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The Story / Plot

Latest update by CMBF on Nov 27th 2012

Our adventure resumes two years after the end of the previous games (Pokemon Black & White), in a Unova that has changed significantly since we last visited it. In addition to new and expanded areas and towns, there are a few areas previously central to the story that are no longer accessible! In addition to that, there are new Pokemon Gyms and Gym Leaders, and a new and expanded Regional Pokedex to be mastered.

The biggest change to the game has been the emergence of Team Plasma, which has not only survived previous attempts to deal with it, but has thrived, and as part of its rebuilding has hatched a new plan that could very well destroy the entire region -- unless our Pokemon Trainer and hero steps in and does the right thing that is.

Both the story and plot for this direct sequel to the previous games (which is something of a departure for the established formula for the series) has more than just added elements to the game, but has exerted an influence that has changed the game as well. In previous games the story was central to the primary quest of the player, who is working towards attaining the position of Regional Champion, and to that end is challenged to battle and defeat the "Elite Four" who run the day-to-day operations of the Pokemon League for the region as well as supervise the Gym System, but also the sitting Regional Champion, and they must all be beaten in one long and grueling battle, one after the other.

The story in Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 exerts significant influence over the player in ways that we have not seen in previous games, forcing them to address threats and deal with villains prior to being able to complete their primary goals. What is more, unlike previous games these two not only contain substantial post-game content and adventure, but they have built into them amazing online and multi-player modes and content that easily matches what gamers have come to expect from the current generation of action-adventure and role-playing games. In short, it is a new Pokemon world and it is easily keeping pace with the world that gamers expect to see!

There are some unresolved issues that exist in the world of Pokemon as it is presented in Black 2 / White 2, but none are disturbing to the point of wrecking the sense of suspension of disbelief that is crucial to the success of games like this. The stand-out anomaly is the odd two year gap that exists between Pokemon Black/White and the current games; odd in the sense that as there is direct trade permitted between those games for the transfer of Pokemon, one has to wonder how it is that a trainer in Black City in the first game can somehow initiate and complete a trade with another trainer in Black City two years in the future (and vice-versa) but then, really, why strain at gnats of so little significance? The fact that you can make that trade means that Legendary Pokemon you can obtain no other way can make the journey to this new game world, and that is good enough for most players.

Another interesting development with respect to story and plot is the odd way that Pokemon from other regions have managed to reach Unova and settle in, offering a selection that is nearly double that of what was available to Pokemon Trainers previously. This is only obvious to the player after they complete the story mode, defeat Team Plasma, and take their position as the reigning Regional Champion, as that is when they gain access to the full map, and can visit the starting area from the previous games, where all of these new Pokemon appear in NPC trainer hands.

Any fan of the Pokemon series will, in picking up and playing these games, discover an adventure that fully lives up to the past and the traditions of the series, but even gamers new to the series will find themselves confronting the massive expansion in game play opportunities and modes that, while they nicely tie-in to the story and plot, nonetheless give Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 value greater than any single game in the series has ever had before. And how cool is that?

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