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Beginner Tips and Tricks

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Postknight 2 Beginner Tips and Tricks
Postknight 2 Beginner Tips and Tricks

Litsted below are several Beginners Tips and Tricks which will help you in Postknight 2.

Know your Combat Commands

As a Postknight you are in charge of making sure the mail arrives on time, which is easier said than done as the roads you have to traverse are littered with wild animals, monsters, and general rogues who will try to stop you. In order to defend yourself, you need to know how the combat mechanics in the game work. In Postknight 2 your character walks down the lane automatically, engaging enemies that get in their way. Your Postknight has three actions you can use in combat to overcome your foe. These are Attack, Defend, and Potion. These abilities can be used at any time providing they are off cooldown, and you are not in the knockback animation from getting attacked.

- Attack Command

The first button is the Attack command and tapping it when it is not on cooldown will use your sword against the enemy. By default the Attack command is set to Charge which pushes your Postknight forward damaging foes in the way. Keep in mind if you use Charge you will take damage from the enemies you ram.

- Defend Command

The second, middle button is the Defend command. Tapping it will raise your shield up to protect your Postknight and reduce the damage you take. It also helps considerably in reducing the knockback you take. Although you can use the shield against melee enemies it is most effective when used for dealing with foes sniping you from out of range.

- The Potion Command

The third button is your Potion command and makes your Postknight drink whatever potion you have equipped so that you gain its effects. Providing your potion is not on cooldown you can drink it whenever you want. Keep in mind that the Potion command has a longer cooldown so you need to use it wisely.

Learn New Skills

As you progress through Postknight 2 you will be able to upgrade your skills. Skillbooks are used in order to learn new skills, and those that you learn will augment your existing ones. To preview the skill upgrades you learn simply tap their icons in the 'Skill' menu. You will unlock passive modifiers for your skills as you gain levels which will further enhance your abilities and allow you to select the tools you require for the jobs you take on.

Increase your Stats

It is inevitable that at some point you will be outmatched by your enemies through their higher numbers. When this happens you need to increase your strength to defeat them. Whenever you level up your Postknight you will gain some stat points which you can freely distribute among the game's four stats These are Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Vitality.

- Strength

This increases your Attack Damage and Critical Hit Damage.

- Agility

This affects your chance to Dodge and Critical Hit rate.

- Intelligence

This increases your Incoming Heal Bonus and reduces the Magic Damage you take.

- Vitality

This increases the size of your Health pool and reduces the amount of Physical Damage you take.

Tap and hold on that stat's panel in order to see what benefits each stat provides at its current level. You begin Postknight 2 with 3 stat points per level, which will increase as you get stronger and reach higher levels. keep in mind that the more of a stat you have, the more expensive each point becomes. If you are not happy with your build, you can use a Stat Reset Ticket to revert all your stats back to 1 and refund all the points you previously invested.

Build Relationships with NPCs to get Useful Items

In Postknight 2 you will encounter NPCs in towns that will sell you items and give you quests. You can also build relationships with these characters in order to receive gifts in the form of useful items that will help you in the game. You will be able to get a rough idea what gifts you can get from these characters by chatting with them. Getting them gifts they love and like will allow you to get better items in return, and also possibly trigger special events that you can review in the 'Bonds' section of the Quick Access menu. After you receive a gift, that NPC will go into cooldown. Take a look at our What to Gift Characters Guide to find out what gifts each character loves and likes.

Collect Bonus Rewards

In Postknight 2 there are different items you can collect whilst doing quests to complete sets. These sets include:

- Adventure set

- Fury set

- Raider set

- Elastic set

It is worthwhile trying to collect all the items that make up a set because at the end of the quest it will reward you bonuses such as equipment and gold coins. Click on the Blacksmith to see a list of equipment sets and a showcase of all the required items you need to complete a set, as well all the ones you've amassed so far.

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