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Follow the dark path or use the light

Kingdom hearts walkthrough: Everything up to Traverse Town


Kingdom Hearts walkthrough

Note: I am giving you inside tips which I learned on my own, like for the Olyimpus Collisum and Deep Jungle parts. If you don\'t like the way I wrote the walkthrough, don\'t use it. I have also changed the word muuny to money.

The Awakening

The game starts by animation, which you can do nothing but pause. You then land and have been told different things. Do each one of those of things. When you choose your power, it really does nothing to the game itself, only your stats (but here’s a hint I found on super cheats [The best website for cheats!!!], there are 3 people settings, the warrior, the mystic and the guardian. The guardian gives you enough defence to endure attack while you can attack with the shield.  The mystic allows you to attack from distance but leaving you with enough defence and attack to deliver and take damage.  You will have to wait to have the magic ability but it is worth it.  The warrior give you ultimate attack to kill enemies at short range with max damage.  Though the low defence will mean you will have to keep your distance from powerful enemies). Pick which one you like (but I suggest you pick the shield for new players.  The staff is also good.  The sword is good for players who want a challenge or is good on this type of game. But it is your choice.). You then have to walk a bridge and be careful not to fall off. 

Boss: Darkside

On the next platform, you fight darkside, a huge heartless. This is why I choose the rod or the shield (but you can still attack with the sword, but using the sword will mean you using a hit-and-run tactic). When he smashes his hand down, little heartless called shadows come up. These pups are easy to defeat by a 3-move combo.  Don’t worry if you have the sword, these shadows are quite weak, so kill them without worrying. The shadows give out these green balls. They replenish Sora’s health.  Get as many of them as you can, even if your health is full.  They also give out these weird gold-coloured shaped balls (later when you see them, ignore this bit until I refer to it again later). Get these as well, this is muuny which you can use in an another world called Traverse Town (more about Traverse town later). The shops there are quite cheap but a potion is about 30 muuny so you must save a lot. The only shops are on Traverse Town. One ball is one muuny. Anyway, the pups are easy. Lock on to the darkside (lock on is the R1 button) and attack him where the blue spot is. When the shadows do come, press the R1 button again to un-lock on and attack the shadows (don’t lock on to the shadows because they die very quickly).  Keep hacking and slashing away at him, avoiding his dark ball attacks and he will die.  Once dead, you end up on...

Destiny Islands

You arrive on the Islands by animation and then you get to see the Islands.  If you need to save, there is a save point in the seaside shack, that wooden thing with the shack on top of it. Then, walk up past the waterfall and up the stairs. Keep walking until you see Tidus, Wakka and Selphie. Then say everything at the top of the list so you will level up quicker. Then go into the sea and swim to that second island and talk to Riku if you want to battle him.  He is not hard, when he runs up to you, run out of the way.  Then jump towards him and hit him with a 3-move combo. If you get two 3-move combos, run until he stops attacking thin air.   Then charge at him and attack until he’s dead.  If not, go to that huge wooden door and talk to Kari.  She says you need to find: two logs, rope and cloth.  You can find one of the logs under the bridge, the other on the second island where you can fight Riku. The rope can be found where you find Waaka, Tidus and Selphie the first time and cloth can be found in a small cave in a wall.  Go back to Kari and she’ll give you a hi-potion. Then she’ll ask you whether you want to pack it up or not. You can, there’s no harm in it but there’s also Riku to fight. I suggest you fight him if you haven’t already, but if you have, pack up for the night. Next morning. You can now fight Tidus, Selphie and Wakka. Tidus is easy. He has a wooden rod so just keep attacking him. Selphie uses a metal skipping rope so she can attack from distance. Just jump in and wack and jump out. Tidus gives you loads of points. He uses a beach ball. When he throws a ball at you, attack. You will get 1 tech point. If you have the abilty guard (which you can get here at level nine), use guard. Just whack him. Go to the huge wooden door. That is the cove. You get another task to do, but first, a race against Riku to see who will name the boat (this is unavodable). It dosen\'t matter if you win or lose, if you win you get a pretty stone. If you lose, nothing happens. To win go to the beach and take the platforms to the star. Go back and you will win. Kari then asks you to get: 3 mushrooms, 1 seagull egg, 2 coconuts, 3 fish and drinking water. Pick up the box you saw and place it under the hole to get the protect chain. Equip it, you\'ll need it later. Get the first mushroom from the little cave by pushing the rock out of the way. Get the second mushroom by walking around in the bushes near the watchtower. Go back to the seashore. Go into the waterfall to get drinking water. Go to the top of the seaside shack and climb the trees up there. You\'ll find a seagull egg. Go into the sea by the wooden platform. You\'ll sea little black things. Go into them, they are fish. Once you have got 3 fish, go into the secret place and find a little brown thing. You have found the last mushroom. You\'ll get a short cut scene. Go back to Kari in the cove, talk to her twice and you\'ll get another cut scene. 

Destiny Islands (in darkness)

You\'ll arrive on the islands again, but shadows come up. Your wooden sword does nothing, instead go to the seaside shack and jump on top of the roof. Go to the second island, you\'ll see Riku. Then you recive the keyblade. This can affect the shadows so you can kill them for training if you wish. Head for the secert place. You\'ll see Kairi. Go out. You\'ll then fight a...

Boss: Darkside

You\'ll fight this heartless once more after this battle. Use the same tacticts as last time. Be carefull though, he has a new attack, dark energy balls come out of him and home into you. Go underneath his legs and these attacks will not hit you. After you beat him, you\'ll arrive at...

Traverse Town

You\'ll get a bit of animation. First, go into the large building. This is the Accessory shop. Talk to Cid. He\'ll tell you you\'re on Traverse town. Take note of the save point. You can buy stuff now. Go out and walk left. Go into the door. This is the item shop, where you can buy and sell items. If you won a pretty stone back on Destiny Islands, sell it here for some money. Go out and explore the rest of the place. Once you\'ve done that,go up the stairs and into the wooden door. You are now in the 2nd district. Apon arrival, you\'ll find shadows. Defeat them so you\'ll level up. Go back into the 1st district. The place is swarming with shadows. Defeat them all and go into the Accessory shop\'s save point. Go out. You\'ll meet Squall Leonheart, known as Squall or Leon. You\'ll fight him. Now people say you\'re supposed to lose. WRONG! You can win or lose. He starts by charging up a fire magic (You\'ll recive that after you get Donald and Goofy). When it comes to you, jump out of the way. Then do a 3-move-combo on him. Take a potion if you need to. You don\'t have to win, but you just get a elixir. If you lose, nothing happens. Once the battle\'s over, you\'ll arrive at the green room in the hotel in the 2nd district. You\'ll get some animation. Then go to the chest and open it up to get another elixir. Talk to Yuffie. Talk to Leon and say you\'re ready. Then you\'ll get a short cut scene and a new type of heartless come about, soldiers. They are standard heartless, just a bit stronger than shadows. They have armor as well, so your attacks do a bit less. Go to the 1st district. Talk to Aeris to get a hi-potion. Now go to the 2nd district. Jump down the steps and run past the heartless. Go into the small alleyway behind the stairs. Keep going and go through the door. You have entered the 3rd district. You\'ll get a short cut scene and then you get Donald and Goofy in your team. You get a small number of soldiers. Tap triangle and triangle to get Donald and Goofy into battle mode. Once they\'ve all gone (it dosen\'t take long), you\'ll then face..

Boss: Guard Armor

This heartless is annoying. If you leveled up to level 12-20, you have got a good chance. First, lock onto it\'s legs and get Donald and Goofy into battle mode. Kepp slashing away. If you have low health, run away. Donald and Goofy have items. Have a few items yourself. Have potions and hi-potions. If you got a mega-potion, use it when Donald and Goofy are on low health and you\'re on low health. Just keep slashing. After a part has been destroyed, get all the health pick-ups. These come rare by. Just slash away. If you are on low health, Donald and Goofy don\'t have any items, run and keep tapping triangle, triangle. Once dead you go back to...

Traverse Town

You end up in the 1st district. Leon, Aerith and Yuffie talk to you and give you 100 money to spend. You learn Dodge roll and gain Fire magic. You also learn trinties. You can only use Trinty jump. There is 2 jumps here, one next to the huge door and one next to the cafe. Go to the item shop. They have new weapons for Donald and Goofy. Buy Goofy a smasher and Donald a warhammer. Also stock up on items. Don\'t give Donald and Goofy items because they use items up very quickly. Go to the world exit.