kill the Kut-Ku you can get 3 carves from it.

Easy Garuga Win

When you are at the Rage of the Yian Garuga quest, run to area 7. When there, go behind the big tree and pick mushrooms until you see the "there is nothing else here" message. Sit until time runs out and it will say you won. Note: You may only do this every other time you do this quest.

Hidden area in Swamp

Once again go to a G-class level what is in the swamp and if you are lucky you may apper in a area bewteen zones 7 and 11 where you can mine and fish rare things.
And again there is no glitch.

Garuga Armor/Weapons

Alright I didn't know if this was a cheat or a hint, anyway I heard this from my friend tried it and it worked and this is a easy way to get garugar armor (defence 26) i'd recommened having a G-Sword with 600 or more attack and have armor with at least 12 (just incase)
I think you have to do the quest Rage Of The Yian Garuga
First time you do the quest grab the paintballs and flashbombs and if you don't know where number 7 is by heart grab a map, then head to number 7 and jus sit there and wait 20 minutes, (20 minutes later) You Won The Battle! The reward you get? Garuga shells and scales!!!
Now the 2nd time you do this quest... If you want to buy/make antidotes this time your going to kill him (when you did this the first time a glitch activates), take w..

Easy ratholos kill and egg quests.

Just so everyone knows...i use a gradios dual sword to kill ratholos easily. Just grab you're flash bombs and once you see him basically in area 3 in forests n hills, rite before he screeches, wen hes looking at you, throw you're flash bomb. Hell daze out and go under him where he can't hurt you unless you're too close to his legs. I just power up with stamina juice on my duel swords and attack combos on him. After like 3 power hits he flys away. Follow him and use the flash bombs. Whenevr you're out of bombs, hell go crazy on you running towards you. To advoid his runs just stand next to him and run around him in circles so that way hell just run in the wrong direction. Follow him and repeat until he starts throwing fireballs. Quickly go under him and attack with full force. Also wen ev..

just a little too much...

Go into the Guild hall and sit down press x to toast(not absolutley shure if you have to do this or not) then press O to drink do this about 8-10 times and your hunter will walk/stand/run wierd...

Yian garuga cheat

Alright guys I'm just going to tell you all that this is th ebest thing ever!i now have one of the strongest weapons in the game,full yian garuga armor and over 300k cash thanks to this glitch.ok so all you have to do is stay in area 7 the entire time the 1st time you fight the garuga and he will aoutamatically be beaten then in the next match he will be almost dead and you will be able to kil him in 10 hits(max).afterwards just stay in the area again,fight him the next mission,stay in area seven again,...etc.

How to cath yian kut-ku easily!

Firstly you start of by just taking 5 flash bombs good wepon and potions if you wont to, ok so you go and find kut-ku you stun him(if your thinking but stuning dosent work? It DOES just don't throw them at him at a close range because they will go under him and he will be fine)use 3 flash and keep smashing him on the head with a g sword only use 3 flash bombs save two if he is not weak just slash under him when his ears go back let him go to area 4 folow him he will see you and go to area 5, this is were we catch him, place a pitfall trap and lure him into it pull out the tranq grenades and throw like mad try to get as many as possable on target if you run out and hes awake and you have a g sword ou finished so make sure you hit him! And after that congratulations you have caught yian ku..

Hit and run tactic

How many of you hate it when you use a great sword and it takes to long to pick it back up after an attack? Say no more I'm the person you need to help you. All you need to do is after a attack press x then you will roll and you wont have to pick up your sword.

Catching a Yian Kut-Ku

The easiest way to catch a Yian Kut-Ku is to get the Assassin dagger upgrade because it's fast and does decent damage. When you start the mission just make sure you have 10 potions with you and some flash bombs then get all the items you need out of the supply box and head for the Kut-Ku, just run between areas 2 and 3 until he appears in one of them. When he arrives, paintball him, then just start hacking away at him with the dagger, and a few large barrel bombs if you like. After he falls down the first time, hit him with a flash bomb, and setup the pitfall trap around him, then stand on the other side of the trap just far enough so he can't hit you with a fireball, and as soon as he steps in the trap hit him with two or three of the tranq bombs, and you have just caught a Kut-Ku! The ..


The garuga is a hard creature, but not that hard. To kill it get a blade (I recommend cyclone or deathprize) With your weapon attack it's head. It will look destroyed when you have finished with it. Crack in it's beak (1st damage) and it's ears (2nd and 3rd). Once you have done this attack his tail. You will probably lose sharpness quickly so for this I reccomend something with good sharpness. When it's tail has come off carve from it. Hit were the tail was. He will flinch. Now attack it's head until it dies. It is very hard to tell if it will die soon. Oh and don't bother with pitfall traps it will get out of them quick. <>
P.s. If you fail the mission don't worry the damage on it will still be the same.
Message [email protected] if you want to kno..

Kill The Kut-Ku

To kill a Kut-Ku you need to get a great or greater serpent blade. To get that you need to upgrade a bone blade. Get a lot of super potions and one or two paintballs 5 flash bombs some sonic bombs and small and large barel bombs.
First get the 2 star mission to kill the Kut-Ku(It's the first mission you will see). Go to AREA 2 and the Kut-Ku will swoop in. Keep hitting it in the head and get beetween it's legs when it tries to whip it's tail at you. To use a large barel bomb go undeer the Kut-Ku and place a large barel bomb then place a small barel by it and the explosion from the small bomb will trigger the large one. After you kill the Kut-Ku you can get 3 carves from it.

How to get a Velociprey G.Sword (Serpentblade)

To get a serpentblade get a bone sword and keep upgrading it until you can upgrade it into a Vile Serpentblade. Then keep doing the "Formitable Velocidrome!" mission and all the velociprey hunting missions. After the vile serpentblade is the great serpentblade and the greater serpentblade. The greater serpentblade is over 820 attack and the sharpness is in the blue (after the green).

How to catch yian kut-ku fast!

All you need is the supply items (the one that makes him sleep) keep hitting it with whatever sword uve got, when it's limping (this means it's weak) use the item that makes it sleep twice on it and it will fall asleep. Put the pitfall trap right infront of it, when it wakes up, it will limp or walk into the trap! DO NOT HIT IT OR YOU WILL FAIL! When it's in the trap just use the item that makes it sleep and wait until it says "target monster captured" something like dat! And then it will say returning to village in 20 seconds! MISSION COMPLETE!

need any help with killing a lao-shan lung?

The easiest way to kill it is to bring 10 small barrel bombs 3 large barrel bombs and 10 gunpowder 10 large barrels and maybe 1-5 book of combos to help you make them. Keep attack the head with the large barrel bombs until you run out oviously then you have to have a good weapon with either thunder-fire-dragon atribuites keep attacking the head until he reaches the area with the wall in run to bed and somewhere there is a search space and you resive a rock thing lol then walk through the areas on the wall ( don't go out into place where you attack him) when you see him through the mist press 0 and gun then wait till he comes to the wall and use the dragonator ( make sure he is close) the when he stands up use the balistas then finally go off wall and keep hitting the foot eventuly he wil..

Easy kill to kut ku

stop being noob the kut kus easiest wyvern
lol joke i even find it hard even though i have golem blade and have killed him 14 times ( no lie )
well anyway he is really hard in rage mode because he is weak againts sound not explosions and you might of thought cause when you bomb him he goes mad so when he goes mad just paintball him and get out of there wait till he calms down then attack him in his head and when his earsgo down he is ready to be captured or just killed if ur on forest and hills he will flee to section 5 i think in the cave wyhen you get there make sure he is asleep and kill all the veloiprey cause these will really annoy you now dont let him sleep for too long as he is regenerating so lay down lg barrle bombs and 2 small bombs and then throw a stone and..

Worth The Time!!

If you are on your first hunt don't attempt it till you have got at least these items; chain plate, chain greaves and a weapon other than the hunter knife (Iron Hammer is probably most useful at this point). After you have got those items or better now would be a good time to kill them three Velociprey.
Great they're dead, easy right? From the reward you should get either;
Velociprey Scale,
Velociprey Hide,
Velociprey Fang,
Or any mixture (all three if your lucky).
Now go to the farm and mine, you should get at least one piece of iron ore.
Now you have the stuff to make a piece of Velociprey armor, don't worry if you don't though, if you can make some at the armorer.
Just keep repeating this untill you have got the items to make full velociprey arm..

Yian Garuga Cheat!!!

Here is a cheat to sort of beat a Yian Garuga. Go into the mission and don't take anything with you. Go to the item box and take everything (except supley items). Go into area 1, then go into area 8, and then into seven. Go behind the tree and search until it say "there is nothing else here." crouch down and wait. After 20 minutes. "You have won the battle" should show up. And technically you beat the mission.

Duplicator - For rarity of 3 or less

OK fist of all you need 2 people at least. Save the game first before you do this. Go on an easy multiplayer quest (like a gathering quest). One of the players take the item to duplicate then start the quest. Give the item that you want to duplicate to the other player. Then when you do this the person who gave the item abandon the quest while the other completes it. After the person has abandoned you will notice that the item you traded will be back in your inventory. You may be thinking so what but when the other person comes from the quest he will also have the item. Then if the other person wants more of the item then trade back which will mean that the person that traded will have 1 more (or more depending on how much you give away). Then after you trade back the person who traded w..


Kut ku- Use assasins dagger and attack it's legs/head. Its ears will go down before it dies. Gypceros- Use assasins dagger or better. Attack it's legs or head. It will pretend to die near it's death. Don't go near it or you have a high chance of dying. Rathalos- Use cyclone or any sharp dual swords weapon. Attack it's legs/wings/tail/head. If you want good rewards attack the head/tail/wings. It walks funny a long time before it dies. The only way to tell is if it retreats.
Rathian- Same as rathalos, but watch out for it's back flip. It will poison you and take a lot off you. If you don't want to get poisoned get Ioprey legs/body/helm, or the whole set for good fire defense.
Basarios- Use a very good weapon for this. Attack chest/tail for extra carves. After a while ..

Yian Garuga Armor and Weapons

To Get Garuga stuff you need to do the rage of the yian garuga mission and then go to area7 on the first time and wait for the time to be up(the time is only 20 minutes). Then go to your house and then save and exit then reload your profile on the game(Do not turn off or go to the main screen). Then keep redoing this And if you want to kill it feel free to because it is very weak.

Alchemy skill combos

The Alchemy skill is required to do these combinations. For example, an easy and cheap armor set with Alchemy skill can be:
Head: Hunter Helm
Chest: Battle Mail
Arms: Chain Vambraces
Belt: Velociprey Tasset
Boots: Any

Item Components Success
Ancient Potion Immunizer (10) + Kelbi Horn 55
Antidote Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom 95
Antidote Flute Flute + Antiseptic Stone (48) 65
Antiseptic Stone Bitterbug + Earth Crystal 75
Armor Flute Mega Armorskin + Med Monster Bone 55
Armor Pill Immunizer + Armour Seed 75
Armor Seed Needleberry + Velocidrome Claw 65
Armortalon armorcharm + sm Lao-shan claw 55
Armor S ..

Hidden Area in the Desert

You may of herd this one but the glitch does no work because if you turn off the power the game pauses so it all about your luck but any way this hidden area is between zones 6 and 7.

how to get good weps and were to find requirments

so at the moment i have erm a golem blade which is pretty cool i think
so to get this
start with a bone blade yo can buy this :
now to improve you need 3-5 sm monter bones found in the first quest you can just kill the dinosaurs and carve them to get bones note:they dont always drop bones ok now you can improve it to an agito yo will need: 2 med monter bones( kill yian kut ku or cephadrome) a picsine jaw ( same kill a cephapdrome reallllly easy) now upgrade again qith sAme requirment then uprgade to dragon agito with some med monster bones buy some wyvern claws of the old lady wid the masssiiiive bag and a picsine fang ( once again kill cephadrome ) now upgrade to golem blade first lets see it stats sharpness is only yellow 624 atk description : a great sword made from ..

Realy easy way to get money

ok first of all go to kotoko farm (west of the village and keep mining and selling watever you get once it says nothing else here do any quest and then go back there ( do the gavering quest for speed :D ) now when you havedone it bout 5-10 times and sold everything you should have about 10000z but thats not it now go to the guy outside the farm and click novate points and you should see something about mining which costs 20000 points not Z now buy it and when you go back to the mining place you can give the cat a bomb and he bombs a hole and you get to recieve a random amount of items depedning on the bomb
could someone tell me how to get lg barrel bomb plus because if you give him on of them you get lots of reallly rare item sthnx for reading :DDDDDDD


i just found the best cheat ever if you go to the old lady and when the man and the pig walk past click on her and the pig will be inside her and [press circle when the musi stops and the pig follows you with a giants bag on its back and wen you click the pig you can egt any item she was seeling for free :DD
note :dnt always work

Wyvern's Nest

When you have to raid the wyvern's nest for a quest make sure that you have chain armor or better. Most people struggle on this but this is an easy way of beating this quest.
When you see any velociprey kill them. You will find them in the second room, if you don't kill them it will be a lot harder. Then Run past the wyvern (if you die don't worry, he wont be there next time) and into the cave.
In this room there are velociprey (about 4 of them) kill them, there will also be a white velociprey, you should kill this one too. The room is now clear, great, you can now run out of the cave. Before you do that you must eat rations (or well cooked steak) untill your YELLOW ber is full and to the edge of the screen, then pick up the egg al walk out the cave.
Now all ypu have to do..


To make a catalyst combine honey+bitterbug and someone pease tell me the whole
Combo list

Monster Name(s), Weak Spots, Attribute Weakness & Difficulty Lev

Alright this is wyverns name(s), weak spots, attribute weakness, and difficulty level(1-10) (these are all monsters about village chief quets (normal difficulty)) the ratings on the difficulty level depend on the hunter not the monster and I'm a pretty good at this game so it should either be exact difficulty or pretty close(killed like 4 lao's never failed on village chief) and the weakspots arn't all of them theres probably more and you identify weakspots (with G-Swords thats what I use mostly I don't know if this applies for the other type of weapons) is if theres more blood that comes out and theres a longer pause when you hit. And again I don't know everything so I might say no clue if I don't know
Rathalos/Azure Rathalos/Silver Sol


Hi everyone heres the combo list for this game. (not including alchemy)
Herb + blue mushroom= potion
Potion + honey= mega potion
Blue mushroom + godbug= nutrients
Nutrients + honey = mega nutrients
Antidote herb + blue mushroom= antidote
Cactus flower + bitterbug= herbal medicine
Mega nutrients + dragon toadstool= max potion
Immunizer + kelbi horn= ancient potion
Bitterbug + honey= catalyst
Catalyst + dragon toadstool= immunizer
Catalyst + rare steak= p..

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