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Follow the dark path or use the light
Monster Hunter Freedom Pack Shot

Monster Hunter Freedom


Yian Garuga FAQ

by Akubarix

Monster Hunter F Yian Garuga Faq
Author: Akubarix
Version: 3.5

=============================Table Of Contents==================================

1. Intro
-General Introduction
-Why Is This Here?

2. Faq
- Faq

3. The Origin of Yian Garuga
- Theories
- The Real Deal

4. Getting To Yian Garuga
- How to Unlock the Wolf
- Why bother with him?
- Getting to G Ranked Yian Garuga

5. Getting To Know Garuga
-Area Paths
-Breakable Parts!
-Item Drops

6. Defensive And Elemental Data
- Weapon Weakpoints
- Elemental Status

7. Weapons And Armor
-Basic Weapons
-Upgraded Weapons
-Basic Armor
-S rank Armor

8. Legal Stuff

1. Intro
6/10/06: Guide skel was made.
6/15/06: Data collection began, groups were made.
6/17/06: Weapon data added
6/18/06: Submit'd guide. Armor and Upgraded weapons planed for next update.

============================General Introduction================================
You know me, I know me. I know you... Or do I? DUN DUN DUN... If you wanted to
learn about Yain Garuga (Iyan Gururuga for importers) then this is the place to
be. With that said, get moving, this isn't a library. 

==============================Why Is This Here?=================================
Simply put, I got tired of seeing "GLITCH" in the forums. I also got sick of 
countless "How do I beat him" topics. Not only will this help to quash both, but
it'll give you the information you need to pummel him.

2. FAQ
Q. How do I unlock him in Monster Hunter Portable?
A. You had to have: [1] PSP+MHP, [1] PS2+ MH2, [1] USB Link.
Everytime you'd beat him in MHP, he'd have to be re-opened again with the link.

Q. Can I kill him on my first encounter [the 20 prey quest]? 
A. No, but you CAN break his parts for reward items.

Q. What elements hurt him the most?
A. Find out by reading the Faq.

3. The Origin of Yian Garuga
There's not much known about this mysterious wyvern. Here are some Theories, 
then I'll give you the truth.
1. Rathian and Yian Kut Ku were a little drunk one night... Yeah...
2. Rathalos cheated on Rathian for a Kut Ku (poor bastard).
3. Its just a REALLY, REALLY pissed off, war scarred Kut Ku.
4. Its a Rathian Trapped in a Kut Ku's Body.
5. <Insert Stupid Idea Here>

===============================The Real Deal====================================
So, I bet you're wondering 'just what theory is accurate?' None of them. Not a
single one. And here's the answer, as anti-climatic as it is...

Its just an evolutionary Branch of Kut Ku. Kinda like Monoblos/Diablos, but its
not a subspecie. Simply put, its basically a distant relative. No Rathians got
drunk at a party, no Rathalos took advantage of a Kut Ku (or so I hope not) and
its not just the "Rambo" of Kut Kus.

4. Getting To Yian Garuga
Can't have a show without the star:

===========================How to Unlock Him====================================
You can only unlock him for your "offline" (Kokoto) Quests.* However, its not
a very hard task to accomplish. 

Step 1: Make it to your 3*s.
Step 2: Look for the "Slay the Velociprey Pack" quest.
Step 3: Go on said quest.
Step 4: Run to area 10, before killing half of the prey**
Step 5: Enjoy the entro movie.
Step 6: Either fight him or just continue with the quest.
Step 7: Finish the quest
Step 8: Enjoy having him in your Urgent Bracket, perminantly.

* Rumor has it you can unlock him in the Guild quests, I'll prove this true or
false when I get the motivation to get there.

** Killing 10/20 prey makes them infinitely spawn in area 10, making it hard
to fight.

==========================Why Bother With Him?==================================
All right. So you've unlocked the big purple pointy thing. What now? Why bother
with the stupid chicken?

1. All of his weapons have MASSIVE AMOUNTS of sharpness guage.
2. The Guns are decent and awesome looking.
3. His armor is pretty BROKEN until + ranked quests show up in the Gathering 
4. He's something new for the old school Monster Hunter players.
5. He's great practice for stronger things.

=========================Getting To G Ranked Yian Garuga========================
All right. So you've seen that your weapons and S ranked armor need better 
parts. Looks like you're out of luck. There is no other Garuga quests in sight..
That is, until you *kill* SEVEN of them. [Not repel, KILL.] Upon your 7th kill, 
you will notice he INSTANTLY becomes Silver Crown (meaning you killed a big one)
and the next fight will be a pain for you if you somehow STILL don't know how
to deal with him.

There's a 2nd method that *may* exist. I doubt it though. People have reported
unlocking him in the GATHERING HALL (meaning multiple people beating on him, 
instead of just doing it solo). They claim that by clearing all of your quests
and by beating the Final Fatalis, you'll unlock him, along with a "batch" of 
different quests. I'll let you know if this is true or not, in a few updates.

5. Getting To Know Garuga
All right. So now you know how and WHY to unlock him. So now you need to know
what he's all about. What makes him tick? What's his attack patturn? What status
ailments can he inflict on you? What can you inflict on Him? This is what this
section is all about.

=================================Area Paths=====================================
Obviously, he'll ALWAYS be located in the forest and hills map. However he, like
almost every other boss, moves to different areas. Here's a short list of flight
paths. The ones with "*" next to them area "commonly used".

Starting out: 
Area 5 -> Area 10*, Area 2 or Area 3.

After Start:
Area 3 -> Area 4*, Area 2 or Area 3
Area 10 -> Area 4* or Area 3 
Area 4 -> Area 10, Area 2 or Area 3*

*Average* Common Route:
Area 10 -> Area 3 -> Area 4 -> Area 3 -> Area 4 -> Area 3...

All right, here's how to read the "list". Some of these aren't even attacks, 
but I really couldn't think of a better place to list these actions.

Attack Name: Name Here
Damage: (None> Low> Medium> High)
Status Effect: (if any)
Elemental Prop: (If any)
Warning Signs: (What he'll do before hand/during/preparing for it)
Description: Yeah

Attack Name: Back Flip
Damage: Medium to DEATH
Status Effect: Poison (100% chance)
Elemental Prop: Poison
Warning Signs: He rears back.
Description: If you see him doing this (he'll normally pull this if you're
under him for too long) BLOCK OR GET OUT OF THE WAY. This is his deadliest
attack and if it hits you, chances are you're going on a one-way trip to 
the kitty cart.

Attack Name: Bite
Damage: Low
Status Effect: None
Elemental Prop: None
Warning Signs: He'll normally stop in front of you and quickly turn his neck.
Description: Not a major threat, but it still hurts and throws you. This can
set you up for a REALLY PAINFUL Star Fire Combo or a Peck Combo. Be on your 
guard if/after this hits you.

Attack Name: Evade
Damage: None to *Very Low*
Status Effect: None
Elemental Prop: None
Warning Signs: Flaps his wings backwards, small time frame before used.
Description: This attack is two-fold. One, he SCREAMS. Two, he "hops" 
backwards to get away from you. If you have a choice, let the scream "connect"
and the wind will knock you out of the "CRAP! WIND!" animation.
*Yeah, it hurts a tad if he lands on you.*

Attack Name: Fury Mode
Damage: None to High
Status Effect: None
Elemental Prop: None
Warning Signs: He throws a little tantrum and begins breathing smoke.
Description: This doubles his speed/attack power. If you're UNDER HIM when 
he starts stomping, it can/might kill you with low defense.

Attack Name: Garuga Peck
Damage: Low to Medium
Status Effect: None
Elemental Prop: None
Warning Signs: He cocks his head back, very small time window.
Description: This attack can hit up to FOUR times. Its not a deadly attack, but
if you're cornered, it could mean your death if he spams it. Blocking is near
useless unless its one of the later pecks, as it'll DRAIN THE HELL out of your
stamina guage.

Attack Name: Garuga Scream
Damage: None
Status Effect: None 
Elemental Prop: None
Warning Signs: None or he'll scratch the ground and growl. 
Description: This attack is meerly to disable you so he can get a free hit. 
Block this.

Attack Name: Star Fire [Normal]
Damage: Low to High 
Status Effect: None
Elemental Prop: Fire
Warning Signs:  He turns slowly and faces in your direction.
Description: A single "fireball" (looks like a Star, hence my generic name).
If your fire resistance is low, this can REALLY leave a mark. Block/roll. 

Attack Name: Star Fire [Ground]
Damage: Low to High
Status Effect: None
Elemental Prop: Fire
Warning Signs: He turns slowly and faces in your direction.
Description: He'll mix up his fire blasts with this. Instead of a fireball
that flies straight out into infinity, he'll THROW ONE NEAR YOUR FEET. This
will basically ruin ill-timed rolls/item usage at close range.

Attack Name: Star Fire [Triple]
Damage: Low to High 
Status Effect: None
Elemental Prop: Fire
Warning Signs:  He turns slowly and faces in your direction.
Description: Same as Star Fire [N]. Only he throws three of them. It will
always be in this order: Straight, HIS right, HIS left.

Attack Name: Stomp
Damage: Low to Medium
Status Effect: None
Elemental Prop: None
Warning Signs: He just got done back flipping...
Description: The only time he uses this attack, is right after a flip.
This is used to ward away hunters to prevent you from scoring free hits 
while he "recovers".

Attack Name: Tail Spin
Damage: Medium to High
Status Effect: Poison (50% chance)
Elemental Prop: Poison
Warning Signs: He spins, what else can I say?
Description: BLOCK or ROLL UNDER/AWAY from him. If not, you're tacking either
a hard hit or a NASTY hit. This has about a 50% of poisoning you. Cutting off
his tail will take some range out of this attack.

===============================Breakable Parts!=================================
Like 90% of the wyverns, Yian Garuga has parts you can break off. Its to your 
benifit to do so. "Why?" Well, read on.

A Quick List:
Back x1
Head x4
Tail x1(x2-4 techically...) (special note, x1 per round...)
Wing x2 (1x per side)

-----------------------------Further Explained----------------------------------

Part: Back Spine 
How to Break: Simply use a gun and fire at his back. Water shots are the best
for this. Melee weapons work as well, but are a PAIN to do. You'll know you've
busted it off when you see a "rotten apple" effect happen to his upper right 
Benifit[s]: Scale/Shell rewards at quest end, hurting his pride.

Part: Head [Beak] 
How to Break: Make him flinch by bashing his head (2 Flinches). You'll see the 
right side of his break crack.
Benifit[s]: Beak related rewards at quest end.

Part: Head [Left Ear] 
How to Break: Make him flinch by bashing his head (4 Flinches). You'll see the
nub of his left ear "bust off".
Benifit[s]: Ear/Shell/Scale/Mane based rewards at quest end.

Part: Head [Right Ear]
How to Break: Make him flinch by bashing his head (6 Flinches). You'll see his
ear "bust off".
Benifit[s]: Ear/Shell/Scale/Mane based rewards at quest end.

Part: Tail
How to Break: Use a bladed weapon to attack the tail club.
Benifit[s]: Free carve, "Garuga Plates" in rewards, less Tail Spine range until
you kill it.

Part: Tail (Special Note: Once per round after tail is cut off)
How to Break: Hit the base of his tail stub.
Benifit[s]: Makes him repeat the "WTF MY TAIL" animation, seems to give extra
Plates in the rewards.

Part: Wings
How to Break: Make him flinch by hitting hit wing (2 "Wing Flinches" per wing).
Benifit[s]: Wing/Shell/Scale based rewards at quest end.

=================================Item Drops=====================================
Basically, this is a list of items you get from Yian Garuga

6. Defense and Elemental Data
All right, so you know the general data. This is more for those of you who want
to waste him, or just want to know the best places to hit him. Elemental data
is here too. Nothing TOO fancy, as I don't want to confuse new players.

==============================Weapon Weakpoints=================================
This is going to be a "top 2-3" list of each weapon type (divided into 3 "major
types") weaknesses. Don't worry, its not hard to follow.

Bullet Damage: 
Weapon Type[s]: What weapon types this applies to (guns in this case).
Weaknesses:Stronger weakness> Not as strong weakness/tie

Bullet Damage:
Weapon Type[s] : Light Bow Gun, Heavy Bow Gun
Weaknesses: Head, Stomach

Impact Damage:
Weapon Type[s] : Hammer 
Weaknesses: Head, Neck, Tail

Slash Damage:
Weapon Type[s] : Dual Swords, Great Swords, Lances, Short Swords
Weaknesses: Head, Neck, Tail

================================Elemental Status================================
Instead of listing a difficult chart (its really not needed for Yian Garuga 
anyway as its pretty bland). I'll be letting you know what elements HE uses
and what elements hurt him the most. Poison? Stun? Sleep? Want to know if they
work or not? STAY TUNED!

Elements Yian Garuga uses:
Fire: Fire Balls
Poison: Tail Spin, Back Flip

Elemental Ratings:
Dragon: Poor
Fire: Poor
Thunder: Poor
Water: Excellent 
Basically, no matter WHERE you hit him with Dragon,Fire or Thunder, you're not
going to be doing much with those elements. If you can help it, Water's the 
way to go.

Status Elemental Ratings:
Knock Out (Flash Bombs): Works well, he can only use 3 attacks when KO'd.
Poison: Negated
Sleep: Lasts about 15-30 seconds (I'll get a more accurate time later).
Stun:  Lasts about 10-20 seconds (Again, better time later on).
So, he's not a "super boss". The only thing he negates is Poison (not really 
a big shock there folks).

7. Weapons and Armor
A list of stuff you can make for beating Yian Garuga senseless. I'll list the
Zeni and Materials needed to make it along with a "Graded Rank" for that weapon.
Of course, you don't have to listen to me, make whatever you want to make, after
all, *I* didn't kill Garuga for you, you did it yourself.

===============================Basic Weapons====================================
All of his "Basic" weapons have "Raven" in the name.

Name: Incessant Raven 
Type: Lance
Attack: 368
Sharpness: Slim Blue, Great green
Required Materials: Garuga Wing x2, Garuga Plate x3, Garuga Scale x5 Mach Orex20
Cost: 35,000z
Overall Grade: B-

Name: Raven Torrent
Type: Hammer
Attack: 832
Sharpness:  Slim Blue, Good Green
Required Materials: Sharp Beak x2. Garuga Ear x2, Garuga Mane x4, Mon Broth x5
Cost: 35,000z
Overall Grade: B

Name: Sentoryu Raven 
Type: Great Sword
Attack: 768
Sharpness: Slim Blue, Good Green
Required Materials: Garuga Wing x2, Garuga Shell x3, Garuga Plate x2, LG Bonex4
Cost: 35,000z
Overall Grade: C

Name:Raven Blade
Type: Short Sword
Attack: 224
Sharpness: Slim Blue, Great Green
Required Materials: Garuga Plate x1, Garuga Ear x1, Garuga Scale x2, MedBonex5
Cost: 35,000z
Overall Grade: D

Name:Raven Tessen
Type: Duals
Sharpness: Slim Blue, Excellent Green
Required Materials: Garuga Wing x2, Garuga Ear x2, Mach Ore x5, Jewel Ticketx5
Cost: 35,000
Overall Grade: B-

Name:Raven Do
Type: Light Bowgun
Attack: Lv1- 156
Reload: Normal
Coil: Moderate 
Normal: 1/2/3
Pierce: 2
Pellet: 2
Crag: 2
Clust: 2
Flame S: Sure
Recovery: 1/2
Poison: 1/2
Tranq: Sure
Paint: Yes
Required Materials: Garuga Shell x3, Sharp Beak x2, Garuga Ear x2, Gar. Manex2
Cost: 1,600z
Overall Grade: D

Name:Raven Heirloom
Type: Heavy Bowgun
Attack: Lv1- 216
Reload: Fast
Coil: Moderate +3 Defense
Normal: 1/2/3
Pierce: 2
Pellet: 2
Crag: 2
Clust: 2
Flame S: Sure
Recovery: 1/2
Poison: 1/2
Tranq: Sure
Paint: Yes
Required Materials: Garuga Ear x2, Garuga Shell x8, Flabby Hide x5, Mach x20
Cost: 3,200z
Overall Grade: B-

================================Upgraded Weapons================================
<Coming Soon>
===================================Basic Armor==================================
<Coming Soon>
==================================S rank Armor==================================
<Coming soon>

8. Legal Stuff
Read this before trying to scavenge information. Nuff Said.

Akubarix- This charming man wrote this faq.
GameFaqs- These folks posted this faq.
Raptor Strike III - Where *I* host this faq myself.

This FAQ was written strictly for GameFaqs. If you try to post it on your own
website, you will get a nice copy right law suit. Also, you may not copy, use or
sell anything that has to do with this Faq without my consent. Doing so is also
bad and will get me money and +5/+5 until end of turn. Also, no magazine, book,
or any other form of media can use this information. (Brady Guides, I'm looking
at you...) You can NOT use anything in this faq for ANYTHING (posting in 
forums, websites the list goes on...) Without my consent.

Contact Info
Copy Right: 2006-2007 Akubarix ([email protected])