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Hidden Grotto

Latest update by CMBF on Nov 27th 2012

Hidden Grottos are special dynamic areas that are found throughout the world map that allow the player to gain access to special items and Pokemon. The Pokemon found in the Hidden Grottos each have a hidden ability – and after the player empties a grotto of its Pokemon and item(s), they can take 256 steps for a chance to reset the grotto. There is a 5% chance to reset the grotto with each 256 steps, and a possibility of having different items and Pokemon appear.

Each of the Hidden Grottos are located via narrow openings between two trees that, once the player activates them, give access to the open area of the Grotto that if there is no item in plain site, will likely contain a hidden item that can be found using the Dowsing Machine. The Pokemon that appear in the Grottos may have a special hidden ability, and will be of the type that are commonly found in that area.

Among the special items that can be found in the Grottos are Damp Mulch, Growth Mulch, Stable Mulch, and Gooey Mulch -- which are requested items by an NPC that the player can trade to complete their subquest. In addition to Mulch, Hidden Grottos are a good source for PP Max and PP Up potions, Rare Candy, and the complete variety of different Shards that are used as payment for move tutors.

-- Grotto Locations and Pokemon --

Route 2 -- Granbull, M and F Nidoran, and Watchog.

Route 3 -- Bibarel, Lombre, Manectric, Pachirisu, Venonat, and Zebstrika.

Route 5 -- Foongus, Liepard, and Minccino.

Route 6 -- Dunsparce, Foongus, Nosepass, and Woobat.

Route 7 -- Cubchoo, Seviper, Watchog, and Zangoose.

Route 9 -- Bouffalant, Garbodor, Liepard, and Muk.

Route 13 -- Drifloon, Foongus, Skorupi, Spheal, and Tangela.

Route 18 -- Chatot, Corsola, Dragonite, and Kingler.

Route 22 -- Amoongus, Mienfoo, and Pelliper.

Route 23 -- Absol, Gligar, Golduck, Seviper, and Zangoose.

Abundant Shrine -- Amoongus, Bronzor, Golduck, Swablu, and Vulpix.

Floccesy Ranch -- Dunsparce, Herdier, and Marill.

Giant Chasm -- Clefairy, Ditto, Metang, Sneasel.

Lostlorn Forest -- Combee, Heracross, Leavanny, and Pinsir.

Pinwheel Forest -- Amooongus, Bagon, Breloom, Beedrill (Black). Butterfree (White), Hariyama, Medicham, Murkrow, and Poliwhirl.

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