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Game Reviews for Pokemon Black 2


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Warrior1329th Aug 2012, ID #1434
Pokemon Black 2 is one of the two newest games of Pokemon. Pokemon Black 2 takes you beyond Pokemon Black. The setting is the Unova Region two years after the Pokemon Black Storyline. Along with Old..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

TVKL17th Jul 2017, ID #1500
The last Pokemon games for the NDS, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 (henceforth known as B2W2) were the first (but not the last!) sequel-style Pokemon games. They serve as a direct continuation of the s..

Rating: 76%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Slow Start, and lame finishAdded 26 Jan 2020, ID #18338
One thing that really "grinded my gears" were the pointless questions which requires a yes to continue. I literally sit there for hours just saying "No" until something happens because why put the option to answer in the game if it affects absolutely nothing... And that's what this game is, just a bunch of menial tasks that accomplish absolutely nothing.

Of course, if you finally beat the main story that's when the game FINALLY becomes interesting, but in the mean time YOU CANNOT BREED POKEMONS, and that just turns me off right away about this game. Even when you unlock the breeder at LITERALLY THE END OF THE GAME WHEN EVERYTHING IS DONE there isn't a good place to hatch eggs. Everything is so clustered in this game regarding NPCs, and there are also NPCs who you battle and then when you leave the area and come back they can STOP you in your tracks to initiate ANOTHER battle. This IS a good way to grind experience points but at the same time if you're really trying to get to a healing spot and you cross paths with them it's over.

There are MANY things to dislike about this game, but once you finally beat it, it becomes worth owning, just for the simple fact that you can transfer pokemons to future gens and also receive from Gen 4 (HGSS + DPP).

My RATING for this game? *sigh* I'd rate it a 2/5 for the beginning and 3/5 for after you beat the game... But gets an extra point because of PWT (Pokemon World Tour).

Pkmn bl 2Added 12 Jul 2013, ID #17993
I really enjoyed this game because it's graphics were a bit better the the previous game(s),Pokemon white, and it had a wider range of Pokemon, places and skills to be developed in the game.

Fun gameAdded 20 May 2013, ID #17930
I liked this game. It really took a step up from the old games. I wish they added a little more extras though. (ex.: walking with Pokemon)

Pokemon black 2Added 22 Mar 2013, ID #17895
Pokemon black 2 is a great game, were you can collect all kinds of Pokemon and stop team plazma from stealing everyones Pokemon and using them for their evil plan. You can catch shinys, but they are EXTREMELY rare. You can catch legendaries they are not as rare as shinies, but they are very strong and you can only get one of each in the game.

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